Scarlet Flame Fruit
Name Scarlet Flame Fruit
Also Known As
Type Spirit Fruit

Description Edit

Scarlet Flame Fruit is a spirit fruit that was deep-red in color with some pale-golden sparkles gleaming on its surface. It's size was only a bit larger than that of the Ice Crystal Fruit.

Scarlet Flame Fruit is an ordinary spirit fruit that you can easily find in the marketplace. It is very effective in nourishing Spirits with fire properties. Each fruit cost about 10,000 to 20,000 federation coins, depending on quality. A hundred year fruit would only be found in auctions, and would be considered spirit treasures. If it’s a thousand year fruit, then it would be considered a heaven and earth treasure. The meaning of a heaven and earth treasure is that it would be considered priceless.

The demand  of this fruit is quite high and a hundred year would cost 80,000 to 100,000 federation coins for each one. A thousand-year spirit fruit can also be counted as rare as a soul beast. If it reaches ten-thousand years, it would even have its own soul.

Plot Edit

Tang Wulin needs one Scarlet Flame Fruit to break the firt seal of the Golden Dragon King.

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