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Sima Jinchi
Sima Jinchi
Name Sima Jinchi
Chinese 司马金驰 Sīmǎ Jīn Chí
Also Known As Blade Demon

Crazed Wind Blade Demon
Saber Demon No. 9
Brother Sima ~ Tang Wulin
Saber God Douluo
Dragon Clan's Dragon Slaying Power Saber
Tang Wulin's Bodyguard

Species Sabersoul of Dragon Slaying Saber (Previous Dragon God's Horn)
Age Indefinite (Saber)

39~42 (Initial Human Appearance)
40's (Final Human - SL3)
(Titled Douluo rank changed Sima Jinchi to handsome 30's)

Gender Male
Height 2.1+ meters
Hair Color Black

Golden Mane

Eye Color Black

Dragon Eyes

Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives The 1st Dragon God (Creator & Original Owner)

Tang Wulin (Partial Lord-Dragon God)
Gu Yuena (Partial Lord-Dragon God)
Unnamed Parents (Adopted Father and Mother - Deceased)

Disciple Shrek Academy Students (Unofficial)
Spirit Dragon Slaying Saber 斩龙刀
Spirit Rank Spirit Douluo - Rank 89 (Ten years stagnant)

Titled Douluo - Rank 90+ (current)
Hyper Douluo - Rank 98 (Raw-SL3)

Spiritual Realm Spirit Domain Realm (SL3)
  • Unknown (Never mentioned, SL3)

Divine ?? Realm (SL4)

Spirit Rings 4 Purple

4 Black
1 Gold (C1159)

9 Black with gold striations (Current - SL3)

System Power Assault System

Divine Tool

Professional Status
Occupation Army Officer
  • Senior Colonel

Mecha Manufacturer
3/4-Word Battle Armor Master
Tang Wulin's Bodyguard Mecha Master (post-C1217)
Divine Weapon
Shrek Academy Teacher

Affiliation Southern Army Corps

Blood Dragon Unit
Tang Wulin
Tang Sect
Shrek Academy
Dragon God & Dragon Clan

Light Novel Debut SL3 Chapter 1046
Manhua Debut Chapter
I’ll tell that bald man right away. The Saber God Douluo Sima Jinchi. It sounds grander than his Body Douluo A Ruheng. Hahahaha.
— Sima Jinchi laughed.
I am the Dragon Slaying Saber
— Sima Jinchi said bitterly.
I never knew that there’s such an amazing place. It’d be great if I can fight with the abyssal creatures. I’m sure I’ll have the time of my life there. I’ll be off then. Goodbye, general!
— As he said this, he gave Yue Zhengen another military salute.

Appearance Edit

(Pre-Titled Douluo) Edit

Sima Jinchi was a brawny coarse face man with a tall and muscular figure comparable to Long Yue. His cool-looking figure was exceedingly huge and tall. His entire body was unleashing a wild and unruly aura while the long saber in his hand was his martial soul. He also had a beard. 

The person Sima Jinchi was a senior colonel with two bars and four stars on his shoulders. He was more than 210 centimeters in height. His shoulders were extremely broad, and he resembled a mountain as he stood there. His facial features were rough and wild but were resolute at the same time. There seemed to be flames dancing in his eyes. If ever there was an appropriate description, he would be considered savage.

During the week before he left the Blood God Army camp, Sima Jinchi's body temporarily slimmed down from force consuming only vegetable broth. Also, a high technology remote-controlled explosive collar was attached to his neck for three years.

(Post-Titled Douluo) Edit

Sima Jinchi was big, tall, and stalwart. He could have passed as the core of heaven and earth as he stood there. He seemed to be a dozen years younger compared to the old Sima Jinchi. His outer appearance suggested that he was in his thirties. His copper-tan skin flickered with a faint golden light. His long golden mane fell loosely by the sides of his head. His looks resembled that of an impetuous child who had just arrived at school. His pupils were vertical and nobody had noticed when this change had occurred. The muscles on his body screamed strength and beauty. His aura was now contained and not sharp like a saber as it was before. Over time, he grew a beard. 

In terms of age, Sima Jinchi was older than Tang Wulin and A Ruheng. He also looked old and had appeared to be in his forties before this. Not only did he look younger with this breakthrough, but his entire person was also different. Especially there seemed to be some remnants of the Dragon God’s aura on him. 

Sima Jinchi is a tall and burly middle-aged man with a deep voice. He was also an extremely muscular man, even his clothes could not conceal his bulging muscles. He had a crude appearance while his entire person exuded a powerful boldness. 

Personality Edit

Sima Jinchi is tempermental, simple-minded, and talks unruly to those he does not respect or get along with, such as his sparring partner Body Douluo A Ruheng. He is rough as a man from the view of others.

Sima Jinchi is a highly competitive, wild and intractable man.

Sima Jinchi habitually carries his enormous Dragon Slaying Saber on his shoulder when non-offensive.

With Sima Jinchi’s abilities before being a Titled Douluo, he was supposed to be a general long ago. However, this person was not made out to be an officer. He had undergone the most transfers in the Southern Army Corps. From his initial post as the commander of the Imperial Guard to the posts of instructing officer, division commander, and others, he seemed to shirk every given responsibility. The reasons were simple. This person was a martial fanatic who knew not how to restrain himself. It was common for him to injure someone in the Corps. Sima Jinchi was also a cultivation madman at Rank 89.

