I hope that this time you can suffer a bit of a setback. Growing too smoothly will often lead to brittleness.
— Qin Ming

Qin Ming was a teacher at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy and a graduate of Shrek Academy. He now works as a teacher at Shrek.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is a middle aged man with an ordinary appearance, simple black hair, simple and unadorned clothes, only his eyes were especially bright.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Qin Ming is a humble and respectful person. He gives praise where it's necessary, teaches with good morals and has a clear mind.

History[edit | edit source]

Qin Ming was once a student of the Shrek Academy. He held the record for the youngest person to reach rank 30 in the Shrek Academy at the age of 14 until it was broken by Dai Mubai. He is also the first person to graduate from the Shrek Academy. At the age of 34 he reached the Spirit Rank Emperor, the 2nd youngest person to do so.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Spirit Arena[edit | edit source]

Qin Ming acts as the teacher of the Emperor Team. As he comes across the Shrek Seven Devils and his teachers he is happy that the Emperor Team was defeated as their rise had been too smooth, and he hoped they would learn from their defeat and become even more powerful.

After the battle, he greets his former teachers emotionally and treats both them and their students to dinner. Qin Ming accepts the student exchange proposal proposed by the Grandmaster Yu Xiaogang and makes all the necessary arrangements for their accommodation.

New Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

After the teachers and students of Shrek Academy were denied admission to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, much to the chagrin of the superiors of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, he quit as a result of being unable to take the insult towards his former school. He joins with the other teachers of Shrek Academy and joins the Blue Tyrant Academy which then becomes the Shrek Academy.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament [edit | edit source]

During the tournament, Qin Ming and Grandmaster act as vice-leader and leader for the Shrek Team, informing them about their opponents details and strategies before their match starts. He observes the matches with the other teachers.

Blue Sunshine Academy[edit | edit source]

During the match against the Blue Sunshine Academy, Tang San attacks the enemy team with Purple Demon Eyes, turning them into idiots and had his team pretend to be seriously injured. The incident was investigated and an inquiry, composed of Bishop Salas and Ning Fengzhi was sent to Shrek Academy to question the Shrek Team. Qin Ming, Flender, and Tang San put on an act in front of the Bishop causing his outrage until Grandmaster intervened, sending the bishop away using the Pope Token given to him by Tang Hao.

Tournament Finals[edit | edit source]

Qin Ming and the teachers accompanied the Shrek Team to Spirit City for the finals.

Anime vs. Manhua vs. Novel Differences[edit | edit source]

  • Qin Ming was not seen much in the manhua after he joined the New Shrek Academy in Heaven Dou City.
  • In the Manhua, Grandmaster sent Bishop Salas away using the supreme pontiff writ given to him by Bibi Dong.

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