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Qian Renxue
Qian Xen Rue
Name Qian Renxue
Chinese 千仞雪
Also Known As God of Angel
Species Human
Age 30+
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Bibi Dong (Mother)

Qian Xunji (Father)
Qian Daoliu (Grandfather)
Yue Zhengyu (descendant)
Yue Clan (descendant)

Spirit Seraphim destroyed by Tang San as God of Asura
Spirit Rank God - Rank 100 (1st Class God)


Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 6 Black wrapped with Gold

3 Red wrapped with Gold
1 Gold

all soul rings burned through to provide energy for fight against God of Asura

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Spirit Hall Young Master
Judgement Elder
Affiliation Spirit Hall
Spirit Empire
Light Novel Debut Chapter 92 (As Xue Qinghe)
Chapter 194 (As Qian Renxue)
Manhua Debut Chapter 90 (As Xue Qinghe)
Chapter 171 (As Qian Renxue)

Qian Renxue is the daughter of the previous Supreme Pontiff Qian Xunji and Bibi Dong. She masqueraded as Xue Qinghe; the Crown Prince of the Heaven Dou Empire.

Appearance Edit

She has snow white skin, slightly slender phoenix eyes, a face with somewhat stateliness. She is a rather beautiful person with a cold and indifferent face which exudes dignity.

Personality Edit

Qian Renxue is an extremely meticulous person, who is calm, composed, intelligent and has extreme perseverance. She hates to lose and plans things with precision. She is extremely confident in her strength. Despite her indifference to people, she cares for those who follow her. She has a crush on Tang San. Though not in the Manhua.

History Edit

From a young age she hated her mother Bibi Dong who never showed her any love. She was extremely attached to her grandfather. She came up with the plan to infiltrate the Heaven Dou Empire and masquerade as the Crown Prince Xue Qinghe.

Plot Edit

Xue Qinghe Edit

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

Ning Fengzhi takes Tang San to meet up with Xue Qinghe. Xue Qinghe having idolized Tang Hao reveals what he knows about the circumstances leading to Tang Hao's seclusion. He is impressed by Tang San's maturity and wishes to keep him on his side.

He is present during the major part of the tournament, representing, Xue Ye. He tries to help Tang San whenever possible and to build up a rapport with him.

Moon Pavilion Edit

He is present at the Graduating Ceremony of the Moon Pavilion in order to witness his sister's graduation. He is intrigued by Tang San who he is unable to recognize due to the change in appearance. He hands a medallion with his insignia to Tang San, to come and go to the Heaven Dou Palace as he please.

Qian Renxue Edit

Xue Qinghe poisons Emperor Xue Ye and when Tang San arrives with Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi to cure him, he barres them from entering the Emperor's chambers. After Tang San successfully guesses that Qinghe is working with Spirit Hall he orders She Long and Ci Xue to attack them. He is surprised by the prowess showed by Yang Wudi, who manages to poke a hole in his perfect plan due to his surprising arrival with Tang San. As both She Long and Ci Xue are held down by the other party, he is forced to join the battle revealing his Supreme Beast Spirit Seraphim. He initially takes it easy showcasing his power, neutralizing Tang San's Deathgod Domain by his Angelic Domain and suppressing him. However Tang San manages to use his self-created ability Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance to heavily injure him and break his Angelic Domain. When Ci Xue tries to sneak attack Tang San, he immediately stops him telling the others not to interfere.

Xue Qinghe impressed by Tang San, removes his mask and reveals his true self as Qian Renxue, the daughter of previous Supreme Pontiff. She then attacks Tang San with the intent to kill but is stopped by Xiao Wu whose soul temporally fuses with the body and attacks her causing her to become severely injure and lose consciousness.

When she comes to she has been taken from the Heaven Dou Palace and is being treated by She Long. She immediately treats Ci Xue who is on the verge of death. She then is extremely distraught and angry that her plan had failed due to a single point of failure. She then goes to massacre the remaining members of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and leaves Tang San a message written in blood. She then returns to Spirit Hall.

Spirit Hall Edit

She returns to Spirit Hall and meets with Bibi Dong. The two of them glare at each other. When Bibi Dong tells to let the bygones be bygones, Renxue states that she did not lose to Tang San but rather to Bibi Dong and calls Bibi Dong 'Sister' sarcastically. She then states she would take over the Elder's Hall which makes Bibi Dong furious but then allows her to do what she wants.

She then goes to meet her grandfather and breaks down in front of him. Qian Daoliu consoles her and asks her not to blame Bibi Dong. He then states that Bibi Dong's authority exceeds his own and her power is probably equal to his. Renxue thus asks Qian Daoliu to let her be the Judgement Elder of the Spirit Hall.

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