Warning! Contains extreme spoilers for those who are following the LN translation.

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Huo Yuhao Edit

Spirits Edit

Spirit Eyes Edit

1st Spirit - Spirit Eyes (with Gold awakening):

1) 1,000,000 year Daydream Ice Silkworm (Jade-White - Spiritual Detection, Spiritual Disturbance, Spiritual Sharing Sharing, Spiritual Shock)

2) 3,000 year Ice Silkworm (Purple - Gives "Imitation" which can be used to change the color of his spirit rings, blend into the environment, and make others and himself vanish)

3) 10,000 year Purple Spirit Wolf (Black - "Mass Enfeeblement" debuffs everyone affected)

4) 20,000 year Silver Moon Wolf King (Black - Chaos : Spiritual Confusion on one person)

5) 35,000 year Silverbrave Beast (Black - Copy ability : Copies and stores one soul skill for use later on. Only one skill can be copied at a time, and the previously copied skill will be overwritten when a new one is copied. So far has only been used on Xuanwu Displacement Skill from Xu Sanshi)

6) 15,000 year Auspicious 3 Eyed Golden Lion (Rose Gold - Given by Wang Qiu'er's Sacrifice, gives Yuhao the ability to negate any spiritual attack, no matter how powerful, up to 3 times a month. He used this skill to survive an all out assault from the Evileye Tyrant King after killing his son. Also gives him the ability to use Soul Expropriation to strip/lower a foe's spiritual defenses. The most powerful ability is has is to shift destiny towards Yuhao's favor

7) 100,000 year Evileye Tyrant (Red - Martial Soul True Body: Eyes of the Asura)

8) 100,000 year Crown Mermaid Princess (Red - Mermaid Duet - Increases the strength of Spiritual Abilities while simultaneously decreasing the amount of spiritual power used)

9) 790,000 year Evileye Tyrant King (Red/Gold - Ranked 2nd of the Ten Savage Beasts - Thorny Halo, which reflects any damage taken by Yuhao to his enemy in the form of Spiritual attack. Can be used in conjunction with Soul Expropriation to injure even Gods.

Ice Jade Scorpion Empress Edit

2nd Spirit - Ice Jade Scorpion Empress:

1) 400,000 year Ice Jade Scorpion Empress (Red - Ice Empress Pincer + Ice Empress's Armor)

2-5) 700,000 year Snow Empress (Orange - 2nd Ring) Snow Domain + 3rd Ring) Extreme Chilling Palm + 4th Ring) Peerless Extreme Ice + 5th Ring) Ice and Snow, Two Empress' Pride (needs to be used by Snow Empress and Ice Empress together).

6) 100,000 year Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass (Red - Star Anise Ice Source Concentration - rapidly restores spiritual power from the ice elements in the air.)

7) Ice Jade Scorpion Empress Martial Soul True Body

8-9) 300,000 year Ice Bear King (Red - 8th Ring) Ice Meteor + Ice Bear King's Snowstorm-Destructive Domain-class soul ability + 9th Ring) could only be used when Yuhao became an Ultimate Douluo - lowers all of Yuhao's Ice based abilities to absolute zero temperature. Used in conjunction with the Ice and Snow Empress' breath abilities and Ice explosion ability to detonate a body from the inside.

Necromancer Edit

Pseudo-3rd Spirit - Necromancy

Only has 1 ring - Grey/Gold, but has numerous abilities cast through chants/mantras

1) Spectral Calamity - Opens the door to the demi plane allowing undead of varying strengths to flow out under his command.

2) Gate - Opens the door to the demi plane for people to enter. can open this gate at any location he is present at, and uses this to transport soldiers and people from one place to the other.

3) Soul Steal - Can restrain souls, but he only uses this once

4) Soul Merge (creates spirit) - Destroys the body of a soul beast, and merges the spirit with a person granting the ring. The spirit of the beast lives on with the person in their spiritual sea, and can be summoned, independently casting their soul skills. He teaches this skill to others in the latter half, creating an organization to stop killing soul beasts. This can only be successful when both the soul beast and the soul master are willing to accept each other.

5) Necromancer's Silent Heart - This skill allow Huo Yuhao to enter a peculiarly calm state, and the skill also greatly boosted his senses. The only downside was that he would be incapable of any emotions at all over the next day, and he would only use the most rational and reasonable methods to think about things.

Extra Abilities Edit

Yuhao has also developed extra abilities outside of his spirit abilities and Necromancer skills.

Spiritual Avatar - Yuhao's spirit separates from his body and can act independently. Used for spying & recon mostly, but his spirit is invisible and can release fusion abilities with Wang Dong'er and Wang Qui'er. Acquired when Yuhao became a cripple coming back from Sunset Forest. This is usually a spiritual realm quality known as the Concrete Immaterial Realm, and is a state normally achieved by Ultimate Douluo.

Hao-Dong Three Absolutes - Yuhao's self created soul skills. The first ability is called the Fist of Remembrance, and is created by combining all of the various powers that Yuhao possesses. The second ability is called the Sword of Longing, which utilizes the same powers as the Fist of Remembrance. The final move is called the Haodong Palm, capable of suppressing foes who are several ranks stronger than he is. Although the Three Ultimate Techniques are extremely powerful, their side effects are just as powerful, which is forcing Yuhao into a state of depression and longing, which he is unable to shake off for weeks (after using the Haodong Palm)

Eye of Destiny - When Yuhao meets the Auspicious 3 Eyed Golden Lion Emperor for the first time, he touches his forehead to the lion's closed 3rd eye. transfers a portion of the power of destiny to Yuhao in the form of a 3rd vertical eye, aptly named the eye of destiny. As a result, his spiritual power grows immensely, and he gains the power of the eye of destiny. This is an attack, which shines a light from the sky directly down on the target, and a golden skull appears. The target ultimately explodes after a few seconds, and even if they are far more powerful than Yuhao they suffer damage and feel weak afterwards. When Yuhao became a Titled Douluo Rank 93, one attack from his Eye of Destiny would destroy a Class 9 Spiritual Defense Soul Tool

Soul Beast Spirits Edit

He also has Soul Beast Spirits living inside him through his 3rd ring/4th skill & Daydream worms machinations:

1) 1,000,000 years old Daydream Ice Silkworm (Tian Meng - Brother Daydream)

2) 400,000 years old Ice Jade Empress Scorpion (Bing Bing - Hyotei - Ranked 7th of the Ten Savage Beasts) - was able to unleash her full power once Yuhao became a Transcendent Douluo.

3) 700,000 year old Snow Empress (Xue Nu - Ranked 3rd of the Ten Savage Beasts) - Appeared as a child at first, but eventually returned to her original form once Yuhao became more powerful

4) 100,000 year Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass - Appears to help gather ice element energy from the air rapidly to restore Yuhao's spirit energy mid-fight.

5) 300,000 year Ice Bear King (Xiao Bai - Had equal power with Ice Devil Titan King) - It became the King of Beasts in Yuhao's Demi Plane. While it lost it's ice abilities, it has more strength than it had when it was alive, became stronger than it's prime days.

