There is no weak talent in this world. Only weak people.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Sea Ghost Douluo is a lithe young man with short light brown hair grown over his eyes. His eyes, though rarely seen, match his hair color. He has two black crescent tattoos, one on each arm below the shoulder. He wears gloved black sleeves which end just before his tattoos.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Sea Ghost Douluo is shown to be a quieter personality than his coworkers, but with a hidden intensity and drive he shows in little flashes throughout the Trials. He values the growth of his student, Bai Chenxiang, enough that he is willing to lie to her face without any sign of deception.

History[edit | edit source]

The Sea Ghost Douluo is a resident of Sea God Island. At some point in the past, he took on a Black Level Trial from the Sea God, and became the guardian of the Sea Ghost Pillar.

He is the youngest among the Seven Children of the Sea God.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Sea Ghost Douluo first appeared when Ning Rongrong attained the highest Red Level Trial. He later shows up in person at the Seahorse Pillar, along with the other Douluo guardians.

After the first day of the Trial, he chooses Bai Chenxiang as his successor and student. Before doing so, he remembers the meeting they held to decide on students, and everyone telling him he had to choose last thanks to being the youngest. He lies to Xiangxiang, telling her he chose first, and chose her without hesitation because of her hidden potential. He does admit there was some argument over choosing her as a successor, due to her weakness compared to the Shrek Seven Devils.

He, along with the other pillar guardians, assisted Tang San's absorption of the 100 thousand year Spirit Ring using the seven man fusion technique, Saint Pillar's Light.

He continues to watch over the trial takers throughout their challenges.

He was finally defeated by Ma Hongjun, with the help of Oscar and Ning Rongrong's support, in the Fifth Trial of Sea God.

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