Si Long
Si Long
Name Si Long
Chinese 思龙
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Master Lou Gao
Spirit Diamond Chisel
Spirit Rank Spirit Sage - Rank 70
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 1 White

2 Yellow
3 Purple
1 Black

Professional Status
Occupation President

Smith Scholar

Affiliation Blacksmith Association
Light Novel Debut Chapter 184
Manhua Debut

Personality Edit

Si Long is a humble and good natured person who is very passionate about his work and cares for those who are close to him and respectful to others.

Plot Edit

Si Long stands guard at the stairway to the 5th Floor of the Blacksmith Association with Si Yu. Upon recognizing Tai Tan, he immediately greets him and brings him to Lou Gao. A little later he is called by Lou Gao, who announces his retirement and passes on the Blacksmith Association presidency to Si Long.

Si Long then brings Tai Tan's party to treat them to a meal at a nearby restaurant. He runs into Bishop Meyers who insults him but is flabbergasted when Tang San makes him leave with his tail between his legs making him suspect them to be part of Spirit Hall. Tang San immediately reveals their identities which astonishes Si Long.

Two days later when Ning Rongrong and Oscar returns with many precious treasures, he is astonished and yearns for them, but does not make a fuss.

When Lou Gao leaves with Tai Tan and the rest to Tang Sect, he is announced to the Blacksmith Association as the new president. He instructs Si Yu and Si Kai to accompany Lou Gao and care for his needs once matters in Gengxin City stabilizes.

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