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Shrek Academy
Shrek Academy 3
Name Shrek Academy
Also Known As
Empire Heaven Dou Empire
Kingdom Balak Kingdom (Original)
City Heaven Dou City
Founder Flender

Liu Erlong - Blue Tyrant Academy

Head Flender


Shrek Academy, also called Monster Academy, is a small academy with a specific criteria for enrollment. It was originally present in the Balak Kingdom but then was shifted to the Heaven Dou City.

Shrek Academy - Suotuo City Edit

Shrek Academy Doulou 1

Shrek Academy was established in the outskirts of Suotuo City by Flender. Although it was not officially recognized as an Academy due to its poor facilities, it managed to produce highly capable and genius students. The Shrek Seven Devils were to be the last generation of the Shrek Academy before it was shut down.

New Shrek Academy Edit

The Shrek Seven Devils along with the teachers moved to Heaven Dou City to enroll in the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy but however was turned aside. They came across a recruitment flier for a Blue Tyrant Academy. After Liu Erlong, who is the founder and Dean of the Blue Tyrant Academy reunites with Flender and Yu Xiaogang her old teammates, she immediately turns over the control of the Blue Tyrant Academy to Flender while renaming it as Shrek Academy. Thus Shrek Academy becomes an official Academy with better facilities.

Criteria For Enrollment & Graduation Edit

The original Shrek Academy has a strict criteria for enrollment, that being:

  • Age <= 12 years old
  • Spirit Power >= 20
  • Sufficient growth potential and spirit control
  • Pass combat test
  • Not pampered, diligent in training
  • Pay 10 gold coins

Thus Shrek Academy accepted those considered as Genius "Monster" students.

Graduation in Shrek Academy is possible by:

  • Spirit Power >= 40 by 20 years old
  • Attaining a Silver Spirit Fighter Badge (doesn't apply to non-combat masters)

The New Shrek Academy, however, is lax in the admittance and recruits only people not of Noble birth, with the classes being divided to < 30 and > 30 Spirit Masters.

Rules Edit

  • No rape or pillaging.
  • Gambling is alright because it can increase one's judgement and observation skills.
  • Fights are also fine as long as it is not life-threatening.
  • Class times are so casual, as there may not be a class for a few days.
  • The tuition fee is 100 gold coins.

Teachers Edit

Alumni Edit


  • "Shrek" is derived from the Yiddish and German "schreck" (Yiddish שרעק) meaning "fear" or "fright."
  • The name and mascot are based on the character Shrek from the Dreamworks movies of the same name.
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