Shao Xin
Name Shao Xin
Chinese 邵鑫邵
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Sweet Pea
Spirit Rank Spirit Sage - Rank 71
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
System Auxiliary Food System
Professional Status
Occupation Director of Food System Spirit Master Education
Affiliation Shrek Academy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 38
Manhua Debut

Appearance Edit

He is around fifty years of age. He is not very tall, has small eyes, large nose and is unprepossessing.

Personality Edit

He is a very calm person who is light-hearted and easy going.

Background Edit

Being a Spirit Sage of the Food System, he is one of the top 5 in the world with regards to the Food System. He is very fond of Oscar.

Plot Edit

Shao Xin's Sweet Peas helps the teachers recover their strength during their trip to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

He also breaks up the fight between Tang San and Tai Long before the start of his class.

When Ning Fengzhi returns, he immediately alerts Yu Xiaogang and the others.

When the Four Elemental Academies find trouble with the Shrek Academy students, he along with several other teachers supervise the competition among the youngsters. When some of the Shrek Seven Devils return, he and the others become relieved.

Navigation Edit

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