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Chapters 1-100

Chapters 1-10

6-year-old Wulin is taken by his father - Tang Zi Ran - to Red Mountain Academy where spirit masters from Spirit Pagoda are performing the annual spirit awakening ceremony. His spirit is awakened, however unusually intense pain occurs and golden veins temporarily appear, indicating a powerful spirit, but sadly it's just blue silver grass and level 3 innate soul power. When he gets home, his mother - Lan Yue - makes lunch, but Wulin isn't hungry and instead goes to sleep. He dreams of a golden world of blue silver grass (BSG) and a giant gold colossus; meanwhile his body heats up and writhes in pain with a golden pattern spreading over his body. When he wakes up, he washes up and eats an enormous amount of food, then his dad asks whether he wants to go to normal school or spirit master school, with an obvious answer of spirit master school. The school is close to the house, so Wulin only attends during the day instead of staying in a dorm. On his first day, he gets teased for having a waste spirit by someone with a 2 edged knife, before the teacher starts teaching them about Spirit Masters (cue same info from DD1). Without looking closely you wouldn't notice, but Wulin's Blue Silver Grass has a slight golden tinge to the roots.

Even the teacher is unenthusiastic about Wulin's BSG, but on the way home Wulin declares that since his dad said success is 99% effort and 1% talent, he has to work hard! His appetite already gave him the nickname of "Rice Bucket" (ie "Big Eater"), consuming more than 6 people's worth at lunch. He encounters a silver haired girl with amethyst eyes, she is dirty and looks like a beggar, but a group of men see her hair and comment that she could be worth a bit in the black market, before trying to abduct her. Wulin confronts them, but gets knocked down a few times, and then releases his spirit warning them. Not wanting the trouble of dealing with Spirit Pagoda for injuring a potential spirit master, the would-be kidnappers leave. Wulin comforts the girl, who reveals her name is Nuo Er.

Wulin asks about Nuo Er's parents, and she just shakes her head before her stomach grumbles. Wulin then takes her back to his place for his mum to make some food and tells her about what happened. While Lan Yue is making food, she has them take a bath and wash, afterwards, Wulin asks why he and Nuo Er are different, with his mum just laughing. Before lunch, they have some milk and cookies. Wulin doesn't eat as he is too curious about Nuo Er and gives her his biscuit. Nuo Er is 5.5y/o, so hasn't had any spirit awakening yet. While Lan Yue takes Nuo Er to the magistrate to see if she can find her parents, Wulin doesn't really know why, but his heart is fluttering a little, maybe because of Nuo Er's beauty. While Lan Yue takes her to the magistrate's office, he meditates and feels something from his BSG.

Wulin had entered a fairly deep meditation, absorbing a bit of energy from the surrounding BSG. When he wakes up, his dad is surprised that he learned meditation so quickly, and then scolds him a little for foolishly running into the fight instead of seeking help, but protecting the girl was the right thing. Wulin then finds that Nuo Er has no family, and has a small argument with his parents to have Nuo Er stay with them instead of going to the orphanage, saying he always wanted a sister. Of course, the decision was up to Nuo Er in the end, and she agreed, becoming Wulin's little sister. They are all sitting to eat dinner, Nuo Er has an appetite as big as Wulin. That night, instead of sleeping, Wulin starts to meditate.

Tang Wulin's dad stops him before meditating and reminds his son about how spirit rings are gained at 10th level. If the spirit and practice are exceptional, they may be gifted a soul from Pagoda, otherwise, they must buy it. With another child in the house, they may not have enough money to buy a soul for Wulin, so his dad recommends that Wulin study forging with his uncle to make some money, to which Wulin agrees. At school, Wulin is quite intelligent, being praised often by his teachers. After school, Lan Yue arrives and takes Wulin to see his uncle, Mang Tian.

Mang Tian warns Wulin that he has to complete a task today or not come back, and there will be no crying. His job is to hammer a lump of metal 1000 times. Seeing the 2 heavy hammers, Wulin feels a little bitter, however when he is handed them he feels they're quite light, and quickly proceeds to forge the metal as he was told. His arms become sore at 300 strikes, start aching at 500, and are numb at 700, but he persists through to the end. With his muscles sore, his arms swollen, and an unnoticed golden glow creeping from his spine, he tells Mang Tian that he is finished, to much surprise. Mang Tian is shocked, it has only been 30 minutes. This test was supposed to be a tactful way to decline accepting Wulin as an apprentice. Normally an adult would have trouble with this test, let alone do it so fast. For a 6yo, it should be impossible. After checking the metal, he tells Wulin to keep hitting until he says stop. He observes that there is no technique or leveraging, just pure force. He thinks he may have just found a genius.

After a while, Mang Tian tells Wulin to stop for the day, and prepares some ointment to give to Lan Yue for Wulin's swollen hands, impressed with his determination and sticking through it for so long. Sitting in the lounge while Lan Yue looks at Wulin's hands, Mang Tian explains forging to the child. At home, Nuo Er still hasn't recovered any memory, and the kids start eating dinner, but Wulin can't even lift his arms, so Nuo Er feeds him his dinner.

Chapters 11-20

At home, Lan Yue is crying to Tang Zi Ran about Wulin's hand injuries, but Zi Ran comforts her and tells her that Mang Tian told him Wulin was gifted, and that if he doesn't succeed as a spirit master he can definitely succeed as a soul mentor. When they go to dinner, they see Nuo Er feeding Wulin and smile. Before bed, Wulin shows Nuo Er his BSG, and tells her she will also have a spirit when she turns 6, before falling asleep on the bed and Nuo Er soon falling asleep beside him. Zi Ran comes in later to apply ointment to Wulin's hands, but they are completely healed, and an unnoticed golden pattern retreating into his eyebrows. He is confused, as this shouldn't be an effect of BSG.

3 years later, Wulin has grown much taller, taller than any of his peers, and is well built. Even with BSG, he has become quite popular. Wan Yun originally tried to bully Wulin due to BSG, but was swiftly beaten and eventually became his friend. Wan Yun was the first in the class to reach 10th level to gain a soul, and Wulin is close behind, being gifted in meditation. Upon awakening, Nuo Er did not display any spirit, shocking everyone. As a result, she goes to the ordinary school to learn normally, and Wulin spoils her, often getting into fights to protect her - generally a fight each day for some reason or another.

In the past three years, Wulin became an official forging apprentice of Mang Tian, being praised often while earning money for his soul ring, some for his family, and some to spend on Nuo Er. He has finally saved up enough money to buy a soul ring from the Pagoda.

Having finally saved 30,000 spirit coins, he runs home to count it and make sure. His dad declares they will all go together to get his soul ring. That night, he is too excited to sleep and leaves the room after pulling Nuo Er's quilt over her properly. He leaves the room, and moonlight shines on Nuo Er - with her body responding with 7 colour lights and growing a little - she hadn't grown in size for 3 years. Wulin didn't see this, though, and is drawn to a garden he regularly visited with Nuo Er, which calmed him and he sat down to meditate.

This meditation shows golden lines patterned over his body temporarily, and finally causes Wulin to hit 10th level, and tells his family, but Nuo Er looks like she's in a bit of a daze and not focused. The next day, Wulin tells his teacher and plans to take the following day off school to get his spirit ring. Nuo Er asks him to go to the beach with her after dinner, where she asks if he will still want her if she has to leave someday.

Wulin responds that of course he still will want her, and tells her to move to his intermediate school's city when it's time. Since DD2, Star Luo Empire found an island continent and migrated, while Sun Moon Empire unified the Douluo continent while Pagoda developed artificial spirit rings. At the Pagoda, an impatient guru tells them the prices - 70,000 for a white ring, of which there are 73 options and 1,000,000 for a yellow ring of which there are only 11 options, but there is also a random ring option. At these prices, Wulin is shocked. 70,000 is too much for Wulin, he chooses the random soul costing 30,000. His Dad suggests they wait and borrow money, but Wulin insists knowing how much he and Nuo Er cost to feed. There is a chance for the random ring to be a failure due to the process of creation for artificial souls. The Pagoda guru is a little impressed and tells Wulin to follow him to test his spiritual power. The spiritual force and size of their spiritual sea directly affect their communication with the spirit familiars and souls, for their relationship and the level of the soul. Wulin closed his eyes and the guru began testing him, with a look of surprise on his face.

The spiritual power measuring instrument gave Wulin a rating of 38. Spiritual Power ratings are between 1-130, with 38 being the best of the past year. The spirit ring comes from a roulette type machine and results in a 10 year Spirit Beast.

The spirit is a weak little grass snake, even fully grown is completely harmless to everything except insects. The Pagoda had been experimenting with artificial souls since the near-extinction of spirit beasts, and managed to create a soul from a regular non-spirit beast, but the result was weak and unwanted like this grass snake. Taking the ball with the grass snake home, he has 24 hours to absorb it before it dies. Wulin goes to his room, followed by Nuo Er. Looking at the grass snake, then his callouses on his hands, Wulin starts to cry. A waste spirit - BSG, but he has soul force so he has a chance. His family doesn't have enough money, so Wulin worked hard through blood and sweat so that he could have a chance, with no tears. He virtually gave up his childhood for this dream, but looking at the worthless grass snake, tears filling the ball, he wondered why God was so unfair to him. Nuo Er could only wipe away his tears and hug him.

Wulin gives up and chooses to fuse with the grass snake. A defective soul ring for a waste spirit. As he is meditating to fuse with it, a golden pattern spreads from his spine, covering his entire body and infusing his Blue Silver Grass merging with the grass snake with golden lines and becoming far tougher.

Chapters 21-30

Similar to the changes in his BSG, the grass snake grew and it's scales changed slightly in shape and took on a golden colour and light. A scale on it's forehead condensed into a golden diamond. Throughout this, Wulin experiences a lot of physical and mental pain, and his body gets covered in sweat. At the end, the snake entered into his palm, returning to normal, and the golden pattern covering Wulin seeped into his skin instead of disappearing entirely. Tang Zi Ran returns home and sees Nuo Er at the door, who tells him not to disturb Wulin as he is fusing with the spirit. Zi Ran is shocked, and puts down the money he had just borrowed. When Wulin woke up, it was evening, and as he felt the changes in his body he waved his arms around, resulting in a loud sound through the air from the pressure of his arm swing. Before he can try again to see what that was, his family and Mang Tian rush into the room. After making sure Wulin was ok, Mang Tian asks him to release his spirit.

Wulin brings out his spirit, and everyone can see the white spirit ring. The BSG spreads through the room and Wulin can sense the surroundings through the plants outside. Mang Tian tries to stretch the BSG to snap it, but it is too tough. He drops the grass vine to the ground and it makes a sound as if it's very heavy. Surprised, he releases his spirit, Hammer of the Earth, and shows white, yellow, yellow and purple spirit rings together with his spirits - a white rabbit (10 year ring), a yellow hammer (100) and a brown bear (1000). Activating his first ring, he tries again, but instead of ripping it, the blue silver grass lights up.

With the blue light and touch of gold texture in the blue silver grass, Mang Tian is still unable to snap it, but when he puts in more force Wulin finds that his soul force has dipped a bit. Mang Tian declares that this must be a spirit variation, as he has seen a blue silver grass with a far stronger snake spirit for the first ring, and was able to snap it bare handed, while he couldn't snap Wulin's even while using his spirit. After everyone else has gone to sleep, Wulin went outside to the lawn and brought out his spirit. He talks to it, but it has low intelligence and doesn't respond much, but it wriggles and flashes a golden scale on its forehead. Seeing the golden scale shining Wulin calls it Jin Guang, meaning Golden Light.

When Wulin returned home, Lan Yue told him, crying, that Nuo Er disappeared. She left a note on the bed, telling them she remembered who she is, and that her family came to collect her as she has a lot of things to do, also thanking them especially Wulin. As Wulin starts frantically running around trying to find her, she was leaning against a wall, crying, holding a doll Wulin bought her that has purple eyes and silver hair like her, while another person commented to her that they need to leave. Nuo Er left behind a silver necklace with a precious gem in it for Wulin, but he puts it aside. For the next week he keeps searching for Nuo Er every night. He is unfocused, so his forging work suffers, as well as his general temperament. After the graduation ceremony, Wan Yun wants to see Wulin's spirit, and provokes him to a fight. Releasing his two-edged knife spirit, a white spirit ring starts floating behind him.

Wan Yun's first spirit ring is another knife overlaid on his spirit, and massively enhances it's cutting strength, but Wulin releases his Blue Silver Grass and beats Wan Yun black and blue using it like whips. Afterwards, Wulin comments that Wan Yun should be using it as a agility style, but he's too fat. At Mang Tian's forge, he tells Wulin that he will keep training him at the East Sea City, where he has a studio and Wulin will go to school. But first, he has to teach Wulin a new forging method. He first gives a strength test to Wulin, as his failures up to now were from excessive strength since getting his spirit ring. At 7, Wulin's hitting strength was 140kg, at 8 it was 200kg, and he hasn't been tested at 9.

When Wulin swings, a heat comes from his spine. His left arm reaches 483kg, while his right arm reaches 543kg. The technique Mang Tian teaches Wulin is called thousand refinement, and requires the person to be completely immersed with the metal in order to purify and sublimate it throughout the process of hitting it 1000 times while infusing spirit power.

Wulin is given a piece of heavy silver. Throughout the forging, Wulin projects his spirit power in order to analyze the heavy silver in front of him. After two hours of restrained forging to identify it's characteristics, Wulin begins using force. Starting from the calves, he projects power through his body increasing his strength per hit.

At the same time, a golden pattern spreads over Wulin's body, and his eyes have a golden glow, but Mang Tian doesn't notice this, too focused on the heavy silver chunk. After 4 1/2 hours, Tang Zi Ran enters, looking for his son, and seeing the forging. After 5 hours, the heavy silver is nearly completely forged, emitting a light, and Mang Tian cuts Wulin's wrist before quickly holding the wound to stop further bleeding, spraying blood onto the heavy silver chunk. The forging is completed.

Thousand refinement is successful! Everyone is stunned, and Wulin passes out from exhaustion. Mang Tian looks at him with pride while his dad carries him home. After Wulin wakes up, an entire day has passed. He looks over at Nuo Er's bed, which he refused to let be removed, and misses Nuo Er. Once he is awake, his parent's feed him dinner, and he eats for a full hour, more than any adult's share. His wrist has completely healed up. and Tang Zi Ran takes him to see Mang Tian, who shows him the result of his thousand refinement.

Seeing the refined heavy silver, Wulin senses an incredible vitality, and it feels like it's almost a part of himself. Mang Tian explains that upon the first thousand refinement, the tradition is to sacrifice some blood to it, infusing it with part of themselves. He gifts the result to Wulin, and in the following days they forge the refined heavy silver into new forging hammers, weighing many times that of his tungsten hammers.

Chapters 31-40

Upon tapping a piece of metal with his heavy silver hammer, the sound echoes twice. He hits it again with his other hand, echo again. When he gives it a proper hit with force, the same echo occurs again. Mang Tian is astounded, and tells him that his hammer with the blood sacrifice has a special effect called "Stacked Hammer". This causes the hammer to produce 2 phantom hammers that follow up the original, and effectively hits the metal three times - the best possible ability. With this, the effort and time required for thousand refinement has been reduced significantly! In order to not provoke jealousy from others, Wulin is told to hide this hammer's ability until he can protect himself. Afterwards, Mang Tian gives him two heavy silver rings.

These silver rings are storage spirit guides! Thinking they were too expensive, Wulin tries to refuse them, but Mang Tian insists, telling him that they are cheap ones anyway due to their small size. Wulin somewhat reluctantly accepts them before putting his new hammer in it. Mang Tian tells Wulin that the hammer is essentially a part of him now, as he and his blood get stronger, his hammer will also be nourished - the blood sacrifice has turned it into a semi-living thing. At home, Tang Zi Ran is talking with Lan Yue, discussing making a promise and helping Wulin.

Wulin steps off the train with his backpack, and looks around in awe. East Sea City is very strange! Someone calls out master, and Wulin looks, to find some black suited people, and in the other direction a brown haired green eyes boy in a blue sports suit. As he is looking, someone bumps him and he hits the blue clothed boy, who glares at him before continuing. One of the black suited men pushes Wulin hard in the chest, but Wulin barely feels it, only thinking arrogant city people. As he walks through, he reads a letter from his Dad, when a stranger tries to stop him. Reading the letter, it says "don't trust strangers" so Wulin walks away. He finds a police officer, who points him towards the school bus, where he finds a group of people in blue sports suits and seeing him run over, a brunette girl calls out to him.

The girl tells Wulin all about school, her name is Liu Yuxin, and she is in charge of registering the new students. Once she has him registered, another boy mentions waste blue silver grass, and Liu defends Wulin based on his age and spirit rank. They get on the school bus, and most other students have their parents on bored, so Wulin is a little lonely. At the school, Liu Yuxin takes Wulin on a bit of a tour before showing him where to get his uniform.

Once he receives his uniforms, he is assigned a dorm where he meets Xiao Yun, a small boy with glasses, before a taller student tells him to clean up. Wulin looks around and agrees it's dusty, before putting down his items to go and get a wash basin. This taller boy's name is Zhou Zhangxi. When Wulin returns, he finds Zhangxi has emptied Wulin's bags all over the floor. Wulin demands he pick them up, repeats himself, then Zhangxi grinds his quilt into the ground. Wulin is stunned, and murmurs that it is the quilt Nuo Er embroidered for him...

He repeats that his sister embroidered that for him, a silver edged quilt with purple flowers, and Zhou Zhangxi points at himself and tells Wulin he has to listen to him. Wulin charged, and Zhangxi acted to swat his fist away, but couldn't move it and got punched in the chest, before cannoning through the room and out the second floor window, to screams coming from outside. Xiao Yun knows Zhangxi has the hercules ape spirit, and his bones are many times heavier than an adults, but Wulin didn't even use soul power, just a pure punch. A black clothed man enters the room, and seeing the mess on the ground kicks it away. Wulin in a rage flies at him, but he dodges and hits Wulin in the back with his elbow. Wulin simply gets up and charges again, to his surprise - he had used a lot of force. The man dodges Wulin, and kicks him hard a number of times, before landing on the quilt. Wulin sees this and spits out that everyone in the town seems so bad, before releasing his spirit and filling the room with blue silver grass. The man releases his spirit, a short dagger with a hundred year ring, and cuts at the BSG, but it doesn't cut at all. He uses his rings ability to escape the grasses restraint, only for Wulin's fist to erupt in front.

Wulin's fist crashes into the boys face, and he flies out embedding into the wall. 10 minutes later in the deans office, he reprimands both of the students who were injured, as well as Xiao Yun for not trying to stop it, punishing them by lowering them to the fifth class. While Wulin didn't get punished, he is only BSG so was naturally in fifth class, and had to pay to repair the damage. Once the boys had left, the dean requested Wulin's records.

Back in the dorm, the black clothed youth demands Xiao Yun take the top bunk, while Wulin puts his items on the bottom bunk of the other bed. Zhangxi tells Wulin to take the top, but Wulin glares at him and says "Go!". Just as Zhangxi looks like he is about to start a fight again, Xiao Yun reminds him of further punishment. Teachers come to the room, and change out the broken bed - all of the repairs are going to cost Wulin 34,000 coins! After the teachers leave, the black clothed youth identifies himself as Xie Hou, with Wulin just replying "You're welcome". Getting angry again, he introduces himself again, and challenges Wulin to a fight off campus. It's the same boy that he ran into at the train station. Wulin tells him to get lost, he needs to work hard for the 34,000 - it took him 3 years of forging last time - and Xie Hou responds that he will pay it for the fight, the following day, before leaving. The remaining 3 head to lunch, there are 3 lunch buildings, with the lowest being free and highest being very expensive, so they head to the free one. Zhangxi is also from an average family, so that 34,000 is enormous to him, but Wulin didn't even ask him to pay any when it was his fault, so he is not so angry, and challenges Wulin to an eating competition, with the loser cleaning the dorm and if Zhangxi loses he also cleans Wulin clothes that he dirtied.

Shockingly, Wulin eats 80 meat buns and 5 bowls of vegetable soup, while Zhangxi only managed 20 meat buns, with the previous record being 43. After lunch, Wulin returns to the dorm, where Xie Hou thrusts a bag full of cash at him, and tells him to meet after school the next day. Wulin then heads out to the town, where he goes to the Forging Association to register.

At the Forging Association, the girl at the desk named Ling Yun Xiao takes Wulin to see Master Cen for the test. He takes him to a test room, and is a little surprised when he finds out Wulin is only 9.

Chapters 41-50

In front of Wulin are 15 different metals, each 1 cubic foot in size. He is given 1 hour to purify a metal, and to everyone's surprise, he chooses the heavy silver, the hardest to process. He lifts it and moves it to the forging bench without making a sound, surprising the evaluators - it weighs over 300kg! Wulin remembers that he is banned from using his 1000 refined heavy silver hammers in public, and starts with the heat, perfect. Then starts lightly tapping to get a feel for the metal. Finally, he begins to refine it in full, Cen Yue is surprised as he is using a thousand refined tungsten hammer!

With every hit from Wulin, the evaluators can hear a perfect collision, he's a genius. As he continues forging, an 8 star Holy Artisan named Mu Chen and his 14 year old daughter enter the building, she is testing in a different room. Hearing the sound of Wulin's forging, he asks about that room and goes to check it out, but without going inside.

Mu Chen returns to the desk and asks about the person inside, and finds he is only 9, before having to go to his daughter's room for the test. Wulin finishes the refinement, and has to forge the metal into parts. He begins making a medium sized component.

Wulin completes the forging, and is awarded his 2nd level rank. He leaves, and was given 10,000 coins for his completed part. Cen Yue calls Mang Tian and complains that Tian was just showing off with his disciple. Back at school, Wulin enters the dorm, and is confronted by Xie Hou about avoiding the fight. Wulin tosses the 10,000 at him and says he'll pay it all back but needed the money up front for the repairs, and promises to fight the next day, before entering meditation. Xie Hou is seething with anger all night, and the next morning keeps glancing at Wulin while Wulin is enjoying his breakfast. From the competition before, he gained the nickname legendary big eater, and is eating an enormous breakfast once again.

Today is the opening ceremony. Wulin is standing up at the back of the freshmen, as he is quite tall, and their classes are allocated. As expected, out of 100 students the four are in the fifth class - the worst class. Their teacher arrives to take them and the other 16 students to their classroom, he's 27/28, and incredibly handsome, with long blue hair and green eyes, and also gives off an air of strength. The female students are stunned, and Xie Hou is a bit disapproving. His name is Zhang Wukong, he starts introductions. Xiao Yun starts, his spirit is astrolabe, rank 12, and aims to be a support class spirit master. Next is Wulin, who introduces his blue silver grass, but has no real aim, resulting in someone snickering "Waste spirit, of course no aim". At that, Wukong throws a piece of chalk, which ends up down that student's throat causing him to retch, and declares there is no waste spirit, only waste people.

The introductions continue - Zhou Zhangxi is an 11th rank Hercules Ape user aiming to be a power attack spirit master, and Xie Hou is an 18th rank with Light Dragon Dagger and aims to be an agility attack spirit master. Once class was over, Xie Hou reminded Wulin of the fight, and they left to go to the park. On the way, they ran into Liu Yuxin, who asks Wulin to take photos of his teacher Wukong for her, the girls all have a crush on him. Wukong is actually the strongest teacher at the school - he has 6 rings, and used to be her teacher, but for some reason or another he is now the class 5 freshman teacher.

When they reach the park Wulin felt that his BSG is reacting to the grass around him. He has no time to explore this though, it's time to fight. Xie Hou is too fast for Wulin, and his first spirit ring is able to cut his grass, though not entirely. Xie Hou doesn't want to kill Wulin, so he doesn't go for the throat when he has an opportunity, but he slices Wulin's cheek. Hou moves for the finishing blow, aiming to stab Wulin in the shoulder and make him unable to continue.

His aim is to teach Wulin a lesson with this strike to the shoulder - he could cut off his arm, but he won't. Surprisingly, Wulin's muscles are too tough - the knife can only stab in about an inch. Xie Hou twists the dagger, causing Wulin a sharp pain and falling to the ground, while calling for Wulin to admit defeat. Wulin refuses, and a light starts to come from his wound. Hou attempts to remove the dagger, but he can't and a deep fear spreads through his body. With an explosion of golden light, the dagger flies out of Wulin's shoulder, and Xie Hou is knocked back into a tree, unconscious. Wulin's body was incredibly hot, and he looked down and saw golden scales covering his arm from the wound to the fingertips, which formed sharp claws. The golden grass snake was wrapped around his wrist, completely golden with ruby eyes, and Wulin punched with his fist causing an enormous burst of force. As he wondered if the power came from the snake, all the golden colour and scales faded, and Wulin fell unconscious, with a golden grid pattern over his body again. Xie Hou woke up near the school, Wulin carrying him on his back. His face is swollen and numb and can't talk.

On return, Xie Hou asks what the golden light was, Wulin responds that it was his spirit - and shows the golden grass snake. Xie Hou says that's not what he meant, but Wulin answers that he doesn't know. In the dorm, Wulin realises that dinner is almost over, and sprints to the cafeteria. After finishing 16 bowls of noodles, the chef talks to him, and gives him the leftovers of the B dish - it's really good! Wulin returns to the dorm, and meditates, but no matter how he tries he can't bring the golden scales back out. He thinks it's when he's hurt, so he pricks his finger for blood, but nothing, so he suspects it's a harsher injury.

Xie Hou is pestering Wulin again on the way to breakfast, but Wulin is ignoring him - food is more important. Seeing this, Xie Hou states he will buy whatever Wulin wants to eat in return for a fight, resulting in Wulin eating 30 Phoenix Turtle Eggs from the A group, costing 30,000 and pretty much drying up Xie Hou's pocket money, but also having Wulin thank him. Class after breakfast was one-on-one duels, with Wulin vs. Zhangxi. Zhangxi releases his spirit, and charges at Wulin, his first spirit raises his strength. Wulin pushes out his hands, resulting in Zhangxi taking 3 steps back, followed by Wulin dashing in with a punch.

Chapters 51-60

Wulin's punch knocks Zhangxi backwards, and Wukong calls a stop to the fight. Wulin passes to the next round, but is reprimanded for not using his spirit when he should have gone all out. Xie Hou is against Xiao Yun, and when he is about to strike Yun disappears. Hou is too fast though, and catches up, winning victory. After the whole class has fought, the next round starts. Wulin is against a girl with a white cat spirit, another agility type. As she closes in, Wulin releases his BSG and starts forming nets to catch her. While she tries to find gaps, Wulin keeps creating more nets, and his defense structure becomes more perfect.

Her soul force was running out, so she started moving closer, and as she went for the finisher, Wulin bound her with grass, then punched but stopped short of her face, winning. Next round, Wulin vs. Tao Lufan, who uses a willow spirit. His first ring is virtually the same as Wulin's and even has a snake type spirit, however willow and his spirit are higher than BSG. They fight by chasing each other with plants, and ultimately try to bind each other. Wulin let's it happen, and uses his grass to pull Lufan towards him. Lufan seeing this, turned the movement into an attack, but Wulin broke free of the binding, grabbed his leg, and pinned him to the ground. With 3 left, Xie Hou gets a bye, and Wulin fights Han Lan, who is rank 13 and uses an earth spirit.

Han Lan is a control class, and causes earth to erupt and imprison Wulin, while he just stands there patiently. Wukong begins counting down from 10, only to find that Wulin smashed his way out simply with physical force and his tungsten hammers, and he declares it Wulin's victory. The last fight is Xie Hou, but Wukong decides to make it fair by hitting Hou once himself. In a quick fight, he hits Xie Hou on the shoulder with his belt.

The final fight was Xie Hou vs. Wulin. Xie Hou dashed around while Wulin builds up a BSG net. Continuous hits from Xie Hou, while surprisingly unable to break the BSG, drained Wulin's soul force. As Xie Hou charged in for the final hit, Wulin blocked it with his tungsten hammer, then blocked another attack. His speed was much higher than expected.

Xie Hou does not want to use his first ability, the power is too strong for a mock fight like this, so keeps getting blocked by Wulin. He takes a step back and gathers his breath, focusing, and his speed jumps by 30%. Before Wulin can react, there is a slash and blood is drawn, with Wulin feeling heat from the base of his spine and the power rising, but then falls and no golden scales form. Wukong calls it Xie Hou's win, but now he owes Wulin a new set of clothes as he cut them. Sending the rest of the class on, Wukong takes Xie Hou and Wulin to his office, where he grills them for not going all out, and asks Wulin why he used the hammers, with Wulin responding he learned forging.

Wukong asks why Wulin is learning forging, with the reply that he has a waste spirit so needs an alternative. Wukong gets angry, and convinces Wulin to focus on his spirit master training, Wulin agrees, but secretly will continue forging anyway since he enjoys it. Wukong then reveals that Xie Hou must have twin spirits, which is correct, but can't quite tell what the spirit is. He also tells them that there is a challenge tradition, where the fifth class can challenge up classes in order, and keep going every time they win. Whichever class they beat, their class will climb above in ranking, and then can also challenge senior classes for more rewards. Xie Hou is excited, but then Wukong tells him it has to be done as a duo. The fight is in a month, and Wukong will train them every night till then. Xie Hou afterwards tells Wulin not to hold him down, and Wulin just responds by asking about his swollen face.

They then agree to fight the next day, Wulin has errands to run. He returns to Liu Yuxin, and hands her the camera with photos, saying they weren't any good before walking off. Yuxin goes through them with her friends, and sees the photos of Wukong removing his belt and attacking, with the other girls salivating and starting a bidding war for them. Wulin then has lunch, before heading to the forging association to collect his badge. Outside of the school, he sees another group of black suited men escorting a blonde girl to a car and driving away. At the association, Mu Xi - the daughter of Mu Chen, who was having her forging test when Wulin did, and is now waiting for him to see what he is like, since he beat her record.

At the desk, Xiao Ling Yun escorts Wulin up to the top floor to collect his badge. There he meets Cen Yue, and is introduced to Mu Chen, with Mu Xi popping up and commenting that he is from her school, but then looking in disdain when he says 5th class. After being presented his 2 star badge, Mu Chen states that he hopes Wulin can contribute not just to forging, but also to creating life. Mu Xi comments showing that she is also a 2 star smith.

Cen Yue takes Wulin to teach him how to perform forging association requests, while Mu Chen scolds Mu Xi for being brash and challenging Wulin. Forging tasks "loan" the metals to the member, and take a 10% commission. Any failure must be recreated by the member at their own cost. Cen Yue then gives Wulin a spirit guide communicator and a storage spirit ring.

The storage ring was 10m3, which is quite expensive and Wulin protests. Cen Yue tells him it's a loan - that it would be his to keep once he reaches 4th or 5th rank, and that he can't neglect his spirit master studies as soul force is still required for strong forging. The next day, Wulin went to get breakfast, but was stopped by Mu Xi surrounded by high school students. As they surrounded Wulin, he released his spirit - binding them, and started to fight, kicking one in the chest.

Chapters 61-70

Shockingly, most of the students break out of the bindings, and Wulin's soul force suddenly drops. As the rest of the students surround Wulin again, Mu Xi releases her spirit and calls them to stop. She has two rings, with one of her spirits showing as a ball of fire. She tells Wulin to become her lackey, but he refuses. Xie Hou appears, with his second spirit released ready to kill Mu Xi, and she fears for her life and relents. Xie Hou's second spirit is the shadow dragon dagger, an invisible blade. Long Hengxu, the dean, appears and stops everything, and after asking Wulin why he fought to the response that he will always fight against bullies bigger than himself, Wukong appears, and takes the two away.

Their training is to run laps in the field with the entire class, however Xie Hou and Wulin are given incredibly heavy iron chains to carry around at the same time. Hou is much faster, but after the fourth lap his stamina is depleted and he struggles. The entire time Wulin is consistent, not even breaking a sweat, and he catches up to Xie Hou, but not overtaking him. When Hou almost collapses, Wulin picks him up by the shoulder and carries him further. A new girl named Gu Yue appears, staring at Wulin and Xie Hou, wanting to enter the academy but missed enrollment. In order to test her, Wukong tells Xie Hou to give his iron chains to Wulin for 10 laps, and for Hou to fight her. When Wukong tells Xie Hou that his strength isn't very good, Xie Hou replies that he is agility type and doesn't need that kind of strength, with Wukong shaking his head.

Wulin's speed wasn't exactly fast, but even with double the weight, it hasn't dropped at all. Xie Hou and Gu Yue start fighting, as Xie Hou closes in, she pushes Hou away with wind, before unleashing a fireball at him. Wukong is shocked, it's a dual element spirit. Xie Hou releases his first ring, and attacks Gu Yue with higher speed. She blocks with a blue light blade, and slightly retreats.

Xie Hou is still stronger than her, and moves to attack again, when Gu Yue attacks his feet, turning the ground to mud, with Xie Hou sinking in, and then freezing his feet in place. She then launches a fireball at him, but he cuts it in half, only to find her launching a burst of light at him. Wukong declares Gu Yue the winner, and telling her she can enroll. She reveals that her spirit is Elementalist, which while not having strong single element abilities like other spirits, it can use all of the six elements - fire, ice, earth, wind, space and light. This is an incredibly powerful spirit, and Wukong approves her entry into class 5.

Wukong tells them all to keep running, including Gu Yue and Xie Hou who has to put his chains back on, and along the way Gu Yue starts talking to Wulin and Hou. Wukong then goes to the dean's office and apologizes for his behavior in order to get the dean to process Gu Yue's application, which he promises to do. When reading through the application, he sees 15th level and spirit: Elementalist, and is wondering what Elementalist is.

Long Hengxu questions Wukong, with Wukong only telling him that he is the only one who can teach her, and he will see her spirit after the challenges. After class, Wulin is teased a bit by his dorm mates as it seemed Gu Yue was interested in him somewhat. Xie Hou was concerned Wulin would get dropped from the duo for Gu Yue, but the others tease him saying he might be dropped and Wulin kept in, based on their fight record. They go off to get food, and after eating a ton of food, Gu Yue gives him another bun, and the rest of his room mates tease him again. After food, Wukong takes Xie Hou, Wulin and Gu Yue for more training.

They meet and are taken to an indoor arena, where Wukong tells Wulin that if he isn't strong enough in 3 months, then Gu Yue will enter the contest with Xie Hou instead. Gu Yue states that she won't take his place, but Wulin agrees with Wukong. They are to begin training in order to overcome their weak points, Xie Hou has good speed, but terrible endurance and strength, and that the next day he is going to take them to test their mental strength.

Wukong tells Gu Yue he wants her to practice using multiple elements simultaneously, and tells Wulin he needs to learn to control his BSG perfectly. His strength is a talent, and combining BSG with his hammer will have great results. Their challenge for today is all three to fight Wukong. Wukong brings out a simple wooden sword, and uses it to block their attacks. Wulin throws his hammer with BSG like a chain from behind, but still gets deflected. Gu Yue turns the ground to mud and sinks Wukong, but he still deflects attacks, including Wulin's double hammers, and just steps out. Wulin then enters a state where he sees Wukong as metal to forge, and attacks with his thousand forged heavy silver hammer.

The hammer is thrown with BSG again, and Wukong blocks it with his sword. Unprepared for the strength and weight, the echos from the hammer shatter his sword and force him to dodge, before landing on the ground with an enormous crash, stunning Gu Yue and Xie Hou and causing Wukong to end the contest. Wulin picks up the hammer, explaining to Wukong about the heavy silver forging and stacked hammer effect, and Xie Hou takes it from Wulin's hands to look at, but the weight it far too much and he crashes to the ground. Wukong then tests Wulin's physical strength by having Wulin try to pull him. Everyone can see that Wukong is actually exerting himself a bit to resist. From then on, Wulin skipped the physical training as it was pointless for him, and instead focuses on his BSG control. Upon testing their mental strength, Xie Hou is rank 29, Wulin 44, and Gu Yue 119, Wukong suspects the elementalist spirit is actually a spiritual type.

In bed, Wulin's spirit guide communicator rings, it's Mang Tian calling and questioning him for not finishing the task yet. Hearing the conversation, his roommates are surprised and Xie Hou asks him about his forging rank. Xie Hou's family is actually a famous family of Armour division spirit masters (users of spirit forged armour), and Wulin agrees to help him as a smith in the future, with Xie Hou declaring they are now brothers.

Chapters 71-80

The next day, Wulin visits Mang Tian, and finishes his forging task, collecting 20,000 coins for his work. Mang Tian was surprised when he was contacted by Mu Chen previously, as the holy Artisan had offered to help train Wulin. He tells Wulin to continue increasing his soul force at this time, and to complete his weekly forging tasks, so Wulin returns to the workshop 1 day a week to complete the forging, training at school every other day.

At this level, forging is easy for Wulin, and he just needs to focus on soul level. The stacked hammer effect makes forging very quick. Two months pass, and the first game of the tournament is up. Xie Hou is rank 19, Gu Yue is rank 17, and Wulin is rank 12. The first fight is against the 4th class, one rank higher than their own. Wukong tells them that if they win, they get rewards, but if they lose, they are punished, with Xie Hou reacting and Wukong threatening to put Gu Yue in instead of him.

The 4th class teacher named Konghan Wen approaches Wukong, and insults the 5th class. As the fight is about to start, Long Hengxu asks Wukong what type of fight, with Wukong replying 3v3. Since this is the lowest ranked fight, no one else is really paying attention, so the stadium is pretty well empty. At the start of the fight, the 4th class assumes a formation, with a wolf power spirit master in front, and a dual bladed dagger master and support spirit master behind. Without releasing their spirits, Wulin and Xie Hou attack, with Wulin charging straight at the power spirit master and simply punching. He tries to grab Wulin's fist, but his guard is broken and the punch directly hits his chest, launching him back 8 meters. Xie Hou had already eliminated the support spirit master, and the 13th ranked dagger spirit master was quickly dispatched. The 4th class had a 10 year ring each, but Wulin's team showed yellow, yellow and white. The fight ended in less than 10 seconds.

After the match, Long Hengxu went down and was a little confused. He knew Xie Hou's strength, and Gu Yue was somewhat expected when Wukong claimed her, but had no idea why Wulin was selected. He had arranged for Xie Hou to be in class 5, as his family had asked Hengxu to give Xie Hou a better temper, so used the fight as an excuse. After the match, Xie Hou offered to buy Wulin some snacks in return for a fight, and ignored Gu Yue. Gu Yue and Xie Hou did not get along at all, leaving Wulin to play mediator between the two. Xie Hou eventually relented, and they went to the market.

Xie Hou took them to a roadside stall for beef stew, cooked by a man he called Uncle Li. He ordered a lot for Wulin, and his backstory is explained. His mother named him Xie Hou (unexpected meeting) due to the way she met his father, and when she was sick and died his father was too busy to visit her - with her last wish being to see him before she died, he was too late and when he arrived she had already passed away. Xie Hou hates his name and his father due to this. His mother had often brought him to Uncle Li's kitchen to eat. Once they were finished, they visited other stalls and fed Wulin more delicious food, then noticed a commotion only to find Uncle Li's stall smashed and him on the ground beaten with 3 men standing over him.

The three were gangsters, and Li had not paid protection money for this round due to his wife needing medical treatment, so they came to teach him a lesson. He tried to fight back, but they were all spirit masters, and so Wulin's trio stood up as spirit masters and started to fight. Wulin's strength surprised the leader, named Guang Long, and when Xie Hou held his knife to his throat he was not afraid to die, causing Xie Hou to hesitate. He released his spirit, armoured dragon, rank 27, 10 and 100 year rings.

Xie Hou's light dragon dagger was unable to pierce his scales, and he quickly threw him off. Wulin attacked with his thousand refined tungsten hammer, he couldn't retreat because Gu Yue was behind him. This had little effect, so he used his thousand refined heavy silver hammer with the echoing effect, but still did not have any significant effect. He was hit away, and Gu Yue stepped in front to protect him, but he got up and pulled Gu Yue back to fight himself.

Guang Long hit Wulin hard, and Xie Hou got behind to try and catch him. They both rolled, and Xie Hou accidentally stabbed Wulin with his dagger. He apologised, and Gu Yue came around to help treat Wulin, but an immense force began to spread. Wulin's body heated up, and his right arm transformed to golden scales. He had almost forgotten all about this over the past few months. Wulin jumped up and rushed at Guang Long, Xie Hou called out to stop him by Gu Yue was just stunned. Wulin raised his hammer, and Guang Long charged, but was startled when he saw Wulin's eyes had transformed into golden with vertical pupils. Wulin attacked, and Guang Long's arms were instantly shattered. His partners attempted to catch him, but they went rolling backwards as well. Wulin felt his soul power increasing dramatically, but his soul force quickly depleted and the golden scales faded away. Xie Hou, who had also been afraid during the transformation, asked what the power was, but Wulin replied he didn't know. The gangsters had fled, and the other villagers were helping Li pick up his items. Xie Hou bid farewell, and they left. Xie Hou gave Uncle Li some protection money, and told Wulin the gangsters shouldn't be back any time soon.

On return to the school, Gu Yue had to return to the female dorm. Xie Hou and Wulin return to their dorm, but on the way Wulin stops, and tells Xie Hou that both times he transformed with Xie Hou's dagger. He suggests they need to see Wukong, but can wait till tomorrow, with Xie Hou guessing it is a recessive second spirit. Xie Hou says they need to go straight away, because he suspects there is a possibility of it also being a spirit fusion. They visit Wukong, who agrees with Xie Hou's suspicion of twin spirits, and gets Xie Hou to cut Wulin to release it. He sees the golden scales, and has Wulin contest with him again in strength.

After a while, Wulin's soul force is drained and he has to release his strength before he ends up in a coma again. Wukong is slightly confused, he can't tell what the power is. It's like a second spirit, but not fully released, and yet not like a spirit fusion because Xie Hou hasn't changed at all. It's also completely unrelated to BSG. It seems to function similar to spirit guide armour, it appears and greatly enhances strength, but quickly drains soul force to use it. He also mentions that if it was a spirit, it would be an absolute supreme spirit, even he felt oppressed when it was released. He tells Xie Hou and Wulin to keep practicing drawing it out so that Wulin can get used to it. It erupts because the light dragon dagger is similar and motivates Wulin's power, but Wulin should be able to control it eventually given enough soul force and strength. They leave and sleep, preparing for the fight the next day.

Chapters 81-90

Entering the next round, the 3rd class teacher is a very tall attractive woman with pale green hair named Ye Ying Rong. She greets Wukong, but he is apathetic to her. The 3rd class team comprises of 3 brothers, each with a flying spirit - Warhawk, and white ring. At the start of the fight, they release spirits and fly into the air, out of range. Wulin wraps Xie Hou with BSG, then grabs his waist, spins around a few times, and tosses him into the air at the brothers, surprising everyone. Xie Hou complains beforehand he is afraid of heights, but it's too late.

Gu Yue approaches Wulin, and he tosses her up as well. While in the air, Gu Yue throws out discs of ice, perfectly placed and timed so that Xie Hou uses them as stepping stones to chase after the brothers. He gets one, and Long Hengxu calls the brother out - he would be dead if it was a real fight. The brothers only have speed increasing abilities, no attack with their single ring. While she keeps Xie Hou moving chasing down the last brothers, one moves to attack her. She starts to fall, and Wulin leaps to catch her. Suddenly, the BSG that was wrapped around her waist is attached to the brother and pulls him to the ground. The fight was over. Seeing that Wukong wasn't exactly pleased, Wulin realised that he was hasty with the tactic, and should have waited for the brothers to attack - they would have had to come close where they could be defeated easily.

Ye Ying Rong calls her sister and tells her the 5th class works together too well. Her sister has resentment for Wukong since he rejected her. They return to the dorms, and as Wulin starts to meditate, they are interrupted by Zhangxi and Xiao Yun. A small army was at the entrance demanding them and Gu Yue. They get Wukong on the way, and head down. More than 200 men, some equipped with spirit guides, are there, together with Guang Long on a stretcher and his older brother Guang Biao. He is the East Sea City mecha brigade captain. While Long Hengxu delays him, Wukong arrives and blocks Guang Biao. Guang Biao releases his spirit, also armour dragon, but with 2 yellow and 4 purple rings, and 2 lizards and a python as his spirit souls. To everyone's surprise, Wukong releases his spirit - a blue sword by the name of Skyfrost Sword which has 2 yellow, 2 purple and 2 black spirit rings.

Wukong is not focused on anything except his sword, gazing at it longingly. Guang Biao attacks, but Wukong blocks with the tip of his frost sword, sending a chill through Biao's body and knocking off several of Biao's scales. Wukong's eyes emit a purple light still gazing at his sword. Biao's python attacks but Wukong splits it and pierces both Biao's hands. Trembling in cold and fear, he sees Wukong's eyes and stammers "you are from that place", with Wukong replying that he was kicked out because of his temper.

Ye Ying Rong's sister comments that she will never catch up to Wukong, and Guang Biao takes his soldiers and leaves. Wukong orders his group to return and practice, so they scurry off.

When Wukong attacked Guang Biao, Wulin seemed to hear a dragon's cry in pain, followed by an angry roar within him. The burning feeling surfaced, but there were no golden scales this time. He enters meditation after the rest of his roommates, with a golden pattern erupting over his skin and a burning feeling surfacing, and after a short time finds himself within a black world. He sees a golden light getting larger and larger, before seeing a long snakelike body covered in golden diamond scales and large antlers. For some reason he knows it is a dragon, but it is entirely different from the mainland's dragons, with its long body and no wings. He then sees 18 blue halos surrounding the dragon, and his first thought is his blue silver grass. A golden figure appears and talks, telling Wulin that he has no memory, but he is just a thread of a divine soul and there to guide Wulin. The dragon is the essence of the golden dragon king, but is currently unable to be Wulin's spirit entirely because its power is far too great, and is bound by 18 seals to protect Wulin. Wulin needs to open the seals to slowly absorb his power - he has started on one seal, otherwise the power will destroy all the seals at once and kill Wulin.

In order to release the first seal, Wulin needs 100 year Ice fruit and Flame fruit, together with 10 drops of 100 year dragon spirit beast blood, and he needs to do this before he is 10 (~6 months). The dragon aspect of Xie Hou's dagger stimulated Wulin's blood, temporarily releasing a part of the seal. He feels dizzy, and the dragon disappears as Wulin awakens. He runs through everything in his head, and decides that he first needs the fruit. He re-enters normal meditation until morning. On the way to breakfast, he asks Xie Hou about the fruit, finding out that they enhance ice and fire properties respectively with 10 year fruits being 20,000 coins, and 100 year fruits are only at the auction., while 1000 year is priceless. He estimates 100 year fruits are 800,000 to 1,000,000 coins. He makes Xie Hou promise to take him to the auction on the next rest day, then calls Mang Tian and arranges to meet him also on the rest day.

They win their next fight, and Gu Yue and Xie Hou have their typical fight when Gu Yue wants to come to the auction the next day. At the auction, they wander around a bit, before heading to the section where the spirit fruit will be sold.

Wulin sees the prices for some of the fruits, red fire fruit, 40 years - 180,000. There are no 100 year fruits, with Xie Hou pointing out that they would be on the next floor, and they can't go there yet. They don't have enough money or status, but could make it if Wulin was a 3rd rank smith. Wulin decides to do that, and is meeting with Mang Tian later that day. As they are leaving, they run into and are insulted by students from the first class.

Chapters 91-100

The male student insults them, and releases his rings, two of them at 9 years old! Wulin releases his, and the boy, Wei Xiaofeng, insults him further. As Xie Hou moves to attack, Wulin holds him back and tells him to fight in the arena the next day. Wulin goes to the studio, still annoyed at how weak he is. He asks Mang Tian about reaching 3rd rank smith, with Mang Tian questioning why. Wulin responds he needs to improve himself.

In order to improve himself, Wulin needs more money to buy good food and spirit rings. Mang Tian reluctantly agrees, he was withholding it from Wulin so that he wouldn't be defeated by jealousy in the industry, and wouldn't get arrogant. He tells Wulin that he focused too much on smithing, and not enough on spirit master, so couldn't become a holy Artisan. In order to reach that rank, you need level 70 and spirit avatar. He hands Wulin a letter from his parents, which reads that his parents have gone far away. His father was a mech designer, but one of his designs drew too much attention so he hid. He decided that for Wulin, he would return to it, and attached Wulin's identity card and a bank card, which contains 1,000,000 credits, enough to buy a 100 year ring, and they will send him more as they can. They have his soul communicator details, and can contact him, but won't do until they are safe and settled. Wulin tries to run off after his parents, but Mang Tian stops him.

Wulin is suddenly so lonely. Nuo Er is gone, his family is gone, his whole home is gone. Mang Tian tells him that he needs to be stronger before he can see his parents, so Wulin resolves to practice. When he gets back to school, Xie Hou and Gu Yue tell him that all 3 of the 1st class members have 2 rings, and were considered for skipping up a grade. Suddenly, a warning is issued for a typhoon. Everyone is on lockdown for the next week, and the contest is suspended until then. Hearing this, Wulin's group is glad they have a week more to practice, but Wulin states that he has something he needs to do before the typhoon arrives and runs out of the school.

Wulin calls Cen Yue, and requests to test for 3rd rank forging. Cen Yue was confused, until he realised it was Wulin, and he was out eating with Mu Chen and Mu Xi. Cen Yue told Mu Chen, and he was shocked, telling him to come immediately to do the test. Mu Xi is confused at her father's excitement, until she finds out it's about Wulin. Back at the forging association, they meet Wulin. After they have him calm down, he starts the test.

Mu Xi thinks Wulin is too arrogant - the 3rd rank test is not so simple. He needs to perform 1,000 refinement on any metal, with different metals awarding more points based on degree of difficulty. Wulin is most familiar with heavy silver, so he chooses it. Mu Chen and Cen Yue are surprised, and Mu Xi gets even angrier. Wulin is not distracted by them, he being entirely focused on the breath of the metal and the forging. He pulls out his heavy silver hammers, while Mu Chen and Cen Yue are set back as the weight of it must be enormous. Wulin starts forging with the hammers, the echo of the stacked hammer effect stunning everyone. They realise it's 1,000 refined hammers! Wulin wanted to ensure the success, so he went all out with this one. Mu Xi was just staring - she knew exactly what the triple stacked hammer effect and heavy silver meant. After 30 minutes, the forging is completed and Wulin's body is covered in sweat. Cen Yue praised the hammers as a gift from Mang Tian, but Mu Chen corrects him stating that Wulin forged it himself. They don't need the score anymore, and immediately award Wulin 3rd rank. The 4th rank assessment is far higher - 1,000 refinement and fusion of three metals into a specific shape. After being awarded and Mu Chen telling Wulin he would help him grow in any way, Wulin asks for a cash loan, and tells him he needs the 100 year fire and ice fruits as well as dragon blood. Wulin was thinking he needs to finish this within a week so they can win against the 1st class! Mu Chen tells Wulin he will arrange for the items.

After the items are delivered to Wulin within 30 minutes, Cen Yue is talking to Mu Chen about them, questioning his choice. Mu Chen saw that Wulin was very calm and knew exactly what he needed, planning to temper his body, and also saw it as an opportunity to win over Wulin. Wulin's talent was far too high, and Mu Chen saw him being capable of reaching God Artisan, surpassing Holy Artisan! He also knew that Wulin must have finished 1,000 forging before coming to the association, based on Mang Tian's secrecy and today's events. Wulin decides to go to the forging studio to consume the fruits and blood, as he doesn't know what will happen and wants to avoid the uproar at school. The studio should be safe from the typhoon as well. He opens the boxes, and feels the intense heat and cold from the fruits. He realises that he shouldn't eat them directly, so he concentrates and tries to reach out to the golden figure he saw and ask how to take them. There is no response, and just as Wulin is thinking it was all a dream, a voice sounded in his mind.

Wulin delves into his mind, he's completely awake this time. The golden figure tells Wulin he can call him Old Tang, and that Wulin will suffer great pain when he breaks the seal and fuses with the GDK's power. Wulin needs to put the fruits into a sealed container with the dragon blood poured over, and then drink it. He needs to be in a good state for this though, so he takes some time to ensure the studio is secure and call Xie Hou to tell him where he is before meditating. He combines the materials as instructed, and they start to reject each other and merge with the dragon blood inside the container. He feels an intense energy coming from the container as the effects die down, and opens it, with the scent and energy almost causing him to sneeze.

Wulin drinks it, unexpectedly it doesn't taste that bad, just a bit fishy. He sits down and tries to meditate, but heat spreads through his body as if his entire being is on fire. His skin is all red, and the golden lines spread over his body. Just as he feels like he can't bear it, the heat dies down, only to be replaced with an intense cold. His skin turns blue, and his blood begins to freeze, while the golden lines grow brighter. He feels a little bit of relief as the cold dies down again, then remembers the blood. As he thinks that, an immense pain spreads throughout his body, like ants burrowing into every part. He screams, and wants to scratch, but can't move his body. Old Tang tells him that if he gives up, he dies, and Wulin perseveres to the end of the pain. Wulin thinks it's over, but the cycle begins again.

A week passes, and the typhoon is over. Trees are uprooted and buildings damaged, but the sun is now shining through. Xie Hou has had a breakthrough over the week, but Wulin is missing so he and Gu Yue are nervous. They can't contact him through the spirit guide communicator and don't know where his studio is. Class starts again, and Wulin still can't be found, with the challenge beginning again after class. At lunch, Xie Hou and Gu Yue go to the forging association to try and find Wulin, but studio locations are secret, and Wulin's even more. They talk to Wukong, and he tells them that it will just be the two fighting.

At the arena, the first class is already there. They are glaring at the 5th class, while their teacher is glaring at Wukong. Her name is Ye Ying Luo, the elder sister of the 3rd class teacher, who hates Wukong because he rejected her. Her class shares her hatred of the 5th class, with one of the competing students named Konghan Wen wanting to break Wulin's handsome face. Wukong doesn't even pay her any attention though. As Wukong is about to announce they will fight with 2, Wulin arrives, looking quite dishevelled but confident to fight. Wei Xiaofeng makes some provocative gestures, making Xie Hou angry, but he is restrained by Wulin. Wei Xiaofeng releases his spirit, showing 2 yellow rings. His spirit soul is a blue shadow snake, matching his own spirit, which is why he ranked up so fast. To Xiaofeng's surprise, Xie Hou also releases 2 rings.

Chapters 101-200

Chapters 101-110

Long Hengxu is surprised, and the 5th class is cheering. Wang Xi from the 1st class releases his spirit, it seems like a large skeletal form with definite dark aspect, but he cannot tell what it is. Gu Yue is hiding behind Wulin's body, while Wulin is charging at Wang Xi and releasing his spirit. The golden grass snake is much larger, but its body is hidden in Wulin's clothes and cannot be seen aside from the head. Wulin's body is enveloped in a brownish light from behind, and a fireball comes from around his shoulder, but Wang Xi just deflects it and punches at Wulin. Wulin returns the punch, knocking Wang Xi back several steps while not retreating at all himself. Gu Yue had noticed a strange feeling from Wulin when he arrived, which was enhanced now. Wei Xiaofeng creates shadow clones of himself to confuse Xie Hou with his first ring, but instead Hou releases his first ring and cuts all of them instead. Wulin's grass chases towards Wang xi, while Wulin brings out his heavy silver hammer and charges at Wang Xi. Wang Xi releases his first ring aiming at Wulin, and his arm and hand turn black and swell to a much larger size.

Wulin's BSG winds around Wang Xi, but his body becomes incorporeal and the strands pass through, it's his second ring. His spirit is Bone Dragon King, the ultimate dark spirit and even far ahead of Wei Xiaofeng. His 2nd ring lets him convert part of his body to ethereal form, avoiding physical damage, but can only do 25% at the moment. His 1st ring, bone claws, has grown larger and he attacks Wulin. Gu Yue warns him, but Wulin just raises his right arm and his eyes turn golden. Suddenly, Xie Hou feels deep fear and his actions slow, allowing Wei Xiaofeng to escape his clutches. Wang Xi, being targeted by it, feels fear right down to his core, and Wulin stretches out his right arm, grabbing the bone claw, and flings him away. Long Hengxu, about to rescue Wulin, is stunned at the reversal, while Ye Ying Luo is confused by the change. Gu Yue uses her wind binding on the last remaining student, Zhang Yang, but he releases his spirit, another 2 rings, and flies out before swooping at Xie Hou and enveloping the area in darkness while Wang Xi recovers and runs into the darkness as well. Seeing this, Wulin shouts out, picks up his hammer and starts his grass binding towards the darkness while charging in, before a golden light appears above the black area.

Gu Yue creates a light above the black area, causing it to weaken and strengthen Xie Hou a bit. Xie Hou uses his second ring's ability, light dragon storm, where he rotates quickly both defending and attacking at the same time. At the same time, Wulin manifests his power in his right arm, causing Wang Xi to weaken, and uses his hammer to attack. As a result, the three 1st class students withdraw, and Xie Hou retreats to Wulin, a bit scared and wondering about his power while Wang Xi is confused by Wulin's ability. Zhang Yang covers the trio in darkness, while Gu Yue creates a ball of light and fire and fires it. In return, Wang Xi fires a bone claw at Gu Yue, while Wei Xiaofeng creates shadows to attack Wulin and Xie Hou. Wulin pulls Gu Yue behind him, using his hammer to knock down the bone claw and shadow while Xie Hou evades his shadow and moves to attack. The shadow erupts on Wulin, with dark and cold invading his body, while his BSG erupts inside the dark zone, hard as a whip, and attacks all three at once and interrupting the darkness and other skills.

Gu Yue is a little worried about Wulin, and injects her light power to try and force out the dark and cold. Wei Xiaofeng is surprised that Wulin is not very affected, but Gu Yue flies into a rage, and combines her ice and wind power together creating a blizzard that covers the field. Long Hengxu is stunned and just looking silly, this is a power that even a lvl30 wouldn't be able to use, but it came from this 1 ring student. Xie Hou knows exactly this strength; even he would be defeated by it every time unless he evaded it before it even started. The storm lasted 10 seconds, and at the end Gu Yue can't stand anymore but Wulin catches her. The 1st class trio are all pale when it ends, Long Hengxu was ready to step in and Xie Hou declares they should surrender, but they refuse. Zhang Yang and Wei Xi turn to each other, and surprisingly perform spirit fusion. The cry of an eagle and dragon erupt, and Wang Xi's body takes on a much larger bone dragon appearance. He attacks Xie Hou, and Wulin doesn't have a chance to help. Xie Hou blocks with his dagger, but is flung away with his arm fracturing. Wulin catches him before Hou passes out. Wulin yells out and charges at the bone dragon, his eyes turning gold and his right arm covered in golden scales, letting out a quiet dragon roar. Wang Xi attacks with his claw, but Wulin's own claw slaps him away, though Wang Xi's tail hits Wulin and knocks him back. While Wulin is in the air, his BSG, attached to Wang Xi pulls himself back towards Wang Xi. Wang Xi readies two bone claws to finish him off, but suddenly Wulin roars loudly like a dragon.

Wulin's arm is completely golden, and his claw has an atmosphere of terror. Long Hengxu and Ye Ying Luo yell out, but Wulin doesn't hear them, in too much of a rage. As Wulin attacks, another hand deflects his attack, instead of hitting Wang Xi in the head, it hits his arm, and he shoots out like a rocket crashing into the ground. Wukong tells Wulin to stop and he snaps out of it; Wang Xi and Zhang Yang however have a broken arm and leg respectively and are screaming on the ground. When Ye Ying Luo starts yelling about his class injuring her students, Wukong just looks at her coldly and escorts his class to the infirmary. There, he helps Wulin release the dark contamination in his body, and gets treatment for Gu Yue and Xie Hou. Xie Hou has to stay as his injury is more severe, but Wulin and Gu Yue are sent back to the dorms. Gu Yue asks why Wulin's arm is so strong, he just responds that he doesn't want to lie, so he doesn't want her to ask him. Wulin remembers the pain suffered unlocking the seal, and the changes throughout his body and to the snake when he finished.

When Wulin finished absorbing the GDK power from the first seal, old Tang appeared and told him about the golden dragon claw that he can use, but that it would consume far more soul power than he can yet afford. He also told Wulin that he needs to break the next seal by 15, and imprinted the materials needed into his memory and mentions there will be a surprise with it.

Wulin arrives back at the dorm, and Xiao Yun tells him what happened afterward. The match result wasn't called, as the players were too injured, Zhang Yang had broken legs, Wang Xi had a broken arm, and Wei Xiaofeng was so terrified he wet his pants. Wulin regrets it a little, he almost killed them. The Dean, Chen Ning Yu is talking with Long Hengxu about the fight. Chen is surprised when he hears that Class 1 had a spirit fusion, and even more when he heard it was defeated by a 1 ring student. He surmises that Wulin's golden arm is a body variation, and Wulin might actually be a genius with twin spirits.

They decide to create a special class to train the most talented children, with Wukong as their teacher. Through his meditation, Wulin properly feels his power, and releases the golden talon, which drains his spirit force much faster. He goes for a run, and not paying much attention, almost runs into a tall 14 year old girl.

The girl helps him up, and teases him a little, before challenging him to a race. He is faster than her, but at the end she races past to win, and then introduces herself as Ouyang Zi Xin. After she leaves, Xie Hou appears, and tells him she is one of the top beauties of the school and teases him. After breakfast, they head to the assembly, all the other students are staring at Wulin.

The winning class receives one A-rank meal per day, while a Class 0 is created with Wulin, Gu Yue, Xie Hou, Wang Xi, Zhang Yang and Wei Xiaofeng, taught by Wukong, while Long Heng Xu temporarily takes over their old class until they get a new teacher. Chen Ning Yu tells Class 0 to fill in a contract and stay at East Sea City academy until they graduate - it's only an intermediate academy, but Wei Xiaofeng refuses and is ejected from Class 0.

The dorm has changed as well, each student has a private room with a shared common area, and Wukong also lives in a room there. Wang Xi and Zhang Yang are still unconvinced from the fight, glaring and staring at Wulin. Their first class is Wukong teaching them theory about Mech Armor.

Chapters 111-120

Wukong then tells his students that he was disappointed in the fight, each of them forfeited their own advantages. Xie Hou rushed in full of confidence in his 2nd ring, not playing to his strengths, and deservedly got his arm broken, while Wulin barely used his spirit just relying on brute force. He also criticizes the other team, with the same problems, and says that Wang Xi was the only one who did his job properly, even though he was suppressed.

He points out that they all lack in practical combat experience, and has Gu Yue and Wulin fight him to display that, as the other 3 are all injured. Through simple foot techniques and a stick as a sword, he is able to completely dodge and block their attacks, while accurately hitting them with the stick to nullify their strengths. Gu Yue uses an attack that could damage the classroom, but Wukong moves so fast there seem to be illusions of him, and blocks it all. Everything he used was basic combat skills.

By 10 days, the other 3 have recovered, and started to participate. On the 10th day, they take part in physical assessments, starting with Mental Power. Xie Hou had gone up by 2 points, Wang Xi had 18, which was quite weak. Zhang Yang displayed 41, and Wulin 66, shocking Wang Xi and Zhang Yang.

The last to test was Gu Yue, with 153. At that result, the entire room is silent. The following test is power, using a punching machine. Gu Yue's left fist hits for 115kg, and right fist 143kg. Zhang Yang left 60, right 69, which as a speed spirit master, he is very happy with, but shocked by Gu Yue's result. Xie Hou shows 153 left, 164 right, while Wang Xi shows 423 left and 468 right. He wants to see the gap between himself and Wulin, but is incredibly proud of that result. Wulin's turn, his aura changes a little and Wang Xi starts to feel uncomfortable. Zhang Yang prays it isn't too high, but the result shows Wulin's left hand, 1156, right hand 1348. Wukong tells Wulin to release his scales, and the result increases, and the aura is fully released causing Wang Xi's spirit to tremble in fear. Wulin's golden arm hits for 2700, and Zhang Yang is numb. Wukong then tells Wulin to try with his Talon skill, and as he is about to, Wulin asks if he has to compensate for it if it breaks, with Wukong responding no. Wulin's aura increases even more.

Wang Xi is completely pale, and can barely bring out any strength. Wulin's golden talon hits the machine, which displays data for a second before exploding under the impact. Everyone is shocked, but Wukong quietly wrote down a number, 3998. As Wulin's aura subsides, Wang Xi is back to normal, but his hands are trembling. Next is the reaction test, with Xie Hou in first followed by Wulin, Gu Yue, Zhang Yang and Wang Xi. Wukong calls Wulin to his room, and demands to know what happened to increase his strength. Wulin just explains that his blood changed during the typhoon, and he had a lot of pain but woke up even stronger, with even his BSG evolving. Wukong suspects it is Wulin's second spirit awakening, and causing variation in the first, but Wulin knows it isn't a second spirit. Wukong is close, but not entirely correct, but Wulin knows this is likely the best way to explain it. Wukong tells Wulin it's dangerous, so next time there is variation he needs to tell Wukong to protect and help him. He then asks Wulin if he wants to learn the footwork that Wukong displayed, and tells him there is an organization he has to join if he wants to learn, and Wukong can give him a referral to it.

Wulin thinks for a minute, before declining, and explaining that his parents were taken by a mysterious organization. Wukong tells him that it wouldn't be the same one, and tells Wulin to take the test anyway, then he can find the name and decide whether to join. Wulin returns to his forging studio, and works to complete the forging tasks. He receives a call from Mang Tian, telling Wulin to come to the forging association.

At the association, Wulin is in Mu Chen's office with Mang Tian. Mang Tian had agreed due to his own limits, and tells Wulin to take Mu Chen as his teacher, it will help him progress better. Wulin refuses, since Mang Tian is his only family left, but Mu Chen tells him that they can both be his teachers, changing the rules in the process. Mu Chen tells Wulin to keep increasing his mental force, hitting 30 is the most important thing for him now.

Wulin tells them his mental level is 66, shocking them, before leaving to collect his money and go home. Mu Xi calls out and goes back to school with him, as his senior sister apprentice. Wulin senses something and steps in front of her, but realizes it's just Wang Xi. Xi Zin steps out as well, calling out to Mu Xi and going back to the dorm with her, teasing her about Wulin on the way, they are very close friends.

Wang Xi wants to know the source of Wulin's power, but Wulin refuses to tell him. He knows that spirit suppression happens, but had never heard about the intensity of it, even on people with much higher mental force. Wang Xi is getting discouraged, thinking that no matter his strength, Wulin will suppress him, which will be negative for his growth. Wulin explains how he felt with a waste BSG, but kept going even through despair. Wang Xi realizes that he doesn't feel the suppression, and Wulin releases his scales. The scales are the same, but Wang Xi doesn't feel suppression, instead he feels power. Wulin tells him to try and hit him, but as soon as Wang Xi tries, his power is suppressed again. They visit Wukong to figure out what is happening. With Wang Xi testing his force again, his power has increased by 50%. Wukong explains that it must be the hostility. If Wang Xi is hostile to Wulin, his power is suppressed, but if it is well-intentioned, it is instead increased. Wang Xi wonders why Wulin's dragon blood is so strong, his whole family is powerful bone dragon spirit masters and this could prove to be dangerous for them. They meditate together, and both experience an increase in effect being close together. Once they awaken, Wukong has them grip hands and channel spirit power to each other. While Wulin's golden scales appear, Wang Xi's skin is covered with black scales, spreading from his arm and his spirit power increasing dramatically. It spreads to his neck and chest, and black lines appear on his left hand, before his soul force can no longer sustain it. Wukong explains that it doesn't happen to Xie Hou, since it is his dagger that has dragon power, rather than his body.

After Wulin leaves, no one notices but a golden pattern, similar to Wulin's flashes on Wang Xi's forehead. The next day, Wukong tells the class that they are going to The Pagoda for spiritual simulation, which is normally incredibly expensive.

Chapters 121-130

Wukong and Long Heng Xu take them to The Pagoda, where Wulin sees a mural depicting the founders of it. He sees Yuhao, surrounded by his spirit beast companions, and Tang Wutong, who strangely feels familiar. Gu Yue comments that his name sounds similar to Tang Wutong's, and that they also look similar except the eyes and hair. Further inside, they see a room with many screens, and a Pagoda member addresses them.

He explains that they are going to enter a spiritual simulation of the Star Great Forest, and explains the escape button to them in case they feel they are in too much danger. The longer they can survive in there, the greater the benefits. They lay in small metal coffin-like beds, and have some wires attached to them. They are put to sleep, and wake up in a lush forest. Wulin tries everything, it's all perfectly represented. He can use his golden scales, his refined silver hammers, and all of his equipment and storage. Wulin finds a small clearing with a lot of tall blue silver grass, and starts to meditate, releasing his spirit and merging it with the surroundings. All of the surrounding BSG seem to cheer, and the breath of life strengthens a large amount. Long Heng Xu, watching on the screen, wonders why Wulin is going to sleep, but Wukong points out that his spirit is BSG and is clearly merged with his surroundings.

Zhang Yang wakes up, and releases his spirit. He uses his 2nd ring to fly, and sees a large blue bird. He starts to chase it, but as he gets close, the bird turns and attacks. He tries to escape, but sees many more of the birds appear and start to attack him. He hits the distress button, and the simulation ends for him. Long Heng Xu is a bit grumpy, but doesn't make any further comment and Zhang Yang sits down and feels embarrassed.

Xie Hou is exploring, and is attacked by a scarlet magic tree, and then notices many more. He escapes, but then encounters a 100 year long tailed rat. Xie Hou defeats it, but then hears some muffled roars and shaking ground. Wang Xi is getting tired. He had defeated a group of 10 year green wind wolves, and in his fatigue did not notice the huge figure approaching him until it blotted out the light. He looked up to see a woman's face, which was on the belly of a huge spider.

It was a Man-Faced Demon Spider, and Wang Xi instantly bolted, but was wrapped in webs and couldn't escape. It's lance-legs speared through his body, and the simulation ended. In The Pagoda, the staff were urgently running around to treat Wang Xi, he was suffering after effects from the attack. Zhang Yang was confused since it was just a simulation, and it was explained that everything feels real, so Wang Xi's mind believes he just got skewered. Gu Yue encounters a few spirit beasts, but they are not strong and are easily defeated. She runs into a 3m tall bear, and the Pagoda staff cry out. It's a 1000 year Crystal Bear, a weaker variation of the dark gold fear claw bear, but still incredibly powerful. Instead of forcibly ejecting her, Wukong tells them to watch. Gu Yue teleports with the power of space when the bear attacks, before knocking leaves out of the tree to block its sight with her wind power, followed by teleporting once more and running. Long Heng Xu sees this response, and is quite happy, with Wukong satisfied by her tactics and composure. They look at the screens to see the others. Xie Hou finds the source of the rumbling, it's a 100 year horned dragon.

Xie Hou knows this beast, having read about it. Its defense is strong, and it is stubborn, chasing its enemy until one is defeated. He dodges, and the dragon runs into the tree, before being attacked by Xie Hou. His dragon dagger is unable to penetrate its armor, so he decides to run. As he is about to be hit, he feels tightness around his waist, and is pulled away by Wulin's BSG. He was woken up by Xie Hou and the dragon stumbling close to his meditation area and the surrounding BSG telling him. Wulin raises his hammer and hits the dragon, knocking it away but not causing any real damage. He activates his golden scales, which suppresses the horned dragon, but it still attacks. Wulin uses his BSG to pull him into the air, then launches himself down at the dragon. He activates his Golden Talon, and it penetrates the horned dragon's skull like paper, instantly killing it. He feels that his attack encountered no resistance at all, before withdrawing his scales and knocking the corpse away with his left hand, but the impact causes a dull ache in his left arm.

They hear another sound of crashing approaching, and see Gu Yue running towards them being chased by the crystal bear. She is exhausted and pale from continually using her abilities to run, and hides behind Wulin. Activating his scales, he grabs the horned dragon's body, and tosses it at the crystal bear. Back in The Pagoda, Long Heng Xu is absolutely stunned at Wulin's strength, and Wang Xi is pale, but awake from his coma, still shaking. The trio in the forest decide to fight, with Wulin giving orders. He attacks with his hammer, and as the bear was about to attack, Xie Hou cut at it's neck, distracting it. With his BSG and Gu Yue's wind power, Wulin launches himself into the air, and his BSG grabs the bear's feet. The grass turns to crystal and is about to shatter, then a golden light comes from it for a moment before breaking. His soul force doesn't drop when it breaks this time.

Xie Hou attacks the bear's belly, Gu Yue hits its eyes. When the bear turns to Xie Hou in a rage, Gu Yue hits it in the eyes, and it crouches lower trying to attack and defend at once. Wulin attacks its chest with his hammer, before grabbing its neck with his golden talon and crushes its spine. As it dies, its body explodes, covering him with a layer of yellow crystals. As he was about to fall and shatter, Gu Yue catches him, but he is too heavy and she faints on impact with the ground. Wulin is out of soul force, and Xie Hou pulls Gu Yue out. She is unconscious, and Hou hits her distress button, ejecting her from the simulation. He can't get to Wulin's, as it is covered in crystals, but they will disappear soon and he defends Wulin until then. A group of spirit beasts appear, and decide that Xie Hou is better food than the horned dragon.

Xie Hou fights the Blue Wind Wolves, they aren't strong, but there are too many and he has cuts all over his body and his clothes are covered in blood. The crystals disappear, and Wulin finishes fighting while Xie Hou blacks out. Back at the Pagoda, Wulin wakes up and all the staff are impressed by them. The trio all fought to protect each other until the end. The children head back to the school.

As they get closer to school, Wulin feels warmer and more tired. Gu Yue notices something wrong, and asks, with Wulin telling her he is sleepy and she grabs him with him instantly falling asleep. Wukong senses something is wrong, and checks Wulin, his spirit soul is evolving. They were told there was a rare opportunity in the spiritual simulation where through fighting strong enemies it was possible for the soul to evolve itself, but it is so rare it's like winning the lottery. Since Wulin's beast soul was so weak, 10 years, fighting and personally killing the 100 year horned dragon and 1000 year crystal bear were enormous stimulants and caused this phenomenon. Wukong watches over Wulin at the dorm, as BSG sprouts from his hands. It's as thick as a vine, with a deep golden light emitted from the veins instead of blue, with the same light coming from Wulin's veins. Wulin's grass snake is released, it has grown longer and thicker, with its scales no longer white but light golden with a pulsing bright golden scale on it's forehead. It has clearly evolved to 100 years.

Chapters 131-140

Wulin woke up, and Wukong told him what had occurred before leaving. Wulin released his spirit, his ring was yellow. The grass snake released, it was properly golden, and Wulin used his spirit which promptly wrapped up everything in the room, each strand being tougher and his soul force being consumed far less. The grass snake leapt out into some of the grass, with the grass instantly turning golden and scales covering it. His grass snake spirit is now able to use abilities and fuse with his BSG, it is no longer defective. Feeling strength flowing within him, he ran out and started running around the track field, with Ouyang Zi Xin laughing at him and teasing him when she arrived.

In class, Wukong gives them all a score based on their assessment in the spiritual simulation. Zhang Yang scored 0 as he screwed up right at the start, Wang Xi a 1 as he was eliminated by the Man Faced Demon Spider but managed some success early, while Gu Yue and Xie Hou scored a 5, with their good use of tactics and knowledge. Wulin only scored 4, as he neglected to use his own spirit to good effect, and did not have enough knowledge of spirit beast abilities which almost got his entire team wiped out when he was crystallized. Wukong questioned Gu Yue on how she was able to locate and run to Wulin, as her escape direction from the bear homed in on Wulin even when his location changed, with her responding that her elemental abilities let her track her allies, and she thought Wulin would be safest.

They are told to increase their knowledge of spirit beasts so they can fight better, and Gu Yue quietly thanks Xie Hou. In the evening, Wulin and Wang Xi practice, and his soul force is steadily increasing. While forging, Mu Chen is much stricter than Mang Tian, but Wulin can feel his forging steadily improve. Once per week, they enter the spiritual simulation and gain more experience. After 3 months, Gu Yue is almost rank 20, and Wulin almost 16, and Wukong tells them their final exam is in the simulation. They need to survive at least one hour, but this time of year the simulation is somewhat unstable and the spirit beasts will be more active and the risk higher.

In addition, they may encounter other spirit masters in the simulation this time, and so may fight more than just spirit beasts, but they will enter as a team and start at the same location. In this spiritual simulation, they can absorb the power of slain beasts as normal, but other spirit masters can also absorb this strength directly from them if they are defeated, so if they lose in the simulation to humans they will get no benefit. There are likely also to be many 3 ring spirit masters in the simulation, so they will have to be careful. They have 3 days to prepare, and there will be another part of the exam after the simulation. They are all excited about the prospect of increased strength, and thinking they can reach a 1000 year ring.

A 1000 year ring as the first ring should allow three rings from the one spirit soul, but it has never occurred because no-one has had the strength. Wulin declares he is going to forge, while Gu Yue goes to meditate and Wang Xi is apprehensive but Wulin tells him he will come to practice at night. They talk about their second vocation, Wang Xi is thinking about forging like Wulin, while Xie Hou is contemplating armor manufacture as it is the least technical but still requires lots of skill. Gu Yue is thinking about mech repair, shocking Xie Hou who expected her to learn armor design. For 3 days, Wulin forges at day and practices at night, one day Mu Chen calls him to his office. Wulin is known at the association as Mu Chen's disciple, but his 3rd rank is a secret and he doesn't wear his badge. Cen Yue retrieves and delivers the products of Wulin's forging, so no-one is aware it is completed by him. Mu Chen gives him a spiritual simulation card, he intends to help Wulin increase his spirit power and soul force to help forge. The intent is to enter the simulation during the coming storm, and work with Mu Chen to increase strength. Wulin tries to refuse, surprising Mu Chen by telling him that his class 0 is already going in during the storm, but Mu Chen tells him to keep it and use it after the storm, it will grant him multiple entries.

Wulin returns to the dorm, and gets everyone to sit in a room together. he hands them titanium cloud thousand forged chain mail shirts, which are very light but very hard and tough. This will protect them well during the simulation. Zhang Yang wears his, and gets Wang Xi to hit him. He is sent flying, but barely any pain in the chest as the shirt blocked most of the hit. The next day, they are taken to the simulation, where this time there is a private room as more spirit masters are there. If they fail the test, Wukong tells them he will cancel their holidays. Inside the simulation, Wulin calls them into a defensive formation with Gu Yue at the center, Wulin in the front, Wang Xi left, Zhang Yang right and Xie Hou at the back. Gu Yue uses her wind power to make them lighter, and Wulin sends out his BSG as probes and to help sweep away blockages making a path. Zhang Yang releases his spirit beast - a black hawk, which flies around and scouts out the area for them.

Back in the room, Wukong and the staff are watching, with the staff praising the children's calmness. Wukong thinks of the Shrek motto - they only accept monsters. Out of the 5, Gu Yue is the most astounding with incredible spiritual power and a never before seen spirit, Xie Hou has the most talent being a twin spirit user, Wang Xi and Zhang Yang have decent individual talent but their real strength is their not-yet-perfected fusion, while Wulin's potential seems far higher with his spirit undergoing variation and his mentality. While he recommended Wulin to join that secret organization, he would also recommend Gu Yue, but she seems to have too many secrets and he needs to keep watching her. The first spirit beast the 5 encounter is a Tiebi ape with an intimidating aura. Wulin threw his hammer and followed up with an attack with his golden scaled arm, while Xie Hou moves behind and is thrown up by Wulin's grass, headed towards the ape's head to pierce its skull. Gu Yue uses wind and fire to attack with little power distracting the ape, while Wulin retrieves his hammer and breaks the ape's defense.

Wulin then proceeds to wrap the ape's body with his BSG, while Xie Hou penetrates the skull and skewers the brain with his light dragon dagger's first ring. With the ape defeated, Xie Hou absorbs its power while Zhang Yang continues to scout the area. While they rest, Zhang Yang sees a group of people approaching. A red light appears, and the group takes formation as the newcomers have seen them. Surprisingly, it is Mu Xi, with a red sun above her head, her spirit. She has 3 rings at this point, and seeing Wulin greet him then takes her group and leaves. She was satisfied, as she saw the shock in Wulin's face at her 3 rings.

Wulin's group do not rush, they need to hold for an hour and there is no real urgency. Suddenly, Zhang yang calls out a warning, Wang Xi goes pale and a green net drops from the sky. Gu Yue is the fastest to react, but her abilities are unable to penetrate the net and Wulin calls them to retreat. Wulin stops the net with his BSG, but it quickly corrodes the grass. The Man Faced Demon Spider drops from the sky and lands in front of them. While Wulin is trying to figure out what to do, Gu Yue throws fireballs at it, but it blocks them with thrusts of its legs. Wulin calls them not to retreat, and tells Wang Xi and Zhang Yang to hold back and get ready for their fusion. While Wang Xi was petrified, suddenly Wulin's attitude causes a complete shift and Wang Xi swells with courage and his blood boils. While they try to attack the spider, it keeps evading and spreading webs, until Xie Hou realizes it's making a cage to trap them in.

While it continues, Gu Yue recovers her soul power, and everyone else acts defensively. Wulin initiates, throwing his hammer at the spider, which shoots a web at the hammer, ensnaring it. The heavy silver hammer has gone dark, but it's structure is strong enough to resist the corrosion for a time. After 10 minutes of stalling, the spider looks set to attack, and Wulin whispers something to Gu Yue. The spider shoots a web at the group, then screams and runs in. Gu Yue lifts stone pillars from the ground, blocking the web, and more to knock the spider into the air. Xie Hou climbs among the pillars into the sky, while Zhang Yang blankets the area in darkness. BSG rises into the sky and wraps around the spider and spreads its legs out. Wulin throws Wang Xi into the air, and the spider reacts by shooting a web at him, but BSG pulls him out of the way dodging the web. As the spider was about to break through the BSG, it suddenly turns golden and resists all corrosion, while Xie Hou lands from above and stabs the spider in its back, releasing his 2nd ring. Suddenly, the BSG brakes and the spider falls towards the ground. Under it's abdomen, Wulin appears, and his golden talon pierces into its belly - right into the human face, and the blood spurts out. As the blood sprays, it instantly turns to ice, and loses all corrosive effect.

Chapters 141-150

After struggling for a bit, the spider falls to the ground dead. A yellow aura arises from the spider, and Wulin returns his hand, with the golden scales completely protecting him from the corrosion. They all cheer, and Wang Xi hugs Wulin in his excitement. Wulin was a little surprised. He was expecting to be sacrificed here, if anything had gone wrong, the blood would have corroded him away to nothing. At the Pagoda, the staff are all speechless. The tactics were perfect, and Wukong is simply smiling, and murmured the control system is finally complete. The entire fight, Wukong with his extensive combat experience, couldn't tell what Wulin planned, until the last second when Wulin appeared under the demon spider. The staff ask Wukong to let the kids join the Pagoda, so astounded. They initially were disappointed when the children were trapped in the web area, having really wanted to see how they do. They expected them to run, gaining some time, or for one to sacrifice themselves for the others to escape, as those are the best methods as proven by everyone that has been through the simulation. Wulin had allowed it to become arrogant of victory with the web area, then shattered it and confused it with the earth spirit power blocking and launching it, before distracting it many times. The staff had expected Xie Hou's attack to be the the last, failing due to the defense of the spider's back, but it was just another feint.

Wulin falls on his butt and sits, exhausted from soul force consumption, and astounded by the understanding between himself and Gu Yue. They seemed to fit perfectly, with no words or communication, they had an invisible understanding, an innate feeling of understanding. They rest and meditate there, with the demon spider's web arena still protecting them from other spirit beasts. With the spider dead, other spirit beasts begin to emerge, and with lower perception, they suffer from the demon spider's toxic webs. As they meditate, hundreds of spirit beasts emerge and die, with their spirit force accumulating and being absorbed by the group. The staff at the Pagoda are shocked, seeing the spirit power of the group rapidly increase. Where the spirit force for the spirit beasts comes from is a Pagoda secret, but they are all being absorbed. The Staff question Wukong, and he claims they haven't done anything wrong and the Pagoda needs to maintain normal operation. The Staff indicates he is just worried about the children's bodies, too much absorption could destroy them, and they are worried about the 1 ring Wulin and Gu Yue. Wukong isn't though, as Gu Yue has incredible mental power and Wulin has incredible physical durability, so the Pagoda staff can't contest. Wulin awakens, and finds his body feels a little bloated, then sees the corpses everywhere. As Wulin wonders if they can absorb more, Wang Xi says that is unlikely as they will reach the limit of their bodies soon, and Gu Yue points out that the poison has almost worn out.

