Qian Lei
Name Qian Lei
Chinese 钱磊 Qián Lěi
Also Known As Fatty

Fat Qian
Seventh Sky Wing

Species Human (can live for 200~300 years old)

Part Human (GF bloodline resonance)

Age 9 (First: Book 2)
18 (Book 14)
Gender Male
Height Over 2 meters
Hair Color Light Brown (Former)

Gold ~GF's influence

Eye Color Light Green (Former)

Dark Gold (Post-4th Ring)

Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Lan Mengqin (Girlfriend)
Master Ji Hongbin (Heaven Luo)

Ying Luohong (Shrek)
Er Ming/Tai Tan (Attack-Power)

Spirit Summon Gold Coin 召唤金钱
Spirit Rank Spirit Sage (魂圣) - Rank 70+
Spiritual Realm Spirit Abyss Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Purple

5 Dark-Gold
(Ring Colors indirectly confirmed C772)

System Control System (Main)

Power Attack System
(GF Fusion)

Professional Status
Occupation Inner Court Shrek Academy Student

Spirit Master
Tang Sect Disciple
Battle Armour Master
Mecha Master
Mecha Designer
Military Officer
Fighter Pilot

Affiliation Heaven Luo Academy

Shrek Academy
Tang Sect
33 Sky Wings

Light Novel Debut Chapter 80
Manhua Debut Chapter 41
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Appearance Edit

He is a fat person. At age 12, he is slightly fat with a height of 1.6 meters. His Little Golden Fatty's initial influence causes him to become even fatter, temporarily. Boyhood appearance can be seen on SL4 Book 5 Cover.

After recovering from the battle against the sixth grade in Sea God Lake and consuming a unique fruit obtained with his teammates' return from Elf Planet, he became slim with abs and taller like a manly adult 16-year-old even though he is actually 13 years old. He has become muscular with a thin face, gold hair with dark gold eyes, his body gives the feeling of oppression and explosive strength to others.

Later by Book 11, due to the bloodline resonance of his Little Golden Fatty, he becomes partially a Golden Fatty species' member and grows into a +2 meter burly man by age 15. This influence affects when he uses his Spirit, growing golden hair on his entire body, making him appear more bestial.

Personality Edit

A "fatty" comedian in his group of friends, he would even give up an early chance to attend Shrek Academy to not abandon his friends during the Shrek Entrance Examination. He the 2nd ranked schemer, behind Xuanyu, in his group.

While being a high spiritual control system spirit master, he subconsciously develops a violent combat streak from fusing with his Little Golden Fatty.

At Shrek Academy, he pursues Lan Mengqin as his wife to the point of being submissive to her by his 4th year as a Shrek Outer Court Student. His submission is ingrained to the level of kneeling even when in an unstable mad state induced by a recent 5th ring breakthrough. He even seeks to be "reliable" along his path as a submissive husband. He also noted to be a gossip-matchmaker in the group.

In DD4 Book 14, Qian Lei is flustered towards how to comfort a crying girl, Lan Mengqin. Afterward, he obtains her permission to be her boyfriend with 3 wife-slave conditions:

  1. Complete obedience to Lan Mengqin.
  2. Must never hurt Lan Mengqin, only the opposite.
  3. Undecided

With his physical transformation from completing Golden Fatty's bloodline awakening, he exhibited small narcissism even when he was fat and worried if his parents would recognize him.

He also possesses slight motion sickness and greed for money.

History Edit

Qian Lei was born with an appearance molded after his mother. In Elite Youth Class of the Tian Luo Elementary Soul Academy, he is a roommate with his childhood friend Liu Feng and later his acknowledged boss/big brother Lan Xuanyu in dorm 333.

Plot Edit

At age 9, Qian Lei met Tang Xuanyu and Liu Feng when they became roommates in Tian Luo Elementary Soul Academy. (SL4 Book 2)

At age 12, Qian Lei passed the Entrance exam and entered Shrek Academy with his two brothers, Xuanyu and Feng. He chose mecha designer as his secondary profession. He is chosen by Ying Luohong as a direct disciple because of his spiritual realm, unique Spirit and control system combatant. She had him undergo spiritual pressure training for over 24 hours to increase his spiritual realm by +100, resulting in Qian Lei missing the chance to participate in the first rich-gamble game by Xuanyu in Douluo World.

During the first semester at age 13, he bought an antique storage coin that contained Little Golden Fatty, an ancient divine beast called "Golden Behemoth" that rivaled the Dragon Clan in the past and formed his third soul ring, with the help of the head of the Life Sect. He later learns of Xuanyu's former bloodline promotion-spirit awakening ability from Liu Feng and requests Xuanyu's power, however, Qian Lei was too late and full of regrets.

