Shrek Seven Devils
Shrek seven monsters 111
Name Shrek Seven Devils
Chinese 史莱克七怪
Also Known As Shrek Seven Monsters


Shrek Seven Devils are a group of geniuses who studied at Shrek Academy. Only those who can create miracles can be considered to be one of the Shrek Seven Devils. They are not allowed to join the War God Temple and Spirit Pagoda. The Current Generation are all part of Tang Sect except for Gu Yuena.

Old Generation Members

Six thousand years ago

  1. Old Demon Greed
  2. Old Demon Sloth
  3. Old Demon Lust
  4. Old Demon Loathe
  5. Old Demon Devour
  6. Old Demon Nightmare
  7. Old Demon Blight

One hundred years ago

  1. Cao Dezhi (Captain)
  2. Yun Ming

Current Generation Members

  1. Tang Wulin (Captain)
  2. Gu Yuena (Former)
  3. Xie Xie
  4. Yuanen Yehui
  5. Yue Zhengyu
  6. Xu Xiaoyan
  7. Ye Xinglan (Vice Captain)
  8. Xu Lizhi

Next Generation Members

  1. Yi Zichen (Captain)
  2. Zhuang Yu
  3. Luo Rui
  4. Shangguan Ran
  5. Chen Yuan
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
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