Pink Queen
Pink Queen
Name Pink Queen
Also Known As
Age 3,500+ years
Species Spirit Beast - Pink Maiden
Vital Status Dead

Appearance Edit

Its shape is similar to that of a scorpion's. Its body appears to be pink and translucent, its profile dazzling. Its entire body is covered by a fine layer of scales. On its head, six tiny eyes that are dark red in color is present.

Description Edit

Pink Maiden

It’s a flock spirit beast. It will very rarely take the initiative to attack humans, and seems to only keep away from Spirit Masters. Each group of Pink Maidens only number around a few tens to a hundred, with the most powerful one as leader. In order to keep other members from surpassing it, if there is a member that evolves faster, the most formidable one will kill it. It attacks with its poison which however is not very poisonous.

Their poison is very particular, a kind of stimulating poison. Breathing in a little bit wouldn’t be harmful, and would instead cause the victim to become excited. But if too much is inhaled, and gradually causes excitement, once the stimulation reaches a certain degree it will overdraw one’s vitality, until death. Precisely because its body is weak, it’s also extremely difficult for them to evolve, and they become food for a lot of high level spirit beasts.

Plot Edit

After its mate, the Giant Earth King's death, the Pink Queen along with her colony surrounds the Shrek Seven Devils and the teachers. Tang San gets them out of the predicament using Oscar's Sausages to fly. Then they kill the Pink Queen allowing Oscar to Absorb its Spirit Ring.

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