Wulin sees that the webs are no longer green, and they prepare to leave. Gu Yue tells him that they have absorbed 400-500 years worth of power, and they need to be worried more about spirit masters than spirit beasts on their way out. He tells them that if they feel they can't absorb more spirit power, they should eject from the simulation, but he has absorbed much more. He realizes that the team members with two rings have their power absorbed split between the rings, so their bodies can't withstand it all, while his is focused on one ring and grows faster. He's a bit excited to evolve it to a 1000 year ring as the first, feeling that his body would have no trouble supporting it. He is also excited to see what changes to his spiritual and physical powers occur when he breaks the second seal.

Xie Hou yells out a warning and Wulin wakes from his daydream just as they are attacked by a six armed salamander. Before they can attack it, it is sliced to pieces by someone. They see a 17-year old boy with YYP rings and a two edged wand spirit released, also exuding a glow of spirit power absorption. Together with him is a blue haired girl with an ice wand spirit. The duo attack, and Xie Hou moves quickly to intercept the boy. At the surprising change of attack from the boy, his projectile is shot down by Gu Yue's ice, who steps up to fight the girl. She has a second ring! She moves and blinds them with her light powers, then teleports away from their sight before their vision recovers. When the boy regains his vision, he looks behind him and finds Gu Yue.

In front of Gu Yue is a tornado forming, together with flecks of ice. In return, the boy activates his 3rd ring, creating a spear of ice and fluctuating heavily with the power of it. They warn Gu Yue to give up, and she releases her skill towards them. The ice spear is released, flying at her with incredible speed, but she disappears. Confused by the space power, the girl points up and they see an enormous fireball heading for them. Having just released such a powerful ability, the boy has no time to gather his defense, but manages to eject the girl, his sister, from the simulation to prevent her from suffering. With the power dispersing from the boy as he died in the simulation, the group absorbs it, with most being absorbed by Gu Yue and Wulin. There's not time to rest, they have to keep moving, as there is nothing to stop the beasts from accumulating again and they instantly have to fight a large group of flame magic lions. With no option to fight this, they run.

While escaping from the 1000 year flame magic lion leading it's pack, Zhang Yang flies up a tree and grabs a beast egg, luring the blue birds down and then baits them to attack the lions and get in their way. Appearing like they have gotten some distance, Wulin and the others let out a quick sigh of relief, then all of a sudden a golden light flashes and Xie Hou's body is cut in half vertically.

Part of Xie Hou's spirit power goes to Wulin, another part to his attacker. They see an enormous beast coming from the trees, it's a dark gold fear claw bear, one of the supreme existences. They have no choice but to run. Wulin baits it, and tries to lure it to attack the flame magic lions, but as it appears they extinguish their flames and kneel in front of it, whimpering. Seeing this, Wulin can only run, however the dark gold fear claw bear unleashes a powerful attack, sending an enormous golden wave across the clearing from his slash. Wulin can only bring out his golden talon to block, and it succeeds for a short time before his soul force is completely spent and a burning sensation spreads across his eyebrows and through his blood before the golden talon disappears and the golden slash passes through his body. cutting him in half horizontally.

Everyone else has been evacuated from the simulation, Wulin sits up and tells them he is fine. Xie Hou is unconscious from the attack, but no other apparent effects as the attack missed his head. Wulin didn't feel anything when he was struck, and Xie Hou wakes up, thanking him for the chain vest which deflected the attack somewhat. Wukong raises one of the chain shirts up and says they cheated. He asks Wulin if he made it, with a response of yes, and then declares they get a 99% grade for the test. Wulin mentions that he feels he can absorb more spirit power, but Wukong quickly silences him while they are in the Pagoda.

Back at school, Wulin tells Wukong that he felt it would be difficult to upgrade his rings after gaining a second. Wukong agrees, that is why it is rare for people to upgrade their rings, along with the body's limits. Wulin feels that he can withstand 1000 year level ring, but Wukong wants to confirm. With the current ring level advancement to the limits for the children, Wukong had expected it to take 3 years. Wulin talks to Old Tang, who tells him that his current spiritual strength he could withstand a 2000 year ring.

Chapters 151-160

The next day, Wukong quizzes them on their experience. He asks why Wulin allowed the spider to make the web field, with Wulin responding that it was to lower its alertness, while also forming a barrier. He also criticizes them, as they let down their guard after absorbing so much energy. He also explains the strength and rarity of the Fear Claw Bear, with it being hunted to near extinction for its spirit bones. Even thinking about killing spirit beasts in the simulation, Wulin feels a little upset. Elsewhere, the boy named Xu Xiaoyu that Gu Yue defeated is angry. His sister, named Xu Xiaoyan, is trying to calm him down. He realizes that they must be East Sea City Academy students, soon to be his sister's seniors. She has a legendary variation on his spirit, and they were sent into the simulation by their clan to increase her spirit power, though he ended up doing everything.

Back in the academy, class 0's physical training continues. They are to fight Wukong 5v1, and are doing well, until Wukong fights seriously and forces Wang Xi and Zhang yang to use their spirit fusion. As they fuse, it falls apart and fails. They try again, but it fails once more.

Wukong feels that Wulin's golden seal has mutated Wang Xi's spirit to an extent that he can no longer fuse with Zhang Yang. Wukong changes the room allocations so that Wang Xi is a bit further away from Wulin for now, until he can come to a decision. Practicing with Wulin will help him advance individually, but no longer able to fuse. After a few days, Wang Xi decides not to practice with Wulin, as Zhang Yang is like a brother to him and he cannot abandon him. As a result, they transfer out of school.

His decision was not just due to Zhang Yang, but Wulin also had an enormous psychological effect on him. Wukong declares the final exam for the remaining 3 is the next day. Wulin is sad as everyone he cares about leaves him eventually. Ouyang Zixin sees him crying, and takes him to lunch, but as usual he eats too much.

While eating, Xu Xiaoyu appears and flirts with Zixin. He teases Wulin about eating so much, not realizing that they have met before, and his sister is also there. After talking, he finds Wulin is in the zero class, where his sister will be going as a transfer student to class zero. With Wulin looking up from his pile of food, Xu Xiaoyu finally realizes he was from the simulation and yells out "It's you!". He doesn't say anything else, as it would embarrass himself in front of Zixin. Wulin isn't interested, and leaves, with Zixin chasing him. She questions him about his behavior. He appoligizes and they separate with Zixin going back to continue talking to Xiaoyu and Wulin returning to the academy. He goes to see Wukong and asks if it's true that they will be getting a new student. He says not to be concerned but to instead focus on the 2nd part of the exam.

Back at the academy, Xie Hou wants to try and see what power Wulin can release when stabbed again, but is stopped by Gu Yue, and then teased. Back at the dorm, Gu Yue pulls Wulin aside, smelling another woman, so he tells her about Zi Xin and the siblings. When they head to bed, Gu Yue opens the windows, and in the moonlight and breeze her eyes glow purple and 7 coloured lights dance around her hand, each representing a different element. The next day, they head to East Sea City for their test.

In the city, they go to a park and a strange blue building, and inside the trio put on a metal bracelet in order to avoid being attacked by security defenses. Further inside, they go through a teleporter, astounding Xie Hou as space technology like this is brand new, still in early development. They are each sent to different test locations, where Wulin receives notice of 1st test, medium difficulty where he encounters a girl with a yellow spirit ring. He must survive for 30 seconds. She fights him, and summons a chinese tripod, which hits him heavily. Throughout the fight, she uses strange movements and purple flashes of light from her eyes, knocking him about and making him dizzy.

The fight continues, and she pulls out a long flute, with Wulin's reactions becoming duller, and the tripod attacks him again. After getting beaten about and attempting to use his golden talon he breaks her cauldron. She still continues to beat him up and finally 30 seconds is over and the fight ends. Before Wulin can catch his breath, test 2 starts and he must survive another 30 seconds continueing from where the last fight left off. This time, he runs before attempting to use his hammers to fight back, but is beaten into the fetal position where he becomes a human punching bag until the round ends.

A third test occurs, this time at Adavanced difficulty. This time she seems a little older and has 2 rings. Eventually he is ejected from the room, and he sees Xie Hou. They are both heavily bruised. After a few minutes, Gu Yue is also released. Wukong takes the three to a resting room, and explains to them that this was all a simulation. They had just fought some of the Tang Sect and Shrek heroes from 10,000 years ago - Wulin fought Xiao Xiao, Xie Hou fought Jiang Nannan, and Gu Yue fought Huo Yuhao.

On hearing this, Wulin instantly agrees to join Tang Sect. Xie Hou also joins, but Gu Yue will not, having decided to join the Pagoda. On the way home, Wulin is depressed, another one close to him is taking another path. Gu Yue tells him it doesn't mean she is leaving, she will still be by his side in the zero class and says they will always be together. Xie Hou teases them both. Soon enough, the holiday begins, and everyone else goes to visit their home. Wulin has no family at home, so instead spends his time in the forging workshop.

The next day, while Wulin is packing, Wukong tells him to go on a trip with him. In the train, Wukong hands Wulin a pamphlet. Inside is information on the Tang sect cultivation technique, mysterious heaven skill. He also tells Wulin about the other techniques, but that he needs to reach a certain contribution level before he can learn them, as well as the Tang sect laws. After reading it, Wulin hands back the pamphlet and Wukong helps him start to cultivate.

Chapters 161-170

Wulin starts practicing the mysterious heaven skill, with Wukong guiding him. After about 2 hours, he has fully comprehended it, and enters into a deep meditation. Seeing this, Wukong asks the attendant for the conductor, showing her his rings so that his requests are granted. The conductor arrives, and informs him that they will be in Heaven Dou city within a few days, and will only be stopping there for a day before heading to Sun Moon City. There is no possibility of waiting in Heaven Dou City any longer than that.

When the train has stopped, Wulin is still in meditation, so Wukong offers the conductor to pay for the damages and removes the chair with Wulin still meditating in it. In the station, the guards approach, and he explains what is happening with no resistance. They give him a quiet room with food and water, and he rests there waiting for Wulin. After a number of days, Wulin wakes up, feeling the effects, and his stomach growls. Wukong points at the food on the ground, and Wulin quickly eats it, more than 12 peoples worth. They then leave.

Wukong takes Wulin through Heaven Dou City; they are going to visit a friend of Wukong's. Along the way, Wulin smells some good food, and they go to eat. They visit Rain-ho grilled fish, which is based of Yuhao's grilled fish recipe when he was with Wutong. By the end of the meal, Wulin has eaten 91 fish and Wukong laments the cost. After the meal, they visit a hotel and wash up, Wukong comes out in pristine white clothes, and they visit Heaven Dou cemetary.

Inside, they visit a tall gravestone labelled "Ice Dragon". Wukong tells Wulin to wait, and goes up to it. He spends a bit of time wiping all traces of dust off it. Smiling, he mentions the name Bing-er. Wukong then takes Wulin to eat noodles. Again, Wulin eats a lot, and they go back to the hotel and meditate. In the morning, Wukong teaches Wulin the Purple Demon Eye technique.

Even after the first receipt of the sun's rays with this technique, he seems to have reached a level that took Wukong months. For the next few days, they do nothing except rest and meditate. After two weeks, Wulin has entered the first realm of Purple Demon Eye, and is able to see all fine details. Wukong takes Wulin out, and they visit a building. Wulin notices the same hand movements made as when they went to Tang Sect in East Sea City. Inside, Wulin sees statues of the past Shrek Seven, including Xiao Xiao.

Around the statue of Yuhao, are his 6 spirit familiars - Heavenly Ice Silkworm, Xuenu, Ice Emperor Scorpion, King Polar Bear, Octagonal Ice Grass and Mermaid Princess. On the other side are the original Shrek Seven, including Tang San and Xiao Wu. On seeing these statues, Wulin's body is warm and subconsciously moves forward. After they bow to the statues, they move further forward, and a man named Zhao tells Wulin he is formally accepted into the core of Tang sect, and has him meditate on a wooden bed.

After examining Wulin's body, Zhao tells Wukong that Wulin is able to hold up to 4,000 years for his spirit rings. This means that at 20th rank, he can have 2x 2,000 year rings, which will then increase his strength again to the point where he can withstand 2x 3,000 year rings. Purple Demon Eye will increase his mental strength to the point where he can withstand such strong spirits. They visit the Pagoda, where Wulin's mental power is tested - 124. They then decide they need to go to the 2nd level simulation - intermediate level.

Wukong explains that getting more rings is exceptionally difficult due to the spiritual space occupied by each familiar. Wukong's familiars can grant him up to 8 rings, but it is unlikely that he can successfuly merge with another to reach Title Douluo due to his mental power. They visit the auction house, where Wulin gives Wukong his 3,000,000 coins saved up. Wukong asks how he got it, with Wulin responding through forging, and that he is rank 3.

On the auction list, Wulin notices a 1,000 year Dragon Scale Fruit - this is one of the fruits that Old Tang told him he needed. He tells Wukong that he needs it, and explains that he can feel the items that his body needs to increase his blood's power. He also tells Wukong that he needs a 1,000 year Dragon Tendon, 1,000 year Blood Vine, and 1,000 year Dragon Marrow. Wukong explains that they could probably find the marrow in East Sea City, vine in Shrek, but no idea about the tendon.

The auction starts, and the first item is an ice grass - similar to Yuhao and Tang San's octagonal ice grass, but only 1,000 years so lacking many of the leaves. After fierce bidding, a member on the 2nd floor wins for 10,000,000. The starting price had been 2,000,000. The next auction is the Dragon Scale Fruit.

Chapters 171-180

The auctioneer announces that the fruit was almost priceless, but was picked too early. The starting price is 1,000,000. After more fierce bidding, the price goes to 5,000,000 to the 2nd floor bidder. Wulin tries to borrow money from Wukong, but is only responded to with a cold chill. Wulin, a bit depressed, pays no attention to the next auctions where Wukong wins simulation tickets for 2.6 million. The last few items are spirit guide armor. The first is a belt, which gives off a strange purple glow and Wulin can't quite tell what it is made from. The auctioneer announces that the best spirit guide armor is made when the designer and crafter work together, so finding a suitable partner is essential.

The 3 pieces of spirit guide armor sell for over 20 million. When leaving, Wulin thinks to himself that if the Dragon Scale fruit could appear now, it will definitely appear again. Wukong stops him from leaving and Old Zhao arrives. He was the 2nd floor bidder, and Wukong used him to prevent the price from rising higher than 5 million. The next day, they go to the Pagoda to enter the simulation.

They enter the middle level Spirit Ascension Chamber, which is distinctly more luxurious than the basic level with crystal pods instead of metal. The middle level also has a restriction of no one >lv70. Inside the simulation, Wulin is surprised that they have not seen any beasts for 10 minutes. Wukong explains that the Chamber is modeled based upon the Star Dou Great Forest. They are inside the middle layer of the forest, near the central region of the 10 Great Beasts, where only thousand-year and above beasts live. Suddenly, a winged tiger appears. Wukong identifies it as Ice Fire Demon Tiger, at least 4 thousand year old, with strength on par with a Man-faced Spider. Wukong tells Wulin to protect himself as the tiger slowly approachs.

The tiger shoots a big fireball at Wukong but he destroys it. However, from inside the ball, a hail of ice spikes rushes forward. Wukong activates his 1st skill, Mist Mark. His sword turns into a phantom; every spike it touches disappear. The tiger leaps into the air, its wings clasp together to send out 2 light blades at Wukong. He activates his 2nd skill, Mist Fog, and creates a blue cocoon made from sword rays that nullifies the attack. Then he summons a giant 10m sword ray that crashes down on the tiger's head. Even with its wing guard, the tiger is sent flying. The attack also creates an icestorm that sweeps clean everything within a hundred meters. The tiger is at death's door. Wukong calls on Wulin to deal the final blow and absorb the spirit power. Wukong has calculated that with this beast's strength, Wulin should be near an upgrade. Because Wulin's body can contain a 2 thousand-year familiar, Wukong decides to continue their hunt.

After only a couple of minutes, another beast appears. It says hello by shooting some acidic spikes at the 2 but Wukong carries Wulin away with Ghost Steps. The beast is a 5m tall Poison Porcupine, at least 3 thousand year old. Wukong activates his 3rd spirit skill, Heavenly Mist Cleave. The giant sword ray appears again, severely wounds the porcupine and partly freezes it in place. Wukong leaps into the air with Wulin. He activates his 4th skill, Mist Ice Word/Singing, turning his long sword into a heavy sword. Wulin nails the porcupine into the ground and absorbs its spirit power through the sword. At Wulin's questions, Wukong demonstrates his first 4 skills to him in different variations, teaching Wulin how to be versatile in combat. They then continue their hunt and kill several hundred-year beasts and 1 thousand-year.

The 2 are now in the depth of the 2nd layer, where the dozen-thousand-year beasts live. Wukong exclaims that it is too silent. He realizes they have entered the lair of a powerful beast. They are suddenly surrounded by dark shadows. One of them charges in; it looks just like Wulin. Wukong quickly dispatches it with Purple Demon Eye. Another shadow, this time looking like Wukong, approaches but it is also killed the same way. The beast they are fighting has dual elements, dark and mental. The shadows dissolve into black smoke that has a fear effect, forcing Wukong to use his 2nd skill to guard the 2. It seems the beast possesses a domain. Wulin sits down and uses his BSG to track its location. Wukong shoots a Heavenly Mist Cleave at the place Wulin points. The black smoke disappears as the beast show itself.

It is a 2m tall 3-eye Demon Ape, more than ten thousand years old. Wukong hastily charges at the ape but it passes through him and goes for Wulin. Fortunately, Wulin forsaw it and dodges to a nearby tree. Wukong rapidly sends out his 1st skill, Mist Mark, enveloping the ape with his sword while also shooting his Purple Demon Eye at it. However, the ape conjures a light ball and pushes back the sword storm while deflecting the eye-ray at Wulin. Wulin dodges again as the ray turns the tree he was standing on to ash. Wukong activates the condensed version of Heavenly Mist Cleave. It is only 1m long but possesses incredible power. The ape has trouble blocking the sword even with its shield and gets sent flying. Wukong does not pursue but prepares his 6th tens-thousand-year skill instead. The ape manages to stand up, opens its 3rd eye and turns giant. It shoots a giant beam of purple light mixed with black smoke at Wukong. Its 3rd eye also sends a mental attack at Wukong. Wukong meets the mental attack with his own Purple Demon Eye. The collision's shockwave affects even Wulin, knocking him down to the ground. Wukong's 6th skill finally activates. He turns into a white light and reappears behind the ape's back. A white ray splits the ape's body into 2 as Wulin attacks the ape's 3rd eye with his claw to absorb the spirit power.

The spirit power proves too much for Wulin as he faints. His body can only contain at most 2000 years but the total amount he has gathered exceeds 2300 years. Wulin is forced to go into the process of Familiar Ascension as Wukong guards him. Wulin awakes inside his mental world. Old Tang sighs and tells Wulin that he has used most of his power to make the upgrade process go smoothly. However, in the future, the unsealing process will be harder on Wulin. Old Tang tells him never to attempt such a risky thing like this again or else. Wulin finally awakes inside reality. Wukong is in rags from defending Wulin. There are at least 10 corpses of beasts around them, some giant. The 2 press the escape button. Wulin wakes up but in pain and can't move. He absorbed too much spirit and mental power. His mental sea has been affected and needs to recover asap to adjust. Wukong carries Wulin to a hotel. He then applies energy little by little to Wulin's body through Mystic Heaven skill while having Wulin recover by practicing Purple Demon Eye. Wukong thinks Wulin is now at or near lvl 17. Wulin's snake has also evolved greatly with purple eyes and complex patterns on its body. It takes 4 more days for Wulin's upgrade process to fully complete.

The pair return to East Sea City as the winter break ends. Wulin thinks he should be able to reach lvl20 within a year, 2 tops. He's 10 now, but Lvl20 at 12 would by definition be a genius. He first goes to the Forging Guild. Mu Chen welcomes him back and tells him to take some more rest, though Mu Xi complains her dad never lets her relax. Mu Chen says she needs to reach Wulin's level of forging. He also tells Wulin they'll speed up during the semester. Wulin accepts 2 third-rank missions and returns to his forge. It seems that Wulin's forging skill has improved by >50% thanks to his upgrade and Purple Demon Eyes. He manages to complete 4 pieces of thousand-forging instead of just 2, with better quality even.

Chapters 181-190

Wulin's products used to be at best 3rd-grade but this time, most of them are 2nd-grade. Mu Chen has said that when 30% of products are 1st-grade, Wulin can attempt spirit forging. Unbeknownst to Wulin, this is the result of everything that happened during the month long break, especially absorbing the 3-eyed Demon Ape because its mental element helps boost Wulin's Soul Force. Wulin then meditates for 3 days to reflect on his improved ability.

It’s now the second half of the semester (note semesters in this novel are 1 year long). Xiao Yun and Zhou Zhangxi are walking to school. They talk about class 0 and how their class would be demoted at the inter-class tournament after losing their main force. They spot Gu Yue, who has hit a growth spurt during the break. Her appearance attracts all the boys, except for the oblivious Wulin. In the staff office, Henxu is convincing Wukong to accept a new student, the shy Xiaoyan. Wukong reiterates that he only accepts monsters but relents when Henxu threatens to escalate it to the headmaster. Wukong tells Xiaoyan she has 1 month to gain the acceptance of class 0 to stay. He then leads her to the dorm. As Wukong leaves, Henxu reports to the headmaster, asking for an opportunity to test class 0.

Wukong leaves Xiaoyan inside the dorm after reminding her of the time limit. Xie Hou comes in and they make acquaintances. She reminds him of their previous meetings during the riot stage of the Chamber. Xiaoyan also tells him that she only has 1 ring. Xie Hou tells her about the other 2 and Xiaoyan is surprised that the 1-ring Wulin is the captain, not the powerful Gu Yue.

The opening ceremony is on the next day. Wulin is late as he was in deep meditation after the upgrade in order to master his new abilities. His level is currently lv16, almost to 17. Wukong has noticed Wulin and found that there are signs of a breakthrough, particularly in comprehension. After the ceremony is over, it’s class 0’s homeroom period. Xiaoyan formally introduces herself to the class. Wukong announces that they are going to have another body examination. Wulin still dominates in the strength test, which amazes the frail Xiaoyan. However, even Wukong himself is surprised with Wulin in the 2nd test, Mental Force. He measures 212 points, breaking into the middle grade of the Soul Mastery level. This is probably thanks to absorbing the 3-eyed Demon Ape. On a side note, Soul Mastery middle-grade is 150 points, high-grade is 350 points. 500 points mean breaking into the Soul Sea level. Gu Yue scores even higher, 278 points. In comparison, Xie Hou scores 59 points while Xiaoyan is 61 points.

Xiaoyan asks Wukong for another Soul Force test but at night. She explains that her spirit changes at nighttime. Wukong agrees. He then announces the 3rd test, 2-on-2 combat: Wulin and Xiaoyan vs Gu Yue and Xie Hou. Gu Yue argues that it isn’t fair as they both have 2 rings but the other team both only have 1. She proposes that Wulin and her fight Xie Hou and Xiaoyan, which annoys Xie Hou. Wukong of course vetoes it and make them fight as-is.

Xiaoyan explains to Wulin her spirit: long-range attack, elemental control and her first skill is the same as her brother, Moon. Wukong signals the fight to begin. Xie Hou charges forward while Gu Yue buffs his speed with wind element and shoots a slow-moving fireball. The fireball splits into 5 smaller balls in a line. They then collide and merge into a single smaller orange fireball charging like a bullet at Wulin. The fireball grazes Xie Hou and scares him. Wulin throws a punch at the fireball in his dragon mode while he summons some BSG to acts as a barrier and also to move Xiaoyan away. The punch pulverizes the fireball as Wulin’s new purple ring appears, surprising everyone in the arena, including the spectating Henxu. Inside melee range, Xie Hou attacks with his Light Dragon Dagger while also bringing outs his Shadow Dragon Dagger. The BSG barrier easily blocks the Dagger and some of it rushes out to trap Xie Hou. Xie Hou tries to counter with Light Dragon Storm but the upgraded BSG is too tough. He only manages to get away by using Dual Dragon Storm, which is Light Dragon Storm combining with Shadow Dragon Storm. However, the combi skill costs Xie Hou too much spirit power.

Gu Yue steps forward and points a finger at Wulin. She summons all of her elements to attack at once, forcing Wulin to guard with his BSG. However, during the attack, Wulin still manages to run toward Gu Yue as he understands that she is the key to ending the battle. Gu Yue backsteps and shoots out a highly combustible fire-ice ball. Wulin then throws his snake familiar at the ball while he stuns Gu Yue with his Purple Demon Eye, making her lose controls of the ball. Wulin then traps Gu Yue with his BSG while the snake deflects the ball toward the poor Xie Hou, who is blasted off again. However, Gu Yue teleports inside Wulin’s dead zone and attempts to freeze him. Wulin contemplates using the Dragon Claw but he decides to accept defeat as it is just sparring. Suddenly, instead of Wulin’s chest, Gu Yue’s palm meets an ice guard created by Xiaoyan. Not wasting this golden opportunity, Wulin finally traps Gu Yue with his BSG and disables her by holding the back of the neck. The fight is over.

Wukong and Henxu are impressed with Xiaoyan. While Gu Yue is flirting with Wulin, Xie Hou screams for help as he is both on fire and ice. Xiaoyan helps him up as he sarcastically snaps as her. Wulin welcomes Xiaoyan to class 0 as they have all accepted her ability. Henxu and Wukong are discussing about class 0. As Henxu is impressed, Wukong convinces him to improve the nutrition for class 0 though Henxu is adamant as Wulin costs too much. He tells Wukong that he may be able to do something if class 0 can prove themselves at the upcoming Heaven Sea League’s tournament.

Wukong then gathers class 0 together to criticize their performance. He then announces their new training routine: sparring against him thrice a day, this time with him using skills. Class 0 is afraid and begins to discuss their strategy. However, Wulin’s mobile phone rings. Mu Chen has summoned him to the Forging Guild. Inside Mu Chen’s office, there is also Cen Yue and Mu Xi. They have gathered because of Wulin’s 2nd-grade product. Mu Chen tells him that Wulin is promoted to level 4 blacksmith and he is at the doorstep of Spirit Forging. Wulin thinks about all the money that he can now gets but Mu Xi taunts him about it. Mu Chen is angry with her though as he understands that their upbringings are different though he also crushes Wulin’s dream as breaking through to Spirit Forging requires a lot of money. Cen Yue took 5 years to pay his debt while Mang Tian is still in debt. Mu Chen then tells Wulin to get to work on 2 pieces of 2nd-grade thousand forging so they can confirm his status as a 4th ranker. Mu Chen also tells him about the upcoming Heaven Sea League’s forging tournament. Wulin and Mu Xi will participate in the junior division. Mu Chen promises him a lot of money and rare material for 1st place. Mu Chen then brings Wulin to his 4th rank test. They are astounded as Wulin completes quickly in 1 try. Moreover, the final product is not just a normal 2nd-grade, but a spiritual 2nd-grade. Wulin is immediately granted 4th rank status. Mu Xi finally realizes the gap in their ability as she decides to drop her jealousy. She warms up to Wulin and asks him to forfeit the 1st place to her in return for all the prizes. Wulin easily agrees, which surprises her. He then explains his dragon power and why he needs so much money. Mu Xi decides to take Wulin under her wings at school. She then teases him about Zi Xin as Wulin runs back to the school.

At lunchtime, class 0 discusses about the tournament. The Federation has 18 level 1 cities, split among 5 regions: North, East, South, West and Central. Shrek and Heaven Dou are the only level 2 cities. The East regions have 5 level 1 cities, making up the Heaven Sea League. East Sea city is the 2nd biggest. The tournament is for selecting a team to compete at the Federation’s grand tournament held every 5 years at Shrek for 15 year olds and under. This tournament does not have Shrek competing. Instead, the prize is direct entry into Shrek. For class 0, however, Xie Hou believes they won’t have that chance as the next tournament is next year and they will be 16 years old for the one after that and not eligible. Gu Yue dismisses it, saying age dosen’t matter. Wulin doesn’t care and just eats.

In the afternoon, class 0 gathers to discuss their strategy for Wukong. Xiaoyan is asked to demonstrate her nighttime abilities. They go to the forest at night. Gu Yue creates a golden light in her hand for illumination. Xiaoyan summons her ice staff and speaks a short chant. Starlight from the sky shines down and hits the staff. The remaining members realize it is a mutated spirit. Suddenly, the staff’s light hits Xie Hou, who is disabled by a sudden cold. The starlight surrounds him and turns into binding chains, sealing Xie Hou’s spirit power. Xiaoyan explains that she can borrow the stars’ power at night. The stars possess ice element as well as fate element (the 3-eyed lions from DD2). This fate element can seal spirit power for at least a second, which is already formidable. Any longer depends on the target’s strength.

Chapters 191-200

Class 0 vs Wukong with his first 2 rings begins. Wulin charges forward armed with his claw. Wukong's 2nd skill summons a barrier made of sword rays but he is immediately sealed by Xiaoyan's ice chains. Wulin's claw breaks the barrier but he himself is also repelled. In the meantime, Wukong's 1st skill has nullified the seal, which barely lasts 2 seconds. Wukong thrusts his sword at Wulin, who smiles at him. Sensing something is wrong, Wukong activates Mist Mark again for defense but Gu Yue already appears behind him. She lightly touches his back as an ice-fire combination explodes. Even with his guard, Wukong staggers forward. He erupts his spirit power angrily, pushing class 0 away. Class 0 celebrates their victory as Wukong has used more power than his first 2 rings. Wukong doesn't seem to acknowledge his defeat and asks for the ringleader, which is Wulin. He tells class 0 that the next spar will be at 3-ring level, deflating their excitement. Xie Hou, who has played decoy for the fight, expresses his pain. As Wukong walks away, there's a smile on his face.

Xiaoyan has meshed perfectly with class 0. She's intelligent and good at teamwork. Moreover, her personality is energetic and friendly, unlike Gu Yue who is normally a cool beauty. Her potential is also good. Within a month, she has reached lv18, overtaking Wulin. Wukong announces to class 0 that for the next day, they are going to Heaven Sea city, the biggest city in the region. They are participating in the Heaven Sea League tournament in the junior division for the trio contest. Wulin, Xie Hou and Gu Yue are the main force while Xiaoyan is on bench. Their goal is 1st place. Wukong warns Wulin to also be mindful of his forging tournament.

The next spar with Wukong doesn't go so well for class 0. Moreover, for Wulin, he also has his forging training with Mu Chen. While Wulin has reached a 80% success rate for 2nd-grade thousand forging, Mu Chen is still focusing on his basic as Wulin still lacks spirit power. Once he reaches lv20, it will be time to attempt 1st-grade thousand-forging. Over the last month, busy with training, Wulin barely has had time for completing forging missions. As a result, he is broke after paying his debt to Wukong. Before Wukong dismisses the class, Wulin asks if there is prize money for first place. Wukong replies that there are rewards for reaching the final 16 and higher but the academy will accept it as payment for Wulin's food. Wulin decides to also participate in the single contest with Wukong's permission.

When he returns to the dorm, both Gu Yue and Xie Hou also decide to join. Xie Hou wonders whether Shrek will allow direct entry if they win. Xiaoyan dashes his dream as this tournament is only within the Heaven Sea League. Shrek only holds entrance test every 3 years. Each time, they only take at most a hundred from thousands of candidates. The others now understand Wukong's prowess, who is a Shrek graduate. Class 0 are determined to join Shrek and place their hands on top of each other as a promise. Of course, Gu Yue makes sure to throw Xie Hou's hand away, placing her hand on top of Wulin's and below Xiaoyan's.

Class 0 gathers at the buses that will take them to the tournament. They meet their school's representatives for the senior division, which includes Xiaoyan's brother, Xu Xiaoyu. He warns class 0 not to bully his sister but she snaps back at him to worry about his own team, who are all Spirit Elders. It seems East Sea Academy doesn't have a good track record at the tournament from how the older Xu reacts. Even though East Sea city's economy is good, its fame is poor as it only has a single middle-level academy, which is Wulin's school. That is why class 0 is so heavily invested in. Seeing Wulin, Mu Xi goes to greet him with an ear pinch but her hand is slapped away by Gu Yue. Mu Xi is surprised but then teases about his girlfriend. She asks why they are here and is again surprised they are the representatives for the junior division. Mu Xi herself, a Spirit Elder, is also a representative but for the senior division, also trio contest. Mu Xi doubts if class 0 is going to make it as there are more than 100 teams in each tournament. She cheers Wulin up by inviting him to eat if they pass the 1st round.

Inside the arena, the crowds are cheering excitedly. The tournament also includes machine-fighting contest as well as a power-armor contest. It seems that while the Heaven Sea League is easily the best in term of economy, it ranks low in terms of might, such as numbers and quality of spirit masters, machine masters or armor masters. Class 0 gets on bus number 6. Gu Yue makes sure to kick Xie Hou away and sits next to Wulin. Xiaoyan's brother forcefully sits with her. Xie Hou tries to avoid sitting with Wukong but Wukong forces him to choose between sitting and standing. While the bus is moving, Xu Xiaoyu is looking at Gu Yue and thinking about her. At first, he didn't accept being beaten by her but at time passes, she now sometimes appears in his dreams. Being so young yet so strong, Gu Yue really makes Xiaoyu curious, in various ways.

On the other hands, Xu Xiaoyu is thinking about his future. He wants to be an armor master but the path isn't easy. Not only are power armors expensive, they are hard to manufacture and design. If the user's strength changes, the armor has to be scrapped and begun from scratch. Moreover, it takes precious time away from training one's spirit power. As such, Xiaoyu decides to study machine control in order to be a machine master. A Spirit Machine (like a personal mech) is also powerful as well as allowing many options. In comparison to him, Gu Yue has so much more potential. Inside him, instead of jealousy, a special feeling grows.

Wulin tries to close his eyes and rest but his heart is beating fast. Mu Xi has become a Sprit Elder while he is still stuck at Master. Their team is too outmatched while only the first 16 places can have prizes. Beside him, Gu Yue is resting peacefully. As Wulin looks outside the window and sees the sea, he is reminded of Na Er and their time playing on the beach. Gu Yue suddenly stirs, surprised by Wulin's word. He tell her about his sister and Gu Yue comforts him and hands him some water. After Wulin's done drinking, Gu Yue drinks from the same cup with no hesitation. Under the sunlight, Wulin's surprised by Gu Yue's beauty. She teases him a bit and then asks to sleep on his shoulder. Together, they peacefully nap away the time. After 4 hours, the bus arrives at Heaven Sea city. Xie Hou wakes the 2 up. Wulin happily discovers that he has broken through to level 17 after the nap. Along with Xie Hou, he walks down the bus behind Gu Yue. Seeing her, there is a warmth inside Wulin as she feels so much like Na Er to him.

In this tournament, class 0 is the youngest participants. They are led to their hotel rooms. Xie Hou is fast asleep as he didn't rest thanks to Wukong's coldness Mu Xi arrives at their room and leads Wulin to the blacksmiths' gathering. He is introduced to the others who will also participate in the forging tournament, albeit in different divisions. Cen Yue gives the team some advice and wishes them luck. As Wulin's existence is hidden by Mu Chen, the other members are curious about him. They are surprised when Mu Xi says that Wulin will take the first place. Cen Yue then announces the regulations. For the junior division, the first round is hundred-forging to choose 64 people. The 2nd round allows them to forge freely, scoring the final product. The 3rd round is forging a specific object. The best 8 will receive rewards accordingly. After Cen Yue is done, Mu Xi pats Wulin's head and pinches his cheek, encouraging him. Wulin feels that he'd rather Mu Xi be cold like before.

As Wulin returns to his room, he finds Xie Hou still sleeping like a log. Wulin begins to meditate. In the morning, class 0 is at the arena. It seems there is going to be a exhibition fight with the previous Heaven Sea League's 7-man tournament champions versus Shrek's 7-man team. As they talk, they notice a short fat kid in green tracksuit asking for food in the crowd. Wulin sympathises and hands him some fish and beef jerky, which is gulfed down instantly. The kid thanks him for the delious food. They both introduce themselves. The kid is 10 years old, named Xu La Zhi, nicknamed Little Eating Devil. The 2 big-eaters become fast friends as Wulin introduces La Zhi to the local delicacy. They exchange numbers as Wulin invites La Zhi to go eat. A girl calls out to La Zhi and complains about his gluttony. She also wears a green tracksuit and has a ponytail with a nice appearance. La Zhi calls his sister Xinglan, apologizes but complains he is hungry. Xinglan leads him away but not before warning him about Stranger Danger, such as from Wulin. Wulin is shaken but he decides to leave with his team.

An announcement comes through the loudspeaker. The exhibition fight will begin shortly. It will be Shrek's junior team vs Heaven Sea's senior ex-champions, a huge gap in age. Class 0 is surprised to see Xinglan and La Zhi on the stage. Shrek's team is led by a 15yo while the others are only around 12-13yo. However, the fight ends in 1 minute. La Zhi, 2 yellows, summons some dumplings for his team to eat. Another girl, 2 yellows 1 purple, summons a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda to buff her team. The leader roars like a dragon, his arms enlarges. He has 2 yellow, 1 purple and 1 black ring. He summons a storm of thunderbolts covering the arena. A thunder dragon rampages across the field. The Heaven Sea team all faint.

Class 0 analyzes the fight. Shrek team definitely possesses a high level of teamwork. Moreover, some of them also seem to have spirit bones as well as hunted spirit rings, all extremely rare commodities in the current time. Only Gu Yue is not impressed though. She says class 0 will be stronger at their age. Wukong arrives, praising her. He shows his intention for them to compete inside Shrek. He wants them to complete his dream of graduating from the inner school. Wulin is reminded of the name Long Bing. Wukong tells class 0 to go prepare. After he leaves, Xie Hou complains that he doesn't help with their planning. Contests begin the next day. First is Wulin's forging 1st round.

At night, La Zhi sneaks out to meet with Wulin. They go to a seafood restaurant. At first, Wulin only watches La Zhi eat as it is too expensive but La Zhi insists that he does as La Zhi will cover. Someone is going to regret his words. Wulin orders a Blue Flag Golden Swordfish, which surprises the waiter as he wants more than 50kg of it. Wulin also orders 50 sea roses (I think it's some kind of shellfish), 2 dishes of grilled fish-head... etc. La Zhi doesn't lose out much to Wulin in term of speed but he soon gets full. He is impressed that Wulin is still hungry after the mountain of dishes on the table, calling him big bro. Xinglan arrives to drag La Zhi but she is surprised that someone can beat him at eating. Wulin ignores her astonishment and invites her to eat. The 50kg grilled Swordfish also arrives. The manager goes to get sledgehammers for dining instruments but Wulin stops him, using his forging hammer instead. After 2 strikes, the meat is exposed as a mesmerizing smell erupts in the air, making everyone hungry. La Zhi decides to go jogging so he can eat the fish while the now-hungry Xinglan joins the feast.

Wulin offers her the head, the best part of the fish. While she's eating, Xinglan is on guard that Wulin wants to kiss up to her. However, she is dissappointed in a way as Wulin is just wolfing the food down without looking at her. Soon, La Zhi returns and continues eating. The manager is amazed by the sight of 3 kids finishing a 50kg fish. Xinglan is full to the brim. She asks Wulin some questions while he is still eating. Wulin, still only as full as he normally eats, discloses his name as well as secret of eating: there's a dragon inside him. He then changes the topic to Shrek's victory early in the day. Xinglan stands up to leave and tells Wulin to pay, angering him. La Zhi was supposed to pay but he didn't bring any money. Xinglan glares at Wulin and tells him that eating with Shrek students is his honor. Wulin replies that it is indeed his honor and leaves to "pay". He dissappears behind a corner. Oblivious to the situation, Xinglan knocks on La Zhi and tells he is too gluttonous for his own good. As they are Shrek students, they should be on guard against people who have heard of Shrek fame. She is suspicous that Wulin is a spy from Heaven Sea League. Xu La Zhi looks for Wulin but he is nowhere to be found. After some more time, Wulin still hasn't returned. Xinglan sends La Zhi to find him but finds no signs. She also doesn't have any money. The pair attempt dine-and-dash but are stopped by the manager.

On the way back to his hotel, Wulin is in a good mood. He was annoyed that Xinglan forced him to pay, especially when she made herself look like she was doing him a favor, demeaning his pride. Moreso, Xu La Zhi did offer to pay though he didn't know about the gigantic feast. If they didn't want to be friends, Wulin just has to keep his distance. That's why he didn't hesitate on leaving, but he did at least pay 1/3 of the bill. Wulin goes to mediate. He makes sure to put La Zhi in the reject list on his phone.

Chapters 201-300

Chapters 201-210

On the day of the forging competition, Wulin first goes to his guild's gathering. Cen Yue is leading the team, wearing his 6 star medal. Mu Xi's medal is 2 star while Wulin's is 4 star. Wulin was ordered by Mu Chen to hide his medal. The 2 got in conflict with an older disciple, Zheng Shan Ling, who teases Wulin for his age.

They arrive at the competition ground. The first round is hundred-forging using the same metal at Wulin's level 4 trial. To make time for the single-combat competition, Wulin uses his heavy metal hammers with the stacked hammer effect. The judges are first disappointed because his techniques are too loud and unrefined. Moreover, the other smiths except Mu Xi are distracted by Wulin. Wulin finishes in no time which surprises his proctor. On the judge's panel, the elder that complains about Wulin realizes that Wulin is a genius because of his forging rhythmn and asks for his product. The judges evaluate it as high-grade hundred-forging. The elder asks for Wulin's presence but he's already gone to the combat competition.

Wulin meets the Shrek duo at the combat ground, Ye Xinglan and Xu La Zhi. After Wulin ditched them at the restaurant, they were forced to wash dishes as the 2 didn't have any money. Wulin and Xinglan get into a word fight which ends with Wulin coldly leaving and Xinglan registering for the single contest for revenge.

Wulin easily wins the first round as his opponent is too inexperienced. The other members of class 0 also advance. Then it's time for the group contest. Wukong just asks if they are ready and Hengxu gives them a little pep talk. The participants are Wulin, Xie Hou and Xiaoyan; Gu Yue is kept behind as a secret weapon. They meet the Marine Academy in the first round. The fight begins. Class 0 takes the intiative as both Wulin and Xie Hou charge forward with Wulin's Bind skill as cover. The opponents just manage to release their spirits when the BSG reaches them. However, Xie Hou already taps all 3 on the heads as the referree declares the fight is over.

As the trio exits the stage, Xinglan appears and taunts Wulin. Gu Yue comes up and sends the barb right back. Wulin's surprised to hear that Xinglan has temporarily entered an academy just to fight him. He wants to say something but gets dragged away by Gu Yue. The group returns to the hotel, bickering all the way. However, when Xie Hou teases Gu Yue and Wulin as a couple, she suddenly goes quiet and pulls ahead of the rest. At the hotel, Mu Xi pays Wulin a visit. She tells him that he has broken a forging record for the quickest high-grade hundred-forging at 66 seconds. She warns Wulin to be more careful as people would notice him more.

The 2nd day of the forging competition comes. For the 2nd round, the participants can freely choose their own material and goal. Wulin has figured out a plan to make Mu Xi a champion. They have a litte bit of back-and-forth before Mu Xi accepts the proposal. They both choose heavy silver, a difficult metal. Mu Xi is still a little doubtful that Wulin would let her win. At first, she was jealous of Wulin. However, after realizing the difference in their skill, Mu Xi's envy disappears and she comes to realize that Wulin is not that detestable. She realizes that as a senior, she should let Wulin win instead of the other way around. Wulin has to convince her with a deep hug. Elsewhere, Shan Ling is boiling with jealousy.

The 2nd round begins. Wulin's plan is for Mu Xi to synchronize with his rhythm, therefore copying his forging. The old judge, elder Duan, has taken notice of Wulin and Mu Xi and wishes to scout the former for his guild. He has also noticed the strange synchronization. Mu Xi has finally managed to enter deep focus and learn the heavy silver's rhythm. She has reached third rank and completed the heavy silver's second-grade thousand-forging along with Wulin, which surprises the judges and Cen Yue. The judges rush toward the two kids' location though Cen Yue stops them because both Wulin and Mu Xi are in the realization state.

Cen Yue explains to elder Duan a little bit about Wulin and Mu Xi. The elder expresses his desire for the 2 geniuses and leaves with his entourage. Mu Xi awakens after Wulin. She seems surprised with her result and has some complicated emotion toward Wulin for doing what even her father can't: helping her reach rank 3. Mu Xi pets Wulin and they leave together. After hearing that Wulin also registered for the combat contest, she reminds him to focus on forging as his potential is far beyond hers. However, Wulin replies that his spirit's quality is too low and his wish is to become an armored fighter. Mu Xi seems a little bit satisfied that Wulin at least loses to her at something. She sends him away to the single contest.

The rest of class 0 are still waiting for their turn in the contest. It seems that more 3-ring spirit masters are appearing. Xinglan then comes up to Wulin and announces she is his next opponent. Wulin doesn't back down, which earns a small praise from Wukong. Xie Hou is the first to fight. He easily gains a victory. It's Wulin vs Xinglan next. Xu La Zhi begs Xinglan to hold back but she doesn't care. The two clearly show their hostility.

The fight begins. Wulin charges forward as usual and releases his spirit. Xinglan is surprised by the purple ring but she quickly regains her composure by analyzing Wulin's strength. She releases her spirit with 2 yellow rings, a long sword named Xing shen jian (meaning Star Excalibur?) that radiates a starry light. Xinglan synchronizes with her sword, achieving perfect unity (like the sword demon from DD2). As they enter melee range, Wulin thrusts his hands forward to grab Xinglan's shoulder. However, she moves a precise step forward into Wulin's dead zone and slashes at his rib. Wulin has to twist his body strongly and blocks with his dragon arm. The blow explodes on Wulin's arm and knocks him reeling back.

At first sight, it seems Wulin is at a disadvantage. However, Xinglan is surprised that her mental attack imbued inside the sword didn't penetrate Wulin's defense. She activates her first skill and thrusts the sword forward, sending a starry beam at Wulin. Wulin blocks with his BSG. However, the BSG that is covered by the strange light from the beam suddenly escapes Wulin's control, opening up his guard. Wulin takes a step back and attacks with Purple Demon Eye. Xinglan activates her 2nd skill, which creates a mental guard around her. She charges through the weakened BSG and launches another attack. She also performs some perplexing footwork that leaves an after-image, which confuses Wulin. Wulin closes his eyes and uses his forging sense to catch the sword, stopping the assault. Xinglan has to return her spirit to fall back as Wulin mounts another charge with his dragon arm along with the BSG for cover. However, when Xinglan activates her sword again, Wulin loses control of his BSG. Moreover, Xinglan unleashes a rapid storm of sword strikes that shred the BSG guard to pieces. The BSG explodes on contact with the sword. As the sword reaches his body, Wulin realizes this is not a spirit skill but rather a sword technique.

Chapters 211-220

Wulin is thankful that he has sparred with Wukong's Skyfrost sword. Together with the Dragon Claw, Wulin summons the draconic version of BSG and barely resists Xinglan's flurry. However, Xinglan uses her first skill again to break the upgraded BSG's Bind. She repeats her sword storm technique on the defenseless Wulin. Cornered, Wulin suicide charges with the Dragon Claw. Sword strikes rain down on him but are unable to penetrate his defense nor slow him down. As the Claw draws close to Xinglan, she elegantly performs a Matrix dodge into a back flip and thrusts the sword under Wulin's undefended right armpit. Wulin is blasted backward as he is knocked out of Dragon Mode. Suddenly, his body bursts full of bloody holes. The Dragon Mode was keeping the sword's special effect in check. The referree rushes in and declares the fight over.

Xinglan is just down on the ground catching her breath. For her, this is the first time that a victory was so hard-fought. She is also worrying about Wulin as he has lost consciousness and is covered in blood. Wukong gets onto the stage, seals Wulin's wounds then carries him down. The rest of class 0 rush to Wulin's side. Gu Yue is enraged, glaring at Xinglan as she also returns the gesture. Wukong assures them the wounds are only skin-deep. He then teleports away with Wulin. Gu Yue challenges Xinglan to a fight but Xie Hou dissuades her. He convinces her that it would not be a fair fight as Wulin already took a lot out of Xinglan. Gu Yue is calm for now but she decides to forfeit her matches to go to Wulin's side.

At the hotel, Wulin has now awakened. Wukong praises him for his effort and decides to teach him another of Tang Sect's techniques later as Wulin has reached rank 3 in an occupation. However, Wukong tells him to rest for now. Gu Yue is now taking care of Wulin. He assures her that he can participate in the group contest as the Dragon Blood grants him accelerated regeneration. It's still noon but his wound is mostly healed. However, it seems that in return, his metabolism rate is faster than normal. Gu Yue then goes out to get Wulin food. Wukong then helps Wulin reflect on his fight. Wulin originally didn't have a tiny chance. The BSG is lower-leveled and his equalizer, the Dragon Claw, has a high energy cost. Moreover, Purple Demon Eye was nullified. The only reason that Wulin held his own is because Xinglan was impatient. Wulin concludes that he needs a new combat technique.

Night comes and Wulin is almost fully recovered. Class 0 calls him a monster for this. It seems that even without Wulin, the team still managed to win the 2nd round under Gu Yue rage-fueled leadership. Xie Hou is the only one participating in the single contest while Wulin has withdrawn from the forging contest to settle for 2nd place with his 2nd-grade thousand-forging. Mu Xi pays Wulin a visit. She was worried at first but seeing Wulin gorging on food dispels her worry. She keeps her promise to give Wulin the prize money and offers to buy him some food though the previous visitors have already fed Wulin plenty. Mu Xi asks Wulin about his loss and he assures her that his injury is not deliberately inflicted. Just then, Xu La Zhi also visits. He has come to apologize but gets distracted by the food for a moment. La Zhi is surprised that Wulin is still intact but Wulin assures him and even invites him to eat though he first sent Mu Xi away. La Zhi decides to call Wulin his big brother and reveals to him that La Zhi is a food-system spirit master. His spirit is dumpling that can boost recovery, which is fed to Wulin. The effect is good; Wulin is fully healed by the next day. Wukong confirms Wulin's status then leads him away to teach another Tang Sect's technique.

Due to Wulin's peculiar body, Wukong decides to teach him Controlling Crane Catching Dragon which is a very versatile technique. Wukong also reminds Wulin that he has reached the limit of Tang Sect's free trial. If he wants to learn more than 3 techniques, he has to gather contribution points by completing Tang Sect's missions. Wukong then explains about CCCD's effect of boosting attack speed as well as its adaptability. He gives a little demonstration, which is pretty much telekinesis: pull and push. Wukong then gives pointer to Wulin, whom goes into studying meditation until noon.

It's time for the third round of the group contest. 36 teams are split into 4 groups and compete in a round-robin format for the strongest 16. The contest's format will then be a single-elimination tournament. Wulin's team is in group 3. The main force is Wulin, Gu Yue and Xie Hou while Xiaoyan is on bench. However, Xiaoyan reminds the team that the final is held at night. In guestroom 7 of the arena, Wukong is with a white-haired young woman with green eyes full of destruction's breath. She seems to be Xinglan's teacher leading the Shrek team. It seems she approves Xinglan's participation in the single contest because Wukong's students were there. She asks about Wulin and his strange spirit's origin. Even Wukong can't answer it.

Wukong analyzes that Wulin doesn't have a second spirit. The dragon is from Wulin's blood heritage that has nothing to do with spirits. The woman offers to bring him to Shrek for research but Wukong wants his students to go to Shrek with their own strength. The woman thinks Wukong has some sort of grudge against his Shrek teachers but Wukong assures her otherwise. He says that he is a living dead man. He is only living to find a way to revive his lover, Long Bing. The woman smiles and expresses her admiration for Wukong. She is revealed to be named Chen Yi. Wukong tells her about his trip to Heaven Dou city. Chen Yi asks why he doesn't return to Shrek and that his master is deeply upset. Wukong feels guilty. Chen Yi then asks if class 0 is how Wukong's going to repay his master. As Wukong stays silent, Chen Yi tells him to take responsibility for himself.

We return to Wulin's group. Their first opponent is Heaven Sea Academy's B team. Heaven Sea Academy is the strongest of the Heaven Sea League so even their B team is no pushover. As class 0 is confirming their battle plans, elder Duan from the forging contest interrupts. He asks about Wulin's wound and his withdrawal and introduces himself as the Heaven Sea forging guild's Guildmaster. He tries to rope Wulin in with money and rare material, which is vital for spirit forging - the requirement for 5th rank. He even guarantees that Wulin will become a Spirit Emperor. However, Wulin refuses out of loyalty to Mu Chen. Both the elder and class 0 are shocked. Elder Duan then pats Wulin's head and leaves. Xie Hou asks why the money-mad Wulin didn't accept. Wulin says that he's regretful of the deal but he still has Mu Chen and his team to think about.

Elder Duan, full name Duan Xuan, heads to the VIP room. Inside, he is met by Mu Chen who calls him master. Elder Duan's offer was actually a moral test for Wulin. It turns out everything has been elder Duan's scheme. The old man's goal is to have a disciple that can reach Forging God rank. Mu Chen is his secret disciple that has surpassed him but can't go further. Their hope is now on Wulin.

The battle between class 0 and the Heaven Sea team begins. The captain's spirit is a shield with 3 yellow rings. The other 2 spirits are Lightning Wolf and Thunder with 2 yellow rings each. Class 0 starts with their usual tactic: Xie Hou goes to flank, Gu Yue stays behind while Wulin charges with his BSG. Both Shield and Wolf also charge at Wulin while Thunder fires a thunder ball at him. Wulin fires Bind at the Wolf, catches the thunder ball with his claw and hit Shield with the multi-hit hammer. The Wolf breaks free from Bind with his second skill, Thunder Net, and tries to catch Wulin in it. However, one of Wulin's draconic BSG wraps Wolf together with the net. The other 2 attacks are also nullified.

Class 0 begins their counterattack. Wulin hits the Shield with a claw combo, Xie Hou sneak attacks the Wolf with his Light Dragon Storm and Gu Yue summons a water ball on top of the Thunder. The Shield is sent out of the ring, his spirit broken. The Thunder gets shocked by his own electricity, bound by the BSG and trapped by Gu Yue's floating ice shard. The Wolf is protected by the referee, who stops the fight.

Chen Yi is impressed with Wulin's team. She asks Wukong about the dragon claw and praises his teaching. Wukong takes his leave. In another room, Mu Chen and Duan Xuan are astonished by Wulin's combat performance. Duan Xuan thinks that it's not good that Wulin doesn't devote fully to forging but Mu Chen assures him that Wulin's dream is to be an armor master, which requires forging.

Class 0 is reflecting on their fight. They find that most spirit masters in the tournament lack practical combat experience, which class 0 got plenty from Wukong's sparring sessions. Moreover, the Heaven Sea League's spirit masters rely too much on spirit tools compared to other regions'. They only train enough to become a mechanist. According to Xie Hou's father, the spirit masters in the western and central regions focus on being a spirit master first. As a result, they have a better success rate at becoming an armor master.

Class 0 wins their first 4 matches. Their 5th match is against the strongest team in their group, Sea Continent Academy who has also won 4 matches. Class 0 decides to change their strategy for this match. On a side note, Xie Hou tells Wulin he saw their old classmates, Wang Xi and Zhang Yang. It seems they also have a good record in their group.

In guestroom 1, 2 men are talking. The first is Long Zhen Peng, Sea Continent Academy's headmaster. The second is Zhang Huan Tian, Heaven Sea Academy's headmaster. They are negotiating over the Shrek's guaranteed admittance quota assigned to the 2 academies.

Chapters 221-230

The Heaven Sea League are given 120 guaranteed spots to Shrek every year, meaning each city only has 2 or 3 spots at most. Heaven Sea Academy already takes 20 of those spots. The League is also given 5 inner school spots, which only Heaven Sea Academy holds. Zheng Peng is asking Huan Tian about them for his students who are class 0's opponents. Huan Tian wishes to see the match first before making a decision.

Sea Continent team enters the ring. They are all girls, with a pair of twins. The blue-haired twin is Zhu Han U, level 31, Ice Spirit. The green-haired twin is Zhu Tian Er, level 27, Wood Spirit. The blond-haired girl is Wang Dong Ji, level 32, Lightning Sword spirit. The 2 headmasters are also interested in the young class 0. The 2 teams meet in the ring. Han U seems to be cool beauty type while Tian Er is the lively type. The latter teases class 0 and asks them to give up, making them angry. The 3 girls release their spirits. Han U shoots out some ice mist for cover. Tian Er aims her own Bind at Wulin. Wulin summons his BSG over the vine, creating a road to charge at Han U, who summons an ice wall in his path. Wulin easily crushes through the wall to his opponents' surprise, continuing his momentum. Tian Er steps in front of her twin and summons some vines to pull them away. Wulin pursues the twins with his Bind.

On the other side of the ring, Dong Ji and Xie Hou are locked in melee combat. Dong Ji activates her 2nd skill, Silver Snake's Chaotic Dance, an AOE attack that works well against speed-system. However, Xie Hou easily dodges with Perplexing Ghost Steps. Dong Ji then resorts to her third skill. A siver light-ring shoots out from her at the center but Xie Hou also dodges by jumping. With Xie Hou in mid-air, Dong Ji activates her 2nd skill again but Xie Hou deflects it with Light Dragon Storm and taunts her. It seems Xie Hou's role this time is to tie Dong Ji up.

Wulin however is having trouble fighting Tian Er as her spirit dominates his BSG, making him lose control. While Tian Er is taunting Wulin, Han U summons some giant icicles from the ground with her first skill to trap him. Wulin is unable to break through this ice prison. Moreover, its freezing effect is super effective against him. It seems Han U is still holding back as the icicles can easily impale him instead of just trapping. Wulin summons BSG to escape but more ice spikes come out from above, completing the prison. This is Han U's Dual Control technique, demonstrating her high Soul Force level. Wulin decides to stop holding back. He calls for Gu Yue, returns his BSG and enters Dragon Mode. His claw easily turns the ice wall to dust. Gu Yue shoots a giant wind-fireball at the twins. Han U stops the ball with a giant icicle while Tian Er tries to trap Wulin with her vines boosted with her support 2nd skill, Wood Spirit. Under Wood Spirit's effect, Wulin's BSG is unable to attack Tian Er. Wulin exits his Dragon Mode due to the high energy drain and uses the BSG to escape to the air instead. Tian Er gives chase. Wulin uses Gu Yue's mid-air ice platform to change his direction toward Han U with his reactivated claw. Additionally, Gu Yue conjures 7 fireballs surrounding Wulin while keeping Han U busy. In response, Han U is forced to use her thousand-year 3rd skill, Ice Spirit. She summons a huge ice wall which stops Wulin in his track. She summons more giant icicles, fires them at Gu Yue and hits a palm at the wall. The wall explodes, sending Wulin flying, panicking Xie Hou and angering Gu Yue. Gu Yue teleports to Wulin's side, dodging the icicles.

Gu Yue smiles with murderous intent. She activates both her 1st and 2nd skills, summoning streams of fire and wind surrounding her body. The streams turn into a large dragon, demonstrating Gu Yue's mastery of Elemental Governing Heart, something not even the twins are capable of. Both Han U and Tian Er panic. They bring out their trump card, fusion. Everyone in the arena is shocked, first by Gu Yue's Elemental Governing Heart and then the twins' fusion. Huan Tian is finally convinced by Zheng Peng. On the other hand, Zheng Peng is astounded by class 0's prowess.

Gu Yue's dual-element dragon is dissipated by the fusion, exhausting her spirit power. The twins fuse into a giant tree made from snowflakes. Dong Ji stops her fight with Xie Hou and tells him to run with her. The referee tries to interfere. Wukong and the 2 headmasters also rush out from their rooms but they are all too late. Fusion skill, Ice Snow Governing Forest activates. Inside the ring, a forest of icicles impale everything in its vicinity. Gu Yue is shocked and immobilized. Suddenly, she is lifted up by Wulin. Wulin's body is pierced by the trees but he still doesn't let any touch Gu Yue, smiling at her. Moments before, he used the dragon claw to clear his way toward Gu Yue in order to save her. Gu Yue screams, summoning all 6 of her elements and concentrating them around her. Wulin shouts to stop her. She seems to notice it and hugs him and they both disappear inside the forest.

Wukong and the 2 headmasters arrive on the stage after the fusion skill has weakened. The Zhu sisters are knocked out of the fusion state and are exhausted. Zheng Peng goes to reprimand and check on them, whom are regretting the fusion. Wukong is now mad at the Zheng Peng for not teaching his disciples well but is dismissed by the headmaster. Wukong summons his spirit and attacks. 9 large swords appear and fall down on Zheng Peng. Zheng Peng also summons his spirit, Thunder Eagle, and blocks the swords with a thunder ball. While they are both Spirit Emperor, Zheng Peng is clearly overpowered. He tries to escape to the air. Below the stage, Gu Yue is hugging Wulin, who is full of bloody holes. She summons a light cocoon to envelop both of them.

Huan Tian appears as a Giant Dragon to help Zheng Peng block the swords. 9 explosions erupt. Wukong is standing unscathed while the 2 headmasters are severely weakened. Huan Tian angrily shouts at Wukong but he is not standing down. In the audience, La Zhi and Xinglan are worried about class 0. Xinglan is especially touched by Wulin saving Gu Yue. Wukong goes to check on his students. He is perplexed by the cocoon but calms down after confirming 2 life signs in it. An armored division appears from the sky coming to the 2 headmasters' aid, surrounding Wukong with their cannons aimed. The division consists of 20 machines: 1 purple, 4 yellow and 15 white. In her guest room, Chen Yi sighs. She knows Wukong is gonna go berserk but is excited by the prospect. He summons his power armor, Tian Bing. He shines blindingly then disappears into mid-air. Wukong reveals himself as an armor master. His rank is 2-word, with strength equals to a Spirit Douluo. On a side-note, 1-word equals to Spirit Saint, 3-word is Titled Douluo, 4-word is Limit Douluo. Wukong's armor is named after his lover and is not something he uses easily. He declares vengeance upon Zheng Peng. He prepares to attack. Suddenly, Chen Yi, also in her power armor, appears to interfere. She tries to calm him down. However, she is surprised by Wukong's sudden rank-up to Spirit Saint and congratulates him. Chen Yi then checks on the cocoon, telling Wukong that Wulin's wounds some how have all regenerated thanks to Gu Yue sacrificing her life force. She assures him that they are both fine. The 2 armor masters teleport away with the 2 wounded children. Somewhere else, Mu Chen and Duan Xuan are watching the scene. Mu Chen is impressed with Wukong as he just about interfered himself. He goes to check on Wulin while Duan Xuan is impressed with Wukong's status.

After 3 days, the 2 children are still unconscious. Wukong is at their bedside while Chen Yi has already returned to Shrek. Before she left, she told Wukong that they would be fine but need some rest. On the other hand, the Heaven Sea League officially decides not to press charge against Wukong but they are not going to apologize either. For the tournament, class 0 has forfeited. They finished at 16th place but East Sea Academy is satisfied. However, class 0's existence is erased from thereon. After some time, Gu Yue awakens. She calls for Wulin's name and tells Wukong that Wulin is too tired from all his responsibilities. Wukong considers adjusting Wulin's workload. He decides to get cooperation from Mu Chen.

3 years later, at East Sea industrial complex, Wulin and Xie Hou are running toward the Tang Corporation HQ. They have grown taller, standing at over 1m7. A man called uncle Cao welcomes them in for the 2 to redeem their contribution points. Their identities are identified by a machine. Wulin is an outer sect rank 4 executive, spirit power level 28 with 7863 contributions point, all from forging. Xie Hou is an outer sect rank 3 executive, spirit power level 33 with 1554 contribution points from intel and resource gathering. Tang Sect is now divided into 2 tiers. The outer sect is represented by the Tang Ltd. with members called executives. Level 4 is equal to a supervisor while level 5 is equal to a branch manager. The inner sect consists of the original 4 Halls together with the Enforcer Hall and Elder Hall. Only executives of rank 7 or above are eligible for a promotion test into the inner sect. Wukong after ranking up to Spirit Saint has been promoted to the inner sect.

In the meantime, Wulin turns in his mission, 3 pieces of 1st grade thousand-forging ore, gaining 600 points. He trades in points for the 2 ingredients for his 2nd awakening, the 3900 point thousand-year Land Dragon Tendon and 4500 point Sea Dragon Marrow, leaving him with a measly 63 points. Now he only needs 1 more: the Green-something-Root. Wulin is then promoted to level 5 executive after reaching a total of 15000 contribution points, giving him access to more Tang Sect missions. Xie Hou turns in his missions and gains around a hundred points. It seems Xiaoyan has also joined Tang Sect. She is a level 3 executive but has neglected her missions recently as she has reached the bottleneck before level 30. The 2 then return to East Sea Academy.

It seems Wukong has decided to take class 0 to Shrek's entrance exam. He negotiated with the headmaster for his and class 0's release, promising that they will return to promote the academy after graduation.

Chapters 231-240

Wukong announces to class 0 their final exam: surviving the basic level Spirit Ascension Chamber in its riot stage for 24 hours. Gu Yue, who has enlisted with the Pagoda, leads the group to the Chamber. In the past 3 years, Gu Yue spent most of her time at the Pagoda. Class 0 doesn't know about her job and this has created some distance among them as the others are all Tang Sect members. For Wulin, after he was wounded, Gu Yue actively distanced herself from him. On another note, Xiaoyan is near a rank-up. Gu Yue will personally help her pick a new familiar.

They enter the Pagoda Tower. It seems that Gu Yue is well-respected among the staff. It has been a long time since class 0 entered to the basic level Chamber after they were banned for staying until the 7th day. Now, even the middle level Chamber is not much of a challenge though the Pagoda limits them to only 3 days. However, the riot stage is an entirely different beast. Inside the simulation, class 0 moves slowly with thorough scouting by Wulin's BSG and 2nd level Purple Demon Eyes. Among class 0, Gu Yue's Soul Force level reached 500 one year ago, breaking into the Spirit Sea level. Wulin is currently at 499 points while Xie Hou is at 200.

After a while, Wulin exclaims that it is too silent. Gu Yue sends out her Wind Birds for scouting. There is a group of around 15 Fire Lions to their left. Wulin wants to avoid them but the rest convince him to wait until nightfall and fight. They patiently stalk the lions. However, another spirit master group engages the beasts. Wulun decides to wait for them to fight it out and circles around the battlefield. The other group consists of 7 Spirit Elders but they are slowly whittled down by the lions who have 4 thousand-years, with one particularly big leader. When only the captain of the group is left standing, class 0 moves in for the kill. The BSG traps and impales the lions, leaving them open for the captain to smash their heads with his spirit, a staff. Wulin goes directly for the lion king, stabbing it through the skull with his claw. The other lions go berserk but they are stunned by Gu Yue's snowstorm. She summons an ice spike-bomb and explodes it, impaling the skulls of some of the lions. The rest are trapped by Xiaoyan's star array and Wulin's BSG, allowing the captain to smash their heads. As he relaxes because of the reinforcement, Xie Hou suddenly backstabs him with Shadow Dragon Cloak, sending the captain out. Class 0 enjoys the spoils of victory all by themselves. They rest for the time being.

Wulin's new skill for his BSG is called BS Thrusting Array, which he used to trap and stun the lions. Its range is the length of his BSG with a 15m-radius AOE. According to Wukong's guidance, Wulin's BSG follows the control-system path. Xiaoyan's star array is her 2nd skill, called Starlight Return, which has a confusion effect. The spirit power cost is very high though.

Suddenly, something cries out. A red ape with long arms is heading toward Gu Yue. Wulin binds and pulls it toward him but its arms lash at him from above. Wulin blocks and kicks the ape dead. It was a hundred-year beast killed in seconds. Class 0 continues moving while fighting various beasts. It is now the end of the first day. The group stops for rest until noon of the next day to finish the test then explore deeper into the forest. At near noon, Gu Yue casts a speed buff on the group and they begins moving with the BSG and Wind Birds for scouting. After some time, they are now near the barrier to the middle-level Chamber. Wulin detects the presence of a Fear Claw Bear. Xie Hou wants to retreat but Wulin insists on an engagement for revenge. Class 0 stops moving as Gu Yue shoots a fireball at a bush. A 3 meter tall Fear Claw Bear appears and crushes the fireball with ease.

Wulin and Xie Hou charge at the bear. Xiaoyan shoots her first skill, an ice moon, at the bear's head while Gu Yue prepares her element. The ice moon barely has any effect, only coating the bear's fur with mist. Its claw lashes out, meeting with Wulin's. Wulin is pushed backward but still standing unlike 3 years ago. Wulin's claw is undamaged but consumes more energy than usual while the bear's claw has some holes in it. It roars angrily and activates a strange dark yellow aura. The aura nullifies Gu Yue's rain of fireballs. Xie Hou has now gotten behind the bear. He summons 2 clones with his 3rd skill and they all attack the claw again. However, it has little effect as Xie Hou is sent flying and the clones are destroyed. Xiaoyan's 2nd skill, Ice Polearm, also lands on the bear's head with no effect. The bear possesses monstrous defense.

Gu Yue asks the team to buy her time while she prepares her 3rd skill, Element Fusion, with 7 rays of light enveloping her. At the moment, the bear is targeting Wulin for damaging its claw. Wulin activates BSG Thrusting Array. The bear is unsteadied for a moment but its claw easily clears off the BSG. Wulin dodges a couple times into mid-air with a strand of BSG and summons his draconic BSG to knock the bear down. From the air, Wulin swoops down as the 2 claws meet again. The bear's claw is overpowered and knocked aside. Wulin roundhouse kicks its head, spinning its neck to 1 side. He then wraps a BSG around the bear's neck, flips behind its back and judo throws it face-down to the ground. Wulin then climbs onto its back and digs his claw into the back of the neck but is blocked by the yellow aura, only tearing off a small piece of flesh. The bear throws him into the air and attacks with its claw. Wulin is helpless in the air but Xie Hou suddenly appears in front of him and takes the blow, exiting the simulation but not before telling Wulin to fight on. Wulin swings through the air with his BSG and dodges the bear's attacks while Xiaoyan occasionally supports him with an Ice Polearm. Finally, Gu Yue gives the signal. Wulin's Thrusting Array temporarily stops the bear's movement as he swings on top of it. Gu Yue, bleeding from her mouth, unleashes 4 elemental rays that chain the bear in place. While it only lasts for a fraction of second, the bear is unable to break out as Wulin lands his claw on top of its skull. The bear resists for a moment, destroying the chains as Gu Yue faints from the backlash. Wulin finally crushes its head with the Dragon Claw's special effect: destruction.

The bear dissappears without leaving any spirit power behind. However, it drops a Spirit Bone: an external type, right claw. Gu Yue explains that the bear was a guardian for the barrier separating the Chamber's basic level and middle level. It is created from a Spirit Bone to ensure its strength. The Spirit Bone cannot be taken out of the Chamber but it can be absorbed inside. The girls convince Wulin to absorb it. Its effect is increasing power by 20%. Gu Yue tells Wulin to check for a skill.

Chapters 241-250

After merging with the claw spirit bone, Wulin tests it out by summoning his Dragon Claw. The Claw extends into a 3m sword though it eats up 1/3 of Wulin’ spirit power. Suddenly, a thousand-year Great Land Dragon appears and attacks the group. Xiaoyan activates her 1st skill, Star Chains and traps it, allowing Wulin to test out the claw’s power. The claw goes smoothly through the dragon like butter and turns it into fragments. On closer inspection, the claw’s edge also possesses a scaly pattern, though not the same as the BSG.

Wulin also finds out that if he infused the claw with 2/3 of his spirit power, it extends to 5m, meaning that the sword’s size will grow with his strength. He decides to name the sword Golden Dragon Great (Fear) Claw. The team then agrees to stop for the day and press the escape button. Immediately after they disappear, somewhere deep inside the forest, a pair of green eyes open as a terrifying qi floods the forest.

After the team returns to reality, they go to check on Xie Hou, who is now shaking uncontrollably while Wukong helps stabilize him. Xie Hou is glad that Wulin’s group managed to kill the bear, as the shadow on his heart can now disappear. Wulin then explains that he also got a spirit bone, which Xie Hou claims that Wulin owes him for. The girls bicker with Xie Hou, though he quickly states that he wants Wulin to pay him back in the future by forging Xie Hou’s power armor. Wulin gladly agrees as what are friends for. Wukong then announces they all pass the final exam.

Somewhere else, in a dark room full of dark qi, a girl in a purple dress sits on a throne. She has silver hair that touches the ground, and a pair of eyes that seem to emit purple light. A dark shadow appears before her and reports to his master that they are fully integrated. He also has a full report of intel for the girl to inspect. Suddenly, a silver claw appears on top of the man and grabs his head. The man shakes intensely for a bit and then goes limp.

The focus then returns to Wulin’s group. They are now on a train to Shrek Academy. Wulin experiences a flashback to Mu Chen. Mu Chen advised him to continue his forging training even at Shrek as he would easily achieve spirit forging once he break through lv 30. In the past 3 years, Wulin has achieved a 100% success rate for 1st grade thousand-forging. A normal smith only needs a 30% rate for a fair chance at reaching spirit forging. Even Mu Chen only possessed a 50% rate when he broke through. Mu Chen then told Wulin if he passes Shrek’s entrance test, Mu Chen would arrange for Wulin’s continued study.

Mu Xi, who is now 17, has also reached forging rank 4 after experiencing synchronized forging with Wulin. Although recently, after she found out about Wulin’s Shrek test, she began to avoid him. Wulin then decided to ask Ouyang Zi Xin for help, who helped him sneak into the girl’s dorm. They talked a little bit about Wulin’s Shrek test. Wulin suddenly confessed but Zi Xin gently let him down by saying she “likes him too”. However, she is secretly impressed by him though believes that the age gap is too much. After letting him into Mu Xi’s room, Zi Xin had some tears on her eyes.

Mu Xi was surprised by Wulin’s arrival. She told him she didn’t want to see him and that he should go away before someone notices. Wulin expresseed his thanks for the past 3 years and said his farewell. After Wulin left, we have a little bit of Mu Xi’s monologue. She revealed that after she began to do synchronized forging with Wulin, her progress greatly sped up. She discovered that in her heart, Wulin has gone from a small boy to a little man who can protect and care for her. After Wulin stated his intention to go to Shrek, Mu Xi has tried to convince her father to make him stay to no avail. She realized that their path has now diverged, as Wulin is so much younger and possesses far more potential. She broke out crying for her first heart break.

We return to the present. On the train, Wulin reminisced about his parents. For him, his goals in going to Shrek are first getting stronger and then finding his parents. As Shrek is the biggest town on the continent. Wulin’s dad’s job is bound to take him there. The third and more urgent goal is finding the last ingredient for his second evolution: the thousand-year green-something-root.

The train arrives at Shrek. Class 0 is impressed with Shrek’s grandeur. We have a little piece of trivia about the Spirit Pagoda. In the Federation, the law states that no building can be higher than the pagoda’s HQ. Moreover, the Pagoda also possesses 7 of the 108 seats of the Government by law. More description of Shrek city follows.

Wukong then leads the group to a hotel. At the hotel, the girls are put into 1 room, the boys in another and Wukong has 1 for himself. Xie Hou quickly falls asleep while Wulin goes to see Wukong about the auction for the thousand-year root. While Wukong expresses some doubt because the Shrek exam is close and the fusion process may take too long, he decides to go with Wulin’s wish as the boy should be responsible for himself. They go to the auction house via taxi and Wukong reveals that he possesses a VIP card, which allows him instant purchase of anything. The asking price for the fruit is 6 million while the starting auction price is only 3 million. Wulin, being a cheapskate, decides to test his luck at the auction in 3 days. Of course, as how thing goes, he ends up purchasing it at 7.3 million. The 6 million price was in consideration of Wukong’s status, who then remarks that Wulin should be responsible for himself.

The two return to the hotel. Wulin then begins to prepare the ritual, all the while regretting his decision. Wukong asks how long it would take and Wulin realizes his mistake is getting bigger. He ask Wukong about his current chance at Shrek, who states that it is “very low”. Wulin asks why Wukong did not stop him 3 days ago if he knows that and got promply retorted that the boy should be responsible for himself. Wukong is just salting the wound in this chapter. Wulin then goes what the hell and begins the ritual anyway. Old Tang appears and tells Wulin to mix the ingredient into a tub of hot water, then dip his body in it. Wukong is skeptical as absorbing the medicine by skin is the most money-wasteful method, which make Wulin’s face twitch even more.

Wukong then helps Wulin mix the medicine and oversees his progress. The fusion seems to be less intense this time. Wulin’s body turn red from the head and a small trident crest appears on his forehead. The pattern on Wulin's right arm also becomes clearer. His body begins to produce a strange sound as a golden qi escapes from his mouth and nose.

After 3 days, Wulin is still in meditation but the exam is near. Wukong decides to go see Chen Yi to see if he can take it later. Chen Yi says that the Shrek Academy is very strict on rules so it is not possible. The rest of class 0 decides to abstain from the test in protest, which earns a sigh and admiration for Wukong’s teachings from Chen Yi. Wukong decides to go for his last resort and asks Chen Yi to take him to the academy to meet his master and accept his punishment.

Chen Yi then brings Wukong back to Shrek academy via a visitor’s pass meant for Gu Yue. At the academy, Wukong is lost in his own world while Chen Yi reminisces about the young Wukong. She bumps into Wukong’s back as he suddenly stops to ask her where to find their master. Hearing Chen Yi's complaint, Wukong is reminded of the old days when the two of them were just carefree students. He reflects that a decade has changed many things.

Chapters 251-260

Wukong gives Chen Yi a pat on the head, which makes her bursts into tears and asks him if he'll remain her school brother. Wukong dodges the question and drags Chen Yi away. They head for the inner school. In front of the gate, Wukong asks Chen Yi to stop calling him school brother for fear of collateral punishment. He then kow tows in front of the inner school's name sign as Chen Yi goes to find the master. Wukong reflects more on the past: he has been gone for 13 years and regrets his mistakes that wronged Bing-er and his master. Now, he aims to fulfill Bing-er's wish. A while later, Chen Yi returns and reports that the master doesn't want to see Wukong but says that he should be left to kneel. Wukong is glad because he knows master has not totally ignored him and continues to kowtow. Chen Yi remarks that the master was happy that Wukong returned but he's got an image to uphold. The focus goes back to the hotel. The rest of class 0 wonders why Wukong is gone for so long and goes to check on Wulin. When they discover he is naked inside a tub, Xie Hou chases the embarrased girls out back to the living room. They talk about their decision to abstain from Shrek's exam. Xie Hou's anxiety about missing the test disappears as morning comes - it is now too late to get to Shrek as there is only 1 hour left until the exam. Gu Yue suddenlys says to Xie Hou that she won't laugh at him after this. The girls tease him some more.

Chen Yi arrives at the hotel just as Xie Hou is about to go buy breakfast. She tells class 0 Wukong's location and announce they are given another chance at the exam, though it will be more difficult. The group now only has to wait for Wulin to wake up to take the test. Inside the bathroom, Wulin awakens inside his mental world. Old Tang congratulates him and says that the 2nd time is easier because of Wulin's strengthened body, his Mysterious Heaven cultivation and the quality ingredients. Old Tang says that this breakthrough will bring Wulin a good surprise. However, there is bad news: Wulin must break the third seal by age 16. Moreover, for every seal he breaks, the time until the next one is shortened by 3 months. Once Wulin breaks through 9, the time limit will be 1 year for each seal. Old Tang warns Wulin to be careful and keep up his training. The next list of ingredients then appears inside Wulin's head. Luckily, there's no dozen-thousand-years.

Wulin returns to reality and goes out to the living room. He is surprised to see his team and Chen Yi there. Xie Hou explains the situation and asks Wulin about his well-being. It seems that Wulin is still at lv28 as the Dragon doesn't affect his spirit power much. However, his physical strength has risen by 1/3rd. Chen Yi then rushes the group out to her car for the exam. While Chen Yi is retrieving her car, the starving Wulin asks Xie Hou for food. Right on cue, Gu Yue hands him 3 dumplings and some soysauce, which are quickly devoured. Chen Yi finally arrives with her car. Xie Hou tries to get in the back but is grudgingly forced into shotgun by Gu Yue, who claims the middle seat next to Wulin. In the car, she hands Wulin a box of juice and lightly smiles at him. Wulin feels warm inside as the two lean on each other's arm and peacefully enjoy the ride. The car quickly heads for Shrek academy's back door. On the way, Chen Yi explains to class 0 the condition for their acceptance is that they have to pass the normal exam without rest. Moreover, if they are accepted, they have to work part-time for the school. Wulin is glad that he doesn't have to pay money while Xie Hou wonders what the job is.

On arrival, Chen Yi leads class 0 inside the Shrek Hall, which contains the historial records of the academy. They finally stop at a large lounge when class 0 catches sight of a painting of a black dragon. The painting emits a huge amount of pressure that forces Xiaoyan and Xie Hou to their knees, while Gu Yue is slightly shaking in fear. Wulin is mostly unaffected thanks to his dragon blood. Moreover, the blood's influence helps the others slowly regain themselves. Noticing that Chen Yi has disappeared, Wulin realizes the test has begun. He summons the dragon's power to protect his friends with his aura. This time, the scales spreads to most of Wulin's right side, covering the right half of his chest, back and even neck.

Wulin's dragon qi easily suppresses the black dragon's. Behind a pillar, Chen Yi is with an old man in green attire. They are both impressed by Wulin as it has been a long time since the painting was suppressed. The painting was drawn by an artistic Title Douluo who infused it with the number 1 Great Beast's blood. The first test is measuring soul force. Wulin gets a 10 while the others get 8. It seems they only need a 6 average to pass the exam. Class 0 is then led to another room. This time, the painting is of a black sky as darkness suddenly engulfs. They are now transported to a savannah where a spirit beast appears. It's a three-thousand-year Giant Land Demon Rhino. Class 0 quickly gets into formation. Wulin charges forward while Xie Hou gets to the flank. Gu Yue uses Earth element to turn the ground into swamp. The Rhino reacts by also charging at Wulin.

As the Land Rhino charges at Wulin, Blue Silver Thrusting Array erupts from the ground beneath it. It's armor is too strong, but still gets momentarily stunned. As Wulin attacks it, it retaliates, connecting with Wulin's right hand and sending him flying. While in the air, Wulin winds BSG around it's neck, and pulls himself back towards it. Xie Hou uses Light Dragon Storm to attack, but cannot penetrate the defenses. It distracts the rhino, and it uses one of it's abilities - War Stomp - which sends a wave out 50m, but Wulin pulls Xie Hou back with BSG. Wulin brings out his Golden Dragon Talon to attack, but is distracted when his blood boils and a golden ring appears instead of his twin purple rings. Missing the chance to attack, Wulin is knocked back again. Gu Yue shouts to be careful, but the Rhino's next skill causes earth spikes to leap out of the ground to impale Wulin. Wulin's defence its too strong, and the spikes cannot penetrate him, but it wakes him up. Xie Hou uses his shadow dragon dagger to create a series of invisible clones which attack the Rhino's eyes causing it to close them and defend, with Xu Xiaoyan using her Star Wheel Chains to temporarily lock the rhino down.

