Silverbrave Beast
Name Silverbrave Beast
Also Known As
Age 35,000 years old
Vital Status Dead

Appearance Edit

Silverbrave Beast resembled a dog, but its limbs were extremely thick, and its shape was a little weird. There wasn’t any hair on its body, and it was covered with scales. While it was small, it looked very fierce. Its face was long and ugly, while its fangs poked out past its lips.

Description Edit

Silverbrave Beast is an agile twin elemental soul beast. While it's twin elements are not particularly strong, its innate soul skill is extremely powerful.

History Edit

Silverbrave Beasts are very rare. They are classified as third-grade soul beast, but because they possess an extremely strong innate soul skill they are bumped up to second-grade.​

They are presumed to be extinct, but according to Wang Qiu'er there should be more than one living in the Core Region of the Great Star Dou Forest. ​

Abilities Edit

It posseses an innate ability called, Inscription. It is an extremely strong ability as it's able to inscribe its opponent’s soul skill and store it in its mind. When it needs it, it can use it and the most terrifying thing is that Inscription is completely done through Silverbrave Beast’s divine energy, and thus it won’t be affected by anything. When it unleashes its Inscription, it will only be restricted by its own cultivation.

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