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Shui Bing Er
Name Shui Bing Er
Chinese 水冰儿
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 1.65m
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Shui Yue Er (Half-Sister)
Spirit Ice Phoenix
Spirit Rank Spirit Ancestor - Rank 43
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Skywater Academy

Sugar Water Group

Light Novel Debut Chapter 105
Manhua Debut Chapter 103

Appearance Edit

Her height is about one meter sixty five or so, her figure exceptionally well proportioned, neither exaggeratedly ample or petite.

A head of ocean blue long hair scattered over her back, and her face is decorated with exquisite features. At first glance she might not seem so outstanding, but at closer look one could constantly discover her beauty. A beauty like a rising moon.

Personality Edit

She is a very calm person and not one to underestimate her opponents. She is also kind-hearted.

Plot Edit

She is somewhat angry that Shrek Academy does not field their full strength during their match up. Following the start of the match she simultaneously freezes Tang San, Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan and Tai Long.

She calmly pressures the Shrek Academy team, constantly forcing Tang San to use his spirit. Nearing the end of the match she uses a Spirit Fusion ability Drifting Snow in order to defeat the Shrek Academy Team.

After warning her opponents she proceeds to attack them with the Spirit Fusion ability. This forces 6 of the opponents to leave the ring where only Tang San remains and confronts her final attack. She is shocked to see him resist her most powerful attack. She concedes her defeat but the match ends in a tie as Tang San is not willing to take the win as he was forced to use the Eight Spider Lances.

She arrives at Shrek Academy along with the other members from the Four Elemental Academies to incite trouble.

Differences in the Manhua Edit

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