Gu Yue retracts her spirit as the fight is over. From above, Wulin easily crashes through the Rhino's skull with the Dragon Claw. It seems the effect of the golden ring is boosting Dragon Mode's strength as well as reducing its cost. The skill is called Golden Dragon Body. Class 0 now returns to reality. Chen Yi didn't expect the team to kill the beast as the goal is survival. She scores Gu Yue 8 for non-participation and everyone else 10. On the contrary, only Gu Yue is at full strength; Xiaoyan only has less than 2/3 spirit power. The group moves to the next test: improvisation. The obstacles are 6 gates equipped with descending guillotine blades. Each participant has 30 seconds to get through. Every 3 seconds early are 1 extra point. Every 3 seconds late are 1 negative point.

They are given 60 seconds to prepare, and so Gu Yue tests the force of the guillotines using her ice - 3,000kg effective weight while dropping. She determines that she can hold it up long enough to protect one person - Xu Xiaoyan. Xie Hou is able to get through on his own easily, so Gu Yue jumps on Wulin's back, surprising Wulin. As the time starts, Xie Hou passes through and Gu Yue makes a stone pillar, but the weight shatters it before Xiaoyan can pass. Wulin manifests his Golden Dragon Talon, and catches the guillotine easily. He then tosses it back up, and they can all pass. Chen Yi is stunned, she expected the 3 ton guillotine to wreak carnage on Wulin here, and narrowed her eyes, but this scene was incredible. The trial was supposed to test courage, as even the strong would be terrified of death here with almost half of the candidates failing, but these monsters showed none of that. After 14 seconds in the same manner, they had passed all 6 blades.

Class 0 passes with perfect score and minimum exertion. Gu Yue refuses to get off Wulin's back, daydreaming about him inside the bathroom. The team moves on to the next test, specializations. They have to demonstrate a speciality, such as speed in Xie Hou's case. Chen Yi returns with the judges, 2 middle-aged and an old matron, while class 0 is waiting in meditation. Xie Hou goes first. He demonstrates his purple 3rd spirit ring: Shadow Clone. The judges are impressed as the clones are tangible duplicates.

The old woman judges that Xie Hou has a good performance. However, he lacks control: his mastery of Ghost Step and soul force is poor. Xiaoyan goes next. She explains that her full power only works during night. The judges agree to let her pass because they know about her background. Then it is Wulin's turn to demonstrate his power. He activates Golden Dragon Body and the golden ring appears. The judges are surprised as the only occurences of golden rings in the past have been Tang San's 1,000,000 year demon whale and Yuhao's 1,000,000 year heavenly ice silkworm.

Chapters 261-270

Seeing the gold ring, the eldest asks Wulin to explain, as the power seems calmer like it's from his blood instead of his spirit. Wulin answers that he doesn't know why, but that it is his blood. He shows his new ability, with the eldest stunned asking if it was Golden Dragon blood, knowing the ability as Golden Dragon Body. She then has Wulin show his power by attacking her. Not wanting to injure her, he punches, but she easily deflects it and tells him that it was pathetic. Mustering his power he punches again, with enough force to create a small explosion, and it was easily blocked. Again she says it was pathetic, so he punches once more, with Golden Dragon Talon in full effect. The elder responds by meeting his punch with an attack, sending Wulin flying and crashing into the wall, and the rest of the Shrek elders are stunned. Wulin is fine, and starts to meditate as he has just used most of his soul force and is hungry, so it is Gu Yue's turn. She starts by condensing earth power into a 7 petal flower on her hand, which is good control for an element user, and then accelerates it up a step.

Gu Yue adds water element, and constructs the same flower with it but with one less petal. This is already impressive, but she then adds wind power with 5 petals, stunning them. As if that weren't enough, she adds fire element with 4 petals, and is obviously exerting a lot as she is sweating. She then draws in some light element, before sending it to the eldest using space element. Chen Yi shouts to watch out, but the eldest quickly resolves it as it could detonate, bringing out her spirit rings showing 4 purple 4 black and 1 red. The old lady exempts Gu Yue from the remaining tests and grants her inner school student status.

The elder (named Cai Yue Er, titled Silver Moon Douluo), asks Gu Yue to be her disciple, but Gu Yue refuses. She is being stubborn and angry, because Cai hurt Wulin. He's not injured and tells Gu Yue this is a good opportunity, but Gu Yue says to Cai that she will only go if all of them are in the inner court. Elder Cai furiously leaves the room with Chen Yi chasing. After a while, Chen Yi returns, and angrily points at Gu Yue and tells them they have all scored 0. The next test is for their secondary career, but when they walk in, Cai is behind the desk as their examiner and immediately tells them they scored 0, with Wulin holding Gu Yue back to prevent her from saying anymore in anger. Any more than this could damage Shrek's reputation, so Cai tells them that the remaining tests will be completed normally, and if they can somehow still pass they will enter the outer courtyard. There are only 5 more tests, and they need a total score of at least 60 to pass!

As Cai leaves, no one sees that she is actually smiling, apparently a bit satisfied with these 4 kids. The 6th test is Wulin's specialty, dumpling eating. Each member needs to finish 35 out of 50 dumplings within 30 minutes for a perfect score, but after Xie Hou asks if it is possible for one person to eat enough for multiple people to pass. This is supposed to be an endurance test. The judges watch on in disbelief as Wulin wolfs down enough buns for all 4 of them by 28 minutes, but keeps eating until time runs out. He then wraps the leftover as he's still hungry. Somewhere else, elder Cai is astonished to hear that class 0 got perfect score from just Wulin eating the food, not to mention packing the rest to eat later.

Elder Cai's face is a little strange, and murmurs that it seems she doesn't need to secretly give them extra points. The first test was mental strength, 2nd combat capacity, 3rd courage, 4th talent, 5th 2nd career, 6th willpower, and 7th endurance. Inside the test room, there are still a lot of other candidates attempting it. There are 3 parts, 10km run, 1,000 50kg squats, and 1,000 pullups. Within an hour, they get full points, losing 1 for every 10 minutes extra, but completing all 3 will give them 6 points minimum, which is why many people are still taking the test in order to make up the points they may miss elsewhere. Chen Yi tells them that they need a score of 60/100 to pass overall, with them only able to get a maximum of 80 now. If they only complete the first endurance test, they will only get 2 points out of 10. Calculating, Wulin tells Gu Yue and Xiaoyan to only complete the running portion so they can save their strength for the next tests, knowing they will never finish the squats and pullups. Wulin and Xie Hou finished the running portion within 10 minutes, then continue on. In the end, Wulin took 30 minutes for all 3, Xie Hou 45 minutes, but Gu Yue and Xiaoyan only completed the run within 20 minutes. After the 7th test, Wulin has 50 points - a perfect score given their handicap, Xie Hou 48, Gu Yue 38, Xiaoyan 40. The 8th test is 1 on 1 battles against Shrek students, with them able to pick their opponent out of the 10 arranged in front of them.

They have 10 minutes to determine who they fight, and must either win or last a certain amount of time to succeed. In order, they plan to fight Wulin, Xie Hou, Gu Yue and then Xiaoyan, with each stalling as long as possible so that Xiaoyan can use her full power in the evening. So after some time to pick their opponent, Wulin is against an agility-type spirit master, and older girl, who reveals her spirit to be snow leopard with YYP rings. With only using his BSG, Wulin continually evades her and runs away, with her showing abilities of a control spirit master based on her ice element. The Shrek students here are rewarded based on how quickly they win each fight, so she is trying to end it swiftly while Wulin is just running. The Shrek girl decides to end thing quickly with her third skill, Snow Leopard Claw. In return, Wulin activates his 2nd skill, BSG Array, for defense. The claw easily rips through the BSG and sends Wulin flying though its power is completely nullified by Wulin's BSG and dragon scale. The Shrek girl is surprised that Wulin is unharmed. She turns into a leopard and charges while Wulin activates the BSG Array again. The leopard is repelled by the BSG but the Shrek girl cancels the transformation and charges at Wulin for a surprise attack. However, Wulin has anticipated her strategy. He quickly backsteps and directs the remaining BSG to trap the girl though she also dodges. The Shrek student now realizes that Wulin is playing for time. Both of them switch to their first skill for a battle of attrition.

10 minutes have passed, which is the minimum for passing. Wulin's spirit power is running low. As wood element is weak against the cold, Wulin is just barely hanging on with Mysterious Heaven's regeneration. The Shrek girl is no better; she only has 30% spirit power left. Even more time passes until the girl gets impatient and launches a final attack. They are now at the 25 minute mark, which would give Wulin 9 points. The snow leopard lunges at Wulin and attacks his shoulder, with Wulin just smiling. He brings out his golden dragon scales dispelling the effect of the cold, and is at full strength after all the dumplings in the previous test. The dragon's strength easily stops the leopard's attack as Wulin shocks her with his Purple Demon Eye. The mental attack disorients the Shrek student, and Wulin pinches an artery on her neck causing her to faint. Xie Hou comments that Wulin is quite brutal, using nearly the full 30 minutes when he prefers to end things immediately, while Chen Yi can only mutter, "Full points."

Chen Yi realizes that the entire fight, Wulin was just waiting patiently, not being overwhelmed. Next is Xie Hou, who picks a slender power fighter. Wulin sits and recovers his soul force, knowing he has already passed but still preparing so he can help the others. Xie Hou's opponent also has YYP rings, and his body transforms a bit - his spirit is some form of gorilla. Quickly dodging his opponent's attack, Xie Hou uses his 3rd ring to create clones, and all bodies kick off each other to escape. His opponent is actually the strongest of the ten, and is attacking with some form of air vibrations.

After a while, Xie Hou's opponent attacks with a powerful blast, and he can't dodge. Chen Yi rescues him, and declares the fight over. Xie Hou did not even last 10 minutes, and only scored 3 points - not even a passing grade. Wulin scolds him, as Xie Hou had attempted to fight rather than run and evade to buy time. Next up is Gu Yue, her opponent displays 3 purple rings.

Chapters 271-280

Gu Yue's opponent summons a lion, it appears she uses a summon type spirit which they have never seen. It attacks Gu, and she attacks back with ice. The lion breathes fire, dissolving the ice, but it's actually a combined wind and ice attack, and wind blades continue. At the same time, Gu uses her space power to cause some projectiles to bypass the lion, aiming straight at the spirit master. With no way for her to dodge it, Chen Yi rescues her and declares the fight Gu's victory. It was incredibly quick, as Gu noticed that it was already dark out. Before the next round, Wulin whispers something to Xiaoyan, and she then picks her opponent. Her opponent is a 2 ring spirit master as well, and Xiaoyan brings out a heavy forging hammer, and stumbling under it's weight, places it on top of her first spirit ability - a circular ice blade, which then flies into the sky while she prepares another skill.

While her opponent is thinking she is ridiculous and wondering how she made it this far, Xiaoyan fires an ice lance from her ice wand spirit's 2nd ring, while her opponent activates his spirit - a crystal ball - and teleports away to evade. Xiaoyan then uses Purple Demon Eye to temporarily disorient her opponent, controlling her ice blade and ice lance to change direction toward her opponent. At the same time, she chants and transforms her spirit into the star wheel ice wand, activating it's first skill on her enemy. He recovers fast enough to use his 2nd skill and decompose the ice lance, but feeling pressure looks up to find the hammer. Before he can react, Xiaoyan's star wheel ice wand skill locks him down, and he can't evade, so Chen Yi rescues him. Chen Yi praises her for her acting - the hammer isn't really that heavy for a 2 ring spirit master, but her stumbling caused her opponent to think she was far too weak and not take her attack seriously. This was Wulin's tungsten thousand forged hammer that he lent her along with his storage ring before the match. With all 4 finished, Wulin is at 60 points, Xie Hou 51, Xiaoyan 50 and Gu Yue 48 with 2 tests remaining.

The 9th test is to simply survive, in a situation similar to the Pagoda simulation, though apparently they can even obtain spirit rings here as the spirit beasts are real. All 4 of them will achieve the same mark, this is a team assessment. Once they entered the assessment, Elder Cai and another old man entered the room, with Chen Yi saluting the man as her teacher. She describes their performance as beyond imagination, and Elder Cai mentions she wanted Gu as her disciple. The man, Luanshi, reminds her that they are technically his disciples because he is Wukong's master. Moreover, Gu is not willing to be Cai's student, though that only makes elder Cai want her more. Luanshi tells Chen Yi to give the kids the highest level of assessment, which is difficult for even adults to pass. Inside, Wulin's group take a defensive formation with BSG scouting out, and they move to high ground for better vision. Xiaoyan wonders if she can get a 10,000 year ring, but Wulin scolds her telling her it would be suicide. After 2 hours of rest, they have not encountered any spirit beasts.

After a little while, they are curious, this isn't much of a test if they aren't encountering beasts so feel they should be exploring a little. They decide to explore at night, when Xiaoyan is at her peak, so that they are all at full strength. While they are moving through the forest, their bodies tremble as a ferocious roar rips through them. Wulin is fine as his blood resolves it, but the others are trembling in fear a bit. Another, different roar also sounds. Bringing out his golden ring, Wulin's aura soothes them, and they move through while Wulin uses his purple demon eye to scout. He sees the sources of the roars - the first is a Dark Golden Fear Claw Bear, like the one they previously killed, but seems to be 1,000 years or more. The second is a strange beast, it is shaped like a lion, but shining golden with a bit of a dragon scaled appearance, and a third vertical eye on it's forehead. Xie tries to think what this beast could be.

After a while, Xie realises that it is a 3 Eyed Golden Lion or Auspicious Emperor and explains the story about Qiu Er and Yuhao (From DD2). The beasts fight ends, and the group explores - the Auspicious Emperor is famous for luck, and treasures could be around. They come across a cave, and determine it should be the Auspicious Emperor's cave as there are precious gems on the floor.

Xie bends to pick up a gem, and with a cry a juvenile Auspicious Emperor attacks. Wulin brings out his BSG while his Golden Dragon Talon is active and the purple rings cast a bit of light on his single golden ring - it appears he can use them both simultaneously and the BSG has evolved a bit together with his Dragon Blood. They suggest it is a 100 year spirit beast, but even without being 1000 years, this would be the perfect beast for Xiaoyan. As it attacks, Wulin uses his 2nd ability - thrust, but the beast releases a spiritual attack disorienting Wulin and Gu and tries to disembowel Wulin. Xie attacks it with light dragon storm, forcing it to back off, and Xiaoyan locks it down with her star wheel while Gu teleports herself and Wulin in close.

Wulin unleashes his Golden Dragon Talon on it's head, but the attack does not kill it. Instead, with a cry, it is knocked unconscious. They do not kill it, instead they decide who will take the soul bone. Xiaoyan is still only 29 and not yet 30, so the soul ring would be wasted. Wulin gives it up, he already has the Fear Claw Bear bone and doesn't need it right now. Xie passes as it is better for a spiritual system user. Gu gives up, claiming that the bone would add luck, and she wants strength over luck. Xiaoyan also decides to give up - Auspicious Emperor is too rare, and this one is too young, it would be sad to kill it just for greed. All agreeing with Xiaoyan, they leave the cub unconscious and leave the cave, but are confronted by the adult Auspicious Emperor.

Without wasting a second, the Auspicious Emperor bathes them all in a golden flame and they are forcibly ejected from the simulation. As they are out, they laugh and shout "no regrets", with Chen Yi applauding. This test had many layers, they were patience to find the fighting beasts, identifying their strength, daring to enter the cave, defeating the juvenile Auspicious Emperor, and then deciding what to do with the spirit bone. The ring and bone would be false, and it tests your heart. Having let it live and sacrificing the bone, they achieved a perfect score. Failing the test when dividing the bone would result in failure to be accepted by Shrek. As a result, the scores are Wulin 70, Xie 61, Xiaoyan 60, Gu 58, and they move to the next test, with a tall old man, Silver Douluo and the old man from the first test standing side by side.

The final test is to be assessed once more by the 3 elders. They tell Wulin that he will be given another test later while Xie is given 6 points as he is weak in a lot of areas, but still performed well. Xiaoyan is given a score of 7, tying with Xie overall, due to her use of her mutation. Gu on the other hand, is only granted 1 point, as her stubborn character and impulsive nature caused even her teammates to suffer. With this, Gu fails the exam, but everyone else passes. Hearing this, Wulin puts his hand on her shoulder, and declares that he withdraws from Shrek. Xie and Xiaoyan also withdraw, and they ask Chen Yi where Wukong is. She tells them that the old man is Wukong's teacher, and they bow to him. Xiaoyan, pretending to cry, asks the old man if he is afraid of Elder Cai, as they are basically his grandchildren and he is watching her bully them.

After some arguing, they agree that Gu can pass if Wulin finishes his final test, which will be a repeat of the 5th. They tell him that he needs to reach 5th grade forging to pass. Knowing how difficult it is, not possessing enough soul force for the 5th rank spiritual forging, Wulin meditates for a short time. After 15 minutes, he opens his eyes, pulls out a piece of heavy silver, and begins forging.

Chapters 281-290

Elder Cai and Luanshi realize that Wulin is no normal blacksmith but still underestimate him because they don't know enough about forging. As Wulin quickly completes spiritual 1st-grade hundred-forging and begins attempting spirit forging, the 3rd elder, surname Li, finally realizes what is going on. He reprimands the other 2 as spirit forging requires lv40+ spirit power and even then the mental backlash is extremely dangerous. He mentions that a man named Feng Wu Yu gonna eat them alive if Wulin fails as it is too late to stop him. Elder Cai and Luanshi blame each other in the background while Wulin seems to have grasped the concept of spirit forging.

Wulin enters his deep focus state and begins the first step of spirit forging: dozen-thousand life forging, pouring the blacksmith's spirit power into the metal to create life. The piece of heavy silver gets smaller as patterns begin to appear on it. It also helps Wulin's blood-bonded hammers evolve to first-grade thousand-forging. However, the process consumes spirit power too quickly. After just 10 minutes, Wulin's tank is near empty and he is in danger of a backlash. Wulin decides to use his dragon blood as a power source. He activates Golden Dragon Body, grabs the hot metal with his right dragon claw and uses only his left arm to strike the hammers.

After the first strike, his right arm begins to bleed but the blood somehow sooths the metal and contains its rampaging life force. The heavy silver begins to take on a golden pattern. The elders are shocked at this crazy technique. Wulin's hammers have gotten smaller. On the 2nd strike, some pieces of heavy silver begin to stick to the hammers, merging with it. As he continues to strike, the piece of heavy silver gets even smaller as a golden layer forms on the hammers with a distinctly draconic pattern. Wulin is near bleeding out but he perseveres. Finally, the final strike lands as the piece of heavy silver completely merges with the hammer. A golden light emits to the sky as a phantom of a golden dragons appears and roars above. Wulin has completed his first Spirit Forging: the spiritual tens-thousand-forging Hammers. Moreover, the hammers are not just blood-bonded anymore, they are life-bonded. The hammers disappear into Wulin's body just like Wukong's power armor.

Wulin faints but Xie Hou manages to catch him. The elders are astonished at the birth of a 5th ranked blacksmith at 13 years old. Even Shrek Academy won't be able to let a talent of this caliber go. Luanshi rushes to Wulin's side to help him he recover. He pours his also draconic spirit power into Wulin but is surprised when Wulin easily consumes it. Elder Cai comes to Gu Yue's side and tells her that they can't be at the inner school if they aren't armor master by 20 years old. Gu Yue ignores her, still worrying about Wulin. Elder Li looks upon class 0, his eyes stop on Xiaoyan. He smiles a little bit and leaves.

Luanshi tries to withdraw his spirit power but Wulin's dragon doesn't let it leave. Luanshi has to forcefully cut it off. Chen Yi realizes that Wulin's spirit is consuming Luanshi's spirit, meaning Wulin's is of a higher grade. She is perplexed by the existence of something stronger than a Red Armored Dragon, a spirit considered of True Dragon bloodline. Luanshi flicks Wulin's head, awakening him. He then tells class 0 to follow. They reach where Wukong is kneeling. Seeing Luanshi, Wukong performs a deep kowtow toward him and is joined by class 0. Luanshi is slightly shaken but he tells Wukong that he still doesn't recognize him as a disciple. However, he is still going to adopt his school-grandchildren. Wukong is glad because he understand his master's personality.

Luanshi tells everyone to follow him into the inner school. Wukong, red-eyed, finally apologizes to Luanshi. The old man is visibly shakened. Wulin helps Wukong up and follows Luanshi. They enter a square and pay respect to the statues of the 1st 7 Devils as well as the Golden Triangle Trio (Grandmaster, Liu Er and Flender). Luanshi then leads everyone to a lake and teleports them to Sea God Court. Class 0 has been given special permission to enter. Luanshi orders Chen Yi to arrange their Shrek registration and officially grants them outter school co-op students status. Luanshi tells Wukong to leave but he insists on staying, even as a servant. Wukong was originally an orphan Luanshi picked up. He was Luanshi's favorite disciple because of his talent as well as their similar personality. He agrees to let Wukong stays as his personal butler.

Luanshi then turns toward Wulin and tells him to study under him once a week. Luanshi is interested in the dragon power. It is not a 2nd spirit but rather a special existence, tied to Wulin's bloodline. Moreover, it seems to to share a root with Luanshi's spirit. Luanshi then speaks to all of class 0, reminding them of the 20yo time limit and telling them to stay for the night. As Luanshi leaves, Wulin asks Chen Yi what happened between Wukong and his master. She explains that they had a difference in opinions. No one was really in the wrong but things just spiralled out of control. She stops on the subject and hushes class 0 to go rest.

Chen Yi is clearly in a good mood after the reconcilation. She speaks to Gu Yue privately, reminding not to offend any more masters. Wulin chimes in and says elder Cai didn't mean to hurt him during the 4th test and asks Chen Yi to bring them to elder Cai for apology. Gu Yue grudgingly agrees after Wulin convinces her. She is rewarded with a hug. Xie Hou also teases a hug and gets kicked. Chen Yi breaks up class 0's banter and tells them to rest as a co-op student's life is not easy.

Wulin is in meditation with the newly bloodline-bonded(or life-bonded, IDK why author keeps switching terms) hammers in his hands. He is reflecting on completing spirit forging. The difference between power armor and mech armor is that the power armor can fuse with the spirit master, there by increasing his/her strength. A better analogy would be letting one's spirit wear an armor, thus evolving it. Power armor is also the equalizer that made spirit beasts go into near-extinction. The near-extinction also had another reason: Spirit Pagoda. They were at first at peace with the beasts. However, as their research advanced, it required more samples. Backed by the Federation and armed with the best power armor, the Pagoda overhunted the spirit beasts.

Back to Wulin, the hammers's dragon pattern begins to shine in unison with Wulin's. It has become part of Wulin's body. The next step, soul forging, will make it part of Wulin's spirit. Of course, Wulin would then become a Saint Artisan 7th rank blacksmith, an existence on par with a 3-word armor master. Wulin's goal is being a 2-word armor master as this is the limit of spirit forging. Wulin dreams about his armor's name, forgetting to train Purple Demon Eye.

In the morning, class 0 discovers that their meditation was more effective than usual. It seems Sea God Court's air possesses more energy than normal places. Inside the living room, Luanshi tells Wulin to demonstrate his eating talent. He points at a basket of 20 strange black dumplings. Wulin grabs 4 and stuffs them in his mouth. He realizes the black dumplings are not normal: they are infused with a lot of spirit power. He grabs another 4 to Luanshi's astonishment and fear. After only 16 dumplings, Wulin is full, his veins filled with spirit power. Old Tang suddenly appears, telling Wulin that if he can eat these dumplings daily, ingredients won't be needed for the next 3 unsealings. Wulin asks Luanshi if he can eat this food daily. Luanshi's face twitches a little and tells Wulin to pack the leftover home. Chen Yi tells Wulin that those dumplings are Luanshi's portion for the month. Only the Sea God Court's elders are allowed these dumplings, which are made from a rare deep-sea fish. Wulin wants to give the rest of the dumplings back but Chen Yi tells him to keep it as it is Luanshi's will. Wulin seems to be his favorite.

Chen Yi leads class 0 back to the staff office. On the way, she tells them that normal Shrek students only need to pay 20% of tuition. Co-op students, on the other hand, need to pay 100%, though not with money but missions. At the staff office, the teacher in charge of new entrances tells class 0 not to shame the co-op student's pride. It seems co-op students are not as simple as it seems. Chen Yi gives class 0 their first mission: cleaning the Spirit Ice square. However, they first must go to the co-op students' dorm.

In contrast to the other parts of Shrek, the co-op students' dorm looks like a slum, lacking most conveniences. Class 0 is assisgned a single room. They have to hang a curtain in the middle to separate the boys and girls. They first clean the room then head out to Spirit Ice square. At the square, class 0 meets an old acquaintance, the number 2 student who beat Xie Hou. They greet but he is a bit cold. It seems this student is also a co-op student. Wulin wonders if co-op student has some mystery but he decides they have to work first. Gu Yue has an idea. She uses her spirit to summon the wind and water element to speed up the job. With all 3 of her skills, the work finishes in 4 hours instead of 2 days. At Wulin's teasing, Xie Hou invites class 0 for dinner. They go to report mission completed at the staff office, receiving 100 points each.

Class 0 first goes out to get some wood to build beds. They then stay in meditation until the evening. Co-op students can get free food at Shrek canteen for only the 1st day but they have to pay after that. Wulin discovers that 100 points can barely cover food for the 2nd day. In order to not waste free food, Wulin decides to display his reputation of the rice barrel. Even the Shrek students treat this as a rare sight. Soon enough, a student named Xie Pei Shen from the disciplinary committee comes by. He wants to make sure Wulin is not wasting food. Wulin convinces him he can eat and tells the upperclassman to watch. Shen Pei agrees. He is calm at first but soon his eyes and mouth turn into the letter O. Like the surrounding Shrek students, he is convinced Wulin is not human. Wulin has finished 10 tables of food, 3 personally delivered by Shen Pei. Soon, the teacher in charge of food comes and tells Wulin that they are going to ban him from free food. Wulin tells him not to worry as he is a co-op student. The crowd suddenly goes back to normal as Shen Pei asks Wulin why he didn't sooner tell him he is a co-op student. Shen Pei leaves annoyed. For some reason, other students come up to Wulin and feed him random food.

Wulin meets up with Xie Hou outside the canteen. Xie Hou informs Wulin he is now infamous at Shrek. Wulin is still hungry and asks Xie Hou to fulfill his promise. It seems the dragon's metabolism has increased even more, which only frightens Xie Hou. Class 0 goes downtown and the girls insist on an icecream parlor. As they sit down, Xie Hou looks around for beautiful girls.

Chapters 291-300

Xie Hou explains that he wants to participate in the Sea God Love Festival (not a direct translation). Wulin scolds Xie Hou that he is looking too far ahead as the festival is only for inner school student. They then raise a toast for class 0's successful entrance into Shrek. Their excitement is interrupted as another customer is loudly trying to get the waitress's number. This customer is a very handsome young man slightly older than class 0, has blond short hair and wears a white suit. He is obviously a young lord of some noble house. The waitress is a beautiful young woman in uniform and has short red hair. She refuses the blond customer's advance. He decides to escalate to the manager, whom also refuses due to regulation. The owner is called out next but he again refuses. The young lord then calls on his butler, whom then uses a golden credit card to buy out the restaurant. Class 0 is obviously disgusted with this city-dweller's antics. As the young lord now owns the restaurant, he forces the waitress to give him her number as he wants to get to know her. The waitress, now very annoyed, decides to quit on the spot. Xie Hou is about to interfere but Wulin stops him. Class 0 stands up to pay and leave. But just as they get out of the door, a wave of spirit power erupts. A blinding light shines, illuminating the dark sky.

The young lord has released his spirit, an angel with 3 purple rings. The waitress has also released hers, a fallen angel with 2 purple rings. The young lord is amused. He wants to bring the waitress back to his clan for judgement. The waitress tries to escape by fading into the darkness. However, the young lord uses his 2nd skill, Holy Light. The light reveals and traps the waitress. However, the waitress returns her spirit. She calls the lord stupid as this is Shrek. Suddenly, the air pressure gets heavier. A large man appears from the sky to stop the fight. He is a Shrek Discipline Enforcer. The lord states his name, Yue Zheng Yu. He believes the girl is a dark spirit master and wants to capture her. The girl calmly shows the enforcer her Shrek ID and says that she is a co-op student, which surprises class 0. Shrek has confirmed that she is not a dark master. The enforcer agrees with her. However, he doesn't punish Zheng Yu, stating that he was just hunting dark masters. The enforcer then disappears. The girl turns toward Zheng Yu and points her thumb at the ground, insulting him. She then disappears into the darkness. Zheng Yu is angry but he is dissuaded by his butler. He still doesn't believe she is not a dark master but he takes his leave for now. Class 0 is amazed by the whole situation. They now believe that co-op students have some special status in Shrek. Xie Hou wants to investigate further but Wulin stops him as they are newcomers and shouldn't go looking for trouble. Class 0 then goes home for meditation.

In the morning, Wulin and Xiaoyan are up early to train Purple Demon Eye. The whole class 0 then goes eat and then goes to the staff office for their daily mission. They meet student number 2 at the office again. All of them are again assigned the job of cleaning Spirit Ice square. Wulin asks the teacher for more missions so he can eat as Shrek food is 5x expensive as outside. The teacher shows class 0 a list on the screen. While class 0 is picking, student number 2, named Yuan En, hands in his mission, a schematic, which earns him praise from the teacher. He then picks another mission and leaves, but not before offering class 0 a short greeting. Wulin is intrigued by Yuan En but he first chooses his mission, a 1st-grade thousand-forging. The teacher asks if he is sure as there is a large penalty. If co-op students' points go to 0, they are expelled. Moreover, they need to hand in 300 points every month for tuition. Wulin assures the teacher. He also notices that Shrek's forging missions have very high requirement compared to outside. The mission he accepts reward 1000 points. He asks the teacher where to find material and a workshop. The teacher tells Wulin it will be arranged after the opening ceremony.

Outside the office, Xie Hou discusses with Wulin about Yuan En's age. Moreover, Xie Hou asks if they can share contribution points. Wulin promptly replies Xie Hou can buy it, which upsets him. Wulin encourages Xie Hou to improve his 2nd occupation. They go to the opening ceremony, which is held at the Spirit Ice square. Inside Shrek, each grade only has 1 class. Wulin sees the 6th grade students, who are all around 30 years old. Wukong would have been a 5th grade student. As the ceremony begins, 20 shadows descend from the sky and hover in mid-air. Hovering means they are at least Spirit Saints. In the middle is elder Cai Yue Er, Silver Moon Douluo. At her side are Chen Yi and Wukong. Another man begins to speak and introduces elder Cai. She begins her speech, first by mentioning the yearly minor exams and the major exams every 3 years. If one fails 2 minor exams or 1 major exam then it's instant expulsion. She then encourages the 6th grade students who are near their graduation time limit of 35yo. She then warns the newcomers to prepare for their first exam. She then closes her speech by encouraging everyone to uphold Shrek's honor and dismissing the students and teachers. Class 0 is surprised by the short speech but they smile with determination after hearing about the exams. However, their joy is short-lived as elder Cai is flying toward them. She announces that she will be the newcomers' main teacher. Chen Yi and Wukong will be her assistants. She smirks at class 0, who is utterly horrified, even Gu Yue. They finally understand why elder Cai can put up the 20yo armor master time limit. Elder Cai has arranged everything as she is the outer school's headmaster. As the students line up to march to their classroom, class 0 is placed at the end due to their co-op student status. Inside the classroom, elder Cai has class 0 all seated in the front row. Their future looks bleak.

There are 101 students in the 1st grade. Elder Cai makes a short speech for the new students then tells Chen Yi to explain the school regulations. She then takes her leave but not before shooting a meaningful glance at class 0. Chen Yi is on the podium detailing the rules. First, at Shrek, it doesn't matter who you were. Shrek rewards and punishes accordingly, without any ties to the Federation. In other word, the only rules that appliy are Shrek's. 2nd, Shrek student ID contains contribution points, which acts like a credit card at Shrek city for any goods and services. Contribution points are gained by performing mission. If a student is expelled, they are allowed to first spend the rest of their points. 3rd, classes are only held in the morning. The rest of the day is free time. However, attendance is mandatory. Lateness counts as absence; 3 times mean expulsion. 4th, objects outside of Shrek Academy bought with Federation money are not allowed inside the school. If caught, the punishment is 10 times the value in contribution points. For co-op students, they can eat ouside but time is also a valuable resource for Shrek students. Chen Yi then warns the students about their exams and completes her speech by handing out to the students a list of what can be bought with contribution points, including classes. Some of the classes are free, except for co-op students. Moreover, there is a 10% middle-man fee that goes to the school for trading between students so the trade can be guaranteed. Chen Yi also mentions the penalty for failing missions but for normal students, their expulsion limit is -1000 points instead of 0 points.

Wulin feels the rules are too strict. Moreover, 2nd occupations are vital here making Wulin worry for the others. Not to mention that becoming an armor master requires level 4 occupation for 1-word, level 5 for 2-word. Chen Yi interrupts his thought as she announces the 1st lesson: armor master. She explains the reason behind the 1st lesson. In order to graduate from the outer school, one must become an armor master before 35yo. As a result, the graduation rate is only 33.3%. Moreover, if they complete the task before 25yo, they are eligible for the inner school entrance exam. Chen Yi then explains the difference between armor master and machine master. Machine is armor for the body but power armor is armor for the spirit. Power armor can be considered part of one's body. Power armor is split into 4 levels: 1-word, 2-word, 3-word and 4-word. The gap between each 2 levels is huge. The 2nd occupations required for power armor are machine design, machine manufacture and blacksmith. Blacksmith is the hardest path so it is not as recommended as the other 2. However, Chen Yi emphasizes that 1 person cannot handle all 3 occupations so the students must looks to their classmates for cooperation. She then explains the power armor's characteristic. It can count as an additional 20 levels of spirit power at best compatibility. 1-word armor master requires level 50 Spirit King, level 3 2nd occupation, rare metal thousand-forging, a design grandmaster and a manufacture grandmaster. Moreover, the compatibility rate for the armor must be > 60%.

Class 0 is paying close attention as they only have a 6 year time limit to fulfill those requirements. As the class ends, Wulin realizes he has another crisis: food. He is hungry but only has 80 points after the 20-point breakfast. However, breakfast was cheap because Wulin also ate the filling black dumplings. Wulin decides to let others go in first as he has decided to sell himself for food. To be more specific, he wears a board advertising his forging talent, which embarrasses class 0. Wulin only advertises that he is a 4th ranker as 5th ranker may be a little bit far-fetched for a 13yo. After 10 minutes, Wulin is still ignored. He just about to give up when Yuan En comes up and makes an offer: 1100 points for a thousand-forging. Wulin accepts but Yuan En reminds him of the 10% fee. Wulin asks Yuan En to buy him food instead so he doesn't waste money. Yuan En accepts but he is soon horrified by Wulin's stomach. His lunch costs 420 points. Yuan En is glad he didn't offer to cover and hushes Wulin to go work. Wulin asks him where to find a workshop. Yuan En then explains about the school's various guilds. The Forging Guild can help but it would cost money for a non-member. Suddenly, as they talk, a man hurriedly comes in from the door. He is only around 1m70 but very stout and muscular, with messy red hair and a strangely powerful heat surrounding his body. The man roars, asking for Wulin, scaring the whole canteen. As Wulin answers, the man goes to grab him. Wulin tries to resist but he is quickly overpowered as the ground seems to spin around him. Yuan En tries to stop the man but he teleports away with Wulin.

Suddenly, Wulin is inside a giant workshop full of rare metal that not even the East Sea Forging Guild possesses. The man asks Wulin if he is capable of spirit forging. Wulin tries to ask who the man is and where they are but is ignored. He reluctantly answeres that he luckily succeeded once. The man tries to get him to attempt it again but Wulin tells him that he would only do it once he has 3 rings. The man is surprised that Wulin doesn't even have 3 rings. The man decides to compromise with thousand-forging. Being a shrewd trader, Wulin tells the man 2 demands: first, he can take away the product; 2nd, he can choose any material. The man agrees without hesitation and explains to Wulin how to use the workshop at his insistence. Wulin, full of smiles, pick the 2 rarest pieces, Meteor Iron (again, not a direct translation). The man tries to stop him but Wulin asks if he values his word. The man asks him at least use only one but Wulin replies that forging 2 at once would be more efficient. Before he can say anything else, Wulin already put the metal under the fire. The man is pissed and warns Wulin if he doesn't succeed then he would be a slave until he can pay back the value of the metal. The Meteor Iron is very rare and can only be found in meteors. Though it cannot be spirit forged, the metal possesses a special ability that can be granted to weapons: penetration. At a glance, the piece of metal looks worthless but Wulin discovers its true value with his Purple Demon Eyes. Wulin chose it not just because of its value but because it can only be used for 1-word armor, which is why the red-haired man finally agreed. Wulin begins to forge as the man looks on in worry.

Wulin's upgraded hammers are extremely efficient, at least 4-5 times as before: light as a feather and twice as powerful. Multi-hit effect is upgraded to x3 from x2. Moreover, Wulin can freely control the spirit power he infuses into the hammers. The man realizes that the hammers are spirit forged. He first thinks that Wulin got them from someone else, which means his basic is weak. However, Wulin soon changes his mind. Wulin performs Tang Sect technique, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer. His past limit was 48 strikes, compared to the maximum of 81. The man realizes that the forging rhythmn is definitely from a pro. The metal quickly comes into form under the storm of hammers. Under his spirit and dragon power's assistance, Wulin hits the 49th strike, completing the thousand-forging. The hammers emit a dragon roar as the draconic pattern shines brilliantly. Upon completion, Wulin reaches a new realization for spirit forging. He has understood that the hammers have linked with his dragon bloodline, allowing him to forge even longer and harder, raising spirit forging's success rate. The man stands behind Wulin and confirms his success. He decides to grant him official Shrek Forging Guild's member status but Wulin stops him to first explain his identity. He states that he is the previously mentioned Feng Wu Yu, the guildmaster of Shrek Forging Guild and a level 8 Saint Artisan blacksmith. He asks Wulin to call him master but Wulin refuses, explaining that he already has Mu Chen.

Wu Yu knows who Mu Chen is, calling him a brat even though they are both level 8. Wulin is a little bit annoyed but he explains that he also has another master in Man Tiang. Wu Yu is in thought. He tells Wulin that he doesn't care about betrayal. Moreover, Mu Chen is only a Spirit Douluo thanks to rare herbs, unlike Wu Yu. Wu Yu displays his Title Douluo's prowess, 4 purple 4 black 1 red, surprising Wulin. He tells Wulin he will burn anyone who dares to bully him. Wulin realizes that while this man is strong, he isn't right in the head. Wulin tries to refuse by saying that if he betrays Mu Chen, he may one day betray Wu Yu. Wu Yu is confident that he is already the best blacksmith so there won't be that possibility. Wulin decides to make a compromise by first asking permission from Mu Chen. Wu Yu reluctantly accepts but he bans Wulin from joining any other guilds and allows him to use Wu Yu's name if anyone try to forcefully recruit.

Wulin leaves with the metal as he discovers he is on the 4th floor of the staff building. On the way out, he bumps into Yuan En, who has been looking for him for half a day. Yuan En asks Wulin if he has joined the Forging Guild as Wulin just discovers Wu Yu has somehow put a black hammer medal on his chest. Yuan En is amazed that elder Feng personally invited Wulin. Yuan En then leads the 2 to the Forging Guild. Wulin goes up to one of the windows to register.

Chapters 301-400

Chapters 301-310

The clerk is also surprised that elder Feng personally invited him. He asks for Wulin's forging badge. Both the clerk and Yuan En are terrified that Wulin is a level 4 blacksmith, as confirmed by the Guild's database. The clerk is visibly more respectful to Wulin. He asks if Wulin is a co-op student and upon the confirmation, seems to accept it as normal. The clerk then explains the benefits of being a 4th rank member, including a personal workshop, 10 free pieces of rare metal every month and 8% discount with contribution points. Middle-man fee is only 5% and Wulin has a salary of 2000 points every month he completes 3 or more missions. The Guild will also back him in academy matters. Wulin plans to go to Tang Sect now that he has a workshop but first he has to help Yuan En. His room is number 28. Inside the workshop, Yuan En asks Wulin for an eyewear for his power armor but he doesn't know which material to use. The difficulty is that Yuan En's spirit, Titan Great Ape, expands his body greatly, possibly damaging the armor. They settle on heavy silver thousand-forging, which is both stretchable and durable. Wulin easily completes it in spiritual 1st-grade quality, surprising Yuan En as the price is only 1000 points. Yuan En offers to tell Wulin a secret in exchange for Wulin's exclusive discount for him only.

Yuan En tells him that normal 1st-grade thousand forging sells for 2000 points on the market. Wulin's mouth twitches as the missions he submitted only reward 1000 points. Yuan En explains that Wulin wasn't in the Forging Guild. Most co-op students only finish the minimum required missions every month as the staff office is infamously cheapskate. Wulin then asks for the co-op students' secret. Yuan En explains that they are an eccentric bunch, people who don't quite fulfill Shrek's requirement yet display great potential. For example, Feng Wu Yu didn't graduate the outer school until 34yo. He wouldn't have been allowed into the inner school normally but by this time, he had become the continent's youngest level 7 Saint Artisan as well as a Spirit Emperor, so he is granted special permission. After 20 more years, Feng Wu Yu became a Title Douluo and a level 8 Saint Artisan. Normal students don't dare to bully co-op students as they have a huge 30% rate of entering the inner school. Of course, they also undergo a lot more pressure. Co-op students, originally from people with special circumstances, have become the elites of Shrek. Wulin realizes that elder Cai didn't mean to punish class 0. Yuan En then says that he enters Shrek at 12yo and is now 15yo. He has a special reason why he hasn't entered the inner school when Wulin asks about his strength. Yuan En also offers Wulin a special discount on his service as a machine design 3rd rank master. Wulin tries to get him to do it for free but Yuan En obviously refuses. Wulin reminds Yuan En of paying for dinner and they both return to the dorm. On the way, they find Zheng Yu on a tree outside of their dorm stalking the red-haired girl. He asks the two if they know her whereabouts and looks toward Yuan En. It seems they are acquaintances from the same grade. Zheng Yu should have entered the inner school if it wasn't for family matter. He originally took a year off after his entrance exam to fully awaken his angel spirit before returning to Shrek as a year 2 student. Yuan En quickly dismisses Zheng Yu. Zheng Yu angrily interrogates him and strike a palm at Yuan En's chest. Yuan En crouches and tackles Zheng Yu in the mid-section. Zheng Yu is no match for the Titan Ape's pure strength. He flies into mid-air and only manages to stop when he releases his spirit. He angrily yells at Yuan En.

Yuan En warns Zheng Yu that this is the co-op students dorm and normal students are not allowed here. Moreover, the academy has banned private duel so if he continues, self-defense is within Yuan En's right. Even Zheng Yu doesn't dare to make the co-op students his enemy as they are not only geniuses but also have backing from the alumni inside the inner school. He grudgingly leaves, saying he will be back for the dark master. Wulin asks Yuan En if there is a red-haired girl inside their dorm. He explains everything that happened at the restaurant. Yuan En's face changes a little but he still insists that there is no one like that. Wulin notices the sign but he doesn't pursue the matter.

Wulin goes back to his dorm and calls Mu Chen to report. Mu Chen is happily surprised that Wulin completes spirit forging to enter Shrek but still gives him the warning. Wulin also talks about other matters, such as Wu Yu, while Mu Chen quietly listens. He tells Wulin that he will come to Shrek in a couple of days for a change of pace. After hanging up, Mu Chen books 2 tickets to Shrek to protect his favorite disciple from Wu Yu. Moreover, he also hands in his resignation to the Guild.

Wulin spends the whole afternoon training Mysterious Heaven art. He then meets up with Yuan En and class 0 for dinner. They sit in a corner to escape notice. Wulin introduces Yuan En to class 0. After knowing about the co-op students' legend, Xie Hou asks how many of them there are. Yuan En says there used to be 6 but 2 have graduated, 2 have entered the inner school and 1 was expelled. Only Yuan En is left and with class 0, that makes 5. Wulin is doubtful as the red-haired girl would be unaccounted. Suddenly, Zheng Yu interrupts and accuses Yuan En of lying. Yuan En is annoyed at his persistence and tells him he is not welcome. Zheng Yu offers to buy them dinner but Wulin refuses. Zheng Yu glances at him, saying the co-op students really have a backbone. He announces that the academy has just granted him co-op student status.

He announces that the academy has just granted him co-op student status. Yuan En is annyoyed and leaves. Xie Hou tells his persistence on finding the girl is boring, which also makes Zheng Yu leaves. Wulin stops him and asks if he needs help forging. Zheng Yu is surprised that Wulin is a rank 4 and agrees. After Zheng Yu leaves, Wulin tells the others that they should be diplomatic and that Zheng Yu can be milked for points. Class 0 then discuss what they are doing for the evening. Gu Yue will go report at the Pagoda. The other 3 need to go to Tang Sect but they first need to find Wukong. Xie Hou asks to go out and play but Wukong scolds him, telling him he needs to go join a Shrek guild and train his 2nd occupation. Xie Hou is currently rank 1 machine manufacturer. Gu Yue is a rank 2 machine designer while Xiaoyan is only a rank 1. Wulin returns to the dorm for mediation. He makes plan for the near future. He won't need to go to the Ascension Chamber anytime soon as he is near a breakthrough to lv30. His focus for now is breaking through so he can attempt spirit forging safely. The reward for spirit forging mission is 10 times as high as thousand-forging. Moreover, Wulin wants to have a monopoly in the Shrek outer school as few need 2-word armor. With a lot of points, everything else will come easily.

Elder Cai doesn't show up at class the next day. Chen Yi is in charge of lecturing while Wukong is on the podium watching the students. Chen Yi announces that they are going to select committee. There will be 7 positions: 1 president, 2 vice-presidents and 4 commissioners for blacksmith, machine design, manufacture and repair. The president will receive 1000 points each month, the vice-presidents 600 points and the commissioners 500 points. They will also have bonus points when testing for the inner school. Chen Yi immediately appoints Wulin as the blacksmith commissioner. The girls seem to like his handsomeness while the boys are envious. A boy stands up and object. His name is Yang Nian Xia. He stands at 1m90 tall yet has very small and barely visible eyes. Chen Yi tells him that Wulin is a 4th ranker, which earns him the class's respect. Nian Xia sits down annoyed as he is only a 3rd ranker. Chen Yi then moves on to the other positions. She announces that they will have a battle royale to select the presidents and vice-presidents. She tells the students that they have 1 minute to prepare and find a group if they please. Wulin tells class 0 to go separate ways so they are not specifically targeted. The team-making does a great job as an ice-breaker. A voice asks to join a group, saying that he/she doesn't want a position and just doesn't want to get hurt. He/she is a controller system and will withdraw when they are the last team standing.

This is Xiaoyan's beauty stratagem. She is accepted into a now 5-man group. Xie Hou makes a group with 2 other agility systems, calling themselves Evil/Ugly Sword. Gu Yue sticks with Wulin. They are joined by Nian Xia. He introduces himself as a 14yo power system, spirit Dark Golden Bear- a derivation of Dark Golden Fear Claw Bear with strong defense. Wulin arranges their strategy. Nian Xia will be the tank, Wulin will be the controller and Gu Yue is in charge of long-range fire support. After the 1 minute, Chen Yi brings the class to Shrek's own Ascension Chamber. They are transported to a simulated forest. Inside, Wulin quickly climbs onto a tall tree to scout with Purple Demon Eyes. Suddenly, Nian Xia yells out and asks where his team is, shocking and annoying Wulin.

Wulin thinks to himself that Nian Xia doesn't seem to understand subtlety. He is already a huge target considering his size and that he is standing in an open field. Wulin is about to regroup with him when a shadow-no body- appears behind Nian Xia. A person emerges from the shadow and chokes Nian Xia with a rope while standing on his back. This agility system has 3 rings with an active 2nd. Nian Xia tries to elbow but he can't reach as the assassin performs a bridge on Nian Xia's back. Suddenly, Nian Xia stomps on the ground. He releases his spirit and grows to 2m5 tall with dark yellow fur while 3 purple rings surround him. Sensing something wrong, the assassin tries to escape into the shadow. However, Nian Xia uses his 1st skill to shoot a yellow beam that reveals and slows down the assassin. Nian Xia then grabs his/her ankle and slam him/her onto the ground for the elimination.

Nian Xia returns his spirit; his clothes tattered. He continues to scream for Wulin and Gu Yue. Wulin is in cold sweat as Nian Xia was just dominating the fight though he is also impressed that Nian Xia seems to have great team spirit. Meanwhile, a 3-man team approaches Nian Xia because of the noise. The leader is a snobbish girl with a green jade snake twirling around her right arm while the other 2 boys are a twin who seem to be her servants. They have all released their spirits, 2 yellows 1 purple. Nian Xia greets them with a smile. The girl is named Zheng Yi Ran. She tells Nian Xia to give up as the president spot is hers. Nian Xia sarcastically snaps back which angers her. She sics the twins, Zheng Long and Zheng Hu, on him. They both activate their 1st skill; the air around them become ominous. Their faces are covered with a green-colored layer as they charge forward while crounching low near the ground. The plants below them wilt and char black. They open their mouths and shoot out green beams at Nian Xia. Nian Xia is surprised and doesn't dodge but he manages to release his spirit. Wulin thinks he is too careless. Nian Xia is hit as his fur is dyed green. He shakes uncontrollably, having been poisoned. It seems this team is from a noble clan specializing in poison. This is a very eye opening experience for Wulin. Inside melee range, the twins have grown a green spike on their feet and kick at the immobilized Nian Xia's neck. Wulin still doesn't interfere: they are not that close and Nian Xia doesn't seem to have figured out his opponents' poison ability. Suddenly, Nian Xia smiles and grabs the twins' ankle lightning fast. He has immunity to poison. Nian Xia then stomps on the ground and a yellow light expels all the green from his fur. Moreover, hit by the light, the twins go limp, losing their fighting capability.

Nian Xia slams the twins on the ground for a double elimination, astonishing Yi Ran. He then charges at her. Yi Ran surrounds herself with an even thicker green layer than the twins. The snake on her arm shines and spits a green mist at Nian Xia. Nian Xia and his yellow light again dispels the mist. He throws a punch but Yi Ran, using a skill that makes her body flexible like a snake, wraps around Nian Xia's arm and constricts his body. Her right arms thrust toward his neck while the snake cover him another poison mist. Nian Xia activates his 3rd skill, growing to 3m tall. He tries to shake Yi Ran off with the even stronger yellow light but she doesn't budge. Suddenly, a hand touches Yi Ran's back, freezing her solid. Nian Xia uses his strength to break the ice statue for an elimination. Gu Yue has arrived and use ice seal to save Nian Xia, whom returns his spirit to recover. Gu Yue has already spotted Wulin's location but doesn't tell Nian Xia. Nian Xia asks for a plan but Gu Yue tells him to continue what he was doing. Nian Xia tries to object as his spirit power is low but Gu Yue doesn't care as she goes inside the bush to sit next to Wulin.

Suddenly, Wulin reaches behind his back and grabs a pair of claws. He then hits the assailant, sending him/her flying. Wulin impales him/her with the BSG Array. The array also reveals the attacker's teammate, immobilizing both of them in the air. Xie Hou appears and cut them both down for 2 eliminations. It seems they were his teammate. The Ugly Sword has taken out 5 students before Wulin spots them with his BSG. Xie Hou's betrayal was according to Wulin's plan. Seeing the elimination light, Nian Xia finally spots Wulin though he lies that he has just arrived. Nian Xia seems to accept it and asks the others to stand guard while he recovers. He doesn't seem to doubt them. Wulin releases his BSG, boosting their life force so they can hide the team's life signs.

Slowly, more explosions erupt inside the forest as people are being eliminated. Chen Yi asks Wukong who would be the final survivor. Wukong answers it is Wulin. Chen Yi first thinks it is because of Wulin's scheming ability as he is far from the strongest but Wukong explains that it is his innate leadership ability that has earned class 0's respect. Returning to the battle royale, a person emerges from the bush, covered in blood. His spirit is Winged Blood-drinking (or maybe Rough) Tiger, a white-furred wind-elemental beast but his wing is pierced. 3 people are in pursuit. The leader is surrounds by dark ki that consumes the light, hiding his appearance. Even from 50m away, Wulin's team can feel the cold. He swings his weapon at the unable-to-escape Tiger. The Tiger activates his 3rd skill. A golden light surrounds him as the Tiger mounts a counterattack. However, the darkness consumes spits him out, breaking his wings. The leader is finally revealed. He is a gray-haired pale boy who looks like he is from another world. His spirit is a 3m scythe with a 1m5 long edge, engraved with a soul-sucking pattern. The Tiger tries to ask for mercy but the scythe already comes down and eliminates him. The gray-haired boy then leaves with his team.

Wulin's team is amazed by the fight. The gray-haired boy while only 15yo has 4 rings, though all yellows. Nian Xia says he is from the Sun Moon Royal Spirit Guide Academy in Mingdu. His name Xu Yu Cheng, nicknamed the Immortal. His spirit is Dark Scythe, also called Grim Reaper Scythe. His spirit is strong but too strong that it can cause a backlash. Yu Cheng only has yellow rings because his body can't handle it otherwise. However, in his academy, Yu Cheng doesn't have a match below 18yo.

Wulin nominates Nian Xia as team captain as he is familiar with the opponent's spirits. Gu Yue can tell this is Wulin's sly side, and her mouth twitches. They come across a team of 7. First is a tall boy with a shield and YYP rings, then a blue haired boy and 2 young boys. Along with them is Xiaoyan. Wulin explains briefly Xiaoyan's spirit, while Nian Xia tells them that the blue haired boy named Luo Gui Xing is more powerful than the dark scythe wielder. He is a space element control system spirit master nicknamed Imprisonment. Along with the Jade Phosphorus Serpent Emperor that Gu Yue previously defeated, Xu Yu Cheng's and Luo Gui Xing's spirits are present in the Douluo Continent Master Chart (or Feng Yun Board-literally Wind Cloud Board for those familar with the Chinese novel of the same name) of the top 100 armor masters, maintained by the Spirit Pagoda.

Chapters 311-320

The chart also includes ranking for the 2nd occupation as well as a junior division for 18yo and under. Yu Cheng is ranked 19, Gui Xing rank 17, Yi Ran rank 30 and nicknamed Jade Serpent. Nian Xia himself is ranked 27, nicknamed Dark Bear. Wulin's class has 7 people on the chart in total. The highest rank, rank 9, is a girl named Wu Zi Duo, nicknamed Hellish, from Star Luo city. She has 4 purple rings and is a level 4 machine designer.

30 minutes have passed. Chen Yi announces that 50% of the class has been eliminated. The field will be shrunk by 50%. Wulin's team suddenly faces Gui Xing's team as well as 3 other students, a red-haired girl on the left and 2 boys on the right. Gui Xing yells to clear the battlefield. Nian Xia decides to stand and fight. He asks the girl to cooperate against Gui Xing. They all release their spirit. Gu Yue buffs the team's speed with Wind element, which surprises Nian Xia. The shield guy charges at one of the boys and eliminates him. Xu Xiaoyan also eliminates the other one with an icicle. The shield guy then charges at the red-haired girl while Gui Xing imprisons her with silver light using his skill, Space Lock which distorts space at a chosen location.

However, the girl suddenly becomes intangible as 4 purple rings appear. Everyone is surprised. It's Wu Zi Duo. She activates her 1st skill, surrounds herself with dark ki and charges like lightning as Gui Xing. The shield guy activates his 3rd skill, Attraction, to draw her away toward him. However, even as a defense system, he is knocked a large distance away. Zi Duo activates her 2nd skill. Like a civet, she pounces on Gui Xing's team, unleashing a storm of claw shadows. The 2 speed systems are damaged and fall back behind Gui Xing. He summons a silver whirlpool that consumes the claw shadows. Zi Duo softly yells as she becomes even more ghostly. She puts her 2 hands together on top of her head and swings down a dark blade on the whirlpool. An explosions erupts pushing back both side. Gui Xing's team heals themselves and regroups while Zi Duo temporarily retreats. Suddenly, she is sealed by Xiaoyan. However, Wulin pulls Zi Duo backs with his BSG while Nian Xia charges in and punches the ground, releasing Xiaoyan's seal. An iceberg also appears atop Gui Xing's team to intimidate them. Zi Duo is now being princess carried by Wulin. He then throws her into the air and releases the BSG array on Gui Xing's team together with Gu Yue's icicle storm.

Nian Xia charges at the shield guy though he is teleported away by Gui Xing. The 2 speed systems circle around Nian Xia toward Wulin and Gu Yue. Gui Xing then locks Nian Xia and teleports him away. The shield guy protects Gui Xing and Xiaoyan with a shieldwall. A teammate, spirit Fire Bird, flies into the sky to help stop Zi Duo while the other, the support system, buffs the whole team. Gui Xing is confident that he is going to win as it's 7 against 4, not to mention the gap in spirit power even with Zi Duo. On the other side, Wulin pulls Gu Yue to his side. He summons the array to stop the 2 speed systems, who jump into the air. However, they lose Wulin and Gu Yue' positions. Nian Xia has released himself from the lock and charges at the opponents. Zi Duo is in the air as she activates her 4th skill. She splits into 3 clones who all activate their 2nd skill as a even larger storm of claw shadows descends. The fire bird and shield guy barely withstand the attack thanks to the support system. Gui Xing summons the whirlpool again but Zi Duo already makes it through the shieldwall. She only activates her 1st skill this time and charges at the support system. However, Xiaoyan's icicle appears in her path. Just as Gui Xing is about to give a thumb-up, Zi Duo coldly smiles. She returns her spirit as 4 rings are replaced by a single purple rings. Her body bulks up and is covered with white fur. Everyone is surprised by her 2nd spirit. She activates her only skill and crushes through the icicle, taking out the support system. Zi Duo then charges at the fire bird but Gui Xing manages to teleport him away. However, he doesn't notice Nian Xia's charge.

The shield guy's shield breaks under Nian Xia's strength. Just as he flies back, Wulin's BSG pulls him back again into Nian Xia's fist, eliminating him. Gui Xing is surprised that Wulin and Gu Yue have somehow managed to eliminate the 2 speed systems. Gui Xing tries to teleport away with the survivors but he loses control of his spirit due to low energy. The resulting explosion takes out both himself and the fire bird. Xiaoyan falls down on the ground and surrenders. Nian Xia decides to target Zi Duo next as it is now 3 against 1, not counting Xiaoyan. However, the others only watch on the sideline. Nian Xia collides with Zi Duo, who has returned to her 4-ring spirit. Nian Xia is glad as he can overpower her this way though something strange then happens. The yellow ki doesn't disappear with Zi Duo's White Tiger spirit but blends with the Hell Civet's dark ki. Zi Duo dissappears as a 5m tall Hell White Tiger appears in her place. Nian Xia is eliminated with a single claw. Class 0 is astonished by the self fusion skill as they remember the twins from the tournament.

Wulin and Gu Yue retreat while Xiaoyan stays behind. Zi Duo cancels her fusion and is obviously exhausted. She tells Xiaoyan to finish her but Xiaoyan instead helps her recover. Some distance away, Wulin and Gu Yue have regrouped with Xie Hou to make plan. They decide against attacking the weakened Zi Duo as Wulin she still has some tricks up her sleeve. Moreover, she can attract and wipe out the other teams for them. Additionally, Gu Yue wants to fight her at her best, for her own pride. Wulin compromises with Gu Yue to fight as a team. However, he whispers another scheme to Xie Hou. After some more peaceful minutes, Chen Yi announces that there are 12 left and it is time for the final rumble. The field changes again, this time into an open arena with a 50m radius. The survivors are class 0 + Zi Duo, Yu Cheng's 3-man team and a heavily injured 4-man team. Yu Cheng, a power system, along with his 2 speed-system teammates wipe out the 4-man team first. 8 left. Seeing some of the opponents only have 2 rings, Yu Cheng's team laugh teasingly. Class 0 gets into formation. Zi Duo is behind them recovering. Wulin tells Gu Yue to save her spirit power and he will take on Yu Cheng. Wulin has been holding back since the beginning and now is his time to prove himself against one of the rankers. The 2 speed-systems become intangible as they circle around class 0's flanks.

(From this point forward, the story refers to Xie Hou by his nickname, "Xie Xie.")

Gu Yue sits and regains her strength while waiting, while Xie Xie and Xiaoyan confront the other 2. Xie realizes that his is actually a semi-control user, and changes his tactics, while thinking about Elder Cai's comments. Wulin charges at Yu Cheng, BSG erupting. Yu Cheng attacks and Wulin blocks with his golden arm, and then at Yu Cheng's second attack Wulin activates Golden Dragon Body, while using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to control his opponent's attack, Purple Demon Eyes to disrupt, and his BSG to launch Wulin directly at Yu Cheng.

Yu Cheng recovers and attacks Wulin with his scythe, but is knocked back by Wulin's Golden Dragon Talon. Wulin's BSG are unable to wrap Yu Cheng due to his scythe's protection, but Wulin launches himself at Yu Cheng again. Unleashing his Golden Dragon Fear Claw, he breaks through Yu Cheng's defence and slams him into the ground while witnessed by Zi Duo who just opened her eyes. Yu Cheng continues to resist, while Wulin attacks repeatedly, resulting in Yu Cheng bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears and mouth before finally disappearing from the simulation after the 5th attack. Everyone watching is stunned, and Xie and Xiaoyan quickly finish off their opponents in this time. Wulin withdraws Golden Dragon Body, and is a little pale having had to go all out in that fight. Zi Duo realises that Wulin was definitely not under Nian Xia, just hiding while Xiaoyan calls him captain revealing their relationship to him. Their part finished, they look to Gu Yue.

Zi Duo asks Gu Yue if she is sure about going 1-on-1. On hearing the confirmation, Zi Duo rushs for the 1st strike though Gu Yue teleports away. Gu Yue summons a three-color ice drill: blue, silver and red. The red part explodes, propelling the drill forward. Zi Duo barely manages to stop it with her claw but the fire element inside the drill still damages her. Gu Yue's barrage has begun. More ice drills appear, keeping Zi Duo busy. Moreover, the space element also has a locking effect. Zi Duo is forced to use her 4th skill. Her 2 clones escape to the sides. Gu Yue surrounds herself with a vortex and disappears again right before the clones reach her. When Gu Yue appears again, the vortex is now filled with snowflakes. Sensing danger, Zi Duo rushs to end the fight, all the while resisting the extreme cold. An earth wall appears in her path and is promptly destroyed but behind it, Gu Yue has disappeared for the 3rd time. Zi Duo is now trapped inside the vortex containing ice, wind and earth elements. Wulin, who is blocking for Xie Xie and Xiaoyan, senses that Gu Yue's control has improved to the point that she can control 3 elements with ease. The vortex prevents Zi Duo from sensing Gu Yue's location, forcing her to break out with her 1st skill, Hell Rush Stab. Just as she makes it through, Gu Yue teleports her right back in the vortex's eye again. At the moment Zi Duo breaks down from the pressure, Gu Yue teleports behind her and they both disappear into the vortex. Wulin thinks to himself that defeating Gu Yue requires an alpha strike strategy as she needs time to warm up before using elemental fusion. If Zi Duo has known, an instant start with Hell White Tiger fusion may have brought her victory. However, even using the fusion now is too late as Gu Yue has turned the fight into a war of attrition. What Wulin doesn't know is that Zi Duo needs 3 days of rest before she can use her self fusion again.

Zi Duo switches to her white tiger spirit to break out with force, but is obstructed by Gu Yue's earth walls. This, combined with the accelerating storm, disorients Zi Duo more. Gu Yue appears near Wulin, very pale, and warns them that she is losing control, so the 4 of them run as the explosion will have immense power. The world twists and they find themselves back in the classroom, Chen Yi decided they didn't need to fight eah other to end it. Chen Yi has Wulin and Gu Yue decide who will be class leader, with Gu Yue stepping back and smiling at Wulin. Xiaoyan and Xie Xie give up on the vice leader position, with Chen Yi awarding them a number of contribution points and giving Zi Duo the position. Class captain is Wulin, vice captains are Gu Yue and Zi Duo. Next up are the secondary career leaders, and Gu Yue heads to the mech design contest.

The rest of class 0 returns to the dorm for meditation. At lunchtime, the class committee has been finalized. Gu Yue is also the design commissioner; no one knows she is rank 4. Gui Xing is the manufacture commissioner, rank 3, beating Yu Cheng. Surprisingly, Zi Duo is the repair commissioner. Repairing requires knowledge of both designing and manufacturing. Only rank 6 and above can fix a power armor. In the end, 7 positions are fulfilled by only 4 people. Similar situations also happen in other gradeSS as the best students tend to be multi-talented. There was once a student who was appointed the commissioner for repair, design and manufacture as well as vice-president. That student later entered the inner sect.

In the afternoon, class 0 returns to the dorm for cultivation. Both Wulin and Xiaoyan are near a breakthrough to lv30. The dorm is visted by an unwanted guest, Zheng Yu. He is assigned to be Yuan En's roommate, whom is very annoyed as Zheng Yu has been challenging him all day for Yuan En's president position. Zheng Yu is also annoyed that his classmates think that he is no match for Yuan En. Moreover, there is also the fallen angel business but the academy has told Zheng Yu to leave the investigation to them. After some bickering, Yuan En leaves to the staff office to request a room change

Chapters 321-330

Mu Chen is currently in the head office of the Forging Guild's branch in Heaven Sea League negotiating his release. The branch president, Zhen Hua, is his childhood friend. They even loved the same woman, Mu Chen's wife Bao'er, though Zhen Hua gave up to advance his career while Mu Chen moved to a border town, now East Sea city. Zhen Hua is very angry that Mu Chen wants to abandon his hometown for Shrek as he is one of the pillars of the League's blacksmithing. Zhen Hua gives in to Mu Chen's demand when the latter explains he wants to becomes the master of the Guild's Shrek branch. Zhen Hua warns Mu Chen about the crazy old man at Shrek and asks about Mu Chen's family. Mu Chen then brings up another favor to his old friend: enrolling Mu Xi into Shrek. This angers Zhen Hua a 2nd time.

When Wulin wakes up, he is surprised to see Yuan En cleaning, wondering if he's a clean freak. It seems Yuan En finally got approved for a room change. Wulin decides to bring some welcoming gifts to Zheng Yu, with bad intention. Zheng Yu reluctantly lets Wulin in. Zheng Yu is very disatisfied with the condition of the dorm. Wulin tells Zheng Yu he has an offer to make. First, Wulin shows the 2 pieces of Meteor Iron he got from Wu Yu, dazzling Zheng Yu. Wulin introduces the product and asks Zheng Yu to name his price. Wulin didn't go to Yuan En because he doesn't want to rip his friend off. Zheng Yu asks Wulin back to give the price to hide his interest. Wulin fakes leaving but Zheng Yu calls him back and explains he doesn't have much contribution points instead of money. Wulin offers to exchange the metal with rare herbs for his 3rd unsealing. They are thousand-year Earth Dragon Essence, Ice Marrow, Dragon Soul Grass and Life Grass. Zheng Yu only agrees to 2 of them but he first asks for the origin of the metal. Wulin proves it with his forging rank 4 badge. When Wulin stands to leave, he thinks he plays Zheng Yu like a fiddle but it was actually the other way around. The rare herbs are nothing to the older fox but he wants to make a business connection with a rare high rank blacksmith. Wulin's mistake was only considering the market price of a piece of thousand-forging Meteor Iron, which sells for 200k-300k in federal money.

At the next class, Chen Yi announces that the committee will stay behind after class to sort the students into groups based on their 2nd profession and send them offers from the corresponding Guild. She then tags out to Wukong, who is today lecturer. The lecture is on Mech Manufacture. After class, the committee gathers to begin their work. There are 8 blacksmiths, 34 designers, 31 manufacturers and the rest are repairmen. Chen Yi then tells them to make balanced groups of the students. Wulin proposes splitting the class into 7 groups according to the number of blacksmiths other than himself. While they are working, Gui Xing is all-smile and friendly while Zi Duo is always coldly staring at Wulin while crossing her arms. After they are dismissed, Gu Yue tells Wulin that he still doesn't have everyone's respect. Wulin replies that if someone can do a better job, they can take it from him. The 2 leave to Chen Yi to report.

Chen Yi praises Wulin's effort and asks him about what happened with elder Feng. Right on cue, the crazy elder enters, greeting little girl Chen Yi. He wants to negotiate with Chen Yi and Wukong about being Wulin's master. Wukong coldly replies that it is up to Wulin.

Wu Yu sarcastically fires back about the brat Wukong's self-exile. He then asks the 2 teachers not to assign too much work to Wulin and then drags him away to his workshop. Chen Yi and Gu Yue ask Wukong if it's okay to let Wulin go with elder Feng. Wukong replies that Luanshi can always interfere. Moreover, Wu Yu can be a good example as he became a level 8 Saint Artisan through hard work. He only started forging when he was 48. Gu Yue is relieved. She goes somewhere outside of the academy.

Inside Wu Yu's workshop, Wulin refuses to study forging. Wu Yu is initially angered but he calms down when Wulin explains that his cultivation has not reached lv30. Wu Yu didn't have this problem as he was way older when he reached Spirit Forging. He then offers him a way to instantly increase his cultivation with zero after-effect in return for Wulin's first 10 spirit-forgings. Wulin refuses with no hesitation as he thinks the price is too expensive, 50k points, and believes that he only needs 2 more months for a breakthrough. Wu Yu is very pissed off but he still negotiates, saying that he will provide the material. Wulin continues to refuse. Wu Yu has to let Wulin leave because he is already at the pinnacle of rank 4 forging.

Night comes. Xie Xie is taking a stroll around the dorm thinking about various things like the president battle royale and his subsequent surrender, his strength compared to Wulin and the way forward for him as a dual-spirit holder. He suddenly sees some light as a supposed-to-be-vacant apartment. Xie Xie brings out the Shadow Dragon Dagger and sneaks forward. Behind the curtain, there are sounds of water. As Xie Xie slightly lifts up the curtain, he blushes and realizes he is in deep trouble. The red-haired fallen angel girl was bathing behind the curtain. She has noticed Xie Xie and angrily shouts, unleashing a skill. Xie Xie tries to escape but he is dragged down by a dark qi. He switches to the Light Dragon Dagger and flies out with tremendous force. The girl breaks through the window and lands where Xie Xie was. Now dressed in Shrek uniform, the girl, red with shame, curses under her breath as she summons a red longsword. She activates her 2nd skill and slashes down toward Xie Xie. He can feel the killing intent and decides to activate Dual Dragons Storm.

An explosion engraves Xie Xie to the wall. The red-haired girl is about to pursue when Holy Light fills the sky above the dorm. Zheng Yu lands in front of Xie Xie and arrogantly laugh, finally getting confirmation for his suspicion. The girl coldly tells him to screw off. Zheng Yu summons a holy longsword, which looks like a duplicate of the girl's own sword. Something weird happens. The 2 purple rings at the girl's feet suddenly change to 3 at her qi greatly increases. Zheng Yu realizes the girl has some sort of simulation skill that her spirit and level. He is not sure he can beat her at night. Finally, Wulin, Gu Yue and Xiaoyan arrives as reinforcement. Seeing the wounded Xie Xie, Wulin asks Zheng Yu for an explanation. Confirming the enemy, Wulin moves to Zheng Yu's side with Gu Yue while Xiaoyan stands guard over Xie Xie with her night-only Star Ice Staff. The red-haired girl clearly shouts her intent to kill Xie Xie and charges toward him with her 3rd skill like an arrow. Zheng Yu uses his 1st skill, Holy Light, to reveal the girl from her after-images. Wulin realizes that she has a deep grudge toward Xie Xie as she has forgone all defense for offense. Zheng Yu activates his 3rd skill with the Holy Longsword, Holy Judgement. A coil of light strikes down from the sky. Wulin also moves forward with the scales covering his arm to block her attack, holding back from using the claw. Gu Yue teleports to Xie Xie's side while creating icicles as Xiaoyan binds the girl with Star Chain. The girl suddenly comes to a halt under the bind as Zheng Yu's Judgement lands on her. Xie Xie suddenly shouts not to hurt her, stopping Wulin and Gu Yue but not the Judgement light. A 5m-radiant crater appears, knocking class 0 backward. However, at ground zero, a purple light flashes toward Xie Xie. Wulin pulls Xie Xie back with a BSG strand. However, the purple light still manages to hit him, leaving behind a 1m long wound, cutting off some flesh. Wulin angrily attacks with the Golden Dragon Claw. The 5m-radius crater expands to 10m. Zheng Yu is impressed.

The girl has disappeared, replaced with a 5m tall giant. She has 5 deep gashes on her right arm. Wulin is blown backward, only stopped by Gu Yue. They are astonished as the giant is Yuan En's Titan Great Ape. Wulin realizes that the girl is, in fact, Yuan En. However, a rain of light falls from the sky and crushes everyone to the ground, with Zheng Yu getting the worst followed by Xie Xie and Xiaoyan. Wulin manages to hug Gu Yue and summons his Golden Dragon body to withstand the pressure but he is still on 1 knee. Yuan En also manages to resist. From the sky, 2 Enforcers, a Spirit Saint and Emperor, appear in power armors. The Saint asks for an explanation. He sees Xie Xie and stops his bleeding while also releases the pressure. Zheng Yu reports and points to Yuan En as the culprit. Yuan En releases her spirit. Now in black underwear, she answers the Saint. In red face, she points to Xie Xie, who doesn't know what to say. The Enforcers tell them to first go back home before continuing the trial. Half an hour later, at the disiplinary office, Chen Yi, Wukong and elder Cai meet with the Enforcers and the co-op students. Everyone has weird looks on their face. Yuan En has changed into a female uniform and looks like she wants to devour Xie Xie alive. The Saint reports that everything was because of a misunderstanding, which understandably angers elder Cai. The Saint explains embarrassedly the situation, revealing Yuan En's full name, Yuan En Ye Hui. Wulin also backs up his story. However, elder Cai is still very angry. She normally wouldn't be present for a peeking incident but this involves a student of her class. She sentences Xie Xie to a 5k-point fine paid within 3 months. He must also pay Yuan En 10k in reparation within a year.

Elder Cai turns to Yuan En and scolds her not to take revenge. Under the elder's pressure, Yuan En can only clench her fist and cry. For Zheng Yu, his punishment is 1 month of cleaning the Spirit Ice square by himself and a 5k reparation to Yuan En for a 2nd offense. Elder Cai tells him that Yuan En's main spirit is the Titan Ape and Shrek's rigorous testings have confirmed she is not an evil master. Gu Yue gets off scotch-free because she didn't fight. Xiaoyan is fined 1k points. Wulin is fined 5k and another 5k as reparation. Wulin protests so the elder ups it to 20k. Gu Yue also protests. Elder Cai basically tells them that the world is not fair and might makes right. The only way they can talk on the same level is when they are a match for her. After elder Cai leaves, Xie Xie apologizes to Wulin and offers to take on his debt but Wulin refuses. Chen Yi lectures them, telling Wulin his punishment is the worst because he is a class president with more responsibility. Xie Xie wonders why Yuan En hides her gender. Wulin speculates that it would be embarrassing for a girl to have Titan Ape as a spirit with the ripped clothes and huge shape. Class 0 returns home for meditation.

The next morning, Xie Xie has mostly recovered aside from a slight lack of blood. Xiaoyan teases him relentlessly on the way to class. Wulin comforts him and tells Xie Xie to focus on paying his fine and be careful if he meets Yuan En. The class then begins with another of Wukong's lecture on mech manufacture.

At the end of the lecture, Wukong gives the class an assignment: each of them must build a personal mech suit in groups. The first 7 groups are already divided by the class committee. The 8th group will be the 4 committee members. Wukong will teach the basics. For the rest, there is the library. The time limit is the end of the semester. If anyone fails, their whole group fails and will be expelled. Piloting lessons will begin in the middle of the semester. The final exam will be a mech combat tournament. The bottom 10 will be expelled. Each group will pick the strongest 4 for the tournament. Wukong gives them 30 minutes of discussion.

Wulin feels puppy dog eyes on him. It's Xiaoyan who is worrying about the exam. Wulin goes to encourage her then returns to his group. They divide the roles according to their positions and agree that they will buy their own material. Wulin assures everyone that he has a 100% success rate for thousand-forging, which surprises both Zi Duo and Gui Xing. Gu Yue then suggests they build power armors, which creates another surprise. She thinks mech suit is a waste of time and believes that the committee should set an example for the normal students. As a rank 4 designer, she has a 70% success rate of designing a 1-word power armor, which would have a huge advantage over a mech suit. Gui Xing reminds everyone of the time limit as his rank 3 manufacturing would take more than a semester. Zi Duo suggests that they just build the individual parts and equip them. She can help Gui Xing with the manufacturing if it is just at refined grade. Moreover, they can continue to build the full set over the next semesters to meet the requirements for inner school early. Students normally learn about building a power armor in grade 3. They all turn to Wulin for his opinion. Wulin agrees, admitting the great risk but he can't turn away from the big reward.

The first step of the plan is finding a secret armor workshop. The 2nd step is choosing suitable metal. The 3rd step is making the designs, starting from the right armguard. For the metal, Wulin picks the familiar Heavy Silver. Gu Yue picks Magic Silver. While it is not as strong as Heavy Silver, it has the special property of increasing elemental affinities. Gu Yue asks if Wulin want to attempt building a 2-word armor. Wulin replies he will wait until he is lv40 and 6-rank blacksmith. He plans to graduate at grade 4. Gu Yue agrees and changes the topic to worrying about Xie Xie and Xiaoyan.

Chapters 331-340

Gu Yue asks if they can accept Xie Xie and Xiaoyan into their group. Wulin refuses, stating the 2 need hardship to grow though he agrees to help if they are in a pinch. Wulin then change the topic to Gu Yue's design rank 4. She seems to dodge the question, saying that Xiaoyan will also soon reach rank 4 as her Soul Force is level is near 300. Suddenly, Wulin's phone rings. Mu Chen calls to announce his arrival. He asks to meet Wulin after lunch.

Wulin arrives at Shrek city's Forging Guild. It's in an old dirty 3-story building, giving a different impression compared to the East Sea branch. Mu Xi greets Wulin with an ear pinch as he enters. She scolds him for not even sending a text. She then turns around with a smile on her face and leads Wulin to Mu Chen's office. Mu Chen formally congratulates Wulin on succeeding spirit forging and asks about Wulin's situation at Shrek Academy. He then goes in a lecture on the relation between age, spirit power and blacksmithing prowess. He expects Wulin to be Saint Artisan at age 20 and begins attempting God Artisan at age 30.

Mu Chen then explains why the Shrek branch is in such a dingy old building. It is because of the discord between the Guild and Shrek Academy. Shrek's Guilds are all run by themselves. Mu Chen then asks about elder Feng and allows Wulin to take him as master. He admits that he is not as good as the elder Feng and that the crazy elder would forcefully take Wulin as a disciple sooner or later. Mu Chen then change the topic to Wulin's process of spirit forging. He is surprised about the golden bloodline spirit ring because it is completely different from normal spirit rings and able to supply Wulin with spirit power. He asks to witness Wulin's 2nd spirit forging. Wulin then brings up his intention of forging a power armor. Mu Chen gives another lecture, stating that forging decides 50% of the end product. Mu Chen then tells Wulin that Mu Xi will also enter Shrek on a scholarship granted by the Guild. She will be a grade 2 student, same as Yuan En. Mu Xi scolds Wulin for acting surprised but goes a little bit too far. Mu Chen realizes that she probably has something for Wulin despite the age difference.

Thinking about Yuan Chen gives Wulin a headace due to his debt. He decides to go apologize later. Mu Xi then leads Wulin out. She tells him to send a text. When Wulin asks about her rank, Mu Xi answers that she is lv38 and rank 4 blacksmith. Wulin advises her to begin researching power armor. While she is adamant as she wants to focus solely on blacksmithing, when Wulin leaves, Mu Xi resolves to catch up to him.

Alone at the dorm, Xie Xie is still thinking about the Yuan En incident. He is surprised by the approaching footsteps but gets dissapointed when it turns out to be Zheng Yu. Zheng Yu, angered by his fine, grumbles at Xie Xie why he is in front of Yuan En's door. On hearing his intent to apologize, Zheng Yu heartily laughs and advises him to be careful not to die. As Zheng Yu leaves, Yuan En also arrives in her boy uniform. She coldly tells Xie Xie to get and slams the door on him. As Xie Xie leaves, Yuan En sits on her bed audibly sobbing. When both Wulin and Gu Yue return, they are surprised to hear Xie Xie went apologizing. Wulin tells him to join a guild to get his mind off thing, mentioning the strength gap between him and Yuan En. Xie Xie suddenly gets excited and runs off to the Manufacturing Guild. Wulin goes to meditate but is interrupted by elder Feng. Wu Yu tells Wulin to follow him as he is going to reach lv30 with the elder's help. Wulin tries to refuse as he is already 20k points in debt.

Elder Feng lowers the price to 5 spirit-forgings with material supplied and throws in free food once he realizes Wulin's "little greed" nature. He is surprised when Wulin readily agrees. On hearing Wulin's explanation, elder Feng says he was going to pay Mu Chen a visit. Wulin finally accepts Wu Yu as his master. Wu Yu then confirms that Wulin is his class's president, dimissing the 1st grade as their president only has 2 rings. Wu Yu then tells him to sit down and brace his body. Wu Yu sits behind him and puts his palm on Wulin's back and begins to infuse spirit power into Wulin's body. Wu Yu then instructs Wulin to begin his normal cultivation method. Wu Yu's spirit power is guided along Mysterious Heaven's path, opening up meridians and veins as it goes while producing some slight stomach discomfort. Wu Yu is surprised as Wulin finishes the first circulation. Wulin clearly feels his spirit power raising. Wu Yu tells him to continue. As more circulations are completed, the process goes smoother. Wulin feels his veins cleansed by Wu Yu's peculiar spirit power. The heat flow even strengthens his flesh and bones and dissipates the stomach discomfort. After 49 circulation, Wu Yu tells Wulin to stop as the heat flow goes to Wulin's dantian, forming a whirlpool with his spirit power. Wulin feels very comfortable under a cool feeling. Wu Yu then stuffs something into Wulin's mouth. As Wulin swallows it down, he feels it dissolving into his dantian. Suddenly, a strange energy erupts and spreads through Wulin's body as coldness replaces the comfortable coolness.

The whirlpool triples in speed to suppress the coldness. Both the heat and cold blend together and fills Wulin's veins, strengthening his bones and organs. Slowly, they are converted into spirit power. Wulin just breaks through lv29. Wu Yu orders him to do his own circulations. The elder has a complex expression on his face. Wulin's body is on par with a Spirit Emperor. He wouldn't even have needed Wu Yu to aid him to consume the relic.

Grade 1's class begins. Today is part 3 of the lecture series on mech. On the podium, Wukong greets the class and is met with silence. Normally, the class president would order the class to stand up and return the greeting. After some time, Gu Yue takes over the duty as Wulin has been missing since the day before. Just as Wukong is about to mark him as absence, a 27-28yo man comes in and excuses Wulin's absence as he is undergoing a breakthrough at Wu Yu's workshop. Everyone is curious as breaking into lv29 should not be too much trouble.

At grade 2's classroom, Yuan En is sitting in the front while Zheng Yu is all the way in the back. The teacher introduces a new student, Mu Xi. The class is interested in a high-rank blacksmith, especially a girl. Zheng Yu tries to pick her up but gets told off that he is a brat (15yo vs 17yo), deflating him.

At elder Feng's workshop, Wulin finally breaks through to at least lv30. The whirlpool inside his datian gets smaller and stabilizes, feeling like a mass of liquid. His familiar, little Golden Light, comes out and undergoes another evolution. It grows to 0.5m long and is covered in even more scales; its eyes become distinctly sharper. Wu Yu is surprised as this is too much even for a familiar's thousand-year evolution.

