Phoenix martial spirit? You're supposed to be an elite warrior, but why do you look like a fat chicken? Cultivate properly. Don't waste that martial soul of yours!
— To Ma Hongjun
Sea Star
Name Unknown
Also Known As Sea Star Douluo
Species Human
Age 90+
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Master Bo Saixi


Disciple Ma Hongjun
Spirit Sea Star
Spirit Rank Titled Douluo - Rank 90+
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Pillar Guardian
Affiliation Sea God Island

Seven Children of the Sea God

Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut Chapter 213

Appearance Edit

The Sea Star Douluo is a short, red headed boy with lazy yellow eyes. He wears simple black robes adorned with spiraling embroidery, and a golden collar. He appears to be a child, though he is actually over ninety.

Personality Edit

He's a blunt, level headed person who takes his responsibilities very seriously. Though he can appear lazy and uncaring, he's actually a very serious and hardworking person. He has a bad temper, and constantly pushes and bullies Ma Hongjun to overcome his laziness and become a worthy successor to the Seven Children of the Sea God.

History Edit

The Sea Star Douluo is a resident of Sea God Island. At some point in the past, he earned a Black Level Trial, and was able to complete it. He is the oldest of the Seven Children of the Sea God.

Plot Edit

The Sea Star Douluo first appeared when Ning Rongrong attained the highest Red Level Trial. He later shows up in person at the Seahorse Pillar, along with the other Douluo guardians.

After the first day of the Trial, he chooses Ma Hongjun as his successor and student. (After insisting none of the other guardians could have him.) He procured a God Stone for Hongjun, and explained how to break it down to become a new Spirit Ring. When Hongjun began the breakdown, he noted that powerful willpower was required. Oscar replied Fatty had zero willpower, and would give up immediately if they threw a hamburger at him. Tang San scolded Oscar...and said half a hamburger would be enough instead. Dai Mubai told both of them not to actually throw the burger, as they were all brothers. The Sea Star Douluo wondered if he'd chosen the wrong disciple.

He continues to watch over the trial takers throughout their challenges.

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