Red Eyed Ice Toad
Red Eyed Ice Toad
Name Red Eyed Ice Toad
Type Beast Spirit Type

Description Edit

Red Eyed Ice Toad is a Beast Spirit of Control System, and it's one of the rarest Spirits. Red Eyed Ice Toad is an ice element and poisonous spirit.

They absorbed the coldest air and energies between heaven and earth to forge their poisons. 

They are said to posses red fired eyes. Their body goes through ice and fire to create a deadly poison. Delivering the poison through the ice is one of their strong suits.

It is known in the Extreme North as the ‘King Within the Crevice’. The reason for this was because its territory was in the Extreme North’s outer regions, along the border to the human world. Places of extreme cold weren’t suitable for them to inhabit. They intertwined both their fire and ice abilities to produce their special icy poison.

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