Description[edit | edit source]

Shrek Academy has existed for over 10,000 years. It started out as a very small and exclusive school that only accepted geniuses. The Shrek Academy over time became an existence that was similar to an independent nation. It became the most respected academy in the entire continent sought out by all the countries to produce brilliant Spirit Masters. The Shrek Academy is situated in the Shrek City which is governed by the Shrek Academy.

Number of students in Shrek Academy never exceeds 5000 and it has an extremely high expulsion rate. The freshman class has 1000 students alone. It takes 6 years to graduate from the outer academy and one must have at least 4 spirit rings by then. For enrollment, one must be less than 12 years old with a Spirit Rank of above 15. You need to have 2 rings just to be allowed to take the upgrade exam to go from Freshman to Sophomore. After 3 months classes are also split in to combat systems assault, defense, control, and auxiliary, though assault and control still share a class.

Of those who become distinguished as core disciples and manage to graduate the outer academy, some may pass the exam to enter the Inner Academy and spend another 6 years in school. Inner academy students become known as Shrek Guardians and frequently are assigned high stakes life or death missions. Those who survive the 6 years of the inner academy and graduate are known as the true graduates of the academy and are highly sought after by every country. Inner student are expected to graduate with 6 rings as well. Students whose cultivation can reach 6 rings even before they’re 20 years old are called seeds in the academy. Right now, there are only 4 ‘seedling’ students remaining in the entire academy. They include Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yaoheng. Achieving 6 rings before the age of 20 is also publicly recognized in the continent as the criteria to be called an unrivaled talent.

Prominent Areas[edit | edit source]

East Gate[edit | edit source]

East Gate of Shrek City is the entrance to Shrek Academy. Only members of Shrek Academy are allowed to enter through the East Gate into the Academy. At the East Gate there exists lots of peddlers and stalls put up to sell food and various other items for students of Shrek Academy.

Battle Spirit Department[edit | edit source]

Battle Spirit Department is comprises largest area of the Academy and has many sub divisions. All teachings of the students takes place here and separates the students to their respective classes. The academic building are divided into the colors White, Yellow, Purple and Black. The colors of the academic buildings represent different ranks. The white academic building is for new students. Yellow is for the second and third years. Purple is for the fourth and fifth years. Black is the six year’s academic building.

Spirit Guidance Department[edit | edit source]

Spirit Guidance Department is another area of the Academy which is completely devoted to analyzing and producing Spirit Guidance Devices.

Sea God Lake[edit | edit source]

Sea God Lake is an artificially created lake in the honor of Tang San. At its center lies the core area of the school where the most outstanding geniuses of the Academy trains.

Shrek Plaza[edit | edit source]

Shrek Plaza is an area outside the academic building. The plaza isn’t too big. One lap around the plaza being around 300 meters.

Dormitory[edit | edit source]

The Dormitory has the largest building in the academy. It encompassed a wide area and also has the four colors: white, yellow, purple and black representing the four different areas people of different years would live in. In total, the dormitory has six floors.

Spirit Battle Arena[edit | edit source]

The Spirit Battle Arena is one of the most important places in Shrek Academy. It is located in the northwest corner of the school, near the Spirit Guidance District. This is also a frequently visited place for the higher level students. Here, the students can carry out various competitions with a specific teacher to act as referee. The teacher is responsible for determining the outcome, providing protection, first aid, and other necessary functions. The student must provide payment to enter.

One battle requires at least 10 gold coins. However, many students participate during their time at the school, simply because there are no rules when fighting in the arena. There are also no dangers since the teacher will take care of everything. Furthermore, the winner will receive a certain number of credits that can be used during level testing.

In order to level up after grade 4, spirit battle credits are needed. For example, one needs at least ten wins in battle against students with the same experience to rise from grade 4 to 5. Rising from 5 to 6 requires even more. From grade 6, spirit battle credits are even more important for entering the inner school.

Competitions in the Spirit Battle Arena are open to all students. Payment is necessary with each ticket costing one silver coin. If both sides are famous students in the academy, then the academy would relay the fight to each dorm through a spirit guided speaker to allow more people to experience the fight. The school only takes half of the profits from students, while the other half goes toward the winner.

Examination Area[edit | edit source]

Examination area is the area where all examinations within the Academy are held.

Teachers[edit | edit source]

They seem to have a complex ranking system as it is stated that Zhou Yi is not a high ranking teacher and that Wang Yan is one rank higher than her. But he is still not a big part of the Inner court yard.

Students[edit | edit source]

The Students are divined in to 3 groups first starting in the outer court yard. Then the best become core students so that they can enter the finale stage of the inner court yard. Out of all the core disciples that’ve been in Shrek Academy, over half of them managed to pass the inner courtyard’s assessment.

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