Although Sima Jinchi was wild and intractable, his strength in combat was extremely powerful. In the Southern Army, he was always a beacon of morale.

He is very dutiful to his Dragon Slaying Saber. If anything were to happen to Tang Wulin, he would certainly end up in grave trouble as the power saber of the Dragon Clan. Even though he had not figured out the ending, but he would feel intense fear in his heart every time the idea appeared in his mind.

Because of his origins after becoming a Titled Douluo, Sima Jinchi became depressed from knowing her was never human, until Tang Wulin's sincere counsel made him see pass outer appearances. However, as the Dragon Slayer Saber, Sima Jinchi is highly respectful and subservient towards the Dragon God and those who wear his Aura or closest kin, refering them as 'Your Majesty' or 'Young Master'. He treats Wuling as a family member too.

History Edit

(Official) Edit

As a divine weapon, the Saber was silenced for many years before it transformed into an energy form and remained dormant in a corner of the continent for years.

One day, an upright and outspoken human sacrificed himself in order to maintain order when he was confronted by a formidable enemy. The Dragon Slaying Saber was awakened from its deep sleep and fused into the man’s bloodline to resurrect him.

From that point onward, the Dragon Slaying Saber martial soul was passed down through the bloodline, like an heirloom, only having one owner at a time. This was because there could only be one Dragon Slaying Saber. What a waste that there was no more Dragon Clan for it to supervise anymore.

Sima Jinchi is the current successor of the Dragon Slaying Saber martial soul. Every single inheritor of the Dragon Slaying Saber was an unyielding and honorable person who could not tolerate injustice. The Dragon Slaying Saber was genuinely one of the most powerful weapons of its generation too.

He has never harmonized with any spirit souls before becoming a Titled Douluo. Every ring that appeared on him of its own accord each time he achieved a breakthrough.

(True) Edit

He was a Sabersoul of the Dragon Slaying Saber that took human form after its consciousness awakened and cultivated. The saber was created by the Dragon God, using his own horn. He made it to be the executioner of the Dragon Clan's law for dragon clan members who committed evil and injustice.

Before the Dragon God fell down in the middle of the battle between divine beasts and deities, he threw the Dragon Clan's power saber. Carrying his final memories, it reached the Douluo Continent and was in a deep slumber for many years. Eventually, the saber’s own power was revived. After the Dragon God's aura (Tang Wulin's travel from the Divine Realm) appeared on the Douluo Continent, the Dragon Clan’s power saber started awakening. In the end, it took the form of an orphan child. That orphan was Sima Jinchi.

He was adopted by his foster parents and the Dragon Slaying Saber martial soul awakened when he was six with Innate Full Spirit Power. Soon enough, he was showered with attention and his cultivation base improved smoothly. With the powerful Dragon Slaying Saber, he overcame many obstacles. Other people required spirits souls to improve their soul skills, but he never needed them. As long as he achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation base, his soul skills would be created naturally. This has always been his greatest advantage.

When his soul power reached Rank 89, it couldn’t raise any higher no matter what Sima Jinchi did. By then, he was already in the Southern Army Corps. He kept sparring with the others to improve his fighting skills. However, although he did improve in actual combat ability, his cultivation base remained stagnant until he met Tang Wulin, the Dragon God aura source that awoke him.

Soul Land 3: The Legend of the Dragon King Plot Edit

Introduction Edit

Saber Demon Sima Jinchi was the divisional commander of the Southern Army Corps’ Gale Division. He had the nickname ‘Gale Saber Demon’ in the Southern Army Corps. He was without peer in the entire army corps when it came to winning in the trials of strength. He triumphed over everyone except for a few regimental commanders and powerhouses in the army. None of the Spirit Douluo 3-word battle armor masters in the army were his worthy opponents.

This guy was crazy about sabers. He was currently 42 years old and his favorite pastime was to challenge others. Back in the beginning, he was recruited into the army by the Southern Army Corps’ regimental commander, Yue Zhengen. He spent most of his free time challenging the powerhouses in the army. Moreover, his fighting technique was wild and ruthless. He would frequently injure his sparring partners, so he was feared by the people in the army.

There was only one person bold enough to challenge the regimental commander in the entire Southern Army Corps. However, he suffered repeated defeats, hopelessly subdued in every battle. Sima Jinchi truly had heartfelt admiration for Yue Zhengyu’s grandfather. Otherwise, who else would allow a man with such a temperament to remain in the army?

In truth, Sima Jinchi had contributed many merits to the army corps. However, his faults were more than his contributions. Under heavy opposition, he did not become a general. He ended up being a senior colonel, but he did not wield any influence at all.

Sima Jinchi, currently 39 years old, was already a Rank 89 Spirit Douluo for almost ten years now. He already possessed the strength to become a Title Douluo when he was twenty-nine. With his natural talents, there was no reason why he was not already a Title Douluo. After his soul power was raised to Rank 89, he made no further improvements. It was the reason Sima Jinchi cultivated and fought with a frenzy. He had hoped to find an opportunity to achieve a breakthrough in battle!

Unfortunately, things did not proceed as he had wished. Throughout the past decade, he was unable to find a breakthrough no matter how hard he worked. It was only after his Sabersoul was awakened that he experienced intriguing events in his spiritual world. These events seemed to be guiding him onward.

