Sea God Pavilion
Name Sea God Pavilion
Chinese 海神阁
Also Known As Poseidon Pavilion
City Shrek City
Founder Shrek Academy
Head Mu En (Deceased)

Xuan Lao (Retired)
Yan Shaozhe
(Current Pavilion Master) (SL2)
Yun Ming (Deceased)
Tang Wulin
(Current Pavilion Master) (SL3)
Ling Zichen
(Current Pavilion Master) (SL4)

Description Edit

The Sea God Pavilion is on Sea God Island, in the center of Shrek Academy, right below the Ancient Golden Tree. In Soul Land 4, it was moved to the Eternal Sky City, on a small island in the middle of a lake of life energy.

The Sea God Pavilion is the central power and governing body of Shrek Academy and Shrek City. In Soul Land 3 and 4, this includes Tang Sect. Members gather to discuss important matters of state and things that concern the safety of humanity itself.

Hierarchy Edit

The Sea God Pavilion Master holds the highest power and authority. The Sea God Pavilion Master makes all the important decisions for the Shrek Academy. Other than the Pavilion Master, only highest officials in the academy can join the Sea God Pavilion. Such as:

  • Shrek Academy Headmasters 
  • Headmasters of Department
  • Vice Headmasters of Department
  • Elders - Outer, Inner and Core  
  • Teachers - Outer, Inner and Core  

Soul Land 2 Members Edit

Soul Land 3 Members Edit

Soul Land 4 Members Edit

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