Shrek only accepts monsters, not ordinary people.
— Shrek Academy Motto

Description[edit | edit source]

Shrek Academy has existed for over 20,000 years. It started out as a very small and exclusive school that only accepted monsters. Shrek Academy, over time, became an independent organization, with its own city. It became the most respected and sacred academy in the entire Douluo continent, producing brilliant Soul Masters. Shrek Academy is situated in the center of Shrek City which is governed by the Academy. The Academy is a neutral power. It does not participate in politics nor the hunting of spirit beasts. Shrek academy uses contribution points as currency instead of Federation coins. Federation coins can be exchanged for points and vice versa.

Shrek has the highest amount of Title Douluo and Hyper Douluo out of all the organizations on the continent.[1]

Shrek Academy only accepted two hundred outer court disciples every three years. Among the two hundred, fifty were set aside for those who failed to pass the inner court exam. Only fifty people were allowed to take the inner court exam at a time. Passing the exam was obviously the desired outcome, but failing to do so still allowed entrance to the outer court, as well as the chance to enter the inner court in the future.[2]

Shrek Academy gives, every region of the Federation, quotas every three years. These quotas are divided among the academies in each region. The quotas are for students to take the entrance exam for the Outer and Inner Courts.

Destruction of Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

Two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions were used by the Holy Spirit Cult to destroy Shrek Academy. The Ancient Golden Tree and Yun Ming as well as all the teachers and elders were wiped out defending Shrek Academy and the students. More than twenty Titled Douluo died. In the end, a large crater was created were Shrek Academy and most of Shrek City was. Water filled the crater becoming part of Sea God Lake. The masterminds behind the destruction was mainly the Holy Spirit Cult, but they were secretly supported by the Qiangu family from the Spirit Pagoda and the Sun Moon Federation.

Rebuilding Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

After the Shrek Seven Monsters returned from the Star Luo Continent, Tang Wulin, disguised as Yun Ming, declared the rebuilding of Shrek Academy above Sea God Lake. The news spread like wildfire throughout the Federation. They had the full support of the Dove Fraction, the Tang Sect, and many powerhouses within the Federation. The Federation tried to stop the rebuilding, by sending a military officer, but each time they were sent back because each of the Shrek Seven Monsters had a military rank that outranked each military officer sent to stop the rebuilding plus each encounter was broadcasted by the media gaining the support of the civilians in rebuilding the academy. They build a spirit shielding device over the academy to keep the Federation from spying on the academy and a defense system to keep people from flying into the academy. The airspace around shrek academy is a No Fly Zone. Tang Wulin recruited the Titan Great Ape Clan to join Shrek Academy. Shrek invited some of the alumni to become teachers and appointed inner court disciples as new teachers.

There was a total of fifty-one teachers in Shrek Academy including nineteen inner court teachers. There were also forty-six teaching assistants. The outer court president was Wu Zhangkong while Long Yeyue held the post of inner court president. Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were the deputy presidents.[3] Tang Wulin also became a teacher. He was in charge of the sub-profession forging course the academy had specially opened.

Glory of Shrek[edit | edit source]

Shrek Academy was more than just an academy. It was a kind of spirit.[4] It was this spirit that was passed down for 20,000 years that continue to guide the teachers and the students to this day.

"Defeat was acceptable, but surrender was not!"[5]

Entrance Exam[edit | edit source]

The Shrek Academy entrance exam had three requirements. First, examinees had to be sent by a major city. Second, examinees could be no more than fifteen years of age. Third, the soul power of an examinee had to be rank 25 at the very least.

These were the basic requirements, but the most important requirement of all had been decreed 20,000 years ago. Fairness was not a concern. Had the trials been fair, the first one would not have tested spiritual power, seeing how power-type soul masters clearly lacked in that area. Just like in the first trial, this one would see many souls master eliminated from the exam. It was difficult for any single soul master to score well in all of the trials since they each favored different types of ability. This was also the reason why Shrek Academy’s acceptance rate was so low.

Shrek Academy did not accept ordinary people. On the contrary, they only accepted monsters. As a result, Shrek Academy has championed the moniker of “Monster Academy” since ancient times.

There are a total of ten tests a person must take. Each test is worth 10 points. In order to get accepted into Shrek Academy, they must achieve a score of at least 60 points.

