Purple Pearl Pirates
Name Purple Pearl Pirates
Also Known As
Type Pirate Crew

History Edit

The Purple Pearl Pirates were founded by Captain Zi Zhenzhu, after she defected from Spirit Hall. They rule the Nine Star Seas, and have about 3,000 members, of which 200 are Spirit Masters. The group has been led by Zhenzhu for ten years, and assimilated many smaller pirate groups into one empire.

The Purple Pearl Pirates steal from the rich, and give to the poor, earning their leader enormous respect among the allied islands in the Nine Star Sea. Their base is located on Purple Pearl Island.

Captain Zi Zhenzhu
Captain Zhenzhu
Name Captain Zi Zhenzhu
Also Known As

Plot Edit

The Purple Pearl Pirates rescued the Shrek Seven Devils after their fight against the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King. Later, they attended the marriage between Oscar and Zi Zhenzhu. The entire pirate group fought against Tang San, but he defeated them all single-handedly.

They first appeared in Chapter 209 in the Light Novel. In the Manhua, Captain Haider was introduced in Chapter 193, but the Purple Pearl Pirates weren't introduced by name until Chapter 199.

Known Members Edit

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