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Shrek Academy has existed for over 30,000 years. It started out as a very small and exclusive school that only accepted monsters. Shrek Academy, over time, became an independent organization, with its own city and army. It became the most respected academy in the entire Douluo Federation, producing brilliant Soul Masters. Shrek Academy is situated in the center of Shrek City which is governed by the Academy. The Inner Court is located at the top of the Eternal Tree, while the Outer Court is located at the base of the Eternal Tree and around Sea God Lake and is as large as a city. A defense array or system was installed to protect the academy from airborne attacks and prevent outsiders from entering the academy.

Shrek Spirit Bus

Every year, the academy recruits around 30 students, but most of the time, not everyone makes it to graduation. The quota for the inner court is less than ten people. Having more than ten people enter the inner court at a time is very rare.

Shrek Academy has a close bond with Tang Sect. The two can be regarded as brothers. Tang Sect executives are part of the Sea God Pavilion. Tang Sect Members can also become candidates for the Shrek Seven Monsters. Most Outer Court graduates join Tang Sect.

Entrance Test[]

Every year, two rounds of tests are held to determine if a student will be able to enroll into Shrek Academy. These tests judges a student's basic qualities and potential. Most crucial was the students’ disposition.

They would test on whether a student’s willpower was strong enough and whether they prioritized kindness. These were all extremely important qualities.

Shrek cultivated soul masters into successful people. This did not only mean that they had impressive cultivation bases, but also that they were of good morals.

To qualify one has to be rank 20 by the age of 12 or rank 30 by the age of 13. The age-appropriate candidates are over one million in total. Those that actually fulfill the preliminary test requirements could easily be over 100,000 people. But they normally only take in about 30 people a year.

1st Round[]

The 1st round of tests take place in the Douluo World and on the students' home planet.

Preliminary Test[]

Mainly to confirm the students are eligible for the qualifiers. They measure the students' age, spirit power, and spiritual power.


Note: This is a summary of Tang Xuanyu's test

The qualifiers take place in the Douluo World. The first one is to survive as long as possible. The students are dropped into two valleys alongside one another. There are students in each valley with a mountain range separating the two valleys. At the end of each valley is a lava pool, were Fire Lizards and a Fire Red Dragon appeared from. Students can kill the spirit beasts for extra points. The dragon targets the large groups of students first before moving toward the fire lizards. Students at the top of the mountain will be attacked by both the dragons. After that, it starts attacking flying spirit masters. It doesn't attack unnoticed targets. If the students in one of the valleys are all wiped out, the spirit beasts start heading toward the other valley. During that time, the two dragons start targeting humans first. When the Fire Red Dragons no longer have any targets in their sight, they start killing each other. The exam ends when all students are wiped out or the spirit beasts are all killed.

Xuanyu's team survived the longest by staying in a small group, while fending off fire lizards and dodging the dragon's attack by running under its belly. The team headed toward the end of the valley toward the lava pool. Qian Lei summoned an Ironback Dragon to ride on. The team hid in the lava pool, which turns out be around 70 degrees, while the Ironback Dragon delays the Fire Red Dragons. After the two dragons were badly wounded battling each other, Qian Lei summoned an Emerald Demon Bird and it killed the two dragons.

Star Dou Forest

The second qualifier takes place in a simulation of the Star Dou Forest. Teams from all the academies on the same planet are in the same testing site. The goal of the test is to collect points by killing spirit beasts, while working in teams of three. The last person who kills the spirit beast gets the points for their team. The teams are allowed to kill each other and they will get half the other team's points. The tryout lasts seven days.

2nd Round[]

The 2nd round of tests take place inside Shrek Academy.

The first one is a basic physical and mental test.

Second is a team competition. Match-ups are decided randomly. The losing team is eliminated. Luck plays a decisive factor. Half the teams are eliminated during this test.

Third is an individual test. Students choose a test on what they are adapt in or specialize in. Qian Lei took a spiritual power test, Tang Xuanyu in space piloting, and Liu Feng in willpower.

The last test is a real one in a hostile environment. This test flushes out the remaining candidates to around 30.

