Soul-sucking Medal
Name Soul-sucking Medal
Also Known As
Type Divine / God Weapon


It is the Divine Weapon of the Sin God Medusa. It has a shape of a medal. The medal is gray iron coloured. This Divine Weapon passed down by the Qiangu Clan.

According to historical records, the person illuminated by the Soul-sucking Medal would turn into stone completely within a short time. The person’s life energy would be stripped away turning the person into powder and vanishing into nothingness.


Each time it was utilized, countless sacrificial offerings were offered to the remnants of the Sin God in the Soul-sucking Medal in order to maintain its existence. The Qiangu Clan had lost count of the number of spirit beasts which were offered as sacrificial offerings to the Soul-sucking Medal.

The medal is held by Qiangu Zhangting during the Joust For A Spouse Festival, in the battle against Tang Wulin.

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