A 2nd method of upgrading a familiar is by breaking through bottleneck level. Normally, the familiar would have its cultivation increased by at most 10%. However, Wulin's case seems to be at least 50%. Little Golden Light (from now on, I'll use his Chinese name, Xiao Jin Guang) coils around Wulin's body. The pattern on Wulin's skin glows brightly golden. Wu Yu is impresed by the little monster's potential but he doesn't understand the full situation. Wulin's level has breached 31 and continues to rise after he gains the 3rd ring. Suddenly, old Tang tells him to prepare for the 3rd unsealing. He explains that the tens-thousand-year relic combined with the breakthrough to 30s allow him to unseal early. The golden light becomes even brighter to Wu Yu's astonishment as more qi gathers in Wulin's dantian. Wu Yu prepares to interfere at anytime. He sees a golden ring emerge from Wulin's body accompanied with quiet dragon's roars. The ring spins around Wulin as Golden Dragon Body is activated. Elder Feng realizes a strange happening: Wulin's qi (vitality) is coaelescing into a ring.

After some time, the new ring is completed. Dragon scales have spread all over the left side of Wulin's upper body. Wu Yu is fascinated by the surprise his new disciple has brought, particularly the bloodline power that is definitely not a martial spirit. However, the surprise doesn't end there. Jin Guang emerges again and begins a 2nd evolution. 2 horns protrudes from its head as it grows to ~70cm long. Its eyes emit a golden light as the scales on its body stand up like a forest of blades. Wu Yu realizes that Wulin's potential is limitless thanks to his strange bloodline power.

Once Wulin opens his eyes, all he feels is pain and fatigue. He only barely withstood the 3rd unsealing with the aid of Golden Dragon Body. Drained of spirit power, Wulin falls on the ground.

Wu Yu sends him some spirit power to recover and asks him why he looks like he's dying. Wulin asks for some food so the elder drags him to the canteen. The current time is in the evening. After 20 minutes of watching Wulin eating, elder Feng's face changes from satisfied to astonished. He now understands why Wulin asks to cover his food. Wu Yu wonder if he can afford it. After 40 minutes, Wu Yu's expression gets intense while Wulin finally slows down. After an hour, Wulin is finally done. The elder is completely hidden behind the mountains of dishes. Wulin calms the elder that he only eats that much for a breakthrough. He taunts the elder if he is scared, which makes Wu Yu unable to reply. Wu Yu's face twitches when Wulin answers he only eats half that much normally because of his draconic bloodline.

Wu Yu's title is Winged Dragon. His martial spirit is Winged Fire Dragon of the True Dragon lineage with Absolute Fire and is considered a Supreme Spirit. Together with another Shrek elder, they are known as the Shrek Dual Saint Dragons. However, even then, Wu Yu's spirit would still be suppressed by Wulin's power if not for the gap in levels.

Wu Yu tells Wulin that 3 days have passed, panicking him. Wulin rushes to find Wukong and pulls out his phone. Wukong tells him to go to the inner school's entrance and explain directly. On the way, Wulin clearly feels his vitality grows stronger after digesting the food.

Wulin clearly feels that he is lv32. He thinks to himself that the price of 5 spirit-forgings is worth it after all, as he can wait until 16yo for the next unseal. When he reaches Wukong, the teacher is surprised to see his student has reached Elder level. Spirit Elder is an important milestone; innate spirit rank of 3 and below cannot reached lv30 without special circumstances. Wulin explains to Wukong what happens but he forgot to ask the name of the relic. Wukong tells Wulin to follow him to Sea God Court.

At Sea God Lake, Wulin seems to enter a trance so Wukong leaves him to it. After 10 minutes, with Wulin awakened, the 2 gets on a small boat moved with Wukong spirit power. Wulin surprised Wukong again by telling him that his meridians have also improved. He throws a punch as demonstration. The air within 6 feet is oppressed, shaking the boat. If he is in Golden Dragon Body, Wulin thinks he can surpass 5000 kg as his strength has improved by 50%.

Wukon asks for the price of elder Feng's service and accepts it as fair. Wu Yu's fire-element spirit power has a special effect of "muscle cleaning, marrow washing" that strengthen the veins. However, it puts a huge strain on the elder's body. The official asking price is 10 millions points, scaring Wulin. Wukong explains with a rare smile that the elder must like Wulin a lot to do it cheap. Wulin gains a newfound respect for Wu Yu as his 4th master. Wulin then asks if they are going to Luanshi. Wukong reminds him that he made a promise to return in a week.

Luanshi also feels that Wulin has made a breakthrough, especially in vitality. Wulin explains that it is because of the good food at Shrek. Both teachers are surprised by this eating/training method. Some food systems can eat to increase their spirit power. But eating to increase vitality, so much that it becomes spirit power, is the 1st at Shrek. Wulin gives a detail account on his 1st week at Shrek. On hearing about Wu Yu, Luanshi's eyebrows clearly twitch. The report takes 30 minutes, after which Luanshi dismisses Wulin with some encouragement. Wulin asks Wukong if he did something wrong but the teacher drags him to do some make-up study.

On the 2nd floor, the calm Luanshi bursts into anger as he dials a number. An impatient voice answers as Luanshi threatens to destroy his nest. It's Wu Yu and they both get to an argument over being Wulin's master. Wu Yu ends the call by telling Luanshi he would accept if Wulin changes his mind. Luanshi curses loudly while Wu Yu dances like a madman for receiveing an unexpected present from Wulin.

Wulin stays until the next morning. He asks Wukong where Tang Sect is, to which Wukong replies he is gonna lead them there. Wulin gets hungry so the 2 go downstairs for breakfast. They meet Luanshi in the living room. He asks Wulin to come up to him. The elder rotates his right palm in a circle and thrusts it forward. Suddenly, Wulin feels Luanshi has become the center of the world. Wulin's dragon is affected by this technique. Suddenly, a great dragon appears before Wulin, attacking the air. Darkness falls as if space itself is being destroyed. In his consciouness, Wulin sees a giant red armored dragon. After some minutes, everything comes back to normal. Luanshi explains that this technique uses his bloodline power. The name is Chi Long Jing Tian ("Red Dragon Frightens The Heaven"), after Luanshi's spirit, Red Armored Dragon (IDK why it is not Pearl). Luanshi tells Wulin to learn it himself and leaves. Wulin is still in panic, deeply affected.

Wukong follows Luanshi backs to his room and asks if it is too soon to teach Wulin his strongest techniques. Luanshi answers that Wulin's dragon bloodline is even purer and more prestigious than his. His self-devised techniques can only be used by dragon-type spirits with powerful vitality. In term of vitality, Wulin's dragon is as strong as Luanshi's, even though it is not his spirit. Chi Long Jing Tian, the 1st of Luanshi's 9 Godly Dragon Styles, can only benefits Wulin. Moreover, Luanshi feels the need to give Wulin something as his master to compete with Wu Yu. Luanshi takes some comfort in the fact he is Wulin's grand-master while Wu Yu is just master.

It seems both elders have been rivals since they first entered Shrek Academy as they are both dragon-type. Wu Yu fell behind when he studied forging and has vowed to become a God Artisan so he can beat Luanshi with a 4-word armor. Incidentally, Luanshi is the other member of Shrek Dual Saint Dragons.

Wulin is still attempting to emulate Chi Long Jing Tian. While he encounters difficulty in circulating his spirit power, this inner style greatly boosts his vitality and dragon power. However, he soon gets hungry again and clears out Luanshi's food stock. After Wukong takes him back to the outer school, Wulin goes to the canteen and meet Wu Yu who has been waiting for him. Wu Yu hands him a heavy black card made from unknown metal so the canteen can put the food on his tab. After confirming that Luanshi is Wulin's grand-master, Wu Yu leaves laughing. Wulin spends time at the canteen until class time.

The class greets Wulin with silence when he enters. Zi Duo is glaring at him while Gui Xing still has an unreadable smile. Wulin realizes he wasted 3 days and promises to get to work on the armor ASAP. Gu Yue realizes he has broken through. Xiaoyan also did at midnight the previous day. She asks Wulin if he want to accompany her and Gu Yue the next day to Spirit Pagoda to pick out a familiar.

Chapters 341-350

Wulin declines because he is busy, wishing Xiaoyan luck. Chen Yi enters the class. She announces that they are going to have some practical combat training by sparring with a teacher of their choice. Chen Yi leads the class to Shrek's Proving Ground, equipped with the latest forcefield and analysis equipment. Wulin tries to keep order as the teachers are making preparations but his status in the class has lowered due to the absence. Chen Yi announces the rule. Winning gives perfect mark. Otherwise, scores are based on performance. The teachers will use their full power except for power armor. The class have 5 minutes to make plans. The first group to fight is the class committee.

To Zi Duo's confusion, Wulin plans to pick Wukong. While he is stronger, his abilities are known to class 0. Gui Xing, awfully aggressive like he wants to take over the leadership, asks Wulin to explain Wukong's abillities. Gui Xing also assigns his plan: Wulin tanks, Zi Duo sneak attacks, he is the main controller while Gu Yue stay behind as the artillery. Gu Yue tries to protest but Wulin stops her. They follow Gui Xing for now.

They get on the stage. Wulin assures Zi Duo he can buy them time but cannot stop Wukong completely. Gui Xing asks for 3 seconds. Chen Yi signals to start as the forcefield comes down. Wulin charges in for the initiative, 3 purple rings surrounding him. He releases the BSG, which has more intricate patterns without changing in size. He fires Bind as Wukong while also activates Golden Dragon Body and Golden Dragon Claw; scales covering his right side like a half-armor. Wukong also releases his sword, 2Y 3P 2B. He uses his first skill, Mist Mark. Wulin bites his teeth and covers himself with a BSG shield.

The BSG only gets frozen as its durability has doubled. Gui Xing manages to Space Lock Wukong right before he activates the next skill, cancelling it. Zi Duo also arrives with a Hell Rush Stab to Wukong's waist. Wukong spins around and slashes at Zi Duo but she gets teleported away right on contact. Wulin follows up with his claw, now accompanied by 5 streaks of darkness. Wukong is surprised and uses what seems to be Mist Mark again. On closer inspection, he has weaved thousands of Mist Mark together for a powerful attack, clashing with Wulin's claw. However, Wulin is not pushed back. He activates Golden Dragon Body and draws out the Golden Dragon Great Claws, 5 golden blades of 7m length. Zi Duo also gets teleported back and activates Hell White Tiger, also throwing a claws strike. Gu Yu assists with a quad-elemental artillery lance from above. In reaction, Wukong points his sword at the sky. An energy storm covers the arena, blinding everyone and devouring the students' attacks. In the eye of the storm, a 7m blue-light greatsword emerges, sending out sword qi that knocks Wulin and Zi Duo to the air. The sword splits into 7 blades and aims at Wulin as Zi Duo has already been teleported away. This is a combination of Wukong's 4th skill, Mist Ice Whisper, and 5th skill, Mist Whispers to the Moon, spelling Wulin's certain doom. Fortunately, Wulin gets teleported away at the last second. Everyone is impressed that Gui Xing manages to complete such a feat, saving both his teammates. However, Gui Xing is in disbelief as the person Wulin appears next to is Gu Yue.

Zi Duo warns everyone of the incoming attack as she charges again at Wukong, but her fusion body is near transparent. Wukong traps her with his 2nd skill as the Mist Ice Whisper blade comes flying at the remaining 3. Wulin moves forward to tank the hit. He coils his BSG around them like a giant tree as well as activates BSG array for additional reinforcement. However, even this type of defense can only buy time. Gu Yue conjures a quadtra-elemental whirlpool: wind, earth, ice and space. She uses it to move only her Wulin away, abandoning Gui Xing. However, Wulin grabs Gui Xing with a strand of BSG, earning some scold from Gu Yue that he is too nice. On Gui Xing, he is utterly horrified by Gu Yue's ability as Zi Duo didn't tell anyone about her battle. He wonders why Gu Yue accepts Wulin as a leader. However, Gu Yue's whirlpool is broken, cancelling his thoughts.

Zi Duo has already turned into a block of ice. Wukong ends the match with a Heavenly Mist Cleave, freezing the rest. Wukong coldly calls them stupid. This is because their teamwork already has already fallen part once Gui Xing pullled his teleport stunt. All 4 of them have difficult on their face. Zi Duo glares at Wulin and Gui Xing and wanders off to cool down. Wulin attempts to defuse the situation by taking responsiblity. Gu Yue yells at Gui Xing for trying to mutiny. Gui Xing has some anger in his eyes, looking at Gu Yue but she doesn't care.

Wulin stops Gu Yue. He convinces Gui Xing and Zi Duo to cooperate as the other groups are bigger threat than infighting. He also reveals his status as a rank 5 blacksmith for additional enticement. Gui Xing and Zi Duo grudgingly accept and shakes hand with him. Gui Xing warns Wulin he would still wait for him to slip up. The group does a huddle while Chen Yi is watching them with a smile.

The other groups don't fare much better though Yu Cheng and Nian Xia's group survived the longest. The teachers dismiss the class immediately so they can do their own analyis. The committee goes for lunch and Wulin demonstrates his inhuman appetite. Zi Duo expresses her astonishment but Gu Yue dismisses her, which helps Gui Xing realizes what is going on between her and Wulin. After that, they go to elder Feng and rent a workshop for a 1k a month. Wu Yu tells Wulin that he can stay for 2 hours before forging study. Inside the workshop, Zi Duo and Gui Xing bring forward their chosen material. Zi Duo chooses the dark-element Netherword Iron while Gui Xing picks the space-element Thousand Moment/Machine Copper.

Gui Xing exclaims that elder Feng is good to Wulin. His workshop is 150m^2 large and equipped with the most advanced tech yet costs so little. Wulin smiles and tells everyone to focus on the work first, starting with forging. He asks Gu Yue to explain her design. Gu Yue takes out a schematic for a right arm, specifically the hand and the forearm. For Wulin's armor, she attachs a transforming circuit in his palm so the gauntlet can expand to fit his transformation. On the back of the hand, she attachs a circuit that boost his vitality and spirit power. She also designs finger slots for Wulin's claws. Gu Yue carries on her meticulous explanation, fascinating Wulin as this is his first time learning about the circuit cores. Seeing Zi Duo and Gui Xing looking very matter-of-fact, Wulin understands that Gu Yue's complex designs are actually very suitable. Gu Yue goes on to explain that each piece of power armor requires at least 3 circuit cores. 2-word armor tends to have 5 of them. The cores receive spirit power from the user through the metal. Therefore, forging is a very important step.

Wulin proposes that he would perform a double refinement on the metal to increase the metal's durabilty while keeping it thin and flexible. Gui Xing is surprised that Wulin can use such a complex technique, admitting that it would make his job easier. Wulin then tells the others to finish the final designs while he is working on the metal. After just an hour, 4 pieces of spiritual thousand-forging shine brilliantly, earning Zi Duo and Gui Xing' admiration. Gu Yue asks if Wulin has any special request for his design. Wulin expresses his trust in her decision and says his goodbye. After he leaves, Gui Xing asks if Wulin has always been this good. Gu Yue sarcastically answers whether he has heard of innate talent. Gui Xing changes the topic back to the schematic with a smile.

Yuan En Ye Hui is back at the dorm in her usual male uniform. She notices that the dorm looks especially clean today. She carries a bucket of water into her room and is surprised that her room is also very clean. It can't have been the big eater Wulin or that rude jerk Zheng Yu, she thought. By process of elimination, Yuan En thinks of Xie Xie, the lanky arrogant boy with a crude smile and full of indecency. Yuan En hmphs and clenches her fist. She slams open the door and splashs the water bucket then slams the door close again. Yuan En stills carries a grudge. She sighs and raises the curtain as everyone already knows her identity. She removes her wig and undressess, adjusting her bones to reveal her true womanly figure and facial features. Suddenly, there is a look of agony on her face. She falls on the bed hugging her head as her body goes weak and begins to seize. Her eyes become blood red as tears uncontrollably fall. A scene of massacre appears vividly in front of her. She loudly screams no and sits up, gasping for air. Suddenly, someone breaks down the door and barges in, asking if Yuan En is okay.

Xie Xie gulps. He has been hiding nearby with Shadow Dragon Clone to see Yuan En's reaction to his cleaning. Yuan En angrily yells at Xie Xie to scram as he runs away with tail between his legs. She wipes away her tears and grips the bedsheet tightly.

Back at the workshop, Wu Yu begins his lesson. He first asks Wulin what is the biggest change after a blacksmith reaches spirit forging. Wulin answers simply that he/she is capable of spirit forging as Mu Chen only teaches to Wulin's rank. Wu Yu insults Mu Chen's short-sighted teaching, declaring his belief that a blacksmith should have a comprehensive knowledge of his trade. He reveals the answer a spirit-forging blacksmith gains a special intuition after he has mastered the basic of forging. As a result, he/she can forge alloy.

Wu Yu asks the 2nd question: what is the most difficult part of spirit-forging. Wulin correctly answers that it is using the blacksmith's own vitality to give life to the once-lifeless metal. Wu Yu expands on the answer. He explains that this process involves a special type of energy called "life-creating energy". It is unperceivable to living beings but has great influence on inanimate objects. This is the reason why a failed spirit-forging wastes away the material. The success rate is based on the material's capacity to withstand this energy. This difficult step is called "creation guard", which Wulin somehows flukes through. Even a Saint Artisan only has 30% success rate. That's why blacksmiths tirelessly search for away to strengthen metal's durability and one such method is alloy.

Unlike the alloy used in mech suit, the spirit-forging alloy has to be manually forged by the blacksmith himself, which can creates something even better than spirit-forging. Therefore, Wulin will study alloy until he can create 10 types before proceeding to his 2nd spirit-forging.

Wulin feels that after he enters rank 5, his knowledge is reset to square 1. Wu Yu's lesson begins with the synthesize recipes, splitted into common and rare grade. Alloys of 2 to 3 metals are mostly done with common recipe. However, more than 3 metals require rare recipes, which are considered the top secrets in the blacksmith world.

In this stage, inheritance is important as even the most common recipes need to be bought. Fortunately, both Wu Yu and Mu Chen have amassed a trove throughout their careers. Wu Yu's teaching is different from Mu Chen's. While Mu Chen is very patient, the elder has a short temper that won't tolerate mistake. After 4 hours and a lot of yellings, Wulin is dead hungry and asks to leave for dinner. Wu Yu tells him to return for another 3 hours as his alloys' ratio is still inconsistent. After Wulin leaves, the anger on Wu Yu's face turn to smile as the old man dances around. He exclaims that Wulin is a monster as he has made great progress just on his 1st try. Incidentally, the relic that Wu Yu gave him is named tens-thousand-year Jade Marrow.

Mu Chen is surprised Wu Yu is teaching alloys as this is rank 6's knowledge, which requires 6 types of dual-metal alloys and 3 types of tri-metal alloys. Mu Chen tells Wulin to demonstrate what he has learned and the teacher will give pointers. Mu Chen explains that creating spiritual alloys is a huge step toward Saint Artisan. Wulin forges his specialty, heavy silver mixed with magic silver. He first hundred-forges the heavy silver then the magic silver. He then switches to dual-forging on both pieces, an advanced technique, while calling out his spirit. Mu Chen is surprised Wulin has reached lv30 so fast. Slowly, the 2 pieces merge together as Wulin shift from heavy to light strikes. He spins the single piece around while striking it, another technique called total forging.

Mu Chen thought that Wulin would forge using his brute strength like before but it seems his student has picked up some new tricks. Mu Chen is astonished again when Wulin shows he can forge without using spirit power as crutches. This technique, while requires a lot of control, minimizes consumption as spirit power is only spent on the metal itself. After an hour, Wulin is still going strong. It takes 3 hours until he reaches his limit. Taking a deep breath, Wulin activates Golden Dragon Body and begins the final stretch. As his strikes rain down, the white light originally covering the metal is replaced with a golden glow forming a whirlpool. Finally, Wulin withdraws 1 of his hammers and throws down the final strike yelling "Up!". From the middle of the whirlpool, a white light flies up 5m in the sky. As the light reaches it apex, some blue vines coil around it like a flower blooming as a golden light rises another 3m up. It is completed, 1st-grade spiritual thousand-forging. Mu Chen shouts that it is actually spirit-rising fusion-forging. Wulin smiles as this is his first successful alloy.

The scene before was Wulin's spirit-rising, symbolizing a complete fusion: the blue vines were his BSG and the golden light is his Golden Dragon. A rise of 3m is very special as even 1m is impressive. The white, blue and golden light lasts for 20 seconds. In the middle is Wulin's alloy, Jade Silver. Mu Chen evaluates it at 91% harmony rate. Wulin is disappointed that it is so low but Mu Chen explains that 60% is considered a successful alloy. Even a Saint Artisan can't guarantee 90%. Wulin asks if he can take the alloy home.

Mu Chen allows him as alloy has a special property that they can be re-forged multiple times. Mu Chen wonders how to educate Wulin from now on to match his potential. Mu Chen tells Wulin to only come once a month to study. The master decides to gift his notebook containing the recipes and knowledge he has accumulated. He also changes Wulin's 4-star orange medal to a 5-star white one. The new medal is spirit-forged by Mu Chen. It has the special effect "mental focused" that stimulates Soul force's growth and keeps the user focused. The 5 purple stars themselves are soul-forged so Wulin can feel out the next level of forging. After some more bantering, Wulin leaves to the dorm.

Wulin visits Zheng Yu's room. Their relationship turns sour after Wulin asked to change the trade conditions from the 2 one-thousand-year relics to a two-thousand-year relic. Wulin decides to make peace with a piece of Meteorite Iron, which seems to loosen Zheng Yu's expression. Moreover, Wulin also flashes his 5-star medal, surprising Zheng Yu who lunges at his shirt. At this moment, the passing by Xie Xie sees the whole scene, wondering what the 2 boys are doing. His eyes go wide when Zheng Yu crouches down. Wulin pushes away the astonished Zheng Yu whom has confirmed the medal's validity. Wulin turns to leave, discreetly dropping the Jade Silver. Attracted by the pecuiliar clang, Zheng Yu is surprised yet again by the alloy piece. Zheng Yu asks to do its appraisal, hooked in by Wulin's bait. Wulin heads the canteen in a good mood, not noticing Xie Xie who takes a gulp then leaves.

Chapters 351-360

After dinner, Wulin performs a series of training, starting with the BSG, Tang Sect techniques, dragon mode to his version of Long Jing Tian. Long Jing Tian is only 1/3 completed, failing midway. Wulin decides to train Mysterious Heaven art to recover.

At the dorm, Xie Xie rushes to Gu Yue who has just returned. He asks to speak to her in private, shooing Xiaoyan away. Xie Xie has 2nd though but Gu Yue forces him to spit it out. He is just about to talk when Yuan En passes by. She and Gu Yue exchange nods. Xie Xie wants to whisper into Gu Yue's ear but she makes him speak out loud. Xie Xie says Wulin is in an illicit relationship with Zheng Yu. In the distance, Yuan En breaks the door grip while Gu Yue is frozen. Xie Xie tells Gu Yue to prepare an intervention for her sake. Gu Yue's feet are unsteady as she is still in disbelief. Xie Xie describes what he saw as Gu Yue's face turns grey-white. She runs like the wind to Wulin's training spot in the woods.

Gu Yue grabs Wulin's lapel and asks him to explain. Because Wulin doesn't undertand, Gu Yue questions, smiling shakily, why he likes men. Wulin's eyes go wide, denying Gu Yue's claim. Gu Yue seems to have finally calmed down and blushes, telling Wulin the culprit. Wulin grits his teeth and goes to find Xie Xie. Xie Xie obliviously asks if he has met Gu Yue.

Wulin tells Xie Xie to follow him into the wood for an "explanation" to Xiaoyan's confusion. Bitter screams echo from among the tree. When they return, Xie Xie doesn't have any visible wounds but he is clearly shakened. Gu Yue explains to Xiaoyan what Xie Xie did and turns to him. It's her turn to do the "explanation." More screams ring out from the wood. Wulin was holding back but not Gu Yue. Xie Xie's face looks like a dumpling.

The next morning, Gu Yue tells Wulin about Xiaoyan's situation. She needs a high-quality thousand-year familiar but it is too expensive though can be obtained another way. Gu Yue says they should attempt the Tower Assault challenge.

The participants can climb 108 floors of the Familiar Tower situated at the Pagoda HQ. Clearing a floor allows the challengers to buy familiars on that floor at 50% discount. The participants can be the Pagoda's staff like Gu Yue or people with potential who have been cleared by the Pagoda. Gu Yue can help them with the latter. The Tower's challenge can be undertaken with a team of 7 as max with difficulty correspondingly adjusted. Thousand-year familiars can be found up to floor 18. From floor 18 to floor 36 are tens-thousand-year familiars. Floor 36 and above have the strongest tens-thousand-year Spirit Beasts. The last 9 floors are those on par with the Great Beasts. The challenge has a maximum age of 30yo. Moreover, participants must be within a 3-year gap.

Xie Xie with his swollen face chimes in why he hasn't heard of anything this good. Gu Yue glares as him, saying the challenge is only available at the Pagoda HQ. Gu Yue then tells Wulin to find 3 more people while the background checks are being done. The 3-year gap dashes Wulin's plan of inviting Wukong, limits his choice to up to the 2nd grade. Xie Xie recommends Yuan En but he is stared at by the others because their relationship is not that good.

Wulin narrows down the candidates to Zi Duo, Gui Xing, Yu Cheng, Nian Xia, Zheng Yu and Yuan En. However, Xiaoyan makes a request not to recruit anyone in their grade as she doesn't want the secret of Star Wheel Ice Scepter to come out among their competition. Therefore, Wulin decides on Zheng Yu and Yuan En. For the last spot, Wulin whispers a name that earns everyone's approval.

Wulin visits Zheng Yu, who is in a better mood. He tries to hug Wulin's shoulder, whom dodges because of yesterday's incident. Zheng Yu offers to make a contract with Wulin. He would provide 2 tons of Heavy Silver and Magic Silver in return for any products that exceed 90% harmony rate. They will negotiate the final price. Wulin asks for time to consider but he will sell his piece of Jade Silver as the piece is only thousand-forged. Zheng Yu agrees, promising the material will arrive within 3 days.

It seems that the appraisal's result has surprised Zheng Yu's family. ~90% rate is the best their clan's Saint Artisan can do. Even so, the Holy Angel clan promotes independence among its youths so Zheng Yu has limited access to such items. Moreover, Zheng Yu is fascinated with Jade Silver as it has great compatibility with him, raising both elemental and physical attributes. Additionally, for each 5% above a 60% harmony rate, the alloy has an additional chance to be re-forged with another type metal. 91% means 6 additional types of metal despite it only being thousand-forged.

Wulin also brings up the Tower Assault matter, offerring Zheng Yu the remaining piece of Meteorite Iron. Zheng Yu agrees. Wulin leaves the room but hesitates to go to Yuan En's. He decides to delay the matter.

Shrek Academy has a very peculiar style of teaching despite its wide variety of training facilities. Students are expected to be independent in their training with minimal guide from teachers. For Wulin, with a plant-type spirit, he mostly utilized a training dimension called Tens-thousand-tree Forest(a Buddhism concept for "all things in existence") that doubled his effiency. In return, it costs 500 points/hour. Other than him, Gu Yue, Xie Xie and Xiaoyan are also very busy, with Xiaoyan making the most effort.

Before a 2-day vacation, Wulin visits Yuan En. She coldly greets him if he is there to pay and nearly slams the door on him. Wulin manages to wedge in a 70% piece of Jade Silver into the door, attracting her attention. Yuan En changes her tone when she knows Wulin has reached rank 5. Wulin says his exclusive deal for her still stands; the 20k fine is her deposit. He then explains Xiaoyan's situation. On hearing about the Tower Assault, Yuan En's eyes light up. She agrees to join as long as she also gets a right to pick a familiar. Wulin is surprised that Yuan En is lv40. He replies that he needs to talk with the others.

Back at their room, Xiaoyan wants to refuse because she doesn't want to put too much on Gu Yue. However, the others approve Yuan En's condition, with Xie Xie being the most enthusiastic. Xiaoyan glares at him as Xie Xie has been hopelessly doing chores for Yuan En. Gu Yue changes the topic back, saying that she can't guarantee Yuan En's request will be accepted.

There is a knock on the door. It's Xu La Zhi, who has grown to 1m8 tall with a very rotund shape. A couple of days ago, Wulin called him for recruitment and he readily agreed with no conditions. La Zhi congratulates everyone on making it to Shrek as a co-op students. Xiaoyan asks about the inner school situation. It seems they are making huge changes as the inner school would only accept armor masters from then on. Students like La Zhi will be transferred out into the outer school. La Zhi says to call him whenever they are ready. Xiaoyan thanks him from the bottom of her heart, making him blush. Wulin invites La Zhi for dinner. A legend is born in the Shrek Academy as for the first time, the academy has run out of food even with extra preparation for Wulin. Xiaoyan helps as a waitress out of gratefulness to La Zhi and the plates soon pile into mountains. La Zhi has been training to catch up to Wulin. Because of a relic, he has turned into his current size. As a result, they are equal rivals; both still hungry after the canteen is out. La Zhi is jealous Wulin doesn't get fat from that much food. He invites everyone to a noodle store. Gu Yue rubs her forehead and refuses the invitation as she remembers Zi Duo's words. In the end, only the 2 food friends happily march out of the academy.

The store owner is a middle-aged man of average size. He has short hair, bronze-colored skin and a muscular body. It seems La Zhi is a regular. He orders 20 special-size bowls. The owner is surprised that there is someone who is match for La Zhi. He leads the 2 to a private room. The store has a classical, quaint feeling and is half-full. Wulin's nose tells him the food is not that simple. The noodles are served to Wulin's table. The bowl is 1m in diameter, with a spicy smell that stimulates the appetite. Swallowing the first spoonful, Wulin feels very hot inside. He sweats profusely and can't comfortably talk as his spirit power starts rumbling. La Zhi explains the owner uses a lot of special ingredient. Wulin's eyes go wide when he hears the price, 2k points or 20k federal coins a bowl. Thankfully, La Zhi has more than enough points to cover. The meal costs 40k points. La Zhi notices he has beaten Wulin though their methods of digestion are different: Wulin burns food for energy while La Zhi stores it. Wulin says farewell to La Zhi; both of them intend to work off the food.

On the way back, Wulin feels his spirit power is beginning to rampage. He makes it into the woods near the dorm when the golden ring escapes. Wulin starts to circulate his qi according to Long Jing Tian. 10 days of training only lets him complete 50% of the cycle but there is a huge improvement today. There are loud dragon roars as Golden Dragon Body activates on its own. His internal organs are on fire as his clothes burn to cinder except for the forging medal which keeps Wulin awake. The roars get even louder as Wulin's body seems to expand.

Reaching 80% of the cycle, Wulin hits a bottleneck. The qi begins to gather at his chest, overloading into a time bomb. Old Tang rings out, telling him to send the excess qi to Jin Guang the snake. Wulin listens and slowly returns to normal. Old Tang tells him he is far from the next breakthrough and to be patient as his body is full of wonders. Wulin goes into deep meditation. After some unknown amount of time, he wakes up and sees a cute schoolgirl sleeping under a tree. The scene strikes something in Wulin. The girl opens her eyes and smiles at Wulin. It's Gu Yue who has been keeping watch on him. Wulin rubs her hair and tells her to go back to the dorm with him. For some reason, he doesn't want to say thank.

At noon, Gu Yue leaves to the Pagoda HQ while everyone continues their daily routine. Gu Yue returns long after dark but she has managed to secure the 2 spots for familiar rights, to Xie Xie's celebration. They plan to begin the challenge after the next day's breakfast. Xiaoyan clenches her fist and resolves herself.

The next day, the 7 members have gathered at the co-op students' dorm. Yuan En stands the farthest away from the rest, especially Zheng Yu. Zheng Yu and Wulin are discussing something while Gu Yue comforts Xiaoyan. Xie Xie's eyes keep wander to and away from Yuan En with a distinct fear in his eyes. Wulin finally begins the meeting and asks for any special request. Yuan En replies that they have to continue to help her after getting Xiaoyan's familiar. She adds that she doesn't want to be under Zheng Yu's command. Zheng Yu glares harshly but Wulin pulls him aside. Zheng Yu agrees for Wulin to be leader because of Wulin's 2 words: Jade Silver. La Zhi states he is there for support and hang out with the group.

Noticing the red letters on La Zhi's uniform signifying the inner school, Zheng Yu and Yuan don't dare to underestimate him. Wulin plans their alpha strike formation. Wulin, Yuan En and Zheng Yu are the power attack frontline in that order from left to right. Xie Xie on agility attack. Wulin is the main controller while Gu Yue is the secondary controller. Gu Yue and Xiaoyan are the long-range fire support. La Zhi is on buff/medic. Zheng Yu gets his limo for them and calls shotgun. In the backseat, La Zhi, Wulin and Gu Yue are on one side while the rest are on the other. Xie Xie is sandwiched between Xiaoyan and Yuan En. His mind begins to wander when Yuan En threatens to kill him with a whisper. Xie Xie loudly denies, getting everyone's attention. Yuan En blushes and pinches his knee, twisting the skin 180 degrees. Xie Xie doesn't dare to complain.

On the other side, Wulin is also in a uncomfortable position. The fat La Zhi squishes him and Gu Yue to one side, making her partly sits on Wulin's lap. Both of them blush red and don't dare to look at each other. Thankfully, the limo quickly arrives at their destination.

The HQ tower is a sight to behold. It is one the reasons why Shrek city has such a high position on the continent. The Pagoda HQ is the only territory not under Shrek Academy's control though they do have a good relationship. Even the Federation itself is wary of their cooperation, which is why the 3 powers maintain a cordial relation. The Pagoda doesn't involve itself in politics and doesn't maintain a standing spirit masters force. Its leadership only consists of 36 people while the staffing spirit masters number around 3000 people, which by themselves are not much a threat to the Federation. This structure established by the founder, Spirit Ice Douluo, allows the Pagoda to develop quickly within ten thousand years with the Federation's support.

Gu Yue guides the group to the Familiar Tower, explaining that the tower is actually a simulated space within the Spirit Ascension Chamber. Zheng Yu is impressed that Gu Yue's medal helps them pass the security checks so fast. Wulin notices a drawing of the Spirit Ice Douluo and the Dragon Butterfly Douluo. Gu Yue leads them to a red elevator opened by her medal. Zheng Yu observes that this elevator is for high-ranking members only and asks about Gu Yue's true positions within the organization. Gu Yue shakes her head and refuses to explain. On arrival, she calls someone on the phone and then leads the group to a silver door. After a knock, they all enters. Greeting them from behind a desk is a ~30yo slender woman with long messy red hair. She welcomes the group and introduces herself as Leng Yao Zhu, Gu Yue's master. She then takes over the role of guiding to the Familiar Tower. Zheng Yu seems to be familiar with her name but can't seem to recall. Wulin tries to asks Gu Yue but she only smiles at him. Wulin realizes Yao Zhu is a great character within the Pagoda as the staffs are all very respectful to her.

Yao Zhu stops at a golden elevator, which takes them to a huge round square. In the middle is a tall tower where hundreds of staff are working. On top is a 15m tall golden gate. Yao Zhu points the group to the gate and says she has prepared everything. Everyone thanks her as Yao Zhu advises them to be careful for their first entry. Yao Zhu has especially taken notice of Wulin and lightly smiles at him. She sighs and expresses her regret that Wulin has joined Tang Sect instead of the Pagoda. She then orders the staff to open the Familiar Tower. Zheng Yu finally recalls Yao Zhu's identity but Wulin has already stepped inside the gate. After the group has all entered, Yao Zhu reminiscises about her past unrequited love because of Wulin and Gu Yue.

The 7 people have arrived inside a huge otherwordly palace. After the gate disappears behind them, a marvelous scene greets them. In front of their eyes is a hologram tower rising above the clouds.

The hologram disappears. The group realizes they are in the center of an octagonal arena-like room of 300m diameter. There are 8 metal gates distributed on 4 sides of the room. Each gate is 10m in height and 5m in width. Wulin orders the frontline to go into triangle formation while the rest stand in the middle. La Zhi releases his spirit, 3P. He chants the incitation "I have a pork dumpling" for his 1st skill that has an recovery effect, hands the buns out then sits down for meditation. Wulin grabs 3 and gulps down 2. The gates begin to open, each revealing around a dozen of hostiles. Xie Xie identifies them as wolf-type beasts specializing in pack attack. Wulin releases his BSG, covering more than 100m^2. Gu Yue reminds everyone to save their power as the battles are non-stop.

The enemies' figure are finally revealed. They are called Wind Wolves, numbering more than a hundred strong. They slowly begin to close the circle around the 7. Wulin tells the group to leave them to him and Gu Yue. The others withdraw their spirits while Wulin shoots out a BSG and drags a wolf to him. Right on cue, the wolves unleash their only skill, Wind Blade, though the sheer number makes it a storm. Gu Yue summons earth walls in every direction except for Wulin's, blocking the wolves's attacks. On his part, Wulin thrusts his right hands into the ground and flips the floor up like a makeshift shield. He then activates the BSG array, immobilizing the wolves. Gu Yue shoots an ice beam into the sky which splits into a storm of the icicles. Each icicle precisely pierce through the wolves' eyes, wiping them all out instantly. Zheng Yu and Yuan En look upon Gu Yue with fear as she perfectly times her attack with Wulin. Wulin realizes Gu Yue's Soul Force has grown again, improving her control to inhuman level.

Chapters 361-370

An electronic voice announces that they have cleared the first round and can choose to absorb the familar within 10 seconds. A light gate appears near the Wind Wolf's silhouette. The team decides to pass into the gate going to the 2nd floor. They arrive on a similar floor, but this time there are 8 hundreds-year Fire Demon Lions, the strongest only 500yo. Xie Xie volunteers. He quickly slays the 1st one with a stab to the back of the head aided by his proficient Ghost Steps. 4 of the remainders charge at Xie Xie while 3 go for the others. Xie Xie takes out another one of the 4 while wounding the other 3 with his speed. Right before the 3 other lions reach Wulin's group, a dark shadow appears in their path and kills them all. It's Xie Xie's Shadow Dragon Clone. The clone regroups with Xie Xie as they also take out the remaining 3. Wulin observes that Xie Xie has cancelled the recall of the clone so they can regroup faster, showing his mastery of the technique. Xie Xie returns to the team and smiles at Yuan En but she glares at him and says he is in the way.

The members alternate clearing the next 6 rounds but the beasts don't seem to have much difference in strength. The 8th round has six 2-thousand-year beasts but they are blown away by Yuan En.

In the 9th round, Wulin orders everyone to fight as a group. There are only 4 gates. The opponents are four 3-thousand-year Ice Bear Kings. Gu Yue warns that they have reached a milestone so this round will be the toughest. She asks Xiaoyan if she wants this familiar. Xiaoyan has a weird look in her eyes as she call the bears cute while everyone stares at her, wondering who picks familiar based on cuteness. The 4 bears have a cold look in their eyes while the surrounding temperature drops. They don't immediately attack but gather together first. Wulin realizes these guys are smart. The 3 frontliners begin their attack. However, the bears manage to group-conjure a terrible blizzard. From the center of the team's formation, a flame erupts to resist the cold.

Gu Yue quickly runs out of spirit power resisting the blizzard. Wulin tells her to stop overexerting herself. He activates Purple Demon Eyes and leads the team into the blizzard to kill the bears. Yuan En activates her 3rd skill, Diamond Titan to block the ice. Xiaoyan conjures some moon circles to take away the snow, reducing the pressure. On Wulin's approach, the ice bears run away in different directions. Wulin strengthens his eyes even more, ordering Xiaoyan to lead Zheng Yu and Yuan En in pursuit while Gu Yue stays behind to protect Xie Xie and La Zhi. Wulin manages to catch the slowest with Purple Demon Eyes' Mental Assault, cancelling its blizard and slowing it down. Wulin also tries to tie it up with BSG but the bear frees itself with a claw strike. It curls into a ball, freezes the ground then rolls away. Wulin jumps in front of the bear and activates Dragon Claw, now aided with Long Jing Tian internal style. The bear uncurls and attacks, the two claws clash. Wulin gets blown backward but the bear has its right front leg destroyed. Wulin goes into Golden Dragon Body and attacks again while the bear turns into a giant ice ball with a skill. On collision, Wulin takes several steps backward but the Ice Bear King explodes into fine mist as the blizzard weakens. However, Wulin is spent as Golden Dragon Body + Long Jing Tian cost too much.

The other 3 bears panic and get taken care of by Zheng Yu and Yuan En. However, Wulin stops Yuan En from killing the last one and ties it up to buy the group time to rest. Wulin turns to Xiaoyan and asks her to make a decision regarding the bear.

Xiaoyan readily agrees and gets to work on the bear. Wulin rushes La Zhi for 10 dumplings to which he sarcastically replies that he sells dumpling, not transports. Wulin laughs and chows down, recovering his qi. La Zhi's 1st skill's main effect is recovering physical stamina, not spirit power. For Wulin, stamina equals to qi. Adding the fact that La Zhi doesn't cost a lot, they make a good combo. The team aside from Xiaoyan continue to rest.

On Xiaoyan's side, she is petting the bear and apologizes to it though the bear still has a cold demeanor. She asks the bear how it wants to die, reminding it of how Wulin gibbed one of its compatriots. She then conjures an icicle on top of her scepter, turning it into a spear aiming at the bear's eye. The bear is finally afraid and desperately begs for mercy. The Ice Bear King surrenders and willingly becomes Xiaoyan's familiar. Xiaoyan smirks as she only aims to tease the bear. However, she feels there is something different between a willingly surrendered familiar and a Pagoda's familiar. After telling the rest to continue moving, an ice mist begins to cover her body.

Gu Yue tells Wulin they still need to help Yuan En and to leave Xiaoyan behind so she can meditate. La Zhi is spent from making dumplings, dozens of which solely go to Wulin. The remaining 6 enter the 10th round. On Xiaoyan's part, the ice mist begins to consolidate into an ice bear's form. A golden star emerges on her forehead.

The next arena only has a single metal gate, but it is 30m tall and 20m wide. Yuan En's eyes shine. She can handle a 6k yo familiar as her 4th ring. Yuan En aims for strength-oriented familiar for the Titan Ape spirit. Wulin orders everyone to be careful as their opponent is only one. A black-scaled 10m tall 2-headed(or atennas) reptile with a giant tail appears from the gate. Xie Xie identifies it as a Demon Lizard Dragon (I guess like a Komodo?). It is an dark-element ancient beast often compared to the Demon Man-faced Spider in term of cruelty, often going on unnecessary rampage and thus ostracized by other beasts. The dragon lets out a sharp roar that irritates the brain, taking down Xie Xie and La Zhi who have the lowest Soul Force level. Wulin yells out to leave it to him.

Yuan En and Zheng Yu protest, but Gu Yue tells them to leave it be and recover their soul force. The Demon Dragon Lizard screeches again and leaps at Wulin, with it's 6 wings flaring out as it flies. Just as it's about to bite him, Wulin releases his golden dragon body, and the aura of the Golden Dragon King stuns the dragon lizard and causes it to fall out of the air. Wulin then immediately pierces it's brain with his golden dragon terror, while Yuan En and Zheng Yu look on stunned. Wulin feels the strength of the dragon being absorbed by his golden dragon power, and notices that his inverse blood flow technique should be able to reach 85% now. He suspects that these are true spirit beasts, instead of just beast souls. Declining to absorb the spirit ring, they continue to the next floor, where they adapt a triangular defensive formation again. The air dries up, and Wulin senses something is off, quickly erecting a blue silver grass barrier above the group as a lightning blast rains down. They are able to see the spirit beast now, it is far smaller than the others, with a bright yellow body looking similar to a squirrel but with large blue-purple eyes and a lightning bolt shaped tail. Xie Xie exclaims that it is a Raiju, an extremely rare spirit beast.

The Raiju conjures another bolt. Yuan En releases her Fallen Angel spirit and flies toward the squirrel with the demon sword, her 2nd skill, in hand. Wulin, who has recovered from paralysis, helps by dragging the Raiju toward her. At the same time, Zheng Yu shoots out Holy Light, which attracts Yuan En's sword as they collide in friendly fire. Seeing the chaos among its opponent, the Raiju escapes from Wulin's BSG. Xie Xie gives chase while Gu Yue supports him with wind blades. When Xie Xie finally catches up, the Raiju's eyes flash purple. A 1m diamelter thunderball seems to have dissolved Xie Xie. On careful inspection, Wulin finds that Xie Xie barely survived thanks to his clone's sacrifice. This intelligent Raiju estimated at 5000yo is no easy foe. Wulin uses his BSG to regroup the team as the beast is way out of their range. Wulin begins to prepare Long Jing Tian, scaring the Raiju. Meanwhile, Zheng Yu and Yuan En are arguing and blaming each other. Zheng Yu reveals that there are no tens-thousand-year Raiju because they are hunted by other spirit beast to prevent it from becoming strong. Xie Xie chimes in that they need cooperate as at least a Spirit King can 1v1. Wulin orders the team to wait for an opportunity. The Raiju charges up from a 100m distance into a volt tackle. Suddenly, Wulin's eyes flash brightly as a golden light emerges from his body and enters the BSG. The BSG grows into thigh-size, covered with scales. At the tip are distinctive snake heads, ferociously charging at the lightning bolt.

Both Yuan En and Zheng Yu realizes Wulin is using a Familiar Fusion skill, which normally only occurs in a 2nd or 3rd familiar with high compatibility. This is Wulin's 3rd skill, Blue Silver Golden Light Array. A thunderbolt strikes the BSG again to little effect as the electricity is dispersed into the ground. Gu Yue realizes the snake possesses Elemental Guidance. While Jin Guang's version is only passive, as long the damage doesn't exceed its limit, it is impervious to elemental attacks. Annoyed, the Raiju calls down a storm of bolts but they keep getting dispersed. Wulin realizes that his consumption is lower than the Raiju's. Additionally, the 3rd skill also partly uses Wulin's qi. Jin Guang is just mercilessly taunting the Raiju now. Xie Xie suggests that it be renamed to Chatterbox. Gu Yue knocks him on the head and suggests Jin Yu (Golden Word) to Wulin's exasperation. The snake seems to be satisfied with Gu Yue's idea. Wulin complies.

What they didn't realize is how worshipped the Jin Yu name will become on the continent. At the moment though, the Raiju stops it assault and prepares a suicide attack. Wulin tells Yuan En to use her Titan Ape form. She activates Diamond Titan. A 1m thunder ball drops down from the sky toward Jin Yu. Jin Yu just shakes it tail as the golden light array coils around the ball as layers of electricity are removed. Gu Yue's eyes go wide again as this is the upgraded form of Elemental Guidance, Elemental Strip. It is an anti-elemental technique as well as one of the most coveted for element users. The array is just not designed for defence but also offense. Wulin is almost spent as his BSG begins to falter. Right as this moment, Yuan En uses her 2nd skill, Air Cannon. The shell collides with the thunder ball, sending the Raiju flying. Wulin finally cancels the array as little Jin Yu is also exhausted. Zheng Yu follows up with Judgement, knocking the Raiju to the ground while Xie Xie goes in for the kill. However, he is knocked back by a light that takes the Raiju away. The electronic voice announces they have passed the 10th round. La Zhi quickly supplies new dumplings and is scared by Wulin's intense gaze. To Wulin's confusion, there is no 10s limit this time until another 10 minutes pass. Gu Yue explains that her master told her to discover for themselves the tower's secret. Before they pass into the gate, La Zhi hands each member a bean dumpling made from his 3rd skill. To Wulin's question, La Zhi tells him he would explain in the next round.

The bean dumplings' ability is Bloodthirsty. It increases physical abilities by 30%-50%, depending on the spirit type, and spirit power by 20%. The time limit is 3 minutes. Afterward, there is a recovery period, about 10 minutes for Wulin and up to an hour for the others. Additionally, Wulin himself can eat 2 bean dumplings to double the Bloodthirsty effect but reduce limit to 1 minute and increase the recovery time to a day. The others would die if they eat 2.

Their next opponent is a 10m tall, 5m wide 5-thousand-year Diamond Baboon. It is on the same level as Yuan En's Titan Ape aside from intelligence. Its only skill is Berserk, which boosts all physical attributes by 50%. Yuan En is satisfied with the Baboon. She is the first to enter combat, aided by the wind.

On seeing Yuan En's Titan Ape form, the Baboon rages, recalling the blood feud between the 2 nemesis species. Ever since ancient times, the Titan Apes had dominated the Diamond Baboons because of the difference in intelligence. However, a long time ago, one Diamond Baboon mutated and developed cunning. It rallied its brethren, which far outnumbered the Titan Apes. The war lasted for hundreds of years before the Titan Ape's Pyrrhic victory after assassinating the intelligent Baboon.

Under the Bloodthirsty effect and the Titan Ape's instinct, Yuan En charges headfirst at the Baboon. Wulin switches to Dragon mode and follows her while Xie Xie sighs at Yuan En's eagerness and goes to the flank. Zheng Yu is behind them in the air, readying his 2nd skill with sword in hand. Gu Yue starts preparing her attacks. The 2 monkeys finally meet in a strength contest. Yuan En is blown away but the Baboon also moves back a few steps. Wulin has also arrived. Under the bean dumpling's effect, Long Jing Tian has risen to 90%. Underestimating him, the Baboon tries to slap him out of the air like a fly. As a result, it has a new 50cm diameter hole on its right hand, which is only 1m5 big, thanks to the Dragon Claw's destruction attribute. Zheng Yu follows with Holy Light, burning the dark-element beast. The Baboon finally activates Berserk, still fixated on Yuan En. She warns the group Berserk should last around 10 minutes while running away. Wulin tells Zheng Yu to hold back the bean dumpling. Gu Yue has finally done preparing a large amount of tri-element icicles while Yuan En is buying time. Wulin orders Yuan En to fly up with her fallen angel spirit and Zheng Yu to follow him toward Gu Yue's group.

Xie Xie and Gu Yue prepare to move while La Zhi begins creating more dumplings. Under Gu Yue's buff, Zheng Yu barely manages to carry the 4 into the sky. While Yuan En is trying to regroup, the Baboon gives chase by bouncing off a wall to get behind her. Gu Yue begins her assault, stopping it. Under the weight of 4 additional people, Zheng Yu just barely hovers in the air, so Wulin throws a BSG to Yuan En and has her help carry them up. The Baboon tries to reach La Zhi who is at the bottom but 60m proves too much. Yuan En then throws the no-fly group up toward the ceiling where Wulin creates a foothold for them to rest using the Dragon Claw and BSG. La Zhi uses his 2nd skill and creates some mini-dumplings that have the effect of lowering one's body weight.

Chapters 371-380

La Zhi gives recovery buns to Yuan En, and the group wait out the berserk state of the baboon while it furiously leaps but is unable to reach them. Wulin and Yuan En's bloodthirsty state ends and they are pale, but the recovery buns help. Seeing the baboon weaken, Zheng Yu releases himself from the BSG bindings and unleashes his ability, alternating active spirit rings and stunning Yuan En with it's power - the holy angel spirit is on a completely different level from her fallen angel spirit. With the baboon knocked down, Yuan En unleashes her titan ape bpody and leaps to attack its head, however the babboon's body shrinks and it narrowly avoids the hit, before launching a counterattack at Yuan En's chest. It fooled them and its berserk state had not ended. Suddenly, Yuan En's body disappears in a silver light, and the baboon's fist instead collides with a tornado of light and sends a figure covered in a water shield flying. At this, Zheng Yu attacks the baboon again, its berserk state truly over. Yuan En unleashes her air cannon, before attacking its head. Wulin looks to the figure that was sent flying, it was Xie Xie who had Gu Yue rescue Yuan En, and he countered with his light dragon storm. His mangled body has a clearly broken spine - the water shield could not do anything. As Wulin goes to pick up his body, the light shimmers and it disappears. Xie Xie had managed to protect himself with his light dragon avatar but falls to his knees and spits out a mouthful of blood as he still suffered some damage.

Meanwhile, Yuan En has killed the Baboon by twisting its neck backward. She is somewhat moved by Xie Xie's action and goes to him. Xie Xie tells her no prolem but she only curtly replies that he owes her nothing anymore. Wulin helps Xie Xie recover while La Zhi delivers the dumplings. In the decisive moment of the battle, Wulin had used Purple Demon Eyes's Mental Assault to create an opening for Xie Xie to escape. Under the pressure, Xie Xie managed to unconsciously fuse his 2nd and 3rd skill. With the battle over, Yuan En sits down to absorb her familiar. After 10 minutes, the gate closes. After 2 hours, they are transported out of the Familiar Tower.

Yao Zhu and Xiaoyan welcome them at the exit. Yao Zhu didn't expect they could complete 12 rounds and invites them to join the Pagoda. On their decline, she asks for payment: a discounted price of 10 million Federal coin for Xiaoyan's and 30 million Federal coin for Yuan En's, within a month deadline. After Yao Zhu leaves, Gu Yue confirms Zheng Yu's suspicion that she is the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, a 4-word armor master.

Even among the Shrek Douluos that Wulin knows, there are no 4-word armor master or Limit Douluo. Moreover, according to Yuan En, Yao Zhu is also the vice-president of the Pagoda and vice-chairman of the Pagoda committee. Wulin looks at Gu Yue, whom smiles at him stubbornly. As they leave, Yuan En calls out to Wulin and tells him to pay her back the 20k points ASAP.

Back in Wulin's workshop, Zheng Yu has come to make payment. He doesn't have enough contribution points so Zheng Yu suggest Wulin can pay Yuan En back in 2 millions Federal coins at 100:1 exchange rate. Zheng Yu makes a deposit payment of exactly 2 millions Federal coins and some rare metal. Currently, Wulin has a 30% success rate of forging a spiritual alloy. Of the successes, they all exceed 60% harmony rate, 2 of which over 90% have been sold to Zheng Yu. Zheng Yu plans to use these >90% Jade Silver pieces for his 1-word armor suit, which can then be further level-up using alloy re-forge. While Wulin thinks this is a wasteful method, he admits that it is straightforward. For 2-word armor, either spiritual metal or spirit-forged metal is fine as long as the compatibility with the user is good.

Wulin spends the rest of the afternoon forging which depletes his stamina. At dinner, Gu Yue is concerned but Wulin tells her he has an idea and to gather the class committee at their workshop. After Zi Duo and Gui Xing arrived, Wulin explains he wants to use Zheng Yu's method of using alloy. Gui Xing refuses because it costs too much resource. Zi Duo also refuses as they would have to commit to the 90% alloy for the rest of the armor and she is unsure of Wulin's consistency. Wulin accepts their reasons but Gu Yue stubbornly backs him up. She reasons that they would still need spiritual metal for 2-word armor. While forging a spiritual 1-word armor is difficult, upgrading it to 2-word is still easier than forging anew. Zi Duo disagrees, telling Gu Yue she can gamble on her own and asking Wulin if the group is done. Gui Xing doesn't say anything but it's clear he is on Zi Duo's side. Wulin tries to be diplomatic and convinces Gu Yue otherwise but she sticks to her gun. Gu Yue angers Zi Duo by confirming her suspicion, saying they haven't liked each other since the beginning. Zi Duo leaves but is blocked by Gui Xing. He says that they should still keep relations as classmates and negotiate with Wulin that each would do their own part. However, if Gu Yue and Wulin wants to follow their own plan then Gui Xing and Zi Duo can't help them. Wulin readily agrees. When Gui Xing and Zi Duo leave, Gu Yue gets angry because it's clear that Gui Xing wants to get freebie. Wulin pacifies her, saying it's a chance for her to hone her design skill. Moreover, Gui Xing is right that they are classmate, not to mention the class committee.

Gu Yue is still in disagreement. Wulin smiles and says they will prove the doubters wrong. He suggests Gu Yue to pick Essence Gold as her 2nd metal. Together with Magic Silver, they form Spirit Gold, which is one of the best at boosting elemental effect. For himself, Wulin chooses Essence Iron. Together with Heavy Silver, they form Essence Silver, which has high durability and a martial spirit-strengthening effect. Moreover, the Essence Silver can gain many versatile effects after incorporating more metals. Gu Yue tells Wulin she will acquire the Essence Gold and Essence Iron. Wulin is surprised because he didn't know Gu Yue is that rich. He tries to convince her otherwise but Gu Yue assures him as she is the Pagoda's vice-master's main disciple. Wulin closes the matter and says that they will then help Xiaoyan and Xie Xie after they reach the manufacturing stage. Gu Yue leaves first, saying she needs more research for an improved design. Wulin wonders who to get for manufacturing as both Zi Duo and Gui Xing are clearly not good enough anyway.

Under the night sky, Gu Yue exits Shrek Academy like usual. A luxurious black limousine stops before her as a huge man exits and opens the door for Gu Yue. The inside is decorated with rare metal, jewelry, high-grade leather... Gu Yue tells the driver to prepare 10 tons of Essence Iron and Essence Gold each, to which he replies back calling her young lady. Gu Yue then orders him to go to the Pagoda. On arrival, Gu Yue goes straight to Yao Zhu's office. It seems Gu Yue's mother has just called Yao Zhu, worrying about Gu Yue. Gu Yue smiles, saying that no one dares touch her with Yao Zhu there. Yao Zhu changes the topic, saying she has discovered a secret of Yue Yue (Gu Yue's pet name). On Gu Yue's question, Yao Zhu simply replies the look in her eyes. Yao Zhu asks about Gu Yue's relationship with Wulin. She has done a background check on Wulin and is surprised by his potential even with the lowest-grade familiar. Yao Zhu assures Gu Yue she wouldn't interfere as their relationship is approved because Wulin has proved himself after making it to Shrek Academy. She still warns that it is too early for 14yo Gu Yue. Gu Yue blushes, insisting they are just friends. Yao Zhu brushes the matter aside, saying that she is intrigued by Wulin after his battle with the Lizard Dragon. There are signs of the True Dragon bloodline inside him yet he is seemingly not a dual-spirit holder. Even Gu Yue admits she doesn't really know but she is sure the dragon power is not from a 2nd spirit nor uses spirit power. Yao Zhu agrees that they should continue keeping eyes on him. She goes on to evaluate the 7-man group highly though sighs that all of them has joined Tang Sect. Gu Yue asks her to start as the 2 enter a metal door.

Yao Zhu asks if Gu Yue needs help with her power armor and guarantee she would finish a full set within half a year. Gu Yue declines as the door closes behind them.

Back at the dorm, Wulin finally comes back past midnight. The day has been exhausting but at the same time, Wulin has accomplished a lot. In the next span of time, Wulin and Gu Yue become incredibily busy. After receiving the metal from Gu Yue, Wulin wonders about their origin but doesn't pry. On the forging side, Wulin has been improving though Wu Yu still scolds him all the same. Only the Winged Dragon Douluo knows how much progress Wulin has made.

One day a month after the opening ceremony, Chen Yi announces that the 1st-grade are going to have an exhibition contest with the 2nd-grade, including all the 2nd professions as well as real combat. The students are going to be registering in group of at least three. Moreover, the committee will compete against the 2nd-grade in a 2nd professions match. Additionally, in any match, the 2nd-graders will have a handicap of 1 members, meaning if the 1st-grade send out 3 then the 2nd-grade can only send out 2. There will be an in-class tournament to select the best to go against the 2nd-grade. Chen Yi calls on Wulin to report back to her on the class's group registration. The students are excited as this is a opportunity to gain contribution points.

Gu Yue asks Wulin how they are going to group. Zi Duo and Gui Xing are afar, talking to Nian Xia. Recently, the 5 on the young genius chart along with some other students have been ostracizing Wulin and Gu Yue after their disagreement with Gui Xing and Zi Duo. Wulin would have liked to form a team with the 5 geniuses to fight against Yuan En and Zheng Yu but he resolves himself, telling Gu Yue they already have a team with Xiaoyan and Xie Xie. Gu Yue likes this confident look in Wulin's eyes. Just then, Chen Yi- who have left the class- returns with two people in tow. Wulin has a smirk on his face. Chen Yi announces that La Zhi and Xinglan are joining the 1st-grade. While there are applauses, there are also people dissatisfied with the surprise transfer students.

Xinglan has grown a lot in the last 3 years. The 13 yo is now 1m6 tall with a pair of long legs; her beauty only matched by Xiaoyan's, attracting the male students' attention. However, her eyes are still cold as before, giving out an untouchable vibe. Chen Yi tells the 2 that there are seats at the back of the class and to pick their own teams for the exhibition contest. After Chen Yi leaves, all eyes are on Xinglan. Wulin himself is still deeply impressed by the beating he got. Gui Xing try to pick her up but gets ignored. Wulin comes up to La Zhi and invites him in a way that makes people misundertand. La Zhi hushes Wulin while Gu Yue breaks into a laugh. La Zhi lowers his voice, asking Wulin to let Xinglan also join as the girl is a natural loner and La Zhi can't bear to see it. Wulin readily agrees.

Meanwhile, after Gui Xing was rejected, few groups dare to recruit Xinglan. In the class, while Wulin is the president, Gui Xing is more well-respected and a spot in his team is coveted among the students. Even with Wulin's show of strength, the 5 geniuses are still placed above him. This is because Wulin spends too much time training and not enough socializing.

Wulin comes up to Xinglan to say hi. He is quickly scolded by her for taking La Zhi on a Tower Assault. Gu Yue asks what she is going to do about it. Xinglan stays silent. Wulin finally asks Xinglan to join, reasons that the minimum is 3 people so the 2 transfers need a group. After her denial, Wulin asks her reason for training and baits her in by saying that there are strong people in the 2nd grade. Just then, a weird voice asks Wulin if he is confident. It's the Phosphorous Jade Serpent, Zheng Yin Ran. She announces that the 5 geniuses has linked up and they are going to take the representative spots. Xinglan obliviously asks what the young genius chart is. Yin Ran is shocked and arrogantly explains. Xinglan just shakes her head and say the 5 are serviceable if they are on the chart. Wulin suddenly find her cute. Yin Ran coldly smiles and challenges Xinglan and Wulin, taunting Wulin about his position. Wulin stops Gu Yue at his side. After Yin Ran leaves, the other students keep away from Wulin. It seems the 5 geniuses have united to ostracize him. Gui Xing comes up to Wulin and announces that he has asked the teachers to let him form his own group with Zi Duo. Wulin nonchalantly agrees. There is a glint in Gui Xing's eyes when he warns Wulin that the next days are going to be long. Wulin smiles and again agrees.

Xie Xie gets angry for Wulin. Wulin turns to Xinglan and tells her about the ostracization. He decides to give up on recruiting new members but Xinglan stops him, saying she prefers being a pariah. The 2 shake on it as the other students wonder if there is something wrong with the transfer students. Wulin then turns to the rest of the class and announces he is going to resign if he loses the tournament. He then turns to the 5 geniuses and emphasizes that if he wins then people should stop wasting words, while releasing a bit of his Golden Dragon aura. Wulin makes his way to the front of the class to do the registration; the others instinctively clear a path for him. Gui Xing is the 1st, signing up a 5-man group. The air is full of gunpowder. Others also come up to register, each with different positive and negative attitudes toward Wulin. After going through the whole class, Wulin dimisses the class and leaves with his new team. Many students get mad for the 5 Great s- the 5 geniuses's nickname. Nian Xia asks Gui Xing if Wulin has any backing but Yin Ran dismisses it as just boasting. She wants Wulin dethroned. Gui Xing, however, evaluates Wulin highly and wonders about Xinglan's strength. Zi Duo nonchalantly claims she can beat them all on her own, clearly forgetting something.

Wulin first goes to the teachers' offices to hand in his report. He doesn't mention anything else to the 2 teachers. They go to Wulin's workshop. Wulin first apologizes to the team for causing problem but Gu Yue dismisses it as an eventuality from the 5 Greats. Wulin smiles and explains to everyone about his and Gu Yue's training plan and invites them to join. He also states his intent to request the teachers for them to be in a new group. Xinglan is interested upon hearing about the power armor. After Gu Yue and Wulin finish explaining about the alloys, Xie Xie and Xiaoyan scratch their heads while La Zhi and Xinglan are impressed. The latter 2 agree to help. Xie Xie admits to Wulin that he won't be much help with his 2nd profession's level. Wulin tells him to be patient as they have a full 6 years for their 1st power armor. He then turns to La Zhi and Xinglan and asks about their 2nd career.

La Zhi is a level 4 repairman while Xinglan is a level 4 manufacturer, precisely what Wulin needs. Wulin tells Xie Xie to learn from Xinglan and Xiaoyan to learn from Gu Yue. La Zhi confirms Wulin and Gu Yue's career levels. Xinglan is still in disbelief that Wulin can fusion forge as blacksmith tends to be oldest on average. Wulin demonstrates by taking 2 pieces of metal to the anvil. Before starting, he explains that he only has 30% success rate for 3 types of alloys: Magic Silver, Spirit Gold, and Essence Silver. He asks what the 2 new members want. Xinglan quickly picks Magic Silver while La Zhi picks Essence Silver. The forging begins. While forging, Wulin thinks about his current goals and sets it to beating the 5 Greats, fortifying his seat.

Chen Yi is sitting very comfortably on a sofa while asking Wukong what he thinks about Wulin's situation. Wukong says it is his student's matter but he feels Wulin is not challenged enough, surprising Chen Yi who doesn't think highly of Wulin. Wukong says that Xinglan should not enter the next tournament. Chen Yi asks him if it is too harsh. Wukong explains that he can't see Gu Yue and Wulin's limit. Xiaoyan and Xie Xie already put in a lot of effort. What they need now is confidence. Having Xinglan would lower the difficulty too much. Moreover, adding La Zhi, 5 vs. 5 is suitable.

Wulin's forging is completed. Although Xinglan is still holding on the dining dash grudge, she is astonished that a level 5 blacksmith can succeed fusion forging. Wulin takes out a harmony measurement tool borrowed from the Forging Guild as a favor from Wu Yu. Seeing the number, Gu Yue is bewildered while Wulin sighs. La Zhi wonders if it is so bad and comes up. He sees 95% and unconsciously breathes out cold air. Xinglan, upset, asks why Wulin sighed. Wulin explains he can't use it in his armor anyways. Xinglan quickly grabs the metal into her personal storage ring. Gu Yue asks if she has any shame. Xinglan, acting deaf, says she would pay Wulin later.

95% rate is called pre-God alloy base, allowing 7 additional types of metal for 9 total. 2-type is called spiritual basic alloy. 3-type is called essence-grade. 4-type is extreme-grade. 5-type is holy-grade, on the same level as soul-forged metal. 8-type is the current maximum as no one has seen 9-type alloy(as in one that is successfully fused from 9 metal). Of the 7 God Artisans, if anyone of them succeeds in creating 9-type alloy, pre-God alloy may appears. Pre-God alloy is important to a Limit Douluo's legendary next step: God title.

This is why pre-God alloy is extremely expensive. Even a God Artisan cannot guarantee making it. Wulin has unknowingly broken a record: the lowest rank to forge a pre-God alloy base, which was previously 6. To prove that she is not taking advantage, Xinglan reveals that she is actually a rank 5 manufacturer. She looks calm on the outside but inside she is actually excited to meet another rank 5 of the same age, not to mention a blacksmith. In order to return to the inner school, Xinglan must accomplish a great feat, such as making a power armor, and Wulin is her ticket. On the side, Xie Xie and Xiaoyan look at each other as they are now officially the least talented. Wulin tells everyone to get started on the design with Gu Yue while he makes sure that everybody's material gets to at least 90%.

During the forging, Wulin calms down after his confrontation with the 5 Greats. He remembers his father's words to trust only in one's strength as it is how you gain respect. Under this temperament, Wulin's forging improves. He finishes 8 pieces; one of them reaches 93% while the rest are between 70% and 80%. He keeps the weaker pieces for future use.

On hearing from Chen Yi that Xinglan is banned from the tournament, Wulin is shocked. He asks Chen Yi for an explanation. Chen Yi dismisses him, saying his new mechanical group request is granted but reiterates that Xinglan is not allowed to fight this time. In class, this is the first time Wulin does not pay attention as he mulls over his chances of winning without Xinglan. Incidentally, the students are still ostracizing his group. After class, Gui Xing comes up to him and taunts that Wulin can still be the forging commissioner. On cue, Nian Xia appears and tells Wulin not to force himself as commissioner is already very suitable. Yin Ran also bitterly chimes in that Wulin doesn't know his own limit.

Chapters 381-390

Zi Duo doesn't say anything while Yu Cheng stares at Wulin intensely. Gu Yue tries to chase him away but Yu Cheng does a thumbsdown. Wulin has to hold Gu Yue back and replies that they will meet on the arena. After the 5 Greats leave, half of the class follows them. Xie Xie has his head low, fist clenched. Xiaoyan has difficult look on her face. Wulin calmly brings everyone away. La Zhi asks what happened but Xinglan replies that the academy respects Wulin's strength to La Zhi's confusion. She then follows Wulin.

Xie Xie returns to the dorm and goes to Yuan En's room. He begs her to spar with him and make him stronger. After some hesitation, Yuan En agrees.

In Wulin's workshop, Xinglan asks if Wulin has given up. To answer, Wulin tells her his life hardships and concludes that he has struggled through them all. Xinglan promises that she would help as Gu Yue has finished the 1st design for the power armor. She asks for a piece of Essence Silver. Wulin's eyes shine but he wonders if she is going to finish in time, as the class tournament is in 3 days while the exhibition is in a week. Xinglan replies she would try and this is her payment for the pre-God alloy. Wulin happily gets started on the Essence Silver. However, Wu Yu has called him to his office.

Inside elder Feng's office, he has heard about the 1st grade's discontent and says that Wulin is not a good President. Wulin agrees as he doesn't want to explain. The elder asks if Wulin is sure about the fight. Wulin confirms. The elder asks again, citing the strength of the 5 Greats but Wulin still replies he is confident. Wu Yu approves and gives him a gift: his old masterpiece, a 99% Essence Silver. Wulin quickly refuses. Wu Yu asks why the little greed doesn't take it. Wulin sighs, realizing that's how he looks to Wu Yu. Wulin explains that he can't accept because he still has his blacksmith's pride. Wu Yu is surprised but he is convinced of Wulin's resolve. Wu Yu judges that Wulin's heart is not in chaos and takes back his gift.

For the perfect power armor, one must immerse fully into one of the creating processes. Wulin at least wants to do all of the forging by himself.

Wulin tells Feng Yu of his plans, teasing Feng Yu at the same time before Feng Yu kicks him out and Wulin takes some materials. As he is leaving, Wulin asks when he is going to be taught 3-metal forging, with Feng Yu responding after he has forged a god alloy, 10 different types of 2-metal alloys, and becomes skilled in spiritual forging. Wulin sighs, saying he's not even close, murmuring as he leaves that he has only completed 1 out of 3, stunning Feng Yu. He makes a bet for 20,000 contributiopn points if it was a god alloy rather than gaining experience and different alloys under Mu Chen. They return to the forging room where Xinglan shows the metal, with Feng Yu handing it back and walking out. Wulin makes a victory sign, and explains to his teammates. Back in the office, Feng Yu is smiling. 3 days later is the trials, which are to be fought in reality rather than simulation.

It's the day of the class tournament. Every student has something on their mind on this important day. Wulin leads the class to the Proving Ground. At the back of the line, Xinglan is not in good shape and has to be helped by La Zhi. La Zhi asks if she wants to excuse herself but Xinglan replies they can't shame the inner school.

Inside the arena stood a long-haired woman of about 30yo in a long green dress. From Wukong and Chen Yi's respectful manner calling her "your Highness", she is the Holy Spirit Douluo. After receiving greeting from the students, the Holy Spirit Douluo has a speech to encourage them and watches over them on the sideline. Wukong announces the rule. 17 groups fight until the strongest remains. 4 days later, that group will fight in the exhibition match with grade 2. For the 2nd profession battles, the committee members will handle them.

For the 1st round, Wulin gets the no opponent ticket. The 1st round lasts for an hour. Gui Xing's group easily passes because their opponents give up. The Holy Spirit Douluo serves as the referree and medic for the tournament. The 2nd round has Gui Xing draw no opponent. The other students notice the drawing is rigged so Wulin wouldn't meet with Gui Xing early. Wulin's group easily wins their battle. The 2nd round lasts around 30 minutes. In the 3rd round, 5 groups remain but 3 of them give up. Those students don't want to offend the 5 Greats whom have stated that they will take out Wulin personally. The Holy Spirit Douluo is amused by the change in the air. Wukong announces the final is between Wulin's squad and Gui Xing's squad. Both sides ready for battle though Nian Xia is seemingly intimidated by Wulin.

It's not just Yang Nian, Xia who is affected, all of their team are intimidated by Wulin's aura. They see the most important enemy as Gu Yue, followed by Wulin, but are confident that they still can't withstand their group of 5 talented youths. Initially, they hadn't made a fuss about Wulin as they wanted to stay on the good side of a alented forger, but they decided his thoughts were too aggressive and Yang Nian Xia would be sufficient for their needs. As the match starts, Xiaoyan hides behind Wulin to disguise her spirit rings with one ability lit up, while Yang Nian charges at the front, Zi Duo from the side at Gu Yue, Yu Cheng at the other side and Zheng Yin Ran also coming around.

None of the spectators have any confidence in Wulin's team, as Wulin releases his 3rd ring spreading golden grass around him. Zi Duo and Yu Cheng slow a little, but not significantly. Wulin meets Nian Xia, while Gu Yue flings out golden icicles. Zi Duo rushes at Gu Yue with nether rush, and Yu Cheng's sickle turns purple before Xie Xie meets him. A light shines down on Yu Cheng from Gu Yue, imitating Zheng Yu's light troial to weaken him. Zi Duo is about to hit Gu Yue, and Wulin unleashes his golden scales to punch Nian Xia, while Nian Xia unleashes a heavy attack - his job is only to occupy Wulin for now, but using his strongest hit so there are no surpriuses. Before Nian Xia's fist collides with Wulin, Wulin disappears. Zi Duo is about to hit Gu Yue, knowing that if Gu Yue teleports away she can finish off their team, but Wulin appears in front of her with his punch already swinging. Zi Duo is interrupted and knocked back.

Wulin's third ability finally launches, and Gui Xing does not withdraw Zi Duo, fearing it would leave Yu cheng surrounded. Xie Xie evades Yu Cheng's sickle with ghost step. In their planning, Wulin and Gu Yue would hold off Zi Duo, and Xie Xie declared he would hold off Yu Cheng alone. Xie Xie unleashes light dragon storm, meeting the sickle, with Wukong looking to the referee anticipating the rescue of Xie Xie. As the refereee doesn't move, Yu Cheng cuts out but it is the shadow dragon avatar. Xie Xie's light dragon storm is forcefully defeated, causing a small rebound and XiE Xie spits out blood. Colliding again, Yu Cheng's sickle cuts into Xie Xie's shoulder, while Xie Xie's dagger pierces into Yu Chengs shoulders, golden light dragon power flooding his body.

Yu Cheng goes into seizure while Xie Xie is teleported out. Even so, Xie Xie has a smile on his face as he helps the team. Flashback to his training session with Yuan En when he got mercilessly taught. Acknowledging Xie Xie's resolve, Yuan En went all out.

A moon crescent floats toward Yu Cheng from Xiaoyan but Gui Xing teleports him away. Zi Duo gets knocked back by Wulin's attack. At the same time, golden BSG emerge and trap her. She attempts to use Hell Slash. The BSG release her but then defuse the skill with ease. Zi Duo switches to White Tiger Vajra form and attacks Gu Yue and Wulin. Gu Yue shoots a fire-wind-ice icicle, deflecting and stunning Zi Duo. The golden BSG attack again. Wulin also charges with Golden Dragon body, his right hand in claw form. He pulls Zi Duo in with Controlling Crane, Catching Dragon. At the same time, Wulin mental assaults Nian Xia, stopping his rescue attempt. Zi Duo riskily destroys the icicle and blocks Wulin's punch simultaneously. Overpowered, Zi Duo moves backward but the BSG sneakily wraps her up. Even White Tiger's full power cannot break out. Wulin wants to end Zi Duo with a claw strike. Gui Xing is unable to help with his teleport on cooldown so Zi Duo finally resorts to Hell Tiger self-fusion. Even the Holy Spirit Douluo nods approvingly, judging Zi Duo as having lv50 strength. Xie Xie is in front of her, covered in healing light. Holy Spirit Douluo also notices Gu Yue retreats toward Xiaoyan. The 2 girls grasp their hand together as they are covered by an intense white light.

Wulin has planned he would handle Zi Duo. Moreover, even Nian Xia is baited. Wulin takes out 2 red bean buns. Gu Yue and Xiaoyan also eat one each. The bloodthirsty red bean buns grant Wulin even more power; the scales tearing his uniform. Both Zi Duo and Nian Xia stop at the sight. Nian Xia instinctively realizes he cannot do anything against Wulin.

Nian Xia's eyes shrinking suddenly, seeing a light extending from Wulin's golden talon and covering his whole arm. As it settles, the crowd yell out, this is power armour! Zi Duo's hell white tiger hesitates seeing this, wondering how it was possible. Ye Xinglan had completed it successfully, carving the core circles with her Star Excalibur instead of an engraving knife, with Wulin's 91% alloy star silver.

Flashback: As Ye Xinglan's soul force drops, she is handed a bun from La Zhi. After 20 buns, she can no longer eat any more, as her digestion cannot catch up. She calls La Zhi to give her a red bean bun, and she continues with the spike in her soul force. Even this drops off, and she calls for another one, against La Zhi's warnings. Seeing this, Gu Yue, Xiaoyan and Xie Xie have accepted her as their comrade. As her soul force drops again, she yells for Wulin, who cuts his right hand and sprays blood across the metalwork, causing a golden light to shine on it and his arm. Golden lines appear over Wulin's right arm once again, it appears to be a success. Normally, only a high rank spiritmaster can wear a set of power armour, but Wulin was only a 3rd ring. Of course, this is because of the power of his golden dragon blood and it's integration with his right arm and golden dragon talon.

The spectators originally thought this match was one sided to the 5 young talented team members, but their belief is shaken now. Zi Duo in hell white tiger form attacks Wulin, with Wulin rising to meet it. After the first collision, Wulin is sent flying into the protective barrier, but Zi Duo's hell white tiger is becoming illusory from the damage taken. Wulin flies back, with his blood surging from his Long Jing Tian inverse bloodflow technique, Wulin looks like a golden ball of flame or sun, flying back like a meteor. The hell white tiger unleashes it's attack again, but a dragon's cry resounds through the arena, with an ilusory golden dragon being seen by everyone. With his power armour and the two red bean buns, Wulin has achieved 100% flow of the Long Jing Tian, and used his "Golden Dragon shakes the Heavens". Suddenly the hell white tiger doesn't seem so large, and at the moment of impact an enormous explosion rips through the arena. Nian Xia and Zeng Yin Ran are slammed into the protective barrier, while Gui Xing has retreated to the edge of the arena and avoided the majority of the blast. Both Zi Duo and Wulin are on their knees in the centre of the arena, but Wulin is still filled with fighting spirit. Next to the Holy Spirit Doulu is Xu Yu Cheng who was rescued, if he was still in the arena he may have died. Behind Wulin, an ice wall and earth wall collapse as an enormous snowstorm erupts. Gu Yue, Xiaoyan and La Zhi had been protected from the explosion. Two white lights eject Wulin and Zi Duo from the arena and bring them in front of the Holy Spirit Douluo, taking the fight down to 3v3. Nian Xia gets up from the ground, his face not looking good as he suffered the highest impact of the remaining fighters from that explosion. Zheng Yin Ran looks even worse as they have no real defense or toughness. Only Gui Xing is in a good state.

Chapters 391-400

Gui Xing is still confident of victory, as it is 3 of their strong team vs 3 weaker ranged spiritmasters. He realises that Wulin has already displayed that he truly deserves the class leader position, and the only way to reverse this is to beat them and the 2nd years. The audience is still shocked, the two 4 ring members of the 5 geniuses were already defeated. Chen Yi understands why Wukong disallowed Xinglan from participating. Nian Xia rushes towards Gu Yue and Xiaoyan, with Zheng Yin Ran and Gui Xing chasing after, and Gui Xing locking down Gu Yue with his space powers. As Xiaoyan steps out, they notice her 3rd ring, which is shining brightly. A blizzard erupts around them, together with Gu Yue's ice storm. Gui Xing puts a space barrier in front of Nian Xia, and the three advance. Gu Yue's ice storm is already filled with wind and ice power, and she launches blades filled with wind and electricity, which merge with the storm increasing it's power. Nian Xia is still pushing through, with Zeng Yin Ran releasing her spirit familiar to help, when 12 wind blades erupt from the storm towards her. Gui Xing pulls her back with his space power, but the blades change direction and pursue, destroying the familiar and knocking her to the ground. Suddenly, golden chains erupt from the ground and bind Gui Xing and Zheng Yin Ran, sealing their spirit power while more wind blades rain down on them.

A white light suddenly appears over them, blocking the blades and ejecting Gui Xing and Zheng Yin ran from the arena. Nian Xia is still pushing forward, and arrives in front of Gu Yue and Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan yells for Gu Yu to run, and leaps at Nian Xia. He reaches out and grabs her while stomping the ground to stun Gu Yue, but his knee is kicked by someone and the force deviated. Xiaoyan disappears, and Nian Xia sees La Zhi blocking him. Nian Xia thinks he is just a food division spiritmaster, and attacks, but La Zhi's hands are glowing like white jade and a gentle soul force rippling around him. Nian Xia's attack is diverted again, before he is hit with a huge fireball. La Zhi shifts Nian Xia's centre of gravity again and pushes him, but Nian Xia doesn't fall and is instead hit by another fireball while regaining his balance. Xiaoyan is readying her ice spear, the audience sees that the result is set. Xiaoyan's third ring not only gives her the snowstorm ability, it allows her to unlock her star wheel and use it limited times during the day. She knows that with her star wheel's lock down and Gu Yue's ability, where Gu Yue hadn't gone all out at all, is a sure victory now. Wukong steps up and stops the fight, declaring Wulin's team as the victors. Xiaoyan jumps up and down and hugs Gu Yue, and Wulin helps Xie Xie up onto the arena while they all cheer and hug. Zi Duo is at a loss on the sidelines, Xu Yu Cheng is pale, Gui Xing is no longer smiling but instead livid and Zheng Yin Ran is unreconciled again, as she never got the opportunity to play her strengths. Gu Yue suddenly jumps off the stage towards Ye Xinglan, and gives her a big hug.

Gu Yue thanks Xinglan profusely. Xinglan smiles and hugs her back. The two go on stage celebrating with the rest. The Holy Spirit Douluo praises Wukong and Chen Yi's teaching. Chen Yi smiles, seeing how the normally ice-cold Wukong is secretly excited by his students. Wukong officially announces that Wulin's group is the victor and they can pick 1-2 students to complete the 7-man team for the battle against the 2nd grade. The 5 great losers' face lit up upon hearing this. Zi Duo and Gui Xing especially seem to regret leaving Wulin. However, the 6 victors unanimously refuse. This angers the 5 except for Nian Xia, who seems to be in thought, and possibly Zi Duo, who just leaves. The rest of the class realizes they are wrong about Wulin's group: that Wulin is on par with Zi Duo, that Xiaoyan is not just a flower vase and that Xie Xie can go toe to toe with Yu Cheng.

As the 6 leaves the Proving Ground, Wulin asks why La Zhi hides that he is part of Tang Sect. The techniques he used are Mysterious Jade Hands, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon and Perplexing Ghost Steps. La Zhi replies no one asked and also reveals Xinglan is also a Tang Sect member. Wulin thanks Xinglan. She replies that she already got the pre-God alloy and reminds him not to hold her back in the exhibition match vs grade 2. They both laugh. Wulin admits that the upcoming fight will be difficult. Xie Xie agrees but Xiaoyan sarcastically reminds him not to reveal their secret to someone that he keeps cleaning for.

On the contrary to Wulin's group, the 5 (former) Greats are in a bad mood. Yin Ran still doesn't accept defeat. On the opposite, Nian Xia calmly analyzes that they didn't anticipate on Xie Xie's recklessness and Wulin's potential. Everyone agrees except for Gui Xing. Zi Duo seems to be in admiration of Wulin's power armor, evaluating it as stronger than the common 1-word thanks to the spiritual metal.