Yue Zhengen knew very well that Sima Jinchi’s Dragon Slaying Saber martial soul was definitely not inferior to the Holy Angel martial soul in terms of its quality. Moreover, under the diligent cultivation of this martial fanatic, he even awakened his Sabersoul. Once he attained the rank of a Title Douluo, his strength would definitely improve by leaps and bounds. 

The Gale Division was the trump card of the Southern Army Corps which was supposed to be a mecha division. It was quite odd since Sima Jinchi, as the divisional commander, was incapable of operating a mecha. He relied solely on his Dragon Slayer Saber and 2-word battle armor to rule over the entire division.

When Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan first arrived at the Southern Army Corps, Sima Jinchi did not fancy Yue Zhengyu much. As the saying went ‘friends are often made after a fight’, Yue Zhengyu managed to last for ten minutes without being defeated during one of the battles he had with Sima Jinchi. Sima Jinchi treated Yue Zhengyu with increasing respect ever since and even exclaimed how Yue Zhengyu was a chip off his grandfather. Sima Jinchi's cultivation base was still at Spirit Douluo rank but his fighting capacity exceeded the majority of the Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses in reality.

Sima Jinchi had an awe-inspiring reputation. This person was once considered the number one valiant soldier of the Southern Army Corps. Regardless of the type of battlefield, Sima Jinchi only braced himself with his saber for he despised modern technology. Even so, very few people were capable of defeating him.

Even the generals would take a detour when they saw this person. He had no friends nor family, only his Dragon Slaying Saber. He spent every day doing nothing but cultivating. He had the military rank of a senior colonel pinned on his shoulders. Yet, in reality, he did not even have a single subordinate. Thus, his military ranks were purely for display. However, he would be the Southern Army Corps’ trump card whenever the grand army warrior competition was held. With the Gale Saber Demon, the army was always triumphant. Below the rank of a Title Douluo, he was a man without peer!

Sima Jinchi had only achieved his Sabersoul, bound to his Dragon Slayer Avatar Ring, at the seven-ring cultivation base. His cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds after his successful attempt at forging the Sabersoul which finally resulted in him becoming the Southern Army Corps’ most powerful person under the rank of Hyper Douluo.

He once easily defeated a mecha battalion using his own power alone without donning his battle armor. A mecha battalion’s organizational system was comprised of 100 reinforced mechas with the battalion commander being a Black-rank mecha. Sima Jinchi was but a seven-ringed Spirit Sage at the time.

Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge Edit

As contestant Number Nine, age 42 years old Sima Jinchi participated in the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge under Yue Zhengen's inticement. Yue Zhengyu’s grandfather had promised him that if he could become the champion of this year’s competition, he would then forge Sima Jinchi a three-word battle armor with the reward won from the competition.

During the the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge Spirit Masters Battle Finals 1st Round, Sima Jinchi fought against Spirit Emperor Ye Xinglan and overwhelmingly won with several sword sratches on his Saber, entering the final eight contestants. He became respectful of her high talent to comphrehend a Swordsoul at her stage. In the Final 1st Round Semi-finals, he fought against Tang Wulin.

In Sima Jinchi’s view, Tang Wulin was just like a giant dragon that lay dormant, but could possibly burst out at any time. On the other hand, Sima Jinchi was an executioner whose savage energy was plain to see in Tang Wulin’s eyes. This was still the first time he had ever met a soul master whose martial soul was not affected by his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

Sima Jinchi especially had a very clear feeling after the Dragon Slaying Saber and the Golden Dragon Spear made contact. The force of the impact aside, his soul power began to surge violently and elevated by a huge amount due to stimulation of the Golden Dragon Spear. His spirit sea also moved further from half-step Spirit Domain realm. The Dragon Slaying Saber produced a feeling of One with the Saber that he had never felt before. He seemed to have already turned into the saber as jubilant emotions spread in his heart.

His final clash with Wulin lead him to be exhilarated and with enough energy to beat the exhausted Wulin, but Sima Jinchi rushed to logout to meet Wulin, resulting in Wulin's depressing win.

Meeting Body Sect's Heir, A Ruheng: Edit

Obtaining information of Wulin's Blood God Army whereabouts from Yue Zhengen, Sima Jinchi immediately bared him farewell with a military salute and set off from the Southern Army to meet his destined one.

Upon arriving at the Blood God Army with A Ruheng in their 2-word battle armors, both witnessed the Dragon God Transformation - Dragon God Possession used by Wulin and Gu Yuena. Afterwards, both hotblooded men were easily captured by Zhang Huanyun as "spies" and lead into a Zhang Huanyun-Cao Dezhi made farce, where Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng "owe my savior" Tang Wulin. This resulted with both peak Spirit Douluos commanded to become Wulin's guards for three years and have a remote-controlled explosive collar attached as a guarantee.

From the Blood God Army camp, he, Wulin and A Ruheng with 20+ other Blood God Army members formed the Blood Dragon Unit. Upon leaving the camp, Sima Jinchi, Wulin and A Ruheng flew in their 2-word battle armors alongside the Blood Dragon Unit members. Along the way, they encountered the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear Lord who sought Wulin's death and no witnesses. During the fight, Sima Jinchi subconsciously turned into his divine tool form to assist the Golden Dragon King Avatar Tang Wulin against the Bear Lord. After the Bear Lord's escape, Sima Jinchi witnessed the Blood Dragon Unit's 20 Black mechas. Their mecha’s state-of-the-art technologies aside even their weapons made Sima Jinchi, who never used a mecha before, long for them.

