Slaughter City is a place where there are no laws. It is a place where people murder, rape, steal and can engage in all sorts of criminal activities. As long as you have the ability, you can do what ever you want. In the city all spirit master abilities are ineffective. To survive one must use their own physical strength and instinct. Spirit power can be used as a source of strength.

Slaughter City is a black city with a purple moon hanging right over it with a dark sky. The city is divided into the inner and outer city. The inner city is the truly lawless place. In the outer city casual murder is not allowed. Only those who have survived the Hell Slaughter Arena have the qualifications to live in the inner city.


Slaughter City was created thousands of years ago by a person who had broken through the 100th rank. He created slaughter city in a way that even Title Douluos are unable to use their Spirit Abilities.


Slaughter City is governed by the Slaughter King and he has enforces even in the level of Title Douluo who have been granted the ability to freely use their Spirit Abilities despite the restriction of Slaughter City.

Slaughter City contains a massive amount of criminals. Many people enter to the Slaughter having being unable to continue living in the outside world. A person has to carry a sufficient amount of killing intent to arrive into the city.

Entering the city is simple, however leaving the city is nearly impossible. If one wishes to depart from Slaughter City, they must become the champion of the Hell Slaughter Arena and then challenge the Hell Road. Once completing Hell Road, you can leave slaughter city. Anyone who completes this is awarded the title of Death God.


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