6) 100,000 year Sea Mermaid Crown Princess (Leia) - Appears constantly to cast Mermaid Duet to help Yuhao's spiritual powers, decrease it's usage consumption and increase the spiritual attacks' potency.

7) While he didn't make a contract with it, the 790,000 years old Evil-eye Tyrant King attempted to take over Yuhao's body while Yuhao was absorbing the spiritual power given to him by the Dragon Emperor Douluo. It appeared during Yuhao's ascension to godhood, indicating that it ultimately resigned to becoming one of Yuhao's spirits and became the hatred of the seven emotions from the God of Emotion.

Soul Bones Edit

1) 400,000 year Ice Jade Empress Scorpion (Torso) - Ice Empress' Fury + Permafrost Domain, which fuses with Snowy Domain later to become the Snowy Dance of Perpetual Ice

2) 70,000 year Ice Scorpion (Left Arm) - Ice Explosion (Detonates any ice using soul power in ice as the source of energy, like a corpse explosion. Even uses the victim's own soul power to fuel the explosion)

3) 3,000 year Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear (Right palm and fingers - External) - Giant Wolverine style claws made of golden light

4) 10,000 year Variant Wolf Ape Soul Beast (Left Leg) - Teleportation, short range (50 meters). Also magnetic attraction with the holders of the other 2 (Wang Qiu'er + Tang Wutong - Obtained from 3 wolf ape which were triplets that could use a 3 way fusion)

5) 15,000 year Auspicious 3 Eyed Lion Emperor (Skull) - Eye of Destiny. Also consumed the 100,000 year Evil-Eye Tyrant skull bone to gain more power.

6) 100,000 year Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass (Right Leg) - Ice Thorns - A wave of ice thorns spreading from Yuhao that can pierce and freeze almost anything in a couple thousands meters distance diameter.

7) 100,000 year Sea Mermaid Princess (Right Arm) - Controlled Mermaid - Mermaid Leah's Spirit appears, and can use any of Yuhao's Spiritual attacks, as long as he isn't using it at the same time. Allows for his Necromancer and Spirit Eyes abilities to be used at the same time (Leah using Spirit Eyes abilities while Yuhao uses Necromancer abilities)

8) 790,000 year Evil-Eye Tyrant King (Eye - external) - "Space-Time Ray" is the Evil-Eye Tyrant King's strongest ability, which combines his power to control space and time to destroy an opponent's spiritual source. This attack had once injured Beast God Di Tian, who had to recuperate for thousands of years to recover his full strength.

Soul Fusion Edit

Yuhao & Tang Wutong - 100% Compatibility Edit

Haodong Power - 100% compatibility means they can combine their soul power when in contact, recovery and regeneration effects. It also affects the strength of their fusions. Once they reach Rank 95, they can't use Haodong Power anymore, as it would push their power beyond the limits of the human realm.

As Yuhao and Wutong both have Twin Martial Souls, they are able to use 4 Martial Soul Fusions.

"The Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence" - Spirit Eyes + Radiant Butterfly Goddess - Blasts a golden path in a straight line, stripping spiritual power from anyone it touches in addition to sealing their spiritual sea. It also paralyses the enemy for a few seconds depending on the level of difference in their powers or even killing them if the difference is too large.

"Mantra Amidst the Void - Spiritual Tempest" - Spirit Eyes + Clear Sky Hammer - Massive spiritual shock to a group, blows up a lot of heads if there is a big strength difference.

"Blaze Amidst the Frost - Heavenly Emperor's Hammer" - Ice Jade Scorpion + Clear Sky Hammer - A figure of Yuhao's future form appearing with immense power, uses the Clear Sky Hammer Martial Soul True Body to decimate enemies.

"A Solitary Dance Amidst the Frost - Raiment of light" - Ice Jade Scorpion + Radiant Butterfly Goddess - Summons a beautiful goddess (Future Tang Wutong) and is the only Martial Soul Fusion Technique in which Wutong is in control of the body. The strongest of the Four Martial Soul Abilities. It directly multiply their strengths. When both Wutong and Yuhao were Soul Douluo, this technique's strength was equal to a Transcendent Douluo's.

Yuhao & Qiu'er - 100% Compatibility Edit

"Golden Dragon of Fate" - This ability is incredibly powerful, enhancing the body's strength & speed, as well as creating a powerful vortex that heavily damages the enemy.

Wutong & Qiu'er- 100% Compatibility

"Dragon Butterfly" - Only used once, large physical strength increase. Tang Wutong's appearance is the same as this fusion.

Yuhao, Wutong, & Qiu'er - 100% Compatibility Edit

"Purple Golden Emperor" - Combines all of their spirits and powers, basically Spiritual Power-Titled Douluo strength when they use it while Yuhao is rank 50. instantly obliterating a rank 60 Skeleton King, rank 60 Abomination and a rank 70 Bone Dragon user from the Holy Ghost Church during the tournament. Only used once.

God Powers Edit

Yuhao succeeds the seat as "God of Emotions", a First Class God position, one of the strongest one in that class.

While on Douluo Continent, Yuhao receives the divine weapon "Snow Goddess Sigh", a divine knife of the ice element capable of ejecting an incredibly powerful wave of ice and defending against the Beast God while Yuhao was Rank 93. When Yuhao is Rank 99, he could finally somewhat use this weapon to it's true potential. Yuhao also received the Demonic Engraving Knife, which when used by Rank 99 Yuhao, this knife is stronger than the Tang Sect's Guanyin Tears, which when it was used by Tang San, pierced and destroy Rank 100 Qian Ren Xue's heart. This knife decided the outcome between Yuhao and the Beast God.

Upon ascending to godhood, he receives 7 knives, affiliated to different elements and emotions. (These knives are from the MC of Magic Chef of Ice and Fire.) At the same time, each of the beast souls residing in him receive the power of specific emotions.

  1. "Snow Goddess's Sigh - Morning Dew Knife" - Ice - Sadness/Grief - Snow Emperor Xuenu
  2. "Blazing Flame God's Roar - True Sun Knife" - Fire - Anger - Ice Emperor Scorpion Hyotei
  3. "Song of the Wind of Freedom - Heaven's Pride Knife" - Wind - Joy - Octagonal Ice Grass
  4. "Great Earth's Waking Melody - Long Live Knife" - Earth - Music/Celebration - Polar Ice Bear White
  5. "Hundred Changes of Six Blades of Grass in a Magical Moment - Jade Pearl Knife" - Space - Evil - Mermaid Princess Leah
  6. "Shining Light Ruling over Heaven and Earth - Saint Glory Knife" - Light - Love - Daydream Ice Silkworm
  7. "Eternal Damnation of Hell - Demonic Engraving Knife" - Dark - Hatred - Evil Eye Tyrant Emperor

Soul Tools Edit

Yuhao becomes a Class 9 Soul Engineer and created new soul tools based off of the knowledge gained from the Tang Sect Hidden Weapons (Zhuge Divine Crossbow). He also creates humanoid Soul Tool battle armor that can be controlled by thought and massively increases his strength - called "Extreme Ice Divine Fighting Armour". It is created from an extremely rare, 100,000 year old or so vein of ice metal, and he is the only one capable of creating it due to his 2nd spirit (he creates a 2nd weaker set that another Tang sect member, Nan Qiuqiu, is capable of using as well).