Zi Duo is not only annoyed that she lost to Wulin but she also regrets not staying for the power armor. Gui Xing finally opens his mouth, stating they lose because of lack of teamwork. He will take responsibility by apologizing to Wulin, keeping their relation as classmates. Yu Cheng admits he loses to Gui Xing in term of shamelessness. Gui Xing sighs and says they have taken too much pride in being on the chart. He proposes they learn from failure and finally form a real team. Gui Xing's hand are slowly joined by the others. They resolve to catch up to Wulin's team.

Back at the co-op dorm, Zheng Yu has come to visit his underclassmen. Wulin has already recovered from the 2 bean dumplings while Xie Xie is still in bed. Xinglan and La Zhi are still in the process of moving to the co-op dorm. Zheng Yu has heard about Wulin possessing a 1-word armor part while he himself still struggles with a prototype. Wulin reveals it boost his strength by 30% but refuses to say anything more because they are still opponents. Zheng Yu is annoyed because he won't finish it anyway within 3 days. Just then, there is another knock. Xiaoyan guesses it is Yuan En.

Yuan En enters and is surprised to see Zheng Yu, whom is mildly offended. She cuts to the chase and asks Wulin to help build her a power armor. She is a lv 4 repairer while Zheng Yu is nearly a lv 4 manufacturer. Wulin tells Zheng Yu to gather contribution points while Yuan En needs to get a design and material. Yuan En admits she has trouble because of her dual spirits. Gu Yue lights up at a challenge though she needs to wait until lv5. Before Yuan En leaves, she turns around and says thanks. Xie Xie gets up from bed thinking it was for him. Yuan En's face freezes as she leaves. Everyone looks at Xie Xie and laughs. After Zheng Yu also leaves, Wulin starts working at his workshop.

The next morning, after some warmup, Wulin meets up with La Zhi for breakfast. This has become a regular routine as the 2 reap more benefits eating together. The news of a group of no-names beating 5 rankers have spread thoughout the Academy, especially within the first 3 grades. Wulin has gathered a lot of attention, especially from the female students who frequently ask for his number. La Zhi is jealous of Wulin's look. Wulin remembers his parents's disappearance thanks to La Zhi's comment. However, polite greetings from other students snaps him out of thought. As he enters the 1st grade classroom, Gui Xing also greets him. The previously noisy class silences at the sight.

This signifies that Gui Xing has surrendered and there is no one left challenging Wulin's position. Both of them smile and return to their seat. Looking on, Yin Ran sneers at Gui Xing's shamelessness. Nian Xia tells her to learn flexibility from Gui Xing. Yin Ran is surprised that Nian Xia accepts Wulin. She herself believes that her unmatched poison can take down Wulin. Nian Xia shrugs. In reality, there is a slight change in Yin Ran's opinion of Wulin, something she doesn't accept.

3 days later, elder Cai Yue Er announces to the 1st and 2nd grade teachers that she and some other elders will preside over the contests. Moreover, the academy will prepare contribution points as the prizes. The teachers are all surprised as the elders rarely participate in outer school's event. It seems the upper echelon really values this generation of students. However, in Chen Yi and Wukong's opinion, the attention is not neccessarily good. This much pressure as well as the gap in strength can be a huge strike to the 1st grade if they lose too badly. Incidentally, Shrek students' records are hidden from the outside so even the Pagoda's Continental Chart won't be updated for them.

At the Proving Ground, the students are in excitement. Wulin observes that Yuan En has her class in her hand. The 1st grade is still not as united. After some time, the teachers have arrived. To Wulin's surprise, the 1st to walk out is the Holy Spirit Douluo Ya Li followed by elder Cai. This means that elder Ya Li has a higher position, even though her specialty is healing.

After them are two more Sea God Court elders. One of them is elder Li from the entrance exam. Finally, there are the homeroom teachers. Xie Xie tells Wulin the pressure is high. Wulin tells him to try their best. Xie Xie agrees and looks toward Yuan En. Today, he can only see the fearsome Yuan En from their hell training sessions, which makes him shudders.

On the VIP seats, two more old men arrive, bickering all the way. They are the Dual Dragons Luanshi and Wu Yu, arguing about Wulin. Their argument almost turns into the opening contest but they stop upon seeing Ya Li. Luanshi is surprised she is here while Wu Yu seems to get even redder when greeting her. Meanwhile, all Yue Er gets is a nod from the two. Yue Er asks them to settle down if they are here to watch. Luanshi doesn't miss an opportunity to take a shot at Wu Yu for being an unrelated blacksmith. Wu Yu threatens to have his disciple, Zhen Hua (Mu Xi's friend from c321), leaves Luanshi's power armor open in the butt so he would fight half-naked. The argument nearly devolves into a fight again before stopping suddenly at Ya Li's word. Yue Er tells the 2 to go the 2nd row. Luanshi calls dib on sitting behind Ya Li to Wu Yu's chagrin. They almost fight for the 3rd time but Ya Li interferes again. The 2 old men finally settle down. Elder Cai signals Chen Yi to begin.

Chen Yi announces that the judges will be the Holy Spirit Douluo and the Silver Moon Douluo. The competition will start with the professions contest. The 1st one is forging. Wulin steps up to the stage. Wu Yu boasts to Luanshi but Luanshi replies that it is Wulin's innate ability, dismissing Wu Yu's role as the teacher as Wulin came to Shrek a lv5 and is still a lv5. Wu Yu grabs Luanshi's lapel. Luanshi tells Wu Yu he is being disrespectful to elders because technically, Luanshi is Wulin's grand-master. Wu Yu almost turns into a powderkeg when Ya Li yells at them to leave. The 2 men quickly separate and signal they won't open their mouth again. Yue Er smiles at Ya Li, recalling that Ya Li has beaten the Dual Dragons and not even the court master can keep them in line. Ya Li replies the pair are just man-child clowns.

On the stage, Wulin's opponent is a 16yo boy with jacked arms whose eyes is locked on the work table before him. They both offer their greeting. His name is He Xiao Peng.

Chen Yi announces the topic: refining Titanium Crystal. It is a difficult material, requiring precise force control as it is tough yet brittle. Rumor says that the crystal was used in one of Tang Sect's strongest hidden weapons. Chen Yi also announces that the winner will receive 1k point and both final products. Moreover, if 1st grade wins, they get an additional 30%. At the signal, both contestants start with the first step: heating.

The elders are all interested in the competition as Shrek's blacksmithing is too underdeveloped. Wulin is the 1st one to finish heating. The blacksmiths in audience are surprised as this is too fast, especially for a brittle material.

Wulin begins forging. His rhythmn is quick and continuous but the force seems to be too weak. As he spins the block of crystal, it hardly changes in size. The blacksmith students wonder if he would finish in time. At Luanshi's question, Wu Yu explains that Wulin is reorganizing the structure of the crystal with precise force. Essentially, he is forging the material from inside out, starting from its life force. Luanshi doesn't care to retort Wu Yu's boasting as he is also satisfied with Wulin.

Xiao Peng finally begins forging. Unlike Wulin, he uses slow yet powerful strikes to reshape the material. The blacksmith students don't understand why they choose such different methods. Yin Ran asks Nian Xia what he would do. Nian Xia admits he would use Xiao Peng's method. He evaluates Xiao Peng as a lv4 from his experienced force control. As for Wulin's method, Nian Xia doesn't understand. Yin Ran asks if Wulin can win. Nian Xia assures her of Wulin's scheming ability and reveals that he is a lv5, shocking Yin Ran.

Xiao Peng lands the finishing blow first. His product is a 1st grade thousand-forged, spirit ascended. The light rises by 1 chi(0.3 m) It earns admiration from the audience.

The crystal has shrunk by 20%. However, it is only a slightly good 1st grade. Xiao Peng stops forging as this is his limit, even slightly better than usual. Chen Yi and Wukong are worried. Wukong wonders if Wulin doesn't know how to forge Titanium Crystal. Chen Yi begins the 10s countdown. At the count of 3, Wulin finally finishes. The light rises by 5 chi into a dragon head form, accompanied by dragon roars. The crystal immediately shrinks by 1/3, shocking the audience. Complete, spirit ascended Titanium Crystal. Suddenly, Wu Yu lands from above and hits Wulin on the head, telling him to continue. The crystal's spirit is now formed, guanranteeing a successful spirit-forging. Xiao Peng pays respect to elder Feng. In return, the elder gives some light words of praise and advice. Wulin begins forging again.

Chen Yi asks if it is okay to let Wulin continue because his spirit power is low and there is still the group combat. Elder Cai tells her to annouce grade 1's victory and to postpone the next match. Elder Ya assures that his recovery is possible. Back on the stage, Wulin forges with ferocious strength. His spirit power is still enough. Moreover, there is also his qi.

Chapters 401-500

Chapters 401-410

Over the past few days, Wulin had been practicing his inverse blood flow technique, and is freely able to use it. When completed, the strength of his blood had increased by 30%, and when using his dragon shakes the heavens technique it more than doubles. This strength massively increased his forging success rate over these days as well. A spiritually forged titanium crystal is coveted by all up to 4 word power armor masters, as it can attach to any alloy easily. The price would easily fetch over 80 million, but has not been sold before. After 15 minutes, Wulin's soul force is exhausted, and he releases his golden ring and golden dragon body, together with inverse blood flow technique. Luanshi is stunned, seeing that Wulin has already mastered the skill without any help. Xiao Peng looks on with a strange look, unexpectedly Wulin was a 5th rank smith. At 17 years old, Xiao Peng was already a miracle in the forging industry, until Mu Xi joined at the same rank. Since she joined late, she was not the class representative. Thinking it was impossible for the 1st grade to win, the class had suggested Mu Xi compete, but she refused, saying the first year representative was very powerful. Even then, Xiao Peng doubted Wulin. Mu Xi is in the crowd knowing she would never beat him in forging and smiling brightly as she watches Wulin, but none of her classmates notice as they are focused on the contest - otherwise they could question whether she supports 2nd class or Wulin more. With a loud bang, the titanium cracks and the crowd thinks it failed, but the breath of light emerges and Holy Spirit Douluo Ya Li smiles. The titanium pieces rise up and fly toward Wulin as he laughs, the spiritual forging completed.

The completed sphere falls into Wulin's hand. The piece of metal feels like his own son, making Wulin wonder if he can spirit-forge for other people in the future. With a big smile on his face, Wu Yu asks how they are gonna deal with the product but Wulin refuses to give away a blood-bonded. Wu Yu lovingly smacks him on the head again. Wulin promises to see him after the competition and returns to his class. La Zhi is waiting with recovery dumplings. Chen Yi announces the winner, as Xiao Peng gloomily returns.

The 2nd match is designing. Gu Yue's opponent is a plain-looking girl named Bai Han Ying of around 16-17. On the stage, she smiles at Yuan En, whom nods back. Xie Xie wonders if people will think they are a couple without knowing both are women. Chen Yi announces the topic: right armguard. It will be judged by elder Cai. Both girls finish at the same time. The schematics are passed to elder Cai and elder Ya. Elder Cai judges that Gu Yue has the more completed design. However, Han Ying's is more complex, nearing lv5. She also sees that both want to design an armor for dual-spirits- Yuan En in Han Ying's case. Elder Cai tells them to cooperate in the future and calls it a draw.

The 3rd match, manufacturing, is a crushing defeat for 1st grade. 2nd grade's level 4 easily beats Gui Xing whom is only a lv3. The 4th match, repairing, is very close. Yuan En barely manages a win against Zi Duo. Overall, 2nd grade has the advantage but they are not happy about it. They already lose by not wiping out their underclassmen.

Chen Yi tells them that the fight will begin shortly, and Wulin opens his eyes announcing they will fight with 6. Zi Duo looks on with regret, knowing that if she and Gui Xing had stayed they would be fighting as well, but no longer have any opportunity. The 2nd year fighting team consists of Yuan En, Han Ying, Xiao Peng, Zheng Yu, Ye Xing Mo and Duan Hun Xiao. Ya Li asks Cai Er which team will win, with Cai Er telling her they will only stand a chance if Wulin can resist Yuan En. With the match ready to begin, Wulin's eyes turn gold and his bodies atmosphere condenses with golden lines appearing down his neck. Yuan En also began to build momentum, both of their atmospheres colliding and causing energy fluctuations throughout the arena. Chen Yi announces the start of the match, and Wulin shoots off like a cannon, golden ring soaring, golden body and talon activated and power armor equipped. The second grade students are startled, but Yuan En releases her titan great ape spirit and uses diamond body to meet him. Gu Yue and Xiaoyan hold hands once again and a storm whips up, La Zhi produces buns, Xie Xie disappears with the storm, and Xinglan stands in front of the group. Xiao Peng's spirit is brought out, it is a large purple edged hammer with two yellow and a purple ring - his hammer is edged which prevents him using it as his forging hammer. Opposite Zheng Yu, Xiao Peng rushes to the first graders. Ye Xing Mo, who has a star on his forehead, has an long sword spirit, and with a flash has closed the distance, while Duan Hun Xiao pulls out a flute-2Y2P, giving the first graders a sense of vertigo. Crowd control skill, Martial Spirits Regulation Sound.

Han Ying steps behind Xing Mo and reveals her spirit Cherry Blossom, a support type. Due to Hun Xiao, the blizzard has weakened. Wulin also gets affected as he loses the test of strength but Yuan En also gets pushed back. She follows up with Air Cannon. Wulin calmly receives it with Controlling Crane Catching Dragon and also interrupts Hun Xiao with Mental Assault. Meanwhile, Xing Mo penetrates the blizzard with his sword while Xiao Peng and Zheng Yu follow behind. Xinglan matches his attack and a tragic sound emerges from their clash. Xing Mo, whose spirit is suppressed, is attacked by 10 star threads. He hurriedly merges with his sword and escapes to the sky. However, the threads instead divert to the 2 sides. Xiao Peng barely manages to block them while Zheng Yu cuts them all down and slashes at Xinglan. Xinglan counters and pushes Zheng Yu back 2 steps while she also moves backward 1. The peanut gallery is astonished at a successful 1vs3. Xinglan points the Star Excalibur at the sky and aims for Xing Mo. However, Zheng Yu nullifies the threat with Holy Light. Xiao Peng closes in on Xinglan and uses his 1st skill, Blasting Hit. Xiao Peng's hammer is no ordinary weapon. It is an Eight Edge Plum Flower Silver Light Hammer(legendary weapon, also in Zither Emperor), possessing space element. Xinglan fearlessly knits a web from star threads, defending herself against both Xiao Peng and Zheng Yu.

The blizzard finally gets to full strength. In the middle, Wulin and Yuan En clash again to no avail. Yuan En is discouraged as even in Vajra form, she cannot outmatch Wulin's strength. As for Wulin, he feels his qi rushing even more under Long Jing Tian's effect. The right gauntlet seems to get shinier.

Yuan En uses both her 1st and 3rd skill and finally reclaims the advantage. Knocked back, Wulin takes a deep breath and gathers his power. On the VIP seat, Luanshi realizes Wulin has completed Long Jing Tian, a feat that took him until Spirit King. In return, Yuan En activates her 4th skill, Bloodthirsty Berserk. Fusing with the Diamond Baboon with Fallen Angel as a catalyst, the Titan Great Ape spirit mutates into Great Demon Titan. The drawback is that she must activate all 4 skills, which creates a 3 minute limit due to consumption. Elder Ya is impressed, thinking to herself that the youths have improved so much. Yuan En throws a right at Wulin. Wulin's Jin Long Jing Tian (Golden version) also lets loose as their fists meet. A huge collision erupts almost breaking the barrier, sending Wulin flying. However, Yuan En's right arm goes limp due to Wulin's claw's destroy special effect. Yuan En can still continue for one minute. She shoots an Air Cannon at Gu Yue.

Right when Wulin got knocked away, 2 shadows bearing daggers appear behind Han Ying and Hun Xiao. Xie Xie's sneak attacks are unsuccessful as Han Ying dissolves into petals and Hun Xiao blocks the dagger. However, he manages to occupy them. Gu Yue teleports Xiaoyan with her to dodge the Air Cannon. La Zhi throws a bloodthirsty bean dumpling at Wulin. Yuan En destroys the dumpling mid-flight and goes to finish Wulin off. Wulin also charges. Yuan En holds back to avoid gravely injuring Wulin. However, Wulin grabs her disabled right arms with his claw and then kicks her left knee. This is part of Tang Sect's Chin Na (joint locking) techniques. Yuan En is surprised but quickly recomposes, stomping her left foot down. The shockwave nullifies Wulin's attack and she slams him into the ground.

Meanwhile, Star Saint Sword user Xing Mo is having trouble with Star Excalibur (God Sword) user Xinglan. He bleeds profusely, losing 50-60% of strength. Xing Mo switches target to Gu Yue and Xiaoyan. Xinglan is still successfully keeping Xiao Peng and Zheng Yu busy. La Zhi is throwing dumplings to everyone while guarding Gu Yue.

Ye Xing Mo is upset due to being suppressed. He and Xinglan are part of the same clan. The Ye clan's leader has been a Star Excalibur user for 7 generations. Of all people, the opponent has to be the main heir. Thus, Xing Mo aims for the 2 other girls because Hun Xiao, the vice pres, can take care of his side. Suddenly, Star Wheel Lock appears under Xing Mo's feet. He is then frozen solid by a palm to the skull.

Gu Yue tells Xiaoyan to go help Xinglan while she moves to Wulin. Meanwhile, Wulin gets sent flying for the 3rd time but he still gets up, unnerving Yuan En. Gu Yue arrives with icicles and wind blades. Yuan En wonders why Gu Yue wants to go melee.

Yuan En shrugs off the icicles and wind blades, and attacks Gu Yue. Wulin's blue silver grass wraps around Gu Yue and pulls her to safety. Dodging Yuan En's attacks, Wulin eats a red bean bun, but Yuan En pummels them with a shockwave knocking them back before following up with another attack. Gu Yue teleports and hits Yuan En's hand, with the colours of space, light, water, fire and earth erupting and converging on the fist in a vortex while her and Wulin are knocked back. Ya Li and the other Title Douluo spectating all have their interest peaked, recognizing this technique as Elemental Chaos. Wulin catches himself and Gu Yue before landing with Jin Yu. Wulin goes to help out Xinglan as the bloodthirsty red bean bun's effects are appearing, while Gu Yue goes to finish Yuan En. Yuan En has resolved the vortex, but took substantial damage, and the Demon Titan effect is ending. Gu Yue appears, and continually teleports around Yuan En attacking with tri-elemental palm strikes without getting caught. The second grade class is completely stunned at this, Wulin was not the only monster. Gui Xing is also stunned, Gu Yue had barely used any of her ability in the prior fight. As Wulin gets to Xinglan, a white light shines down and ejects Xiao Peng, Ye Xing Mo and Ye Xinglan from the arena. She managed to hold out against the three, defeating two and consuming a lot of Zheng Yu's soul force. With the fight now at 4v5, Wulin faces Zheng Yu while Zheng Yu releases a large quantity of divine light, filling the arena.

Zheng Yu's Judgement KOs both Xiaoyan and La Zhi as well as severely weakens Wulin and neutralizes his bloodthirsty state. However, Wulin also takes Zheng Yu out. Gu Yue are still dominating Yuan En while Xie Xie is barely hanging on against Hun Xiao and Han Ying. Hun Xiao deals Xie Xie the final blow with his 3rd skill, Killing Sound. With no obstruction, Han Ying buffs Yuan En, whom makes a full recovery. This is Han Ying's skill Lovers' Bridge which shares spirit power among the targets. Yuan En stomps on the ground sending out a shockwave, forcing Gu Yue to retreat.

The 2 sides regroup and it is now 2 vs 3. The 1st graders are completely spent. Yuan En asks them to surrender but Wulin replies by stepping in front of Gu Yue and gathering the draconic power once more. Gu Yue is flustered a bit seeing Wulin's sturdy back. The 2nd graders ready themselves for a fight to the finish as Wulin regrows his claw and summons his golden ring again.

Seeing this, Cai Er nods approvingly, along with Feng Yu and Luanshi. The first grade class are all pinning their hopes on Wulin, even in loss they will go down fighting. Zi Duo's fists are clenched with regret, she could have been there with them. Ya Li smiles slightly, but then turns to surprise. Gu Yue hugs Wulin from behind, confusing everyone and shocking the 2nd grade class. Wulin body erupts with a loud dragon cry, and his blood surges. His golden light is joined by 7 color streams from Gu Yue's body - red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver and black, winding around and into his body. His golden scales bloom with all colours and his power sweeps the battle field. He doesn't know what happens, but that he is filled with an unprecedented power, with the scales enveloping his whole body like a suit of armor standing at 3m tall. Luanshi and Feng Yu are pale, even with the difference in level they are suppressed. Wulin unleashes his talon, with Yuan En retaliating and Hun Xiao unleashing his 4th ring, but the sound wave attack dissipates close to Wulin's body. Yuan En's fist collides with Wulin's, and she suddenly feels empty, with no power. The arena is filled with a 7 colour burst, and nobody can see, but all 3 2nd year students have appeared near Ya Li. Not only that, any other people close to the arena were also evacuated to Ya Li. Wulin's power dies down and separates out Gu Yue, but still standing hugging each other with their eyes closed. Everyone's eyes are dull, and Ya Li announces that Wulin and Gu Yue have passed out, but as she had to evacuate the 2nd years, Wulin's team wins. The first years cry tears of joy.

Cai Yue Er mentions it was a spirit fusion. Luanshi notes that Wulin's punch created a vacuum - where all 7 elements and element stripping combine create a void. Wu Yu names it Dragon King Vacuum Fist. Luanshi finds it odd that two completely unrelated spirits can fuse and also wonders why Wulin's inverse blood flow activates during the fusion. He finds it odd that the spirits are completely different, as the inverse blood technique - a dragon specific technique - had sublimed further. Gu Yue's embrace is too tight, so Wulin and Gu Yue are carried off, still embracing, to their dorm. Luanshi asks Ya Li if they are going to be okay.

Ya Li tells them they will be fine, their fusion just consumed too much or overloaded them, and they will be unable to use it for another month or so. Ya Li mentions that she doesn't think their fusion was complete, and it appears they may have a fusion capacity close to the "God Fusion" level of 100% which Wutong and Yuhao had. Wulin was in his inner world, and sees the golden dragon with 18 seals around it, 3 of them blue and 15 red. He recalls his subconscious action with the punch, and the rainbow scales, and calls for Old Tang to try and get an explanation. Old Tang is nowhere to be found, but the dragon lifted it's head and a silent roar reverberates around Wulin's head. Wulin sees a world with beasts congregated around the dragon, before they bolt and yell "I control my own life!" as a spiritual attack hits Wulin and he blacks out. He wakes up in the dorm, with Gu Yue still holding him. She wakes up, and questions why he's in her bed, but he notices it's actually his bed. They are both dizzy, and Gu Yue almost falls as she gets up but Wulin catches her. Blushing, she heads to her own bed. Wulin wakes up later to Xiaoyan's voice, explaining to Gu Yue that they have been asleep for 3 days, and need to rest for another week. Xiaoyan teases her about making a move on Wulin, then reminds her the girls have moved to the other dorm room and they leave.

Chapters 411-420

La Zhi greets the just awakened Wulin and makes him some dumplings. Wulin doesn't remember the finish. La Zhi tells him that overall, 1st grade win and gets rewarded with lots of points. La Zhi applauds Wulin for hiding his trump card but Wulin admits that was his 1st fusion. On hearing this, Yuan En, who just arrived with Xie Xie, twitches. Yuan En explains that she didn't know what happened either. She tells Wulin to recover quickly for their rematch as well as forging. After she left, Wulin finds it weird that Yuan En seems to has a mix of fear and respect for him. Xie Xie tries to cover for her but the other 2 boys tease him.

Elder Ya has estimated it would take at least a week before Wulin begins to regen but it only takes him 3 days. However, his spirit power and qi tanks are near empty. 10 days pass and Wulin recovers to 80%. The rest needs another 10. Wukong, Luanshi and Wu Yu only told him that the fusion was God-level but its experiment should wait until gaining another ring. Routines return to normal for everyone though they all get so busy that the group rarely gather in one place. Gu Yue keeps her distance from Wulin while Xinglan focuses on training toward 4 rings so she can try manufacturing power armor.

It's finally the end of the semester. Chen Yi announces their final exam and reminds them that 5 people will be expelled. Wulin asks if there is a way to avoid it. Chen Yi confirms, surprising everyone.

Chen Yi explains that everyone needs to pass the requirement. However, for the next term, the requirement will raise by 5%. They can also share points among themselves, which counts toward inner school admission. Wulin gives up as there is only so much he can do. Chen Yi then reveals their final exam. The students must travel to Mingdu and back within 15 days, passing at least 10 cities. In each city, they must find and beat an opponent 5 levels higher. They cannot rely on any external force. Moreover, the students cannot bring along any possessions: money, spirit devices... Teachers will stealthily monitor and judge but won't interfere. If they cannot make it within 15 days, they fail and their points will be cut in half. Finally, teaming is not allowed. Wulin thinks to himself that it already takes 6 days to travel to Mingdu and back via high-speed train.

In the principal's room, elder Cai asks Chen Yi if the exam preparation has been completed. It seems the elder evaluates this crop of students highly so she set up a difficult exam. Elder Cai opens the window toward the Pagoda and has a flashback. The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, Yao Zhu, told her to stop interfering with Gu Yue. To Yue Er's protest, Yao Zhu said that she has already won their battle. Thus, after Gu Yue graduates from the outer school, Yao Zhu would take her away. After the flashback, elder Cai sighs and disappears into the air.

Back at the dorm, Wulin is going over the plan. He points to the shortest path, which has 9 cities before Mingdu. Xie Xie asks if they can sneak items with them but Wulin quickly denies it as too risky. Wulin then goes to their next problem, money. La Zhi wants to sell dumpling. Xiaoyan will play the lost puppy card again. Xie Xie can perform circus tricks while Wulin plans to complete forging mission. Xinglan and Gu Yue seem to have the same idea.

The next day, the students gather at the Spirit Ice Square for the pre-check. The teachers are gathering the students' possessions. Wukong even takes away Wulin's hammers.

Some students try to cheat but fail. One teacher with an eye spirit has a skill called See-through Sight. Gui Xing says farewell to Wulin and hurries along. Wulin encourages everyone, promising that next semester he would forge for them as long as material is provided. The class disperses. Xiaoyan heads off to find a sponsor. Xie Xie finds a corner of the academy to set up a circus. La Zhi begins to set up his stall. Wulin reluctantly asks if Xinglan and Gu Yue are really acting out their plan. He wishes them luck and leaves to the Forging Guild. After he leaves, Gu Yue asks Xinglan to go first.

The quiet early morning is interrupted by La Zhi's advertisement. An older student recognizes him from the inter-grade battle. He doesn't buy but gives some encouraging word. However, at the gate, the older student is blocked by Gu Yue, whom asks him to pay the toll. Xinglan releases her spirit and extorts him 100k federal coins. She says it is a "loan" and they will "pay" back double. A crowd has gathered, including several high grade students. The 2nd grader knows Xinglan is out of his league from the inter-grade battle.

La Zhi stops the older student and advertises his dumpling's effect that can let him run past the 2 female bandits; bloodthirsty costs 30k, featherweight costs 10k. The student is wary that La Zhi is in on the scheme but reluctantly takes his chance. He almost makes it but a golden light seals his movement. The student parts with another 100k. He runs away in shame, but not before Xinglan gets his name, Xia Le(/Yue) Kong. Xinglan turns to La Zhi and tells him he is also responsible for 1/3 of the debt. Incidentally, because La Zhi is a support-type, he is allowed has a partner in Xinglan though they have to beat 20 opponents in return. After they left, the spectating crowd applause the younger students' creativity.

Wulin arrives at the Forging Guild but is stopped by Mu Xi as the door. She tells him the academy has ordered that all associations are closed to in-exam students, including Tang Sect. Mu Xi hushes him along. Wulin has another idea. He rushes to the train station. He joins the queue at the platform toward Heaven Dou city. When it is finally his turn, Wulin fakes finding his ticket then yells out there is a snake. A large golden reptile crawls toward the crowd, sending them into a panic. Amidst the distraction, Wulin stows away on the train. He heads toward the food car, where seats are not tied to tickets.

After, Wulin's train left, La Zhi, Xinglan and Gu Yue also arrive at the station. They split up and wish each other luck. On the train, Wulin realizes he has committed a grave mistake: he is on the food car and hungry. However, the ticket checker has arrived. Wulin is caught and he easily admits his crime. The checker takes him to the head conductor, a 27-28yo woman. Wulin explains about Shrek exam but the conductor still has some doubt. Wulin finally convinces her by releasing his 3 purple rings. Taken aback, the conductor agrees to exempt his ticket. Wulin also asks to borrow some money for food and where he can find a gathering of spirit master.

She tells Wulin that the station's patrol captains are all mech masters though their strength are different. However, the Heaven Dou captain would fit the requirement. She also gives Wulin a monthly pass and 20k in cash . Wulin calls her sister, playing to her maternal instincts, and restrains himself while eating breakfast. An alert comes up, the train has criminals holding car 5 hostage with spirit guides with the intent to hijack the train. Knowing that 500 people died last time this happened in the western region, the conductor tells Wulin to stay safe, even though he wants to help, as she responds to it. She arms a pistol, before heading to negotiate.

There are 6 hijackers seen, 4 armed with assault rifles as well as a mini howitzer. They have also planted cluster bombs throughout the 1st 5 cars. The train guards, equipped with only pistols and 1 rifle, are too outgunned so the conductor orders the staff to contact HQ and releases car 6 to 16 after she enters the hijacked car 5, effectively suicide. The conductor kisses her baby's picture and says words of farewell.

Inside car 5, the conductor starts negotiation but only to buy time as these are career criminals. The hijacking leader doesn't play game, revealing he has rigged the bombs to explode in 30 minutes. He demands they contact the federal government for the release of their people arrested 20 days prior. The conductor is tense as she didn't know about that event.

HQ has replied it would take more than 30 min to get the demand through and at least 20 min for reinforcement. The conductor orders the staff to get into car 6. The conductor then asks the terrorists to lengthen the bomb timer. They reluctantly agree. The conductor introduces herself. Her name is Mo Lan, daughter of Heaven Dou city's Consul and Federal Councilor Mo Wu. She is an ordinary human, no spirit power, and volunteers to be the hostage in exchange for the release of the elderlies, women and children. The police captain wants to stop her but she shakes him off. After the hijacking leader has verified her identity, he agrees to release 10 people first and the rest after she crosses into car 5. Mo Lan tosses her rifle to the guards and fearlessly enters to the terrorist's respect. The 5 cars have more than 500 civilians and about a hundred are released. Mo Lan smiles with a rifle pointed at her back.

However, Wulin barges in car 5 and insists on also being a hostage. The rifles are immediately aimed at him but stop on seeing a child. The leader teases Mo Lan if it is her father's bastard but she lies that Wulin is her cousin. The police captain also volunteers himself but then pushes car 6 away. Seeing that the train has separated, a hijacker curses and aims at the captain.

Mo Lan calms them, but they warn her that they will kill 10 people every 5 minutes, and they drag Wulin to a different car. Wulin sees a large number of hostages in the 4th car, and the criminals kick him to the ground. He sees a large amount of blood on the ground of the 3rd car, where the criminals killed people who resisted. Wulin assesses that all of the remaining hostages are in the 4th car, and there are only 9 criminals - 3 in the 4th car and 6 in the 5th car with Mo Lan (TL later chapters only show 8 criminals total, but this chapter said 9). Only the criminal leader is a spiritmaster, but the remaining all have spirit guide weapons. The leader is a Spirit Elder and holds the remote trigger. Wulin's eyes flash golden and blue silver grass quietly drills into the corner. While his heart is a little unsettled, his forging experience allows him to quickly calm down. He laments not learning Ghost Steps, which would have made thing easier. Wulin suppresses his spirit rings below his feet, but the quick flash of purple light draws the criminal's attention, with Wulin quickly impaling them with his blue silver grass, killing them before they can utter a sound. The passengers panic, but Wulin continues, using his golden talon to rip a hole in the roof and throw two cluster bombs out. Another criminal walks in, but Wulin quickly chokes him unconscious with blue silver grass then disposes of the third bomb. Wulin boards the 5th carriage and cuts it off from the 4th with his golden talon, allowing the hostages to escape while he goes to resolve the last criminals. A criminal with a spirit guide gun fires at Wulin, but he blocks it with his power armor and tosses him off the train with his blue silver grass, leaving only the commander and one other standing in the 4th carriage. As Wulin enters, the commander holds his gun to Mo Lan's temple and arms the trigger while the other one aims his spirit guide gun. Wulin jumps to the ceiling.

Bullets rain on Wulin but only hit the blue silver grass barrier. The boss orders the last grunt to get the spirit guide artillery. However, Jin Yu gets to it first and throws it at the grunt, taking him out. Mo Lan tries to free herself but the boss clobbers her, drawing blood, and puts a gun to her head. He panics and releases only 3 yellow rings. The hostages all gather away from the fight. Mo Lan tells Wulin to not mind her. Finally calm, the boss decides to suicide bomb. However, Wulin attacks with his purple demon eyes letting Mo Lan wrestles away the trigger. Wulin then crushes the hijacker's neck with a claw strike. Suddenly, a hidden 8th terrorist among the hostage fires his pistol at a bomb. Mo Lan rushes to divert the shot but the captain covers for her while Jin Yu protects the hostages. The shot only goes through Mo Lan's shoulder but it kills the police captain, Li Feng, by piercing his heart. Mo Lan faints in Wulin's arms. Her wound is cauterized, a special feature of spirit guided firearms.

1 hour after arriving at Heaven Dou city, Wulin is being escorted by the mech corp; his 1st time riding a mech. 12 yellow-level mechs have been dispatched though they only arrived after the crisis is averted. Each stands at 12 chi(3.6m) tall, with space enough for 2 people. While the bombs didn't go off, the casualty is still more than 100 civilians dead in the 3rd compartment. For the criminals, 6 are dead and 2 wounded.

The news has spread through Heaven Dou city. Wulin is celebrated as a hero. However, he sneaks away from the hotel to avoid the award ceremony because of the exam's deadline. Wulin's only possession is 20k coin as Mo Lan didn't manage to make him the monthly pass. He stops at a small restaurant to refill then heads straight toward the Heaven Dou Forging Guild.

Consul Mo Wu is furious after being informed that Wulin has disappeared. He is already upset from almost losing his treasured daughter. Due to previous incidents, he has asked Mo Lan to resign but she just laughed his concern away. At this moment, Wukong arrives and introduces himself. He volunteered to be Wulin's overseer for the exam but missed the train as Wulin was too fast. His train was stopped due to the separated cars from the hijacking. Because of the gag order on the media, Wukong just manages to find Mo Wu. Wukong heads to leave after Mo Wu told him about Wulin's disappearance. Suddenly, Wukong stops and grabs Mo Wu as the councilor is teleported away. Wukong has detected an intruder. A shadow reveals itself with a low-pitched voice, applauding Shrek caliber.

Chapters 421-430

It is an old man in dark cloak carrying a staff. He comes to see the child savior but lucks on the Councilor. He threatens to kill Wukong then kidnap Mo Wu. The old man releases his rings, 2Y 2P 2B, covered in a layer of green fog. Wukong identifies him as an evil spirit master. The old man introduces himself as the Pestilence Emissary (horseman?) and unleashes green fog covering the room. Wukon also releases his spirit, 2Y 2P 3B, and thrusts as Pestilence's chest. Surprised by Wukong's strength, Pestilence still manages to block with his staff. He intensifies the poisonous fog, forcing Wukong back as he still has to protect Mo Wu. After getting Mo Wu to safety, Wukong attacks with Mist Ice Whisper, cleaving the ground in half. When the fog clears, Pestilence has already escaped via a tunnel. Just then, the mech corps arrive with weapons aimed at Wukong. Quickly regaining his composure as expected of a politician, Mo Wu orders them to stand down.

At the Forging Guild, Wulin is refused access to missions as he doesn't have his blacksmith medal. He tries to get the clerk to access the database but he doesn't believe that Wulin is a rank 5 though he is impressed by Wulin's passion for forging. Exasperated, Wulin asks him for an evaluation exam though there is a long queue that day. A bell interrupts their conversation, announcing that the guildmaster will give a lecture in half an hour. The crowd is excited. On Wulin's question, the clerk explains that the guildmaster is actually the grandmaster of the whole Forging Guild, the only God Artisan on the continent. He rarely gives lecture, which is a great opportunity for learning. The clerk tells Wulin to follow him closely.

The staff member with Wulin go to the presentation hall, where they are on the outer ring. Though Wulin is tall, most forging guild members are quite large and he finds it difficult to see. Squirming through the crowd and using controlling crane catching dragon, he winds his way to the front row. The staff calls to him telling him to be careful, but he had already disappeared. Cheers rang out as the president Zhenhua entered, he looked middle aged with black hair and eyes, with white sideburns, but his eyes betrayed his age and experience. As a Holy Smith he had worked with Title Douluo to create a set of four word power armor, but it wasn't truly complete, so he retreated to become a God Smith, completing it 8 years prior. Wulin is excited to learn from him. He taught them of a method to reduce the difficulty of integration during the alloy forging process. Some of the tips seemed somewhat familiar, but he hadn't been taught them by Mu Chen yet as he wasn't a 6th grade blacksmith yet. As he finished, Wulin exclaimed that he understood and applauded, but the audience was quiet. Most of them did not quite understand, since rank 6 smiths are rare. With the noise, attention was focused on Wulin and the crowd became mad, but Zhenhua saw Wulin's excitement and enthusiasm. He smiled and asked if Wulin understood, with Wulin nodding. He was completely immersed and paid no attention to the crowd.

Wulin asks to try the new fusion forge technique, surprising everyone. Amused, Zhenhua agrees. Wulin asks for Heavy Silver, Meteorite Iron and also Heaven Moon fine powder, the multipurpose catalyst from Zhenhua's lecture. Zhenhua orders the staff to gather the material despite protests. He has realized that Wulin really is an experienced blacksmith from his hands. Wulin then requests for Zhenhua's hammers, shocking everyone again as hammers are a blacksmith's life. Zhenhua reluctantly complies. They are a pair of spirit-forged hammers made from Cloud Gold- a fusion of Cloud Copper and White Gold Crystal. They have been Zhenhhua's favorite hammers for 15 years. He promises to gift it to Wulin if he succeeds. For Zhenhua who became rank 6 at 18 yo, he doesn't take Wulin lightly though he wonders why Wulin doesn't have his own hammers.

Wulin easily lifts the 200kg hammers. He first tests the hammers by listening to a test strike, impressing Zhenhua as it is a high-level technique. Moreover, Wulin even correctly identifies the hammers' special effect, Tremor. He completes a perfect 1st strike on the Heavy Silver without any recoil, even when aided by the force-boosting effect of Tremor. Zhenhua smiles approvingly as Wulin passes his 1st test. After 3 full seconds, Wulin finally starts his 2nd strike.

Wulin forges the heavy silver 100 times, before working on the star(meteorite) iron. The audience is shocked, but Wulin is completely focused on his forging. Simultaneously, the thousand forging is completed on both metals, with the resulting light reaching 6 feet in height. The hammer Wulin is using is infused with some of Zhenhua's essence, so it naturally has a boosting effect to the forging. Wulin releases his purple spirit rings, fusing the metals while injecting his soul force. Some of the audience notice that is should not be Wulin's first time forging alloys. Wulin adds the powder like Zhenhua had described, noticing that the metals increase in toughness which reduces the probability of failure. One of the things that the fusion struggles with is the destruction of the metals, which limits the degree of integration. With the increased strength, Wulin can increase the forging intensity as he no longer needs to worry about this as much. Wulin's three purple rings converge, and his golden ring appears with Wulin's blood boiling. Since he is forging this for himself, it is most suitable to add in his own blood strength, while he could do it with his soul force alone.

Wulin really finishes fusion forging. Zhenhua's eyebrows shrivel together and asks Wulin's identity. Wulin realizes he screwed up but still names himself as Mu Chen's disciple. His age and rank shock the entire crowd. Zhenhua allows Wulin to take away both the product and his hammers though Wulin refuses the latter, asking if he can redeem them for money. Zhenhua twitches, wondering if this is a prank by Mu Chen. Zhenhua asks Wulin to follow him. In the meantime, the news of a genius spreads throughout the forging world.

Inside the elevator, Zhenhua asks if Mu Chen sent Wulin here. Wulin denies, explaining the Shrek Exam. Zhenhua now understands why Mu Chen moved. He also finds out that elder Feng is Wulin's other master. Zhenhua agrees to help, arranging transportation and opponents for Wulin. He also asks Wulin to call him master-uncle. Seeing that Wulin is hungry, Zhenhua leads him to his personal dining room. The menu is thousand-year Earth Dragon Tendon and Moonlight Rice.

The Chef is an over 50yo man with a skinny appearance. Wulin scarfs down the delicious food so fast that the Chef's face turns from smiling to an O. The old man tells Wulin that even the wrapped portion is gone but Wulin is only 60%-70% full. The Chef gives him a thumb-up and tells him to wait then goes to the back.

While Wulin is happily eating, Zhenhua is on the phone with Mu Chen. He is angered that Mu Chen is hiding such a talent from him. Even under normal condition, Wulin can become a God Artisan. The only problem would be raising his cultivation to Title Douluo though Zhenhua has more than enough resources as he is one of the 10 richest on the continent. Mu Chen knows what Zhenhua is getting to and premptively denies his older school brother. Zhenhua's voice softens. He cites their school sibling relationship. He even mentions Mu Chen's wife, Yuan Bao Er, who is their master's daughter though she never picked up forging. Zhenhua says he sacrificed his love for Mu Chen. He plays his trump card, reasoning that Mu Chen has a happy family while Zhenhua, who still only has Bao Er in his heart, only wants a son to take care of him in old age. Mu Chen almost gives in.

Suddenly, a gentle voice from Mu Chen's side asks if Zhenhua is crying. Zhenhua shudders when he realizes it is Bao Er. Bao Er asks if it is okay if she leaves Mu Chen for him. Zhenhua hurriedly denies but Bao Er changes to an angry tone and tells him to scram, hanging up the phone. Zhenhua's face shifts to another color. Mu Chen is also surprised. Bao Er cuddles into his chest and states that it was a warning shot for Zhenhua. Bao Er explained that back when there was still a love triange, Zhenhua had sneakily proposed first. Bao Er realized he is too ambitious and would put forging before her. She rejected him for Mu Chen but kept silent to save Zhenhua's face. She says Mu Chen was just too oblivious to Zhenhua's sly fox nature though that was why she chooses him.

Zhenhua returns to the dining table. He tells Wulin about the call and that Wulin's opponent is waiting at the Guild. Zhenhua then asks about Wulin's future plan. Hearing Wulin's dream to become an armor master, Zhenhua offers to introduce him to several armor masters at Shrek that can mentor him. Wulin readily agrees and exchanges number. This is part of Zhenhua's plan to build a good relationship. He believes that while Mu Chen may be able to teach Soul Forge, only he can teach the next step Heaven Forge.

The Chef finally finishes the meal. Zhenhua is surprised that the Chef serves up 6 Ruby Shrimp as even he can't eat it normally. The Chef replies that Zhenhua doesn't have good taste and Wulin's appetite is to his liking. Wulin is in awe that the Chef is on equal term with Zhenhua as he can't sense a trace of spirit power from the old man. Zhenhua seems to refer to Wulin as the Chef's "people. The Chef turns to Wulin and explains that the shrimp are also known as Blood Shrimp, possessing qi similar to humans. He estimates that Wulin can handle 3 at most. Just after the 1st bite, Wulin's qi goes out of control. The draconic pattern appears on his skin as it turns golden. Jin Long Jing Tian also automatically activates. As the golden ring emerges, both old men are astonished with the Chef paying especially close attention. Wulin feels the 4th seal being attacked but it still manages to hold.

Normally, it takes a year to digest the shrimp. Zhenhua reveals that Wulin is a Shrek student, which causes the Chef to change his mood. He laments feeding Wulin though accepts that Wulin's body proves the kid is his "people". After Wulin recovers, he feels a boost equal to 2 months of training. As Wulin expresses his gratitude, the Chef tells him their meeting is fate and offers to take Wulin under his wing, as long as he resigns from Shrek. Although attracted by the food, Wulin still refuses though he leaves the door open for after graduation. The Chef doesn't reply and turns back to the kitchen. To Wulin's question, Zhenhua replies that his admittance to the inner school is guaranteed so the Chef has no chance anyway. Wulin proceeds to eat the remaining 2. He feels that the 4th seal is ready but it is not yet time. Zhenhua then leads Wulin to the sparring. On the way, Wulin asks about the Chef's identity.

Zhenhua replies the Chef is a hermit though his group has bad relation to Shrek. Wulin is surprised to see a dimensional door. Zhenhua explains they use an extra dimension as the Guild's vault. The key is a Saint Artisan medal. Seeing Wulin eyeing the medal, Zhenhua tells Wulin to make a choice: whether to use elixirs to raise his cultivation. The upside is that Title Douluo would only take 15 years. The downside is Wulin can never become a Supreme Douluo or a God. Wulin asks for more time, to Zhenhua's approval.

Inside the vault, Wulin's opponent is waiting. Zhenhua introduces him as one of the Guild's Gatekeeper's clansmen, Xie Yin Ling. He is lv 43, 2Y 2P, exactly to Wulin's request. They exchange greeting. Right on Zhenhua's signal, Wulin quickly charges forward. Yin Ling releases his spirit, flying-type Eagle, and soars to the air. Wulin pursues with a jump but seemingly doesn't reach. Yin Ling was on guard but seeing Wulin's careless move, he gains confidence. However, in a flash, Yin Ling is unable to smile.

A golden light propels Wulin forward right in front of Yin Ling. He panics and uses his 2nd skill, Eagle Wings Slash, while preparing the 3rd and 4th skills. However, Wulin easily deflects the blades then wraps Yin Ling up with blue silver grass. Wulin readies a right-hand strike but Yin Ling hurriedly slashes again, still to no avail. The dragon claw stops in front of Yin Ling's chest, cutting of his spirit power flow. He falls to the ground, defeated. Yin Ling is in shock as he barely did anything. Zhenhua is indifferent as Wulin also doesn't show anything though he sees Wulin in a new light. Zhenhua praises Wulin's strength and recommends the kid to reconsider his offer if he finds himself unable to break into Spirit King after 20yo.

As farewell gifts, Zhenhua hands Wulin a card containing 1 million federal coins and a storage ring bigger than Wulin's old one, containg 18 types of rare metal as well as some jars of Zhenhua's custom-made catalyst. Wulin leaves from the backdoor to avoid attention. At the lounge, he is surprised to see Wukong. Wukong explains that due to the recent terror attack by evil spirit masters, the academy has increased security measures for the exam students. Because of the the limited number of teachers, the students will now participate as a group and be directly supervised. Wukong points to the rest of the gang waiting for Wulin. La Zhi is the first to approach as he smelled a delicious smell on Wulin. He badgers Wulin for the source though Wulin replies it is impossible now. Wukong turns to the kids and tells them to arrange their own matters as he is only following. It seems only Wulin has completed his 1st fight. Gu Yue suggests they visit the Pagoda; a measure they all agree upon due to Gu Yue's connection. On the way, Wulin shows Wukong the footage of his fight as proof.

Wulin finally gives in to La Zhi, telling him it is Ruby Shrimp. La Zhi is surprised as it is no normal ingredient. The Ruby Shrimp live in the Blood Ocean Trench, where even 4-word armor masters have trouble reaching due to its strong magnetic field and powerful Sea Beasts. La Zhi really wants to eat it so Wulin offers to barf it out for him. Angered, Xinglan turns around and berates them for their gross conversation.

The atmosphere at the Pagoda is calm. Wukong seems too silent, which Wulin guesses is because they are near Long Bing Er's grave. Gu Yue has finished verifying her status with the clerk. After some time, a middle-aged man arrives and tells her that the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo has ordered the Pagoda not to aid her. Gu Yue nods and tells the gang to leave. Wulin offers to get the Guild's help. Gu Yue refuses as it would take too long though she has another method. Xinglan's eyes light up as Wulin shudders.

Sun Run Yu is happy to have gotten a new familiar from the Pagoda. He is 35yo and finally Spirit King. His promotion to Lieutenant Colonel is not far away now. Suddenly:

"This mountain I opened (Gu Yue)

This tree I planted (Xinglan)

If you want to pass (Xie Xie)

Hand over the toll" (Xiaoyan)

Run Yu sees 4 children blocking his path. In the distance, a fat kid is sitting with a grin on his face while another one covers his face in shame. The military man tells the childen to go home with a voice of authority.

On hearing Gu Yue's slogan, Wulin buries himself in his hand while Wukong escapes behind a tree. La Zhi crouches down and turns around, trying to contain his laughter. Gu Yue's plan is simple: ambush anyone exiting from the Pagoda. As for slogan, it is just her habit. Xie Hou and Xiaoyan are awfully excited. Gu Yue and Xinglan attack in unison. Run Yu is astonished and releases his spirit, covering himself with a layer of steam that spreads to the surrounding. Xinglan's sword beam is deflected by the steam.

Chapters 431-440

Sun Run Yu is taken aback by the children each with 3 rings, and his 2nd ring flashes, condensing the mist into water drops then into a wave, and shooting it at Gu Yue. The water turns into a barrier, but the water was sucked away when Gu Yue's golden light enters it. Sun Run Yu's spirit is rain, which is water based but not pure water, and a golden circle appears at his feet, draining the water away. Xiaoyan's star chains bind him, Xie Xie's dagger at his neck and Xinglan's sword at his chest, he is swiftly defeated. Wulin apologizes, seeing the elemental attacks he couldn't resist stripping it with his blue silver grass. They apologize and let Sun Run Yu leave, with Gu Yue telling them that the Pagoda security should arrive soon, at 4th ring level with mech armor. A purple and 2 yellow mechs arrive, surprising them. Purple armor is a personal belonging, and the user is likely to be at least 5 rings. The mech drivers are a little stunned, seeing that the commotion came from these teenagers, and asked who caused the alarm. Xinglan quickly points to Wulin, and the security team tell him to come with them.

On hearing that he has to pay a fine, Wulin runs away, loudly declaring money is life. The purple mech pursues, abandoning the 2 yellow mechs to the rest of the gang. Xinglan's 3rd skill turns her into a golden star, dismembering one of the mechs' arm. Just then, an alarm sounds at the Pagoda. The other mech gets assaulted with Gu Yue's multi-elemental barrage though it manages to withstand with a light shield while aiming the cannons. However, one icicle flies in an arc and freezes the cannons. Xie Xie sneaks behind and dismantle the mech's circuit, disabling it.

Meanwhile, caught by the purple mech's arm, Wulin reverses it into a throw aided by Golden Dragon Body. The mech regains it balance via a jetpack and then shoots a lightning bolt. Wulin swings away on the BSG while the mech arms itself with 2 greatswords charged with electricity. Wulin activates Jin Long Jing Tian and clashes with the mech. Both of them get knocked back but Wulin springs back again with BSG. The mech set its forcefield at full power but the dragon claw easily pierces through it with its breaking special effect.

The mech flies with a visible claw mark on its chest. On the other side, the yellow mechs have both been disabled; one beheaded by Xinglan's 3rd skill: Sword Starfall. Wulin yells for everyone to stop, stopping the purple mech's counter with a warning claw swipe on the ground. The purple mech's enforcer asks Wulin's identity in fear. Wulin bluffs that they are the Head Enforcers from the Pagoda's HQ. They are here to check on the security after the terror attack. Wulin tells the enforcers to write a report. Gu Yue shows her freshly minted high-ranked ID to back Wulin's lie, which convinces the enforcers. The children then quickly run away when the reinforcement from the Pagoda come.

They get in a small restaurant. Xie Xie admires Wulin's bluffing ability and asks Gu Yue if there are really Head Enforcers. Gu Yue denies as each area has an independent enforcer department though there is a HQ Inspection Department that oversees the entire organization. She advises to use that next time. Wulin refuses that there would be no next time as they are done if caught. Gu Yue nonchalantly says that this is the simplest method and that the enforcers will give her teacher face. Moreover, the inspection is not entirely wrong and the Pagoda would not mind such little loss. Just then Wukong appears with a half-crying, half-laughing look on his face. He approves the result but the method is too daring. Wukong finds that Wulin is courageous but that quality can also be dangerous. The teacher resolves to be more strict.

After recovering, the gang disguise themselves and head to the train station. However, the train has been shutdown indefinitely due to the terrorists. Wulin asks if anyone knows how to drive and Xie Xie volunteers himself.

Heaven Dou Spirit Pagoda. In a meeting room, more than 10 people are watching the children's battle. Hearing Wulin's bluff, all of them have complicated looks on their faces. A middle-aged man asks the Pagoda master if the bluff is true. The master angrily replies that it does not matter but the kid is right that security is too lax. He orders the alert level raised to orange and for the 3 defeated enforcers to write a report as well as increase their training. The meeting ends. The Pagoda master asks the man who met with Gu Yue at the gate if Heavenly Phoenix Douluo has any opinions. The man replies that she won't interfere and if they should begin looking for the children. The master wants to let the incident sink. He asks the man to carry out the security carefully as failing would not be shame for them only. After everyone leaves, the master looks out of the window in contemplation: Peace has lasted too long and a stimulation is needed to raise awareness. Only 5 years left.

The gang didn't manage to find any taxi so they bought a small car. It costs 800k coins, coming from most of Wulin's fund. Xie Xie is the driver - the only licensed one- while La Zhi is at shotgun. In the back, Wulin and the 3 girls cram together with Gu Yue claiming the seat next to him. As for Wukong, Wulin asks him to find his own way. Wuling suggests that they get another car at the next city from his forging. Gu Yue asks if he dislikes her cramming into him. Wulin replies she has gotten fatter, earning him the silence treatment. Xie Xie laughs, saying it is puberty but he gets immediately yelled at by the girls. Xie Xie asks La Zhi for back up but he fakes sleeping.

On the road, Wulin smells Gu Yue's sweet scent and reflects that they have known each other for a long time. He reminiscises on his companions, from meeting Gu Yue and Xie Xie, saying goodbye to Wang Xi and Zhang Yang, to gaining Xiaoyan, La Zhi and Xinglan. Shaking away the sad thought, he asks Gu Yue if she wants to talk. Gu Yue glances at him, their body stick closely together. Originally, it was her who decided the seating order to solely possess Wulin. Everyone accepts it as Gu Yue has not been hiding her intention and she is good to Wulin. Although, they all wonder why sometimes, she acts cold to him, as if to keep a distance. Gu Yue replies if Wulin wants to talk about power armor, saying that she is near lv40. After getting another familiar, she can begins a design. Wulin wants to talk about something else now that they are out of the academy. He asks about everyone's aspirations and suggests Xinglan should go first.

A little bit surprised, Xinglan replies that her goal is to stay as Shrek and become one of its guardians. Wulin is surprised she doesn't want to travel. Xinglan doesn't deny the possibility as long as it is not becoming the Ye clan's heiress. She likes sword training, not politics. As long as she stays at Shrek, the Ye clan can't do anything. Xie Xie comments that Xinglan doesn't want to stay still- an evaluation she agrees with. Xiaoyan's dream is similar to Xinglan's that she doesn't want to inherit the Xu clan. However, Xiaoyan wants to be a housewife, raise a family and live a carefree princess life.

Xie Xie criticizes Xiaoyan's small dream, saying he wants to be one of the Shrek 7 Devils. The selection is only held every 50 years and the next one is in 4 years. All students under 25 are eligible. Everyone lights up on hearing this title. Xie Xie boasts of his big dream but Xiaoyan retorts asking if he is even capable. Wulin asks how does he know so much and Xie Xie instinctively replies it is Yuan En. Everyone does a meaningful "Ohh". Xie Xie loses focus and grazes into the side barrier. Gu Yue's face lands on Wulin's nose, making him almost cry. Wulin angrily scolds Xie Xie as Gu Yue rubs his nose. Xie Xie admits to Xiaoyan's suspicion that he wants to catch up to Yuan En. As for La Zhi, his dream is just staying at Shrek comfortably. Wulin reminds him of Oscar, La Zhi's idol. Encouraged, he thanks Wulin by giving him a dumpling.

Wulin turns the question to Gu Yue. The answer, "Marry you", silences the car. Gu Yue asks Xie Xie if he hates living. Xie Xie begs, saying he is still driving. Flustered, Wulin tells him to shut up. Finally back to serious, Gu Yue replies that she wants to keep it a secret as she doesn't like lying to friends. Everyone is surprised but accepts her answer. As for Wulin, he wants to enlist. To everybody's curiosity, Wulin also says it is a secret. In truth, he wants to find his parents but doesn't want his friends to worry. Xiaoyan wishes everyone luck with their goal. Wulin looks out of the window and resolves himself to reunite his family, including Na Er. Gu Yue's eyes glaze over, deep in thought.

After 3.5 hours, they arrive as Heaven Spirit city (or Heaven Ling, old capital of Dou Ling). To Xie Xie's question, Wulin tells him to find a resting place as the sun has set. Incidentally, the car can be refueled by directly channelling spirit power.

The next morning, Wulin makes a new travelling plan. They aim to finish 3 cities today then rest at the 4th one. At this rate, it should take 5 days, enough for the return trip. Everyone aside from Wulin agree on the same plan as before, to which he reluctantly sighs that they are becoming criminals. When they do a huddle, the 5 all simultaneously yells out Wulin is the worst one.

9AM, the children arrives at the Pagoda in white clothes, disguised as Inspectors. They set their sight on a 26-27yo woman in sportswear and encircle her. The woman lowers her guard on seeing a bunch of kids and shoos them away. Wulin challenges her to a spar but she still dimisses them. Nontheless, the children all release their spirits and attack. The woman is shocked on seeing 18 purple rings but she quickly releases her spirit, 2Y 3P, a fire type. Wulin attacks using the golden BSG with elemental stripping. However, right before it connects, the woman disappear into the Red Fire Gourd on top of her head. The Gourd then aims at Wulin and lets loose a stream of flame. The flame collides with an ice wall, creating an explosion, forcing the children to retreat. Wulin follows up with BSG Golden Light Array.

The gourd escapes from the array's AoE. The woman appears again from the gourd but she is immediately sealed by Xiaoyan. Wulin, Xinglan and Xie Xie close the encirclement. Feeling her life threatened, the woman equips herself with her 1-word power armor, which seems inspired by the Phoenix, and repels the attacks.

Yan Feng was in a happy mood after registering herself at the Pagoda as a 1-word armor master. Moreover, she is the youngest one ever in Heaven Ling at 27yo so the Pagoda has pledged to help her reach 2-word level. Right then, Wukong announces that if the group defeats Yan Feng, they can clear this round. Wulin sighs as the opponent is on Spirit Saint level.

Yan Feng fires another stream of flame. Wulin switches to dragon mode and equips his power armor armguard. Yan Feng is astonished as a power armor appearing from inside the body means it should be on 2-word level. La Zhi distributes the featherweight and bloodthirsty dumplings. Under those effects, Wulin charges forward, armed with the dragon claw. Yan Feng isolates the others from Wulin with a wall of flame. She meets his attack with her own flaming fist. Right before contact, Jin Long Jing Tian activates as a dragon head phantom manifests on the claw and seems to devour Yan Feng's arm. Yan Feng panics as her flame is being absorbed. She gathers the remainder into a mini Fire Phoenix aimed at Wulin's chest.

Yan Feng also throws another fireball at Wulin. He feels his special effects, crushing and elemental stripping, nullified by the power armor. Wulin attempts to dodge the attacks but they are locked on to him. Forturnately, an icicle destroys the mini-phoenix while Xinglan barely blocks the fireball. Xie Xie appears behind Yang Feng and stabs her shoulders to no effect and gets repelled by a heat wave. A light orb of 4 colors blue, red, yellow, and green arrives before Yang Feng. Feeling threatend, she immediately releases a burst of fireballs and detonates the orb early. After the explosion, the still-standing Yang Feng aims her gourd at Wulin. Cornered, Wulin begs her that it is all a misunderstanding.

Just then, the enforcers arrive with 3 yellow mechs to restore order. Yang Feng barely manages to divert her attack upward. She is surprised to see the children play the victim card. Xiaoyan even cries and hugs the bewildered Xinglan. Wulin straightens his back. He pulls the smirking Gu Yue behind him and accuses Yang Feng of attacking them to test her new armor. The accused is in disbelief. The enforcers recognize Yang Feng from the earlier registration. They seem to lean toward Wulin's side. Yang Feng tries to reason but Wulin bends the truth and even gives her a lecture about power and responsibility while Xiaoyan cries even louder. Xinglan turns away as Xie Xie sighs deeply, lamenting that Wulin's scoundrel level has gotten even higher.

The enforcers decide to take everyone back to the Pagoda to review the surveillance camera. However, Yang Feng refuses to disarm herself. Wulin adds even more fire to the powder keg. Yang Feng finally breaks and charges at Wulin while cursing him out. The 3 mechs aim at Yang Feng and fire.

The enforcers are experienced in dealing with armor masters. The shells collide above Yang Feng, releasing an energy storm that suppresses her armor. With perfect teamwork, the 3 mechs fly into the air and coordinate a barrage pinning Yang Feng down. The children use this opportunity to escape. Their car speeds away into the alleys.

At a safe distance, Xiaoyan, with completely dry eyes, bemoans their bad luck. Wulin wants to change their approach because at this rate, the Pagoda will declare them persona non grata. Gu Yue assures him otherwise while Xie Xie praises Wulin's acting skill. Wulin angrily says that it was his last resort to avoid capture and time wasted. Moreover, they need to apologize to Yang Feng.

After the tape review at the Pagoda office, Yang Feng slams on the table and yells at the enforcer. Earlier, she was finally detained after 3 more purple mechs arrived. The enforcer leader seems to be respectful toward Yang Feng's status, calling her young lady. He apologizes for his subordinates but refuses to follow Yang Feng's order to hunt the children down. He explains that it would be interfering with the federal government and Yang Feng is unhurt so they would not be able to charge the minors anything significant. Yang Feng reluctantly lets it go due to the enforcers' pleading and is escorted out of the Pagoda.

Outside, Yang Feng tries to look for the kids but her eyes fall on Wukong. She is immediately lovestruck. Wukong introduces himself to the fidgetting girl and explains that he is here to apologize for his students. Yang Feng almost immediately forgives him but she does a double take on mentioning the children. However, hearing Wukong claim full responsibility, she is unable to get angry. Wukong turns back but Yang Feng stops him, saying an apology is not enough. Wukong asks what is her request.

Yang Feng, with a deep blush due to zero relationship experience, asks Wukong to take her out for a meal; the details are up to him. Wukong concedes and takes the lead. On the way, Yang Feng enjoys watching his back as well as the praises from other women. Wukong stops at a small restaurant in an alley with a resminiscent look in his eyes. The owner seems to know Wukong well, greeting him with a shoulder hug. Surprisingly, the usually neat freak Wukong allows him and nods back. It seems they haven't met in a long time. The owner is surprised to see him with Yang Feng but he is glad for Wukong. Wukong orders the usual and the owner goes to the back.

Yang Feng asks Wukong some questions but he only gives very brief answers. He tells her that he used to visit this shop regularly and that he is from Shrek. Yang Feng is surprised to hear he is 33yo. Her comment about Wukong's reticence is similarly disregarded but when the question comes to Wukong's students, he seems to have a more normal expression. Yang Feng criticizes Wulin's immorality. Wukong's face twitches and replies it is Wulin's innate talent. Yang Feng goes on to lecture him about steering Wulin on the right path but Wukong is sure that Wulin won't go astray. She changes the topic to which academy Wukong is from. However, the owner interrupts with the food: fried eggs, brined fish, peanut chicken and tofu soup. Yang Feng happily digs in and praises the surprisingly good food. Wukong slowly eats in reminiscence. Yang Feng reminds him of her previous question. She is shocked to hear he is a Shrek teacher. Inside, she exclaims Wukong is perfect.

Chapters 441-450

On Yang Feng's question, Wukong tells her he is a 2-word armor master, titled "Heavenly Ice" (Yang Feng's is "Phoenix"): "Heaven" for his spirit and "Ice" for his wife. Yang Feng's mood is struck a heavy blow on hearing Wukong is taken. The 2 continue the meal in silence. Wukong remembers about the dinner conversation he had with Long Bing. After the meal, Yang Feng thanks Wukong and requests his number, with the excuse that she can notify him after cancelling the warrant out for Wulin's gang. Wukong agrees but he doesn't reply when Yang Feng asks if she can meet him again at Shrek. After Wukong leaves, Yang Feng decides to request the Pagoda for a transfer to Shrek city.

On Wulin's side, after giving up on Heaven Ling, they have smoothly passed several cities. It is now the 4th day. They plan to complete 4 more cities then arrives at Mingdu at the 7th day. Xinglan suggests they challenge the Sun-Moon Royal Spirit Mentor Academy because of its long rivalry with Shrek. Wulin and Gu Yue approve. However, Xie Xie reminds them of dealing with the current problem. 15 yellow mechs and 5 purple mechs from the Pagoda have set up a roadblock to ambush the gang's car. Wulin orders to abandon ship. Under the cover of Gu Yue and Xiaoyan' blizzard, the group splits up and enters the woods beside the highway. The mechs pursue and fire their cannons.

Wulin is confident that the mechs at least won't kill them. He switches into Golden Dragon Body and concentrates Jin Long Jin Tian into his claw; his best technique. Wulin unleases 5 claw phantoms that rapidly grow to dozens of meters in size. The attacks knock down all 5 purple mechs with maximum shield. The yellow mechs stop pursuing and switch to radar searching. Gu Yue grabs Wulin by the hand as they both sink into the ground. Gu Yue has made an underground hideout via Earth element manipulation. Moreover, she also creates air by dismantling water. Everyone looks at her in reverence.

After an hour, the gang returns above ground. The mechs have withdrawn. Gu Yue suggests they change their plan as the Pagoda have definitely upped their security. Wulin decides that their target will be the academies on the way. It is 200km to the next city. As their car has been destroyed, they run on a footpath, aided with Wind element and featherweight dumplings.

200km is not too much for the others but it is torture for La Zhi. He curses the Pagoda and vows to not sell them any dumplings to Xinglan's diappointment. On arrival, they stop at a diner. Wulin calls Zhenhua and asks to be set up with the local Guild. Zhenhua instead decides to let Wulin get money directly. After withdrawing another million coins from the Guild, the group buys another car to Xie Xie's suggestion. Their target this time is Heaven Ding Star Academy. This is one of the oldest academies, specializing in flying-type Spirit Mentors.

The next day, a car stops in front of Heaven Ding academy. 6 people exit, dressed in Shrek's signature green color. Xie Xie unfolds a banner stating that Shrek students are here to challenge the strongest U20 team. The scene attracts a large crowd. An older student asks Wulin if he has any proof of identity. In reply, Wulin releases a golden ring, shocking everyone.

At this moment, the academy's main gate open as 4 middle-aged men exit. One of them asks if the gang are inner or outer school students. Wulin introduces himself as the president of his class. The man seems impressed and asks the group to follow him. He then disperses the crowd with a single shout. Inside, the man introduces himself as the academy's disciplinary dean, Li Zhi Long. Wulin honestly explains to him about their final exam and even flatter his academy's strength. The rest of the gang are weirded out by his change of character. Even weirder, Zhi Long laughs, praising Wulin's audaciousness. He recalls his upperclassman passing the exam by attacking an army base, saying that Wulin's group at least didn't attack out of the blue. It seems Zhi Long is a former Shrek student 15 classes ago, though only an outer school. Wulin asks if they should leave if it is too much trouble but Zhi Long insists otherwise. He complains his regrets at not making it to the inner school. Wulin happily keeps him company, all according to plan.

Zhi Long brings them to a resting room and asks if they want to use mech suits. Wulin refuses. After Zhi Long leaves, Xie Xie asks why the honesty. Gu Yue explains that Wulin picked up that Zhi Long and Shrek have a connection. Wulin doesn't reply and points at his head to Xinglan's condescending humph. Wulin tells everyone to prepare themselves as Zhi Long will no doubt pick the best to challenge them. After some time, Zhi Long returns and asks if they needs more time. Wulin declines and says they needs to hurry. Zhi Long asks if a president is afraid of failing but Wulin explains he wants more points to help the whole class pass. Zhi Long changes his expression to appproval. He brings the group to the academy's observatory that also serves as the training ground. Wulin is wowed by the architecture.

Zhi Long explains that the observatory uses a complicated spirit guide formation that allows up-close view of the stars as well as generates star power that is useful for cultivating. Wulin thinks that even Shrek doesn't possess such a complicated formation. Zhi Long leaves and returns with the Heaven Ding team. All 6 are around 18-20yo, the strongest is lv46, the weakest above lv40. The teams alternately introduce themselves. The captain is a controller, a boy named Xiao Tian Tian. The 2nd member is a lanky boy, Ye Zi Shu, an agility attacker. The 3rd member is a muscular boy, Gu Tian Ming, surprisingly also an agility type. The 4th is a graceful boy, Zhang Xi Ning, a controller. When it is Xiaoyan's turn, she seems unfocused. The 5th member is a girl named Li Yao Yao, a power attacker. The final member is also a girl, Han Wu Chang, another controller. Wulin's group is surprised that half of them are controllers yet also flying-type. Wulin's team forms the usual triangle formation. Tina Tian's team just stands in a row. Zhi Long tells both team to get ready as the observatory's formation activates. The walls are decorated with stars, emitting powerful energy. Wulin sees a light covering the Heaven Ding's team, no doubt it is their home field effect. However, Wulin is also surprised that Xiaoyan is also affected, the light around her even stronger.

Xiaoyan assures her team with a shaky yet excited voice. Zhi Long also wonders about Xiaoyan's situation. He still gives the signal to begin. Wulin, Xie Xie and Xinglan immediately charge. The Heaven Ding team takes to the sky. Tian Tian releases his spirit. Bat wings unfold from his back along with 4 purple rings. Zi Shu's spirit is a bamboo staff; his wings are made from clusters of bamboo leaves using his 2nd skill. Tian Ming's spirit is Demon Sky War Eagle. Xi Ning's spirit is the Nightingale. What astonishes Wulin the most is Yao Yao. Her skin dyes black as she catches flame, turning into a meteorite. Wu Chang's spirit is the most normal, a pair of butterfly wings. After closing distance, wrapped at the waist by BSG, La Zhi, Xie Xie and Xinglan are thrown into the air. La Zhi's target is Xi Ning protected by Tian Ming, Xie Xie's is Wu Chang while Xinglan goes for Tian Tian. Xi Ning's 1st skill slows down the approaching meatball. Tian Ming's 1st skill, Air-breaking Feather, unleashes a wave of feather arrows. However, using Tang Sect's "Fairy Scatters Flowers" and "Controlling Crane, Catching Dragon", La Zhi returns the arrows.

The arrows' target is Xi Ning while La Zhi himself goes for Tian Ming. Tian Ming protects the 2 with his 2nd skill, Eagle Wing Strike. While Tian Ming is occupied, La Zhi fires a cold light from his palm at Xi Ning. Xi Ning already got wounded from the few arrows that got through when a storm of iron needles imbued with spirit power appears before him. Fortunately, Zhi Long grabs him from the air but Xi Ning is KO'd. La Zhi regroups with Wulin and hands him a recovery dumpling.

At the same time, Xie Xie has reached Wu Chang. She uses her 2nd skill, her wings flutter slightly. Xie Xie feels the world goes dark as his attacks miss. Other people see that Xie Xie attacked the air while Wu Chang stepped on his shoulder. Wulin realizes that Wu Chang is a mental-controller type. Xie Xie falls from the sky and Yao Yao flies up to intercept him. Her spirit is Meteorite. Gu Yue's fireballs are all crushed by Yao Yao, forcing Wulin to pull Xie Xie back by the waist. Yao Yao switches target to Wulin as the Heaven Ding team realizes he is the center of Shrek formation. Wulin tosses Xie Xie back at Wu Chang.

On the other side, Xinglan is keeping Tian Tian busy. In Tian Tian's hands are 2 red orbs, capable of stopping Xinglan's sword. Suddenly, she powers up from the star power on the field, destroying both orbs. Her sword reaches Tian Tian's chest. Surprised, Tian Tian uses his 3rd skill and deflects the sword. 2 horns grow from his head as his body is covered in red lightning. Xinglan also uses her 3rd skill, turning into a star flying to the sky. Zhi Long realizes Xinglan's spirit is also star-related and has a bad premonition.

Back to Wulin, as Yao Yao reaches him, he attacks with the dragon claw, bringing the meteorite to a sudden stop. The shockwave spreads accross the battlefield.

Yao Yao's spirit is Amazing Meteorite. Although she is not really a flying-type, she can propel herself and all her skills are passive-type to strengthen this attack. Her strike contains 3000kg of force but Wulin doesn't bother to divert it. Zhi Long has reached their location, ready to interfere. His eyes twitch as Yao Yao's meteorite body shatters as the person herself collapses on the floor. A BSG strand wraps her up. Wulin flicks his hand as if Yao Yao's strongest attack is just a nuisance. Yao Yao is eliminated.

In the sky, Xinglan uses her strongest attacks, forcing Tian Tian to uses his 4th skill. His body turns black as only his red eyes are visbile. A vortex surrounds Tian Tian's body as they both disappear. Wulin thought it was a space-element attack but there is no space-element disturbance. Tian Tian alone appears again without Xinglan. He flies straight at Gu Yue. From his hand, a red light flies at Wulin, turning into a black hole. From above, Zi Shu's 4th skill unleashes a storm of bamboo leaf arrows. His spirit is called Seven Star Bamboo.

Tian Ming also charges at Xie Xie, tanking for Wu Chang. Wu Chang's 4th skill, Butterfly Wings, activates as she flaps her wings at Wulin. Wulin feels his head irritated greatly, guessing that Wu Chang has also reached Spirit Sea level like Gu Yue. Tian Tian's attack has also arrived, forcing Wulin to change to Golden Dragon Body. In the air, Xie Xie increases his speed, leaving a sea of afterimages and slipping through Tian Ming's arrows. In melee range, Xie Xie's Light Dagger overwhelms Tian Ming's defense. Light Dragon Storm knocks Tian Ming down from the air. Wu Chang wants to help but a dagger rests on her neck from behind. Wu Chang is forced to surrender by Xie Xie. 2 more people on Heaven Ding team are eliminated.

Wulin curls his body and withstand the attacks. Gu Yue protects herself from the leafstorm with a wall of wind then teleports away from Tian Tian's attack to Xiaoyan's side. Right as Gu Yue is about to protect Xiaoyan, the light around Xiaoyan intensifies, attracting Gu Yue's attention. Xiaoyan activates Shining Starlight.

The starlight covers the entire arena, as if Xiaoyan is a descending goddess. On her forehead appears a starwheel mark, like the one on her staff. The leaf storm disappears. In a flash, Tian Tian, Zi Shu, Wu Chang and Tian Ming are all sealed on the floor as Wulin and Xie Xie contain them. The Heaven Ding team has been turned into golden statues. Everyone knows that Xiaoyan's spirit has mutated, fortunately in a very good way. Xinglan finally appears again and bathes herself in the star power, though not as much as Xiaoyan. The battle has been decided.

Wulin goes to Zhi Long's side and asks about Xiaoyan's situation. He admits that he has never seen a spirit master with such high compatibility rate with star power. Zhi Long tells Wulin that Xiaoyan can stay until she finishes absorbing. He then turns to the Heaven Ding team and tells them to observe and learn. After an hour, Xiaoyan finally lands. Her body is covered in 365 points of light. She begins to meditate with Mysterious Heaven skill now that her spirit has evolved. The observatory slowly returns to normal. When she opens her eyes, seeing everyone's stares, Xiaoyan laughs, embarrassed.

To Wulin's question, Xiaoyan describes her state as magical but she doesn't want to say more. Understanding her intention, Wulin says goodbye to Zhi Long. The upperclassman asks for Xiaoyan's number to do more research. The gang sets out in the car. Wulin intends on continuing this method of challenge. Gu Yue asks if it will go well next time but Wulin assures her. Zhi Long has given him a list of alumni at other academies. He then changes the topic to Xiaoyan. She replies that her spirit is originally incomplete but continuing cultivation would eventually make up for it. However, the star power has expedited the process and even cleansed her spirit of impurity. The downside is that her spirit has lost the Ice element. However, all her skills have been upgraded to using star power. Her type has changed to power attack + controller. For Xinglan, she has reached lv40. Everyone is surprised while La Zhi congratulates her. Wulin tells Xie Xie to stop at a phone store. They buy one and contact the alumni.

A couple days passed as their fights go smoothly. The group has arrived at Mingdu with one last fight left. Unfortunately, Sun-Moon academy doesn't have any Shrek alumni. It seems they have a ban on Shrek alumni but the feeling is also mutual. Xie Xie wants to change but the others are already filled with battle spirit. Suddenly, they are scared by a voice. It is Wukong from outside the window who tell them they can get extra points. He is somehow keeping up with a car driving on a highway. Wukong announces he would officially lead them. If they win, the whole team gets perfect score for the exam along with 300 extra points. If they lose, it is an instant fail and Wukong would resign from Shrek. With such cruel punishments, Wulin slightly regrets picking Sun-Moon academy.

Chapters 451-460

Mingdu is the science capital of the Federation, filled with new technologies such as flying cars. Xie Xie spots a group of mechs carrying out identity checks on the highway. Wukong has already disappeared. Without their ID cards, the group is forced to abandon the car. Gu Yue throws a fireball to the sky as a distraction so they can sneak past during the alarm. The group gets on bus. Wulin spots Wukong relaxing on a backseat. The teacher praises their sneaking skill and reminds Wulin's pain of losing 2 cars.

Mingdu is far more populated than Shrek, making the students uneasy. After several bus changes, they finally arrive at Sun-Moon academy. Before anyone can react, Wukong pulls out a loudspeaker and announces that Shrek academy has come to show Sun-Moon academy the gap betwen them.

Wulin grudgingly asks if this is too cruel. Wukong replies that perfect score is not easy. He then disappears, leaving the loudspeaker with the repeating function on. Wulin feels his trust disintegrated seeing Wukong's style of "officially leading". Soon, they are surrounded by Sun-Moon people. The gang starts pumping themselves up while bemoaning Wukong's leadership. Wulin finally managed to find and shut the loudspeaker off, noting he should nickname Wukong as Malicious King (Nkg:the actual word is harming others with scheme, usually by words). A blonde, middle-aged man exits from the main building and invites them in. He then releases a powerful qi to disperse the crowd, telling them they can watch the fight on TV. His strength is on the same level as Wukong. At a street corner spectating, Wukong has a smirk on his face.

Wulin feels like he has entered a factory, not a school. There are devices constructed from rare metal everywhere. The passersby all look at the group with scorn, the complete opposite of their previous reception at other schools. They take an elevator to the 16th floor. Inside a meeting room, the man rudely tells the group to sit. He states that Sun-Moon will send out a U15 team for a fair fight. He then notifies them that the fight will be broadcast not only within the academy, but also live on Mingdu's TV. Wulin asks if it is too excessive. The man replies that if they win, then it is a learning experience. If they lose, Sun-Moon can rub it in. The man tells them to wait and leave. Gu Yue wants to say something but Wulin stops her, fearing that there are wiretaps.

Soon, the news spread and the fight has been set to broadcast on all Federation's networks, even naming the program as "The epitome fight of the Junior Spirit Master World" (Nkg:sounds corny, anyone feel free to contribute a better translation). Wukong's eye narrows when his phone rings. Chen Yi, with a surprised voice, asks if everything is OK on his side. Wukong simply replies that they have challenged Sun-Moon academy and he has only added some fire.

Chen Yi says that this huge matter is too sudden. With Shrek in a passive position and Sun-Moon efficient propaganda, it would be a huge blow to Shrek's pride if they lose. Wukong expresses his trust in his disciples. He is already prepared to be fired but if his students win, they would no doubt become the new Shrek 7 Devils. Lowering her voice, Chen Yi asks Wukong to hold while she asks the elders. 5 minutes later, she reports back that elder Cai has expressed approval. Win or loss doesn't matter as the 6 are Shrek's hope and Wukong has to bring them back safely. Elder Cai also added that losing is not neccessarily bad for the 6. Wukong agrees though he believes in victory. Chen Yi reminds Wukong to keep an eye on them and that Shrek academy will also make preparations.

Back at the meeting room, Wulin opens his eyes. It has been 2 hours with no new development. Xie Xie asks if they should go outside. Wulin tells him to be patient. Finally, the middle-aged man returns and leads them to the arena. From the beginning, the man has not introduced himself nor has he asked their names. The elevator takes them to floor 36. They then switch to another elevator going downward, taking 2 minutes. The structure is built from ancient stone blocks, emitting a strange energy that makes spirit power boil. The room they are in is 500m^2. On the ceiling is a drawing of a teenage boy in Shrek uniform sitting in the middle of an arena surrounded by Sun-Moon students. Wulin feels very familiar to the boy though he can't recall who. On 1 side is 9m wide double-gate, enough for a mech to pass. The middle-aged man points to a stone bench and says this is only their locker room, surprising Wulin.

Outside, he can hear the booing and jeering of Shrek from the spectators. Gu Yue wonders if this is supposed to be a threat. Wulin tells everyone to relax. Xie Xie boasts that the pressure isn't much, earning Xiaoyan's jeer. She is excited to use her new power. Xinglan's feeling is mutual, saying her sword thirsts for blood. Xie Xie remarks that girls shouldn't use the word "thirsty". The 2 girls tell him to shut up as Xinglan unsheathes. La Zhi quickly stuffs a dumpling in Xie Xie's mouth, who hides behind Wulin and says he is scared. Wulin leers at him and tells Xinglan he would help. Xinglan humphs and says to deal with this back home. She tells Wulin to prepare their strategy. Gu Yue creates a soundproof dome made from ice.

1 hour later, the middle-aged man tells them it is time. The man is impressed with Gu Yue's control, melting the ice dome directly into air. The gates open as the crowd goes wild. The middle-age man heads to the main door.

The battlefield is an ancient Colosseum 1500m in diameter, with capacity for over 150k people. The seats are 70% filled, which get full of jeering as soon as the Shrek team arrives, piling on the stress. Wulin can feels especially heavy pressure from the VIP seats. Xiaoyan and La Zhi already turns white. Wulin takes a breath and releases his golden ring. His team feels that the outside world is quieter, weakening the pressure. On the VIP seats, 2 men are interested in the golden ring as it symbolizes million years level. The older one orders for investigation as this level has involved Shrek both times.

The 6 from Sun-Moon have already stood in the middle of the ring. The referee is a middle-aged man in full 3-word power armor, no doubt for intimidation. He announces that he will read the rules but Wulin fakes deaf as there are too many flies buzzing, emphasizing the "flies" part for the whole arena. The referee grudgingly orders to activate the protective dome, soundproofing the field. As if to taunt him even more, the Shrek team pulls out their earplugs. The referee holds back the urge to kill them. All Sun-Moon's preparation to intimidate them has backfired due to Wulin's actions. The match's format is elimination-style, anything goes but the referee will interfere before crippling injury or death. Wulin sums it up at do whatever as long as it is not killing. The 6 Sun-Moon students' eyes go wide. The referee agrees, a light shines in his eyes.

Wulin asks permission to speak. He first flatter Sun-Moon then admits that they are not truly Shrek representatives but actually the weakest bunch. The referee is shocked and lands in front of Wulin. Against his disbelief and anger, Wulin sighs and replays Wukong's challenge on the loudspeaker. He reasons that no part of it says they are the official team. The referee wants to vomit blood. While Sun-Moon's feud is deep, they still have great respect for Shrek. He wonders when has Shrek become so shameful. Wulin winks and asks if the opponents want to surrender. The referee restraints himself from killing Wulin right there. Wulin decides to stop joking and loudly states to the arena that they represents Shrek. Right when the referee regains his composure and goes back up, he almost falls down again when Wulin says the "weakest bunch" part is still true.

