Everything on Sea God Island has a deep meaning. Everybody on the island has something they must protect. We, the Seven Children of the Sea God, protect the sacred pillars.
— Manhua Chapter 222
Ou Ya
Name Ou Ya
Also Known As Seahorse Douluo

Child of the Sea God

Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Master Bo Saixi


Disciple Xiao Wu
Spirit Seahorse
Spirit Rank Titled Douluo - Rank 90+
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Pillar Guardian
Affiliation Sea God Island

Seven Children of the Sea God

Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut Chapter 213

Appearance Edit

Ou Ya is a tall, well built man with long silver hair. He wears simple black robes, with black hair pieces.

Personality Edit

He is a solemn and dignified person. He is very patient, especially when answering questions and delivering long explanations. Ou Ya is highly respectful, even bowing to Ning Rongrong after recognizing her Seventh Level Red Trial.

History Edit

When Ou Ya was 18, he undertook the Trials of the Sea God, earning a 4th Level Black Trial. He passed after 40 years, and became the Guardian of the Seahorse Holy Pillar, serving Sea God Temple under Bo Saixi. [1]

Plot Edit

The Seahorse Douluo was first introduced on Sea God island, as the Guardian of the Seahorse Holy Pillar. In order to earn the right to a trial from the Sea God, each member of the Shrek Seven Devils, along with Bai Chenxiang and Xiao Bai, fights their way through his domain. By doing so, Ou Ya gets a good general idea of their skill level and abilities, and allows all of them to undertake a trial. [2]

He expressed a mixture of shock and horror as each member of the Shrek Seven Devils achieves Black or Red level trials, believing they're all doomed to death. He's actually relieved to see Xiangxiang and Xiao Bai receive normal level trials.

Sea Horse Domain

Ou Ya's Seahorse Domain

He serves as a guardian and guide for the Seven Devils throughout their trials. Bo Saixi tasks him with being their teacher during their trials, since they arrived at his pillar first.

His chosen successor for the Seahorse Holy Pillar, and main student on the island, is Xiao Wu.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Ou Ya was only Rank 40 when he was 18, but thanks to being a denizen of Sea God Island, his time limit for each stage of his Black Trial was 10 years instead of 1. It took him 40 years to pass.
  • Ou Ya doesn't get along with Tang San, due to their personalities just not mixing well. They seem to be on different wavelengths, making one on one conversation awkward.

Quotes Edit

You've experienced many hardships, and you crossed the ocean to come here. The will of the heavens must have led you.
— To Xiao Wu

References Edit

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