Journey with Tang Wulin and A Ruheng & 3-word Battle Armor Making by Wulin Edit

For several months at the Blacksmith's Association of Heaven Dou City for closed-door cultivation, Wulin had Soul-fuse forging metals for Sima Jinchi (Mecha Manufacturer) and A Ruheng (Mecha Mechanic) to make 3-word battle armors. Sima Jinchi's 3-word battle armor using five types of fuse-forged (Harmonizing Refinement) rare metals as the limit. Jinchi also spars with the Tang Wulin and A Ruheng every night in the Blacksmith Association's gymnasium, while other member of the Blood Dragon Unit scout out Shrek Academy. Through sparring, Wulin's extraordinary progress depresses Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng,

During the journey of cultivation, Sima Jinchi was unable breakthrough to Titled Douluo because the ninth soul ring can only be activated by the Dragon God Aura. Due to the Aura within Tang Wulin, every time Sima Jinchi sparred with him, Sima's spiritual power and saber quality increased. Thus he was able to gain the ninth Spirit Ring, break the seal on his Saber and reawaken his slumbering memories. From that moment, Sima Jinchi refers to Tang Wulin as 'Young Master' or 'Your Majesty'. He also physically changed, becoming a decade younger and handsome.

From the ninth ring breakthrough, Sima Jinchi also learned there is a Saber God/Blade God among Sabersouls, along the path of the saber (saber's consciousness, sabersoul, saber god/spirit). The Saber God is a power which is at the doorstep of godliness. Once he successfully cultivate the Saber God, he will have the power to become a god.

Later, Sima Jinchi, Tang Wulin and A Ruheng visited Tang Sect's secret underground city wide headquarters in Heaven Dou City. There, they continued to train while the uninformed Blood Dragon Unit stayed on the surface. By now, Sima Jinchi even grasped at the Saber God’s powers.

Three (Wulin, A Ruheng, Jinchi) vs Six Shrek Monsters 2 Rounds: Edit

Without their new 3-word battle armors, Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng, alongside Tang Wulin, twice mock fight against Wulin's 6 fellow Shrek Monsters, the second fight ending with Sima Jinchi and Tang Wulin exhibiting their fusion skill. The six Shrek Monsters' battle armors had managed to reduce the disparity between themselves and the high-ranking soul masters. A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi could not imagine the extent of the outbursts of these seven people when they achieved the rank of a Title Douluo.

Alongside the Shrek Monsters learning of mechas and A Ruheng's introduction to piloting, Sima Jinchi learns to pilot mechas with clumsy difficulty. He receives a meticulously made unit of an advanced Tang Sect-produced black mecha of the highest grade.

Three months later, Sima Jinchi accompanies Wulin and group on the trip to the Star Luo and Dou Spirit Empires for 6 months. Sima Jinchi, alongside the group members, disguise as Skysea Academy students with Jinchi shaving his beard and trimming his brows to appear as a gentle burly pretty boy. There, Wulin encountered Holy Spirit Cult's Darkness Bell Na Nali and used Sima Jinchi's true saber form to thwart her.

Sima Jinchi spent 2 months in a submarine with the group to Dou Spirit Empire.

Dou Spirit Empire, Infiltrating Spirit Pagoda Branch Edit

Sima Jinchi followed Wulin, A Ruheng and the Shrek Monsters to infiltrate Spirit Pagoda's Dou Spirit Branch and witnessed Wulin's almost descent to Blood Dragon, Golden Dragon King's negative side, mania. He then spent about 20 days in a submarine with the group to Star Luo Empire.

Star Luo Empire and Federal Sea Fleet (Titled Douluo Tang Wulin) Edit

During Tang Wulin's Battle of the Five Gods with Holy Dragon Douluo En Ci, Sima Jinchi indirectly appeared as his Saber form to assist Wulin. Later, he accompanied the rest of Tang Wulin's group to immediately leave the Star Luo Empire in the Tang Sect submarine the morning after Wulin gave his purity to a passing Gu Yuena, to flee from being involved in the Star Luo Empire's honeytrap politics.

With Tang Wulin becoming a Titled Douluo upon thwarting the Federal Sea Fleet with his Sea God's influence over the sea, Sima Jinchi can fully use his God bestowed ninth ring.

Tang Sect as Federal Traitors (since Shrek's Destruction) Edit

He returns to the Tang Sect Headquarters in Skysea City by submarine with Wulin and the Shrek Monsters, alongside his finally awaken 3-word battle armor. He later returned to Shrek City's location with the others, and a month later aid Shrek Academy's manual reconstruction.

Star Dou Forest and the Great Beasts: Edit

During Shrek Academy's reconstruction, Sima Jinchi accompanies Wulin and the Shrek Monsters to obtain a Life Crystal in the Star Dou Forest, ambushed by the Great Beasts. He uses his Saber to scare away Zi Ji and temporarily restrains Di Tian. He then witnesses Wulin's usage of the Sea God's Trident and his sudden fly away. Afterwards, he returns to Heaven Dou City with the other Shrek Monsters and stays for half a month, training, until Wulin's return from the Sea God's First Trial. Sima Jinchi also learns of the Joust For a Spouse Festival announced by the Spirit Pagoda.

