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The Second Elder is an old person with long white eyebrows.


The Second Elder is a calm person who analyses situations and is fair.


The Second Elder following Seventh Elder's abusive words against Tang San stops him. When Tang San challenges the Seventh Elder, he makes Tang Hu fight against Tang San instead. He is amazed at Tang San's youth, his potential and his two domains. Seeing Tang San's potential he does not wish for him to be harmed thus adds the stipulations that in case he wins the fight against the Seventh Elder, he will have to have 3 additional things to do to have him accepted into the Clear Sky Clan. He then advises the Seventh Elder secretly to go easy on him.

Following the conclusion of the battle, the Second Elder allows Tang San to accept his ancestry, but denies Tang San paying his respects to his grandfather's departed soul. He then puts up 3 conditions for Tang San to complete in 10 years, the conditions are: Reaching Spirit Rank 80 , killing a Spirit Hall Elder Titled Douluo and bring its head and acquiring a 100,000 years old spirit ring as his 8th spirit ring. He states that if Tang San is able to complete these 3 conditions, he will not only be able to pay his respects to his grandfather but also allow Tang Hao to return back to the clan, receive the 2 prestigious Spirit Bones of the clan that belonged to Tang Hao and also become the next Clear Sky Clan Head.


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