Plot Edit

White Tiger Clan Edit

He hated the White Tiger Duke, the Duchess, and Dai Huabin. He took the opportunities to defeat and humiliate Huabin multiple times, but knew he was too powerless to actually achieve his revenge at this point. Dai Heng (Huabin's older brother) was calmer than Huabin, and while Yuhao still had anger, he respected him and didn't hate him. He also came to respect Dai Hao (the Duke) who is a Titled Duoluo himself, and even saved his life multiple times.

There was also another, Dai Luoli, who was a son of another concubine, but his mother treated Yuhao's mum well, so Yuhao treated him like a proper brother when they met in the Star Luo Army. Dai Luoli also had a mutated spirit essence, and Yu Hao helped him to unleash all of its hidden potential, becoming a red-blood tiger essence, even stronger than the normal White Tiger essence.

By the time he had the strength to get his revenge, he no longer had any hate. Just a bit of anger and resentment towards his mother's treatment, and all he wanted in the end was to prove that he wasn't a failure as they said, and have his mother recognized as Dai Hao's partner - which is all she ever wanted.

Tang San's God Trials Edit

The main purpose of the God Trials was for Yuhao to quickly integrate with his newfound God Powers, which can be done the quickest when he is placed under extreme pressure such as intense combat. Additionally, the trials were Tang San's way of punishing Yuhao for dating his daughter, and for becoming the God of Emotions instead of the Sea God

New Shrek Seven Devils Edit

From the oldest to the youngest member.

Bei Bei Edit

Bei Bei possesses the Blue Tyrant Lightning Dragon spirit - Power Attack System. He is the captain of the new Shrek Seven Devils.

Beibei evolved from Blue Tyrant Lightning Dragon to Golden Saint Dragon. Beibei's Golden Saint Dragon form has the extra ability (not spirit ring related) called "Dragon Emperor Broken Crack" where he injects his soul power into an enemy, and it purifies the enemy. If the enemy is evil, it will cause them to disintegrate. Using this, he kills 2 Holy Spirit members during the 2nd tournament. This Golden Saint Dragon is actually the same as the one summoned by Flender , Yu Xiao Gang and Liu Er Long.

  1. ring (yellow) - Thunder Dragon Claw: attacks with lightning claw

  2. ring (yellow) - Might of Thunder: net made of lightning

  3. ring (purple) - Thunder Fury: lightning attribute abilitys increase by 100%, spirit power by 50%

  4. ring (purple) - Thunder Dragonhead: energy attack

  5. ring (black) - Dragon Emperor Broken Evil Slash: attack skill, that restrains evil attribute

  6. ring (black) - Dragon Emperor Shaking Domain Realm

  7. ring (black) - Light Sacred Dragon Avatar

He Cai Tou Edit

He Cai Tou has the Cigar spirit - Support / Food System. However he mainly uses range weapon tools (Support Spirit Master). While he is a food spirit master, his spirit tools allow him to take a power attack role. Within the team, only the male members use his cigars since the female members find it crude. Teacher Wang said that He Cai Tou is a genius within the food system class since his cigar can last up to 2 days, where the norm of food produced from food system spirit masters last up to 2 hours.

He Cai Tou has cigars that buff his own strength quite largely, and uses ridiculously powerful spirit guide weapons (Bazookas, etc).

  1. ring (yellow) - Mental Power Amplification Thick Cigar: Increases mental power by at least 10% (up to 20% if suits spirit master), lasts for 20 minutes, can be stored for 48 hours

  2. ring (yellow) - Strength Amplification Big Cigar: Increases strength by at least 10% (up to 20% if suits spirit master), lasts for 20 minutes, can be stored for 48 hours

  3. ring (purple) - Defense Amplification Big Cigar: Increases defense by at least 10% (up to 20% if suits spirit master), lasts for 20 minutes, can be stored for 48 hours

  4. ring (purple) - Spirit Power Amplification Thin Cigar: Increases spirit power by at least 10% (up to 20% if suits spirit master), lasts for 20 minutes, can be stored for 48 hours

  5. ring (black) - Paragon Golden Cigar: makes the user invulnerable for 7 seconds, can only be perserved for two hours after production

  6. ring (black) - Life Silver Cigar: heals flesh wounds but not internal wound

Xu San Shi Edit

Xu San Shi possesses Mystic Deep Turtle spirit - Defense System.

Xu Sanshi evolved his Xuanming tortoise to Basalt (or Genbu for manga fan) tortoise by having an intimate session with Jiang Nan Nan when he was young. Xu Sanshi has Basalt Transfer, which swaps the position with any target, uses this to isolate a single enemy throughout the tournament a few times.

Also evolves to Basalt Summon, where he doesn't need to swap, just brings them to him. His basalt field and basalt form is capable of liquifying the enemy, uses this by accident when he loses control during the first tournament. It further evolves into Golden Basalt tortoise after acquiring a 100 000 years old golden tortoise (100 % affinity) as a soul beast as his 7th ring ( merged by Yu Hao ) .

His mother, named Xue Ying, is the daughter of the former Emperor of Dou Ling Empire. Because the Royal Family doesn't like Xu San Shi's father, his mother and father decided to elope. He was made Crown Prince after Sun-Moon Empire subtly attacked Dou Ling Empire and killed the existing Royal Family

  1. ring (yellow) - Mystic Deep Tremor: stuns opponent and pushes him back

  2. ring (yellow) - Mystic Deep Shield Formation: increases defense

  3. ring (purple) - Mystic Deep Power: amplyfies strength and other spirit abilities

  4. ring (purple) - Mystic Deep Replacement: allows Xu Sanshi to swap places with anyone within range

  5. ring (black) - Turtle God Strike: can only be used together with Mystic Deep Shield Formation, strong defense shield, which releases a sucktion to slow enemy down

  6. ring (black) - Black Tortoise Domain: can use Black Tortoise Shield, amplifies the users spirit abilities by 100%, enemy has to withstand pressure on mind and body, the domain is water, so the enemy can not breathe
  7. ring (red) - Black Tortoise Avatar

Jiang Nan Nan Edit

Jiang Nan Nan possesses Soft Boned Rabbit spirit - Power Attack System. Her spirit has the very same skills as Xiao Wu from Soul Land 1.

Jiang Nannan has pretty much the same abilities as Xiao Wu, except she gets a Rouge Python soul ring with 100% affinity as a soul beast as her 7th ring, and is able to summon it with it possessing all her abilities. Basically, a 2nd Nannan is cloned at full power.

