Shrek City
Name Shrek City
Chinese 史莱克城
Also Known As
Head Shrek Academy

Description Edit

In the entire continent, Shrek City is one of the biggest cities and contains a population of more than two million. Shrek Academy governs this city with independent power that does not pay taxes to any empire. The biggest attraction of the city is the Shrek Academy, but it is also an important economic center for the three great empires. It was regarded as the Douluo Continent's number one city.

Shrek City is divided into the inner and outer city. Shrek Inner City was the original Shrek City before it started expanding during the time of Soul Land 2. The Inner city is now a part of Shrek Academy. It became its Outer Court. Only those who are granted permission from the Academy are allowed in. Shrek Outer City was the new section added before the events of Soul Land 3.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the outer city, in the inner city, silence reigned. Stores lined the sides of a wide street paved with black brick. The architecture of every store was ancient, and they were mostly made of wood. The architecture resembled that of Heaven Dou City, but the buildings weren’t as closely concentrated.

After the destruction of Shrek City, the majority of the city was wiped out, a large crater taking its place. The area that was once the city became a part of the Sea God Lake. During the rebuilding of Shrek Academy, the city was rebuilt around the academy and the Eternal Sky City.

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