Blood Trial Test[]

A test conducted in the Douluo World for Inner Court students that examines individual willpower. It is an imitation of Tang San's Hell Road trial jointly developed by Shrek Academy and Tang Sect. During the test, as one continuously defeats enemies, blood energies are leftover that invigorate the examine and can lead to blood mania through elevated killing intent if one's personality and willpower is not firm to resist. As a small side effect, some examines can improve or develop their martial soul abilities through the blood influence, ex: Jia Yu. There are 3 combat levels in the Blood Trial Test. First level: one boss 1-word battle armor wearing Spirit Emperor with 2 purple and 4 black rings, and second level: large crowds of Spirit Elders-Ancestors. The minimum is to pass the second level while the third level is to gain experience fighting a true Titled Douluo.

The Blood Trial Test's third level is a 3-word battle armor wearing, Spirit Domain holding, all black rings, spear wielding Titled Douluo. The 3-word battle armor domain is space imprisonment.

The 33 Sky Wings took the test as an enrolling exam for the Inner Court. Normally, an Inner Court student takes the test after one to two years of study in the Inner Court. Tang Sect members are also allowed to take the test.

Duty Missions[]

Beginning in the fourth grade Outer Court year, students are required to voluntarily conduct duty missions available in the duty center to gain experience and to be eligible for Outer Court graduation. The duty missions can be individual or group missions. Completing these missions also provide Shrek emblem remunerations through the Exchange Center. Inner Court students also have their required duty missions to complete, some lasting over a year.

Outer Court[]


Shrek had 6 grades. Each grade has around 30 students give or take one or two, and together they totaled about 180 students. Due to limited rich and powerful resources available, Shrek only accepted the top 30 students from all planets who pass the outer court entrance exam.

There are annual semester and final-year exams; those who failed might be expelled. From the fourth year, the exams would be involved with life-threatening missions; therefore, the number of students since this year might decrease. They get their missions from the Dou Tian Department.

By the end of the second year, the students must be one-word battle armor masters. To apply to the Inner Court, students needed to be a two-word battle armor master and pass the inner court entrance exam, with the exception that you would be automatically applied to the inner court if you have a three-word battle armor. Only about 10% of accepted students could do it.

Shrek Academy Dorms

Shrek Dorms[]

Blacksmith Association[]

Students and faculty come here to practice forging or to make and take requests on forging metals and alloys. Blacksmiths provide the metal for students to make their battle armor. The metals are very expensive, mainly because of the success ratio. A blacksmith need to burn through rare metals in order to practice and elevate their rank, so they spend the most money on their profession, which is another reason why the metals they forge are expensive to buy.

Mecha Association[]

The mecha association is were students can go to purchase or build their personal mechas by buying or building the various parts needed for the mecha.

Battle Armor Department[]

The students here focus on the building of their battle armors in order to become battle armor masters. The students work in teams with at least one person in each of the four professions of mecha craftsmen and blacksmithing required to build battle armor.

Sea God Lake

Sea God Lake[]

Over 20,000 years ago, the lake was named in honor of Tang San becoming the Sea God, unofficially the Federation did not want to politically name it Shrek Lake. Sea God Island was located at the center of the lake until it was destroyed along with Shrek Academy in a terrorist attack by the Holy Spirit Cult 10,000 years ago. The Lake now covers the old Shrek Academy with the Eternal Tree at the center of the lake. The life aura from the tree washes into the lake, making the water rich with life energy. It is called by people as the water of life. Drinking the water and meditating in it helps improve a spirit master's body, prolonging their life, and speed of cultivation. Students spend a yellow medal to cultivate in the lake for an hour. Located around the base of the tree is the entrance to the Seven Holy Abyss. A defense system was placed around the lake to prevent anyone from stealing the lake water and to protect the Eternal Tree.

The land around the lake is very expensive and Shrek is cautious on who to sell it to. Tang Sect and Shrek own much of it, with some part belonging to the Titan Great Ape Clan, the Spirit Pagoda, and the Douluo Federation.

Shrek Hotel[]

A hotel located within Shrek Academy's Outer Court. Students can reserve a room for family and friends when they come to visit them during their break times. Students taking the entrance test also temporarily stay here.

Exchange Center[]

Students and faculty come here to exchange different grades of emblems as well as receive badges for working. They can also buy items from here from immortal herbs to spirit bones using Shrek Badges.

The center also has a special exchange center located at the top of the exchange center. Before a student can go there, they must submit an application that can take a week to process and have the qualifications to enter, since a lot of stuff there are very valuable and the price for each item is pretty high. They can go in if they accompany a someone who has the qualifications. Teachers and Inner Court Students receive discounts, but Outer Court Students need to pay a handling fee.

