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Shrek Seven Devils are a group of geniuses who studied at Shrek Academy. They were the last generation of the original Shrek Academy. Tang Sang's group is later famous in human history as the ascending as a generation of 7 Gods and propelling future generations the possibility beyond Rank 99.

Members[edit | edit source]

Battle Record[edit | edit source]

Great Spirit Arena[edit | edit source]

Suotuo City

  • 28 Wins
  • 0 Losses

Silvers City

  • 1 Win
  • 0 Losses

Battle Formation[edit | edit source]

The Shrek Seven Devils usually have a battle formation of 3-1-1-2

Seven Devil Fusion Ability[edit | edit source]

In the finals of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament while confronting the combined team of Blazing and Godwind Academy, the Seven Devils show this ability for the first time. Although they all possess different spirits, due to of Grandmasters vast knowledge he was able to teach them this technique. Surprising even the Supreme Pontiff and three Titled Douluo.

Clear Sky Hammer 1.jpg

The core of the formation is Ning Rongrong with her ability to merge her spirit rings. But this consumes a tremendous amount of spirit power, so Oscar holds on to her and gives her his spirit power. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda then shoots a ray of light into Zhu Zhuqing who then holds onto the other members of the Seven Devils, spreading the light onto them, until Dai Mumbai holds onto Tang San. The accumulated spirit power enables Tang San to surpass the seventieth rank for the duration of the fusion and even allows him to use the Tool Spirit Avatar, Deep Gold Clear Sky Hammer.

Shrek seven devils fusion ability.png

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