Rainbow Dragon
Name Rainbow Dragon
Type Beast Spirit Type

Description Edit

Rainbow Dragon is a dracinic Beast Spirit. Rainbow Dragon was the strongest auxiliary-type Spirit within the category of beast souls; it was comparable to the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. However, like the former, his Rainbow Dragon suffered a few limitations. Once he achieved the Seven Coloured Gamut, or the seven-ringed rank in other words, taking another step would be extremely difficult for him.

Activation Edit

When it is activated, the user had huge wings with feathers that comprised of all the colours of the rainbow. Starting with red feathers on the person’s back, the colors spread out till the tips of the wings were purple. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Those seven colours were pure and sparkled in the light. When he took flight, it was just as though a rainbow was hovering in the sky.

In this moment, the user's long hair had similarly turned into the colors of the rainbow. There was also white scales on his skin. On the whole, it was just like he’d turned into a huge colorful bird. The only difference between him and birds was that his legs seemed to have thickened a bit, with scales faintly flashing at his ankles.

History Edit

This was a spirit beast that actually existed, but was extremely rare.

The Dragon race had always been very powerful, and the Rainbow Dragon wasn’t an exception to the case; after all, it had the word ‘Dragon’ attached to its name. Whenever a Rainbow Dragon appeared, it would be followed by the most powerful members of the Dragon race, as the companion of the Dragon God.

The Dragon God who was the partner of the Rainbow Dragon would generally be unshakeable. That was precisely because it had the terrifying assistance of the Rainbow Dragon.

Practically every single member of the Dragon race was powerful in battle, but the Rainbow Dragon was an exception to this rule. It didn’t have a high level of physical strength, nor did it have a terrifying innate spirit skill. However, it had the highest amount of magical power. Because of this, it was also referred to as the Magic Dragon.

Users Edit

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