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The trials given by the lord Sea God are separated by level. At different levels, the difficulty will also be different. The Sea God will give different trials to different people.The examiners are the Seven Sacred Pillars. Through different level trials, the challenger will obtain corresponding authority on Sea God Island. The trials are not only according to the examine's strength, but at the same time also potential.

When the challenger receives the trials, the challenger will be marked on the forehead according to the level and number of trials.

The natives of Sea God Island are given ten years for each trial, while outsiders are given one year.

After completing one test, the next trial will begin. If you exceed the time limit, or try to run, then the Sea God seal that entered his forehead before will explode, killing the examine. Only true for black level and up.

Levels Edit

The higher the number of tests, the harder it will be to complete the trial. Just like the colors of Spirit Rings, from lowest to highest:

  • White: They are the lowest trials, and one will only have one trial.
  • Yellow: One will only have one trial.
  • Purple: One will have one to three tests.
    • The Sea God will assign purple trials to those who commit acts of evil to punish them, its mainly to those not from Sea God Island.
  • Black: One will have four to six tests.
    • In one hundred years, the black level trial has appeared altogether thirty one times, among those, seven passed, twenty four failed. In the Manhua, there were twenty-one. The seven who passed are currently the Sea God Island’s Seven Sacred Pillars’s protectors. And among the seven, Sea Dragon Douluo, passed the black level six tests.
  • Red: One will have seven trials. These only had happened for elect the future ruler or high priest of Sea God Island, like Bo Saixi. There are exceptions like Xiao Wu, that had a one red trial. Having a red trial means that there is a high chance of success.
  • Golden: One will have nine trials which are called the Sea God's Nine Tests. This test is only given to the Sea God's Successor, upon passing this test one would become the Sea God. The tests in this level are two fold of the Red Level tests. The first six tests are quite similar to the other tests, the actual Sea God's Tests start from the Seventh Trial.

God Bestowed Spirit Ring Edit

Every challenger is given a chance to absorb one when they reach a bottleneck. How strong the spirit ring becomes depends on the spirit master and what colored test he/she is taking.

For Example, a black level trial taker can get at least a ten thousand level spirit ring with no limit, that means the age of the spirit ring can go up to 99,999 years.

In the Manhua, challengers are given a God Pillar stone with a spirit ring inside. It works the same as a God Bestowed Spirit Ring. One must peel the stone to obtain the ring and then make a new one. Each stone has a fixed age limit and spirit ring energy. How long spent peeling the stone and making the spirit ring depends on the spirit master's endurance.

For a God Pillar's Stone, during the ring dissolution and the ring internalization, the spirit master can peel the god stone and absorb the spirit ring's energy one by one. The absorption time is longer than a normal spirit ring gained from a spirit beasts. The minimum is half a month, the max being half a year.

For those who have the chance to absorb a 100,000 years God Pillar stone, they must face the trials from a 100,000 spirit beast. Failing means death.

Plot Edit

Tang San: Sea God Nine Trials / Sea God's Nine Tests

Dai Mubai: Sixth Black Level Trial

Oscar: Sixth Black Level Trial

Ma Hongjun: Sixth Black Level Trial

Xiao Wu: One Red Level Trial

Ning Rongrong: Seventh Red Level Trial

Zhu Zhuqing: Fifth Black Level Trial

Bai Chenxiang:

  • Manhua: First Yellow Level Trial, Upgraded to Purple Level Trial
    • 1st Trial: Plant the Spirit Fruit
    • 2nd Trial: Climb up 60 steps on the Nine Heavens Staircase
  • Light Novel:
    • 1st Trial: Kiss Ma Hongjun
    • Upgraded to Purple Level Trial by climbing 60 steps in the Sea God Island's Forbidden Area.

Bai Youde: Second Yellow Level Trial

  • 1st Trial: Toss a shell into the sea
  • 2nd Trial: ?

Sea God's Nine Trials Edit

1st Trial: Traversal, Sea God's Light Edit

The first test, Traversal, of the Sea God’s light, the instructions are to head to the Forbidden core of the Sea God Island and climb to a certain step. Can quit midway and the time limit is one year.

Sea Gods Nine Tests: 333 steps

Red: 136 steps

Black: 108 steps

2nd Trial: Break Through, Ring Blockade Edit

Pass through the ring sea blockade of Devil Spirit Great White Shark flock and reach the other shore, without killing any sea spirit beast.

Sea Gods Nine Tests: Cannot use any spirit ring abilities or the Sea God's Heart

3rd Trial: Tidal Body Refining Edit

Need to persist in the Furious Waves Strait where waves as high as hundred meters are quite frequent to refine ones body for an average amount of time over an entire year.

Sea Gods Nine Tests: 12 Hours

Red: 5 hours

Black Level 6: 4 hours

Black Level 5: 3 hours

4th Trial: Shark Whale Battle Edit

Sea Gods Nine Trials: Apex Shark Whale Battle - To help the Devil Spirit Great White Shark kill the Evil Spirit Orca King from the Evil Spirit Orca flock.

Red: Ensure Devil Spirit Great White Shark King doesn't die in the battle

Black Level 6: Kill at least 10 Evil Spirit Orca's

Black Level 5: Kill at least 8 Evil Spirit Orca's

5th Trial: Challenge, Sacred Pillar Protector Edit

Sea Gods Nine Tests: Countdown starts upon challenging the first protector. Must finish all challenges within 72 hours. Cleared upon defeating all Seven Sacred Pillar Protectors.

Red: Buff and help Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing in their challenges. Cleared when all challengers finish their trials.

Black: Fight against one Sacred Pillar Protector

6th Trial: Attack, Sea God Douluo Edit

The original trial was to face against the Sea God's Seven Sacred Pillar Douluo's combined attack for an incense stick of time, but due to Tang San and the others taking advantage of the 5th Trial's loopholes, the difficulty was increased and they all had to survive an incense stick of time against the Sea God Douluo who was restricted from using the power of the sea and the Sea Gods Hall while also using only her first six spirit rings abilities.

The trial was once again changed when Tang San made the Seven Sacred Pillar Douluo's to be involved in the trial. He had to escape form the Sea God Island's perimeter to pass the new trial.

7th Trial: Divine Tool, Unsheathe, Sea God's Trident Edit

It's a trial for the one who is challenging the Sea God's Nine Tests, he/she would have to gain the acknowledgement of the Sea God's Trident gaining the Sea God's Trident usage rights.

Red: Must assist Tang San in completing his trial

8th Trial: Obtain all Spirit Rings, Spirit Bones and Revive Accompanying Examinee Edit

Last Ring should be from Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

The Second part of this trial was to revive Xiao Wu.

9th Trial: Sea God's Inheritance Edit

It should have been the trial of Six Desires -

Lust, Vanity, Dignity, Pleasant Sounds, Good Life/Death, Sensual

Each desire would corresponding to a spirit bone in the body making them attain the Sea God's Armament after completion but due to Tang San's Eight Spider Lances External Spirit Bone it was changed to the trial of Seven Emotions -

Joy, Anger, Grief, Worry, Fear, Sentiments, Affection

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