Joust For a Spouse Festival (18th of the 7th Lunar Month): Edit

Sima Jinchi acts as Wulin's 'Young Master's' bodyguard while simultaneously as his true self as a contestant in the Joust For a Spouse Festival. Sima Jinchi participates through a letter of recommendation from the Southern Army as a Titled Douluo under 50 years old. He passes the selection process, elimination round and then enters the eighth group of the final stage. There was utterly no worthy opponent from his group at all. He was a Titled Douluo who rose among the ranks with his unparalleled might. He made a clean sweep in his group. Near the end of the Festival of the last ten contestants, he the eighth finalist withdraws under the reason of being Tang Sect's Sect Master's chief bodyguard.

During the Festival's selection process's eighth round, Sima Jinchi participated in the Festival's trial of the Ten Thousand Beasts Platform in the Spirit Pagoda and was affected by its planar laws.

Shrek Academy Opening Day Bouts - Recruitment Tournament (Winter session): Edit

Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng had followed Tang Wulin and chose to remain at Shrek. Sima Jinchi would never leave Tang Wulin, while A Ruheng found that he had nowhere else to go. Tang Wulin requested that both of them become the academy’s teachers so they could replenish the teaching strength of Shrek. Being teachers was new for them. They had no idea how far they could go, but they were very interested in the offer. They agreed to stay at once.

Tang Wulin had already discussed with them prior to this that they would be participating in the first round of the two-on-two matches.

In Spirit Pagoda's database, Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi was a high-ranking officer in the Southern Army Corps in the past. His information was naturally protected by the military’s security. As a result, there was very little available on him. He stayed at Tang Wulin’s side like a weapon. He had never done anything shocking, so not much attention had been placed on him. Even when he appeared in the Joust For a Spouse Festival, he did it in make up (cosmetics).

Although Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng were always seen quarrelling with one another, they had actually been cultivating together for a very long time. They worked very well together in a battle, so their cooperation was quite good regardless of how they spoke of one another. They were capable of distracting the opponents and also synchronized perfectly at the most crucial moments. Moreover, both Titled Douluos possessed a Hyper Douluo’s abilities, and they were even slightly more powerful than the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters judging by their current cultivation bases.

He and A Ruheng participate as a pair in the spirit masters battle recruitment competition between Spirit Pagoda and Shrek Academy. They fought a pair of twins (externally ugly and manly, internally charming female) one possessing a Light elemental Unicorn (vs Sima Jinchi) and the other possessing a Space elemental Unicorn (vs A Ruheng). With Sima Jinchi's and A Ruheng's abilities, both twins (thought as male) are physically restrained and almost defeated. Sima Jinchi's battle armor's domain applied an element imprisonment on the Light and A Ruheng's powerful body decimated Space. Both Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng immediately released and ran away from the twins upon hearing their true gender's charming female voices, resulting in a stomach churning and bewildering loss for the two men. Afterwards, Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng argue again as usual.

War God Temple Challenge (New Nine Rings) Edit

Alongside Ling Zichen, A Ruheng, Tang Wulin and the Shrek Monsters, Sima Jinchi challenged the War God Temple to enter its inner sanctum and earn the right to steal the sealed 2 God-rank ammunitions left, previously used to destroy Shrek Academy.

Sima Jinchi witnesses Ye Xinglan's cocooning to reach Sword God/Swordspirit realm. Sima Jinchi is annoyed by A Ruheng's bragging of his new wife, the Seventh War God Shi Mengshan, and being called his good brother 'Little Si'.

With Tang Wulin, Ling Zichen, Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui, Sima Jinchi entered the War God Battlefield, a small world created by the War God Temple and funded by the Federation. The challenge's objective is to destroy the opposing team’s starting point and to protect their own starting point. Their five member group is opposed by the five War Gods (2-Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu, 5-Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong, 8-Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi, 13-God Sword Douluo Su Mengjun) lead by War God Deputy Master Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue.

During his pair combat with Tang Wulin against the simulated Darkness Demon Dragon, Sima Jinchi's rings are gradually evolving under Wulin's nourishment. All nine of Sima Jinchi rings were black. However, it was even more ghastly that his black soul rings were quite different from ordinary ten-thousand-year soul rings. There was an additional layer of faint golden striations on the surface of his rings.

Sima Jinchi’s body was the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber while Tang Wulin possessed the Dragon God’s bloodline. Even though the Golden Dragon King was only a portion of the Dragon God, it was also the purest form. As a result, Sima Jinchi was naturally nourished by Tang Wulin as the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber. Under such circumstances, his cultivation base was elevating continuously. At the same time, the quality of Dragon Clan’s Power Saber was also in a gradual recovery process. Moreover, the Power Saber was sharpened by the grindstone, the Golden Dragon Spear. This resulted in the continuous enhancement of these two great divine weapons.

With both Sima Jinchi and Tang Wulin together, the foolish Darkness Demon Dragon was easily slayed, resulting with the War God Battlefield's rule amplification effect elevate their 5-member team's abilities by 1 rank (Ex: Hyper Douluo to Limit Douluo, Titled Douluo to Hyper Douluo).

Next, Sima Jinchi and his party was notified of Ling Zichen's loss. Then Sima Jinchi equipped his 3-word battle armor and hastened across the War God Battlefield to assist Xu Xiaoyan Yuanen Yehui, becoming Xu Xiaoyan's offensive meat shield against the opposing War Gods. With Tang Wulin's and Guan Yue declaration of the War Battlefield challenge a draw, Sima Jinchi and his party reunited with their group and entered the sixteenth level of Hell.

