Pit Demon Spider
Pit Demon Spider
Name Pit Demon Spider
Also Known As
Age 10,000 years
Species Spirit Beast - Spider
Vital Status Dead

Appearance Edit

It is somewhat smaller in size. Its body and eight spider legs are slim. It has an ash grey body. There are some yellow filaments, which is its spider web.

Description Edit

Pit Demon Spider is another top tier arachnid Spirit Beast. Although it wasn't very powerful, it was extremely cunning and used the terrain to it advantage. Its spider web is not poisonous but can assume any shape , and it uses it to bury its prey alive.

Plot Edit

Tang San chooses the 10,000 year old Spirit Beast as his 4th Spirit Ring despite the protests of Grandmaster as it was far above the normal level for the 4th Spirit Ring absorption. With the help of Flender he manages to catch it and goes to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to absorb its Spirit Ring. 10 hours later he successfully manages to capture it and receive the crowd control ability Blue Silver Prison.

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