Do your best, I'll be rooting for you! Especially the First Trial, it's the most important one! Don't let me down. Live up to the Priestess's expectations!
— To the Shrek Seven Devils
Sea Dragon
Name Unknown
Also Known As Sea Dragon Douluo
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Master Bo Saixi


Disciple Dai Mubai
Spirit Sea Dragon
Spirit Rank Titled Douluo - Rank 96
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
5 Black

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Head of the Sea God Island

Pillar Guardian

Affiliation Sea God Island

Seven Children of the Sea God

Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut Chapter 213

Appearance Edit

The Sea Dragon Douluo is a powerfully muscled man with light skin. He wears his mid length blue hair tied away from his face, but loose around his shoulders. A large blue gem is embedded in his chest, his scars are blue, and patches of blue scales cover his wrists and other small areas of skin. He has a large dragon tattoo curling across his entire back.

The Sea Dragon Douluo never wears a shirt, but has blue pants edged in wrought gold.

Personality Edit

The Sea Dragon Douluo is brash and assertive, and is often seen with a wide grin. His inner strength and powerful nature have earned him great respect from all those around him. He appears to be a bit of a womanizer, using metaphors about bathing mermaids and beautiful women on occasion.

History Edit

The Sea Dragon Douluo is a native of Sea God Island. He passed an unprecedented Sixth Level Black Trial, and became a pillar guardian. Of all the Seven Children of the Sea God, he is the most powerful.

Plot Edit

The Sea Dragon Douluo first appeared when Ning Rongrong attained the highest Red Level Trial. He later shows up in person at the Seahorse Pillar, along with the other Douluo guardians.

After the first day of the Trial, he chooses Dai Mubai as his successor and student. He continues to watch over the trial takers throughout their challenges.

Quotes Edit

Enough, get lost! It's not like it's a mermaid bathing, so what's the point of standing in a circle and watching?
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