Poseidon Close Up


Name Poseidon
Chinese 波塞冬
Also Known As The Sea God
Species Human
Age Immortal
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Bo Saixi (Descendant)
Disciple Bo Saixi
Spirit Sea God Trident
Spirit Rank 100
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Sea God

1st Class God

Affiliation Sea God Island

Seven Children of the Sea God (Leader)
Douluo Divine Realm

Light Novel Debut Chapter 202
Manhua Debut Chapter 176

Appearance Edit

Posdeidon is an immortal man with long blue hair, and a blue beard. His skin is tanned, and he has a strong brow and jawline. He wears flowing robes and a golden crown, and is surrounded by spirit power that resembles water and sea creatures.

History Edit

Once a human cultivator wielding a Trident sea-type tool spirit, he gradually became strong and was worshiped by many sea spirit masters and sea spirit beasts during his travels among various islands and reaches of the Douluo Planet seas. During his travels, he helped many spirit masters and sea-type spirit beasts while ending many conflicts, thereby obtaining great belief from them that would allow him to evolve and advance to a True God, reaching the level of a 1st Class God. As a God, he became acquaintances with his successor Tang San's predecessor, a Great God King the Asura God.

At some point in the past, Poseidon blinded one of the eyes of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King.

He is worshiped by denizens of the Nine Star Sea, notably on Sea God Island. Bo Saixi, his descendant, led the Sea God Temple for many years. He is attended by the Seven Children of the Sea God, a title given to the protectors of the Seven Pillars of Sea God Island.

Plot Edit

Poseidon saves Tang San from the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King, threatening to blind his other eye if he didn't leave, but spared his life due to his slow cultivation speed. He expressed hope that Tang San wouldn't let him down, and vanished.

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