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The Seventh Elder is an old slim person.


The Seventh Elder has a temper and uses his words rashly and abusively.


The Seventh Elder hails insults at Tang San, Tang Hao and Ah Yin This make Tang San furious and challenges him to a fight. However the Second Elder intervenes, making Tang San fight Tang Hu instead.

Shocked at how easily Tang San defeats Tang Hu, the elder accepts his challenge and proposes he will only use thirty percent of his power to make it fair. However Tang San asks him to use forty percent of his power with him able to use his Spirit Bones as well as allowing him to pick the location of the fight. The elder states that if Tang San loses the fight he will be forced to never use the Clear Sky Hammer and his ancestry will not be recognized. Thus the battle takes place at the iron chains which connects the mountains of the Clear Sky Clan. Prior to the start of the match Second Elder advises him to go easy on Tang San and end the fight in a tie.

On the chains, the elder allows Tang San to start the fight and falls for Tang San's feint but is unfaced by it. He then proceeds to use to his third spirit ability on Tang San causing his hammer to become enormous and chase Tang San. The battle goes on with the Seventh Elder gaining the upper hand by unleashing his 2nd, 5th and 6th Spirit Ring abilities. However Tang San manages to avoid being injured using his ingenious methods, thus Seventh Elder uses his Spirit Tool Avatar along with the Spirit Doppelganger ability. Tang San thus unleashes the Purple Demon Eye, but in order to avoid it Seventh Elder is forced to his full strength in a split second and attacks with the Tool Spirit Avatar subconsciously causing Tang San to be indented into the mountain. The iron chain breaks upon its forced and both plunge down with Tang San's 5th Spirit Ring ability causes the Seventh Elder to plunge further into the abyss.

The Seventh Elder returns and sees Tang San who is relatively undamaged and is shocked in admiration of the youngster. He admits his defeat and waits until Tang San finishes his cultivation to recover his power. He refuses Tang Xiao's proposal for the Clear Sky Clan to come out of hiding stating that if Tang San completes the 3 conditions set by him, he will allow him to become the next successor as well as the Clear Sky Clan bringing out its former glory. Seventh Elder thus agrees to let Tang San accept his ancestry and be inducted into the clan formerly.


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