Sea God Island
Name Sea God Island
Also Known As Devil Island
Head Bo Saixi (Former)

Sea Dragon Douluo (Current)

History Edit

Many years before the Seven Shrek Devils came to Sea God Island, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and the Nine-Knot Ichthyosaur caused chaos at the Island. In the end, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was driven away, but manged to rob a lot of soul energy, while the Nine-Knot Ichthyosaur was shot dead by Bo Saixi.

Description Edit

Sea God Island, also known as Devil Island to outsiders, is an island separate from the Douluo Continent but in close proximity. The Sea God Island is the heart of the seas and the capital of the islands scattered throughout the seas. On the Sea God Island is the Sea God Mountain. On the mountain is the Sea God Temple, where the Priestess, the Sea God Trident, and a divine artifact reside.

The residents numbers around 2,000 with all of them being Spirit Masters. The islanders are said to be extremely powerful and unmatched in the seas. The residents worship the Sea God. On the behalf of Sea God, the Sea God Island head manages everything about this place. There are a total of 1008 assessment sites for the Sea God Trials. It is currently headed by Sea Dragon Douluo after the death of Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi.

Cities Edit

Sea Horse City Edit

The city is located close to the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

Assessment Sites Edit

Nine Heavens Staircase Edit

The location of this test site is held on the Nine Heavens Staircase leading to the Sea God Temple. The name means that climbing the staircase is just as difficult as ascending the heavens.[1] It is a Mimesis Training Ground and has a total of 999 steps.

The staircase is divided into 9 realms and each of them is divided into 101 realms. 3 realms make a heaven, so there are 9 realms and 3 heavens. The Sea God's Light is the pressure applied to the steps of the staircase. The higher someone climbs, the more pressure is applied to the person. Contained within the light is the soul energy of countless spirit beasts. This means a spirit master can rob the soul energy of specific spirit beasts, if it is compatible with the spirit master's martial spirit, to increase their spirit rank.

The first 3 realms, steps 1 to 333, are, as the priestess said, "Nothing special." From step 334 onward, the spirit energy of 1 step is equivalent to the sum of all the previous steps. The spirit energy won't be just pressure but also attack. The first three realms allows a person to experience the pressure of a mighty spirit beast. After that the spirit beast will come attack the spirit master. It grows stronger the higher the spirit master climbs.

Tang Chen was known to be able to climb all the way to the 787 step of the staircase without stopping. He likely would had made it further if the priestess did not appear.[2]

After that event, the first 6 realms were given names:

  1. Primal Chaos Realm
  2. Sky Capacity Realm
  3. Wind Resistance Realm
  4. Dragon Courage Realm
  5. Cloud Fantasy Realm
  6. Divinity Realm

These names are the same as the six ultimate spirit bones of the spirit hall.

Seven Holy Pillars Edit

Sea dragon pilar
The place where everyone goes to receive their trials from the Sea God. Islanders are required to take them before they are 18 years old. The pillars were granted from God to mankind. They are a symbol of Sea God Island and also the cornerstone of the entire ocean. The God pillars are composed of hundreds of levels. They go deep down under the island and help calm the waters and prevent floods. The pillar site is a sacred ground. Numberless sea spirit beasts cross the ocean on a pilgrimage to them. A lot more choose to return to the pillars in their last moments and end their life under them. When they die, their spirit ring will imprint themselves on the god pillar and create god pillar stones with spirit rings.

The Seven Holy Pillars are protected by the Seven Children of the Sea God

  1. Sea Dragon Holy Pillar - Sea Dragon Douluo
  2. Seahorse Holy Pillar - Seahorse Douluo
  3. Sea Spear Holy Pillar - Sea Spear Douluo
  4. Sea Fantasy Holy Pillar - Sea Fantasy Douluo
  5. Sea Star Holy Pillar - Sea Star Douluo
  6. Sea Ghost Holy Pillar - Sea Ghost Douluo
  7. Sea Woman Holy Pillar - Sea Woman Douluo

Sea God Mountain Edit

The main body of Sea God Island. On top of it rests Sea God Temple. 100,000 year old sea spirit beasts that worship the Sea God die beneath the mountain. After they die, their soul energy feeds the foundation of the mountain. The Demonic White Sharks protect the mountain.

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