The sixteenth level of Hell housed a deep and Titled Douluo beyond water (river) environment, with the goal to traverse it to reach the seventeenth floor of Hell of the War God Temple. Sima Jinchi and the group easily completed the task with Tang Wulin's Sea God's Child status and Sea God's Trident. This was the first time Sima Jinchi and the group (excluding Xie Xie) saw Tang Wulin's Sea God authority, making them shocked by his easy control of the water.

The seventeenth level of Hell housed the Fire Host Clan from the Magic Blue World main plane. Sima Jinchi and group learned hints from the Fire Host Clan Patriarch's talk with Tang Wulin and saw the exchange of the true god-rank fire, 7-colored Lotus Flower Flame.

The final, eighteenth level had Qiangu Dongfeng and Qiangu Dieting alongside several Spirit Pagoda top level masters. On this level, it is revealed without fighting the conspiracy trap for the Qiangu clan, the successful acquirement of the God-rank ammunition by Tang Sect and the retirement of Chen Xinjie. Returning to the original levels, Sima Jinchi and group witness Ye Xinglan's awakening from acquiring the Sword God/Swordspirit realm cocoon and her sudden humanizing change to accept Fatty Xu Lizhi's love, a personality change that shocked everyone of her companions.

For the next 2 months, Sima Jinchi stays at Shrek Academy to continue his teaching duties while Tang Wulin spends the first month consolidating his Spear God/Spearspirit foundation and the next month, improving his Divine Craftsman ability to reach the level of refining fusing metals that had gone through seven levels of the Heavenly Refinement.

Divine Blacksmith Tang Wulin and Four-word Battle Armor Edit

Although the 4-word battle armors of Tang Wulin's comrades had already taken form, Tang Wulin had yet to complete even one piece of his four-word battle armor that required fusing metals that had gone through seven levels of the Heavenly Refinement. The fused forging of four types of metals was the highest level achieved by Tang Wulin. However, he was reluctant to accept using just four types of metals to make his 4-word battle armor. Tang Wulin only spent a few days during the second month experimenting with Ling Zichen's suggested method before he successfully completed the forging of five metals in a single attempt. Hence, Director Ling Zichen officially joined his forging work.

The combination of the 7-Colored Lotus Flower and Ling Zichen’s soul technology showed Tang Wulin the possibility of fuse-forging seven metals. He had been working hard to achieve it for the past two months. If he succeeded, he could begin to forge and make his battle armor. At the same time, he could also use the 7-Colored Lotus Flower to refine his comrades’ battle armors such that their 4-word battle armors would be even more powerful.

It has been two months since the group's return from the War God Temple. By Tang Wulin's decree, Shrek would not be taking any further steps in the next six months after Wulin refined his first 4-word battle armor piece (right arm gauntlet). He wanted to give the continent a chance to rest and recover. During these six months, Sima Jinchi familiarized his 4-word battle armor, sparred different Shrek-Tang Sect powerhouses and taught at Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin had yet to complete his four-word battle armor set. This was because making true divine-ranked metals took a lot of his energy and left him physically fatigued. He could only completely recover after a week. During this period of time, he would help the rest of his allies to forge the metals needed for their four-word battle armor.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s understanding of Heavenly Refinement had reached a new level after entering that particular realm. He could perform Heavenly Refinement as easily as his hand could move its fingers. His speed had not increased, but the quality of his finished results was obviously improved. He had even taken back the four-word battle armor made for his companions earlier for further processing in order to enhance their strength.

During these eight months, Sima Jinchi's battle armor evolved to four-word with Tang Wulin's heavenly-refined seven color fuse-forging metals purified by the 7-Colored Lotus Flower Flame. The battle armor's name is never mentioned.

Shrek's Declaration of Revenge Edit

Three days later, Sima Jinchi participates in a total of 20 Titled Douluos, with 7 being Limit Douluos, to fight the Qiangu family of the nearby Spirit Pagoda headquarters. Sima Jinchi walks alongside the Shrek Seven Monsters, the Strength God A Ruheng, the Skyfrost Douluo Wu Zhangkong, and the younger generation of outstanding soul masters including Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng. The Limit Douluo are Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, the Holy Spirit Douluo Ya Li, the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi, the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin, the Titan Douluo Yuanen Zhentian, the Heavenly Wild Douluo Yuanen Tiandang and the Qilin Douluo Tong Yu.

 After Tang Wulin's overwhelming clash against Qiangu Dongfeng, injuring Dongfeng's Life foundation and physique to be unable to breakthrough to the next rank, Sima Jinchi and all other Shrek-Tang Sect associates display to the opposing Spirit Pagoda powerhouses (Di Tian hidden among them) their unique Tang Wulin forged 4-word battle armors. This shows the Spirit Pagoda the disparity of God-rank Divine Craftsman Tang Wulin to predecessor Mortal-rank Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua and acknowledges the Spirit Pagoda's foolishness.

 The revenge conflict is interrupted by Chen Xinjie and Zhang Huanyun, mediating a resolution and alerting all Titled Douluos of both sides the apocalyptic actions of the Holy Spirit Cult colluding with the Abyssal Plane. Sima Jinchi returns with the others to Shrek Academy to prepare as part of a world Holy War against the Holy Spirit Cult and the Abyssal Planar creatures' invasion of the Douluo Plane.

