Shrek Academy
Name Shrek Academy
Chinese 史莱克学院
Also Known As
Empire Douluo Federation
City Shrek City
Area Douluo Continent
Founder Flender

Yu Xiaogang
Liu Erlong

Head Sea God Pavilion Master

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Shrek Academy has existed for over 30,000 years. It started out as a very small and exclusive school that only accepted monsters. Shrek Academy, over time, became an independent organization, with its own city and army. It became the most respected academy in the entire Douluo Federation, producing brilliant Soul Masters. Shrek Academy is situated in the center of Shrek City which is governed by the Academy. The Inner Court is located at the top of the Eternal Tree, while the Outer Court is located at the base of the Eternal Tree and around Sea God Lake and is as large as a city.

Outer Court Edit

Introductory Edit

Shrek had 6 grades. Each grade had around 30 students give or take one or two, and together they totaled about 180 students. Due to limited rich and powerful resources available, Shrek only accepted the top 30 students from all planets who pass the outer court entrance exam.

There are annual semester and final-year exams; those who failed might be expelled. From the fourth year, the exams would be involved with life-threatening missions; therefore, the number of students since this year might decrease.

By the end of the second year, the students must be one-word battle armor masters. To apply to the Inner Court, students needed to be a two-word battle armor master and pass the inner court entrance exam, with the exception that you would be automatically applied to the inner court if you have a three-word battle armor. Only about 10% of accepted students could do it.

Blacksmith Association Edit

Students and faculty come here to practice forging or make and take requests on forged metals.

Sea God Lake Edit

Over 20,000 years ago, the lake was named in honor of Tang San becoming the Sea God. Sea God Island was located at the center of the lake until it was destroyed along with Shrek Academy in a terrorist attack by the Holy Spirit Cult 10,000 years ago. The Lake now covers the old Shrek Academy with the Eternal Tree at the center of the lake. The life aura from the tree washes into the lake. Drinking the water and bathing in it helps improve a spirit master's body. Students spend a yellow medal to cultivate in the lake for an hour.

Shrek Hotel Edit

A hotel located within Shrek Academy. Students can reserve a room for family and friends when they come to visit them during their break times.

Exchange Center Edit

Students and faculty come here to exchange different grades of medals as while as place bets and receive medals for competitions and working. They can also buy items from here.

Duty Center Edit

Dragon Emperor Plaza Edit

A plaza built in honor of Tang Wulin.

Seven Saints Abyss Realm Edit

A sub-space located at the base of the eternal tree created 10,000 years ago. Occupied by the Seven Sins, they conduct tests on a person's moral character. Almost everyone in the inner court and faculty go through the test. The test is required to become one of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Interstellar Center Edit

The location of Shrek Academy's Interstellar Command. Students learn how to fly mechas and fighters in space and how to command warships in space battles.

Inner Court Edit

Introductory Edit

Each Shrek Inner Court Students has the overall strength of a Titled Douluo. They reside on top of the Eternal Tree, the Eternal City, and so do all the teachers.

Life School Edit

The Life School is divided into two divisions.

Sea God Pavilion Edit

The Pavilion is located in the Eternal Sky City.

Medal Currency Edit

Shrek creates a Medal Currency instead of the Federation or the Virtual Douluo Dollar. The Medals are created by the Eternal Tree with its life energy; therefore, they are very precious and much more valuable. It is used for multiple purposes: buy spirit items, rare metals, herbs, and etc.

The Medal is earned depending on a student's contributions (through missions, works, or personal creation/possession to sell) and even gambling.

The Medal is divided into 5 ranks (from lowest to highest). A higher-ranked medal could be exchanged for the lower-ranked one, but the lower-ranked medal might not be exchanged to the higher-ranked one; therefore, most people won't ever exchange the high-ranked medal for the low-ranked ones

Note: The exchange rate can change

  1. White Medal: the most basic rank currency of all Shrek outer court student; it is equivalent to 100 Douluo dollars or 20,000 Federation dollars.
  2. Yellow Medal: the higher rank currency of all Shrek outer court students; it is equivalent to 10 white medals.
  3. Purple Medal: the highest rank currency allowed for Shrek the outer court students; it is equivalent to 10 yellow medals.
  4. Black Medal: only allowed to use and possess in the Inner Court; it is equivalent to 50 purple medals
  5. Red Medal: very rare; might be used only by high-ranking teachers and Sea God Pavilion members

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Note: This is a list of the students when they first appeared in the story

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