Shrek City
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Name Shrek City
Chinese 史莱克城
Also Known As
Area Douluo Continent
Head Shrek Academy

Description[edit | edit source]

In the entire continent, Shrek City is one of the biggest cities and contains a population of more than two million. Shrek Academy governs this city with independent power that does not pay taxes to any empire. The biggest attraction of the city is the Shrek Academy, but it is also an important economic center for the three great empires. It was regarded as the Douluo Continent's number one city.

Shrek City is divided into the inner and outer city. Shrek Inner City was the original Shrek City before it started expanding during the time of Soul Land 2. The Inner city is now a part of Shrek Academy. It became its Outer Court. Only those who are granted permission from the Academy are allowed in. Shrek Outer City was the new section added before the events of Soul Land 3.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the outer city, in the inner city, silence reigned. Stores lined the sides of a wide street paved with black brick. The architecture of every store was ancient, and they were mostly made of wood. The architecture resembled that of Heaven Dou City, but the buildings weren’t as closely concentrated.

After the destruction of Shrek City, the majority of the city was wiped out, a large crater taking its place. The area that was once the city became a part of the Sea God Lake. During the rebuilding of Shrek Academy, the city was rebuilt around the academy and the Eternal Tree.

The Tang Sect and Spirit Pagoda built their headquarters within Shrek City.

Locations of Interest[edit | edit source]

Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

Regarded as the number one academy within the Douluo Federation, and before that, the world. Shrek Academy has produced countless geniuses and powerhouses. It is known as the holyland of spirit masters. Every spirit master dreams of entering Shrek Academy. Shrek Academy has the least number of students compared to other academies because of their strict entrance requirements. Shrek only accepts monsters, not ordinary people. It is said Shrek Academy has the most number of powerhouses. Shrek Academy occupies the region surrounding the Sea God Lake. Outsiders are not allowed inside.

Eternal Tree[edit | edit source]

The Life nucleus of the Douluo Planet. Its massive trunk and tree roots can be seen miles away. Its crown is big enough to hold a city, the Eternal Sky City. The crown is surrounded by a mist, so no one can see through it.

Shrek Aerospace Center[edit | edit source]

This is the only Aerospace Center within Shrek City. People come here all year round, weather for missions in outer space or traveling to the other administrative planets. Tang Sect houses some of its spaceships here. Pretty much the same as a modern day massive airport.

Shrek Auction House[edit | edit source]

An auction house managed by Shrek Academy. There are things here that no one will be able to find in other auction houses. Those things are mainly immortal herbs and heaven and earth treasures. Shrek Academy students have their own private section to sit at and priority is usually given to the students when they bid on something. After all, no one would want to offend the Federation's First Academy. The auction house is almost always full except for the Shrek section.

Tang Sect[edit | edit source]

The Tang Sect built their headquarters within Shrek City. A large region of the city was dedicated to the Tang Sect.

Spirit Pagoda[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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