Tian Meng
Name Tian Meng
Chinese 天梦
Also Known As Brother Skydream

Big Bug

Age 1,000,000+ years
Species Ice Silk Worm
Vital Status Alive

transformed into Huo Yuhao's Spirit

Appearance Edit

He has a plump, round head, appearing very meaty. Its diameter is about 1 meter and length more than 7 meters. Its whole body presented is white jade color, sparkling and translucent. Under its surface, light glows circulate. On its head it has a pair of eyes sparkling with golden light. The most peculiar thing is that starting from half a meter away from its head, every interval a circle shaped gold pattern could be seen, from head to tail, there is a total of 10 gold patterns.

Description Edit

Ice worms have dual attributes, Mental attribute and Ice attribute. However their speed is very slow and thus their fighting strength is heavily impaired. Thus they are very ordinary spirit beasts and hardly anyone ever reached 10,000 year cultivation.

Personality Edit

He is very calm and patient and has great intelligence. He is also very lazy but is determined and funny.

History Edit

Skydream was an Ice Worm born in the Northern part of the continent. When he was 30 years old, he happened to hide from an enemy and fell into an ice crack which happened to be 10,000 year old cold essence. Thus, he entered into a deep slumber for 10,000 years absorbing all of the cold essences within the ice cave. He once saw a Scorpion Spirit Beast (Bing Di-Ice Empress) and fell in love with her.

While searching for a way out he found more such ice caves and thus entered into more deep slumbers absorbing all of the essences from the caves. After reaching 100,000 year of cultivation, he searched for more areas where he couldn't traverse before and absorbed all the essence of the caves. After absorbing all of the essence of the ice caves, he arrived in the middle of the ocean having become a 900,000 year old spirit beast.

However since all he did was sleeping, he had no attack capabilities and thus could only scare away other spirit beasts using mental power and he was no match for 100,000 year old spirit beasts. Fearing the ocean he made his way to the continent and was captured by a 100,000 year old spirit beast. As his power attracted other Spirit Beasts, he attracted all the Spirit Beasts within the Star Dou Forest, thus ensuring a battle royale for all the Spirit Beasts. He planned to escape within the chaos but after the spirit beasts stopped fighting and negotiated a treaty, thus tying him up and absorbing his essence.

Thus he began to formulate a plan to become a human's conscious Spirit Ring. He tested it on a Titled Douluo but his power destroyed him. He found that what he needed was a mental attribute human and that he needed to restrain his power. The years passed without any success and he finally became a million year spirit beast and thus he was able to break free from the spirit beasts and conceal his aura that attracted them.

Plot Edit

Conscious Spirit Ring Edit

Huo Yuhao Meeting Daydream

As Huo Yuhao comes to the outskirts of the Star Dou Forest, he senses his presence and comes to him at once. He introduces himself and immediately begins the process of becoming his Spirit Ring while separating his power into 10 balls of light and sealing them away until he is strong enough to use them.

After becoming successful in his process, he tells Yuhao his history, recruiting him to take revenge for the atrocities committed to him in the past. He becomes a conscious Spirit Ring, advising Yuhao. He also gives him a second spirit, which is Ice. He then goes to sleep, occasionally giving advise to Yuhao during the timespan.

Shrek Academy Edit

When a person wearing a red mask attacks Yuhao and Wang Dong, he helps them by taking over Yuhao's body and counterattacking with an ice attribute skill. At the same time he notice Yuhao's body constitution improvement and comments that he can give Yuhao more power. After Yuhao regains his conscious, he tells Yuhao that due to his improvement he will be able to release the 1st of his ten seals but advises him not to get into any trouble since he will not be able to help out for a year, having had depleted much of his energy stopping the masked person.

Shrek Qualification Tournament Edit

After team Yuhao defeated team Huang Chutian, Yuhao and Wang Dong tried to perform Spirit Fusion. Daydream then went in and told them they are 100% compatible with each other for a triple essence fusion.

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