In the 1st year 2nd semester as an Outer Court disciple:

  • He ate 100,000-year Magma Fruit provided by Xuanyu to help Golden Fatty, before the skipping-grade matches to go the Elf Planet.
  • He forcefully awakened Little Golden Fatty's bloodline during their fusion under Teacher Nana's instruction, resulting in rank increase and a life-sucked fit body. This forced him to exclude from visiting Elf Planet, instead cultivating life at the Sea God Lake.
  • He is fed by Xuanyu an Elf Planet native bloodline purification fruit that caused Golden Fatty's completed bloodline awakening and Qian Lei to grow vain, taller and muscular. His rank reached 37~38 and became indebt with 30 Purple Shreks to Xuanyu for cultivating in Sea God Lake.
  • He joins the Life Sect due to the necessity of life energy to cultivate alongside Xuanyu.
  • By the end of this semester, Qian Lei became a Spirit Ancestor (Rank 40+) and increased his combat abilities to give half his fellow Monsters a descent fight.
  • After the 1st Year final exam, Qian Lei's Purple class sky wing mecha is funded by Xuanyu, and for his fellow monsters.

By the 2nd year, Qian Lei obtains his Xuanyu quality forged 1-word Battle Armor.

At age 15, during his first task as a 4th Year Outer Court disciple in the 2nd semester, Qian Lei began to use a meteor hammer as his weapon and awakened his fifth ring with Xuanyu's bloodline support (suppress Golden Fatty). He also obtained a Sky Wing mecha later that year. Qian Lei was notable as the tallest student in the class and his random berserk moments because of Golden Fatty's bloodline. He has also earned spiritual trauma against Lan Mengqin, who can threaten even his berserk state to submission.

He later joins Tang Sect, effectively masters the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon method and becomes a Shrek Seven Monsters Candidate. As part of the newly establish 33 Sky Wings interstellar combat team, Qian Lei obtained the alias, Seventh Sky Wing.

He fights alongside his 4th year teammates to obtain a spot at the Shrek Branch School team match demonstration, located on the planet ruled by the two God Beast Kings Da Ming and Er Ming. On that planet, Qian Lei fights in the Spirit Beasts Race, receiving caution of Golden Fatty's bloodline danger and exhibiting the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon method. During Qian Lei's last fight, Golden Fatty is confirmed by Da Ming's and Er Ming's successor Jin Ni to be a valid spirit soul. This confirmation shows that all rings Qian Lei awakened post-life bound to Golden Fatty all come from Golden Fatty.

After the match, Qian Lei obtains an Er Ming recommended Skull Spirit Bone and a 1 month personal teaching (~25 days) with Xuanyu about true strength power usage from Er Ming. Qian Lei also learns of the Dragon God's fall from the Treasure Hunting Beast 'Little Treasure' after it initially tricked and parasited his skull as a fake Skull Spirit Bone.

By age 18, as a 6th Year Outer Court disciple, he has hit a bottleneck of Rank 69 for some time. He succeeds in making Lan Mengqin his girlfriend and the next day post-confession, Qian Lei breaks through into a Spirit Sage with Xuanyu's Silver Pattern Blue Silver Grass assistance. By then, Qian Lei has obtained a 2-word Battle Armor and a completed Purple-class Sky Wing mecha.

For the second part Outer Court Graduation exam, Qian Lei and his other 6 Monsters were morally tested by the Seven Saints, himself passing the lust test by his girlfriend's threat "You dare?", using his 2-Word Battle Armor to clear the last test. He graduated from the Outer Court and then entered a 1-2 year evaluation period (military) alongside fellow Sky Wings, staying with his 7 Monsters group and starting as a Lieutenant Colonel. Qian Lei, like other Sky Wings, completed the Blood Trial in Douluo World, complaining during the trial about Golden Fatty's disgusting brain eating against his enemies.

Golden Fatty - Life Bound Summon Beast Edit

Species: Divine Beast "Dragon Eater Beast" Golden Behemoth Edit

  • Royal Family Descendant (Golden fur)
  • Likes to eat Sub-dragon beasts and is gluttonous
  • Members of this clan possessed familial comradeship, unlike the individualistic Dragon clan
  • God-level Dragon clan members can suppress the bloodline
  • Qian Lei can suppress the bloodline's influence once at least Divine Origin Realm

Appearance: Edit

  • Initially:
  • Revived:
  • Bloodline Awakening (Per Cultivation Rank):
    • Rank-40's:
    • Rank-50's:
    • Rank-60's:
    • Rank-70's:

Personality: Edit

  • Casual:
  • Blood Mode:

Plot: Edit

  • Meeting Qian Lei (Storage Gold Coin)
  • Qian Lei Post 3rd Ring
    • Fearing Lan Xuanyu & Gu Yuena
    • Awakening Bloodline
  • Qian Lei Post 4th Ring
    • Fighting other 6 Monsters
  • Qian Lei Post 5th Ring
    • Rampage incident
    • Visiting the Planet of Da Ming & Er Ming
    • Validation as a Spirit Soul (Book 13 Chapter 772)
  • Qian Lei Post 7th Ring
    • Blood Trial in Douluo World
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