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If you want to make everyone acknowledge you, use action to prove that you are part of Shrek.
— Oscar


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He is a handsome person. His deep set peach blossom eyes, gives people a kind of abstruse feeling, face like pale jade, handsome and harmonious, moderately thick eyebrows, on his face a frivolous smile. He looks somewhat like he is a distinguished and elegant noble son. However his beard grows exceptionally fast giving him an elderly impression when its not shaved.


Oscar is a very good natured person. Although he tends to be lazy at times, he is very determined and hardworking once he has an objective. He is kind and loyal to his friends, and does as much as he can not to be a burden to anyone during a battle.


Oscar is the only known person to be an Auxiliary Food System Spirit Master with Innate Full Spirit Power. There is a variant nature of his tool spirit, and therefore he was recruited into the Shrek Academy for his uniqueness.


Shrek Academy[]

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Oscar is seen selling tofu (sausages in the anime and light novel) in the 2nd enrollment exam at the Shrek Spiritual Academy. His condition permits a recovery of Zhao's injuries after a bout with Tang San. He becomes Tang San's roommate.

Oscar becomes the subject of Flender's teachings with all having to eat his sausages. Having reached Spirit Rank 30 he goes along with the Shrek Seven Devils and Zhao Wuji to get a Spirit Ring.

Star Dou Forest[]

3rd Spirit Absorption.jpg

At the Star Dou Forest they happen upon a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent however his killing and absorption is delayed by Meng Yiran who challenges him to a duel. Tang San accepts it on his behalf winning the duel, thus letting Oscar get his 3rd Spirit Ring.

Having a crush on Ning Rongrong, he pushes her down in order to make sure she would avoid any injuries during their encounter with the Titan Giant Ape, which leaves a lasting impression of him on her.

During their debut team fight against the Mad Battle Team, after the opponents unleash the Fanaticism ability, they take to air using Oscar's mushroom sausage, which was instrumental in their win.

New Shrek Academy[]

Following Tang San's return from the visit to Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well he receives the herb Eight Petal Immortal Orchid which increases his Spirit Rank by five. He then with his mind solely focused on becoming a Spirit Master worthy of Ning Rongrong works arduously and hard and becomes the 2nd among the Shrek Seven Devils to reach Rank 40.

He goes along with the teachers and other students to the Sunset Forest and delivers the final blow to the Pink Queen, thus earning his 4th Spirit Ring.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[]

Oscar takes part in the second match up against the Elephant Armored Academy, providing Flying Mushroom Sausages to Tang San to allow him to fly while carrying the rest of the team. He frequently provides recovering sausages and pink stimulating sausages which allows them to prevail against the Elephant Armored Academy.

Oscar doesn't reveal much of himself in the tournament in order to hide the true strength of the Shrek Academy.

Oscar being a Auxiliary Spirit Master is unable to take part in the Ranking Competition as he has no offensive capabilities.

He fights in the Finals against Star Luo Imperial Academy helping the others raise their Spirit Power by forming Stimulating Pink Sausages.

During the final match against Spirit Hall Academy, his Flying Mushrooms help them to evade the Charm Demon's fog and confront the other opponents and the Shrek Seven Devils manage to emerge victorious in the battle.

Following the awarding of the three spirit bones, Oscar gives up his rights citing that the Spirit Bones wouldn't have any effect on him.

When Xiao Wu is revealed to be a Spirit Beast, he stands along with the other Shrek Seven Devils to protect her.

After Tang Hao brings away Tang San and Xiao Wu, when the Shrek Seven Devils are about to part from each other, Oscar asks permission from Ning Fengzhi to join the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. He then departs with Ning Rongrong and Ning Fengzhi to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan[]

Entering the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, Oscar becomes a disciple of Inner Sect. Oscar is happy being able to be together with Ning Rongrong. Seeing her awake, he visits her room with some food and encounters a moody Rongrong. As he is about to leave, Rongrong embraces him suddenly while crying and tells him that they cannot be together.

Thinking that Rongrong discarded him because due to the difference in their status, he tells her that he had painstakingly cultivated without even sleeping all for the sake of becoming formidable in order to be together with her. He confesses his love for her and asks her why she gave him the hope of being able to be together. In return Rongrong also confesses that she is in love with him but explains that it is because of the clan rules that they cannot be together, as the clan forbids a Support Spirit Master marrying another Support Spirit Master.

