Phantom Tiger
Phantom Tiger
Name Phantom Tiger
Also Known As
Age 3,000+ years
Species Spirit Beast - Tiger
Vital Status Dead

Appearance Edit

The tiger is covered from head to toe in murky black fur, the only exception being the "king" character on its forehead patterned in white. The length of its body is over three meters long and stood at one meter fifty shoulder height.

Description Edit

The Phantom Tiger despite its large body is extremely agile. The Phantom Tiger’s horrific speed and combat prowess was considered to be among the strongest spirit beasts. It is also incredibly aggressive and will not hesitate to fight anyone that dares intrude in its territory to the death. Phantom Tiger has the innate ability of Shadow Doppelganger.

Plot Edit

The Shrek Seven Devils encounter it in the Sunset Forest and it becomes the 4th Spirit Ring for Zhu Zhuqing.

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