Every year at Shrek Academy, the entrance examination never went exactly the same. Historically, it had always been that way. At most, there had been a few occasions with somewhat similar situations with only minor differences. Nevertheless, it was impossible for the exact same situation to occur, so no one could figure out what they would be tested on.[6]

It was due to cases like the Bloodthirsty Douluo Yun Tianheng in the past that Shrek Academy would test on students’ basic qualities and potential. Most crucial was the students’ disposition.

They would test on whether a student’s willpower was strong enough and whether they prioritized kindness. These were all extremely important qualities.

Shrek cultivated soul masters into successful people. This did not only mean that they had impressive cultivation bases, but also that they were of good morals.[7]

First Test - Spiritual Power[edit | edit source]

Examines must endure the pressure exerted on them by the mural of the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King. Points are given based on performance by the examiner.

Second Test - The Beast Arena[edit | edit source]

The strength and number of soul beasts in the trial varied depending on the number of participants. Surviving for one minute was the minimum requirement for passing the trial, while harming the beasts awarded bonus points.[8]

Third Test - Ability to Adapt and Courage[edit | edit source]

Description:[edit | edit source]

A series of gates sat in rows, one after another, with at least a hundred covering the area in total. The number of gates in each row varied.

These gates were called guillotine gates. Each gate had a gigantic, two-meter wide, one-meter tall, half-a-meter thick guillotine blade. With such an enormous blade, even a full-grown cow would instantly be split in half.

Details:[edit | edit source]

Examines will have to pass through all of the gates in one of the rows. If they finish within thirty seconds, they get six points. For every three seconds they finish early, they will get an additional point. For every three seconds they are late, they will lose one point. There are two things they need to know about this trial. First, the closer they are to each gate, the faster its guillotine will fall. Since these are real guillotines, they will die if they strike them. Second, a examine can get a negative score for this trial. If an examine can’t even pass this trial, then forget about taking the later trials.[9]

Fourth Test - Talent[edit | edit source]

This trial will test a person's personal strength. Only one of the person's specialties will be examined, so examines need to consider carefully what they will present. A person's greatest specialty is directly related to their strength. Three administrators will be in charge of the exam.

Fifth Test - Second Profession[edit | edit source]

Like the name, this trial tests a person's second profession. They will need to be in the third rank of their given profession in order to get full points.

Sixth Test - Will Power[edit | edit source]

This trial will test a person's will power by making them eat steamed buns. Eating fifteen buns was a passing score and for every additional five buns eaten, another point would be rewarded. However, they weren’t permitted to circulate their soul power while eating and could only rely on their own stomachs. Once someone finishes eating, they are allowed to help their teammates eat their buns for a passing grade.

They had to eat until their stomachs burst! For a normal fifteen-year-old, fifteen steamed buns was an enormous amount of food. Furthermore, by restricting the use of soul power to aid digestion, it was almost impossible for most people to finish! One would need willpower to overcome one’s bodily limits! Of course, there were medical staff supervising this trial to ensure that the examines wouldn’t become sick from overeating. The sturdier-than-normal bodies of soul masters prevented their stomachs from exploding, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t fall ill from overeating. This seemingly simple trial was, in fact, a devil in disguise, innocently dragging examines through the depths of hell and making them wish for the sweet release of death.[10]

A examiner watches to make sure they are not cheating.

Seventh Test - Endurance[edit | edit source]

Time mattered less for this trial of endurance. It was split into three tests: running ten kilometers, squatting fifty kilograms one thousand times, and one thousand chin-ups. Any exam taker who finished all three tests would be awarded six points, while finishing within an hour would net them full marks. Every additional ten minutes would cost them one point, down to a minimum of six.

These tests would be the same no matter what type of soul master the examine was. Beyond a shadow of doubt, power-type soul masters held the advantage in this trial. Even so, this trial was kinder than the others in that it had no hard restriction on time. Thus, hours after the exam started, there were still some examines working hard to obtain those six points.[11]

Eighth Test - Comprehensive Battle[edit | edit source]

Examines will fight a current student of Shrek Academy. The available opponents are random, so luck will also be a factor. Last ten minutes against an opponent to pass. Defeat them, and the examine will receive full points. Alternatively, marks between six and ten will be awarded based on performance.

There will be ten opponents to choose from, so it isn’t just an examine's strength being tested, but also their judgement. There are both strong and weak people hidden among the ten. Some may naturally restrain the examine, while others may be restrained by the examine. This means a large portion of the examine's performance will be determined by their choice of opponent.

