Skysea Alliance Tournament
Chinese 天海联盟大比
Also Known As Skysea Alliance Great Competition

The Grand Banquet of the Sea and the Sky

Empire Federation
City Skysea City
Area Skysea Alliance

Description Edit

A Tournament held within the region of the Skysea Alliance in Skysea City every three years.

The Skysea Alliance Tournament is hosted by the five great eastern coastal cities. As a result, it is also called the Grand Banquet of the Sea and the Sky.

The Skysea Alliance Tournament was so large that it required not just the five first-class cities on the east coast to host it but had even summoned the aid of some second and third-class cities.[1]

There are competitions for everyone—Mecha Masters, Battle Armour Masters, Soul Masters, blacksmiths, mecha craftsmen, mecha designers, mechanics, and so on. The events are divided according to age. There is a division for those aged fifteen and under, a division for youths aged fifteen to twenty, and a division for adults aged twenty to thirty.[2]

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