The qualifications they need to have are that they have at least 30 purple rank insignia on them and they must spend 15 purple rank insignia a year. The spending qualification is null for inner court students.

Special Exchange Center Demonstration Area[]

The area has over 100 columns. On each column is a projection of the item that can be purchased.

Duty Center[]

A place students go to take on missions for the Doutian Department.

Gambling Center[]

Students, academy personal, and etc. come to the gambling center to bet on matches, weather they be team matches, individual matches, or etc. The Gambling Center only accepts badges as a bet. The interest rate depends on the odds of who will likely win the match. The side who will likely win has a smaller interest rate than the side that is expected to lose. The Gambling Center decides the interest rate based on reports and bets placed.

For example, Qian Lei betted a purple badge on the match between the first grade and the sixth grade that the first grade will win, and he got 150 purple badges. Tang Xuanyu betted on the matches when the first grade was challenging all the upper grades and got nearly 500 purple badges. This made him unwelcome at the gambling center. Some of people felt like killing him.

Sea God Plaza[]

The plaza was built in honor of Tang San. Tang Xuanyu and his class participated in their welcome ceremony here.

Dragon Emperor Plaza[]

A plaza built in honor of Tang Wulin. In the plaza stands a statue of him in his 4-word battle armor. God rank Singer Tang Wulin held one of his concerts in the plaza, dedicating his song "Sea God's Tears".

Seven Saints Abyss Realm[]

A sub-space located at the base of the eternal tree created 10,000 years ago using the destruction core taken from demon island and sustained by the life energy of the Eternal Tree. It was used as a examination place and emergency shelter if the need arises. Occupied by the Seven Old Devils, they conduct tests on a person's moral character. Almost everyone in the inner court and faculty are required to go through the test. The test is required to become one of the Shrek Seven Devils. This test is viewed by many of its past examines as horrifying and traumatizing, for the Old Demons it is a great source of black history gossip. The test is designed to judge a person's character.

Currently, Tang Xuanyu is the only student blacklisted with a restraining order by the seven Old Demons because his existence subconsciously threatens the core (Life & Ruin Elements Balance) of the Seven Saints Abyss Realm. He is also the only examine who did not conduct the original test, instead receiving Q/A interviews out of necessary speed to expel him from the premises.

Interstellar Center/Space Command Center[]

The location of Shrek Academy's Interstellar Command and home of its space command department. Students learn how to fly mechas and fighters in space and how to command warships in tactical space battles. Its notable teacher is Tang Zhenhua, an ace interstellar engineer, researcher, pilot, and commander of the Inner Court.

Inner Court[]


Each Shrek Inner Court student has the overall strength of a Titled Douluo. The students reside on top of the Eternal Tree, the Eternal City, and so do all the teachers. Inner Court students are not allowed to join other organizations, but there are exceptions, mainly Tang Sect. Newly enrolled Inner Court students can also allow family members, with Shrek Academy approval, to live in Shrek City, and Eternal Sky City if their cultivation is enough. Depending on the student's unofficial position in the school, family members can live in a building closer to the Eternal Tree. The Inner Court has a high elimination rate, and the requirements for graduating are unknown.[1]

Generally, within 1-2 years of Inner Court enrollment, Inner Court students can easily achieve a cultivation above eight rings.

Eternal Tree House[]

Life School[]

The Life School is divided into two divisions: Home Planet and Outer Planet.

Home Planet[]

Outer Planet[]

Sea God Island[]

A small island in the center of the Lake of Life. The Sea God Pavilion and the Ancient Golden Tree are on the island.

Sea God Pavilion[]

The Pavilion is located in the inner city of Eternal Sky City, in a sub-realm on a small island in the center of the Lake of Life under the Ancient Golden Tree. The Pavilion is made out of wood and has two floors. The first floor has the conference room. The second floor has individual rooms. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena resided in one of the rooms until they left the planet with the 33 Sky Wings.

Lake of Life[]

A lake full of condensed God Ranked life energy. The color of the water is dark-green. The Sea God Pavilion and Ancient Golden Tree is located on an island in the center of the lake. The lake water represents the life source level of the Douluo Planet. The water level is about 3.33 m deep. If it drops below 70% it can cause mass panic and a collapse of the ecosystem.

The water level was decreased one foot after Tang Xuanyu absorbed it to break through to rank 60. A lot of it was wasted because A'Bao refined the life energy into immortal spiritual qi for Xuanyu to absorb.

It was refilled when the plant spirit beasts returned to Shrek Academy from their trip to the Heavenly Dragon Planet to gather Life energy.

