Scarlet Fire Monkey King
Name Scarlet Fire Monkey King
Chinese 赤火猴王
Also Known As
Age 10,000+
Species Monkey
Vital Status

Description Edit

It was a massive, bulky creature with brown-red fur covering its entire body.

Scarlet Fire Monkey was considered a low-ranked spirit beast. Most of them had cultivation bases of ten to one hundred years. It was considered rare to see a hundred-year Scarlet Fire Monkey, and it was a solitary hunter. There was nothing impressive about it other than its speed and agility in the forest.

Yet this Scarlet Fire Monkey was unique. Its body size was more than ten times larger than an ordinary Scarlet Fire Monkey. Its length exceeded seven meters while its brown-red fur was exuding a faint golden shimmer as it moved. What was even more astounding was the third eye on its forehead. The eye had a golden iris. The radiance emitted from the monkey’s third eye was so brilliant.

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