Ninth Test - Moral Character[edit | edit source]

Tenth Test - Three Hall Review[edit | edit source]

Outer Court[edit | edit source]

Just like any other academy, Shrek had six grades. Each grade had around one hundred students give or take ten or twenty, and together they totaled a little over seven hundred students. To enter the Inner Court, students need to become One-word Battle Armor Masters by the age of 20 or Two-word Battle Armor Masters by the age of 30.

To graduate from the outer court, students needed to be a one-word battle armor master before the age of 35. Only about 33% of accepted students could do it. There is an annual minor exam and a major one every three years. Failing the minor exam twice will result in expulsion. So, the number of students in each grade will decrease in the next three years. In Shrek Academy's elimination system, anyone in the bottom five of the yearly minor exams will be expelled. Outer Court students wear green uniforms. Sculptures of Inner Court Disciples are carved into the surface of the school buildings.

Anyone who graduated from Shrek Academy’s outer court would already be considered a person capable of standing at the summit of the continent. Great clans and organizations would spare no expense to invite such a person into their fold.

House Shrek[edit | edit source]

The site were potential students go to take their entrance test into Shrek Academy. The building is very big, with size comparable to a palace. One part of the building, by the Spirit Ice Plaza, has the ceiling towered at least ten meters in height, despite the fact that the building had six floors. There were fine illustrations drawn into the walls and domed ceiling, which caused onlookers to stop and stare, overwhelmed by the grandeur. Even so, such a sight was not tacky at the slightest, and was able to maintain an air of elegance.[12] The murals on the walls and ceiling detail the Academy's twenty thousand years of history.

Other parts of the building included the test areas for the entrance exam. There are a total of 10 test areas.

Working Student Dormitory[edit | edit source]

This dormitory is not the same as the other dormitories. It is quite old and only working students are allowed to live there.

Spirit Ice Plaza[edit | edit source]

Spirit Ice Plaza.JPG

Named after Huo Yuhao. It is a gigantic plaza constructed with ashen-gray stones. There were buildings of similar height and ancient architecture arranged on the perimeter of half of the circular plaza. The buildings was made of stone, various figures carved into it.[13] The plaza was at least one kilometer long in diameter.

Contained within semicircle of buildings was the plaza, and in the plaza’s center was a circular man-made pond approximately one hundred meters in diameter. At the middle of a fountain stood a majestic sculpture of Huo Yuhao.[14] The plaza was built ten thousand years ago when Shrek Academy started expanding into the Shrek inner city.

Administration Building[edit | edit source]

Students can go there to receive tasks to earn contribution points.

Dining Hall[edit | edit source]

The place where regular students can go to get their meals for free. Working students can only get a free meal on the first day. The food served there is comparable to the first window food from Eastsea Academy. Tang Wulin emptied out their stock of food on his first day.

Shrek Blacksmith Association[edit | edit source]

Students who choose blacksmith as their sub-profession come here to forge metals for their team's battle armour and mechas and practice forging. They can also accept assignments and complete them in exchange for contribution points. The place is usually bustling with students because of the high demand for forged metals. Members of the association are required to complete three jobs a month according to their ranks. In exchange, they get free metals, discounts, and contribution points.

Shrek Mecha Association[edit | edit source]

Students who desire to buy a Mecha come here to order one from a catalog and can be customization depending on the wishes of the buyer. Also a place for students that are interested in building Mechas.

Specialized Cultivation Space[edit | edit source]

An area with cultivation rooms designed according to a spirit master spirit-type. The rooms help speed up cultivation a little. It costs one hundred points an hour.

Shelter[edit | edit source]

An emergency shelter hidden deep underground. During the destruction of Shrek Academy, in that one minute amount of time, two hundred and sixteen students and one teacher managed to enter the shelter.

Later, the Seven Holy Abyss was connected to the Eternal Tree and became the rebuilt Shrek Academy's new shelter.

Seven Saints Abyss Realm[edit | edit source]

Eternal Tree[edit | edit source]

Inner Court[edit | edit source]

The Inner Court is covered with various trees and shrubs. Near the entrance to the Inner Court stood statues of the founders of Shrek Academy and the original Shrek Seven Monsters. Inner Court students wear red uniforms. Each student has their own room.