Immortal Spirit Paradise/Land of Immortal Spirits[]

A sub-realm located in the Eternal Sky City. The area has a lake. The place is the foundation of the academy and Life School. All Immoral Herbs, also classified as plant system spirit beasts, who have reached the one hundred thousand year level, reside in the sub-realm in their human forms. A majority of them came from the Tang Sect Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Currently there are over a hundred of them and six of them have reached the God Level. Those six are the ones who met Tang Wulin in SL3. Old Jin is the chancellor of the paradise. Their unofficial leader is Tang Xuanyu's Xiao Bao.

The God Rank Immortal Herbs are effective supplements and helpers to the Eternal Tree. Should Shrek Academy come under attack, the immortal herbs will help defend the academy.

The Land of Immortal Spirits is a suitable place for them to cultivate, but to break through the God Rank, it is extremely difficult for them. The Eternal Tree provides life energy for them to cultivate. Since they themselves are made up of pure life energy, it creates a balance between them and the life energy of the planet doesn't get reduced, but the Eternal tree is limited in the amount of energy it can provide the immortal herbs. They need huge amounts of life energy as well as an opportunity to reach God Rank. This is why they choose to form contracts with the students from Shrek.

Inner Court Students must have made great contributions to the academy to have the chance of forming a contract with a immortal herb. Students can only form a contract with an immortal herb that is willing to accompany them. As per the contract, the immortal herb will become their soul spirit and share their life energy with their partner. Their life energy will help with their partner's cultivation and should the person reach God Rank, the immortal herb will have a chance to reach God Rank. At that time, the immortal herb can choose to end the contract or stay with their partner. Should they choose to separate, they need to stay at a location with life energy that can support God Rank beings. This is the agreement between the immortal herbs and Shrek Academy. Plus some of them just want to leave the sub-realm and see the outside world.

Inner Court Students can come here to cultivate in exchange for Shrek Badges. The place is a lot better than the Eternal Tree Houses, since they can breath the medical fragrances of over 100 immortal herbs.

Emblem Currency[]

Shrek White, Yellow, and Purple Emblems

Shrek Academy uses a Emblem Currency called Shrek Emblem [史莱克的徽章] instead of the Federation or the Virtual Douluo Dollar. The Emblems are created by the Eternal Tree with its life energy; therefore, they are very precious and much more valuable. It is used for multiple purposes: cultivation, buy spirit items, rare metals, herbs, and etc. They are only usable within Shrek City and the VR world, Douluo World.

The Emblem is earned depending on a student's contributions (through missions, works, or personal creation/possession to sell) and even gambling.

Shrek Black Emblem

The Emblem is divided into 5 ranks (from lowest to highest). A higher-ranked emblem could be exchanged for the lower-ranked one, but the lower-ranked cannot be exchanged to the higher-ranked one; therefore, most people won't ever exchange the high-ranked emblem for the low-ranked ones

Note: The exchange rate can change depending on the period, the listed is standard idea

  1. White Emblem: the most basic rank currency of all Shrek outer court student; it is equivalent to 100 Douluo dollars or 20,000 Federation dollars.
  2. Yellow Emblem: the higher rank currency of all Shrek outer court students; it is equivalent to 10 white emblems, 1,000 Douluo dollars or 200,000 Federation dollars.
  3. Purple Emblem: the highest rank currency allowed for Shrek the outer court students; it is equivalent to 10 yellow emblems, 10,000 Douluo dollars or 2,000,000 Federation dollars.
  4. Black Emblem: only allowed to use and possess in the Inner Court; it is equivalent to 50 purple emblems, 500,000 Douluo dollars or 100,000,000 Federation dollars
  5. Red Emblem: very rare; might be used only by high-ranking teachers and Sea God Pavilion members

Academy Personal[]

Sea God Pavilion[]



Academy Students[]

Inner Court[]

Outer Court[]

Note: This is a list of the students when they first appeared in the story.

*1st Grade (after its 1st year second semester) is unique for all its members' battle armors' metals are forged by Tang Xuanyu. 1st Grade also is notable for all its members entering the Inner Court after graduating the Outer Court.

1st Grade* (37 total, 33 by 1st Year 2nd Semester)[]

2nd Grade[]

  • Yuan Rui

3rd Grade[]

4th Grade[]

  • Liu Baochuan

5th Grade[]

  • Hua Linhan

6th Grade[]



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