Venom Quill Porcupine
Poison Quill Porcupine
Name Venom Quill Porcupine
Also Known As
Age 3,000+ years
Vital Status Dead

Appearance Edit

Poison Quill Porcupine's five meters body is ivy-green with needles and two elongated fangs jut out of its mouth.

Description Edit

The Poison Quill Porcupine's Quill Porcupine possess not only highly toxic quills but also an astonishing ability to launch them at its opponents. Upon hitting its target, the toxins will quickly invade and wreak havoc within the victim’s body. And even with a bulky body that lend it a fearsome ramming power, it was also remarkably agile.

History Edit

The Poison Quill Porcupine attacked Tang Wulin and Wuzhang Kong in the intermediate level of the spirit ascension at the Spirit Pagoda.

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