The 2 sides introduce themselves. Because of Wulin's antic, the arena's atmosphere has calmed down. Sun-Moon's captain is a stoic boy named Long Chen. The 2 captains taunt each other. The 2nd member is a beauty named Xue Liu Xiang, who looks interested in Wulin. The 3rd member is a muscular boy named You Ding Qi. The 4th is fat like La Zhi, Xian Mo Chen. The 5th is a tomboy, Kuang Zhan Tian (Nkg: literally "Crazy Fight Heaven"). Wulin almost invites her to Shrek based on name alone. The last member is a meek girl with short blue hair, Weng Dai Min. Nobody announces their roles. Shrek gets into the usual triangle formation. Sun-Moon gets into 2 rows. The first row has Long Chen in the middle flanked by Ding Qi and Mo Chen, who are all probably agility-type. The back row has Dai Min, who is probably the controller, surrounded by Zhan Tian and Liu Xiang. When both sides are 100m away from each other, the referee gives the signal to begin.

Shrek doesn't charge like usual but releases their spirits followed by Sun-Moon. Long Chen's body emits a dragon roar and shows 4 purple rings; he is only 1 rank lower than Zi Duo on the Pagoda Chart. Ding Qi has 3 purple rings; his spirit is the Meteor Hammer (Nkg: though the description is of a flail). Mo Chen's spirit is a round shield, decorated with a tiger head pattern, possessing 2 Y 2P. Liu Xiang has 4 purple rings. Dai Min and Zhan Tian both have 3 purple rings. Wulin sighs that they are only that much, maybe an even match for Gui Xing's bunch. Both sides are confident that they will win: Sun-Moon because they have investigated that Shrek's 1st year rankers are not present; Shrek because they have already defeated the rankers.

Long Chen's spirit is the Holy Saint Dragon. He goes all-out, activating his 1st, 2nd and 4th skills: Claws of Dragon, Humming of Dragon and Force of Dragon. Long Chen's confidence makes Wulin smile. He signals the rest to stay back. Long Chen is surprised to see pity in Wulin's eyes as the latter switches into Golden Dragon Body. The emitted qi makes Long Chen feels an instinctive fear, losing control of his spirit. He has been completely suppressed by the Golden Dragon King.

Wulin swats Long Chen out of the air, an instant KO. The arena is so silent one can hears a pin drop. Ding Qi rages and throws his hammer at Wulin. Wulin kicks Long Chen's lifeless body down the stage. Mo Chen and Zhan Tian also moves; the latter is armed with a huge hammer with a tiger insignia. Wulin holds still. His left fist sends back the hammer. His right claw stops Mo Chen's shield. From inside, a tiger leaps at Wulin. At the same time, Zan Tian's hammer strikes. Wulin activates Jin Long Jing Tian. The released qi scares the tiger back into the shield. Under the dragon claw's breaking effect, the Heavenly Tiger Shield begins to crack, forcing Mo Chen to retreat. As for Zhan Tian, Xinglan deflects her hammer.

Both sides regroup. Liu Xiang takes over the leadership. Xie Xie taunts them but Wulin approves their careful strategy. Like a spring, Wulin breaks into Sun-Moon's formation, aided by a bloodthirsty dumpling. At the frontmost is Liu Xiang. Her spirit is the Ice Cold Sword, similar to Wukong's. She fires a cold beam. Wulin blocks with his claw but he feels numb even with his powerful qi. Liu Xiang has entered melee range, her sword splits into 3 aimed at Wulin's forehead, chest and stomach. Seeing her swordmanship, Xinglan interferes with the attack and challenges her. Wulin bypasses Liu Xiang while also trying to expel the invading coldness. Not pursuing him, Liu Xiang's eyes stop on Xinglan. The battle between the Star God Sword Art and the Spectral (or Light Splitting) Sword Art begins.

Both styles have existed since ancient time, worshipped by swordmen as godly techniques. The sounds of swords reverberates throughout the field. On the other side, Mo Chen is cautious on the defense. His Heavenly Tiger Shield is one of the best shield-type spirits though it can only absorbs tiger-type familiars. Betraying his expectation, Wulin uses BSG Thrusting Array, disrupting Sun-Moon formation for a moment. He then aims his claw at Mo Chen but 2 tigers, one Fire one Light, leap out and force him back. It's Mo Chen's hidden card: he can uses both tigers on defence. Zhan Tian perfectly follows up with her Heavenly Tiger Hammer. Even though Wulin blocks the physical strike, he is affected by the hammer's mental side-effect. From the hammer, another tiger bites at Wulin's head.

Fortunately, La Zhi pulls him back by the BSG at his waist. A starwheel appears under Mo Chen's feet, chaining him in place. Zhan Tian's hammer is shot by a starlight from the wheel and reverses into Mo Chen's shield, knocking him unsteady. In the rear, the icicles Dai Min just created return to her, causing chaos. It's Xiaoyan's new 2nd skill, Starlight Reversal. The cast time has increased to 1.5s from the original 1s, making her feels that she has not mastered it.

Wulin charges back into the fray and strikes the shield, cracking it heavily. Mo Chen spits out blood and falls on his butt, leaving the other 3 members exposed. Right on cue, 3 green-blue fireballs appear from the sky heading straight toward them. Liu Xiang wants to interfere but Xinglan is keeping her busy. While Liu Xiang outranks Xinglan, her swordmanship can't keep up. The audience gulp. They understand that the fireballs can decide the match. The Shrek students have thoroughly impressed them.

Long Chen is finally awake. He doesn't know why he lost but still puts his trust in his teammate. Mo Chen and Zhan Tian toss their weapons at each other. The 2 use their fusion skill, Heavenly Tiger Summon, and turns into a great tiger, blocking the fireballs. Even so, the fusion still takes great damage from the attack. Wulin capitalizes, activating his 2-word armguard, astonishing everyone. 2-word armor requires rank 6 2nd occupations. There is a hidden rule for them: the collaborators must be within 10 levels and 3 years of age to the user. This implies that Shrek possesses not only powerful students but also those talented in 2nd occupations. Wulin's arms go in an arc, pushing Jin Long Jing Tian to the max. The dragon head phantom impacts the now near transparent giant tiger. The fusion disappears as its users flop on the ground.

The spectators only have 1 feeling: Shrek students are monsters. In the air, Xie Xie laughs, applauding Wulin's brutality. He then stabs both Dai Min and Ding Qi in the back. Ding Qi gets surprised but Dai Min explodes an ice wall that knocks Xie Xie backward. She shouts for Liu Xiang to regroup. Xinglan stabs the distracted Liu Xiang but it goes right through as Liu Xiang and Dai Min's bodies seem to merge together. Wulin nows understand Sun-Moon's confidence: they have a 2nd fusion.

In the 2 girls's place, a 2m tall warrior goddess appears, armed with a blue longsword. This is Sun-Moon's trump card: fusion skill, Ice Snow Goddess. In concert, Xiaoyan uses Shining Starlight along with Xinglan's Sword Starfall. The attack has no effect as the fusion's compatibility rate must be over 80%. The Goddess moves, Spectral Sword Art aimed at the 3 largest threats: Wulin, Xiaoyan and Xinglan. Xie Xie's clone blocks the blow for Xiaoyan but the person himself is inflicted great backlash. Wulin meets the attack with Jin Long Jing Tian but he is sent flying. Xinglan is not as lucky and takes the full blow, spitting out blood. La Zhi quickly stabilizes her and wants to retaliate in his fury. However, Gu Yue stops him and says to leave it to them.

She teleports to Wulin and hugs his freezing body. Their fusion activates as the 2 are covered in 7-color light. With no hesitation, the Goddess strikes at the new threat though her sword begins to crack due to the light. Wulin's body undergoes a draconic transformation, which also affects his armguard. The emitted qi makes the spectating Long Chen instinctively bow. Wulin sees strange visions of many spirit beasts worshipping him. As the Goddess's sword lands, Wulin breaks it with his left claw then follows up with a right. The referee tells him to hold back and interferes. Even a Titled Douluo can barely stop the 7-elemental explosions. Saved from certain death, Dai Min and Liu Xiang crash on the ground. The battle is over.

Wulin feels his 4th seal loosened by a strange power inside him. Xiaoyan and Xie Xie rush to help him and Gu Yue up. Wulin's question of whether they have won echoes throughout the arena. No one can deny that it is a complete victory for Shrek. The referee asks for the fusion's name. Wulin hasn't given it any thought. Gu Yue difficulty coughs out the name: Godly Dragon Transformation.

Chapters 461-470

The referee admits his academy's defeat. Wulin faces the audience and does a ssh pose with his finger. Shrek has to evacuate from the rain of spits. Wulin asks Gu Yue about the name. She tells him that it is part one, Godly Dragon's Awakening, of Godly Dragon's Nine Transformations. Outside Sun-Moon academy's gate, Wulin bites a recovery dumpling while Gu Yue still has her eyes close. Suddenly, a car lands from the sky along with Wukong who tells them to get in. The car then takes off into the sky.

Sun-Moon upper echelon's meeting, the presiding elder asks for everyone's opinion. A middle-aged man replies that they lost completely and notes Long Chen's situation during the fight. The elder, the current headmaster, confirms that it is spirit oppression. He speculates that Wulin's spirit must be at least on the same level of the Beast God. He is disappointed that Sun-Moon 7 Stars's first showing ends up being a job to Shrek. He believes that this must be Shrek's scheme and orders a complete investigation on the 6.

On the car, Wulin has fainted. He is awakened inside in his mental sea by old Tang. Old Tang sighs that Wulin has caused more trouble.

Old Tang says Wulin has 3 months to collect the 4 ingredients before the 4th seal fails. Hearing Wulin's report, old Tang is surprised that someone can use a fusion skill with him. He is curious about Gu Yue's identity as elementalist should not be compatible with GDK, especially with 100% rate. Nevertheless, Old Tang advises Wulin not to use his fusion anymore or it could crack more seals. Wulin looks forward to his 2nd golden ring, which should be unlocked after releasing the 4th seal.

Wulin awakes back in the real world and is greeted by La Zhi in their dorm. Thanks to the flying car, they are already back within Shrek after just 5 hours. In the next hour, Wulin completely demolishes La Zhi's supply of recovery dumpling then goes into meditation. After finding his possessions on his desk, Wulin calls Wukong. The teacher quickly arrives and announces that Wulin gets perfect score along with the bonus.

As planned, the bonus is split among the class. Wulin asks for additional reward. Wukong tells him elder Cai has especially prepared one for him for daring to use the academy's name: confiscation of quest rewards for 1 year. Wulin quickly refuses any reward but Wukong asks if he doesn't want a guaranteed entry for the Shrek 7 Devils competition. Wulin says to himself that Wukong's poker face is not suited for joking. Wukong also states that there is also additional reward for the class so no one ends up expelled. He announces they have a short 5-day break until the conclusion of class. Luanshi has asked to have Wulin over for the break.

Wulin spends the break training. The day before the concluding session, Wulin, La Zhi and Xie Xie visit the Shrek HQ of Tang Sect. Incidentally, the other HQ is located in Heaven Dou city. Shrek used to have a close partnership with Tang Sect until the former switched its focus to power armor. The three scan their fingers for entry. They report missions as well as a cultivation check; Wulin has reachd lv34. He also registers his armguard. While he is checking the relics section, a friendly middle-aged man seems to recognize him. He introduces himself as Guo Xiao Xu, the branch's admin. Wuln is surprised he cannot sense Xiao Xu's cultivation; he must be stronger than Wukong. Moreover, his body looks like a hologram. Xiao Xu looks kindly but there seem to be 2 vortexes in his eyes that want to swallow everything.

Tang Sect has 9 ranks of membership. Wulin himself is rank 6. Rank 9 is reserved for managers, again split into Intern, Outer Hall and Inner Hall. Wukong is only an Inner Hall manager. Aside from the 2 Halls, there is also the main governing body Douluo Palace. Outer Hall is split into Speed, Defense and Power Hall. Inner Hall is split into Enforcement, Dou Spirit and Elder Hall. Guo's admin role makes him an Elder.

Admin Guo applauds Wulin's victory over Sun-Moon and says Tang Sect has decided to reward the 5 disciples on the team: 1 free Tang Sect technique and 10k spend-only Tang Sect points. He says to bring Xiaoyan and Xinglan with them later. Incidentally, Wulin has learned Purple Demon Eyes, Mysterious Heaven Art and Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. Xie Xie has learned Mysterious Heaven Art and Perplexing Ghost Steps. La Zhi has Mysterious Jade Hands, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon and Mysterious Heaven Art along with some hidden weapon skills. Xiaoyan has learned Purple Demon Eyes and Mysterious Heaven Art. Finally, Xinglan has learned Mysterious Jade Hands, Mysterious Heaven Art and Perplexing Ghost Steps.

Wulin reserves 2 relics for 1k then leaves. After seeing them off, admin Guo enters a meeting room. There are already 6 people waiting, including a man who Wulin is familiar with, master Zhao. He is displeased because admin Guo calls him brother Guang, nicknamed for his bald head. Admin Guo gives his evaluations of the children. Wulin and La Zhi are highly considered while Xie Xie needs more polish. He recommends sending them to Dou Spirit Hall. The presiding young man asks for everyone's opinion. A muscular man suggests his Defense Hall should take them to master Zhao's protest, who argues for his Power Hall. The young chairman pacifies the argument. He decides to leave the children to admin Guo and the Dou Spirit Hall, who he calls little Guo. Moreover, when Wukong can use 3-word armor, he can enter Elder Hall. The man then says that he will leave to the academy. The 5 subordinates call him Palace Master. The Palace Master teleports away.

Back at the dorm, the 3 boys show each other how to use Purple Demon Eyes and Perplexing Ghost Steps. In the distance, Zheng Yu is jealous of their luck. Yuan En asks if he didn't just break to lv40. Zheng Yu confirms and challenges her for after he gets his 2nd familiar. Yuan En's laugh annoys him. Gu Yue finally leaves her room, looking a little weak. Wulin immediately goes to greet her. He then asks her to talk with him in private. Behind them, Xie Xie evilly whistles while Yuan En narrows her eyebrows.

The 2 go to to Gu Yue's room. Wulin asks her to be honest. Gu Yue is surprised and looks away, denying any knowledge. After realizing that he is asking about Divine Dragon Transformations and not other things, she blushes red and kicks him in the leg. Wulin fakes pain while laughing. Gu Yue clearly states that she improvised the name to Wulin's disbelief. Before leaving, Wulin confirms the fact again but Gu Yue doesn't budge. He powerfully states that lying is for puppy (Nkg: no idea). Gu Yue laughs at him for being childish but Wulin states that he can see she is lying. Gu Yue asks what he is gonna do. Wulin grabs her shoulders and corners her to a wall (Nkg: search for kabe-don). She laughs with a deep blush and asks what Wulin is doing. He replies interrogation. Gu Yue weakly resists but her eyes have a different expression. As Wulin closes the distance, she closes her eyes and touches her lip, turning into a weak lamb.

However, the pressure on her shoulders disappears as Wulin grudgingly admits defeat. Gu Yue stops him from leaving, despite his insistence. He grabs a chair with the newly acquired Ghost Step. Gu Yue is adamant but Wulin says he will keep her secret. Gu Yue finally admits her spirit is a dragon. Elementalist is just how her spirit manifests itself. Wulin is surprised.

Gu Yue tells him about the 7-color Dragon, the emissary of elements. She gathers dark element in her hand, proving that she has control over all 7 elements. Gu Yue explains that her mom tells her to hide her use of dark element for fear of persecution and because of its conflict with light element. Wulin asks about the connection between their spirits. Gu Yue explains that the 7-color Dragon lords over the elements while the Golden Dragon lords over the body. In legend, the Dragon God was split into the Golden Dragon and the 7-color Dragon. For Gu Yue, her dragon won't manifest fully until lv70. However, she can feel traces of the Golden Dragon bloodline in Wulin, thus for him she develops...

Gu Yue stops herself in a blush. She concludes that their Divine Dragon Transformation unites elements and qi into one powerful entity. However, due to insufficient cultivation, the fusion leaves them heavily weakened. Gu Yue asks him to leave after she finishes her story. Wulin accidentally lets slip that their fusion is harmful to him. Gu Yue pursues the topic but old Tang suddenly warns Wulin to not say anything. Wulin lies that it only damages his veins and leaves. Gu Yue has some suspicion.

Outside, Wulin consults old Tang. Old Tang explains that there are holes in Gu Yue's story. Dragon God was split into the Silver Dragon King and Golden Dragon King, not the Golden Dragon and 7-color Dragon. Because the Golden Dragon can be considered a descendant of the GDK, old Tang speculates that the 7-color Dragon is the same for the SDK, yet why it is not just Silver Dragon. Old Tang is suspicious of Gu Yue's inconsistencies. He tells Wulin that the 18 seals' existence must be kept secret. Wulin complies.

The last day of class, grade 1 celebrates their perfect passing rate. The 1st grade year is declared the strongest in Shrek's history because of their accomplishments. Back at the dorm, Wulin asks for everyone's plan for the break. He himself is troubled because the canteen is also on vacation. Gu Yue says she has to go home and then stay at the Pagoda for the month. Xie Xie also has to return home.

Xiaoyan says she will also go back home on the same route as Xie Xie. Zheng Yu will return to his clan to acquire a 2nd familiar. Xinglan will go to a secret place to train her swordmanship before going along with Gu Yue to pick her 2nd familiar. Wulin offers to help her attempt the Tower Assault challenge but she declines as her familiar's requirement is special. La Zhi will also go home but he sets a date to meet up with Xinglan at the Pagoda in half a month. Yuan En is an orphan so she will stay at the academy. As Wulin is also in a similar situation, he offers to keep her company. Gu Yue has a complicated expression on her face. All smile, the 8 co-op students huddle up and make a promise to get started on power armors.

Gu Yue asks Wulin to see her off at the gate. They silently take a stroll. At the gate, Gu Yue says a short farewell. Wulin's bright smile leaves her flustered. She unconsciously touches her lip but quickly runs to a newly-arrived luxurious limo. Wulin catches a taxi to the train station and buys a ticket to Heaven Dou city. Zhenhua has offered a special price for 2 of Wulin's needed relics. On the train, he recalls the hijacking incident and wonders about sister Mo Lan, the head conductor. Just then, he spots a familiar voice. Wulin shouts Mo Lan's name as the head of the normally strong-hearted conductor hugs him with teary eyes and thanks him profusely. Mo Lan takes him to her office.

At the office, Mo Lan cries again. Thanks to Wulin, she survived to see her child. While her father, Mo Wu the Councilor, had tried to stop her from going back to work, Mo Lan refused due to her pride. After her return, Mo Lan is celebrated as a heroine but strangely, Wulin's existence is kept secret by a rumored government's higher-up.

The cover-up was Shrek's method to protect Wulin from the evil spirit master's retaliation. Wulin stops Mo Lan from crying and asks about the evil spirit master Wukong let escape. Mo Lan replies the Federation has sent out the strongest hunters but first, she gives Wulin a gift. It is a VIP-level universal pass for the Federation's train system. The higher-up has approved it for Wulin, allowing him free private level seat for life. Mo Lan asks for his number so he can call her for any problems.

Mo Lan leads him to one of the VIP rooms. She tells him to rest until she comes back. Instead of meditation, Wulin takes a rare well-deserved nap. After some time, a loud explosion wakes him up. A voice asks for Mo Lan in car 9 or they blow up the whole train. From car 13, Wulin rushes to the scene when he hears Mo Lan screaming. Inside car 9, there are mutilated corpses of the heavily-armed guards everywhere. In the middle, a little man dressed in grey clothing is interrogating Mo Lan about Wulin's location.

From his pointer finger, a 30cm bony thorn extends through Mo Lan's shoulder, keeping her hovering. Mo Lan endures. The grey man talks about showing her the horror of the Phosphorous Fire Soul Refinement. With a weird laugh, he conjures a green flame and puts it to Mo Lan's head with his other hand, which looks like a talon. Wulin reveals himself to stop the grey man. However, his Purple Demon Eyes's mental attack is rebounded by the man's green eyes. Wulin collapses. The man laughs for finding his target so easily. He aims to not let them die so easily as he puts the flame to Mo Lan's temple.

Mo Lan screams as her head turns green, her body shakes and the wound from the bone thorn expands with blood pouring everywhere. Wulin charges at him, releasing his golden dragon fear claw and dragon shaking at full strength. The grey man uses Mo Lan as a human shield, but Wulin pushes past the seats with ghost step to avoid Mo Lan. The grey man sees the golden eyes, and releases his defences, blocking with 5 bone talons, but the impact sends him flying wedging him into the wall. Wulin's blue silver grass catches Mo Lan and he cuts off the train car with Mo Lan on the safe side, himself and the grey man on the other. The grey man has deep wounds on his chest from the impact, even showing bone. Wulin releases his power armor, but his blue silver grass is burned by the phosphorous flame, and Wulin is stabbed in the chest with the bone talons. Wulin thinks he is going to die, but the grey man begins to torture him, the talons are inserted without hitting any vital spots. He touches Wulin on the forehead with the phosphorous flame blazing, and Wulin feels an extraordinary cold, as if his soul is frozen and shattered into countless pieces. All he can do is scream.

Chapters 471-480

The grey suited man is relishing the screams. The more resentment his victims hold and the stronger their soul force, the greater the power he gains from Phosphorous Fire Soul Refinement. All of a sudden, Wulin's forehead shines golden, and the wildfire inside Wulin is extinguished. The grey man screams , and retreats, while Wulin's eyes turn gold and blue and a golden trident symbol shines from his forehead. The grey man curses and vows to kill Wulin as he just lost 10% of his cultivation. However, he is slowed by Wulin's gaze mid-charge. Wulin's eyes are not those of children but of endless wisdom. Wulin calmly moves his hand and seals his wounds. The forehead mark that devoured the fire appears again, taking on a trident shape.

Wulin, now a completely different person, summons a 4m long double headed golden spear in his right hand. The golden light spread as his body becomes intangible, like it is phasing out of this dimension. The grey suited man feels the dread of death and tries to escape from the light. Before he can react, he is impaled to the ground by the spear, and his vitality and spirit power are quickly consumed. His glow slowly enters "Wulin"'s body. "Wulin" exclaims he has reaped what he sowed with an uncharacteristic melodious voice. He feels around his face and smirks slightly. The man's body is thrown out of the car as he is trapped inside his own world, tortured and dissolved by his own Phosphrous Fire. A Spirit Emperor evil spirit master has perished. "Wulin" sighs and recalls the spear into his right hand. He lies down as the golden light disperses.

Several breaths later, the sky turns red as an eye appears in mid-air. Spotting Wulin, a person in beautiful red armor, with flame pattern and a pair of batwing, appears above him. In the distance, a corp of purple mechs also arrive, led by a black 8m commander unit. The commander stops at a distance and introduces himself as Heaven Dou 1st Mech Company's leader, Captain Liu An. Calling the red-armor person Majesty, he politely asks for their identity.

The person releases his armor, revealing himself as Zhenhua, a 4-word armor master. He picks Wulin up with a worried look. Just 10 minutes ago, Wulin dialed him for reinforcement. Finding Wulin's pulse, Zhenhua happily sends in his spirit power. He tells the captain to resume investigation while he returns to the Guild. Only a burnt shrub is found. The evil spirit master is not found, as his body has burnt to ash.

Wulin feels like he is on a small boat in the middle of a storm. As the boat stabilizes and pleasure replaces pain, Wulin gradually awakes to a white ceiling. It doesn't seem like a prison but what makes Wulin happier is that his Spiritual force(aka mental strength) has grown to Mental Sea level, which is enough until lv70. Wulin starts recovering with Mysterious Heaven art, estimating it would take 3 days. While doing so, he recalls the grey man's overwhelming strength and wonders about Mo Lan's situation. Wulin decides to figure out his current whereabout, first by getting off the bed and changing into new clothes. Just then, Zhenhua enters. The old man is surprised Wulin can move. While Wulin was unconscious, Zhenhua had sent for many doctors, who were all astonished by the kid's recovery speed even from such grievous wounds.

An experienced healing-type spirit master suggested letting Wulin heal by himself but still, to take only 2 days. Wulin first thanks Zhenhua, assuring the old man of his condition. He then asks about Mo Lan. Zhenhua replies she has taken great brain damage, affecting her soul, and is still in a coma. Zhenhua agrees to Wulin's request to take him for a visit. But first, they visit the Consul office to make a report.

Captain Liu An is waiting for them on arrival. He asks Zhenhua to wait for the Consul, Mo Wu, but he declines. Liu An obliges and takes Wuling's report. The captain gains great respect for Wulin knowing he was the Shrek student that stopped the last hijacking. Just then, Mo Wu arrives with a worried expression. He apologizes for the trouble under his governing and thanks Wulin for his deeds. On receiving Liu An's finished report, Mo Wu stops on "Phosphorous Fire Soul Refinement". Wulin confirms the fact and asks about Mo Lan. Holding himself back from crying, Mo Wu reveals himself as her father, telling Wulin to call him uncle and thanks him again. Wulin wonders if Mo Lan's situation has gotten worse.

Mo Lan is unable to wake up from her coma due to extreme brain damage. To Wulin's request, Zhenhua promises to call for a Title Douluo healer. Mo Wu's hope is returned. He happily leads the 2 guests to Mo Lan's hospital. (Nkg: seems like all registered Title Douluos are now considered nobles in the Federation).

Mo Lan is inside an ICU, kept alive by an extensive life support system. Everyone has complicated expression seeing her deplorable state. Wulin cries clenching his fists and curses his weakness. A small boy asks why Wulin is crying. Wulin realizes it is Mo Lan's son, Bao Bao, who still doesn't know about his mother's state. Wulin gives the kid a hug. A 27-28yo man, Mo Lan's husband, asks Wulin to not let Bao Bao see into the ICU. Wulin apologizes to the man but he blames himself while shedding tear. Bao Bao also cries with his father, who hugs and calms him down. Seeing this scene, Wulin resolves himself to be stronger, not because of his childhood dream to be a powerful spirit master but to gain the ability to protect justice and destroy evil.

Zhenhua pats Wulin's shoulder. Wulin asks him why there is so much evil. Zhenhua sighs and says that if there is good, there must be evil; one can only fight instead of complaining. To Wulin's regret, Zhenhua tells him he already did his best. Zhenhua advises him to put his life first as the seed of good must survive. Zhenhua truly admires Mu Chen's teaching and promises himself to do all he can for Wulin.

After an hour, a young woman arrives. Wulin is surprised to see elder Ya Li, the vice-master of Sea God Court. The elder praises Wulin and pats his head, giving him some healing energy. Ya Li's eyebrows narror seeing Mo Lan's state. She swiftly enters the ICU, covered in a white light for decontamination. Ya Li touches Mo Lan's shaved head and begins the healing process. Her rings float up, scaring everyone: 6 B 3 R. Wulin wishes he would be that strong one day while Mo Wu is estatic on realizing it is the Holy Spirit Douluo.

Not many people know about the Holy Spirit Douluo's legend as she is too humble but there are many records about her in the Federation. Her spirit is a peculiar healing-type called Supplication (Nkg: wishing for a deity) Angel. Ya Li is good-natured despite a poor upbringing. Although she had become a spirit master, Ya Li still stayed in the slum to help the poor, unknowingly becoming powerful through her generous acts. Supplication Angel's cultivation is fueled by Faith Power. Each person she heals grants her some power, a fact she only discovered when she surprisingly became a Spirit King.

50 years ago, a great plague swept through the continent. Ya Li was then a Spirit Saint. In 15 days, she traveled through all 14 regions to cure people. At the end of it, she had aged 50 years and was on her last breath back at Shrek. However, when her patients began to recover, massive amount of Faith Power flowed in. Ya Li slept for a year and directly became a Title Douluo, setting the record for fastest time.

Ya Li declined the Federation's invitation and requested them to keep her existence a secret. However, the patients still remembered their angel and soon she became the continent's number 1 idol. Nowadays, she mostly stays at Shrek until the world needs her power again.

There is another famous story about the Holy Spirit Douluo. In her youth, she was pursued by many Title Douluos. One of them issued a challenge for her hand, asking for every Douluos below 40yo. He went on to defeat 16 of them; 3 were 3-word masters and the rest 2-word. 10 years later, he became the strongest Douluo and took the bride home. They are considered a couple made in heaven. The man has sworn to devote his life to protect Ya Li and stepped back in the shadow.

Although elder Ya Li doesn't look a day over 28yo, she is actually around her 80s while her husband is in his 100s. The elder covers Mo Lan in a yellow light. She summons a mini-angel with 3 pairs of wings, which then enters Mo Lan's body. The light swirls around Mo Lan's body, hovering her in the air. After some time, green fume is expelled from Mo Lan's body and then devoured by the light. The angel exits from Mo Lan's body as her hair grows back with just a touch by Ya Li. Mo Lan regains her normal appearance, looking like she is only asleep.

Her job done, Ya Li exits the room. Before any celebration, Ya Li states that Mo Lan has only escaped the critical zone. There is a chance she may not wake up and even if she does, there would still be memory loss due to brain damage. She hands Mo Wu a card so he can schedule a follow-up appointment. Zhenhua respectfully thanks her for the hard work, even though they are supposed to be on the same level. Ya Li tells him she will leave first and asks Wulin if he wants to come along. Mo Wu is astonished as Wulin is only an outer school student; Ya Li must really like the kid.

Wulin refuses as he still has to study under Zhenhua. Elder Ya Li smiles and leaves. The doctor announces that Mo Lan has stablized enough to move to a normal room. Mo Wu thanks Wulin again and tells him to visit.

Wulin spends the next 10 days working at the Guild and enjoying good food. Zhenhua offers to trade the 2 relics for Wulin's products- an excuse for training Wulin. The old man even teaches Wulin his personal techniques. Zhenhua evaluates that disregarding cultivating, Wulin would be a rank 6 blacksmith with 50% fusion forging success rate. On the last day, Zhenhua promises to make Wulin's rank 6 badge. He also advises the kid to focus on cultivation and if he can, find a natural training space suitable for Blue Silver Grass. Zhenhua then hands Wulin his final ingredients.

Due to his position, Zhenhua is unable to take Wulin back to Shrek himself. Instead, captain Liu An acts as Wulin's bodyguard. While Wulin is fascinated by the black level mech, the captain is also curious about the young hero.

Despite Shrek's request to keep Wulin a secret, Mo Wu still manages to request 2 honored citizen medals for Wulin and Mo Lan. The medal entitles the holder to an 8% discount on goods and services in Heaven Dou city. Wulin asks Liu An about the operation of the mech. The mech copies the motion of the user. The more advanced the mech, the more it depends on manual control. Black level mechs are extremly rare due to the government's quota. Moreover, the government only provides the spirit guide circuit; the users must provide the rest of the material. Liu An complains that while his career looks prestigious, he is still strapping for cash to upgrade his mech parts to spirit forging level. Wulin senses a business opportunity. He tells Liu An that Shrek academy can achieve the same quality cheaper than the Heaven Dou Forging Guild. Liu An's eyes light up.

They quickly arrive at Shrek's city outskirt. Due to law governing mech masters, Liu An drops him off before the city limit. Wulin calls for a cab toward the Tang Sect HQ. He has formulated a money making scheme: buying material at Heaven Dou with discount, fulfilling Liu An's order and gaining new customers from him. The future ingredients for unsealing can also be bought at Heaven Dou.

Combined with selling any products <80% to Tang Sect and the academy, Wulin's income would be sustainable. After getting the 2 reserved relics at the HQ, Wulin is back at the dorm by noon. He finds some food first due to the canteen's closure and plans to find Luanshi after breaking the 4th seal.

Wulin knocks on Yuan En's door. Yuan En tells him to enter, currently busy cleaning. Wulin blushes to find her in short spats and asks if he can come back later. Yuan En doesn't turn back and comments that Wulin doesn't like women due to seeing him with Zheng Yu. While discomforted, she tries to not pry. Wulin complains about that comment. Yuan En asks about his trip to Heaven Dou. Wulin tells her about his run-in with the evil spirit master. Yuan En clenches her fist clearly in a bad mood. To Wulin's question, she replies it is just some past incidents. Wulin tells her he doesn't know what happened after he fainted. Yuan En agrees with Wulin that it is weird that the attacker escaped, leaving his target alive. She confirms Wulin is in good health with a slight smile.

Wulin asks Yuan En a favor. He wants her to guard him while in seclusion, estimating it would take from 3-7 days. He offers her one forging product. Yuan En agrees and says he can't take back his offer. She wants a >90% piece. Wulin negotiates it down to 80% cause it would take too long otherwise.

Back in his room with the curtain closed, Wulin pulls out a wooden box, 2 jade boxes and a metal box. He hopes it is a long-range skill this time. The wooden box contains a thousand-year Heaven Passing Chrysanthemum's Strange Bud. Its effect is boosting strentgth. The 1st jade box contains a thousand-year Pine Fir Lingzhi Mushroom, also known as Red Lingzhi Mushroom. Its effect is strengthening internal organs. The 2nd jade box contains around 30-40 pieces of thousand-year Life-Life Fruits. The fruits seem to emit breathes of life itself. The last metal box contains what looks like a piece of black metal around the size of a hand. On a closer look, there are 11 loops of dark purple lines engraved on the surface.

Thousand-year Purple Cloud Wood is even tougher than metal and has a strong metal toxicity. Its effect is making the body stronger and more limber. Wulin soaks and gradually mixes in the chrysanthemum, red mushroom and the wood in a bucket of water, noting that this mix strengthens the effect of the wood and removes its toxin, making this a very valuable recipe if anyone ever found out and would raise the price of the ingredients. He then tosses the life fruits in his mouth and chugs the bucket of medicine down. The feeling from the medicine is wonderful but the taste is sour and salty. Churning his stomach, Wulin would have vomitted if it wasn't for spending that much money. He sits down to meditate and his body turns red.

Outside, Yuan En stands guard at the door. Smelling a rich aroma of herbs with a refreshing feeling, she sits down in meditation. Inside, Wulin suddenly feels an explosion inside his body. His body and blood all start glowing golden. This is the 1st time he is conscious for an unsealing, so he wasn't aware of the process. With his mind clear, he senses the 4th seal has broken, releasing power throughout his veins, quickly getting absorbed by his body.

Chapters 481-490

Wulin feels this is his easiest unsealing. His breath gets more intense as the scales begin to cover the rest of his upper body. Wulin's first golden ring emerges. A 2nd ring begins to form, first white then also turns to golden. Wulin's skeleton cracks as he grows taller. Under his qi's influence, Wulin's spirit power is refined. Wulin doesn't know that his spirit power has been under constant compression by his qi. This method of cultivation is only available to Spirit King and above and is also the reason for Wulin's "slow" training. Otherwise, in term of spirit power quantity only, Wulin would not have been able to match Yuan En. He enters deep meditation.

Yuan En wakes up outside to the 2nd day's morning. She is happy that thanks to the medicine, her body has been purged of impurities. Yuan En is lucky for such a boon. Because Wulin had eaten a lot of good stuff with Zhenhua, he didn't absorb much medicine. Yuan En probably inhaled 1/3 of the bucket of old Tang's best medicine. However, being covered in dirt, she really needs to take a shower but still has to stand guard for Wulin. Yuan En decides to take a public shower because they are supposedly the only 2 there and Wulin is confirmed to still be in deep meditation.

After enjoying the cold shower, Yuan En get dressed. "Tch", goes a small sound yet very noticeable in the calm morning. Surprised, she turns to the source. A small streak of blood flows from the bush. Yuan En yells and turns into Titan Ape form. A voice weakly begs for mercy, saying he has just arrived. Many Air Cannons unleash toward the target but Xie Xie shows his mettle as an agility-type. The culprit identified, Yuan En curses why it is him and yells that she is going to kill him. Originally, Xie Xie already arrived home for a happy reunion. However, he was frustrated with his slow training speed compared to at the academy so he decided to go back. To make it a surprise for Wulin and Yuan En, he sneaked back quickly just this morning.

Xie Xie just barely caught a glimpse of Yuan En when he got a nosebleed and subsequequently noticed. Feeling unjust because Yuan En took a shower in his yard, Xie Xie wants to reason but Yuan En is still in rage. Perplexing Ghost Steps pushed to the max, Xie Xie nimbly avoids the full-power Air Cannons. He technically can escape from the dorm but this would bring the attention of the enforcers and more embarrassment to Yuan En. Yuan En uses her 4th skill, Great Demon Titan. She shoots 2 Air Cannons into each other, the shockwave knocking Xie Xie down. Xie Xie uses his 3rd skill, Light Dragon Clone and splits in 2 different directions. The 2 Xie Xie individualy dodge Yuan En's attacks, running all over the place.

Yuan En yells at him to hold still but Xie Xie, now disgruntled, answers stopping would be stupid. Yuan En switches to Fallen Angel. She uses her new self-created skill, Dark Sky Curtain, an AoE debuff. Under its effect, the guinea pigs are slowed down. His clone is destroyed by Yuan En in Titan Ape form. She then arrives before Xie Xie and throws a fist, but this time holding back. Xie Xie accepts his fate. He is blown backward but with no wound miraculously. Wulin has awakened and blocked the fist. Xie Xie asks for help and Wulin sighs why he teases Yuan En again.

Yuan En is surprised Wulin easily stoped her punch. He asks what Xie Xie did. Yuan En blames him and runs away with her clothes. With Wulin turned to him, Xie Xie explains what happenned. Wulin can't clearly say who is right or wrong and it is also partly his fault. After some time, Yuan En returns, still wanting to tear Xie Xie apart. Wulin tries to excuse for Xie Xie, telling him to apologize. Xie Xie complies but Yuan En angrily flexes 2 fingers saying 2 times can't be coincident. Xie Xie can't say anything.

Wulin offers to forge her a free >85% piece but she refuses as her chastity can't only be worth that much. Wulin grudgingly says it is not clearly anyone's fault and asks her to name her price. Yuan En frustratedly retorts that someone who likes guys can't understand her feeling. Wulin changes expression and stops Yuan En's rant. Yuan En freezes and thinks she has offended him for his preference but Wulin asks her to rewind the "likes men" part. After her explanation, it is Wulin's turn to be angry at Xie Xie. Xie Xie admits he forgot to explain the previous misunderstanding to Yuan En. Wulin joins Yuan En's side. Xie Xie gives up on escaping as it would be futile with those 2 anyway.

With a big smile, Wulin puts Xie Xie in the chickenwing and tells Yuan En to punish him. Yuan En cocks her fist but she then runs away in tears instead. Wulin decides to forget his grudge. Xie Xie sighs that he would rather be hit. Wulin gets serious and asks if Xie Xie really likes Yuan En. Xie Xie nods but admits it would be impossible after this. Wulin says that he doesn't understand love stuff but people miss 100% of the shots they don't take. He tells Xie Xie to think carefully and leaves to find food.

Like after every unsealing, Wulin is starving. His spirit power has concentrated even more. He estimates that with this slow speed, he might not be able to reach 4 ring level at 15yo. Seeing Wulin leave, Xie Xie is a little bit stumped. Yuan En's figure has been engraved in his innermost thoughts. He gathers Yuan En's dirty clothes she left behind then washes them. He then cleans the yard and hangs the clothes to dry then puts her bucket back in Yuan En's usual spot. Xie Xie realizes he knows Yuan En very well.

The 2 are alone. Gathering his bravery, Xie Xie knocks on Yuan En's door and says her laundry is ready. No reply. Xie Xie asks her out for breakfast. Yuan En only gives 1 word: scram. Xie Xie tests his face's thickness. He begins to confess. He has been helping her with chores because that is the most he can do to make up for the previous incident. Yuan is at first furious but she becomes stunned. Xie Xie continues that the chores soon became his habit and honestly, he doesn't regret being hit as Yuan En is really beautiful. The days that he can't see her are painful and the real reason he returned so quickly was because of Yuan En. Xie Xie apologizes again but he still says that it was just a little peek.

Yuan yells at him to get out. However, Xie Xie instead proposes to her because he feel responsible. The room falls silent. Xie Xie says that they can make an engagement because they are still young and that his family would take good care of her. Yuan En finally comes out with a big smile but with red eyes, saying she would help him move. In Titan Form, Yuan En grabs Xie Xie by the lapel and turns him into a shooting star. She then retrieves her clothes and slams the door shut.

Xie Xie's horrific scream ends when he hits a tree at the Spirit Ice square. Xie Xie tumbles and manages to soften the landing. He wonders if liking Yuan En is right as this is too violent. A middle-aged man laughs, applauding the flying man. The short-haired man looks like your typical neighborhood uncle, his smile missing a tooth. He seems to be a custodian with a broom in hand. Xie Xie asks the uncle who he is. The man is angry at being called old. He asks if Xie Xie is an agility type. Xie Xie applauds that even Shrek's custodian is that knowledgeable. The man asks if he is looking down too much and challenges him to a bet. Within 10 minutes, if Xie Xie can take the man's broom, he wins. The pot is 100 points.

Xie Xie declines as he doesn't take gift but the man condescendingly taunts him. Xie Xie agrees and charges without warning, learning from Wulin. The man fakes being surprised and drops the broom. Xie Xie misses and goes for a 2nd pass but this time the broom sticks to the man's feet. Xie Xie gets serious and releases his spirit. The man smiles and announces that the countdown has begun. Xie Xie keeps missing. The broom seems to be alive but the man only moves from the waist up.

Xie Xie even summons his clones to no avail. Time's up. Xie Xie is exhausted. The uncle asks who threw him earlier. Seeing Xie Xie's disatisfaction, he explains that Xie Xie's form is good but speed is only acceptable. He emphasizes that for the agility attackers, power is more important than speed. To Xie Xie's doubt, the uncle explains that power is the basis because all that matters is eliminating the opponent. Speed alone is not enough against the defense of mech armors or power armors.

The uncle tells Xie Xie to hold up his dagger. With a flash of his hand, a strand of hair penetrates the dagger into Xie Xie's shoulder. The man tells him that speed can enhance power to another level. Xie Xie is impressed and asks the uncle to teach him. The man tells him to wait here the next day's morning. His name is Liang Xiao Yu but Xie Xie can call him brother Liang. He also has a nickname, Shan Xi Xiao Li Ming (Nkg: little Li Ming of the west mountain). His hometown is on a mountain to the west and he looks like a fellow townman, once-famous singer Li Ming. Xie Xie twitchs, snarking about his appearance but brother Liang laughs away. However, when Xie Xie comments about not wasting his hair, the near-bald man mutters that Xie Xie deserves to have been thrown.

Wulin finishes the 10th bowl at the noodle shop that La Zhi introduced him to. He chuckles about Xie Xie and Yuan En's fate encounter. Xie Xie can sort his own business out, he thought. Wulin gives Wukong a call. The teacher tells him to go to the inner school. Wulin is eager to test out his new power. At Sea God Lake, Wukong arrives on a small boat. On the way, the teacher mentions Wulin's encounter with the evil spirit master. Wukong warns that Wulin has caught the attention of the evil organization. From now on, Wulin has to ask for permission before leaving Shrek.

While crossing the lake, Wulin feels the breath of life surrounding him, something that he was not able to notice until now with his current level of cultivation. While he is taking it in, he sees another boat, with a girl the same age as him. She is stunningly beautiful, with silver hair and a red inner school uniform, though Wulin feels she is familiar. He is staring a bit, and Wukong hits him to get his attention. She is the disciple of the Sea God Courtmaster, and as such is a special case, remaining in the inner court even when the others were removed. Wondering what her name is because she seems so familiar, he asks Wukong, but he rebukes him and they go inside. Luanshi is waiting with Chen Yi. He is in a good mood because earlier, Ya Li asked him about Wulin. In front of his teacher, he is told to release his full powered dragon shaking, before he will be taught new techniques.

For Wulin, Long Jing Tian's importance is only 2nd to Mysterious Heaven art because of the inverse blood flow boosting. While Wulin's cultivation is not even notable among the 1st year, his offensive power is among the best. His only weakness is the poor quality of BSG. The teachers are not worried about Wulin failing the inner school's entrance test because his forging talent is more than enough.

Wulin begins to gather qi. The spectators are surprised seeing his new 2nd golden ring. Golden Dragon Body activates. Scales now completely cover Wulin's upper body while he seems to grow even taller. He decides to test out what the 2nd ring is. "Clang!" Wuling's body flashes an intense light, surprising everyone. However, nothing happens. Even moreso, Wulin's qi seems to have weakened. Wulin wants to cry. Even if it is not a ranged attack, why would it be a cosmestic skill.

Leaving the distraction aside, Wulin still conjures a golden dragon head's phantom. Luanshi's eyebrows curl as he blocks the attack. Golden light dyes the room, only fading away after a few seconds. Luanshi nods as the attack has at least 30% mastery. For the next hour, Luanshi gives him some pointers. Wulin is still disatisfied with his 2nd ring and decides to ask old Tang. However, he doesn't reply. He tries the 2nd skill several times but aside from the 2s flash, only his qi is weakened yet at twice the consumption of Golden Dragon Body.

At dinnertime, Chen Yi has prepared a lot of food, but Wulin still gulps it all down. She teases him if he can make enough money for food but Wulin honestly answers that elder Feng has promised to feed him as long as he stays. Luanshi doubts that Wu Yu is that generous but Wulin tells him that according to Zhenhua, he can become a rank 6 by lv 40. His interest piqued, Luanshi wonders if they should use relics to raise Wulin to lv40.

Wulin declines due to the side-effect. Not knowing that it was the famous Zhenhua who made this evaluation, Luanshi warns him to be realistic and not fall for flattery. Just then, Wu Yu arrives to laugh at Luanshi. He scolds Wulin for not visiting him first then calls Luanshi stupid for not knowing about Zhenhua and Wulin's relationship. The 2 get in their monthly brawl again. Chen Yi, Wukong and Wulin all evacuate. Wukong tells Wulin to walk off his food, assuring the hungry student that there would be more later. Incidentally, Sea God Island is having a food shortage due to Wulin.

On his stroll, Wulin hears a familiar smile. Following it to the source, he sees 2 people sitting on a makeshift swing hanging from a tall tree. Wulin feels his world overturned as elder Ya Li is sitting in the lap of a young man while the 2 embrace. Noticing Wulin peeking, the young man smiles and tells the blushing Ya Li it is time to leave. The 2 disappear in a flash of white light. Wulin decides he has not seen anything and turns back. As if it was fate, he encounters the silver-haired girl in red uniform.

The 4 eyes meet as they both uncontrollably shake. Wulin mutters "Na?". Na Er also recognizes him. She jumps into Wulin's arms as they both cry. After calming down, Na Er asks why Wulin is at Shrek. Wulin tells her about the years apart. Before Na Er can tell her side of story, Wulin gets a phone call. Wukong tells him to return quickly. Wulin has to leave but he asks Na Er to meet again the next day. After a farewell hug, Na Er looks after Wulin's shadow while playing with her lip.

Wukong tells Wulin to rest for the day. However, he can't enter meditation with how much that has happened. The next day, after training, Wulin find Na Er waiting for him. To Wulin's question, Na Er explains that her silver eyes are the result of her spirit's awakening. After her clan found her, they performed an awakening ritual for her spirit. At 8yo, the clan sent her here to study under the Courtmaster. Wulin senses that there is more she is not telling. Na Er put his hand on her cheek, recalling Wulin's promise of buying her food. The 2 happily leave to Wulin's favorite snacking place.

Shrek's co-op dorm, brother Liang is training Xie Xie to enter the "man, sword as one" state. He criticizes Xie Xie's speed and tells him to concentrate all his power in the strike. Xie Xie appreciates brother Liang's meticulous teaching, who manages to identify all of Xie Xie's faults.

Brother Liang dismisses Xie Xie for the day then disappears. Xie Xie has many unanswered questions about his teacher. Brother Liang doesn't look like a teacher yet he can go and leave Shrek as he pleases. Xie Xie returns to the dorm. While he is washing his face, Yuan En goes out to eat. She ignores Xie Xie but he insists on following. Calling him multiple names because they can't fight in public, Yuan En increases her speed but Xie Xie still catches up.

They arrive at a snack shop near Shrek. Yuan En orders 2 pieces of squid and 2 pieces of tofu skin. Xie Xie matches her order and offers to pay. The 2 get in another argument. Just then, they hear a familiar voice ordering 50 pieces of squid. Xie Xie is enchanted by Na Er while Yuan En is surprised that Wulin is with another girl. Wulin also sees them and introduces his sister. Na Er greets them, but shyly hides behind Wulin's back. The 4 chat until their order arrive. The siblings showcase their eating ability. Wulin orders another 50 squid sticks, 50 goat sticks and 50 chicken sticks.

Chapters 491-500

After 5 years, Na Er still doesn't lose to Wulin's eating. Xie Xie asks if it is their family's tradition and tells her to not copy Wulin but the elder brother scolds him as being able to eat is a blessing. Wulin senses that Na Er purposely avoids topic about her family but he doesn't care as long as she is his sister. Due to Wulin's big order, there is a long line of customers waiting. A group of tattooed men make perverted comments about Na Er. The owner gives Wulin 5 more squid sticks then tells them to leave quickly before there is trouble. The group was students expelled from Shrek and they have a grudge as a result. Wulin assures the owner as they stand up to leave.

Outside, the men block their path. The leader, Feng Ling, challenges the Shrek students to a bet. If Wulin can take a single blow, he can leave. If not, he has to crawl under Feng Ling's legs and admits that Feng Ling is stronger than Shrek. Wulin comments that they are bullying with age as the man seems to be at least 7 or 8 years older.

Na Er announces she will solve it, and in a flash has a silver lance pointed at the bully's throat. Na Er is holding a 4m long silver scaled two-edged spear, with 3 purple and 1 black spirit ring. Unable to mobilize his soul force due to the terror, he retreats. Wulin feels his qi trying to break out under Na Er's pressure. Even Wulin, Xie Xie and Yuan En are stunned, as they leave. Wulin and Na Er retreat to the inner court, while Xie Xie and Yuan En return to the dorm. Xie Xie asks Yuan En what to do about this and Gu Yue, but Yuan En says he is weak because his head is full of these things. He asks if she will marry him if one day he becomes stronger than her, but she ignores him and leaves. Xie Xie pumps himself up as she at least didn't refuse.

On the boat to the inner school, Na Er tells Wulin that her spirit is called Bright Silver Dragon Spear. Wulin feels familiar with the name. The siblings agree to meet again. Several day pass. On the 6th day, Luanshi teaches Wulin the next step, Long Han Di (Dragon Shakes Earth). However, Wulin still has not discovered the effect of his 2nd golden ring. After being told everything except for the seals, Na Er suggests that it is a defense skill. Na Er swipes a test strike at Wulin's chest. She feels her qi sucked out on contact. As for Wulin, he doesn't feel any pain but receives a large amount of external power. He instinctively fires a Long Jing Tian imbued fist at the sky. Its strength is boosted by 30-40%. It seems the skill is also supportive. Na Er tests it again, this time stabbing at Wulin's right arm. Wulin flashes again. He stomps on the ground unleashing 8 dragon phantoms in all directions, performing Long Han Di.

Na Er jumps to the air but she still stumbles slighly due to the shockwave. Wulin earlier told her that Long Han Di's safe zone is atop his head. Wulin is not hurt at all. Na Er tells him her speculation. His 2nd skill allows 1 second of invicibility as well as converts any attacks into energy for Wulin. Wulin happily asks Na Er to use her full strength. Wulin can safely use the 2nd skill 4-5 times. Na Er gathers her qi. In Wulin's eyes, she seems to have disappeared. A 1m spear tip shoots forward, colliding with Wulin. He receives a huge amount of energy and feels like a dragon is trying to escape from his body. With his best effort, Wulin barely diverts his fist away from Na Er. The dragon head phantom lasts for 3 seconds, leaving a weakened Wulin.

Na Er recalls her spirit and tells Wulin even her best effort cannnot penetrate his defense. Wulin has his own finding. The stronger the attack, the more energy he absorbs. However, too much energy leads to backlash though the attack must be 2 or 3 times stronger than his normal defense to cancel the skill. Na Er congratulates Wulin on gaining a godly skill and asks if he has a name in mind. She suggests Golden Dragon Tyrannical Body.

Luanshi quickly finds out his grand-disciple's genius, having mastered 70-80% of Long Han Di. Before he leaves, the elder tells him to focus on raising cultivation. Wulin resolves to reach lv40 by the 3rd semester. Incidentally, 1 Shrek's semester lasts a year so the 4th semester would be Wulin's 2nd grade. Before he returns, Wulin goes to say goodbye Na Er. She refuses to let go of him.

The siblings exchange numbers. Wulin promises Na Er to enter Sea God Island as soon as he can. After Wulin leaves, Ya Li appears next to Na Er. It seems her husband is the Courtmaster and they both have adopted Na Er. Ya Li hugs and comforts Na Er that Wulin will definitely enter the inner school. Na Er asks why not now and Ya Li replies that jade needs to be polished. Moreover, next year, Na Er will be on an excursion. Na Er refuses and wheedles in Ya Li's embrace.

Back in the co-op dorm, La Zhi welcomes Wulin back. He just returned along with Xinglan from their secret training spot. His sharp sense detects that Wulin has made a breakthrough. He reports that Gu Yue and Xiaoyan have not returned. Xie Xie left first thing in the morning while Zheng Yu and Yuan En are back in their room. Wulin visits Yuan En and promises that he would get started on her metal. However, when he mentions the Xie Xie's incident, Yuan En shuts the door in his face.

Elder Feng has not forced Wulin to forge in a long time because he agrees with the others that Wulin needs to raise his cultivation first. Before returning to his workshop, Wulin 1st receives good news that Mo Lan has awakened. Xiaoyan also just came back. She has gotten more confident after her spirit was upgraded. She first goes back to clean her room. Outside the dorm, Wulin sees another familiar face. Gui Xing, who is now on much better terms with Wulin along with the other 4 geniuses, has come to give Wulin an invitation. They are holding a friendly in-class tourney.

Wulin asks if this is a challenge. Gui Xing answers that they only want to test the fruit of their training. He sets the time for afternoon the next day. Gui Xing warns Wulin to be careful yet asks him to not use his fusion. Wulin agrees. He doesn't tell his teammates because he is confident.

Returning from the workshop after dark, Wulin is surprised his skill has not rusted. He delivers a 89% piece to a satisfied Yuan En. Xie Xie and Gu Yue are still not back. Wulin calls Gu Yue. She happily answers that she is near the gate with some good food for him. Wulin feels a weird happiness, different from when he reunited with Na Er. La Zhi looks at Wulin hurriedly go with a big smile. Wulin bumps into Xie Xie, who is covered in sweat and dirt. To Wulin's question, he answers that it is a secret.

Letting Wulin go, Xie Xie goes wash up. He feels strangely comfortable being abused by brother Liang's training. It turns out that Liang Xiao Yu is the head of Tang Sect's Speed Hall. Xie Xie has been studying at one of their facilities. Brother Liang sniped Xie Xie before the other halls could as he is impressed by the kid's masochism. Xie Xie has set his goal as beating Yuan En then marrying her. He is unknowingly being watched by Yuan En from behind a curtain. For some reason, she is curious what he's been up to.

Wulin gets to Shrek's main gate with a strange expectation for Gu Yue. On arrival, Gu Yue gets 3 boxes of 9 dishes along with 20 dumplings from the limo's trunk. They have a picnic at the nearby garden. While the taste is not the best that Wulin has experienced, the cook is still very highly skilled, using many rare ingredients.

After Wulin compliments the food, Gu Yue tells him that she just learned to cook. He feels warm inside that the busy Gu Yue would spend her precious time to learn cooking for him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. For Wulin, Gu Yue's position has changed in his heart. On the way back, he keeps gazing at her. Gu Yue is not the prettiest girl Wulin has seen but she has an indescribable temperament. When Gu Yue asks why the stare, he replies she looks beautiful. Gu Yue narrows her eyebrows and lowers her head. She thinks about something and unclenches her left hand. The rest of the stroll is silent.

Back at the dorm, Xiaoyan jumps at Gu Yue welcoming her back. Wulin gathers everyone. To his surprise, Zheng Yu and Yuan En also come. Wulin tells them that it is business related to grade 1. Zheng Yu smiles that they are just gathering intel. Most of their class still doesn't accept losing to the brats and they expect another match this semester. Wulin accepts the challenge. Zheng Yu looks to Yuan En as she is the leader. Turning to his classmates, Wulin announces that Gui Xing has challenged them again. Everyone is raring to go test out their new power.

Night falls. Wulin meditates at a quite spot in the woods to help his cultivation. He actually has the lowest cultivation of the 6 at only lv35. Xiaoyan is lv37. Xie Xie and La Zhi are lv38. Gu Yue is lv39. Xinglan is lv41. At dawn, the other 4 Tang Sect members join him in training Purple Demon Eyes. After breaking into the Mental Sea level, Wulin know exactly how much Mental Force (Nkg: changed from Soul Force after consulting dictionary; this is the numerical value; Soul Force should be the equivalence of spirit power) is gained through Purple Demon Eyes. He wonders how much Mental Force Gu Yue has. After finishing their training, La Zhi advises Wulin that he should rent a specialized training space for better efficiency. La Zhi is surprised that Wulin doesn't know about it after a year at Shrek. Wulin, of course, knows, but it seems too expensive. An hour cost a hundred points, which is the same amount for cleaning the whole Spirit Ice Square. Xinglan sees through his thought process. She assures him that it is well worth the cost. Wulin nods. He still has a large stock of product waiting to be sent to Zheng Yu. He decides to try it tonight but first, it is time for breakfast.

The new semester ceremony is quickly concluded, with elder Cai announcing the victory over Sun-Moon academy. The students return for their homeroom. Grade 1 excitedly discuss about Gui Xing's group's 2nd challenge. Chen Yi announces the class's objective for this semester: building a prototype 1-word power armor. In Wukong's office, the teacher tells Wulin he would be the referee for their match. He warns Wulin to not underestimate Gui Xing's team as they all finished the 1st minor exam with perfect score. Wulin assures him that his team is stronger. A little bit shakened, Wukong sees his young self in Wulin. He tells Wulin to prove it with actions.

Wulin asks Wukong a favor. He wants to challenge the 3rd grade in the middle of the semester. Wukong is shocked as 3rd grade students are all around 20yo and some of them are already marked for recruitment to the inner school, meaning there are 1-word armor masters. Wukong asks why. Wulin answers that in half a year, he is sure that they would all be equipped with power armors. Moreover, Wulin wants to test his limit. Wukong tells Wulin to ask again when the time comes. Wulin accepts grudgingly.

At the arena, aside from grade 1, there are also people from grade 2 along with Yuan En and Zheng Yu. To Wulin's joke, Yuan En asks if she is not welcomed. The 2 taunt each other. Zheng Yu challenges Wulin to a duel. Wulin easily accepts the bet, making Zheng Yu wonders if he just crawls into a trap.

After Wukong's arrival, the 2 sides get into positions. Yuan En is fairly curious about the confident challengers seeing how she has also lost. Because it is a 5 vs 5, La Zhi is benched. They take the same formations as before. On Wukong's signal, Wulin charges. Shocked by his sudden burst, Nianxia fortifies himself. From the flank, Zi Duo and You Cheng look like they are going for Xinglan and Xie Xie but suddenly change directions to surround the lone Wulin for a 3 on 1. Yuan En wonders how he is going to get out of this.

Gui Xing uses his new 4th skill, 2 Domains Division. This skill enforces a border separating his team and Wulin from the outside word. Going over the border from either side results in being teleported back. Moreover, elemental interations over the border are impossible so Wulin cannot rely on Gu Yue's teleportation. The effect lasts for 5 seconds over an area with radius of 10m. This is Gui Xing's trump card against Wulin's solo charging habit. His teammates quickly descend on Wulin.

Wulin uses BSG Thrusting Array to keep the attackers busy though Nian Xia, You Cheng and Zi Duo still reach him in no time. Moreover, Gui Xing uses Spatial Lock on Wulin. Wulin grits his teeth and perseveres. Xie Xie and Xinglan are at the border ready to go in after 3 more seconds. With Gu Yue's permission, Xiaoyan prepare her staff. Gu Yue tries to disrupt the border with 2 fireballs to no avail. Gui Xing already looks ahead and has Yi Ran prepares a poison smokescren so they can regroup before dealing with the remaining 4. However, being the first to approach Wulin, Zi Duo is surprised to see a smile on his face. She has a cold sweat seeing his 2nd golden ring and stops holding back her attack. Wulin breaks out of the lock, activating Golden Dragon Body.

Chapters 501-600

Chapters 501-510

Wulin's 2nd ring lights up. He takes all 3 attacks without breaking a sweat. The audience have their eyes wide. The 3 attackers are weakened from having their energy absorb. They take the full brunt of Wulin's boosted Long Han Di. You Cheng spits out blood and is evacuated by Wukong. Nian Xia barely withstand the huge blow. Zi Duo, targetted by 3 of the dragons, survives in Hell White Tiger form. However, 2 Domains Division's duration is up. Without missing a beat, 2 fireballs engulf Zi Duo, breaking her fusion form. Xie Xie has his daggers on her throat for the elimination. Gui Xing's reinforcement attempt is stopped by Xiaoyan's Shining Starlight. Feeling a threat, he teleports away immediately. Another starlight falls down from the sky as Xinglan strikes down on Gui Xing's former position. Nian Xia tries to match Wulin's claw strike but he is knocked down on the floor. Gui Xing is again locked by Xiaoyan as Xinglan charges at him. Yi Ran's poison gas attack forces Gu Yue to teleport Xinglan back but not before she eliminates Gui Xing.

In a blink of an eye, the tide has turned to a 5 on 1. Chen Yi and Wukong are astonished. Wukong has reconsidered Wulin's proposal as he now believes in just another year, Wulin can beat the 3rd grade. Outside, Gui Xing is shocked as their best effort to avenge the past defeat has turned to nothing in just a flash. Zheng Yu gulps, feeling that he definitely can't beat Wulin yet. Yuan En finds that the gap between her and Wulin is not so large now. She also notices that Wulin's team has not gone all out. Gui Xing throws in the towel. Wulin goes to shake his hand. Gui Xing admits that he cannot catch up to Wulin and asks if he is even human. Wulin encourages him and sets a rematch after they have both become armor master.

Gui Xing lowers his head, regretting leaving Wulin's team. He didn't know that in fact, Wulin doesn't need to lift a finger as the other 4 are more than capable. However, his goal is to intimidate the grade 2 spectator. Zheng Yu tells Yuan En that grade 1 could have sent a lv40 team in their match. She leaves without a word, her confidence shaken.

Wulin runs to Shrek's training facility. He asks the clerk if there is a bulk discount. Denied, Wulin buys 1 hour for a trial run. The clerk gives him a green card numbered 7. Entering the small room, Wulin hurriedly goes down the stairs. There is a space filled with green a couple of meters underground. Wulin lets out his spirit and feels the extremely intense life force. He believes that it should boost his training speed by 20%, definitely worth the 100 points. Wulin begins to meditate with the hope of reaching lv40. According to Wukong, grade 3's maximum level is around 50.

After Xinglan reached lv40, she's been making prototype power armor for her right hand and forearm with Wulin's material. Becoming lv40 by 16yo, armor master by 18y0, this is Wulin's goal. He painfully spends another 1k points on training until the next day.

The new semester has officially begun. Inspired by Wulin's match with Gui Xing, grade 1 risks their life training. Wulin asks elder Feng if he can sell life-possessing metal to the Shrek Guild. Nowadays, Wulin only has to visit the elder once a week, as long as he can pass a test. Elder Feng is happy as they have low supply- high demand trouble as students don't value smithing as much as training. Wulin wants to sell 30 pieces between 65% and 80%, surprising Wu Yu. Few rank 6 blacksmiths have that much material on hand though Wulin still holds back 50 more. This is from the free material Zhenhua provided. Wulin earns 1,635,300 points. He prepares another 20 pieces for Tang Sect.

Wulin asks if Shrek has driving lessons. He's had enough of taking train. Wu Yu confirms but asks why. Hearing Wulin's goal of visiting Zhenhua, the elder can't hold back a hmph. Still, he agrees to help Wulin to get a mech license. To Wulin's confusion, the elder knocks his head as mech armor doesn't conflict with power armor. Mech armor has its good points, such as low consumption. Wu Yu advises Wulin to take his mech classes seriously later in the semester. Wulin agrees. He thinks about making a set of mech armor.

Elder Feng tells him that the academy has a Mech Guild that can help him build one. He also adds that with permission, travel by mech is much better than car. When Wu Yu hands Wulin the mech catalogue, the kid's mood drops. Yellow-level mech, 1 million points. Purple-level mech, 9 million points. Black-level mech, 30 million points. Wulin gulps and wants to back down to a car but Wu Yu temps him that he can provide his own material and simplify the design to cut down the cost.

Shrek Mech Guild, Zhang Yang sits lazily at the reception. He is 26yo, lvl 51 and already in grade 5 but not yet an armor master as the final 2 components are still being finalized for his armor. Too old for inner school, Zhang Yang has already lined up a manager position at a big company. Still, he has already been at Shrek for so long so he delays graduation to another 3 months.

Just then, the bell rings and a young boy steps in. Zhang Yang exchanges greetings and asks if he is here to join the ~20-man strong guild, though only as a formality because of Shrek's focus on power armor. As expected, Wulin denies though his request to build a yellow power armor surprises Zhang Yang. Even this upperclassman has not seen 1 million points in a decade. After checking Wulin's balance, Zhang Yang gets out a registration form and tells Wulin he needs to make measurements. Wulin first fires off a list of requests: ranged type, light armor, fuel-efficient, stronger energy core, bigger fuel tank... Zhang Yang, a gearhead, tells him that this is what they a call crispy-skinned mech. One melee hit can make it explode. Wulin ignores his warning and asks if he can provide his own material. Zhang Yang tells him that he would only need to pay 480k in that case.

After 2 hours of pre-test, Wulin's measurement comes in at 1m74 and 66kg. Zhang Yang tells him to put down a deposit of 100k and then come back in 10 days to finalize the design and bring the material.<

Zheng Yu is surprised at Wulin's request for 10 tons of Meteor Iron, which would cost millions of federal coins. Wulin offers to trade with 10 pieces of >85% Jade Silver finished within 3 months. Zheng Yu already has 4 pieces and needs 3 more to complete his armor. He accepts the offer at a loss as it is not easy to get such high-level material. By the way, Zheng Yu has made a pact with Yuan En to build power armors. Zheng Yu tells Wulin he will have everything ready in half a month.

Sometime later, Xie Xie asks why Wulin shows his face so little at the dorm. Wulin smiles that it is a secret and tells him to focus on the 2-hour mech class that starts at the end of the week. Xie Xie declines as he is focusing on agility techniques. La Zhi chimes in and says he would put effort in the class as mechs can carry 2 people. He refuses to carry Xie Xie as he is doing it for Xinglan, who probably also has Xie Xie's mindset. When Xie Xie calls him traitor, La Zhi shoots back that he is basically Yuan En's slave. Wulin stops them from fighting and asks Xie Xie's progress with Yuan En. Wulin encourages the deflated Xie Xie.

Several days later, Wulin gets a request from Zhang Yang for another 300k points. The upperclassman was astonished when Wulin brought in thousand-forged Meteor Iron, which is incredibly difficult to work with. Even for purple-level mech, it is too luxurious. When Zhang Yang asked why not a purple-level mech, Wulin thought he was kidding as 9 million is not change. Wulin plans to upgrade directly to black-level when he has the money.

After some intense haggling, Wulin tearfully parts with another 280k. His mech should be ready in 2 months. In class, Xiaoyan is eager to join the elective mech class. Gu Yue passes, still busy as ever though she regularly cooks for Wulin. Once, Wulin tried to share it with Xie Xie and La Zhi but they ran away under Gu Yue's glare. Gu Yue is in doubt that Wulin has time to learn mech driving. However, she relents when hearing about his childhood dream of being a mech master to join the army, before he knew about armor master.

Chen Yi announces class is over. Outside, she is surprised to see the inner school's little princess, Na Er. The class is instantly taken in by Na Er's beauty. When Na Er calls Wulin brother, the boys look at him differently. Nian Xia and Gui Xing greet Na Er, claiming to be Wulin's good friends. After the siblings leave, Nian Xia shamelessly declares he want to be Wulin's brother-in-law. A battle erupts among the boys as Chen Yi wonders why the siblings don't have any resemblance.

In Spirit Ice square, Wulin exclaims Na Er has become an idol. On the way there, seeing them arm-in-arm, much jealousy is sent Wulin's way. Na Er smiles and says she would come find him every Wednesday for snack. Wulin doesn't train until night falls.

The next day, Wulin has become the boss of grade 1's boys. Being served food and water, his mouth twitches and asks them to stay away. Someone asks if they can take the siblings for food. Angered, Gu Yue slams on her desk, emitting powerful mental wave like an erupting volcano.

Elemental particles begin to gather around her, scaring the class into submission. Wulin pulls her arm and says it was just a joke but she throws him off and coldly states "boring". She sits down looking like a block of ice. Wulin asks Xie Xie and the rest whose fault it is. Xie Xie freezes, Xiaoyan laughs while La Zhi points at Wulin. Xie Xie facepalms and tries to give him hint but Wulin still doesn't understand. Just then, Gu Yue drags him toward her and asks what is his true relation to Na Er. Getting Wulin's answer that she is only his adopted little sister, Gu Yue is still in doubt. Wulin smiles and tells everyone that she is only 12, and emphasizes that he would take care of any suitors. Hearing that Na Er is also in the inner school, the boys all resolve to study harder. After Wukong enters the class, seeing that Gu Yue has somewhat regained herself, Wulin teases her if she is jealous and that it is still too early for them. Gu Yue tells him to get. Wukong feels the class's attitude is strange today.

Lunchtime, Wulin invites Gu Yue out like usual. He also invites the other 4 but they all make flimsy excuses. The meal goes as usual. At the end, Gu Yue gets out some tissues and wipes Wulin's mouth like it is normal for her, leaving Wulin stunned. Wulin wonders if she is feeling a threat. Back at the dorm, he asks if she has anything to tell him. Gu Yue denies. Wulin assures her again that Na Er is only his little sister and Gu Yue tells him to remember his words.

The evening mech class is located at Shrek's Southwest mech training ground and only has 15 students from grade 1. The teacher is a huge man named Duan Shang. Duan Shang tells the students to start up their mech, beginning with the radio communication. The training model is the basic white level, 4m tall and 10 tons with medium armor and no arms. Wulin quickly gets in number 1 and operates it. Duan Shang orders the students to get in 1 line for some basic balance drills.

After 3 classes, Duan Shang asks for a demonstration. Wulin volunteers. He is Duan Shang's favorite pupul as Wulin is the first president in mech class in a long time and has great innate talent. Wulin performs a simplified version of Perplexing Ghost Steps, earning Duan Shang's praise.

Back at the dorm, Tang Sect' Shrek branch administrator Guo Xiao Xu is waiting for Wulin. He offers the kid to join Dou Spirit Hall according to Wukong's recommendation. He introduces Dou Spirit Hall as a place where talents are cultivated. They have many enemies but also have Tang Sect's full support. Wulin asks for more explanation on Dou Spirit Hall's function.

Admin Guo states that he cannot reveal much to an outsider. However, Dou Spirit Hall is Tang Sect's investigative arm, mainly against evil spirit masters. Wulin immediately agrees to join. Admin Guo congratulates him and explains the Hall's structure. The members are call Dou warriors, split into 4 levels: white, yellow, purple and black. Their force is currently 200-man strong. Wulin is assigned white-level and will receive contribution points as compensation. Normally, each Dou warrior must complete 3 missions a year though students only need 1 a year. Xiao Xu recommends Wulin schedules it in his break.

The 2 go to Shrek HQ for Wulin's registration. Inside, Wulin is handed a white robe with a hoodie (NKG: think Assassin's Creed), a mask that only leaves the eyes and a badge. Xiao Xu advises Wulin to always keep his identity a secret. Moreover, the badge has a button that would notify any members within a 50km radius for help as well as any one from managers and above. Vice versa, Wulin must put the safety of fellow members first. To be promoted, Wulin must be an armor master as well as complete 10 missions.

Wulin asks why the sect trusts him so much. Admin Guo reveals that prospective recruits have been under monitor ever since they joined Tang Sect. Wulin has distinguished himself from his peers by stopping the 2 terror attacks, exempting him from examination. Admin Guo brings Wulin to their training facility via elevator. Admin Guo tells Wulin he will train 12 hours in Tang Sect's customized dimension. Stepping inside the gate for transfer, Wulin's first thought is he forgot dinner.

On arrival, Wulin recognizes it is the Hero Palace back in East Sea City. He enters the room for plant-type spirits.

There is a jungle inside the room. Wulin realizes this is an even more realistic simulation of Star Dou Forest than the Pagoda's, full of life force. 12 hours pass in a flash. Admin Guo welcomes him back. Wulin claims that at this rate, he would reach lv40 in just another year. Admin Guo tells him the true nature of the dimension: only 1 hour has passed for the 12 Wulin spent training. Therefore, next time, Wulin should do other activities such as forging for better efficiency. However, as a rule, members can only enter the dimension once a week as too much would synchronize their aging to 12x speed. As for Wulin's peculiar bloodline cultivation, admin Guo believes this is the first case on historical record and tells Wulin to visit him often if he has any questions.

Elsewhere, unlike Wukong, Chen Yi has taught many classes but this year's grade 1 is the best she has ever seen.

Chapters 511-520

Half a year has passed. Wukong calls Wulin, now 1m8 tall, to his office. He gives Wulin a silver card, Wulin's mech license. Moreover, Wukong has gotten elder Cai's permission for a match with grade 3, though it would be a joint effort between grade 1 and grade 2. They will use the official format of three 1vs1, one 2vs2 and one 7vs7. The participants will be up to Wulin and Yuan En. Additionally, the result will affect their final exam.

Wulin returns to the dorm but Yuan En is not there. He decides to take a nap as it has been a long time since he was home due to being so busy. Xinglan has finished 3 parts of her own power armor: right arm, right shoulder and helmet though she took 15 days for each part. Wulin wakes up at night time and goes to Yuan En's room. She greets him in a good mood. They discuss about the upcoming match. Yuan En wants grade 2 to be the main force. They will take two 1vs1, the 2vs2 and 4 members in the 7vs7. Wulin retorts that his team defeated hers and threatens to fight grade 3 alone. Yuan En reveals that grade 3 has two 1-word armor masters. Wulin still doesn't accept her proposal and wants to have another match to determine who is the leader.

Yuan En is not confident she would win. Wulin states his plan. Xinglan, Zi Duo and Yuan En will handle the 1vs1 matches. He and Gu Yue will do the 2vs2 match. The 7vs7's members will be Wulin, Gu Yue, Xinglan, Xie Xie, Xiaoyan, Yuan En and Zheng Yu. While Yuan En is concerned about grade 2's pride, she admits his proposal is more sensible but she doesn't agree with having Xie Xie. Wulin convinces her that they will have better cooperation. Just then, Xie Xie enters and says they don't need to include him. Pale-faced, he runs away. Wulin chases after him while Yuan En regrets her words, her heart shaken.

Wulin hugs the deflated Xie Xie and encourages him, praising him as the strongest agility attacker. Xie Xie punches a nearby tree, frustrated that he is still not in Yuan En's eyes. Wulin convinces him not to give up. Xie Xie jokingly fires back that he not only has Gu Yue but also Na Er. Wulin knocks his head, saying they still have a lot of time. Regaining his confidence, Xie Xie strengthens his resolve. Wulin sarcastically advises him to be thick-faced. Wulin invites Xie Xie to go to Tang Sect but Xie Xie refuses, stating he is already lv40. Wulin is a little bit miffed that he is left behind again.

The next day, Yuan En finds Wulin again as the rest of grade 2 are displeased. She agrees to do selection battles. Grade 2 dosen't have a problem with the members for the 1vs1 matches but Yuan En still has doubt about Xinglan. She is surprised that Wulin admits to only have 30% chance of beating Xinglan.

Yuan En settles on grade 2's Ye Xingmo and Duan Hunxiao challenging the Xie Xie-Xiaoyan pair while she and Zheng Yu take on Wulin and Gu Yue. Wulin agrees, believing that aside from her and Zheng Yu, no one in grade 2 can even overcome Zi Duo's team. Yuan En gets angry but backs down from Wulin's challenge. Wulin's other goal in letting Xie Xie and Xiaoyan compete is to earn the respect of his own classmates.

2 days later, elder Cai is the surprise referee for the 2 tag matches. Xie Xie and Xiaoyan are confident and ready to prove themselves. In the spectator seats, Gui Xing asks Zi Duo why Wulin didn't include them. Zi Duo reveals that Wulin has told her that if Xie Xie and Xiaoyan lose, she is to make a scene and challenge grade 2. Gui Xing thinks this is unsportsmanlike though Zi Duo adds that if the pair win, Gui Xing and You Cheng can challenge them. The 2 conclude that this is another of Wulin's schemes and they should keep an eye on Xie Xie and Xiaoyan's real strength.

The 4 fighters step on stage. Yuan En is a bit uncomfortable but is too proud to apologize to Xie Xie. She was shocked when Xie Xie stubbornly continued to do her chores. For some reason, she hopes that Xie Xie can catch up to her at the inner school. Elder Cai announces that it would be no-holds-barred. On her signal, Xie Xie charges in at top speed. All agility attackers in the audience believe he is faster than them. Xingmo steps up to shield Hunxiao. However, Xie Xie abruptly comes to a sudden stop, unleashing his dagger. Zi Duo's group is surprised to see he now has 4 rings, 2Y 2P, though they are relieved that Xiaoyan still only has 3.

As Xingmo's Star Saint Sword approaches, Xie Xie distracts him with Purple Demon Eyes. He then gathers his strength into the Light Dragon Dagger, shining like a sun. The return of the long lost legendary technique, Power Stockpile, astonishes everyone. Hunxiao hurriedly begins his disrupting song. However, Xiaoyan's starwheel breaks his skill. Suddenly, like a phantom, Xie Xie passes through Xingmo's sword. With a flash accompanied by dragon's roar, Light Dragon Dagger draws blood from Hunxiao's neck, eliminating grade 2's strongest controller. Yuan En cannot comprehend the situation. Xie Xie's eyes have changed to a kamikaze state. His embodiment of agility attackers' creed "one hit, one kill" earns elder Cai's nod of approval.

Xie Xie switches to stealth mode. Xingmo uses his 4th skill, Sword Star Rain, an AoE attack aimed mostly at Xiaoyan. However, Xie Xie easily evades the rain of stars while Xiaoyan activates Starlight Reversal, sending the attack back. Xie Xie follows up with Shadow Dragon Dagger. Unable to detect Xie Xie's position, Xingmo pushes his defense to the max. The unthinkable happens: the power attacker is pushed back by the agility attacker. Switching back to Light Dragon Dagger, Xie Xie prepares Power Stockpile again while Xingmo still has not recovered. Xingmo retreats but he forgets about Xiaoyan's starlock. Xie Xie grazes his throat for the underclassmen's upset victory. Xie Xie and Xiaoyan high-five while grade 2 is silent like they just saw the devil.

Grade 1 celebrate aside from Gui Xing's group. You Cheng answers Gui Xing that he doesn't know if he can win against Xie Xie. Yuan En notices Xie Xie's glance as if saying he has proved his strength.

The 2nd battle is Wulin and Gu Yue vs Yuan En and Zheng Yu. Wulin agrees to Zheng Yu's joke of not using his fusion, putting the latter on caution. Elder Cai yells at them to stop chatting and gives the signal. Yuan En goes into Vajra/Diamond Titan mode while Wulin activates Golden Dragon Body. Yuan En attacks with Air Cannons while Zheng Yu aims Holy Light at Wulin. Wulin gets teleported away as Gu Yue activates her new 4th skill, Elemental Scepter. She nullifies both attacks by manipulating their elemental component. Wulin shields Gu Yue while she focuses on controlling the elements. Yuan En charges in followed by Zheng Yu but are intercepted by Wulin's Jing Long Jin Tian double-palm. Yuan En meets the blow head-on in Demon Titan form but she is pushed back. Zheng Yu deflects a fireball aimed at him though the heat still separates him from Yuan En.

Yuan En leaps into the air, changing to Fallen Angel spirit. She activates its 1st skill, Darkness Sky Net. The 2nd graders disappear into its cover. Wulin wonders if Zheng Yu is not negatively affected, guessing that they have a cooperation attack. He activates his 3rd skill, Blue Silver Golden Light Array. Elemental stripping shaves away at the darkness.

Together with Gu Yue, Wulin reveals the 2nd graders. Zheng Yu and Yuan En are pointing their swords at the sky as 2 giant figures appear behind them. Yuan En's 3rd skill, Fallen Angel's Descendence. Zheng Yu's 4th skill, Angel's Descendence. The Swords of Light and Darkness fall down on the 1st graders, erupting in a fused explosion. This is the fruit of their research on the anti effect of light and dark elements. Wulin barely manages to shield Gu Yue with Golden Dragon Tyrannical Body as the attack almost exceeds his limit. The exceed energy is put into Golden Light Array, which then diffuses Yuan En and Zheng Yu's angel spirits. Gu Yue teleports between them and knocks them away with a gust. Yuan En manages to switch to Titan Ape but Zheng Yu is eliminated.

Gu Yue rapid-fires multi-elemental balls at Yuan En. Gu Yue went berserk when she saw Wulin bleeding at the mouth. Yuan En can do nothing but be continuously pushed back. Wulin stays back as he realizes the large gap between Gu Yue and him.

Yuan En aims to wait out Gu Yue's rage as theoretically, she should have more spirit power. However, the onslaught still doesn't weaken after the 20th shot. Elder Cai lands on the field and narrows her eyes. She has noticed that Gu Yue is using her mental force to draw from the environment's elements, compensating for her weaker spirit power. Now pushed back to the border, Yuan En decides to risk it with Demon Titan. However, seeing Wulin smilingly walk up and pat Gu Yue's shoulder, Yuan En jumps out of bounds as this is his way of giving her face.

Grade 1 cheers for their total victory. Wulin assures Gu Yue that he has regenerated from the damage. On Zheng Yu's question, Wulin offers to reveal his skills if he is willing to stay back a year. Zheng Yu's retort that the academy only expels students is lost in the cheers. The formation has been set for the battle against grade 3 at the end of the 5th week (Nkg: or last Thursday of the cycle). 1vs1: Yuan En, Xinglan, Zi Duo. 2vs2: Wulin and Gu Yue. 7vs7: Wulin as captain, Yuan En as vice-captain, Gu Yue, Xiaoyan, Xie Xie, Zheng Yu, and La Zhi (Nkg: not sure if La Zhi is a mistake). Yuan En's biggest surprise was Xie Xie's improvement. If he was to tell her the cause, it would be "belief."

Back at the dorm, Gu Yue makes sure that Wulin is okay. He jokes that if they ever fight, he would be beaten into the ground. There is quick hint of sadness on Gu Yue that catches Wulin's attention. She denies that there is anything wrong and unusually offers to join Wulin on his trip to Zhenhua's place for trading material.

Wulin thinks it would be a chance to try out his new mech licence. Some time later, in a private training area, Wulin is meditating together with Jin Yu who lazily naps on his thigh. After breaking the 4th seal, Jin Yu has grown to 1m5 long and improved its intelligence. It has also formed a basic telepathy link with Wulin. In combat, Jin Yu can use BSG skills at 50% strength and the strands are even stronger with a regal impression. Moreover, Jin Yu can fight solo with the bloodline skills, with its own version of Golden Dragon Body. On the downside, Wulin's consumption and metabolism increased again. Finishing meditation, Wulin lets Jin Yu go back inside. In Yuan En and Gu Yue's case, their familiars are of more use inside their body. In theory, after lv40, thousand-year and above familiars can fight on their own though common spirit masters won't achieve this until lv50 so Wulin is an extreme exception. Right now though, he is eager for the trip, especially when accompanied by Gu Yue.

Returning to the dorm at dawn, Wulin greets Xie Xie, who is diligently doing Yuan En's chores. Xiaoyan answers Wulin's knocks on the girls' door with a smirk as Gu Yue makes her entrance. Wulin is taken aback by her dressing up and lets slip a compliment, making her blush. Black long hair in pony tail, a white dress with a natural, no-jewelry look. Gu Yue asks if he wants breakfast first. Wulin says they should visit Tang Sect first. Xie Xie teases Gu Yue if they are on a date but shuts up when she threatens him, thoroughly in fear of her strength.