  1. ring (yellow) - Waist Bow: increase waist strenth by 100% and 1% for each rank above 10, increase toughness by 50% and 1% for each rank above 10

  2. ring (yellow) - Gravity Control: increases gravity

  3. ring (purple) - Teleportation: Teleport within range

  4. ring (purple) - Paragon Golden Body: ínvulnerable for short time (increases wit cultivation)

  5. ring (black) - Soft Bones Lock: can seal all non spirit avatar abilitys and make the enemy unable to move (needs to be in direct contact with the enemy)

Xiao Xiao Edit

Xiao Xiao possesses Twin Spirits: Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron and Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute. The Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron is used as a Defense/Control System spirit, while the Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute is purely Control System spirit.

Xiao Xiao has the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron, which is an impenetrable defense and can use it to imprison enemies. Also has cauldron shock which can affect higher level enemies. Her Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute is really strong, able to control pretty much anyone of the same strength, even a bit higher, but is only used once really, so no clue on full skills.

Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron:

  1. ring (yellow) - Cauldron's Tremble: Creates instantaneous roa from the cauldron either to attack or to repell anything in range, causes a stunn effect on anything within 1 meter of the cauldron

  2. ring (yellow) - Cauldron Shock: seals the opponent's abillity to move by binding the opponent to the cauldron and sucks up spirit power from the victim

  3. ring (purple) - Cauldron Might: defence greatly enhanced, enhances other spirit abilitys

  4. ring (purple) - Cauldron Sealing: aura supression, seals enemy for three seconds, user can not attack during this time, spirit power of enemy dissipates by 30 percent during this time

  5. ring (black) - Three Lives Soul Supression: enemy is unable to controll own body, user can not move while using the ability

Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute:

  1. ring (yellow) - Slow: Slows opponent's movment speed by 20%

Huo YuHao Edit

Huo Yuhao possesses Twin Spirits: Spirit Eyes and Ice Emperor. Spirit Eyes are used as Control System spirit, while Ice Emperor is used as a Power Attack System spirit.

Wang Dong Edit

Wang Dong possesses Twin Spirits: Light Goddess Butterfly and Clear Sky Hammer. Both her spirits fulfill the role of a Power Attack System. However, the Clear Sky Hammer is rarely used, it never shows any Spirit Rings, and Wang Dong never uses any abilities with it.

Light Goddess Butterfly:

  1. ring (yellow) - Guillotine Wings: turns wings into blades

  2. ring (purple) - Butterfly God Ray: releases a bombardment of powerful light blasts in various directions

  3. ring (purple) - Butterfly God Chop: unleashes a 5 meter radius sphere of light around user, enemies in the sphere get slashed by 108 rays of light

  4. ring (black) - Six Glowing Star Formation: once hit, strength gets implicated by huge light fetters, light ingnites to fire and burns enemy, can only have six fetters at one time, can only hold for one second, can also use six stars to attack

  5. ring (black) - Light Goddess Possesion: can control enemy attack and return it with duble the power and te attribute changed to bright, maximum possession of three seconds, cannot change dark attribute, amplifyes bright attribute skills

  6. ring (black) - Butterfly Goddess Dance:

    Tang Wutong can fuse with Yuhao for 5 total different fusions (1 with Wang Qiu Er as well), has a Clear Sky Hammer (with no rings), and is able to create a small condensed sun and fire it at the enemy, homing in. Her 9th ring summons Poseidon, which makes it basically the strongest possible soul ring ability in the world.

Calamity Necromancer Electrolux

Electrolux first entered Yuhao's spiritual sea while Yuhao was merging with Daydream. He is apparently just a single remnant of divine energy left behind after being destroyed by his own enemies. Electrolux is not from the Douluo world, but from another plane. He taught Yuhao how to use the necromancer abilities with the light attribute, and has saved Yuhao's life multiple times, such as when facing the evil soul master whose ability was to detonate corpses.

Eventually, Electrolux sacrificed his life when Yuhao's Snow Empress' origin energy was going out of control in the Clear Sky Sect. This was also the moment when Electrolux created the Soul Merge technique, which was able to stop the Snow Empress' origin energy from exploding, and turn her into Yuhao's, and the world's, first spirit. 

Yuhao was very saddened by Electrolux's sacrifice, and the latter consoled him by telling Yuhao that one he reached the God Realm, Yuhao would be able to help him find his other divine senses and piece him back together. 

It is interesting to note that Electrolux also appeared in Shen Yin Wang Zuo story (another novel by the same author) where he transferred his powers to Long Hao Chen (the MC of SYWZ). From SYWZ, he has lived for more than ten thousand years and participated in the battle between radiant churches and necromancers, standing on the side of the necromancers.

Also, Electrolux is the teacher of the MC of Child of Light (another novel by the same author) whom developed necromancer abilities using the power of light element.

Tang Wutong Edit

  • Tang Wutong left the spirit world when she was 12 due to boredom and thought the lower plane would be more interesting. Tang San sealed her memories, and sent her to Clear Sky Sect, with Nui Tian and Tai Tan to take care of her. Tang San let her go because he wanted her to experience where he grew up, and wanted someone to groom his chosen successor, Huo Yuhao.
  • Disguised herself a boy, named Wang Dong.
  • After the first Soul Master Tournament, Yuhao left on a foreign exchange trip to the Illustrious Virtue Hall, and when he returned to Shrek Academy he found out that Wang Dong was actually a woman, and the two became a couple. Note: This Happened during the Sea God's Fated Blind Date, Vol.24 in the LN
  • After the second Soul Master Tournament, Wang Dong'er sacrifices herself for Yuhao during the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley's Trial, which resulted in her death. Yuhao then used the Yearning Heartbroken Flower to revive her, however something interfered with her revival and she fell into a coma
  • After Wang Qiu'er sacrificed herself for Yuhao, Yuhao finds out that Dong'er woke up, but her memory is gone. Not long after, a new girl who resembles Dong'er arrives at Shrek Academy - Tang Wutong. However, she has no memory of Dong'er and her Martial Soul is a pair of dragon wings, as opposed to Dong'er's butterfly wings.

Wang Qiu'er Edit

  • Wang Qiu'er appears after Yuhao returns from the foreign exchange at the Illustrious Virtue Hall. Her appearance is exactly the same as the Goddess of Light Fusion between Yuhao and Wang Dong'er.
  • She has a Golden Dragon spirit, An Ultimate Strength martial soul, and Yuhao finds he also has 100% compatibility for fusion with her.
  • She is the Auspicious 3 Eyed Lion Emperor that met him in the forest granting him the Eye of Destiny. After meeting Yuhao in the forest and looking through Yuhao's memories when their 3rd eyes touched each other, she becomes interested in humans and takes human form.
  • At one point, Yuhao has to find the Yearning Heartbroken Flower to save Wang Dong'er from a disease she doesn't know she has, and sacrifices himself to obtain it. Wang Qui'er, having fallen in love with Yuhao, obtains a second Yearning Heartbroken Flower and uses it to save his life.
  • When Wang Dong'er falls into a coma, Qiu'er realizes that her love of Yuhao isn't a match for Dong'er, because she wasn't willing to sacrifice her life to save his while Dong'er immediately did so. After Yuhao fell into a trap set by evil soul masters during a rescue mission and was forced to ignite his spiritual sea, Qiu'er revealed her identity to him, and then performed a Sacrifice, fusing herself with him permanently. Her decision was made when Yuhao finally admitted that he has feelings for her, and that she will always be apart of his heart.
  • Wang Qiu'er's Sacrifice give Yuhao a skull bone and 6th ring.
  • Her soul fragment that remained actually fused with Wang Dong'er and woke up Tang Wutong.