Holy Spirit Cult and Abyss Sage King Edit

First Invasion - Guarding Shrek City Edit

After learning of the surprise invasion, Wulin commands Sima Jinchi and many Titled Douluos, such as the six of the Shrek Monsters, to stay back at Shrek Academy and Tang Sect as teaching staff and guard headquarters against Spirit Pagoda's possible retaliation, while Wulin and Limit Douluos head to the Extreme North. For about half a month, Sima Jinchi stays at Shrek Academy as a staff member and trains. He later joins on the frontlines of Shrek's Tang Sect's camp as part of Shrek Academy's powerhouses to fight the second invasion's Abyssal creatures. Around this time, Wulin conducts the Sea God's Trials for several days during the second invasion.

Second Invasion - War Against the Abyssal Plane Edit

4-word Battle Armor Master Sima Jinchi participates with Shrek Academy's group temporarily koining Tang Sect's army to battle. Under Zang Xin's command, Sima Jinchi is assigned to Wu Zhangkong, Lan Muzi, Tang Yingmeng, and the Shrek Seven Monsters to form a 10 person squadron. This Battle Armor squadron will be in charge of rescuing the others from the skies. When one squadron is having difficulty, this squadron will provide assistance. He assists the Shrek Seven Monsters to fight the Holy Spirit Cult members and the Abyssal Plane creatures.

Sima Jinchi's squad leads with a Tang Sect mecha army battalion and fights against the abyssal Spirit Monarch's clan's abyssal Spirit Dragons that naturally possess Spirit Domain spiritual power. These abyssal Spirit Dragons have 3 abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings each Limit Douluos and peak Spirit Domain realm.

Sima Jinchi learns of Tang Wulin's personally publicised existence as Sea God Tang San's son.

Third Combat - Abyssal Plane Conspiracy Edit

Upon Wulin's awareness of the Abyssal Plane's abyssal Sage Lord summoning conspiracy, Sima Jinchi works with the Shrek Seven Monsters and Gu Yuena to kill the Holy Spirit Cult's Demon Emperor to thwart it. However, the Sage King uses the dead Demon Emperor's God rank corpse to become its anchoring vessel to the Douluo Plane.

Sima Jinchi witnesses Cao Dezhi's and Zang Xin's sacrificial fusion technique to temporarily seal the Sage King for 3 days. He then waits at the Shrek Academy camp and later witnesses alongside all beings around Douluo Planet, in frozen space, Tang San's 10,000 year old conspiracy come to fruition. He also learns of the revival of many meritable powerhouses who contributed to opposing the Holy Spirit Cult and Abyssal Plane invasions.

Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena, Spirit Beasts and Dragon Emperor Tang Wulin Edit

For one month after Douluo Planet successfully evolved by devouring the Abyss Plane, Sima Jinchi continues training through sparring and his work as Wulin's Chief Bodyguard and as a Shrek Academy teacher. With his position, Sima Jinchi also cultivates within the revived Eternal Tree to improve his rank to peak Hyper Douluo. He also witnesses the construction of Eternal City.

Because Sima Jinchi participated in the Ten Thousand Beasts Platform during the Joust For a Spouse Festival, he became one of many in front of Tang Wulin to be divine controlled by Gu Yuena through the assistance of the Dragon God's Divine Core as a puppet. During Tang Wulin's final marriage fight with Gu Yuena and her divine-controlled Spirit Masters, Sima Jinchi, A Ruheng and the 6 Shrek Monsters were commanded to fight Wulin for the first round.

Through his spiritual connection to Wulin, Sima Jinchi was released from the divine control by his fusion skill. He then waited at the side with Long Yeyue and Chen Xinjie.

Sima Jinchi directly witnessed Tang Wulin's double suicide with Gu Yuena and then their flight towards the Extreme North.

Soul Land 4 - The Ultimate Douluo Plot Edit

Sima Jinchi is indirectly mentioned by Zi Ji as the Dragon Slaying Saber during Book 18 as a divine weapon fitting for Tang Xuanyu to condemn his enemy dragons and related curses. Sima Jinchi is remembered to have been beside Tang Wulin, and with Wulin's deep hibernation, Sima Jinchi's whereabouts became unknown after Soul Land 3. If Sima Jinchi is with Xuanyu, all other Dragon Knights would need to stand trial. As Xuanyu's body part (Dragon God horn), Sima Jinchi would increase his strength.

Official Combat Record Edit

Soul Land 3 - The Legend of the Dragon King Edit

Rings WBA Participant Opponent (Rings) Outcome Chapters
4P4B 2WBA Himself (Saber Demon No. 9) Ye Xinglan (6) Victory 1046-1048
2WBA Himself (Saber Demon No. 9) Spear King: Tang Wulin rank-65 Lose by self-logout 1063-1067
2WBA With Tang Wulin, Blood Dragon Unit & A Ruheng Bear Lord (Fled) Undecided 1125-1129
2WBA ~ 3WBA Himself A Ruheng (8/9) or Tang Wulin (7) Multiple 1154-1157
4P4B1G 3WBA Himself (Titled Douluo) Rival: A Ruheng (9), Tang Wulin (7/8/9) Multiple 1161 ~ 1596
Twice With A Ruheng & Tang Wulin Six Shrek Monsters (7) 1) Victory

2) Victory

1) 1206-1208

2) 1209-1215

3WBA Himself (Individual or Group Combinations with Opponents) A Ruheng, Tang Wulin, or

Each other Six Shrek Monsters (Individual or Group Combinations)