After breakfast, the 2 visit Tang Sect to retrieve Wulin's mech because it would not fit in a normal storage ring. Gu Yue waits outside as she is not a member. Gu Yue is moved by a sign with Huo Yuhao's name, the founder of the Pagoda. Just then, from the sky, a yellow mech lands in front of her, armed with an 80mm cannon. The pilot tries a pick-up line but Gu Yue ignores him. A golden vine shoots out and wraps around her waist. Gu Yue almost teleports away but she recogizes it is Wulin and obediently enters the cockpit. Wulin explains a bit about his mech. Aside from the core circuit, all the parts are on purple-level. Due to federal restriction, Wulin spends most of his mech time in Tang Sect's special dimension though his civilian license should allows him safe passage on the continent.

Wukong pulled a lot of strings to get Wulin's license approved, trusting the kid won't get himself blacklisted. Wulin starts the engine and leaps to the sky. Federal laws require civillian mechs to stay under 1km in altitude. Seeing Wulin's boyish enthusiasm, Gu Yue can't help but smile. She asks why he doesn't tell anyone. Wulin answers that it is a secret and that Gu Yue is different from the others, making her smile brighter.

The trip to Heaven Dou City only takes an hour. They land on the Forging Guild's roof atop a mech landing pad. A special source of energy attracts their attention. Aside from the other mechs, 2 purple and 1 black, there is a mythical red mech stored in a special dimensional garage. Red-level mech requires blood sacrifice as well as merging one's spirit and familiars to the mech. It is on the same level as 3-word power armor and requires at least Spirit Douluo cultivation. Moreover, it is even more difficult to manufacture than 3-word power armor. To Gu Yue's question, Wulin replies that they should ask Zhenhua. They go into Zhenhua's personal elevator.

After a knock on the door, Zhenhua realizes it is Wulin. Inside, Wulin happily recognizes an old face. It is the Chef from his previous visit, though this time dressed in a long grey robe, with an ancient impression.

Chapters 521-530

Wulin introduces Gu Yue to the 2. He then asks about the red mech. Zhenhua denies that it is his and is surprised that Wulin knows how to drive a mech. He advises Wulin to focus on 1 type of armor because it requires a lot of effort to master either type. However, Zhenhua would still let Wulin see the red mech up close on behalf of the owner. The Chef jokingly complains that Zhenhua would do it despite the owner anyway. Even Gu Yue is eager. In the elevator, to Wulin's question, Zhenhua says that he only owns a black-level mech as he is afraid of being addicted to red mech and the never-ending upgrade. The Chef sighs and adds that it is indeed a poisonous drug. Wulin realizes that the red mech's prowess may be beyond legend.

On the roof, Zhenhua opens the garage. The mech is revealed, standing at 6 meters with a distinctly slim human shape and no discernable armor or weapons. Wulin discovers that he cannot even recognize the material as it is far from spirit-forged level. Surprisingly, the Chef calls the mech's name, Xiao Hong (Nkg: little Red). A woman's voice replies, calling him master. The Chef asks her to show the 2 kids the difference of red-level mech.

First, she teleports to 10m away. Then she turns to a 2-seated sport car with a red flash. Another flash turns into a jet fighter and then the last one, she turns into a fortress, revealing an arsenal of one hundred cannons, the main one being a 50cm. Wulin's feeling can only be described as absurd. The Chef gives Xiao Hong permission to rest. He explains to Wulin that she has become a familiar of sort, fully capable of autonomy. Although achieving this level of mech has made him give up on many paths, he doesn't regret it. In the Chef's eyes is a burning love for mech, having given up becoming a Supreme Douluo at the epitome of lv94.

However, the Chef emphasizes that Wulin must not become like him as mech is not suitable for Wulin. Moreover, 4-word armor master is currently the maximum possibility of spirit masters. There is another level beyond red mech but even after all these years of toiling, the Chef has not even caught glimpse of it as it is far more difficult than 4-word power armor. Additionally, Wulin is currently a rank 5 blacksmith, too late to change to a manufacturer. Wulin can't retort. He realizes that Zhenhua has planned to let the Chef dissuade him from following his childhood dream. Zhenhua strictly lectures Wulin that he must not stray from his chosen path. There have been many geniuses who never amounted to anything because they got lost in too many options. Zhenhua advises him to revisit this possibility when he has become a 4-word armor master.

The Chef smiles and says he would prepare lunch. He presses a button on Xiao Hong's knee and retrieves a large storage cube. With a flash, he rushs into the kitchen. Seeing him leave, Zhenhua laments that this person is as much a genius as Wulin but will never live up to his heritage due to his obsession. To Wulin's question of the Chef's identity, Zhenhua tells him to ask at lunch. He reveals that the Chef specifically visited today because of Wulin to give him a lession as well as cook good food. Zhenhua then adds that there would be no lesson today.

In another hour, food is served. Zhenhua laughs as the Chef has brought out the good stuff, a soup called Mystic/Immortal Spirit Mushroom/Microbe.

Mystic Spirit Mushroom has the effect of Yin Yang balance, which prevents backlash and allows easier breakthrough. It is an exceedingly rare spirit beast. Each year of growth equals to 1k years of cultivation. Wulin's face goes red from drinking the soup, as it is with first-timers. Zhenhua notices that Gu Yue is fine. Wulin explains that Gu Yue is the disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo. Zhenhua doesn't have anything against the Pagoda as he has to maintain great connections. The 8 dishes exceed Wulin's expectation. He won't need dinner tonight because of over-nutrition.

The Chef asks Wulin if they can speak in private. However, they are interrupted by an urgent report. A Saint Artisan has brought his disciple to challenge the Guild. The Chef decides to leave his matter with Wulin for later. The 4 arrive at the lobby. There waiting is an old muscular man of around 70yo and a young teenage girl of around 15-16yo with jade-like hands. The old man introduces himself as Zhang Gong Yan and he has come to let his disciple challenge the Guild's new generation.

Zhenhua accepts but wants the contest to happen at another place. Gong Yan taunts him, heating the crowd up. Zhenhua silences the crowd and asks what his conditions are. The old man introduces his disciple, Lin Yu Han. He wants to challenge the best smith under 20yo. If they lose, they will join the Guild. If they win, Gong Yan wants Zhenhua to admit his loss. The crowd protests that it is unfair but Zhenhua still agrees. However, he doesn't need the 2 to join if they lose as all blacksmiths are family pursuing art. Gong Yan's face changes as he realizes Zhenhua's true meaning.

2 work tables are prepared. Zhenhua nominates Wulin to the crowd's surprise. Gong Yan wonders if the kid is another genius while Yu Han is immediately attracted by his handsomeness. Gong Yan proposes that they have 2 rounds in which each side takes turn choosing the subject metal. Wulin lets Yu Han pick the metal for the 1st round: Blue Pregnant Copper, a high-difficulty material. 2 identical pieces are prepared. With the signal, Yu Han reveals her hammers, also made from Blue Pregnant Copper. Gong Yan is relieved to see that Wulin only has Heavy Silver hammers. Both sides have identical starting motions. However, while Wulin's multi-hit strikes make a clockwork clanging, Gong Yan's strikes are silent yet make the metal vibrate lively. This is her hammers' special effect: breeding. When the 2 shift into the 2nd phase of forging, their differences become clear: Wulin is brutal as a storm while Yu Han is calm as a mountain.

Zhenhua notices that there are electric crackles accompanying Yu Han's strike. Her spirit must have lightning attribute. Moreover, her precise control shows a high level of Mental Force. On the other hand, Gong Yan is impressed that Wulin is only using his sheer strength to forge and his familiarity with the material. Both disciples complete hundred forging at the same time. Yu Han releases her spirit rings: 4 P. She begins to infuse the metal with lightning while Wulin raises his speed. They also complete thousand forging at the same time. The resulting light stream from both pieces rises to the same height and last the same amount of time. The 2 are surprised that this is such a close match and begin spirit forging. Zhenhua silently curses as Yu Han's hammers have the advantage of matching material. Seeing that Wulin only has 3 rings, Gong Yan smirks.

Yu Han generates an electrical vortex as she finishes spirit forging first. The piece of metal has been reduced to 1/3 of its original size. Moreover, being enchanted with electricity attribute raises its value by 3 times. On the other hand, Wulin still has not completed. Everybody believes he will lose since a Spirit Elder completing spirit forging is unheard of.

Wulin has taken twice the time of Yu Han. She realizes that instead of giving the metal life, he is calling the life inside of the metal- the most effective and most difficult method. Wulin finally completes. His spirit forging has reached life creation level, which also allows additional fusion forging. Yu Han is silent but she doesn't accept the result. Zhenhua gives praise that Wulin has improved. Wulin then sits down to recover. Gong Yan admits defeat as even he cannot achieve life creation level for spirit forging because it is tied to the martial spirit's attribute. Zhenhua refutes as Wulin took 3 times as long as Yu Han. Moreover, Yu Han's metal has the lightning attribute. Gong Yan accepts the win because he really wants it.

After a short break, Wulin picks heavy silver for the 2nd round. Yu Han is sure that he cannot achieve life creation level due to heavy consumption. Seeing his bright smile, Yu Han lowers her head to avoid distraction. The 2nd round begins.

Wulin uses the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique. On the 33rd strike, a small silver dragon emerges from the metal and charges at Wulin. It is a wicked spirit, an exceedingly rare occurence in spirit forging. The wicked spirits are useful for offensive equipment. The little dragon is deflected by Wulin's golden scale though the point of contact becomes a layer of silver mirror. The 34th strike lands, forcing the dragon to surrender and return to the metal. Wulin falls down and is caught by Gu Yue. His only thought is that he was lucky to have a huge lunch. Yu Han has already stopped as she realizes it is her defeat. Gong Yan directly admits his loss. Zhenhua replies it was a close match and welcomes them to the Guild.

Suddenly, from Gong Yan's side, a red beam heads straight toward Zhenhua. Unable to react and in fear of his life, Zhenhua disappears as the beam enters the crowd. A tragedy seems inevitable.

Fortunately, the Chef catches the red beam, revealing it to be a sacrficial blade, which vanishes immediately. Wulin notices the Chef's hand turn golden for a second. The Chef pursues the assassin while Zhenhua reappears again from Gu Yue's teleportation and releases his 4-word power armor. He focuses pressure on Gong Yan and yells at him to freeze. This is definitely a premeditated assassination as the opponent is at least a Supreme Douluo to bypass Zhenhua and the Chef's notice. Gong Yan shields Yu Han from the pressure, revealing his rings- 2Y, 2P, 4B- but without releasing his power armor. The crowd angrily demands to kill them. Gong Yan knows that no excuse will work. Zhenhua correctly identifies the 2 as foreigners to the continent. The other 2 continents have always been hostile to Douluo continent. Yu Han screams out in tears that they didn't do anything. Zhenhua takes the 2 along with Wulin and Gu Yue to his office.

Inside, Gong Yan asks if Zhenhua really trusts them. Zhenhua coldly answers that he only trusts their blacksmith pride from the contest. Zhenhua asks them the reason for their challenge. Gong Yan gives up and explains that they are part of the diplomat group from Star Luo continent. He is the current vice-master of Star Luo's Guild, which is why he wants to see the talent level of other continents. Gong Yan claims he has no involvement with the plot but still begs mercy for Yu Han. To Zhenhua's question, Gong Yan answers that he defeated a talented Saint Artisan named Ning/Zhu Feng Zhi (Nkg: same name as DD1's Ning Rong Rong's father, though their surname should have been Zhu) who uses a heavy hammer, for Zhenhua's information. Zhenhua doesn't recall any Saint Artisans like that in the Guild but he still wonders if Gong Yan can be trusted. He asks the 2 to stay as guests for now, claiming that he believes in his intuition.

Just then, the Chef returns. He laughs that Zhenhua has some bad luck as this agility-type Supreme Douluo is too fast even for him.

The Chef adds that the assassin has the strange ability to use mental force to boost spirit power. Wulin asks if it could have been an evil spirit master. The older men agree as the evil spirit masters have been very active lately. Zhenhua tells the Chef to deal with Wulin's matter.

Inside the dining room, the Chef creates a barrier to block outside interference. He introduces himself as Mu Ye, or uncle Mu. He wants Wulin to inherit his sect's techniques, which utilize qi power. While Wulin's Dou Spirit Hall membership is a hassle, Mu Ye is willing to negotiate his release at any cost. However, Wulin refuses as he idolizes Tang Sect's legend. Mu Yue angrily asks if he has never heard of the Body Sect's legend. Seeing Wulin's uncomfortable silence, Mu Ye realizes that the Body Sect has fallen so far. Once, their leader was a Limit Douluo but now not even a Supreme Douluo. He angrily tells Wulin to go and disappears in a red light.

Wulin sighs. He really wants to be Mu Ye's disciple because of his cooking but he cannot betray Tang Sect. Back in the living room, only Zhenhua and Gu Yue remain. Hearing Wulin's report, Zhenhua laughs that Mu Ye is as childish as ever and assures Wulin that Zhenhua would deal with Mu Ye. He then formally thanks Gu Yue for her help then praises Wulin's previous showing. He also passes Yu Han's word that she will overcome Wulin someday.

Wulin leaves the Guild with a heavier wallet as his 2 spirit-forged pieces were sold for a high price to 2 newly promoted rank 5 blacksmiths for research. Moreover, Wulin is now famous within the Guild. Wulin takes a night stroll with Gu Yue, leaving his mech behind. After sometime, Gu Yue asks if it is ok for them to stay out this late with the evil spirit masters active. Wulin assures her that they are not that common. A cold voice replies, "Is that so?"

Wulin feels the world spinning as their surrounding is filled with bloodlust. With a red flash, the scenery turns back to normal, minus 2 people. When Wulin opens his eyes again, he and Gu Yue are being carried by a phantom up in the sky, probably Zhenhua's assassin. The phantom praises Wulin for waking up so quickly then throws them into a clearing. The assassin is wearing a grey robe with a demon mask leaving his 2 grey eyes with red pupils. He asks if Wulin killed You Gui (Nkg: lit Dark Ghost), the evil spirit master on the train. Wulin denies as he hurriedly crawls to shield Gu Yue. Without being hampered because of the opponent's confidence, Wulin waits for an opportunity. Hearing Wulin's claim that they are only children, the phantom lists his accomplishment. His aim is to cut off Shrek's future. Wulin complains that this is bullying but the phantom orders him to put Zhenhua on the phone.

Wulin crushes his phone without hesitation. The phantom slaps him flying. Wulin is unable to move, bleeding from the mouth. The phantom tastes Wulin's blood and exclaims in a distinctly womanly voice that it is of extremely high quality and can help her return to normal without using blood to cultivate her soul. She has changed her mind. Instead of killing Zhenhua, she will take Wulin as her blood pack. The phantom takes off her mask, revealing 2 vampiric fangs.

Wulin stops her and asks for a final favor. He wants the assassin to leave Gu Yue behind and take his corpse away so she doesn't have to see it. The phantom sighs that there are still men like Wulin willing to sacrifice for others. In respect of Wulin's resolve and purity, the evil spirit master accepts to forgive Gu Yue. However, a loud voice asks who would then forgive her.

Surprised, the phantom turns around and sees a huge man walking toward her. It has been a long time since she last felt such fear. The muscular middle-aged man gives off a murderous intent filled with a smell of tainted blood. He stands at 2m4, with bronze-like skin giving off a metallic vibe. He has golden eyes. To the phantom's question, he replies that she has no right to know his name. The phantom attacks with a rain of blood swords. The man stomps on the ground and seems to bend the space around him. Within a 10m radius, a golden barrier blocks the path of the swords.

Chapters 531-540

The man unsheathes five claws on his right hand. The evil spirit master realizes she cannot avoid this attack. She releases her 3-word armor and unfurls its batlike wings. A huge explosion seems to tear a hole in the sky. The phantom is heavily wounded. She realizes that her foe is a Limit Douluo to leave 5 deep gashes on her armor. Without caring about Wulin, she dissolves into light and scatters. Strangely, the man does not pursue. He comes up to Gu Yue, who has now sat up. The man takes a kneel and calls her young lady. To his doubt on letting the opponent runs away, Gu Yue explains that their enemy's enemy is their friend. The evil spirit masters still have their uses. The man understands and returns to the shadow. Meanwhile, Gu Yue stares at Wulin then cuddles into his chest.

Zhenhua is red with anger. Mu Ye assures him that the kids are fine and suggests that they should report it to the Federation and Shrek. He wonders if the savior was from Shrek but Zhenhua refutes that possibility. Zhenhua decides to take Wulin and Gu Yue back to Shrek himself. Furthermore, Wulin cannot leave Shrek easily from now on.

Wulin finally awakes. He is glad to not have died but wonders who his savior is. Outside, he bumps into Zhenhua, who confirms his condition. Zhenhua then apologizes and assures Wulin that Gu Yue is also okay. He asks Wulin what happened. After the report, Zhenhua takes the 2 back to Shrek via his flying car. On the way, Wulin apologizes to Gu Yue and checks that she is okay. Gu Yue firmly hold Wulin's hands, filling him with an assuring feeling. On arrival at Shrek, Zhenhua hands Wulin a green jade ring embedded with a silver gemstone, full of life force. It doesn't look like a storage ring and fits neatly on Wulin's pinkie.

Zhenhua's gift is a mech storage ring. After seeing the children off, Zhenhua tells the driver to go to the inner school. On Sea God Island, Luanshi arrives to take him to the Court. Inside, 8 people are waiting. The chairman is the young man Wulin saw with Ya Li. Beside him are Ya Li and a tall elder. Wu Yu and Luanshi sit opposite to each other while elder Cai sits below Wu Yu. Zhenhua respectfully gives his greetings. The current Courtmaster is considered mankind's strongest. If the link to God Realm has not been severed, he would have no doubt already ascended. After hearing Zhenhua's report, the Courtmaster asks if there is any evidence on scene. Zhenhua shows a holo-video on the wall, showing the battle.

Elder Cai narrows her brows that Wulin's savior is no ordinary person to defeat an evil Supreme Douluo. The Courtmaster says 4 words that silences the room: Dark Gold Fear Claw. Ya Li exclaims that she has not heard of anyone who has cultivated this technique to this level. The Courtmaster agrees. This man has trained to Supreme Douluo and mastered Dark Gold Fear Claw as shown by the destructive power. He confirms with Luanshi that Wulin also possesses a Fear Claw spirit bone. Luanshi guesses that because Wulin's power came from the Pagoda, the savior may belong to the Pagoda. The Courtmaster doesn't deny this possibility as lately, the Pagoda's activities have gotten more mysterious. Looking at Ya Li, elder Cai reveals that Gu Yue is the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo's disciple. Ya Li and the Courtmaster are flustered for a moment. From their reaction, Zhenhua smirks that their rumored feud with Yao Zhu must have been true. The Courmaster coughs, concluding that they should confirm the matter with the Pagoda. He asks for a report on the evil spirit masters.

The Federation has requested Shrek's help dealing with this rising threat. The Courtmaster orders for the full mobilization of inner school disciples along with Tang Sect's surveillance. Elder Cai brings up the request of Star Luo diplomats for an exchange program. The Courtmaster tells elder Cai to pick 10 students from outer school's grade 1 and 2 who would be led by Wukong. Moreover, Wulin has to be present to avoid the evil spirit masters. Zhenhua has some unspoken concern. Luanshi asks if it is too early. The Courtmaster states that their purpose is studying, not showing off Shrek's strength. Additionally, as confrimed by elder Cai, the Star Luo diplomats would not return for another half a year.

Chen Yi is in charge of the day's lecture. Xie Xie teases Wulin about having too much fun with Gu Yue. The gang all stare at the couple weirdly. Zi Duo also narrows her brows at the 2. After class, Chen Yi call them to her office asks about their lateness. Accepting their excuse about the attack, Chen Yi goes on to warn them not to lose to grade 3 too badly. She adds that if they somehow win, the academy will sponsor their power armors. She also tells them about the exchange program. Outside, to Gu Yue's question, Wulin answers that he is going to the training zones. Gu Yue brings him back to the reality of their chance against grade 3 with their 2 armor masters.

The next few days are spent training in earnest. The exhibition tourney is scored on 10 points. The 3 1vs1 are one points, the 2vs2 is 2 points and the 7vs7 is 5 points. The overall victory is worth 3 points and the last 2 points are awarded for merit. The winner must take at least 6 points. The whole academy is eager for the contests. Inside grade 3 classroom, a crude guy complains to the president that the 2 lower grades are wasting their time. The president is a stoic teenage boy who does not count as handsome but still gives off an assuring feeling. His name is Li Qian Kun, 18yo, lv52 defense-type and also 1 of the grade 3's armor masters. His spirit is the rare Heaven and Earth Sphere (Qian Kun sphere). He warns the others to not underestimate their foes. The crude guy still doesn't accept that a bunch of lv40 are a threat and guesses that the academy want grade 3 to teach a lesson. His name is Ye Wu, 17yo and an agility-type. He is one of grade 3's main members, having finished 70% of his armor.

A black-haired girl scolds Ye Wu, making him shrinks. She plops down next to Qian Kun. Her name is Mo Jue, lv 51, grade 3's vice presidents and its other armor master. She is infamously aggressive but straightforward as most of her classmates owe her a favor. She reports to the others that they should not underestimate the lower grades with their fusion skills and power armor parts. Qian Kun asks for more info but that is all Mo Jue has. She adds that there is a rank 6 blacksmith that can help them with their 2-word armors. Qian Kun smiles that they shouldn't be too harsh in that case. Mo Jue agrees and states that they only need to secure the 7vs7 and to let the underclassmen win one or two fights for their faces. She suggests that she should only fight in a 1vs1 unless grade 3 are losing. Qian Kun accepts.

Wulin asks La Zhi for even more dumplings. La Zhi is worried if Wulin is eating too much. Wulin sighs as his appetite has increased by 50% and asks La Zhi to prepare even more after his 2vs2. The day of the contest, the academy is in excitement. In truth, grade 3 is the strongest of the outer school as they are around the cutoff age of 20 for the inner school. On the VIP seats, Yue Er, Ya Li, Wu Yu and Luanshi are the spectators. Before the 1vs1s begin, Wukong gathers the team and asks the 3 girls to get ready. Xiaoyan teases Xie Xie that the boys should be embarrassed. The first fighter is Yuan En. On grade 3's side, their homeroom teacher is a middle-aged woman and 2-word armor master named Song Lin. She orders Wu Rui to go easy. Wu Rui, lv48, spirit Heavenly Book is grade 3's strongest controller but not the best in duel.

Elder Cai is this match's referee. As two sides exchange greetings, the chatty Wu Rui begins to brag that he would go easy. Song Lin regrets letting this playboy come up. Elder Cai gets him shut up and signals the start. While Wu Rui is still joking around, Yuan En charges straight at him with Vajra Titan. Wu Rui's book opens its 1st page, unleashing many vines. Ignoring the vines, Yuan En punches at Wu Rui but he disappears to 10m away tauntingly. To the astonished Wulin, Wukong explains that Heavenly Book's pages can contain different type of skills. He evaluates that Wu Rui may be a very unpredictable opponent. Yuan En breaks free from the vine with her 1st skill, Titanic Power. Wu Rui praises her and releases even more vines, aiming for an attrition victory. Moreover, his taunts are meant to disrupt his foe's focus. Yuan En hmps and aims an Air Cannon at him. Wu Rui is surprised but he summons a mirror from the book, reflecting the attack. This is his 3rd skill, Reflecting Mirror. Yuan En has to deflect her own attack. She has fallen into his rhythmn because controller type is effective against power-attack type.

Yuan En switches to Fallen Angel and appears in front of Wu Rui with a flash. Exclaiming that she is a girl, Wu Rui teleports away. At the same time, another page opens as another Yuan En appears. Wu Rui's 4th skill is Replicating, creating a doppelganger with 60% strength of the original because his ring is only at purple level. Yuan En wonders if he has more tricks up his sleeve. She conjures Dark Sky Net over the field, hampering Wu Rui's teleport. The clone attacks along with the vines.

Wu Rui feels cornered as grade 3's investigation didn't cover the Fallen Angel. There is no way he can outlast a dual-spirt holder. He decides to activate his incomplete power armor, composed of 6 pieces that don't include the head and legs. Yuan En hmphs and roars. Her 3rd skill, Angel's Descent, materializes as a giant sword cleaving down. Wu Rui tauntingly claims that it is useless. The armor has greatly boosted his strength and Dark Sky Net has no effect anymore. He summons a 70% clone to attack.

Yuan En pushes the clone back. Her eyes turn purple as a new black ring emerges. The darkness devours the clone. Yuan En turns into a giant phantom. Her 2nd familiar, a purple-wing angel, appears on her shoulder. Yuan En slashes at the panicking Wu Rui, who finds his teleport useless. Yuan En somehow can control space. Wu Rui tries to buy time with the vines to no avail.

Wu Rui is pushed to the limit by the sword. When the dust settled, Yuan En is kneeling on his body with her sword on his chest. Elder Cai announces the first match go to the lower grades. Wulin and Gu Yue commentate that Yuan En has gotten even stronger. Ye Wu doesn't accept his defeat as his skill is suprressed by Yuan En's black ring. However, in term of innate talent, Yuan En is no doubt better than even Mo Jue and Qian Kun. Song Lin chooses Ye Wu for the 2nd match against Zi Duo.

Right after the signal, Ye Wu charges with unbelievable speed, surprising Zi Duo. She dodges with Hell Rush Stab. Wulin comments that while Ye Wu is fast, he lacks maneuverability.

Ye Wu's spirit is Flame Body. It is a versatile spirit that has been adapted to agility-type by using propulsion. Within 10 levels, no one can match his straight speed. Zi Duo switchs to White Tiger because power attack is effective against agility. Ye Wu wonders why girls these days all have muscular spirit. The 2 collide with Zi Duo as an disadvantage. Ye Wu ups his body heat, turning from red to jade green. Zi Duo attacks with her 3rd skill. Ye Wu circles around her for another flame charge. This time, Zi Duo is sent rolling and slightly injured. Ye Wu continues his momentum.

Realizing that she cannot hold for long as White Tiger or catch up with him as Hell Civet, Zi Duo activates her 4-piece power armor, covering her arms and shoulders. Finally, Ye Wu is pushed back from the collision. Zi Duo follows up with Hell Rush Stab. In the audience, Song Lin is shocked that even grade 1 has their own power armor. At this rate, they can join inner school in grade 2. Gui Xing smirks while glancing at Wulin. His team have pooled their resource into Zi Duo, leaving the rest with only 2 pieces each. Although the quality is lower, making it compatibile with dual-spirit is still a success. This way, lv44 Zi Duo has a chance against lv48 Ye Wu.

Before the hit connects, Ye Wu activates his own armor, 8-piece covering his 4 limbs. Zi Duo cannot stop his counterattack normally so she finally uses her fusion skill.

With a single slap, Zi Duo stops Ye Wu's charge and sends him flying. With the fusion boost, she can now pursue the fleeing Ye Wu. Realizing that he cannot escape, Ye Wu decides to bet it all on a single clash with Zi Duo. After an explosive collision, Zi Duo is knocked out from her fusion form, barely standing. However, Ye Wu is sent crashing into the barrier and falls down unconscious. Elder Cai awards the win to the lower grades. After receiving Ya Li's healing light, both sides leave the field. Zi Duo realizes that in truth, she is not the winner as the fusion backlash cannot be healed while Ye Wu has regained most of his strength. She resolves to become stronger and unconsciously sets Yuan En as her goal.

Ya Li strokes her chin, praising the 1st grade's strength though she is more interested in Wulin's fight. Luanshi tells her that he is in the 2vs2 and the last 1vs1's participant is Xinglan. Ya Li recognizes Xinglan and wonders how strong she has gotten. Meanwhile, Song Lin has a difficult expression after another defeat. She orders Mo Jue to go all out. Grade 3 are excited that Mo Jue is the next combatant.

Xinglan surprises everyone with an oppressive qi, impressing Ya Li. In the audience, La Zhi is standing while clenching his fist. With elder Cai's signal, Mo Jue releases her rings, 5 P. Moreover, her 2 last rings are on the brink of black, showing the prowess of grade 3's spiritual pillar. Her spirit is Black Swan, a dark element power attack type specializng in debuff and long-range assault. Meanwhile, Xinglan is silently standing while qi gathers around her. Not underestimating the underclassman, Mo Jue summmons a giant black skeleton with her 1st skill. Xinglan finally opens her eyes, cladding herself with intense sword qi. Like a meteor, she cuts through the skeleton. Mo Jue is astonished as her 1st skill, Black Skeleton, should have a weakening curse effect. Weakening curse pierces through both physical and elemental defense and weakens the target to 20% for 10s. Only mental type skills can nullify the curse. Xinglan's sword qi has reached the level of a mental skill.

Mo Jue immediately conjures 2 black orbs while taking flight with her black wings. The orbs merge together into a green skull that breaths a green flame at Xinglan.

Chapters 541-550

Mo Jue's 2nd skill, Dark Demonic/Magical Flame, can cause both physical and mental damage. Moreover, the burning effect lingers on the victim. Inside Xinglan's eyes, there is nothing else but her sword. Her pupils have taken on the Star God Sword's shape. Sword God Star bisects the skull though the latter's attack continues. Strangely, just before reaching Xinglan, the flame parts to avoid her as if there is an invisible sword edge. Xinglan's swordmanship weaves a net of sword qi that cut through the dark element, cornering Mo Jue. The audience gulps seeing a lv40 upsetting a lv50. Mo Jue has an edge in term of spirit power but Xinglan has higher mastery of her spirit and a full grasps of the way of the sword.

Mo Jue is still successfully dodging but she realizes that the tide is turning against her. Activating the 3rd skill, Darkness Corrosion, Mo Jue conjures a green wave of light with a wing flap, which devours the sword net. Not retreating, Xinglan slashes a powerful strike that create a gap in the wave and goes for Mo Jue through it. Mo Jue is angry to be pushed to this point but she refuses to use her armor because of her arrogance. With her 4th skill, Mo Jue summons a green halberd decorated with 3 skulls on the edge. 3 rings of grey, green and red appears, representing the 3 curses, weakening, fear and suffering. Xinglan takes a direct hit and falls to the ground. With a breath of relief, Mo Jue shoots an electric bolt from her halberd.

With a roar, Xinglan's sword qi strengthens even greater, breaking through the 3-layer curse. Luanshi praises that she has grasped the art of "one sword breaks tens of thousand arts". Xinglan enters the "man, sword as one" state and uses her 3rd skill, Sword Starfall. Mo Jue curls her brows as nothing she does is working. She begins to dance as feathers swirl around her, slowing down Xinglan's approach. Mo Jue's 5th skill, Swan Feathers, begins to wear down Xinglan's 3rd skill. The dark-imbued feathers corrode the light element.

Xinglan repels the feather with her 4th skill, Sword Star Rain. She turns to a golden orb of light as swords rain down from the sky. Mo Jue is astonished as a 4th skill can break her 5th skill. She finally decides to activate her armor. The full suit consists of 2 shoulderguards, 2 armguards, chestplate, waistguard, armored trousers, 2 legguards and 2 greaves. The storm of feathers overwhelms the rain of swords. However, Song Lin sighs as she realizes that Mo Jue is the loser of this battle as she is forced to use the armor.

Mo Jue declares that her armor's name is Heaven. Xinglan's body begins to fade but her eyes are those of a berserker. She activates her armor, 3 pieces of spiritual fusion forged: 2 armguards and a right shoulderguard. The swords rain intensifies on par with the feathers storm. 3 pieces of spiritual fusion forged' strength are equal to 5 normal pieces. These are the fruits of Wulin's gang labor, who only have 1 piece each.

Still, the stalemate doesn't last long as Mo Jue's strength is too overwhelming. Xinglan activates her 1st and 3rd skills in conjunction with the 4th. Her golden light strengthens as she transform into a giant sword formed from a huge amount of sword qi. Sword Star Rain acts as the base pillar fused with Sword Star Fall and Sword Star Point.

To Mo Jue's fear, the giant sword pierces through layers of feathers. However, due to the gap in strength, it quickly loses speed. Just when everyone is sure that the match is decided, a starlight flies straight at Mo Jue through a gap in her defense. Xinglan cleaves at Mo Jue's shoulder. While the armor holds, the sword qi still causes some internal damage. Xinglan quickly circles to Mo Jue's back and catches the latter in Sword God Net. Mo Jue's armor shines as an excruciating scream escapes. Mo Jue's skills are all cut off by the sword qi. Xinglan follows up with the 3rd skill and pins Mo Jue to the field barrier, causing a huge collision. After they both fall to the ground, Xinglan kneels on Mo Jue's chest with the former's sword through the latter's shoulder, drawing blood. However, Xinglan already loses consciousness from spirit power overuse.

Ya Li and Yue Er both come to check on the girls. Mo Jue is still awake but her eyes reflect fear of the berserk Xinglan. Xinglan has sacrificed her own shoulder to push the sword into Mo Jue's armor. Ya Li heals both of them while carrying Xinglan. While Mo Jue is declared the winner, her spirit is completely crushed. Back in the bench, she asks Song Lin if she deserves the victory and collasped in the teacher's armrs. Grade 3 is silent. Mo Jue would be unable to fight in the team battles.

Ya Li carries Xinglan to Wulin's group and says that she is okay but cannot compete in the team battle. Grade 1 and 2 are fired up from Xinglan's showing. In the audience, Gui Xing, You Cheng, Nianxia and Zi Ran sit in silence as they realize the gap has widened. Gui Xing clenches his fists while You Cheng's stare is fixed on Xinglan. He coldly declares she is his goddess. He now sees that his weak body does not matter as only daredevils can stand at the top. Zi Ran displays sadness from being left behind. Nianbing's eyes are on Wulin. He notices that before she fainted, Xinglan was looking at their great leader.

On the VIP seats, Wu Yu mutters that the youths's strength are unfair. Luanshi agrees that they have far surpassed the Douluos at the same age and are possibly the strongest generation ever. He has noticed that Xinglan combined Sword God techniques with Tang Sect's Ghost Steps for the coup d'état. Luanshi exclaims that a crazy yet smart girl like her would fit the new Shrek 7 Devils.

Elder Cai takes some time to calm down as she considers the outer school students her disciples. She thinks that perhaps grade 3 may very well lose. She announces the 2 vs. 2. On grade 3's side are the twin brother and sister Li Meng Yan and Li Meng Tian. Both are power attack type. They are known as the Undefeatables with their fusion kill. Elder Cai signals to begin. Immediately, the twins activate their power armor, 5 flaming pieces each covering their upper body.

Meng Yan's spirit is Flame Demonic Lion while Meng Tian's spirit is Flame Demonic Tiger, both with 2Y 2P. As they roar, Wulin charges forward with 2 golden rings. He once to use only pure strength to release his anger. Gu Yue follows after his lead and starts gathering the elements. The twins also charge. Without caring about Meng Tian, Wulin unsheathes his claw against Meng Yan. Meng Yan counters with a punch and fire breath but the latter is stop by Gu Yue's carefully crafted double-layer ice wall. Right when the wall melts, Wulin's strike lands and spins Meng Yan inside out to the air. Meng Yan regains himself and uses his 2nd skill, Lion Roar. Wulin is momentarily shaken while a fireball is coming right at him. Simultaneously, Meng Tian attacks with her claws.

However, Wulin's Long Han Di forces the twins back. Wulin roars and attacks Meng Yan with Golden Dragon Fear Claw. Meng Yan curses under his breath and activates his 4th skill, covering himself with a red barrier. Astonishingly, Wulin's strike crushes through the barrier, knocking Meng Yan to the ground. He spits up blood as cracks appear on his armguards. Meng Tian regroups with her brother to use their fusion skill against the monstrous underclassmen. Gu Yue teleports into her path so Meng Tian tries to take her down. However, a blue fireball explodes in her face. Gu Yue follows up with a spiked ice ball of 1m in diameter, knocking Meng Tian even farther away.

Wulin has caught up with Meng Yan. Long Han Di knocks the latter into the air as Long Jing Tian attemps to devour him. Elder Cai conjures a moon light crescent that captures Wulin's attack without a soundn. She nods at Wulin while holding Meng Yan. Seeing her brother eliminated, Meng Tian hurries to beat Gu Yue. Her 4th skill summons a flame tiger. Gu Yue teleports Wulin in front of her. He activates Golden Dragon Tyrant Body and uses Long Jing Tian again. Elder Cai interferes again to drag Meng Tian out. This time however, Wulin's attack explodes inside the crescent there seems to be a silver light within.

The arena is silent as the grade 1 students stand oppressively. Xie Xie exclaims that Wulin's style is getting more brutal but he does prefer it. Elder Cai announces it is grade 1's victory.

Wulin and Gu Yue are joined by the others for the 7vs7. La Zhi replaces Xinglan and starts making dumplings without his usual smile. Qian Kun wants to fight but Song Lin stops him as their team's morale has rock bottomed. Song Lin forfeits the match despite Qian Kun's insistence. He runs away frustrated. On the VIP seat, the Douluos applause the younger children. It is rare that Wu Yu and Luanshi are in agreement. Elder Cai formally announces grade 1 and 2's victory. As the celebration begins, La Zhi carries Xinglan up on the stage against her will. She blushes and pulls on La Zhi's skin.

Grade 3 quickly leaves the area. Gathering everyone's attention, elder Cai makes a formal announcement.

The academy has accepted Star Luo continent's proposal for a 1-year exchange program. The members will be selected from grade 1 and grade 2. Wulin understands that he is one of the likely candidates though he is adamant to part from Shrek and Tang Sect's resource. Similarly, Yuan En and Gu Yue are in thought.

Back at the dorm, the 8 co-op students gather for a discussion. Xie Xie summarizes the history of DD. After Yuhao and Wutong's departure, threatened by Sun-Moon influence despite the ceasefire, both the Heaven Dou remnants and Star Luo kingdom migrated to 2 other continents. Even after the Federation was created, they still hold hostility toward the mainland. Zheng Yu is interested in the trip but Yuan En is unwilling due to the 1 year period.

Changing the subject, Yuan En proposes that in the next 6 months, they should cooperate to complete at least one set of armor. Wulin's task is making enough metal so they can finish the other sets in Star Luo. Xinglan states that she needs to reach rank 6 before the core pieces can be manufactured. Wulin agrees to the plan. Zheng Yu adds that he would like to manufacture his own armor in cooperation with Xinglan. The 8 huddle together, marking the day the co-op students achieve full unity.

Quickly, half a year passes. Only Wulin has not reached lv40. The academy announces that the exchange members would be all 8 co-op students. Wukong is the vice-supervisior and Yue Er is the head supervisor. Some members have reservation against elder Cai due to the entrance test. One day, in Spirit Ice square at dusk, Na Er asks Wulin when he would depart.

He answers that it would be in a couple of days. Na Er pouts because Ya Li doesn't let her go. Na Er only needs 1 piece of her armor. To Wulin's declaration, Na Er doubts that he would become an armor master after 1 year. Wulin is only lv38. Meanwhile, Yuan En is lv45. Gu Yue and Zheng Yu are lv44. Xinglan is lv43. Xie Xie, La Zhi and Xiaoyan are lv42. Na Er encourages him though Wulin doesn't mind it that much as his combat ability still keeps up with the others. Moreover, his spirit power has changed from the common white to yellow.

Just then, Wulin receives a phone call from Mu Chen asking for him at the gate. After Wulin leaves, Gu Yue appears behind Na Er with a burning stare. She whispers that it is impossible for Na Er to be with Wulin. Na Er jumps up to a nearby pedestal and asks Gu Yue if she knows what love is. Na Er then disappears to the air, leaving Gu Yue to mull on the former's words.

At the gate, Zhenhua and Mu Chen are waiting. They enter the backdoor of the Guild with Wulin. Inside, Wulin is given his unofficial rank 6 badge, forged by Zhenhua to Mu Chen's chagrin, for when Wulin returns in another year. Zhenhua adds that there would be a happy surprise waiting for Wulin in Star Luo. The old men then wish Wulin luck for the trip.

Wulin wonders what they mean as he shouldn't know anyone in Star Luo. Disregarding the matter, he heads to Tang Sect to report. Admin Guo has known about Wulin's trip. He asks Wulin to deliver an envelope to Tang Sect's Star Luo branch. It seems that both Tang Sect and Spirit Pagoda have presence in the other continents. Admin Guo tells Wulin to keep an open mind and to use the badge signal if needed. Wulin sighs a little bit. On the power armor front, the group still only have 1 piece each aside from Xinglan with 3. He has hoped to complete 1 set before the trip.

Wulin calls Gu Yue's number. He asks if she can arrange an entrance to the mid-level Ascension Chamber so he can de-stress. She confirms and says she would join him. Some minutes later, Gu Yue arrives in a cab. Wulin gets in and naturally grabs Gu Yue's hand. Like being jolted, she removes her hand to Wulin's confusion. Wulin notices that Gu Yue's expression is strange, with a hint of coldness. Hearing her say boys and girls should keep their distance, he retorts if Gu Yue ever thinks about that when she grabs his hand first. Gu Yue freezes and looks at the window, ignoring him. Wulin scratches his head, muttering he can never understand girls.

The ride to the Pagoda is silent. The 2 get through the security without any trouble. Inside the Chamber, Wulin asks how much it would cost him. Gu Yue silently glances at him then enters a pod. Wondering what crime he has committed and if they can even cooperate, Wulin gets into another pod. They arrive in an unfamiliar location in the forest.

Gu Yue stares at Wulin's back with a charmed look. 15yo Wulin stands at 1m8 with a babyface. He has a lot of admirers in grade 1 and 2 but is very oblivious to the attention because of his dilligence. Gu Yue even notices Zi Duo looking at him strangely. She asks herself if she really doesn't know love and happiness. Seeing her not following, Wulin asks if she is okay and checks for a fever. Gently removing his hand, Gu Yue assures him she is fine. With a suspicious look at her, Wulin turns around and continues the pace.

Gu Yue conjures green light to boost their speed. Seeing that she is back to normal, Wulin relaxes. They have 15 hours until the next day morning. Wulin connects with the surrounding plants to find his target. Aside from the weakling, the scared BSG tells him that there is an approaching horde of beasts. The 2 wait on top of a nearby tree. A thunderous boom is getting closer. It is a horde of Diamong/Vajra Warthogs, tearing down the trees along their path. Wulin curses that this is not good.

Diamong Warthogs are giant, powerful spirit beasts. Adults weigh in at 2 tons, stand at 2m tall and 5m long with steel-like hide and 3 pairs of tusk. Wulin laments that they would sell for a ton if they were real. The leader is running at Wulin's tree. Gu Yue teleports them away but the next tree also goes down. Wulin grapples from tree to tree as the hogs pursue them.

Wulin wonders if he is an ape. Meanwhile, on his back, Gu Yue is lost in her own delusion. Her legs locked to Wulin's waist, her cheeks stuck close to his shoulder, Gu Yue closes her eyes and enjoys the pleasure as a smile emerges on her lip. Wulin asks her to weaken her grip. She hurriedly loosens and says her strength isn't enough to kill him anyway. Wulin jokes that he is the weakling here that needs to be protected. Gu Yue smacks him on the shoulder. With no trees in front, Wulin is forced to land. He asks Gu Yue to teleport them but she is in her delusion again.

Chapters 551-560

Wulin tumbles to the ground along with Gu Yue. Wulin is a little annoyed while Gu Yue has a grin on her face. To Wulin's question, she answers that it is that day of the month for girls. Wulin doesn't get it but she blushes and refuses to explain. Wulin asks if her mind isn't all here then they should leave. Gu Yue glances at him and accepts.

Just then, they are freaked out by a giant head looking down at them. It stands at 60m tall like a small moutain with armored scales with mouth big enough to swallow a Diamond Warthog. Its teeth are bloody, obviously just after a hunt. The beast roars, blowing the 2 children away. Gu Yue identifies it as Tyrant Dragon, a King-class demi-dragon, around 10k years old. Gu Yue explains that this dragon has long been extinct since ancient time so there is not much record about them. However, an adult Tyrant Dragon is on par with a true dragon. They can't escape as it has a good nose.

Wulin wants to stay and fight using his bloodline advantage. If it doesn't work then Gu Yue should escape. Wulin immediately steps off a tree into the air. With a roar, he changes into Golden Dragon Body. Jin Long Jing Tian's dragon head flies into the air instead of at the dragon. Wulin realizes he can at best only intimidate the beast. Surprised, the dragon roars in anger. Wulin feels a strange will unleashed from his seals. An even louder roar emerges from his body that esclipses even the Tyrant's. A strange power lifts Wulin into the air. Suddenly, the Tyrant Dragon kowtows in front of him. In the middle of its head, there is a golden light. Wulin hears a whisper inside him but he can't understand its language. The light shines even brighter, revealing itself to be a unique piece of golden scale that looks just like Wulin's.

The dragon raises it head, its red eyes fixed on Wulin. Wulin realizes that the dragon is keeping him afloat with its strong spirit power. This dragon is stronger than anything he has ever seen but Wulin doesn't understand why his suppression power is so effective. The Twin Dragon Douluos were not that much affected. Wulin wonders whether he would even take any mental damage if the dragon tears him up, if it doesn't increase his mental force. The dragon opens its mouth. The fangs are several meters, bloodied with pieces of meat.

The Tyrant's strange energy connects with Wulin's, leaving him unable to move. Fortunately, the dragon only licks him to Wulin's relief. It puts Wulin on its head near the scales and begins celebrating. The golden light from Wulin begins to envelop the Tyrant. Wulin's 14 seals slightly move as his qi goes wild. The Tyrant goes prone to let Wulin down. Wulin sees in the dragon's eyes a liberated expression. It then turns into a ray of light and enters Wulin's body. From afar, Gu Yue mutters that she forgot the Tyrant Dragon carries the Golden Dragon King's bloodline, which lets it become the king of land dragons.

When Wulin regains control again, he doesn't feel anything has changed. Gu Yue believes that the dragon has entered a contract with Wulin similar to the first familiars though she doesn't know why it works when Wulin is not lv40 yet. When Wulin is about to complain why the Pagoda let such a strong beast inside the mid-level zone, they are forced out of the simulation.

There are many people inside the Chamber, including Gu Yue's master, Yao Zhu. She seems to stare a hole through Wulin, saying that the Chamber has some technical trouble. The 2 children need to be taken in for investigation.

Wulin is relaxed in front of Yao Zhu as he believes Gu Yue won't abandon him. Yao Zhu brings the children into her office. While looking at Wulin strangely, she apologizes for letting the Tyrant Dragon wander into the mid-level zone. It is supposed to be the strongest guardian for the path to the high-level zone. Because of its strength, even the Pagoda has trouble controlling it but Wulin somehow absorbed it. Originally, the protocol would be compensating the victim spirit masters but Wulin's wonder spread through the HQ, forcing her to personally come.

Wulin recounts what happened to Yao Zhu, including his bloodline power. Yao Zhu doesn't doubt him since she has already investigated thoroughly her disciple's crush. She apologizes again and asks him to stay for examination. Gu Yue protests that the Pagoda already causes enough trouble. Because of the abnormality, Yao Zhu reveals that the beasts inside the simulation are all real. Wulin thinks he has stumbled into a conspiracy but Yao Zhu assures him that all high-level spirit masters already know this fact. Most of the beasts are failed artificial familiars. They are put into the Chamber to create another revenue source from hunting. However, Tyrant Dragon is one of the exceptions. It is a true natural familiar, a type called immortal familiar.

Immortal familiar is the fruit of the Pagoda's research to preserve the soul of powerful beasts after their deaths. In the case of the spirit master's death, within 3 days, the familiar can be retrieved into the system. The downside is that the human body is completely disintegrated. The immortal familiars are too powerful to find a capable master so the Chamber serves as their home. The Tyrant Dragon is one of the strongest, having caused the death of a lv90 Douluo from mental backlash. Moreover, it caused problems with the local population so the Pagoda had planned to eliminate it, only stopped by its ancient history and rarity. However, after Wulin absorbed it, Yao Zhu is curious and wants to monitor his condition. Moreover, she also has to answer to the board of directors because the Tyrant Dragon cost them a lot of resource. Yao Zhu assures Wulin that they would only conduct some simple tests and the results will also be shared with Wulin. She has asked Shrek to send over an overseer.

Understanding the scale of the situation, Wulin gladly accepts. If it was a normal spirit master, he would already be dragged away. However, Shrek highly regards Wulin so Yao Zhu must be careful. After a while, a middle-aged woman hesitantly tells Yao Zhu that the Holy Spirit Douluo has arrived. Yao Zhu noticeably flinches. Ya Li steps in, dressed in a much more glamorous outfit than usual. Yao Zhu calls her older sister and greets her with a soft hug. It seems that it has been some time since the 2 last met. Yao Zhu explains the situation to Ya Li. Ya Li tells her to go ahead with the test. Wulin feels that Ya Li's demeanor is different today. There is a distinct sharpness to her elegance.

The tests last 2 hours. The staff has trouble drawing blood so Wulin has to break his skin with his claw, to Gu Yue's raised eyebrows. Gu Yue hands Wulin some water after he is done and apologizes for playing around. She explains that it is because she saw him with Na Er. Wulin tries to pry more about Na Er but Gu Yue quickly cuts him off. Just then, the 2 Douluos are back. Yao Zhu invite her to a meal while they wait for the result but Ya Li refuses and takes Wulin back. The middle-aged woman sends an asking glance at Yao Zhu but the latter shakes her head. After Ya Li leaves, Yao Zhu slams on the table, her face pale. To Gu Yue's question, she hatefully explains that Ya Li came to intimidate her. Gu Yue wonders what their problem is.

Outside the Pagoda, Ya Li releases a white light that quickly carries the 2 away. She explains to Wulin that she personally came to stop Yao Zhu from underestimating Wulin. Ya Li reveals that Yao Zhu is her love rival and lectures Wulin that despite his talent, he must not become a playboy like a certain someone. In Sea God Court, a certain person sneezes.

Back in the Pagoda's meeting room, Yao Zhu has gathered the supervisors together. Wulin's full-body diagram is showed on the screen. Gu Yue has some apprehension as she has not seen Wulin in such a helpless state before.

A researcher begins the report, starting from Wulin's background. His test results are very astonishing but show no trace of the Tyrant Dragon. A man called elder Tian exclaims that it is impossible as an immortal familiar possesses an enormous amount energy, not to mention that a lv30s has absorbed it. Yao Zhu flicks her hand for the researcher to continue. The results show that Wulin's body has extraordinary quality. While his spirit is BSG, there is a strange power inside Wulin's blood, far surpassing normal human though still has all the sign of being human. Elder Dian asks if he is a mixed-blood (Nkg: I assume he means a beast's descendant, like Tang San) but the researcher denies. The strange power is completely fused into the blood cells so further analysis cannot be done. Furthermore, unlike normal blood which loses spirit power after leaving the body, Wulin's blood remains the same, proving that the fusion is extremely strong.

Even more astonishingly, Wulin's body and organs are on par with a power attack type Spirit Emperor. The room falls silent. A middle-aged man praises Shrek's ability to raise monsters. The researcher adds that Wulin's mental force is around 650-700 as an in-depth mental analysis cannot be done due to equipment failure. Yao Zhu is shocked that the Pagoda's machine failed. The researcher explains that they didn't use the high-level equipment for fear of damaging Wulin's mind but the common equipment should still have been enough. The researcher then gives more crazy numbers on Wulin's abilities, concluding that the kid is a beast in human form and still has growth potential.

Yao Zhu curls her brows. Shrek producing a monster is no surprise to her. The Tyrant Dragon while costly is not vital to the Pagoda's operation but this incident may mean that there is a problem with the important Chamber facility. Someone asks if they should capture Wulin for further research. Before Yao Zhu can answer, Gu Yue suddenly protests, attracting everyone's attention. A middle-aged man looks at her then looks at Yao Zhu, asking if they should take the loss. Yao Zhu thinks it is too soon to conclude it is a loss and orders a 1-month inspection for the Chamber. Moreover, after Wulin comes back from the exchange, she will convince Shrek for another examination. Yao Zhu then orders Gu Yue to closely monitor Wulin during the exchange.

Gu Yue's uncontrollable outburst was out of worry for Wulin. The Pagoda is forced to tread lightly because of Shrek's influence and they can't guarantee there will be useful result nor Wulin's safety. Yao Zhu has thought about inducting Wulin into the Pagoda but he is too important to Shrek.

Back at the academy, Wulin goes to his specialized training zone. However, after a day, he still can't feel any changes.

At breakfast table, Wulin asks Gu Yue about the Pagoda's reaction. She assures him everything is fine but Wulin has some doubt. Still, he has the backing of Shrek. Class time, Wukong announces that Wulin's 6 will have tomorrow off as they will leave in 2 days. Zi Duo will be the temp president. Gui Xing and Nianxia will be the temp vice-presidents and the latter also take over Wulin's blacksmith representative position. There is some admiration but most believe that Shrek is still the best place for training.

When class is over, Zi Duo tells Wulin not to fall behind her. Nianxia pats his shoulder and assures Wulin he would be a good replacement though the former already does that normally as Wulin is too busy. Still, nobody complains as Wulin charges his class special price with good quality. Gui Xing claims that his dream is to be a world traveller but he didn't think that Wulin would overtake him. You Cheng retorts that it would be a long time before their graduation. The 5 geniuses have completed 1/3 of their armor and would undoubtedly enter the inner school. However, to graduate, they would need to be a 2-word armor master. Moreover, Shrek doesn't allow inner school students to leave freely. Wulin smiles and promises souvenirs for everyone. Zi Duo seems glad but Xie Xie snarks that a miser would not bring back anything good. Wulin doubles down that souvenirs's monetary value doesn't matter.

After some more banter, Wulin tells his group to clean the dorm. Several days later, the groups arrive at the familiar Heaven Sea city, where Wulin first met Xinglan and La Zhi. This is the location for meeting up with the Star Luo diplomats as well as the port for departure. Because long-distance flying tech is top secret, they will have to go by ship. Wulin invites everyone to a meal. Xinglan pouts while eating as they are at the same restaurant where Wulin ditched her and La Zhi. The children heartily dig in but the 2 adults eat very little. Elder Cai is surprised at how much Wulin can eat. His mouth twitched, Wukong confirms that it is Wulin's normal appetite. Elder Cai now understands why elder Feng was celebrating earlier. Wukong has a softer expression as he reminisces and thinks it would be good if she was still here. Xie Xie gives Yuan En and tells her to eat more. Seeing her silently accept, Xie Xie hopes they can get closer during the exchange. While everyone's appetite is not low, the lion's share goes to the La Zhi-Wulin pair.

The owner recognizes Wulin and tells the table that he just ate everything in stock. Wulin satisfiedly says he is 80% full. Handed a tissue from Xinglan, La Zhi admits he was full way earlier but wanted to see if he could keep up, which makes Wulin angry for wastefulness. The owner gives Wukong the bill, 16,433 Federal coins. Wukong has a thousand-yard stare at the sky and grudgingly pays. Wulin celebrates but still complains that he wanted to pay. Wukong retorts that Wulin is pushing his luck, shutting the miser up.

Elder Cai takes the lead. Their destination is Heaven Sea Great Pub. Wukong checks them into a gold-level seaside room. He announces that it is free time until dark. Wulin is relieved that elder Cai has not done anything against them so far. He asks the others what they want for snack. Elder Cai barely holds back her laughter at Wulin's appetite. Looking out to the sea, Wulin reminisces about his parents. He calls Mang Tian on the phone. Knowing what Wulin wanted, Mang Tian tells him there is still no news about his parents. However, Mang Tian believes that Zi Ran is vital to his organization so the 2 should not be in danger. He tells Wulin to focus on graduating from Shrek first as they have planned.

Seeing Wulin down, Xie Xie comforts him that maybe after they return, his parents would already be back home. In the next few days, Wulin stays inside and only trains for lv40. As for the seals, old Tang has assured him nothing will go wrong in 2 years. However, old Tang has no idea what effect power armor will have as he is not too familiar with it. After 3 days, the Star Luo diplomats have arrived. The bar is crowded.

The Star Luo diplomats include more than a thousand people of all careers. Shrek is arranged in one corner by a Federal representative. Wulin inspects the Star Luo people closely, who all dress in an older style. He meets eyes with Yu Han, who looks surprised and waves at him. Zheng Yu mistakes the target of her gesture and brags to the other. Xie Xie asks if he would die without picking up girls. Zheng Yu dismisses him as not understanding the plight of handsomeness. He fixes his outfit and goes up to Yu Han. However, she dismisses his approach and heads for Wulin, leaving Zheng Yu shocked. Xie Xie laughs while patting Zheng Yu's shoulder and echoes the latter's previous word. His face twitches, Zheng Yu suddenly changes to an elegnant demeanor and hugs Xie Xie's waist, claiming he doesn't prefer girls anyway. Xie Xie jolts away as Xiaoyan and La Zhi laugh loudly. Yuan En has a slight smile while Xinglan shakes her head.

Meanwhile, Yu Han tells Wulin she is also part of the exchange. The 2 promise to have another match in 1 year. Yu Han sends a meaningful glance at Wulin and leaves. With a scoundrel look, Zheng Yu praises Wulin's prowess. Wulin doesn't deny so Zheng Yu asks Gu Yue if she knows he has been playing around with other girls. Gu Yue nonchalantly states that in fact, other girls are playing with him. Wulin fakely laments that he is popular but still preserves his purity.

In return, Wukong, who has been spectating all along, smacks him on the back of the head, saying he is not old enough. Zheng Yu claims that Wukong is in the wrong as this is the invicibility of youth and it is not easy for the old to find love. Wukong is slightly shocked but stays silent. Xiaoyan takes a shot at Zheng Yu who bought a bar to get a girl's number. Zheng Yu freezes but he claims the bar makes him a lot of money, which he uses for the team. He sneaks a glance at Yuan En, who is now miffed remembering she lost her job over his antic.

Xie Xie disses Zheng Yu's colorfulness so the latter challenges the former to a duel. They are raring to go so Wulin has to step in. Just then, a voice, introduced as the Federal Head Secretary Fan Wen, from the speakers announces that the Star Luo people go to bus 1-25 while the Federation people go to bus 26-52. Wulin sits in the back, naturally next to Gu Yue at the window. He sees 2 giant ships at the port. Each has 5 floors and is armed with cannons for dealing with sea beasts. According to the Federation's calculation, they are at least as 50x as numerous as the land beasts. Wulin heard that Star Luo also brought big ships for showing off but their tech is far behind. Surprisingly, people on both sides are mixed on the ships to promote interaction. Within the crowd, Shrek is not noticed.

Fan Wen greets elder Cai respectfully to her indifference. He is a rising star within the Federation, currently jostling for the position of Senate Chairman. Fan Wen tells her that the Star Luo students are staying on the same ship and they would like an exhibition match during the long trip. Elder Cai nonchalantly acknowledges them as people rejected by Shrek even as exchange students, silencing the room. Fan Wen quickly regains his politician demeanor and explains it as a schedule issue. Fortunately, elder Cai doesn't add more and accepts the match, giving the Head Secretary face. He then leads Shrek into the ship.

The Federation has always regarded Shrek as a big problem and the most success they have had was splitting the Pagoda away from the academy. The Pagoda is in full cooperation but Shrek maintains their neutrality. Still, the Federation only dares to keep one eye on them and grants them self-rule as the academy has not shown any motive for expansion and their students are too numerous and important.

Wulin sees a group of 17-18yo teenagers in white robes, who are pointing at them because of Shrek's signature green robes. Zheng Yu flips them off, saying he can take anyone. Xie Xie glances at him in disbelief, telling him to go if he has the gut. Yuan En wide-eyed stares at Xie Xie for picking a fight. Before Zheng Yu can get satisfied, Yuan En agrees with Xie Xie that Zheng Yu is a no-good. This time is Xie Xie's turn to laugh. La Zhi joins as Xinglan complains that the boys are too bored. Still, in reality, all of them are bored from daily routines.

The Star Luo staff arranges them to single rooms, aside from elder Cai who is staying at a different location. Just then, an arrogant voice taunts Shrek for their uniform. Shrek see that the white-robes, Star Luo Royal academy, are back. There are 12 people, 8 males, 4 females. The voice comes from a short but stout guy. Zheng Yu fakes looking around up high for the voice's owner. The guy gets angry and body-checks Zheng Yu. Zheng Yu taunts him that he doesn't have a habit of looking down and doesn't even try to dodge. The short guy is knocked back from the difference in strength. Zheng Yu continues to taunt the Star Luo group if this is how they greet others, aiming the question at the girls. Wulin makes a "really" face and tell the Star Luo students that his group don't know Zheng Yu and they can do whatever they want. The others quickly follow him and abandon Zheng Yu. Xie Xie, the last to leave, pats Zheng Yu's shoulder and sarcastically wishes him good luck.

Zheng Yu asks if his teammates still have humanity. As the 12 Star Luo students surround him, Zheng Yu jumps off the ship and flies around back to Shrek quarters. He knocks on a door, calling Wulin dishonorable. Turns out it is Wukong's room, who chases Zheng Yu off. Seeing Zheng Yu with his tail between his legs, Wulin cannot hold back his laughter as Zheng Yu normally keeps up a proper act as school.

Noon, Wulin is watching the waves on his balcony. Gu Yue greets him on hers. This is the first time they travel on the ocean. Gu Yue begins to say something to Wulin but changes her mind and goes back inside, leaving Wulin confused. On her bed, she mutters that Na Er is right that he is so nice. However, she strengthens her resolve to not let them become a couple.

Night falls. An announcement is made that there would be a formal ball tonight along with a special game. Wulin wakes up from meditation, having broken through to lv39. He had planned to use the smithy on board the ship before the announcement. Still, the ball requires formalwear and Wulin only has his Shrek uniform as suitable. Just then, there is a knock on the door. Gu Yue asks if Wulin heard the announcement. Hearing him talk about food, she gets slightly annoyed. Gu Yue knows Wulin doesn't have any formalwear so she hands him a suit of no mere quality. To the dumbstruck Wulin, Gu Yue nonchalantly states that she had it prepared beforehand, having guessed that there would be such an event. With a blush, Gu Yue tells Wulin to dress up in order to not embarrass her.

Back in his room, Wulin finally composes himself. There is warmness in his eyes remembering about the last time somebody gifted him clothes. Years ago, Wulin's mother promised that she would make new clothes for him each year, even until after he is married, so she could watch his growth. Wulin is touched that there would be another person that would do the same for him after all these years. He feels like he is back home again.

Chapters 561-570

Wulin quietly mutters his thanks. Meanwhile, in Zheng Yu's room, from the mountain of clothes inside his wardrobe, he picks out a white suit decorated with his clan seal in gold. In front of the mirror, the narcissist exclaims that he is the most handsome man tonight.

Out of the door, Zheng Yu runs into Xiaoyan. They are both shocked, though for different reasons. Xiaoyan is dressed in a shoulderless short dress, also in white. Xiaoyan is fluttered by Zheng Yu's handsomeness while he is taken aback by her wearing matching color. Zheng Yu sighs and gives her a compliment, making her blushes. Xie Xie jumps out, dressed in the classic suit, white shirt and black pants. Yuan En also comes out but in male clothing, red pants and white shirt. Xiaoyan compliments Yuan En that she looks like a rose and Xiaoyan may have fallen in love if Yuan En was a man. In return, Yuan En asks when Xiaoyan has become a couple with Zheng Yu. Red-faced, Xiaoyan denies and runs ahead. Zheng Yu throws a hook compliment at Xie Xie that he is good-looking but not as much as the former. Xie Xie angrily chases after Zheng Yu for embarrassing him in front of Yuan En. Shaking her head, Yuan En follows the group. She thinks about Xiaoyan's compliment as her rose is her favorite flower.

Just after they leave, Xinglan and La Zhi also come out. La Zhi is in his Shrek uniform while Xinglan is in a beautiful yet conservative green long dress. La Zhi instinctively gulps and comliments her. Xinglan asks why he has not changed. La Zhi says he doesn't have any and it is okay if she doesn't want him to go. Assuring him otherwise, Xinglan tells him to wait. La Zhi laughs at himself that no matter what he wears, it wouldn't look good. Xinglan returns having changed into the Shrek uniform. She playfully pulls on his cheek and drags him by the shoulder. La Zhi tries to apologize but Xinglan understands that it is his spirit's circumstance. She asks him to aim to become a teddy bear, warm and comfy for hug and cuddle, good for emergency ration and powerful protection in danger. La Zhi says he would only be her bear and asks if she likes panda, polar bear or grizzly. Xinglan playfully answers a stupid bear to his complaint.

The ball is held on the 2nd floor, filled with thousands of people with a huge feast prepared. Star Luo has clearly invested a lot, preparing the famous sparkling wine. The first of Shrek to arrive, Zheng Yu pridefully enters the room.

Xie Xie chases after him but Zheng Yu has already switched to gentleman mode. Feeling a shiver through his skin, Xie Xie turns around and grabs a drink. Xiaoyan and Yuan En also arrive. Xie Xie complains about Zheng Yu to Yuan En but she doesn't care. Xiaoyan smirks and chants "together". Xie Xie embarrasedly asks Yuan En to hang out. She tells him to get and goes away. Xie Xie signs something to the creepily smiling Zheng Yu and chases after Yuan En. Zheng Yu asks Xiaoyan for a dance. With a smile, she agrees.

Zheng Yu compliments her willingness but she corrects him that she doesn't mind deigning to be his partner. Complaining that she has a venomous tongue, Zheng Yu suddenly moves closer to Xiaoyan, forcing her to lean backward. Holding her waist, Zheng Yu finds that she is surprisingly soft and limber. Xiaoyan reminds him to continue his line. Zheng Yu focuses his best ladykiller gaze into her eyes and asks if she really finds him ugly. Unaffected, Xiaoyan tells him to cut off the antic. Lower his voice, he asks her to answer his question. Xiaoyan hmphs that she doesn't like the playboy young master, reminding him of their first encounter at the restaurant. Embarrassed, Zheng Yu makes up some excuses and says he has not had a girlfriend. Xiaoyan bluntly lectures Zheng Yu that Federal law defines adulthood as beginning at 18yo. Zheng Yu is only 16yo but his behavior is already that of a society reject. However, she assures him that the group won't abandon him and will steer him back on the right Track. She turns around, leaving a final line that he should not let youth's hormones cloud his intelligence.

Stunned, Zheng Yu realizes he is no match for Xiaoyan's acting skill. More people enter the room, including elder Cai and Wukong. They are quickly surrounded by interested parties but Wukong doesn't seem to care and just stands at a corner sipping a glass while monitoring the students. In his eyes, the crowding beautiful women don't exist. Xinglan is with La Zhi as he chows down a table. Xinglan only rarely accepts La Zhi's offerring but he gets really happy when she does. Wukong wonders where Wulin and Gu Yue are. He closes his eyes in thought. A hint of sadness on his handsome face makes the women squeal.

Just then, a tall middle-aged man named Sima Lanxiao makes a welcoming speech. He announces that they are holding a game to find the most glamorous man, woman and couple. The winners will receive a reward from Star Luo continent. Excitement sweeps through the ball.

Music begins to fill the dance hall as the ball officially begins. Just then, 2 people enter, focused on by the newly started spotlight. One is a teenage girl in a silver dress with beauty of a descended fairy. On her left is a mascular teenage boy in an impeccable black suit with facial features that make even women jealous. With the spotlight on them, they are like the royalty of the ball. Deeply impressed, Sima Lanxiao proclaims that there are some formidable competitors from Douluo continent. To his question, in a booming tone, Wulin answers they are from Shrek Academy.

The 2 meet up with the other 6. Wulin is not really comfortable in formal attire. With a skip in her steps, Xiaoyan complains that Wulin should not have dressed up because she may fall in love with him. Xiaoyan realizes that Gu Yue is the cause and asks if she doesn't mind other girls. Gu Yue confidenly claims she does not fear. Wulin shrugs at her words. Even he has grown aware of the attention but he has no time for love. Zheng Yu annoyedly trudges up and tells Wulin he may not have many friends like this. Wulin asks how many Zheng Yu has, hitting a sore spot. Seeing Wulin's taunting look, Zheng Yu says he would stay a bit further away. However, the Star Luo students block his path, their number increased.

Wulin steps in front of Zheng Yu as the situation is now different. With a smile, he introduces himself. The Star Luo captain, a guy of 18-19yo named Luo Qing Han, shakes Wulin's hand. Qing Han strengthens his grip for intimidation. Still smiling, Wulin puts in some more effort and cracks Qing Han's hand. Qing Han face turns pale as he sweats profusely. The Shrek students sneer at the idiocy. Wulin releases the shake and calmly makes his way through. 2 Star Luo students try to block but get shoved flat on their back. Without any more obstacles, the other Shrek students follow Wulin.

Qing Han understands that Wulin is hedging on the fact that they won't fight in public. Still, even if they do, Qing Han has a feeling Star Luo would be wiped out brutally. Unlike their fellows, the 4 female students look at Wulin with admiration. Wulin comes up to a table and complains there is too little food. La Zhi agrees as he already took down 3 tables and is not the least satisfied. Wulin jokes that they should go fishing in the ocean to La Zhi's horror because of the sea beasts. A familiar voice actually agrees that fishing is a good idea.

Wulin is surprised to find the chef Mu Ye behind him. The old man laughs that he is a legitimate rated chef with a successful chain of restaurants. He is the leader of the chef group representing Douluo. Mu Ye asks for Wulin's room number and says he would find him later. Mu Ye nods that Wulin has a good look and leaves. Wulin wonders why a god-level mech master would go as a chef, thinking himself may be the reason. Wulin's guess is correct. Mu Ye understands the harsh reality and has made a decision to make Wulin inherit Body Sect's teaching no matter what. His sect is in crisis. Rules are important but they wouldn't exist without the sect anyways. Moreover, Zhenhua assured him that Wulin has 80% chance of becoming a God Craftsman and can secure Body Sect's future with new armor masters. Additionally, his victory over grade 3 impresses Mu Ye.

Wulin shrugs that it is not a bad thing to have another friendly Douluo on board. Because of the 1st mixing, the conservative participants are still only talking. The staff begin to pass out number. Lianxiao announces that they would vote for the 10 most glamourous men, women and couple. Another vote will select the winners. He invites everyone to dance. An elegant voice asks if Wulin would dance. It is Yuhan in a blue dress. Right now, only La Zhi is next to Wulin while the others are some distance away.

Wulin tries to decline but Yuhan drags him to the floor anyways. Xiaoyan asks Gu Yue is this is okay but she just has a freezing smile. She simply states that it means she doesn't have enough attractiveness to Wulin. Xinglan and Yuan En are in agreement. Xie Xie claims that no girls can take him away to Yuan En's disgust.

Yuhan actively leads the dance. Wulin blushes as Yuhan's body is really nice to his touch. Seeing his clumsy steps, Yuhan can't help but laugh. However, with Perplexing Steps, Wulin soon picks up his dancing. Yuhan says he is heavier than she thought, as Wulin's body is densely packed with muscles and bones. She invites Wulin to Star Luo Forging Academy, which he readily accepts as a learning opportunity to Yuhan's skepticism since she is already the best there. Yuhan asks about Wulin's forging background. She herself started at 3yo in a blacksmith family but still cannot compete. Asked about her father, Yuhan has a curt on her lip as he is very strict. In fact, leaving with Gong Yan was to keep distance from him. Wulin comforts her that she is still lucky to have parents as his have gone missing. Yuhan has never thought that someone would be worse off.

As the song stops, Yuhan invites Wulin again but Gu Yue appears to establish dominance. Seeing Gu Yue's killing intent, Wulin has no choice but complying to her dance offer. Gu Yue drags him away while Yuhan looks on with clenched fist. No boys were able to match her genius before Wulin. A man so handsome and so talented is rare commodity so she has gathered all her courage to go on the offensive.

A more exciting tune is put on. Gu Yue suddenly stops and glares at Wulin. Before he can say anything, she begins a wild yet enticing wild dance. Wulin feels something inside him awakended. (Nkg: I'm not going to translate what the hell they were dancing). They perform a series of acrobatic dance routines that attract the crowd's eyes. Applause fills the room upon completion. Wulin's eyes are filled with hotness while Gu Yue's are with calmness. She helps fix his outfit and warns Wulin that if she catch him dancing with another girl, she will break her legs.

Gu Yue drags Wulin back to the gang. Xiaoyan excitedly hugs Gu Yue in admiration of her dancing skill. Yuan En weirdly stares at Wulin, claiming Gu Yue is in the right as there are people that need control. Xie Xie chimes in with agreement. Furrowing his brows, Wulin asks if Xie Xie wants to learn how to dance. With some hesitation, Xie Xie follows Wulin as Yuan En seems to be very interested. To Xiaoyan's confusion, Gu Yue retells her promise to break the legs of anyone who dances with Wulin. The girls break out in laughter.

Fortunately for Xie Xie, the judging soon begins. Elder Cai is one of the judges. Wulin and Gu Yue are awared best dressed and best dance couple. Wukong ties with Wulin to the latter's disbelief.

The Shrek girls, except for Yuan En, and Yuhan are all in the final 10 for most beautiful but the winner is a Star Luo woman. Wukong wins most handsome and is forced to accept due to elder Cai. Yuhan congratulates Gu Yue, sparks flying between them. Yuhan invites Wulin to the ship's forge but before he can accept, Gu Yue reminds him with a hip pinch. He coughs, asking for another day annd they exchange room numbers. Incidentally, only intercall is available because phone has no signal.

After Yuhan leaves, Zheng Yu laughs and teases Wulin before running away. Returning to his room, Wulin's head is filled with Gu Yue's exotic dances, showing a different side to her. This leaves a deep impression on Wulin. He goes out to the balcony for the sea breeze. With Purple Demon Eyes activated, Wulin can still see the depth of the ocean after dark. People say 70% of the world is covered with water but Wulin wonders if there are other places out there, maybe to the stars.

Suddenly, in the middle of his wondering, Wulin feels pressure on his neck. Someone drags him into the air before he can generate any power and sinks him into the sea. Wulin feels an enormous pressure on him as they dive deeper. His survival instict activated, power begins to crazily course through his veins as Golden Dragon Body and Golden Dragon Tyrant Body emerge. Wulin needs to find an opportunity but the hand suddenly exerts a strong force on Wulin. Fortunately, Tyrant Body takes effect, allowing Wulin to break free. He lashes at the assailant, a figure covered in deep golden light, with a boosted Golden Dragon Fear Claw.

However, the claw shatters on contact with the golden armor, shocking Wulin. The attacker grabs Wulin's throat and pushes him deeper. Wulin never thinks he would die like this. He hallucinates seeing a black road, with someone beckoning him at the end of it. Fortunately, the assailant releases his grip and floats back up. Wulin finds his chance but patiently waits until there is more distance. The hallucination becomes more vivid as Wulin begins to feel the water pressure. Finally, Wulin roars from deep inside as the 14 seals vibrate. He pushes all his remaining power into escaping a watery grave. The draconic pattern clearly emerges on his skin.

Breaking through the surface, despite the pain, Wulin gasps for air with joy because it means he is still alive. He is thankful for eating so much before. The ships are nowhere in sight but before Wulin can consider the next step, the attacker is back.

The figure in gold nonchalantly walks on the sea surface. Without replying to Wulin about his identity, the figure takes Wulin out of the water. Wulin wonders why he isn't killed but he soon catches sight of the ship before falling unconscious. Throwing Wulin back into his room, Mu Ye reveals himself. He proclaims his choice is correct.

Drowning Wulin was the Body Sect's initiation ritual. While Wulin was under the sea, Xiao Hong had been monitoring him. Mu Ye is impressed that Wulin managed to counterattack and even broke through to the surface after calmly waiting for Mu Ye to leave. When Mu Ye took the initiation, he barely made 30m before knocked out. In the sect's history, only 1 person had performed Wulin's feat, the sect's founder who managed to awaken his spirit 2 times at once after being thrown into the sea. The reason why Body Sect fell behind Tang Sect is that their training requires a lot more resolve. Mu Ye begins to palm strike Wulin to send over his qi. Wulin quickly recovers in his sleep as Mu Ye laments that it was worth abandoning traditions.

The next day, Wulin wakes up to knocks on the door. His teammates call him for food. Wulin's body is sluggish as he slowly makes his way out. He recalls yesterday's event and is in doubt that it was just a dream. The others ask if he is okay but Wulin only tells them it was overtraining and asks La Zhi for dumplings. Gu Yue is relieved he still has appetite. Xie Xie asks if he was in delusion about Gu Yue's dancing. Wulin really wants to throw Xie Xie into the sea but he can't manage any strength.

After ~20 of La Zhi's recovery dumplings, Wulin's paleness fades a bit. Luxurious food is served but no one's sitting at Wulin's table because they know it would not be close to enough for him. Before Wulin begins, Yuhan joins him without knowing. However, seeing Wulin is only interested in eating and in such huge amount, Yuhan gulps and leaves. Xiaoyan hitches Gu Yue and says she must be afraid of Wulin's monstrous appetite. Gu Yue only has a cold smile. Mu Ye comes next to Wulin and hands him a tray of thousand-year Deep Sea Tuna brisket that he caught while drowning Wulin. Wulin finds the fish to be good stuff. Mu Ye then brings him grilled tuna heads. Wulin feels a powerful heat running wild in his body. A guest asks Mu Ye why Wulin gets special treatment. Wulin tells him he can catch his own fish if he wants to eat.

After Wulin finishes, he sees Mu Ye already left. Wulin leaves the others to go back to self-training. The pattern emerges again on his body as he nods off. When he wakes up again, it is already evening. Wulin feels his bones cracking and his muscles full of power. Gu Yue opens the door. She came at lunch through the balcony to check on him but didn't wake him up since he slept so well. She asks Wulin what happened last night. To his excuse, Gu Yue seems to be in doubt. At dinner, Wulin finds he eats much less than usual, only around 7-8 peoples' portions. The group splits up as they have diffferent plans for the night. Back in his room, Wulin finds Mu Ye crawling in like a ghost. Wulin skeptically asks what he wants. Mu Ye asks Wulin how he feels about the food.

Chapters 571-580

Mu Ye is angry that Wulin is dumbfounded. Wulin only says delicious and asks about Mu Ye's action the day before. Mu Ye explains about the initiation ritual and spirit's 2nd awakening. While Wulin only knows the basics from Wukong's lesson, he is shocked when Mu Ye guarantees Body Sect training will cause a 2nd awakening. Mu Ye tells Wulin to call him master instead of uncle. Wulin reaffirms he won't leave Tang Sect but Mu Ye impatiently says he doesn't need to. However, Wulin doubles down that he won't join another sect. Mu Ye loses his temper and says he doesn't care, Wulin is now a Body Sect's member. Before Wulin can argue, he is tossed into the ocean again.

More prepared this time, Wulin's ascent goes smoothly. The tuna really helps his circulation. Asked if they can return, Mu Ye nonchalantly answers that the Body Sect's secret is that its training is based on completely crushing the body as potential only surfaces in danger. He claims if Wulin doesn't join, because the kid already know sect's secret, he must die. Before Wulin can retort, he is drowned deeper again. He falls unsconcious.

Old Tang wakes Wulin up and tells him he is in a fake-death state. Old Tang says the Body Sect's cultivation methods are very helpful to Wulin as the GDK gives him far more potential than ordinary people. Furthermore, old Tang warns that the last 9 seals are incredibly dangerous. Only with extreme resolve and perseverance can Wulin survive their enormous energy.

Back to reality, Wulin gathers his will to live and begins his ascent. Behind him is Xiao Hong. She was about to help after predicting Wulin is near his limit but his resolve is outside of even her or Mu Ye's calculation. Mu Ye muses that he must completely crush Wulin for his own sake.

Finally back to the surface, Wulin doesn't even have strength to breath. Mu Ye sticks a tube (snorkel?) into his throat, transmitting recovery energy. Wulin passes out again. He wakes up 15 minutes later and realizes Mu Ye doesn't want to kill him. The next day, Wulin wakes up in his bed. Mu Ye brings dark purple deep-sea prawns directly to the room. Wulin asks Mu Ye if he wants him dead but Mu Ye only replies to eat, saying adversity tries one but the suffering is worth it. Wulin smiles but is still adamant that he can't join the Body Sect. Mu Ye loses his mood and whacks Wulin on the head. He says that he would ask Tang Sect for permission and repeats that Wulin must call him master. Finally, Wulin complies. Regaining his temper, Mu Ye hands Wulin the food, calling it Amethyst Lobster. Before leaving, Mu Ye asks Wulin to not sleep but meditate to feel the full effect.

Unlike the tuna, the lobster has a certain coolness and floating sensation. Wulin finds himself finally making it into lv40. Moreover, the golden layer inside his body has strengthened along with mental force. Dinnertime, Mu Ye arrives again to Wulin's shudder. With a dry smile, the kid asks when he can rest. Mu Ye calmly says the preliminary training should be done after 49 days (Nkg: Mu Ye says something like 7*7= 49) if Wulin manifests a 2nd awakening. Wulin asks if there have been any deaths. To his horror, Mu Ye answers around 30%. Mu Ye emphasizes that not everyone can successfully use this method but Wulin showed he has affinity on the 1st day. Before Wulin can answer, into the ocean he goes again.

While others have a very boring routine on board, Wulin has a very exciting, heart-stopping life. On the 6th day, he hits the 1000m milestone. On the 20th day, he hits the bottom at 2000m but Mu Ye doesn't let him go easily. The old chef adds that Wulin must defeat a sea beast before coming up. Against a thousand-year opponent, Wulin finds it much more difficult than on land. He almosts died the first time as an open wound and deep water pressure are bad combination. Fortunately, Golden Dragon Body is useful as Wulin dragged the beast up to around the hundred meters level and slaughtered it with Golden Dragon Fear Claw. After that, Mu Ye brings progressively stronger beasts from who-know-where. If it wasn't for the delicious food, Wulin would have already lost his mind.

The 49th day has come, so Mu Ye announces. The trials Wulin went through has strengthened his body to the point that he doesn't need any ingredient for the 5th seal, according to old Tang. He can break it when he likes. Still, he is in no rush to then face the 6th seal. Old Tang has emphasized that Wulin must follow the Body Sect's teaching. Thankfully, Wulin is now at the top of lv39 (although the previous chapter said he was at lv40).

Mu Ye states that this last trial will truly decide Wulin's potential as a sect member. If he doesn't awaken his spirit, he must undergo another 49 days. Wulin is dumbstruck. In reality, Mu Ye is also weirded out. Wulin's 49-day course is actually the most difficult cultivation method. There hasn't been a case like Wulin in the past, but similar situations to his of strong bodies eventually became Limit Douluos. However, 2nd awakening's success rate is 95% and not necessarily takes the whole 49 days. The previous 48 days should have at least drawn out some of Wulin's potential. In general the longer it takes to awaken, the stronger the battle spirit is. The fact there is still no sign of awakening can only mean 2 things: either Wulin's spirit is extremely powerful or has no body spirit's heritage. Still, Mu Ye refuses to believe in the 2nd possibility as Wulin has such a powerful physique and more than ordinary willpower. He has already prepared a great gift for today.

Wulin complains about bullying but Mu Ye grabs his shoulder and changes to a really formal tone. He swears on his honor of a Titled Douluo to not interfere in Wulin's trial. He asks Wulin to do his best to survive and throws him into the ocean. Wulin stays in the water for 15 minutes without any movement as the ships move out of sight. He wonders if it is an endurance test but it should be fine with all the food in his storage ring. However, soon, there are silver objects appearing in the distance. Wulin sees Mu Ye attack the sea from the sky. Wulin fearfully realizes he is summoning a frenzy of sharks. On top of that, they are Devil Soul Great White Sharks, one of the great overlord tribes of the sea. The test is to survive. Wulin curses if Mu Ye really wants him to die.

Wulin spreads as much BSG around him as he can. The idea is masking his scent from the sharks. It works on the 1st one, a 7m thousand-year. As 4 more gather, Mu Ye tells Wulin to get ready and empties a jar of blood into the water. He nonchantly announces to begin. Wulin shrieks and uses the BSG as a trampoline to go up to the surface, right behind him are the sharks. Mu Ye empties the rest of the jar onto Wulin. Covered in blood, Wulin doesn't even bother to complain and tosses off his clothes. He wraps a BSG around Mu Ye as an anchor and dives back in. Mu Ye is surprised but doesn't mind as he calmly spectates.