Tang Ya Edit

Tang Ya's martial soul was a variant of Blue Silver Grass - Darkblue Silver Grass. While Bei Bei was away at the first tournament, Tang Ya went to get revenge for her parents on the sect who forced them to their deaths. Lu Peng, and evil soul master from the Holy Ghost Church, assisted Tang Ya with her revenge, then kidnapped her and forced her into joining the evil soul masters.

Tang Ya is next seen during the second tournament as a member of the Holy Ghost Sect, a team of evil soul masters. By this time, Tang Ya is already rank 70 and has been completely brainwashed, and severely injured Bei Bei before the tournament started when he hugged her. Later on during their battle, Bei Bei risked his life to break Tang Ya out of her mind control, and it worked well enough to force her to not compete for the rest of the tournament.

Eventually, Yuhao and Bei Bei were able to save Tang Ya from the Holy Ghost Church, but due to years of mind control and drugs, Tang Ya became crippled and would die within a year. Before she died however, she managed to become a Titled Douluo and her martial soul evolved into the Blue Silver Emperor Grass, which took away the dark attribute and saved her life.

When Tang Ya went missing, Bei Bei and the Shrek Seven Monsters continued to build up the Tang Sect so that when she returned, the Sect would be more powerful than ever. By the time she returned, The Tang Sect was already a powerhouse, with over two thousand members, and the most advanced Soul Tool development on the continent, thanks to the weapons deals they made with the three native empires, in addition to all of the stolen rare metals and soul tools/blueprints from the Sun Moon Empire and the Illustrious Virtue Hall.

He Caitou Edit

He Caitou's real name is Xu He, and he was a member of the Sun Moon Empire's royal family. When he was about five or six years old, his entire immediate family was killed in a Coup d'etat by the current emperor, his uncle. After watching his entire family killed, he fled the Sun Moon Empire and vowed to take revenge.

He Caitou often serves as a foil to Yuhao in terms of Soul Engineering skills. As a foreign exchange student, He Caitou stood out in the light and became the center of attention due to his skills, in order to draw attention away from Yuhao while he stole the techniques and blueprints to thousands of the Illustrious Virtue Hall's Soul Tools. Additionally, He is also a subject of the Ultimate Soldier Plan, although he later focuses on the Soul Tool side while and plays more of a supporting role, while Yuhao takes the center stage as the Ultimate Soldier.

After being saved by Xiao Xiao during the first tournament, He Caitou developed feelings for her, and in the end the two became a couple during the Sea God's Blind Date Festival. Later on, during the Yin Yang Love Querying Valley, He and Xiao Xiao pass their trial together, which results in him getting a power up and reverting back to his original appearance as a member of the Sun Moon Royal family. (it was never explained how he changed his appearance, only that it had been changed for so long that he himself had forgotten how he originally looked.)

Although he doesn't get it personally, his revenge becomes a reality when his uncle died, and Yuhao and Wutong assisted Juzi with the assassination of the Crown-Prince-Turned-King, Xu Tianran.

He Caitou becomes a Titled Douluo near the end of the series, titled The Origin of Destruction.

Xu Sanshi & Jiang Nannan Edit

Sanshi is part of the Xuanwu Turtle clan, which practices an ancient ritual when they are 15 or so, to take the virginity of a young girl in order to completely awaken their bloodline. In this case, it was Nannan, who volunteered herself because her mom was sick and the clan elders promised to give her money and medicine to treat her mom.

Due to Sanshi's inexperience, Nannan ends up being traumatized by the event, and afterwards she flees to Shrek Academy with a deep hatred of Sanshi and scarred heart. Once Sanshi found out why Nannan volunteered, and that she was bribed by his family, he cut ties with them them and he followed Nannan to Shrek Academy in order to take responsibility for his actions and because he was genuinely in love with her

During the Sea God's Dating Festival, Sanshi was finally able to date Nannan, however she was still traumatized by the previous events and their relationship progressed very slowly.  

During the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley's Trials, Nannan discovered that while she was at Shrek Academy, Sanshi had been visiting her mom almost daily and taking care of her, making sure that she did not get worse, while Nannan had not seen her mom even once since that night. Additionally, Both Sanshi and Nannan got to relive that night, and when Sanshi decided not to take her virginity and give up his chance as the successor to his clan out of his love for her, she was finally able to let go of the shame and hatred she felt for him. They were then able to complete the ritual correctly and become a happy couple.

Ju zi Edit

Yuhao met Ju Zi during the foreign exchange trip to the Illustrious Virtue Hall. She could be considered Yuhao's first love. She fell in love with him over their time together, but ultimately she held a deep hatred in her heart and needed the power of the Sun Moon Empire to carry out her revenge, so she decided to leave the Illustrious Virtue Hall and later married the crown prince of the Sun Moon Empire, Xu Tianran. She leads the Armies of the empire in conquering the Heavenly Soul Empire, before being repelled by Yuhao. At one point, The Body Sect, Yuhao, and Wutong attack the capital city of the fallen empire, and after retreating Yuhao realizes the Body Sect soul masters kidnapped Ju Zi's son. Yuhao and Wutong retrieve the child and escape from the Body Sect, returning him to Ju Zi.

Later on, Yuhao and Wutong help Ju Zi assassinate her husband, making a deal that she wont attack the Star Luo Empire for 10 years. After 3 years, Yuhao and Wutong both became Ultimate Douluo and discovered that Ju Zi broke their promise and attacked the Star Luo Empire out of her hatred for the White Tiger Duke, Dai Hao. Yuhao defeated her entire army by himself, and after Yuhao reveals that Dai Hao is his father, Ju Zi gives up on her hatred and revenge due to her love for Yuhao.

Yuhao takes Ju Zi's son as a hostage due to her breaking the deal, and Ju Zi drops a bombshell: While Yuhao was in a coma, Ju Zi stole his sperm with using a soul tool and that he is the father of her child. She did so because Xu Tianran (wheelchair bound) wanted her to have a child, but she only wanted to have a child with Yuhao.

At this revelation, Tang San descends from the God Realm and threatens to kill the child because the entire incident has broken Wutong's Heart. However, Wutong saves the child and returns to the God Realm with him and Tang San. This starts Yuhao's God Trials, and he eventually ascends to the God realm as the God of Emotions, and challenges Tang San to battle before going to see Wutong.