Happy that Rongrong has feelings of love for him, he explains that he will never love another person in his entire life and that Rongrong will always be the only one for him. He becomes extremely resolute and tells her to wait for 10 years, during which he will become someone formidable capable of protecting her and come back to her. And that if he does not return in 10 years she can marry someone else. Oscar then leaves the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan looking for his own adventure to unlock his potential to become someone powerful enough to protect Rongrong.

Icebound Forest[]

Five years later, Oscar is in Icebound Forest with a group of hunters. He is about to kill a mirror beast for six spirit ring hoping that it can give him the ability he requires. On killing the twenty thousand year old beast, he notices that it has a skull spirit bone. Without showing any reaction, he shifts the position of the Mirror Image Beast and closes the wound he created. After absorbing the ring, he tells Hao Te about the spirit bone. Using the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow, he kills a couple of members of the hunting party knowing that if others discovers the spirit bone, they will kill him and Hao Te for it.

After successfully killing the others, he goes on to collect some of their blood in order for later use of the Mirror Image Sausage. He is then handed the Skull Bone by Hao Te, despite his reluctance to receive it. He absorbs the Skull Bone as Hao Te watches over him.

Oscar's Return[]

Oscar returns after his long journey, he finds Tang San and Ning Rongrong walking together. Seeing a very handsome man being close to Rongrong incites a jealous rage within him and he confronts Tang San in a fight. The fight quickly ends with each other recognizing who the other is thanks to their equipment. They go to a tea house, and talk about the last 5 years. Oscar having received a scar on his face is reluctant to meet with Rongrong but is advised by Tang San to not be petty about it and reunite with her, who desperately misses him.

They cling on to each for over two hours unaware of their surroundings. Then realize that Tang San, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong had long since left them. When they again soon run into them Oscar states that he had obtained the power to protect Rongrong. He fights against Ma Hongjun to demonstrate his power and manages to draw against him amazing the others. Ning Fengzhi then gives an ultimatum for him to choose between Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and Tang Sect. Despite Tang San's silent advise to join the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, Oscar states that he will not forsake Tang San who requires his help and neither would be forsake the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. He states that in the future he will make Ning Fengzhi approve of their relationship. Ning Fengzhi, happy with Oscar's reply approves of their relationship.

Tang Sect[]

Oscar and Rongrong blissfully stays behind while Tang San visits Rising Dragon City. When the Four Element Academies find trouble with Shrek Academy, they try to manage the situation which become resolved following Tang San's return.

Then Oscar accompanies Tang San with the others to Gengxin City to buy necessary materials for the production of Hidden Weapons. Oscar and Rongrong scours the markets of the city and with Rongrong's spirit's assistance manages to find many precious items. He also receives the male armor of Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armor.

After they return to the Strength Clan, which has now become Tang Sect and undergone reconstruction and fortification, Tang San makes Oscar one of Tang Sect's vice masters and also the person in charge of logistics. Although Oscar is a bit worried since he knows next to nothing about logistics, Tang San asks him to work alongside Rongrong and manage it.

After the Heaven Dou Palace rebellion, the Shrek Seven Devils and undergoing a training with Chen Xin, they set off to Sea God Island.

Differences in the Manhua[]

  • In the Manhua Oscar trains with the capability of being able to hover above the ground for 10 minutes using his 3rd Spirit Food, mushroom, whereas in the Light Novel he is only capable of flying for 1/2 a minute.
  • In the manhua his Sausages are converted to different kinds of other food materials such as tofu, garlic, mushroom, pepper, chocolate, and parsley.
  • The reason for disliking the tofu is given as its smell, rather than the incantations.
  • In the Manhua Oscars kills the Mirror Image Beast alone with the help of Xiao Bai.


  • Oscar is believed to be the only Food System Spirit Master with Innate Full Spirit Power.
  • Oscar's improvement in cultivation is believed to be even higher than that of Tang San, as a it is incredibly difficult for a Food type Spirit Master to cultivate to higher levels and even more so at such a fast rate.
  • He is the first Food System Spirit Master who reached Titled Douluo and received God's inheritance
  • Oscar's spirit Sausage has the potency to surpass the best Auxiliary System Spirit Tool.
  • Oscar once suggested a four-way with Zhuqing, Dai Mubai, and Rongrong, only to be beaten up by Zhuqing and Rongrong on spot. Light Novel Chapter 206


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