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The Shrek Seven Devils are a group of geniuses who studied at Shrek Academy. Only those who can create miracles can be considered to be one of the Shrek Seven Devils. They are not allowed to join the War God Temple, the Spirit Pagoda, or the Federation Military.

After the evolution of the Eternal Tree in Soul Land 3, there is an unwritten rule that, if someone wishes to have a chance to become one of the Shrek Seven Devils, he or she must be at Rank 100+.

As of Book 12 in Soul Land 4, four of the past generation are at Shrek Academy and the other three at Tang Sect.

In Book 21, Tang Xuanyu's generation is announced.

In Book 30, it is revealed that Yi Zichen was a member.

Past Generation Members[]

10,000 Years Ago[]

  1. Yi Zichen


  1. Tang Sect's Sect Master (Captain, Rank 110+)
  2. Meng Fei (Tang Sect, Rank 113)
  3. Lin Mohua (Shrek Academy, Rank 110+)
  4. Wang Tianyu (Shrek Academy, Rank 109)
  5. Unknown (Shrek Academy, Rank 110+)
  6. Tang Miao (Tang Sect, Rank 110+)
  7. Unknown (Shrek Academy, Rank 110+)

Current Generation Members[]

  1. Tang Xuanyu (Captain)
  2. Bai Xiuxiu
  3. Liu Feng
  4. Qian Lei
  5. Lan Mengqin
  6. Yuanen Huihui
  7. Tang Yuge (Vice-Captain)