Nan Qiuqiu

Yuhao met her during the second tournament. She made a bet with Yuhao, who was in a wheelchair at the time, that the loser of their sect would join the sect of the other person. After losing the match, and with her mother's/sect master's approval, she joined the Tang Sect on a 2 year term.

After Yuhao stayed behind to help her rescue her mother during the hostage rescue operation, she developed feelings for him, but like Ye Guyi, she chose not to pursue him.

She possesses a unique Rogue Dragon martial soul which carries the element of Annihilation. Her martial soul is able to completely erase all matter it comes into contact with, even if fighting someone stronger than her cultivation level. Some time before the final battle, she reached rank 90 and became the Rogue Douluo. 

Ye GuyiEdit

Yuhao met her while participating in an underground Soul Engineering tournament when he was disguised as an evil soul master. Ye Guyi has the rare Holy Angel martial soul, which is a natural counter to all evil soul masters. After she revealed her powers during the tournament, Yuhao saved her by imprisoning her in his demi plane so that the leaders of the Holy Ghost Church didn't kill her. After she was released she joined the Tang Sect.

She eventually developed feelings for Yuhao, but after seeing the results of the relationship between Yuhao, Wutong, and Qiu'er, she choose to keep her feelings hidden and never pursued him.

She is the third member of the Tang Sect to become a Titled Douluo, Titled the Angel Douluo. This was because she killed a large amount of evil soul masters during Shrek's ambush of the Holy Ghost Church.

Ye Guyi's 9th soul ring gives her a 15 second power boost to the rank of an Ultimate Douluo, while still being a Titled Douluo. She becomes extremely weak after using it and needs to rest for one month before it can be used again.

Ma Xiaotao Edit

She possesses the Dark Phoenix Martial Soul, and initially uses Xu Sanshi's control over water as a method to purify her martial soul until she comes into contact with Yuhao's Ultimate Ice.

After almost crossing the line with Yuhao twice, first due to an aphrodisiac and the second time due to the nature of her Martial Soul, in order to repair and awkward relationship, she became Yuhao's adoptive older sister.

During the finals of the first tournament, Ma Xiaotao was injured by a class 8 Soul Tool (Judgement Sword) used by the Illustrious Virtue Hall. This ignited the dark element within her martial soul, and after losing control she killed 3 members of the Illustrious Virtue Hall's team single-handedly, before losing consciousness. Even after returning to Shrek Academy, she remained in a comatose state that not even Elder Mu was able to dispel.

After the Body Sect's attack on Shrek Academy, the Headmaster of the Illustrious Virtue Hall, Jing Hongchen, arrived to reclaim the Judgement Sword that Shrek Academy took "with the intention of using if to cure Ma Xiaotao." Somehow, Jing Hongchen secretly released Ma Xiaotao from her coma, and she went missing and wasn't seen again for 5 years.

During the second tournament, Yuhao suspected that one of the elders of the Holy Ghost Church, a woman wearing a black robe and hood, might be Ma Xiaotao. His suspicions were later confirmed after the tournament when he led a hostage rescue mission in Sunset City, and encountered the Holy Lade of the Holy Ghost Church. During this time, he was able to temporarily awaken her from her mind control, and she assisted him with the rescue mission. Due to the interference of the Holy Ghost Church's Titled Douluo, Yuhao was forced to escape and was unable to bring Ma Xiaotao with him, and she eventually fell back under the mind control.

She was not seen again until the Sun-Moon Empire and Shrek Academy's standoff; She was the 3rd challenger of Yuhao's 1v10 challenge. By this time she was already a Titled Douluo with 3 red rings. Yuhao was finally able to completely remove the brainwashing after defeating her, trapping her inside of his demi plane, and using the purifying method taught to him by the Calamity Necromancer Electrolux, to purify her spiritual Sea. After her return to Shrek, Ma Xiaotao became Titled Douluo with the Ultimate Fire attribute, and a member of the Sea Gods Pavilion.

Before Yuhao left to face the Beast God Di Tian, Ma Xiaotao promised to take his place as the Sea God Pavilion Master in the future, one Yan Shaozhe retired.

Dai Huabin & Zhu Lu Edit

During the Yin Yang Love Querying Valley's Trials, Dai Huabin admitted to falling in love with Qiu'er because of her beauty and strength. However, he ultimately decided that he would choose Zhu Lu because she is always by his side and she loves him unconditionally. During the same trial, Zhu Lu ends up with a massive scar across her face, and a missing arm due to a battle with a poisonous giant centipede. Dai Huabin chose to transfer these injuries to himself in the end, in order for Zhu Lu to remain beautiful.

Ning Tian & Wu Feng Edit

As the heir of 7 Treasures Glazed Pagoda, Ning Tian tries intended to be couple with Yuhao during the Sea God's Blind Date Festival,but was rejected. Wu Feng fell in love with Ning Tian, but Ning Tian chose not to accept her love because they were both women, and as the heir to the 7 Treasures clan, she had to produce an heir of her own. After the trials of the Yin Yang Love Querying Valley, Ning Tian's reward was to be changed into a man, and she was able to be with Wu Feng, who stopped hating Yuhao at that point.

Zhang Lexuan Edit

The Eldest Senior Sister of Shrek Academy's Inner Courtyard, as well as the next intended Sea God Pavilion Master, before Yuhao came along. Lexuan was introduced as a Rank 88 Soul Douluo when she was around 30 years of age. Her 8th Spirit Ring is of the 100,000 years rank.

Because of a promise made with Elder Mu, Zhang Lexuan grew up as Bei Bei's betrothed, but acted as his older sister. Eventually she fell in love with him, but by this time Bei Bei had already fallen in love with Tang Ya. Zhang Lexuan kept her feelings for him hidden (although he knew). After the Yin Yang Love Querying Valley, She was rewarded by having her memories of Bei Bei's and her past erased, and she was able to move on.

Dragon God Douluo (Mu En) + Dragon Emperor Douluo (Long Xiaoyao) + Death God Douluo (Ye Xishui) Edit

The current 3 Ultimate Douluo. When they were students, they competed in the tournament, all on different teams. Mu En and Xiaoyao were best friends & capable of Martial Soul Fusion, while Xishui was a beautiful and strong girl they both fell in love with. She was part of the Holy Ghost Church, and an Evil Soul Master. Zongli, the leader of the Holy Ghost Church at that time, forced her to get close to Mu En because he was the future Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy, which was the most powerful force against the Holy Ghost Church. Long Xiaoyao returned after a long trip, and drank together with Mu En and Xishui.

Mu En and Xishui had started dating. Due to the effects of alcohol and an aphrodisiac, Xiaoyao took Xishui's virginity. He felt guilty because Mu En was like a brother to him, and this act fractured the relationship of the three of them. Out of guilt, Xiaoyao spent his whole life protecting Xishui. In the end, Ye Xishui reveals she was only with Mu En on the orders of Zongli, but actually had feelings for Xiaoyao and seduced him that night. She never told him before because she was an evil soul master and didn't want to destroy Long Xiaoyao's reputation.