The inner court was a realm of prodigies. Graduates of the inner court rarely chose to leave Shrek Academy. Most would stay. In the world of academia, the inner court disciples of Shrek Academy were destined to become battle armor masters.[15]

Sea God Lake[edit | edit source]

An artificially created lake in honor of Tang San. Within the center lies Sea God Island. After the destruction of Shrek Academy, the lake covers the original Shrek City. It is hundreds of meters deep, not a single living thing in the water. The Life Seed was placed in the center of the lake to grow, to become the new tree of life, and helped purify the Sea God Lake of the radiation from the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition.

Sea God Island[edit | edit source]

It lies in the center of Sea God Lake. The Golden Tree resides on the island. Only Sea God Pavilion members, disciples of the members, and those granted permission are allowed to step foot on the island. It was destroyed when the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition denoted. A new island was built in Eternal Sky City.

Sea God Pavilion[edit | edit source]

The governing body of Shrek Academy. Here is where Sea God Pavilion members gather to discuss important matters such as the movement of evil spirit masters or exponentially talented students. Located on Sea God Island until the destruction of Shrek Academy. After rebuilding, it was temporary built on a small-scale peninsula by the lake. It was later relocated to Eternal Sky City on top of the Eternal Tree.

Academic Personal[edit | edit source]

Sea God Pavilion[edit | edit source]

Teachers[edit | edit source]

Academic Personal (After Rebuilding)[edit | edit source]

One should know that it was an extremely tough process for anyone to qualify as a teacher in Shrek Academy. It was as such in the past and was just the same at this point. The tradition was never to be broken.[16] The academy also added space for the Yuanen clan members as a new pillar of the school and become the number one clan in Shrek. A huge region by the Sea God Lake was specially assigned for their clan’s utilization.

After the reconstruction, Shrek had also invited some of the alumni to become teachers. An abundance of people came after the selection. There was a total of 51 teachers in Shrek Academy including 19 inner court teachers. There were also 46 teaching assistants. Professionals from Tang Sect also visit or teach.

Sea God Pavilion[edit | edit source]

Teachers[edit | edit source]

Students[edit | edit source]

Since 10,000 years ago, many graduates have become employed in all levels of Federation, from the War God Temple and army to parliament and Tang Sect or Spirit Pagoda.

Inner Court[edit | edit source]

Outer Court[edit | edit source]

Note: This list is composed of what grade, or other, the students were in when introduced/mentioned in the story.

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade


Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade

Students (After Rebuilding)[edit | edit source]

Inner Court (Rebuilt)[edit | edit source]

  • Applying original Inner Court rules, surviving eligible Shrek Academy students from the shelter are enrolled or continue their enrollment. To enter the Inner Court, students need to become One-word Battle Armor Masters by the age of 20 or Two-word Battle Armor Masters by the age of 30. This changed after Douluo Planet's Life evolution. All Inner Court Students in the shelter were enlisted to survive Demon Island until it was transformed into the Seven Saints Abyss Realm located under the Eternal Tree.
  • Li Ning (Sea God's Pavilion Master's Assistant)
  • Zhao Yali
  • Other Sheltered Inner Court students not becoming teachers

Outer Court (Rebuilt)[edit | edit source]

Note: This list is composed of what grade, or other, the students or people were in when introduced/mentioned in the story.

First year with rebuilted Shrek Academy has, by Shrek Academy traditional rules, 321 sit for the difficult entrance examination with 117 passed. Among the 200+ Shrek Academy Outer Court students who survived its destruction through being in the shelter, those not yet eligible for inner court continue their enrollment. There are some transfer students invited by Tang Wulin and others to temporarily attend Shrek Academy for their improvement. After Chen Xinjie retired from the War God Temple, he became the Outer Court's drill grounds sweeper 'Old Chen' and occasionally meets Long Yeyue and Yi Zichen (morning exercise).

First Grade

  • Yi Zichen (Class 1 Monitor)
  • Chen Yuan (Class 1)
  • Zhuang Yu (Class 1)
  • Luo Rui (Class 1)
  • Shang Guanran (Class 1)
  • 112 Others
Second Grade
  • Unknown
Third Grade
  • Unknown


Fourth Grade
  • Unknown
Fifth Grade
  • Unknown
Sixth Grade
  • Unknown

Divine Craftsman[edit | edit source]

  • Tang Wulin

References[edit | edit source]

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