In the past century, there have only been twenty one challengers who achieved the Black Level Trials. And only seven of them passed. We are those seven. We are the Guardians of Sea God Island's Seven Holy Pillars.
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The Seven Children of the Sea God

The Seven Children of the Sea God are a group of Titled Douluo tasked with guarding the Seven Holy God Pillars. They each serve High Priestess Bo Saixi, and Poseidon. Each one oversees an entire section of Sea God Island, including the pillar, lands, and cities.


Worshipped Deity - The Sea God

Poseidon - Chosen Successor: Tang San

Sea God Douluo - Priestess of Sea God Temple

Bo Saixi - Chosen Successor: Ning Rongrong


The Seven Man Fusion Technique - Saint Pillar's Shine

Sea Dragon Holy Pillar

Sea Dragon Douluo - Chosen Successor: Dai Mubai

Seahorse Holy Pillar

Seahorse Douluo - Chosen Successor: Xiao Wu

Sea Spear Holy Pillar

Sea Spear Douluo - Chosen Successor: Zhu Zhuqing

Sea Fantasy Holy Pillar

Sea Fantasy Douluo - Chosen Successor: Oscar

Sea Star Holy Pillar

Sea Star Douluo - Chosen Successor: Ma Hongjun

Sea Ghost Holy Pillar

Sea Ghost Douluo - Chosen Successor: Bai Chenxiang

Sea Woman Holy Pillar

Sea Woman Douluo - Chosen Successor: Xiao Bai


Shrek's Seven Devils first encountered the Seahorse Douluo, Ou Ya, who bestowed upon each of them a Trial from the Sea God. The other six watched from their respective pillars as Ning Rongrong obtained a Seventh Level Red Trial, commenting that it was a good omen, heralding a new golden age of Sea God Island.

Ou Ya explains her Trial is unique, in that if she passes, she will become the new leader of the world's oceans and Sea God Temple, the Sea God Douluo. (And the leader of the Seven Children of the Sea God by proxy.)

After Tang San's unique Red Level Trial, the Seven Children of the Sea God gather at Ou Ya's pillar, along with Bo Saixi. She orders them to help him with all their hearts, as he is the jewel of their generation. She inwardly muses that a war is coming, between Angel, Asura, and Sea - the most terrible war era on the continent thus far. She begins preparations to give Tang San, the Son of the Nine Stars, the best chance at success possible.

She orders the Sea Ghost Douluo to oversee surveillance on Spirit Hall, and ordered no living souls could enter within 800 nautical miles of the island. She then oversees Xiao Wu's Trial ceremony, to everyone's protest. The Sea Fantasy Douluo imprisons them in an infinite suspension technique, but Tang San is able to take a step forward despite this, and actually break it moments later. She explains Xiao Wu's First Red Level Trial is not actually a serious danger in itself, but that she would live and die according to the results of Tang San's Trial instead.

After telling the Trial takers to never think of failure, as the fate of the island rests on their success, Bo Saixi leaves.

The Sea Dragon Douluo says that since the Trial takers arrived at the Seahorse Douluo's Pillar, he is assigned to be their teacher during their challenges. Ou Ya agrees without hesitation to these terms.

After the Shrek Seven Devils attempt to climb the steps of Sea God Temple for the first time, the Seven Children of the Sea God choose their successors. They train and continue to watch over them for the duration of the entire first trial, but never interfere with the actual tests.

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