At the time, Zongli was an Evil Soul Master Titled Douluo, far stronger than the trio, and the founder of the Holy Ghost Church. Xishui had an evil spirit martial soul (Blood Devil Puppet), but at the time she had not committed any evil acts to strengthen it. She became friends with the two dragons, but due to Zongli's orders started a relationship with Mu En since he was from Shrek. Zongli's goal was for her to destroy the Martial Soul Fusion between the two dragons because it was far too strong.

After seducing Xiaoyao and ultimately achieving Zongli's objectives. Ye Xishui went into hiding for a while. Eventually, she unwillingly had Zongli's child - Zongli Wu. After Zongli's death, Ye Xishui became the Ultimate Douluo of the Holy Ghost Church. Long Xiaoyao was always by her side protecting her to repent for the past, while Mu En married and had kids.

Finally, Ye Xishui actually had twin martial souls, but she never displayed her second one until her death. It's the Bright Phoenix Marital Soul. Before their deaths, she also reveals to Long Xiaoyao that they have a son who inherited her phoenix. She sent their son away because Zongli would've killed him, and she never saw him again afterwards. This son is actually the Dean of Shrek's Martial Soul Department, Yan Shaozhe. Ironically enough, he also fell in love with a Dark Phoenix Soul Master, who ended up becoming an evil Soul Master and marrying Zongli Wu; destroying his own relationship with Xin Lin'er.

Star Luo Empire Edit

Princess Xu Jiu Jiu's Star Crown: 2 Yellow, 2 Purple, 1 Black (Control System)

  1. Stellar Guidance - Uses the guidance of the stars to locate opponents.
  2.  ???
  3. Starry Radiance - Imbues allies with the power of the stars, forming a layer of protection that actively reduces the potency of incoming enemy attacks.
  4. Protection of the Stars - Releases eighteen stars; each requiring 1 full night to absorb starry essence at night to (re)charge, in which a barrier is deployed in an area. Potency rises with user's rank.
  5.  ???

Princess Xu Yun's Star Crown: 2 Yellow, 2 Purple (Power Attack System)

  1.  ???
  2. Glittering Starlight - Releases bolts of homing starlight to attack user's opponent.
  3. Star Burst - Pure offense skill whose explosive power is equivalent to a ten-thousand years spirit ability. Gathers and release a large orb of light.
  4. Star Crown Soul Crush - Power attack + control technique that unleashes a Star Crown shaped pattern to attack an opponent before binding them.

Body Sect

The Body Sect is a long-lasting sect formed many years ago. It consists of soul masters who have body martial soul, such as a head, brain, legs, eyes, etc. The sect has a unique awakening methods which can improve the body soul of soul masters and unleash a second awakening of the body martial soul. There is an unspoken rule that all soul masters who have body martial souls will be recruited by the Body Sect, since it is hardtor find soul masters who meet the requirements.

The current sect leader, Du Busi, is a Rank 99 Ultimate Douluo, though he is not as powerful as Mu En or Long Xiaoyao. His martial soul is his whole body, which makes him even more powerful. He has 6 Black Rings and 3 Red Rings. In his Martial Soul True Body, he is able to transform himself into green giant, which boosts his entire fighting strength and also emits a poison aura around himself. He is able to overpower Xuan Zi, who was also a rank 98 Transcendent Douluo during a fight when the Body Sect attacked the Shrek Academy in order to take Yuhao away since Yuhao is also classified as having a body martial soul.

During the foreign exchange between Shrek Academy and the Illustrious Virtue Hall, the Body Sect launched a sneak attack on the Illustrious Virtue Hall in order to obtain the soul beast embryo of a 100,000-year beast undergoing rebirth, that is locked in a capsule and kept in Illustrious Virtue Hall. This capsule containing the soul beast embryo was won from the auction house in the Star Luo Empire during the 1st tournament. The ambush led to a huge lost of soul weapons and soul engineers of the Illustrious Virtue Hall.

When the capsule broke apart during the fight, Snow Empress Xue Nu was released and froze everyone in the vicinity via the Snowy Domain. In the end, the leaders of Body Sect and Illustrious Virtue Hall had to stop their fight and team up to fend off the attacks of the Snow Empress, which led to heavy injuries for both sect leaders, and with the Snow Empress Xue Nu detonating her Spiritual Sea.

During the second tournament, it's revealed that Heavenly Soul Empire has officially recruited the Body Sect bodyguards and that the Body Sect was disguised as the Snowdemon Sect in the tournament. However, they were eventually defeated by the Tang Sect in the quarter-finals.

During the Beast Tide of the Great Star Dou Forest, the Body Sect came to the rescue first and Du Busi fought against the Beast God Di Tian. To Du Busi's surprise, even though he was an Ultimate Douluo, he still suffered heavy injuries against Di Tian and did little to injure the Beast God.

When the Heavenly Soul Empire was under the attack of the Sun Moon Empire, Yuhao heard that the Body Sect suffered heavy casualties and that Du Busi was heavily injured by the Sun Moon Empire's Class 9 Soul Tools and the Holy Ghost Church.

After Sun-Moon Empire conquered the Heavenly Soul Empire, the surviving members of the Body Sect, including Du Busi, joined force with Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires to assassinate the Sun Moon Empire's Emperor, while secretly plotting to kidnap the Empress, Juzi's son. Du Busi sacrificed himself by igniting his life flames and was stopped by the Dragon Emperor Douluo Long Xiaoyao because he didn't want the civilians to get massacred. The Body Sect went on dthe ecline after his death. Du Busi gave Yuhao a book that contain sthe sect's secret knowledge so he could one day rebuild it.

Holy Ghost Church Edit

An organized group of Evil Soul Masters. These include spirits that would normally be classed as evil monsters if you were to see them in the world (Death Knights, Bone Dragons, Lich, any form of skeleton or zombie, etc.), and they can grow absurdly fast by killing and torturing people. Due to this, and the natural repulsiveness of the spirit to normal people, they generally don't reach high ranks, they become outcasts or don't actually want to kill/hurt.

While Evil Soul Masters rank up quickly at first, once they reach a certain point it becomes extremely difficult to rank up without killing or torturing a Titled Douluo level opponent. The Holy Ghost Church uses drugs to corrupt and brainwash some of its members, and have even resorted to kidnapping unwilling soul masters such as Tang Ya and Ma Xiaotao.

The Holy Ghost Church allied themselves with the Sun Moon Empire to fight against the three native Douluo Continent empires.

The members of the Holy Ghost Church refer to Yuhao as the "Holy Son" because of his high ranking necromancer abilities, which are similar to their own but possess the light element. The Holy Ghost Church has two Ultimate Douluo's, Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao.

After being ambushed by Shrek's Guardian Forces, the Holy Ghost Church took huge losses, and most of their evil soul masters were killed. Moreover, Yuhao's scheme of faking evil soul master attacks on the Sun Moon army succeeded in creating a large schism in their relationship. They were then betrayed and driven out by Sun Moon Empire after both of their Ultimate Douluos' deaths. Yuhao personally killed the remaining members of the church before acquiring his final soul ring.

