Slaughter City
Slaughter City
Name Slaughter City
Also Known As
Head Slaughter King


Slaughter City is a place where there are no laws. It is a place where murder, rape, steal and all sorts of criminal activities occur. As long as you have the ability, you can do what ever you want. In the city all spirit master abilities are ineffective. To survive one must use their own physical strength and instinct. Spirit power can be used as a source of strength.

Slaughter City is a black city with a purple moon hanging right over it with a dark sky. The city is divided into the inner and outer city. The inner city is the truly lawless place. In the outer city casual murder is not allowed. Only those who have survived the Hell Slaughter Arena have the qualifications to live in the inner city.


Slaughter City was created thousands of years ago by a soul master who had broken through the 100th rank, and ascended to divine realm as Asura God. He created the city to provide a chance of soul masters to get innate domain ability, called "Deathgod Domain", which is first step for inheritance his godly seat in divine realm. But, this purpose was corrupted by another soul master whom together with him advanced to divine realm, Rakshasa God. This is revealed by Tang Chen, the first successor of Asura God, but his soul was invaded by Bat King's soul after he killed it when was doing 8th trial of inheritance, mastering Asura Demonic Sword, a Ultra Divine Tool. The Bat King musn't be on the inheritance process in the first place, but Rakshasa God made it to ensure that there will be never a successor for Asura God. This hatred is due to position of Asura God as God Law Enforcer in divine realm after ascended as god. After Tang Chen's consciousness is fully controlled by the Bat King, the city lost its main purpose and became the current slaughter city, which is fullfill by immoral behaviour. But, after Tang San poisoned blood river in slaughter city, 'puppet' Tang Chen went to search him. In the road, he met Hu Liena, and then met Tang San. After Tang San successfuly passed the 8th trial of Sea God inheritance, and grasped Sea God Trident, another Ultra Divine Tool, he had ability to purify evil spirit such as Bat King which corrode Tang Chen's conscioussness. After sobered, Tang Chen can not attempt the final trial of Asura God inheritance, because his life force was withering due to continously sucked by Bat King to weaken his resistance. But, he thanks  Tang San to free him. In the end, Tang Chen made a trip to Sea God Island to meet his last lover. In the end of his life, he want Tang San to inherit godly seat of Asura, so he placed Asura Demonic Sword in the island. In the conversation between Tang Chen as Slaughter King when having battle with Tang San, there is info that Slaughter City's citizens has been annihilate due to poison, so perhaps there is no more Slaughter City. And after inherited Asura God, Tang San never rebuild the city again, but he build Sea God Lake and Sea God Pavillion in Shrek Academy territory.


Slaughter City is governed by the Slaughter King. There is a special law enforcement team consisting of Spirit Douluo's and is captained by a Titled Douluo. They have been granted the ability to freely use their spirit abilities by the Slaughter King.

Slaughter City contains a massive amount of criminals. Many people enter to the Slaughter having being unable to continue living in the outside world. A person has to carry a sufficient amount of killing intent to arrive into the city.

Slaughter City is divided into two areas; Outer and Inner City. The outer city prohibits mindless killings and the people survive by donating two cups of Bloody Mary (Human blood) a month. The inner city is the truly lawless area where there is more depravity and pleasure as well as the residence of all those participating in the Hell Slaughter Arena.

Entering the city is simple, however leaving the city is nearly impossible. If one wishes to depart from Slaughter City, they must become the champion of the Hell Slaughter Arena and then challenge the Hell Road. Once completing Hell Road, you can leave slaughter city. Anyone who completes this is awarded the title of Death God.


Hell Slaughter Arena

Hell Slaughter Arena is an arena where ten people enter a fight and only one person may remain standing at the end. Each battle will count as one win and those who complete 100 wins will be called the Champion of the Hell Slaughter Arena and will be awarded many rewards and even be recruited by the Slaughter King.

In order to spectate a match in the Hell Slaughter Arena, one must pay a fee of one cup of Bloody Mary.

Hell Road

Hell Road is an extremely dangerous road with its entrance being at the Hell Slaughter Arena which leads to the outside world. Each day people fight in the Hell Slaughter Arena, with each person who dies there, their blood and souls will be absorbed by the Hell Road. A person cannot enter the Hell Road without the safeguard of a formidable killing intent. Otherwise they'll immediately be swallowed by the vicious energy there. Spectators lives are used as an offering for the opening of Hell Road. The only people to have ever seen the opening of Hell Road is the Slaughter King and Deathgods.

Successfully traversing the Hell Road will grant the Death God Domain, which absorbs the person's own aura of death, forming its own domain, adding to one’s spirit. It’s also known as a spirit’s innate domain.


Deathgod is a title given to the people who has become a champion of the Hell Slaughter Arena and successfully travelled through the Hell Road. Only 8 people in history has made this achievement, two of them live in the current age. They can come and go into Slaughter City as they please and also use their abilities.

Known Deathgods:

Differences in the Manhua

  • In the Manhua, Slaughter City is known as the Capital of Massacre. The Capital of Massacre has six paths (Heaven, Beast, Human, Hungry Ghost, Asura etc) instead of Slaughter City and Hell's road.
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