Sand Demon Beetle
Chinese 沙魔虫
Also Known As
Species Sand Demon Beetle
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Description Edit

A very large crustacean-like creature, a species of extremely evil soul beasts. They can burrow underground, fly, and are around two meters in diameter. They rely on draining the bodily fluids of living creatures to survive and cultivate. Animals and plants are all their targets. Take a close look at the bottom of their heads. There's a very sharp mouthpart which spits out a secretion that will liquefy and suck in all its prey's energy as soon as it pierces the target's body. A large herd of these beasts would need only a single day to destroy one square kilometer of forest[1].

A 10,000 year old one is over five meters in diameter. Its hard outer shell was black-brown in color while its entire body was emitting a highly condensed aura. The shell on its back cracked open and revealed a pair of wings. Its eight legs underneath its abdomen appeared razor-sharp, especially the two at the front. Its blade-like forelegs could be seen immediately when its upper body was raised a little. They can release a dark green fog called Fainting Smog. It's not overly harmful but it's extremely effective in paralyzing a person. It can paralyze a person rapidly via skin contact which is its specialty.

References Edit

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