Multiple 1216-1668
With Tang Wulin (as a Saber) Holy Spirit Cult's Darkness Bell: Na Nali Victory 1236-1237
3WBA With A Ruheng & Shrek Seven Monsters Holy Spirit Cult members at

Spirit Pagoda Dou Spirit Branch Headquarters, Spirit Pagoda members

Victory 1260-1262
3WBA With A Ruheng and Six Shrek Monsters Blood Golden Dragon Tang Wulin Undecided 1263
With Tang Wulin (as a Saber) Battle of the Five Gods Event: En Ci Victory by En Ci's forfeit 1376
3WBA With Shrek Seven Monsters
  1. Himself
  2. With Tang Wulin (as a Saber)
The Great Beasts:
  1. Bear Lord, Zi Ji, Myriad Demon King
  2. Di Tian & other 3 Great Beasts
1. Scared Away Dragon Zi Ji

2. Lose

3WBA Himself Joust For a Spouse Festival contestants (6/7/8/9) & Ten Thousand Beasts Platform's many soul beasts Victory until 10 finalists 1485-1550
3WBA With A Ruheng Spirit Pagoda's Twins Lose (due to opponents' ugliness) 1620-1623
9B-g 3WBA Himself (Titled Douluo) Hyper Douluo Tang Wulin (9) - Saber nourishment & sharpening through combat Multiple 1636-1668
3WBA 1) With Tang Wulin

2) With Yuanen Yehui and Protecting Xu Xiaoyan

War God Battlefield:

1) Darkness Demon Dragon

2) War Gods: Long Tianwu (9), Su Mengjun (9), Mo Zihong (9) and Nan Gongyi (9)

1) Victory

2) Draw by Leaders' mutual consent

1) 1702

2) 1714-1715

4WBA Himself (Individual or Group Combinations with Opponents) A Ruheng

, Ye Xinglan, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu (Individual or Group Combinations) or other 4WBA Hyper/Limit Douluos such as Tang Wulin, Tong Yu or Chen Xinjie at Shrek Academy

Multiple 1732, 1739 - 1744
4WBA With Shrek Seven Monsters, A Ruheng, Wu Zhangkong, Lan Muzi, Tang Yinmeng, Shrek youths, Long Yeyue, Ya Li, Cao Dezhi, Zang Xin, Yuanen Zhentian, Yuanen Tiandang and Tong Yu. Spirit Pagoda: Qiangu Dongfeng, Qiangu Dieting, Qiangu Qingfeng, Leng Yaozhu, +1 Limit Douluo, Qiangu Zhangting, Gu Yuena, disguised Di Tian, and other Spirit Pagoda-related top powerhouses Interrupted by Chen Xinjie after Shrek-Tang Sect display their 4WBA sets 1744-1750
4WBA Himself (Individual or Group Combinations with Opponents) for ~15 days Various Shrek Academy or Tang Sect Titled Douluos or Hyper Douluos guarding headquarters while Tang Wulin and Limit Douluos thwart the first invasion and the 15 days rest period after (Limit Douluo A Ruheng's return) Multiple 1751-1819
4WBA With Wu Zhangkong lead 10 member Rescue Squad: Lan Muzi, Tang Yingmeng, & 6 Shrek Seven Monsters (1842) Spirit Monarch's abyssal Spirit Dragons, & 3 abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings (Limit Douluos) 1846-
4WBA With Shrek Seven Monsters & Gu Yuena Holy Spirit Cult's Demon Emperor Victory by Dragon God Transformation
4WBA With Shrek Seven Monsters & Gu Yuena Abyssal Sage King (Abyssal Planar Lord) Undecided (Unable to fight 1st Class God powerhouse)
4WBA Himself (Individual or Group Combinations with Opponents) for 1 month Individual or Group Combinations of 4WBA Hyper/Limit Douluos at Shrek Academy or Tang Sect Multiple 1943-1957

(Hyper Douluo - 98)

4WBA With A Ruheng & Six Shrek Monsters (divine controlled) 4-word Battle Armor Master & God Officer: Tang Wulin (10) Freedom (through Saber influence), Left to wait beside Long Yeyue and Chen Xinjie 1966-1972

Trivia Edit

  • Sima Jinchi's novel cover design for Soul Land 3 Book 20 in his 3-word battle armor is noted by many fans to conflict with what is written in the novels post-awakening.
  • Based on the fact Sima Jinchi's initial military deployment was under the Southern Army, the Saber could have fallen in the Douluo Continent's southern area.
  • In Soul Land III, Sima Jinchi's battle armor name from 2-word to 4-word is never revealed, with himself referred as Saber Douluo Sima Jinchi or Crazed Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi by those outside his companions' circle.
  • Several noted Ring skills:
    • Seventh Ring Dragon Slayer Avatar: Dragon Slay 斩龙真身: 斩龙
    •  ? Ring Black Dragon Slays 黑龙斩
    • Sixth Ring...
      • Related to slaying a Hell Evil Dragon/Hell Evil Dragon Emperor 地狱邪龙/地狱邪龙皇
  • Sima Jinchi's existence marks evidence of the predecessor Dragon God's great foresight: the choice to throw his Saber to the Douluo Continent knowing it would awaken, meet and dutifully protect Tang Wulin, a key component to his future reincarnation. This is further supported in Soul Land IV Book 19 with the predecessor Dragon God's other divine tools and super divine tool.
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