Ten Savage Beasts

  1. "Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King" Beast God Di Tian (890,000 years old) (King of Great Star Dou Forest)
    • The strongest being in this world. Di Tian has abilities surpassing Ultimate Douluo's and became Yuhao's protector at the conclusion of the Beast Tide, due to Yuhao essentially being the Emperor Beast of Destiny following Qiu'er's Sacrifice.
    • Di Tian has gone through 8 'Heavenly Tribulations'. Di Tian's total spiritual power quantity surpasses even Yuhao as an Ultimate Douluo who has 3 Soul Nuclei. Di Tian has stayed the absolute strongest being in the series, aside from those who ascended to Godhood, with an unsurpassed margin between him and others who have become Ultimate Douluo.
    • Di Tian is the only being who possesses a Yin-Yang Dual Soul Nucleus. It gives him a super compressed amount of spiritual power compared to the normal Equal Resonance Dual Soul Nucleus all the human Ultimate Doulous possess. It also gives him a very profound understanding and the control of space. He was able to transfer his powers through space to assist Yuhao in fighting off the Ultimate Douluo of the Holy Ghost Church, and can even reach Yuhao while he is in his demi-plane.
    • Di Tian also possesses the Dragon God's Claw, which is a God level weapon equivalent to Yuhao's Snow Goddess' Sigh. This was given to him as the protector of the Dragon Clan and with it, he would've killed the Bear Lord in a single strike if it weren't for Bi Ji's healing abilities. It has been stated that if Di Tian goes all out without regard for his own safety, he would be able to defeat two Ultimate Douluo at the same time. Di Tian has consistently stayed the strongest Soul Beast in the Series, even stronger than the million year beast in the ocean. Di Tian was the only trial for Yuhao's God of Emotion Ascension, and by defeating him, Yuhao proved that he was the strongest in the world and ascended to the God Realm
  2. Evil-eye Tyrant King (790,000 years old) (Sunset Forest)
    • The second strongest soul beast in the world, the Evil-eye Tyrant King once challenged the Beast God Di Tian and managed to severely injure him before retreating. Currently the worlds strongest spiritual power user. Possibly possesses the Yin Yang Dual Soul Nucleus, which is why it was confident enough to challenge Di Tian. Became Yuhao's final spirit after failing to take over his body during Yuhao's absorption of Long Xiaoyao's spiritual power. Stronger than any Ultimate Douluo.
  3. Snow Empress "Snow Heavenly King" Xue Nu (700,000 years old) (The Extreme North)
    • Affectionately named Xue Er, she is the leader of the Extreme North of the Douluo Continent. She finds a certain artifact that would allow her to reincarnate as a human despite being at 700,000 years of cultivation because she received a severe wound that almost took her life when she failed to breakthrough to create her Yin-Yang Dual Soul Nucleus.
    • She eventually becomes the Spirit Existence of Yuhao and gives him four orange soul rings. She loses her memories during this process however and becomes a cute child, but eventually regrows as Yuhao gets stronger. The Snow Empress gave Yuhao three abilities that made her famous throughout the word; Empress' Chill, Unparalleled Chill, Empress' Sword, and the Empress' Palm, Snowless Glacier. Yuhao later combines the domains of his Ice Jade Scorpion Empress and the Snow Empress to for the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice domain.
    • The Snow Empress possess power close to that of an Ultimate Douluo, and matches or exceeds it if fighting in the Extreme North.
  4. Jade Swan Bi Ji (580,000 years old) (Great Star Dou Forest)
    • The healer of the forest. She is always protected by a powerful squad of 100,000-year soul beasts that she saved.
    • She later becomes the representatives of the Soul Beast as a council member of the Spirit Pagoda.
    • Jade Swan is very weak in battle efficiency but unrivaled in healing and support abilities.
  5. Myriad Demon King (550,000 years old) (Great Star Dou Forest)
    • This plant gained his powers by nurturing and gaining the trust of an Immortal Grass plant type soul beast, then betraying and absorbing it. Due to his meticulous nature, he is the most vindictive and mysterious of the Ten Savage Beasts.
    • He controls over 1/3rd of the plants in the Great Star Dou Forest, and Di Tian considers him to be just as important as Bi Ji to the survival of Soul Beasts.
    • His plant army is the last resort defense of the forest if the Beast Tire was forced to retreat.
  6. Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear (470,000 years old) (Great Star Dou Forest)
    • Known as the Bear Lord, he was opposed to Yuhao's plan with the Spirit Contract due to his distrust of humans. The Bear Lord power is equal to a rank 98 Transcendent Douluo.
    • The Bear Lord is famed for his absolute strength and was able to even injure Di Tian with his most powerful strike.
    • His defense is strong enough to receive a light scratch from the full force attack of the Valkyrie Douluo of Shrek Academy, Lin Xin'er who was a rank 95 Transcendent Douluo. His most powerful attack, the Sky-tear Claw, was able to critically injure the defense system Titled Douluo of Shrek Academy, Quan Duoduo.
  7. Ice Jade Empress Scorpion (399,999 years old) (The Extreme North)
    • Known as Hyotei, and affectionately called Bing Bing by Daydream, she is Yuhao's second martial soul, possesses the Ultimate Ice attribute, and is the love interest of Daydream.
    • She is the second strongest of The Extreme North and is one of the Three Heavenly Kings along with Snow Empress Xue Nu. She used to have a crush on Xue Nu but eventually developed feelings for Daydream.
    • The Ice Empress in her prime is as strong as a rank 97 Transcendent Douluo and could fight close to the level of an Ultimate Douluo if the battle took place in The Extreme North.
  8. Three-Headed Scarlet Devil Mastiff (280,000 years old) (Great Star Dou Forest)
  9. Hell Demon Dragon King (200,000 years old) (Great Star Dou Forest)
    • Her entire body was covered in purple-black scales. She had a slender figure with perfect, round breasts and long legs. The upper part of her chest was bared to reveal her snowy white skin and a deep cleavage between her breasts. Her long purple-black hair hung down loosely behind her back and away from her body even without the wind blowing. Her exquisite face was exceedingly charming with her deep purple eyes. Her lips, on the other hand, were a bright purple. An ink-black scale on her forehead rippled with layers of purple radiance streaming forth to the top of her head.
    • She does not appear in Unrivaled Tang Sect but instead makes her appearance in Legend of the Dragon King
    • One of two Dragon Kings on the Ten Great Savage beasts list, alongside the Beast God, Di Tian.
  10. Six-winged Deviltiger (>100,000 years old) (Great Star Dou Forest)
    • Possessed 3 different elements, thought only one of them was stated to be Light.
    • Lead the aerial assault on Shrek City during the Beast Tide
    • Killed by Xuan Ziwen's Class 8 Soul tool's Energy Piercing Ion Ray

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