Most of the sharks chase after Wulin's clothes but around 7-8 of them are waiting for the food to land. 3rd and 2nd rings flash, an array of BSG thrusts down but is disintegrated by 2 sharks' white beam. One of them leaps at Wulin but its teeth are trapped on a golden BSG strand. Wulin reels the shark up and rips it apart with the Golden Dragon Fear Claw. With the sharks distracted by their friend's carcass, Wulin dives deep into the water trying to wash off the rest of the blood on his body. In the air, Mu Ye is horrified by Wulin's combat ability but muses that the trial is not even close to over.

Among the feasting sharks, there is one distinctly bigger with a silver fin. It notices Wulin and charges at him. The other sharks quickly follow.

The blood inside Mu Ye's jar belongs to the shark's natural enemies, the Deep Sea Demonic Whales. Moreover, the blood is incredbily hard to get rid of the stronger the spirit power presence in its surrounding. Wulin decides to stand and fight. 47 sharks left. Wulin summons his yellow mech. Before Mu Ye can forces him out, Wulin uses this opening to refill on food. He jumps back into the sea, summoning his right power gauntlet. As the sharks approach, they open with a salvo of beams. Unable to dodge, Wulin is knocked out of the water. Even with Golden Dragon Body, he coughs up blood to Mu Ye's horror who tries to refrain himself from interfering. The ten-thousand year shark leaps into the air, its jaw open wide at the unconscious Wulin. Mu Ye curses that it is too late to stop them. He closes his eyes at the impending tragedy and swears to at least avenge Wulin's death.

A terrible shriek echoes throughout the sea. However, it is not Wulin. Golden scales covering his upper body, Wulin's top half is inside the shark's mouth, which is now coughing up blood. Wulin has not taken any damage and instead crawls deeper into the shark.

The ten-thousand year shark convulses and falls into the water, crushing 4 other sharks. From its back, Wulin cuts his way out. A black ring emerges after him. Golden scale covered in blood, Wulin stumbles up and roars at the sky. Mu Ye is stunned that a child has taken down a Devil Soul Great White Shark king. Previously, Wulin had determined he only had 1 chance by taking down the leader. He volutarily lets the sharks attack and converts damage into strength with Golden Dragon Tyrant Body. Like Wulin has predicted, the king won't leave him to the other sharks. The rest is just the matter of going for the jugular.

However, there is one minor miscalculation. The other sharks go into a feeding frenzy and feast on their former comrade instead of running. Wulin is exhausted so he makes his retreat into the sea as the carcasses are torn apart. Fortunately, the beasts don't think of his meat very highly. In a good mood, Mu Ye laughs that the sharks' society is based on strength, even if it means eating their comrades. Wulin is disgusted but realizes he doesn't have to face all of the beasts at once. Wulin hops into the air by pushing down with the BSG, keeping his distance. A shark pursues him but is knocked down by Wulin's hammer wrapped with BSG. He steps on the ocean surface and gets even further. Suddenly, pillars of water cover Wulin. Wulin freezes, his bloodline affected. He is unable to maintain dragon mode.

A hydro pump hits Wulin in the mouth. Several sharks are casting their signature skill, Devil Soul Rippling Wave, which makes their prey powerless. Exhausted, Wulin is unable to resist. He collides with the surface and spits out blood. A bigger shark attacks. With BSG as his only weapon, Wulin wraps himself in a cocoon. The BSG defense barely manages to stop the first chomp but it puts incredible pressure on Wulin. Angered, the shark prepares for another bite. Arriving next to the shark, Mu Ye sighs and readies to attack. Just then, he sees the cocoon brighten and hesitates as Wulin still has another trick. The shark's 2nd bite is completely stopped by the golden BSG. Moreover, the grass grows exponentially and soon captures the whole group of beasts. Wulin's cocoon is raised up in the middle of the sea like a throne. For unknown reason, a powerful breath of life covers the ocean. The sharks calm down and seem to look expectantly at the rising throne.

Mu Ye celebrates as this means Wulin's 2nd awakening is beginning. He is excitedly curious about the type of spirit that requires the whole 49 days of cultivation. Scales begin to grow over the cocoon's surface. Mu Ye wonders if it is the legendary BSE, last awakened 20k years ago by the man that brought down Spirit Hall. Body Sect didn't even exist then. Mu Ye never thought his sect would get to bear this honor. The cocoon blooms open like a flower. Inside, the BSG has transformed into BSE. Gold scales have completely covers Wulin's body and slowly withdraws. An invisible force draws the shark king's black ring to him. Wulin has reached lv40, and thus ready to gain another ring.

Mu Ye doesn't stop Wulin from absorbing it. Firstly, spirit rings are extremely hard to find compared to familiars and don't have as many restrictions. Secondly, Wulin's more than capable. Even Mu Ye only took 28 days to awaken. What makes Mu Ye even more astounded is Wulin only need food to recover. Normally, one would be intensely exhausted just after the 1st day. Suddenly, a low-pitched roar echoes from inside the cocoon. On closer inspection, there is a mini-dragon on top of Wulin's head. Mu Ye recognizes it as the Tyrant Dragon but he only recalls Wulin's only familiar being Jin Yu the snake.

The dragon chomps on the ring to Mu Ye's astonishment. It jumps off Wulin into the sea and grows to 60m tall. The tyrant roars, exerting killing intent enough to scare the sharks into a full retreat. From the dragon's body, golden threads emerge and enter the BSE then into Wulin's body. The Tyrant Dragon roars with excitement. Astonishment after astonishment, this is the first time Mu Ye has seen someone storing a familiar then absorbing it on level-up. The Tyrant Dragon turns mini again and goes back inside Wulin. Mu Ye sighs that the Tyrant Dragon has become the BSE's familiar instead of the more compatible draconic bloodline but he is still curious about its skill. Whatever reservation Mu Ye had about making Wulin his disciple completely disappears.

A black ring appears at Wulin's feet. He is officially the last of the team to become lv40. The BSE grows from being the size of an arm to the size of a leg. Mu Ye believes no one can call Wulin weak now and guesses that his 4th skill must be a self-strengthening type. Wulin opens his eyes. For a moment, there is a cold stare that makes Mu Ye shudder. Wulin is conscious of the changes he has undergone. He realizes the Tyrant Dragon has been patiently hiding inside him before becoming his official 2nd familiar.

Gaining a 2nd familiar means Wulin won't need another until lv60 or even lv70. Moreover, the BSE evolution is on par with the draconic power and Wulin can also officially become a rank 6 blacksmith. Mu Ye congratulates the kid and says the future will become easier. To Wulin's begging, the master allows a day off.

The next day, while training his eyes, Wulin clearly feels his cultivation speed has tripled even on the sea. He is grateful for Mu Ye's spartan training. The ships have reached 2/3 the way. When Wulin is going to Gu Yue's room, he bumps into Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan recognizes Wulin's changes and is instinctively scared of Wulin's breath, which now contains the killing intent of the Tyrant Dragon. She congratulates him on finally reaching lv40. Wulin coughs about the "finally" part but Xiaoyan runs away laughing. Gu Yue and Xinglan join the conversation. Gu Yue is surprised while Xinglan asks if she should make Wulin new power armor parts first because there is still no progress on making the core components. Wulin tells her to make one part at a time for everyone.

Suddenly, there are sounds of explosion shaking the ship. The team has gathered inside Wulin's room except for Xiaoyan. Out of the windows, Wulin sees the blue sea has turned into dark purple. Water pillars assault the ship's barrier as intense tidal waves roam the ocean. Just then, Mu Ye arrives before the children.

While everyone else is surprised, Mu Ye warns them that sea beasts are attacking and they should stay put. To Wulin's question, Mu Ye says it is a group of Devil Soul Great White Sharks and Deep Sea Demonic Whales along with other sea beasts, led by several tens-thousand-years. Seeing Mu Ye's dry smile, Wulin knows that this probably has to do with them. Mu Ye hands the kid a can of shark's oil for nourishment. Wulin gulps it down and feels his head clear up. With a happy expression, Mu Ye mutters that the attackers include the Whale King and the Shark King.

5 people fly out in front of the ship, including elder Cai. Meanwhile, Wukong appears on Wulin's balcony. He is wary of Mu Ye but Wulin explains that the latter is also his master. He lets the matter go and asks where Xiaoyan is. She was having breakfast so Zheng Yu volunteers to retrieve her. Just then, another water pillar is fired but is stopped by a red-haired elder. A telepathy message is broadcast, demanding the humans to hand over the murderers who attacked the beasts. The attackers surface, numbering in a thousand, led by the Whale King and Shark King. Elder Cai explains that they are only passing by and don't know about the murderers as humans have more than enough tens-thousand-year rings. The 2 Kings are not convinced. Normally, Shrek has a non-agression policy against spirit beasts but elder Cai is the stubborn type. A pillar flies at her but is immediately dispersed. Elder Cai shows her Supreme Douluo status, 3 P, 3 B, 3 R.

Both sides decide to fight. The 4 other people with elder Cai are also Titled Douluos or 3-word armor masters. They equip their armors. Elder Cai's power armor is silver, with bird wings attached and a scepter on the right hand. For some reason, she looks much younger.

Chapters 581-590

Elder Cai's strength even stuns Mu Ye a little, noting that a Shrek Power Armour is completely different to normal Power Armour. In this form, elder Cai has the strength of a lv98. She declares that she will give the spirit beasts a chance to escape, but one that apppears to have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of an octopus flies out, challenging elder Cai. It turns into a giant kraken of longer than 1000m. Its strength reverses the atmosphere, as Mu Ye blurts out the word "Xiongshou" (Nkg: lit Great/Fearsome Beast). It is a spirit beast over 200,000 years old, just like the legendary 10 Xiongshou known on land.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale unleases a roar, and the spirit beast hordes attack the boat with Elder Cai engaging the Xiongshou. The 3 other Douluos keep the 2 Kings busy. The boat is equipped with spirit guide artillery up to Titled Douluo level and defense barrier, though Mu Ye does not join in the fight. Wukong equips his Power Armour and directs his sword at the sea. He fires a blast of ice, however he doesn't hit any spirit beasts. Shockingly, the sea freezes, trapping numerous spirit beasts in the ice.

Impressed, Mu Ye explains to the dumbfounded children that Wukong uses his True Body to take out 20 tens-thousand year beasts. Still, the beasts have the upper hand. An announcement asks for all spirit masters on board to join the fight. Mu Ye lets Wulin go with his team. Wulin swings on a BSG toward the ice patch Wukong created. Gu Yue and the othes follows him, casting a lightness spell on the team. Only La Zhi, who is scared of height, is left but Mu Ye throws him down. Wulin makes a net out of strengthened BSG to catch La Zhi and also wraps some around his teammates' waists. Gu Yue casts fireballs with her scepter to stop the beasts' projectiles. Just then, Zheng Yu arrives with Xiaoyan blushing in his arm. With a smirk, Wulin orders everyone to only intercept the attacks. Xiaoyan asks Wulin to escort her closer for a big skill but Zheng Yu volunteers instead.

As the only 2 who don't have ranged attack, Xie Xie looks at Wulin. Xie Xie's eyes go wide seeing Wulin's BSG begins to grow to anaconda-size as a black ring appears on top of his head along with the Mini-tyrant. The hundreds giant snakes smash the beasts' projectile to pieces. Wulin's 4th skill is called Blue Silver Overlord Transformation, an all-around buff that can be used with his previous 3 skills. Wulin feels like he possesses a thousand hands(Nkg:subtle). Nearby, the Star Luo academy's jaws drop. They wonder if Wulin is even human wielding those attacks so effortlessly. In truth the energy cost is very high but after the evolution, Wulin's spirit power has linked up with his bloodline power. Moreover, there is also La Zhi stuffing him with dumplings and the shark oil Wulin drank earlier. As the battle rages on, most spirit masters have gathered on the ice patch.

When his teammates ask, Wulin tells them his new ability is called Blue Silver Overlord Transformation to La Zhi's flattery. Amongst the fighting, there are a number of powerful people, including the politicians who are all equipped with advanced armours. Elder Cai manages to cut off a tentacle but it takes her too much soul force. Normally, she would not break a sweat but it is the enemy's home field and not a full moon night. The kraken stops attacking and again calls for the murderer or both sides will perish together. Elder Cai coldly challenges the beast, reminding it that they are near extinction and just like them, the humans will protect their kind.

Just then, an indifferent voice announces that the culprit is here. Mu Ye steps before elder Cai. Despite the chef's outfit, she can see how strong he is. He releases his spirit, showing 5 black and 4 red rings. The kraken's 8 eyes spark in rage as it charges forward. Mu Ye smirks at Yue Er to leave it to him. He equips his Power Armour and grows enormous to hundreds of meters tall. Elder Cai exclaims that it is a 4-Word Power Armour as she retreats. She knows who this man is, stronger than a Supreme Douluo and possibly even her. The beast and man engage in an evenly-matched brute force contest at first. It soon becomes clear that Mu Ye is not taking any damage while the kraken's body is engraved with his fists. Meanwhile, the returning Silver Moon Douluo easily keeps the other beasts at bay.

First time seeing his master fight, Wulin's eyes are locked on the battle. Mu Ye halts his attack and asks the beast to leave as he doesn't need spirit rings or bones. Refused, Mu Ye threatens to make it a gift to his new student. From a dimensional crack, Xiao Hong appears and turns into a blood red long blade while Mu Ye shrinks to 10m tall. The kraken hesitatingly orders a full retreat. The sea finally calms.

Xiao Hong disappears as Mu Ye changes back into his chef outfit. All eyes are on him but he also vanishes. As an casualty check is carried out, Gu Yue congratulates Wulin on evolving. She then looks toward the sea thinking of something. As the ships resume moving, elder Cai appears inside Mu Ye's cabin. She formally greets him as the Body Sect's sectmaster and congratulates him on reaching 4-word level. However, Mu Ye denies that it is not yet 4-word. Elder Cai doesn't pry more but she asks for his purpose on the ship. Mu Ye coldly refuses, raising the tension. Before she disappears, elder Cai asks him to keep to his own business. Mu Ye snorts as no one on the ships can threaten him.

Back in her room, elder Cai furrows her brows as Mu Ye is not someone she can mess with. Even in Sea God Court, only a few elders are his equal. She hopes that at least Mu Ye is not an enemy. Going to the balcony, she conjures a silver orb. With some quick incantation gestures, she draws up a complicated matrix, teleporting the orb away.

Meanwhile, Wulin is hard at work forging. Linking spirit power and bloodline power greatly increases his productivity.

Finally back in his room after dark, Wulin reflects on how fulfilled his life has become. His father has taught him to be greedy as it provides motivation to chase after dreams. Mu Ye's sudden landing on the balcony brings Wulin back to reality. Hearing Wulin's formal greeting, Mu Ye muses that he seems more honest now and bring Wulin for more training despite his complaint. Mu Ye doesn't take him far from the ship. The master explains that he has a great idea that would be fun for Wulin, making the kid shudders. A rope anchored to the ship is tied around Wulin's hands. He is then tossed overboard, turning into a jetski. Between gasps for air, Wulin asks how long would this take. Mu Ye simply replies until they reach Star Luo continent.

After that, everyday ends with Wulin exhausted in his room. Fortunately, the ships finally reach Star Luo, making him almost cry. Except from a slightly different architecture, Star Luo continent is similar to Douluo continent. A huge ceremony is held on the arrival as the 2 diplomat groups split up. According to Wukong, The Douluo group will first travel to the capital, Star Luo city, to compete with the Star Luo Royal Academy.

In another carriage, Sima Lanxiao asks elder Cai if she wants Shrek to enter the Continental Junior Spirit Master Tournament. Smirking, she declines. She doesn't worry about the children being hurt, but rather that the reward must be a spirit bone. Lanxiao states that only the single combat competition will have a spirit bone for the winner. 7-man combat's prize is one soul-forged metal for each. Double combat's prize is ten-thousand year relic. Mech combat's 1st prize is a black level mech and second prize is a purple level mech. Elder Cai is secretly impressed but she wonders why the difference in reward. Lanxiao says that it is because the rule for single combat is no holds barred and participants have to sign a waiver. Unlike Douluo, Star Luo respects single combat the most. Elder Cai agrees to Lanxiao's relief. The age limit is under 20yo.

Meanwhile, in Wulin's carriage, the team are enjoying the scenery while the 2 rice barrels are chowing down. The Star Luo team also share the carrier. A girl called Zhen Zhen admires Wulin's appetite and handsomeness. Her friend laughs if she wants to be a old cow eating green grass as Wulin is 4-5 years their junior but she admits that Wulin is really strong with his dragon swarm spirit. Another one chimes in that their lv45 captain would not lose as he is a 1-word armor master.

The Star Luo team have a heated discussion while sneaking glances at the "Monster Academy". They conclude that everything will be clear in battle. Putting food into his mouth, Wulin wonders what they mean by that name. The evolution also improves his eavesdropping. Xie Xie jokes if Wulin is worried about another attack. Wulin angrily retorts that they are here to avoid the evil spirit masters in the 1st place. He is still in a good mood because training has been going even smoother and lv60 at 20yo is not impossible. Just as Wulin relaxes, he spots a group of shining mechs in the distance. At the same time, the meditating elder Cai opens her eyes.

Realizing it is an attack, Wulin alerts everyone as the roof is blown off. Wukong drags Wulin out, who has also wrapped his BSG around everyone else. The carriage is promptly destroyed by cannon fire from a red mech. Fortunately, the explosion is contained by elder Cai. She retaliates but the red mech teleports away. The Star Luo's mech security force, ~30 mechs of 4 blacks and the rest purple, are quickly deployed. The hostile mechs all have a skull symbol on their chests.

There are many casualty among the Douluo people. Wulin curses Xie Xie out for jinxing them but Xie Xie blames Wulin's bad luck instead. Wukong yells at them to stop bickering and help the normal people caught in the attack.

The Shrek students maintain their formation as they help with the evacuation. Wulin is a little bit annoyed that Mu Ye is not here as he is sightseeing the capital. Wulin rips of a carriage wall for entrance. Yuan En snarks that there is a window. Wulin orders that only Yuan En and Xie Xie should follow him. The rest stay outside to defend the train. The group quickly evacuate several wounded. The Star Luo students rush to help but a stray shell heads straight toward them. Gu Yue teleports on top of a nearby car and blocks it with a powerful fireball. Xinglan leaps at Gu Yue's side and neutralizes the resulting shockwave. Zheng Yu also arrives as the trio take on intercepting duty.

The Wulin trio move on to the next carriage. The Star Luo team help transfer the wounded. At the moment, the air battle is getting more intense. Aside from the red mech, the attackers have 30 black mechs and more than a hundred yellow, outnumbering the defenders. Fortunately, Wukong by himself is more than enough to defend the Shrek students. Another stray shell explodes near Wulin's location. Gu Yue asks him to retreat as they have evacuated dozens of people. Meanwhile, the Star Luo mech force is taking heavy casualty as elder Cai is kept busy by the eagle-shaped red mech. Wulin carries 2 more people out but there are still 5 more cars. Despite ordering everyone to retreat, he rushes in while drawing out something.

Not satisfied with ranged firing, the attackers rush into melee. Wukong orders the students to evacuate as he intercepts.

2 black mechs, 1 bear-shaped and 1 ape-shaped, keep Wukong busy. The bear charges with its huge warhammer but Wukong turns into mist. However, it is not frozen due to the powerful forcefield. The ape gets behind Wukong but he phases out again and attacks with "Mist Whisper to Moon". The storm of greatswords fall down on the forcefield. The bear reveals a plethora of cannons but Wukong easily evades and shatters the bear into pieces. Before the ape can retreat, it is also frozen solid and cut in 2. However, the Star Luo defense doesn't hold so well.

Wulin rips out another carriage as Yuan En carries the wounded out in Titan form. A purple mech attacks her but her fist blasts it backward. The follow-up Air Cannon is neutralized by the mech's forcefield. A purple sword cleaves at Yuan En but with Demon Titan mode, she knocks it away. Xie Xie quickly moves in and neutralizes the pilot, while also giving Yuan En a thumb-up. Yuan En glares at him but her expression turns difficult as a large group of mechs arrive, including 1 black and 4 purple. Wulin yells to leave the black mech to him as he arrives next to Yuan En.

Feng Linwen is a veteran of the Green Skeletons rebels and a 27yo infamous black mech pilot. His passion is mech, disregarding everything else.

The rebel's goal this time is creating friction between Douluo and Starluo, thereby buying them time. While the initial assault has gone well enough, they didn't think that the resistance would be this strong and the clock is ticking. Linwen has noticed Gu Yue neutralizes many of their attacks so he leads his squad here. He unsheathes 2 large hammers but a sudden attacker appears. Linwen is astonished that Wulin's 4th ring is black as giant vines coil around the mechs. Linwen is amused as his specialty is brute force. His maces force the vines to retreat at first but they weave into a net, completely unfazed. As Linwen draws the hammers back, Wulin claims one in his grip. Lingwen summons his familiar, Dark Silver Bear, to attack Wulin with the other mace. Suddenly, a giant shadow appears behind Wulin.

Chapters 591-600

The disembodied head of the Tyrant Dragon roars, completely oppressed the Dark Silver Bear. To Linwen's astonishment, Wulin stabs his claw into the stolen hammer's handle like tofu and then lifts 2,500 kg over his head. His mace crushes the Dark Silver Bear, dropping the other hammer back to Linwen. Muttering a curse, Linwen attacks Wulin, resolving to cut off the young potential. Just then, a yellow mech also attacks Wulin but its greatsword doesn't even leave a dent on the BSG. Wulin throws it at Linwen, who has to catch the yellow mech to save his comrade. Taking advantage of the distraction, from behind the yellow mech, Wulin sneak attacks Linwen with Long Jing Tian. He follows up with BSG Thrusting Array, penetrating Linwen's forcefield. Linwen finds his mech completely immobile. Seeing Wulin's golden body, Linwen is finally afraid and counters with the hammer. Weaving BSE behind his back, Wulin takes the full blow unscratched with Tyrannical Body to Linwen's surprise. Wulin gathers all his energy into a single blow.

The charged Golden Dragon Fear Claw easily penetrates through the mech and subsequently Linwen's guard, who releases his spirit, also Dark Silver Bear. Linwen thinks, "almost," but he sees something forming over Wulin's hand. Cursing "power armor", Linwen has his chest pierced. Wulin is relieved that the battle is over but he coughs up some blood from exerting ten-thousand kg of force and falls to the ground along with the black mech. Meanwhile, among the other Shrek students, Xiaoyan contributes the most, taking down mechs by sealing them. The Star Luo students are in awe of their mainland counterpart. Yuan En and Zheng Yu use their combination skill and destroy several purple. La Zhi notices Wulin freefalling. Gu Yue retrieves him in front of her. Wulin assures everyone that he is fine and asks Gu Yue to take him to the black mech's hammers. Wulin easily lift them, surprising Gu Yue. With hammers in hand, Wulin spins around, generating strong wind that forces the mechs back.

Just then, the attackers get signal to retreat as reinforcement has come. Elder Cai does not pursue the red mech to protect the students. The Star Luo mech force separates to aid the diplomat and pursue the Green Skeletons rebel. Wulin sits down gasping for air but he has a smile looking at his newly obtained hammers.

The Shrek gang loot the fallen mech for metal. Wukong looks over them, his eyes stopping on Wulin especially long. Wulin is the strongest student he has ever had. While Wulin is meditating, the Star Luo army cleans up the scene. They tell the diplomats about the Green Skeleton rebel, who have been holding a strategic location and beating back any subjugation force. Their goal this time is creating a rift between Star Luo and Douluo.

The Star Luo students change their view on Wulin. A girl asks him about his strength but Wulin gives some curt answers and avoids her. Back on the bus, the last seat is reserved for Xie Xie for his mouth. The diplomats arrive in Star Luo capital and are settled in the biggest hotel as compensation. Wulin begins to doze off on his bed but Gu Yue enters his room and puts her hand on his shoulder. Face down on the bed, Wulin doesn't notice her complicated expression nor her silver eyes nor the silver scale covering her hand. She confirms that his spirit and bloodline evolved to the defenseless Wulin.

For a second, Gu Yue's pupil changes as her hand shines. However, she just covers Wulin with a blanket then leaves. Back in her room, with a swing of her right hand, a silver light covers the room. A man in black appears and asks why she didn't kill Wulin. The Tyrant Dragon's surrender proves that Wulin's GDK bloodline is extremely pure and can bring Gu Yue great power if she absorbs it. Gu Yue coldly dismisses him as the man kneels. Before he leaves, the man asks if they should still let Na Er move freely. Gu Yue states that the matter with Wulin is her bet with Na Er. His job is to gather the objects that they need. After the man leaves, Gu Yue dispels the silver light and looks outside the window. Gazing at the sunset, she finds herself acting ambiguous, even shaken.

Wulin wakes up feeling hungry. He wonders where Mu Ye has gone. Outside the window, Gu Yue greets him. Asked about yesterday, Gu Yue answers that she had wanted to go out. Wulin replies they should do it today as they have 3 days of sightseeing. He wants the others to join but Gu Yue states she only wants the 2 of them. Wulin is taken aback but he feels warm inside. He easily agrees but first, he needs food. Gu Yue teases him for being a glutton. Wulin then starts training Purple Demon Eyes. He asks Gu Yue how high her mental force is, believing he is nearly catching up. Gu Yue sneers and says she is not at Mental Sea anymore and goes back in her room. It takes a minute for Wulin to process her answer, realizing she may be at Mental Depth level. This level is humanity's limit, allowing the spirit master to absorb an orange or red familiar, or up to 5 black familiars.

Mental Sea requires 500 hundred and Mental Depth requires 5,000. Gu Yue already catches up to Wukong. Wulin hurriedly finds her. Gu Yue asks if he really believes her words. Wulin easily nods so Gu Yue asks if he believes that she tried to kill him last night. Wulin laughs, pinching her cheek claiming that she can't do it. There is a grudging look on her face as she tells him to go eat. However, inside her mind, the phrase "can't do it" echoes.

At the breakfast table, Wulin chows down to make up for last night. Xiaoyan also has plan to go out but Gu Yue makes an excuse. The others have a knowing look on their face. After that, the couple stroll the street of Star Luo city. Gu Yue admits that she was scaring Wulin and she is not yet at Mental Depth yet. Wulin chases after her and tickles her in return. Suddenly, the 2 slam into a group of people. A man yells at them to scram and slaps at Gu Yue. Wulin covers for her and easily withstands the blow, surprising the man. Gu Yue screams that they dare to attack. The man is part of a 4-person escort. They wear formal clothes yet have very threatening expression. The man pushes at Wulin but the boy catches the hand. Wulin returns the favor, forcing the man to one knee in pain.

His friends step up but are stopped by a girl in yellow dress, who is just stepping out of a store. The men call her "majesty", explaining what happened. As Wulin turns to leave, the men want to pursue but the girl stops them. They still release a powerful spirit power ripple, scaring Wulin. Wulin nods at the girl, leaving her impressed with his handsomeness. Her eyes shine, she returns the gesture. Meanwhile, Gu Yue has a killing glare against the man that hit Wulin. He softly drags her away and calms her down.

Gu Yue really wants to fight, declaring that only she is allowed to hit Wulin. Wulin finds himself unable to retort her logic. Gu Yue's mood improves as she drags Wulin shopping. Gu Yue picks out a metal shop for Wulin, earning his appreciation. Wulin finds that he doesn't know at least 1/3 of the shop and asks for a test hammer. The clerk realizes that Wulin is a pro and quickly complies. Wulin accurately describes the properties of different material though he doesn't like any of them. He asks for specialty. The clerk hurriedly goes to the back though he wonders why Wulin doesn't know about such common material. After some time, the children are brought to a VIP room. The clerk brings out a wooden box containing a light yellow metal. Wulin's test strike echoes softly, proving its quality. The clerk says that this is called Star Gold. It can be forged 9 times for a bonus effect that can stack to 30% energy improvement. With its high durability and easy compatibility, Star Gold is mainly used for high-level fusion forging. The price is 10k Star Luo coin per gram.

Wulin realizes that he hasn't exchanged any money. Moreover, the cost is expensive. The clerk also brings out other metal, 4 of which get Wulin's interest. He asks to barter with rare metal. The clerk seems deflated, saying they only accept thousand-forging above though he doesn't think a child would carry a lot of metal.

The jade silver piece astounds the clerk. Gasping, he hurries to get the boss. The boss evaluates the piece at 81%, asking if Wulin's family know he takes such valuables, making Gu Yue hides her laughter. Wulin bluffs that his family sends him as representative and asks for a fair trade. The boss agrees to trade 100 pieces of rare metal for just one of Wulin's piece. It seems Star Luo continent highly values spirit-forged metal as their blacksmiths lack talent. Wulin can only get 60 pieces at most in Douluo. Wulin tries to haggle up but the boss says that is the best they can do immediately but he personally guarantees the quality and quantity. The 2 sides agree on an opening trade.

Outside the store, Gu Yue asks why Wulin doesn't trade more. He smiles, saying that he can make more money processing the material and selling in Douluo. Gu Yue teases his greed but Wulin retorts that she doesn't know how the lower class lives. Gu Yue suggests that she raises him instead, almost making Wulin stumbles. They have a short banter while grabbing snack. After 10 minutes, all the food shops in Star Luo are wiped out, while Wulin is only half-full. Star Luo coin's value is lower than Douluo's. The 2 split up, with Gu Yue heading to the Pagoda while Wulin visits Tang Sect. Surprisingly, Tang Sect HQ is way grander than its Douluo counterpart, almost like a palace.

Tang Sect Corporation specializes in spirit devices and also the main supplier of Star Luo military. Wulin understands that Tang Sect leans more toward Star Luo continent than Douluo. He decides to return because of his diplomat status. Wulin rents a workshop during his free time. 3 days later, the Star Luo emperor announces a feast for the diplomats. Currently, the country is ruled by the Dai clan. Inside the palace, Huo Yuhao or Dai Yuhao is worshipped as one of the greatest heroes.

During the opening ceremony, Wulin nods off and is freaked out by firework. Gu Yue straightens him up while Xie Xie teases him. Wulin spots the young girl he ran into before. It seems she is a princess. Wulin quickly falls asleep standing again. Suddenly, he hears a shout "Murderer". Wulin promptly enters full battle mode in Golden Dragon Body with BSE swarm released, freaking out everyone around him while the emperor is talking. He is quickly surrounded by the secret service with weapons trailed. Just before Wulin unleashes a Long Jing Tian, a bewildered Wukong stops and shields him from gunfire. Wulin is finally awake and asks where the murderer him. In the distance, a little princess is holding back her laughter.

Wukong tells Wulin to explain himself. The latter thinks that it was Gu Yue's shout but she denies and asks if he was dreaming. Xie Xie bursts out in laughter. The guards have also arrived and question Wukong. He doesn't know how to answer because the situation looks just like an attempted regicide.

A royal elder is in disbelief that Wulin has dreaming as his excuse. No one knows what to say. Just then, a servant enters and whispers something to the elder. The elder tells the group that the emperor has forgiven them and let them rejoin the feast. The Shrek group is surprised that the matter is solved so easily. Meanwhile, in the royal harem, Emperor Dai Tianlin scolds his daughter for almost causing a war and recounts all her previous pranks. Princess Dai Yun'er plays the abandoned puppy card, the wise king's only weakness. She is the youngest and the only daughter of the emperor's 18 children, which also makes her the most favored despite being a tomboy. Tianlin quickly comforts her but he asks Yun'Er to not interfere with diplomatic matter again. Yun'Er hugs his neck tightly, revealing it was an act all along to her father's grudging.

Yun'Er tells her father that Wulin is entertaining for daring to sleep in front of royalty. Tianlin unhappily states that he is a guest of honor from Douluo. Yun'Er retells of her encounter with Wulin and asks if Tianlin realizes his spirit. Despite her devillish personality, Yun'Er is a genius with the most potential among royalty, 6yo awakened her spirit and now 15yo at 4 rings. The emperor wishes she was a boy instead. He seems interested in Wulin's spirit as described by his daughter, especially possessing the same ring configuration as hers. He correctly guesses Wulin is from Shrek Academy. Her eyes shined, Yun'Er reveals that her Monster Academy is built on the same principle as Shrek's. Tianlin reassures her that they will meet during the tournament. He then brings up the matter of Yun'Er's marriage. She quickly runs away. The queen arrives just then and asks for his opinion. Tianlin states that despite his favor, tradition is tradition. After the tournament is over, a contest for the princess's hand will be held. He asks the queen to keep a close eye on their daughter.

Wulin follows Wukong back and hides in a corner. He starts eating for comfort.

After the royalty arrive, the feast officially begins. The emperor invites a Douluo beauty for a dance. Looking at them, Wulin is lost in his impression of Gu Yue's dancing. He looks for others, spotting them being surrounded by Star Luo nobles for conversation. He decides against joining them to avoid being made a laughing stock. Just then, a familiar voice whispers "Murderer" into his ears. Wulin furiously heads straight toward the girl. Yun'Er taunts why he doesn't release his spirit like earlier and if he has gotten smarter. She admits that she pranked him because Wulin was sleeping, leaving him without a retort. Yun'Er offers a dance to make up. From her hands, Wulin realizes that she is a very capable spirit master. Yun'Er takes the lead but her feets got stomped a few times by Wulin as retaliations, who fakes ignorance. Yun'Er speeds up, forcing Wulin to take it seriously with Ghost Steps. Meanwhile, a certain predator narrows her eyes glaring at the princess.

In a voice only they can hear, Yun'Er asks if Wulin enjoys stepping on her feet. Wulin has a bad feeling. Yun'Er loudly shouts to the room that she is impressed with Wulin and wants him to be her boyfriend. Before Wulin can refuse, Yun'Er adds that she would only accept him if he wins the tournament. She then makes a cheering motion and then escapes. Wulin now becomes the center of attention and can clearly feels the killing intent from the young men. A familiar voice asks if he plans on being a prince. Gu Yue leaves in a fury. Before Wulin can chase after her, he is surrounded by the Star Luo suitors. A tall man warns Wulin against making the princess his acquaintances. Despite Wulin's plead otherwise, the men intimidate him that the princess won't choose an outsider. Just then, a powerful voice dismisses the aggressors.

Chapters 601-700

Chapters 601-610

The emperor and the queen come before Wulin. Tianlin is impressed with the young man and encourages him before leaving. Dumbfounded, Wulin wonders if the royal family hates him, adding fuel to the fire. Elder Cai also cheers him up. When asked if Wulin can just not participate, elder Cai states that this is his trial to enter the inner school and possibly the 7 Devils. She also adds that the reward is good, including a spirit bone. Wulin drools thinking how much it would sell for. Moreover, he wants to see what Yun'Er would do if he rejects her. Xie Xie jumps on Wulin, admiring that he nonchalantly flirted with the princess to Wulin's chagrin. Yuan En scolds him instead from making Gu Yue angry. Zheng Yu adds that Wulin is irresponsible, which makes Wulin really wants to punch the hypocrite who bought a bar to pick up girls. La Zhi cheers him to try his best while Xinglan just sneers that Wulin is that type of guy. Wulin gets tired straightman-ing them.

Back at the hotel, Wulin immediately finds Gu Yue and explains what happened. Gu Yue claims he deserves it for trying to get back at a girl and scolds him for thinking about forfeiting the tournament. However, she changes her expression when Wulin mentions the spirit bone reward. There is a killing intent in her eyes as she chases Wulin out. Alone, Gu Yue leans against the door, muttering "spirit bone".

The Continental Youth Advanced Spirit Master Supernova Tournament is the continuation of an old Douluo tradition ever since the Spirit Hall still stood. It is held every 3 years for spirit masters age 15-20yo and has a minimum lv of 20. Any participants who distinguish themselves receive very good perks. The tournament has multiple formats: solo, tag team, 7-man and 4 divisions of mech fighting. Solo is the most respected contest because of heroes like Tang San and Dai Yuhao and is ruled no holds barred. The registration lasted for 1 month and include 5163 participants soloists, 864 tag teams, 113 7-man teams and 461 mech fighters. Normally, it would cost a lot of time and money but Shrek is bumped up in the registration.

Aside from La Zhi, the others participate in both solo and tag team as 4 teams. Suddenly, in front of elder Cai, Gu Yue refuses to compete. The elder reminds her that this is their trial to enter the inner school and the 7 Devils but Gu Yue's mind is set. Despite Wulin's pleading, Gu Yue just answers that she doesn't feel well and leave. Wulin chases after her, who has purposely left her door open. Gu Yue states that she has no reason to compete as she is a member of the Pagoda. Moreover, Wulin must have noticed the Academy's shaky relationship with the Pagoda. Dumbfounded, Wulin goes for his last resort. He stutters if she doesn't want to be with him, taking her aback. Gu Yue's expression changes and confirms Wulin's true feeling. She agrees to join the tag team contest only so it won't affect the team. Wulin realizes there is a new barrier raised between Gu Yue and the others, making him uncomfortable. Gu Yue asks Wulin to give her time to think and locks herself in. Wulin is in bad mood, only eating half as much as usual.

The tournament is held inside the giant 300k capacity Star Luo great arena. The first part of the contests will be direct elimination. The first contest will be solo. Wulin is assigned number 333, the only 1 to compete on the 1st day. Gu Yue asks if he is fine with her decision. Wulin honestly answers that he is uncomfortable with her being distant and her soon-to-be departure. Gu Yue simply states that every party must end and they all have to say goodbye. However, she can't answer why to Wulin, stating that maybe the 2 of them won't neccessarily have to part, just like right now. Wulin reminds her that they still have many years at Shrek and she can leave to the Pagoda on graduation. A great hesitation fills Gu Yue. She grabs Wulin's hand and accepts to at least take the inner school entrance test with him. The 2 make a promise.

The arena is shaking with the excitement of 300k people. Wulin is wowed by spirit devices employed by the fighters. Wulin's opponent is number 631. Gu Yue assures Wulin that no one can stop him and he will definitely make it to the 7 Devils. However, he should be wary of the armor masters from Monster Academy, which copies Shrek's teaching. Finally, it is Wulin's turn. His opponent is a 17-18yo teenage boy. Wulin's experience tells him his opponent is not normal. Meanwhile, on the spectator seats, two old men are discussing inside a soundproof space, which shows their high cultivation. They seem to be the masters of Wulin's opponent, Ling Wuxie. The thin elder teases the muscular one called elder Lin that he is so strict with his disciple to spectate even the preliminary round. Elder Lin replies that "lion catches rabbit with all its strength", he wants to see if Wuxie would adhere to his teaching. Moreover, this is Wuxie's last chance to enter the tournament so he must make it to the final 8. The thin elder laughs that his friend has such low expectation for a 1-word armor master. Few participants can match Wuxie, even those from Monster Academy. Wuxie would surely takes the final 3. However, elder Lin still worries Wuxie would run into a finalist as the round format is direct elimination. The thin elder says they at least don't have to worry with a child like Wulin.

The barrier is activated as the match begins. Without releasing his spirit, Wulin charges. Ling Wuxie is a member of an ancient sect. In the last tournament, he made it to the final 64. Wuxie wonders if Wulin is inexperienced. He summons his spirit, the 9-ringed Silver Blade, 2Y 3P. Wulin curses his luck facing a Spirit King. Wulin tries to dodge Wuxie's blade but the strike has locked on to him with a skill, forcing his fist to meet it directly with only pure spirit power.

The blade strike is crushed while Wulin only takes negligible damage, surprising both sides. Wulin releases his dragon claw, showing his 2 golden rings. Wuxie cannot comprehend if his opponent is merely a Spirit Grandmaster. The 2 elders who were just about to leave are interested again. Long Jing Tian boosted claw meets Wuxie's blade head-on. Astoundingly, Wuxie is sent flying instead, crashing into the barrier. Wuxie can't even feel his right arm anymore and his martial spirit was almost destroyed in the clash. Wulin quickly gives chase but he is stunned in mid-air by Wuxie's 3rd skill, Silver Ring Echo - a soundwave skill that can inflict fear effect. Another blade cleaves at Wulin. He bites his tongue to regain himself and meets the strike with another claw. The blade manages to contact his left shoulder, knocking him down though still no damage. Still, Wuxie is not satisfied as his 3rd skill is only effective as a surprise attack.

The 2 keep their distance, watching each other's movement. Wuxie doesn't dare underestimate Wulin anymore, putting full power into his blade. Wulin is the 1st to charge. A dragon head flies toward Wuxie, not even slowed down by his strike. Scare, Wuxie uses Silver Ring Echo again. Wulin is momentarily surprised but his power still grows. Long Jing Tian is unaffected as it is a bloodline skill so it doesn't dissipate without Wulin's control. Wuxie reacts with his 4th skill, Hidden Wind Stance. Elder Lin approves Wuxie's response but he soon changes expression. Before his 4th skill is activated, Wuxie is embedded into the barrier, spitting out blood. The crowd wonder about the identity of the young child.

Hidden Wind Stance is supposed to be Wuxie's defensive trump card but it is crushed just like that. Wuxie is heavily wounded, including vital organs. His last resort is summoning his power armor. However, Wulin doesn't let him. A Long Jing Tian boosted Fear Claw sends Wuxie toward the barrier again, piercing through the power armor's defense and leaving a deep gash. As Wuxie recoils from the barrier, another Long Jing Tian arrives. When Wuxie finally falls down, a vine wraps around his leg and smashes him into the ground. Long Han Di followed by a third Long Jing Tian blow are unleashed at the unresponsive Wuxie. The crowd is shocked seeing a Spirit King become a target practice for a Spirit Grandmaster. Wulin puts his Fear Claw on Wuxie's neck while forcing his knees into the latter's stomach to disrupt his spirit power. To Wulin's suggestion, Wuxie taps out.

The 2 elders are silent. The battle completely falls into Wulin's pace without letting Wuxie releases his armor. Meanwhile, Wuxie looks at the sky, regretting he did not follow his teacher's advice to go all out. Meanwhile, Wulin gasps for air because of excitement. Even if his opponent had activated his armor, Wulin still has the BSE, Jin Yu and Tyrant Dragon. Wulin quickly escapes to avoid more attention. Gu Yue congratulates him while Wulin is humble that he was lucky.

Wuxie's teachers ask if he is discouraged, slapping him before he answers and telling him that losing isn't the worst. Xing Lan tells Wulin to come to her room, as she is going to create his 2nd piece of armour. This piece is the right shoulder, and she starts to manufacture it.

The design of the shoulders mimics his Golden Dragon King scales, and upon it's completion, Wulin, Xinglan and Gu Yue nod approvingly. Xinglan reminisces on Wulin's sacrificial protection of his companions under pressure, and that he is worthy for her to trust her back to. Wulin can feel the explosive power swelling in his right arm, and after Gu Yue leaves Xinglan asks Wulin what's up with Gu Yue, before asking Wulin what his plans are after graduation.

Wulin mentions that he wants to join the army after joining the Shrek inner school, while Xinglan wants to simply remain in Shrek, noting that Zhu Li Zhi said he would join her in Shrek. Wulin visits Gu Yue's room, teasing her saying she looks good and wondering what she will look like in old age. He says that he heard a song where it said the happiest thing was to grow old together, and asks if she will grow old with him, before ruffling up her hair a bit and leaving. She sits down, and finishes the cup of water Wulin was drinking from. The next day, Wulin notes that she looks a lot more cheerful than before, which Xinglan notes. This day is the 2v2 competition, with Yuan En telling Xie Xie he is weak and not to hold her back. The teams are: Wulin+Gu Yue, Xing Lan+Li Zhi, Xiao Yan+Zheng Yu, Yuan En+Xie Xie.

The first fight is Yuan En and Xie Xie. One opponent is a 2Y2P Iron-back bear spirit master, the other is a 2Y2P long-tailed control spirit master. Xie Xie attacks the Iron-Back Bear spirit master, aiming at his armpit with impressive speed and not using any spirit abilities, before dodging his attack and appearing behind the Bear. The Iron-back bear spirit master unleashes an attack using his strongest defense at his back, before feeling a sharp pain in his ribs and elbow.

Without missing a beat, Xie Xie stabs the bear in the armpit, incapacitating him, before turning to the control spirit master who uses a mental disturbance attack. This is quickly broken by Xie Xie's spiritual power, before Yuan En fires numerous air cannons forcing the spirit master to faint. The king of Star Luo, Dai Tian Ling, is quite impressed with them, noting that they may compare favourably with the Monster College at the same age. The next fight is Gu Yue and Wulin, with Wulin pretending to be nervous and Gu Yue's mouth twitching in disbelief at his actions and telling him she would join the opposition to beat him up. The crowd seems to recognize Wulin from the previous 1v1.

Chapters 611-620

Opposite Wulin and Gu Yue, Meng Xiao Ren estimates they will beat Wulin in 30 seconds. His partner, Die'Er questions it, then notices Wulin and is attracted to him. She is called sex mad by Xiao Ren, and then asks Wulin's name and flirts with him. He says he will tell her if she wins, but as she is reproached by the referee and her partner, Gu Yue tells Wulin he has 1 minute. Meng Xiao Ren's spirit is Golden Pheasant, a winged bird that has low flight ability, but multiple coloured and attributed abilities. He unleashes fire birds at Wulin, who releases his Golden Dragon Body and cuts through them, before he fires ice birds at Wulin. He then releases yellow light birds, but Wulin dodges and gets into melee. Die'Er unleashes a poison at Wulin - she has a white-red butterfly spirit, and unleashes a cloud of poison. This poison doesn't fall on Xiao Ren, but he is stilled launched out of the cloud unconscious.

Die'Er is stunned as 8 golden dragon ghosts fly out from the cloud, surrounding her and pulling her to the ground. She attacks Wulin with her 4th ring and wings, but his claw catches them easily. The game is over as Wulin uses Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth to disperse the poison cloud, taking only 40 seconds. Die'Er chases Wulin asking for his name and offering to cook for him after, but he replies that it won't be enough to satisfy him. The rest of Shrek win their 2v2 matches, not encountering any difficult teams. Dai Tian Ling mentions that Shrek is powerful, and is informed that Wulin beat Ling Wuxie, the one word armour master. Dai Yun'Er chases Wulin after the contest, telling him that maybe if he wins overall, she really will date him, but he immediately apologizes and turns her down.

Fuming, she runs to the castle and complains to her brother, the 4th prince Dai Yue Yan, claiming Wulin said she wasn't good enough for him. In the hotel, Wulin receives an alert from his Tang Sect badge. He quickly dons his Tang Sect uniform, and rushes to the alert.

There are a number of Tang Sect members assembled, and they are briefed that the Green Skull rebels are planning a terrorist attack that night. There are 1 black rank, 4 purple rank, 12 yellow rank and 14 white rank members assembled. They are given an earpiece with the command to scout the area and secure it, if they encounter resistance from the Green Skulls, put them down, and locate the bomb. They each get to their positions and wait.

The yellow and higher rank members start the operation, clearing out the theater grounds of terrorists, while the white rank secure the perimeter. The theater is still operating, performing a play of Yuhao vs Black Dragon King. Through the earpiece, Wulin hears people taking down terrorists and calling for disarming of the bombs, when he is forced to hide from a number of shadows arriving. They have a 7th grade fixed artillery spirit guide weapon, and have changed their plan to wipe out the theater as well as the Tang Sect members. he knows that he can't fight them, as they are at least 2 word armour masters, so bides his time.

His earpiece sounds that all other areas are clear, and the terrorists in front of Wulin run as the spirit guide weapon is triggered. Safe from the enemy, he announces that there is a 7th rank artillery and warns everyone to escape, while he unleashes his blue silver grass to try and redirect the artillery. Finding that it will now detonate in 3 seconds, Wulin unleashes Golden Dragon Body and tears the artillery out of the ground, spinning his body to build up momentum and flinging the weapon as high as he can. He then jumps, releasing Jin Yu to launch him faster at the weapon, and then using Golden Dragon Shocks the heavens to fire golden dragon ghosts and carry the weapon as high as possible. The artillery explodes, with the shockwave reaching Wulin and incinerating his clothes and mask. he releases his Tyrant Body, trying to resist the impact, but is unable to mitigate it all, rendering him unconscious and bleeding. Before he hits the ground, the Black rank sect member with his 3 word armour catches him, disappointed that he wasn't able to make it out from the underground the resolve the explosive fast enough. The shockwave shattered all glass within several kilometres, but thanks to the altitude it caused little other damage. Without Wulin's effort, many people, even purple rank sect members, would have died. He takes off his mask and cloak, covering Wulin's face and body, with Wulin waking up and thanking him.

As they pass through the sect members, they salute Wulin, while reinforcements are called in to chase down the fleeing terrorists. Stunneded by the black rank member praising Wulin, they feel that if not for him, they all would have died. Wulin is treated at the headquarters, and awarded 30,000 contribution points, as well as permission to assemble a 30 man squad for a mission of his judgement. He returns to the hotel, clutching the Mysterious Jade Hands skill book that he purchased with his contribution points, and sleeps. The next day, he is woken by Gu Yue who notices that he went out somewhere, before hearing Dai Yun'Er yell for him from outside.

She demands Wulin make a bet with her, but Wulin is uninterested and turns to walk away. She reaches to grab him, but he tells her that men and women should not touch each other so easily, enraging her. Dai Yue Yan releases his aura a bit to pressure Wulin at Yun'Er's call, calmly introducing himself and pushes the bet that Wulin's team won't win the top of any 1v1, 2v2 or 7v7 contests. Wulin dismisses it, saying there is no advantge to him in making this bet, with Yun'Er saying he is afraid, and that Shrek are cowards. He simply shrugs, saying he represents only himself, and that Yun'Er's attitude is boring and inferior before leaving. In a rage, Yun'Er turns to Yue Yan, but he reproaches her asking her why she cannot remain calm around Wulin and Shrek. In the arena, the Monster College members enter, with Wulin identifying Dai Yue Yan and Yun'Er.

Dai Yun'Er sees Wulin, then whispers into the ear of a tall bald man. His eyes turn red, and he walks towards Wulin. He introduces himself as Long Yue, also called Mad Dragon, and shakes hands with Wulin. With a clear contest of strength, Yun'Er is surprised when Wulin does not back off, instead of being crushed, he is matching Long Yue. They break their handshake, with Long Yue somewhat intrigued, but dismisses Wulin because of his age - Long Yue is 20. Only Wulin's teammates can see, but Wulin's hand is slightly shaking, the strength of Long Yue's grip somewhat suppressed Wulin being able to draw out his Golden Dragon Talon. Xie Xie tells Wulin afterwards that Long Yue is the top talent of the Star Luo generation, as the Monster College without Long Yue takes the stage for the first group match.

All Monster College members had 5 rings - 3 being 5P, and 3 having a black ring., with Yun'Er having 3P1B. Wukong mentions to them that Shrek creates miracles, boosting the morale of the team, though he feels the aura of a ferocious beast from Long Yue and is not confident he could win easily. As Monster College leaves, Dai Yun'Er taunts Wulin with a thumbs down action, before Gu Yue announces she will join the 7v7 as a substitute. Their first team fight starts, Gu Yue on the sideline, with Li Zhi starting by tossing agility meat buns to everyone. The opponent uses a fan, and launches wind attacks at them, but Wulin simply charges through and everyone else following. Seeing this, he doesn't hold back, using his 5th ability to launch a tornado at them.

Chapters 621-630

Yuan En used her Diamon Titan body to block the tornado, before unleashing an air cannon in retaliation. Swiftly, Xie Xie, Wu Lin and Xing Lan finish off the remainder of the team and the contest ends. With the victory announced, Wulin rushes back to the hotel as his 5th seal breaks. This time, he is awake, and feels the intense pain as the sealed power spreads throughout his body. It develops into another claw on his left hand, which he tests in the bath on the wall.

While his right claw has the crushing ability, his left hand has the tearing power. He notices that his right claw talons are shaped more like a drill with a point, while his left talon has a cutting edge like a knife or a tiger's tooth. He also notices that his scales have incredible defense, which is amplified further with Golden Dragon body's illusionary scales, while the rest of his body just has decent defence from Golden Dragon Body. Back in the tournament, Ling Yu Xie - the one word armour master Wu Lin defeated - is looking for his match to watch, when he sees it matched against a golden label.

The golden label is Monster College, with Su Mu being matched against Wu Lin, and Wu Xie only feels that Wu Lin has bad luck, as he has no confidence that he can beat the Monster College himself. The Shrek team seems to have no confidence, as they are aware Su Mu is also a 1-word armour master. Zheng Yu makes a bet with Wu Lin - 10,000 year spirit herbs against Wu Lin supplying all Spiritual Alloy for Zheng Yu's 2-word armour.

The first match is Long Yue - Mad Dragon - against a young girl. He uses no abilities, but simply withstands all attacks from the 4-ring girl's ice spirit along with 4 pieces of armour. Without moving, simply smiling at her, he withstands all attacks including her ice vortex attack on his chest, with her redirecting it to avoid his heart thinking it will completely freeze him. He lifts his head, and all of the ice element from her attack escapes through his mouth, lowering the temperature of the arena, and leading her to admit defeat.

Gu Yue mentions he is a Defense spirit master, and Xing Lan noting he appears to be 6 rings. This only encourages Shrek to win even further. Dai Yun'Er tells Su Mu that he needs to help her by beating Wulin harshly, no mercy. With Dai Yun Yan telling Su Mu to ignore her, she questions that their relationship is too close. In the stands, Wu Zhang Kong (correcting Wukong) tells Elder Cai that this trial seems too harsh, but she retorts that Yuhao and his generation had won a similar tournament at their age.

She continues, stating that the Shrek Seven Devils must be able to create miracles, and be a monster among monsters. She also states that if they can become champions in any contest here, she will nominate them for the Shrek Seven Devils title. The match between Wu Lin and Su Mu begins, Wu Lin's eyes shining with a golden light as Su Mu shows 5 purple rings, his hair turning white and 5 tails releasing behind him and the rings each wrapping around a tail. Su Mu's first ring is used on Wu Lin - slowing field, and when Wu Lin escapes it, another field drops on top of him. This one increases consumption of his soul force and stamina. With Wu Lin restraining himself in the field, Su Mu is surprised, but releases another skill, Soul Power Peeling.

This skill strips Wu Lin's soul power, and even with Wu Lin closing off his soul and blood power, it still leaks out slowly. Su Mu is again surprised, as the rate of peeling is very slow. His spirit is 9-tailed fox, and he is the Monster College Fox King of the 8 kings. Wu Lin activates his Golden Dragon Body, lowering the effect of the slow field and escaping it. Su Mu releases more slow field, while moving to keep as much distance from Wu Lin as possible. Wu Lin launches himself, quickly closing the gap, before Su Mu uses an ability that switches their positions. It is the Reverse Ring skill, which can switch any attack or position within range. Wu Lin attempts to attack with his heavy silver hammer, but it is reflected at Wu Lin before he catches it. Wu Lin decides he has 2 options, consume Su Mu's soul force, or force his way through. The first is not feasible, so he launches himself at Su Mu.

Wu Lin uses Shake the Earth to attack, with the strength breaking through the reverse ring, before unleashing his golden dragon claw. The 5 golden rays reach Su Mu, who is momentarily stunned from Purple Demon Eyes, but blocks with his tails. The reverse effect launches Wulin out a distance, but Su Mu is also sent flying, bouncing off the arena's shield. His tails being injured, Su Mu flies into a rage, and releases all 5 ring powers at once. Wu Lin feels that Su Mu's strength partially comes from his blood, and he is hit by slow, reverse, soul power peeling, consumption and destruction halos all at once. The destruction ring gives Wu Lin the feeling of his body being torn to shreds, destroying his shirt and revealing his scales. White soul force is visible flowing from Wu Lin's body as it is being stripped. Dai Yue Yan exclaims that it is over as Wu Lin made Su Mu mad.

Golden rays erupt from Wu Lin's body, as a dragon roar erupts from Wu Lin's mouth, as his eyes turn completely golden and his claws shatter the halos of light. Stepping forward, Wu Lin breaks through the rings, and Su Mu releases them once again. The golden aura around Wu Lin is getting stronger, while Su Mu's reddish aura is becoming weaker. Long Yue realises this is bloodline suppression, and that he must have True Dragon blood. Wu Lin reaches Su Mu, and declares that he should release his Battle Armour otherwise he loses. Su Mu retorts that if he had to release Battle Armour against someone 5 years younger than him, he would lose self-respect, before admitting defeat.

Long Yue tells his group that anyone underestimating Shrek again will no longer deserve to be one of the 8 kings, while Wu Lin tells Zheng Yu not to forget the bet. Gu Yue mentions her analysis - Su Mu did not graciously step down, he could no longer equip his battle armour with the damage to his tails, otherwise his tails could be completely severed in a clash. The Shrek group left to the hotel. On the tv, Fang Er is the commentator and posts her analysis of the fight.

Chapters 631-640

Fang Er's analysis agrees with Gu Yue's - that after Wu Lin's golden dragon fear claw cut through the reverse ring and heavily injured 50% of Su Mu's tails, he could no longer maintain his peak strength. Shrek realises that they in fact have to hide their strengths, as any ability will be analysed by Fang Er and not able to be kept hidden again.

Dai Yue Yan realises how serious Su Mu's injury is, while the remainder of Shrek win their fights. In the 2v2 contests, Monster College has Long Yue + Dai Yun'Er, Su Mu + Dai Yue Yan, and Hua Lan Tang + a girl named Ye Zhi. After several rounds, in the 2v2, Wulin and Gu Yue encounter Hua Lan Tang and Ye Zhi from Monster College.

This duo is known as the Gold medal combination, as introduced by Fang Er. Hua Lan Tang is the wolf king, with the Dragon Wolf spirit, while Ye Zhi is the pagoda king, with 7 Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit. While they are aware of Wu Lin's power, his true strength and abilities are a mystery, while Gu Yue has only displayed fire ability and they have no clue about her rings or strength at all. With the start of the battle, Wulin releases Golden Dragon Body, while Hua Lan Tang displays 4P 1B rings, and his body takes on a wolf-like form with purple scales covering him in place of hair. He is an agility spirit master, and leaps to attack, while Gu Yue flings fireballs at Ye Zhi, with her reacting by bringing out and equipping her 1-word battle armour. Her spirit is displayed, with the pagoda appearing on her palm and lights connecting to Lan Tang boosting his speed and strength.

Wu Lin and Lan Tang collide, with neither gaining an advantage, surprising Fang Er. Lan Tang activates his 2nd ring - dragon wolf slaughter - with Wu Lin responding with Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. The Golden Dragon Ghosts collide with Lan Tang's purple light, breaking the ability, stunning Ye Zhi and Fang Er. Ye Zhi quickly boosts Lan Tang's soul force and defense, while Lan Tang swiftly brings out his Battle Armour. Before the armour is equipped though, Gu Yue appears and teleports Lan Tang away, with Wulin's 3P 1B rings appearing and Blue Silver Grass wrapping up the armour. This is only possible because it is 1-word armour, and not spirit forged, so it must still be put on like clothing. Lan Tang leaps to attack Gu Yue, but with a silver flash Wulin appears in front of her with Golden Dragon Shakes the Heavens roaring as Wu Lin knocks Lan Tang back. Fireballs land on Lan tang, but he uses Vajra body to defend and is boosted by attack amplification before rushing at Gu Yue again.

Wu Lin intercepts the attack, but Lan Tang unleashes his 4th ability and an Armoured Dragon spirit leaps out to attack Wu Lin. With a dragon's roar, a giant dragon shape bends down and bites the armoured dragon with it's jaws, shattering the soul and consuming it, causing Lan Tang to spit blood. With the spirit collapsing, Lan Tang's 2 rings collapse and Wu Lin pulls him in. Gu Yue appears behind him, and ye Zhi is unable to do anything. Lan Tang uses his 5th ability, decomposition claws lashing at Wu Lin, but Wu Lin turns his head to Ye Zhi, using Purple Demon Eyes to stun her while his scales shine brightly. Lan Tang's attack is completely absorbed, and Wu Lin retaliates with golden dragon claws, restraining his attack and hitting with his palms instead of claws. Lan Tang's body flies out like a shell, already unconscious. Ye Zhi gives up, rushing at Lan Tang - her lover - to help. With the match ended, Wu Lin releases his Blue Silver Grass, allowing the battle armour to fly towards Lan Tang.

Fang Er is shocked, Lan Tang did not underestimate his enemy, and she cannot tell what spirit the vines that Wu Lin released were. Long Yue again notes that Wu Lin's blood suppressed Lan Tang in the end, allowing the win. He does not believe Wu Lin's bloodline is as strong as his own, but notes Gu Yue's powerful spiritual strength and double element display, without even releasing rings. Lan Yue's injury is severe, but not critical due to Wu Lin holding back - only breastbone and 8 ribs are broken, with the internal organs a bit bruised. Fang Er notes that Wu Lin held absolute confidence in his defence when he turned to stun Ye Zhi, and notices that it was a Tang Sect ability in his eyes.

Next match is Zheng Yu and Xu Xiao Yan against two brothers named Lei Xing and Lei Tian, with Sky Thunder Axe spirits, 2Y 2P. They equip 3 pieces of battle armour each, and Zheng Yu attacks between the two of them, seemingly missing as they unleash their attacks, but a suction draws them in.

Displaying Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to dodge, Fang Er is astounded. Golden chains erupt from the ground and bind Lei Xing, while Zheng Yu disables Lei Tian, spinning and attacking with his wings multiple times. He releases his 3rd ring, dropping a ray of light to attack Lei Xing, with Holy Sword dropping on his battle armour covered shoulder. The referee ends the match, declaring victory to Xiao Yan and Zheng Yu.

Xing Lan and Li Zhi end their fight without Li Zhi moving, while Xie Xie and Yuan En end theirs swiftly as well. Dai Tian Ling is seated for dinner, but his daughter is in a bad mood due to Wu Lin and Shrek. He muses that Monster College is still ahead, but at the same age Shrek seems that they would be more powerful, before reminding Dai Yue Yan that they cannot seriously injure the Shrek members due to their position as Douluo emissaries. He then provides his analysis of Wu Lin.

Wu Lin calls Wu Zhang Kong, as they haven't heard anything from their teachers for a while, but he is rebuked saying they need to do it alone. Secretly, he notes that he has nothing left to teach them, they just need more experience. In the 1v1 next round, Zheng Yu faces Long Yue, while the rest have opponents that are swiftly defeated. They are not confident about Zheng Yue's fight, but he steps up.

Chapters 641-650

Watching the contest along with Dai Tian Ling, is Dragon's teacher, En Ci. He had been a 30 year old 3 ring spirit master, nothing exceptional, but showed up at Monster College to be admitted, and when rejected challenged all under 4 ring spirit masters, defeating them and being admitted. Within 5 years, he was 6 rings, and another 5 years, 9 rings, 5 more rings, Super Douluo - 95th rank. At 50, he is 98th rank, and 55, 3-word battle armour, and another 10 years for 4-word comparable armour even without a God Artisan. He is the dean of monster college. Even at his strength, he fears he will be destroyed if he went to Shrek at the moment.

The match starts, and Zheng Yu releases his rings. Without showing rings, Long Yue releases his aura, shaking the arena and giving the impression of a giant mountain. Zheng Yu displays 5 battle armour pieces, shocking the audience as it is all spirit alloy. Yuan En and Zheng Yu together designed and manufactured their armour, but it was all forged by Wu Lin. Zheng Yu unleashes an attack at Long Yue, with Long Yue raising his hand.

His hand blocks the attack, and Zheng Yue cuts at his abdomen with the Holy Sword, to no effect. Zheng Yu combines his trial of light and holy sword, with Long Yue dodging through Ghost Shadow perplexing Step, and attacking with Jade Hands. Zheng Yu's next attack forces Long Yue to release his spirit, growing enormous, covered in scales with a heavy tail and showing 3P 3B rings. His spirit is Mountain Dragon. Gu Yue mentions to Wu Lin that it is not a Sub Dragon, but true dragon king. The legend says that the Dragon God arrived on Douluo, and created 9 children, which became 8 clans ruled by the Dragon Kings. These included Golden Eye Black Dragon King od darkness, Jade Dragon King of time and space, and the Sacred Dragon King of light and worship. With 9 kings, there were only 8 clans, with the Golden Eyed Black Dragon King being the guard captain, Sacred Dragon King in control of life and procreation, and one other having an extremely vital role.

The planet was all covered in water at the time, and the dragons could not roost there. The 9th king was the Mountain King, whose body became the mountains and land of the continent. Though they had such an important role, they were unable to procreate and their clan became scarce. Given their sacrifice, each Mountain Dragon became dragon royalty upon adulthood. Xing Land wonders how Gu Yue knows this, with her responding that it was in the Pagoda's records. Wu Lin is a little worried, thinking he cannot suppress Long Yue, and asks Gu Yue if she knows about the Golden Dragon King and if it is one of the nine. She has, but will tell Wu Lin later. In the arena, Zheng Yu only feels an invincible aura from Long Yue, as he unleashes mountains and rivers as his ability. Zheng Yu realizes that all he can do is draw the fight out as long as he can, so his teammates can see Long Yue's abilities. En Ci watches on with pride, knowing the pain that Long Yue went through for his strength. Not as severe as Wu Lin's life threatening seals, but immense.

At every point of upgrade, 10th rank to 60 and every rank thereafter, Long Yue experiences inhuman suffering, only his willpower preventing him from going mad. En Ci has no confidence that he can help Long Yue beyond 70, and must go to Douluo to find a way, based on books he has seen and Heaven and Earth treasures. Long Yue declares Zheng Yu to withdraw, as he doesn't want to harm a fellow Tang Sect member, however Zheng Yu draws out all of his power and attacks. Long Yue breaks the attack and hits Zheng Yu's chest, breaking 8 ribs in retaliation for Lan Tang's 8 broken ribs, ending the match. Wu Zhang Kong tries to go to the stage to help his students, but Elder Cai restrains him, telling them this is a test for them.

Zhang Kong can only protest that Cai is too cruel, but she accepts that it will temper them better than Zhuo Shi did to him, leading to his tragic loss of Bing Er. Back in the hotel with Zheng Yu resting and recovering, Wu Lin declares they cannot be afraid. Xing Lan comes to Wu Lin's room, and declares that she is going to give up the 1v1 and 2v2 fights to dedicate her time to creating Wu Lin's battle armour. She feels he is the only one that can fight Long Yue due to his bloodline. Gu Yue also comes in and agrees with Xing Lan. She tells Wu Lin that the Golden Dragon King is not one of the 9 Dragon Kings.

She tells them of the legend of the Dragon God, who ascended to the spirit world which was created by Human gods. In the spirit realm, there were 5 God Kings, which ruled, and the human gods felt that beast gods should serve humans, enslaving them. At the time, the human gods were far more powerful, but when the injustice went too far and a beastgod was nearly killed, the Dragon God led them to leave the spirit world and create their own God realm. The God Kings did not agree, and it resulted in a war. Ultimately, the Asura God cleaved the Dragon God into two halves. The Dragon God was the pinnacle of Gods, and unable to die, and the two halves became Mighty Dragons. One was the diamond scaled Golden Dragon King inheriting the physical strength, and the other being the Silver Dragon King. She tells Wu Lin, that though the Mountain Dragon King is strong, it is the child of the Dragon God, while Wu Lin is the Golden Dragon King, half of the Dragon God itself. Xing Lan leaves, before Gu Yue can follow Wu Lin asks how she truly knows this. She responds, saying that her family had this information, and the Coloured Dragon is an offshoot of the Silver Dragon King. He asks her if the reason she got close to him was his bloodline, with her confirming. She turns to leave, but Wu Lin asks if the reason she is still with him is his blood. Again, she responds yes, while Wu Lin stands there a bit stunned.

Over the next 10 days, Wu Lin, Xie Xie and Yuan En pass the round robin qualifiers for 1v1, with Wu Lin forfeiting against Dai Yue Yan at one point because he had already qualified. Xiao Yan asks Gu Yue why things seem difficult between her and Wu Lin, but Gu Yue tells her to focus on the competition. She is worried that Wu Lin is too focused on cultivation and seems like a robot, wound too tight. Wu Lin skips dinner to go to Tang Sect.

He is purchasing treasure herbs, starting with 10,000 year Dragon Scaled Fruit. Tang Sect has a 97,800 year Fruit, but it costs 346,000 contribution points. This is far too much, so he instead purchases a 10,006 Year Fruit for 21,000 points. Next is 10,000 year Cyan Jade Root, but the cheapest 13,900 year one is 43,500 points, far too much. He decides to sell the damaged green skull black mech. Normally it would be 300,000 points, but with the damage and self-destruct trap installed, it is only worth 100,000, with 10% more for Wu Lin as a White Rank member.

They also mention that if he has the weapon for it as it is clearly a close combat mech, they will give an extra 20,000 points, but Wu Lin resists. He takes the points, purchases the Cyan Jade Root, and spends another 50,000 points on other items. He then searches for 10,000 year Dragon spirit beast blood, but the cheapest 11,600 year for 48,000 points. He decides he needs to do some more forging to purchase this. He is despairing that he had to sell the black mech, but also relieved as he had no idea there was a self destruct mechanism. On the way back, in his mind, Old Tang wanrs Wu Lin not to break the 6th seal, as each seal reduces the time for the next, and the final 9 will bring him true hell. He needs to hit Title Douluo before he starts on the final 9. If he breaks through the 6th now, he will need to reach Title Douluo by 25, while he could wait on the 6th for 2-3 years.

Chapters 651-660

The waiting room for the next round is quite luxurious, as it is down to the final 64 contestants. Xiao Yan teases Wu Lin, as the female waitresses keep offering him fruit and drink over other contestants. Elsewhere in the room, Dai Yun Er is fuming at Wu Lin's attention, while Dai Yue Yan thinks her behaviour is a little strange. Wu Lin's opponent is Sima Xian, who was originally enrolled in Monster College but ended up at Star Luo Royal College.

Monster College members are shocked, they know the name. Originally he joined Monster College, but was extorted for money by Long Yue upon entrance, and ran away joining Star Luo Royal College instead. Sima Xian wants to defeat Wu Lin to make his reputation soar, as he has fought Long Yue 4 times over the years, and loses worse and worse. He has 5 purple rings, and the Oxen Dragon spirit, which has true dragon blood and descended from one of the 9 dragon kings. Hearing this from Fang Er, Xie Xie and Yuan En smile on the sidelines. Though he only has the spirit and no blood force, while Long Yue's spirit affected his blood and made him so powerful. Sima Xian charges at Wu Lin, using gravity control on him. Wu Lin notices that it is a dragon spirit, and waits for impact. His eyes shine gold, and his scales spread, using Golden Dragon Body. Sima Xian's 3rd ring releases, covering him in scales.

Wu Lin steps forward, Golden Dragon Shaking the Earth erupting with 8 Dragon Ghosts hitting Sima Xian and lifting him into the air. His soul force and blood freeze and power collapses, and Wu Lin leaps into the air hitting him with both Dragon Claw in a closed fist rather than with his sharp talons. Sima Xian smashes into the ground, creating a crater in the arena, while Wu Lin lands, scales shining.

With the match over, Wu Lin retracts his Golden Dragon Body, turns to the audience and puts his finger to his mouth in a silencing gesture. Long Yue mentions that it was bloodline suppression, while Yun Er is wondering if she really can defeat him. Fang Er presents her analysis, surmising that Wu Lin's dragon roar had a stunning effect, breaking the abilities of Sima Xian. The next Shrek fight is Yuan En against Teng Teng from Monster College.

Teng Teng is the Monster College Shadow King with 5 Purple rings, and at the start of the fight creates multiple afterimages, attacking Yuan En from 3 directions. She blocks with Diamond Titan, but is attacked with a jet black dagger spirit guide weapon. Teng Teng's spirit is shadow and he is an agility spirit master, and when Yuan En attacks he slips behind her to take advantage of the opening. Yuan En is able to control the air around to to an extent though, and counters.

Controlling the air space is an enormous advantage against agility spirit masters, Yuan En's power surprising Long Yue. Tent Teng equips his grey one-word battle armour, leading Yuan En to equip hers - 6 piece of yellow/gold armour including core, her full set is not far away. Teng Teng has a pair of grey spirit guide weapon daggers that are a set with his armour, and unleashes his ability shadow cut, while Yuan En avoids it by changing to Fallen Angel and spreading a darkness mist. Her battle armour changes to black, while the dark mist hides the situation.

Teng Teng moves to escape the mist, while Yuan En flies high and prepares her Demon Sword skill. Together with Fallen Angel Descent, she attacks while Teng teng blocks with his daggers. He is launched out, bouncing off the spirit guide shield and landing on the ground heavily. His battle armour has large cracks glowing purple, and the dark power is still attacking his body. His battle armour does not provide much defense.

Yuan En prepares another attack while Teng Teng combines all his shadow avatars for a massive attack. Yuan En like an illusion appears behind him, while Teng Teng's attack passes her previous position and explodes upon the shield. She hits him with her attack on the shoulder, and he flies out before landing on the ground unconscious. Fang Er criticizes that Teng Teng screwed up by not locking onto Yuan En with the final attack, but he had done that deliberately to allow for most attacking damage, not expecting the dodge as she was storing power for an attack, but she terminated the attack to evade. Dai Yun Er questions why Yuan En is not the captain when she is clearly above Wu Lin, but Long Yue tells her that they haven't seen Wu Lin's true strength yet.

Yuan En mentions to Wu Lin that the pressure from his strength made her far stronger and gave her a goal. Down to 32 contestants, Wu Lin's next match is against Dai Yun Er, while Xie Xie and Yuan En did not encounter any trouble. In the waiting area Yun Er tells Wu Lin to admit defeat and she will be lenient, with him questioning her IQ and sending her into more of a rage before Dai Yue Yan stops her while her yells draw attention.

Dai Yue Yan tries to calm Yun Er down before the fight to no avail. Wu Lin knows she must have some strength to be the Spirit King of the Monster College. Her spirit is Nether Civet, 3P 1B, and rushes at Wu Lin. Closing in, her eyes flash blue and Wu Lin falls into a stupor, before quickly bringing himself back with his blood and purple demon eyes before being forced back by Yun Er's attack. Protecting his spirit using Purple Demon Eyes, he withstands her attacks, while she dodges any retaliation, retreating when he uses Golden Dragon Tyrant Body.

Chapters 661-670

With a slight pause, Wu Lin taunts Yun Er with a beckoning motion, infuriating her and leading her to charge in. In the stands Dai Yue Yan sighs, noticing the change in her mental state. Her eyes flash again and Wu Lin slows, but when she attacks Blue Silver Vines instantly erupt binding her. Wu Lin had Jin Yu control the vines independently while he was disoriented. Her spirit avatar erupts from her lashing out at Wu Lin, but more vines appear and bind it while Blue Silver Thrust stunned Yun Er. Wu Lin uses his claw to grasp to her neck, but withdraws his claw and pinches her neck rendering her unconscious while the Vines retract and lay her on the ground. Yun Er had twin spirits, with Spirit Eyes as the second.

Dai Yun Er is in a rage, refusing to accept it and knocking over vases in her fury. Dai Yue Yan tries to placate her and have her improve her failings from this. In her room, Gu Yue is talking to a woman with purple hair, eyes and clothing. She mentions that Long Yue did not originate with dragon blood, but through some ceremony must have inherited it. They are trying to investigate, but Monster College has a lot of strength and remaining secret is difficult. Gue Yue mentions that something that she lost may be in the place of inheritance, which must be in a Spatial Crack. Back at Shrek, Na Er whispers that "she" promised she wouldn't hurt Wu Lin until "that day" and that Na Er isn't strong enough yet.

Fang Er is wandering the streets, and runs into someone she recognizes is Wu Lin wearing a hooded cloak, and sees him enter a rare metals shop. Wu Lin notices that he himself is quite calm, which is not that good because he is not getting fired up, ever since Gu Yue mentioned she was close because of his blood. His Tang Sect badge alerts him and he heads to the Tang Sect. He notices this time they are all White rank members, and one Black rank convening them who recognizes Wu Lin as White 3. He mentions it is lucky Wu Lin is here, as this even is 1 in 10 years. This event is only for those between 40 and 50 ranks who have not completed 1-word armour and capable of moving to yellow rank, leading to 5 white members leaving.

He mentions that the spatial crack is strict, and cannot be fooled with. There are still a number, and the quota is maximum 30 people, so he plans to hold a tournament to select 30, to be held in a month and last 10 days. He declares that Wu Lin - White 3, is exempt from the tournament and automatically fills a place in this so-called "Dragon Valley" due to his effort and near-death the previous mission. Back in the arena, Xie Xie asks Yuan En if she will be his girlfriend if he wins the competition, with her dismissing him. When Wu Lin refuses to help Xie Xie, he jokes that he might lose intentionally, with Yuan En responding that if he does, he has no chance in future. The next fight is Wind King Lin San vs. Xie Xie.

Dai Tian Ling had promised the Monster College group that if they reach the top 8 individual fight, they will become Barons. Lin San has the weakest aura of the 8 Kings, but his power is due to his effort. He displays 3 purple 2 Black rings, and unleashes a wind blade attack at Xie Xie. Both use Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to close in and evade each other, however with each clash Xie Xie suffers a small wound. Fang Er notes that Lin San has better speed and flexibility than Xie Xie.

Lin San can tell that Xie Xie is remaining passive to find an opportunity, and quietly praises him, but will not allow any chance. After many wounds, and being covered in blood, Xie Xie finds an improved comprehension of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Lin San then uses his wind power to levitate his body attacking from all directions. Xie Xie refuses to give up, and Lin San prepares a powerful attack to finish it.

Xie Xie is mustering power for a last ditch attack against this Wind Dragon Blade. On the sidelines, Dai Yue Yan is a little ashamed. The Shrek students are only 15 vs the Monster College 20 year olds. Xie Xie unleashes his 4th ring, light dragon illusion, with his right eye turning gold and left turning transparent. Lin San allows him to power up, to beat his strongest attack. With the collision of the illusory light dragon and wind dragon blade, an invisible shadow dragon illusion also collides with the wind dragon edge, disintegrating it and allowing the light dragon illusion to reach Lin San, who evades with his 5th skill, dispersing like wind. Xie Xie locks onto his position, and equips his Battle armour, just 2 pieces. Lin San appears behind him, and Xie Xie thrusts backward to attack but is deflected by Lin San. After a short collision, Xie Xie has no chance, and eventually collapses from blood loss.

Wu Lin helps him off the stage and he changes clothes, then sits with his eyes closed, thinking. Yuan En wins her fight, and then it is Wu Lin vs. Dai Yue Yan. Dean En Ci tells Dai Tian Ling he believes Yue Yan has a 70% chance of victory. As they board the stage, Xie Xie yells out that he understands that as an agility spiritmaster he cannot be as rigid as he has been.

He explains to Yuan En that he realizes he needs to be more flexible and free, before collapsing in sleep and being caught in her arms. She takes him and lays him on the couch to rest. The match begins, and Wu Lin releases golden dragon body.

At the same time, Yue Yan releases his white tiger spirit with 3 purple 2 black rings. The two collide, and force each other back, unexpectedly even. Both are using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to close in and evade, as well as Controlling Crane Catching Dragon and Mysterious Jade Hand Tang Sect techniques to fight. This continued for a few minutes, before Dai Yue Yan unleashes White Tiger Light Blast with Wu Lin blocking with his claw. Yue Yan activates Diamond Body and Barrier and leaps to attack Wu Lin, with Wu Lin displaying his Blue Silver Grass rings. he binds Yue Yan, but he swings to cut through the vines.

Chapters 671-680

Surprisingly, he cannot cut them. Both are at a stalemate, knowing the first to use stronger abilities will probably lose. After several minutes, Wu Lin's 3rd ring lights up and a white ring appears on the ground. Yue Yan dashes out to take advantage but Wu Lin equips his battle armour with a dragon roar resounding. Yue Yan's soul force goes into chaos, activating his 5th ring to counter with Demon God transformation and shattering the blue silver grass. Tyrant Dragon shadow appears behind Wu Lin and the blue silver vines increase in size and turn golden. Fang Er is unable to analyse the spirit beast behind Wu Lin as Tyrant Dragons have been extinct for a long time. Long Yue on the other hand, recognizes it as Tyrant Dragon, and mentions that Wu Lin must have Tyrant Dragon blood which contains Golden Dragon King blood.

Being overpowered by Wu Lin's vines and the 3rd ring variant ability of stripping - Golden light wave, he unleashes his Demon slaughter attack 4th ring, with Wu Lin responding with Blue Silver Thrust. Yue Yan shatters this with his spirit familiar, before equipping a full set of 1-word armour. Wu Lin uses his golden dragon claw to destroy the spirit familiar, while Yue Yan slices through the vines to reach him. Fang Er notes that the match is ending as Yue Yan swings his claw at Wu Lin's chest. Golden Dragon Scales shine brightly as it hits, his aura rises and the vines surge to bind Yue Yan. He is unable to break out. The tyrant Dragon roars again, while two giant hammers appear in Wu Lin's hand with a golden dragon mark appearing on them from Shake the Heavens. The vines release him, and the hammer collides with Yue Yan.

Spirit familiar crush, Yue Yan is weakened, and briefly stunned from the dragon roar. He stuggles to block the hammer, but is cannoned into the air. Wu Lin launches himself into the air with Shake the Ground dragon ghosts as a spring, meeting Yue Yan and smashing him into the ground. He swings out again as he falls, pounding Yue Yan on the ground. The final impact was blocked by the referee, with Wu Lin smiling as he puts the hammers away. Yue Yan climbs from the hole and reproaches the referee for interfering, as he had managed to pull himself together enough to defend and counterattack. Wu Lin was not able to properly attack again with the hammers, and he felt that Yue Yan's battle armour defense was too strong to break through properly. The referee hadn't noticed this, and only jumped in to protect him as he was the prince, resulting in Wu Lin's victory as Wu Lin had planned.

As they are leaving the arena, Yuan En carries Xie Xie out in a princess-carry fashion. The Douluo delegation head praises Elder Cai and promises rewards for the Shrek students. Back at the hotel, Xinglan is looking harried and pale, but insists on finishing pieces of Wu Lin's armour. She has clearly consumed numerous bloodthirsty bean buns so Li Zhi is in a bad mood due to her state. Next round of 1v1 is Yuan En vs Wu Lin, but Yuan En forfeits to preserve Wu Lin's strength for Long Yue. Lin San is against Long Yue and competes, but is defeated.

While the rest of the Shrek students are cultivating, Xing Lan has finally reached her limit and collapsed from the battle armour manufacture, with Li Zhi taking care of her. Xie Xie is simply relaxing in the wind on the balcony, he realises that his anxiousness and tight control actually prevented him from fighting to his full extent, and actually restricting his control of his avatars. Yuan En is thankful that her partners are strong, giving her lots of pressure and pushing her forward. Without them she would not be near completion of spirit forged 1-word armour. Xiao Yan has fallen asleep by Zheng Yu's bedside, she has been taking care of him since his injury. He was spoilt and held high as his families successor, but when entering Shrek found that he wasn't the strongest. The people at Shrek are genuine, compared to the sycophants and fake personalities of those in his family. He has actually been healed for a while, but likes the feeling of Xiao Yan taking care of him, and picks up her sleeping body putting her in his bed before sleeping on the couch himself.

Gu Yue is staring at the ceiling, unable to rest. She knows Wu Lin's behaviour, that he will fight to the end. She knows what she needs to do, but each day her determination wavers. She doesn't know where Wu Lin's bloodline came from, but as Na Er had said, it's like divine intervention brought them together - though she says she needs to destroy the divine intervention. Remembering the day she mentioned she was with Wu Lin because of his blood, she feels a bit uncomfortable in her heart. The next morning, they are all teasing each other at breakfast about their apparent choices in partners.

Dai Tian Ling opens the final, announcing that Long Yue will become Viscount on victory, or Wu Lin will receive resource rewards. Fang Er's analysis suggests that Wu Lin can only win if his bloodline has enough suppression on Long Yue. Wu Lin releases Golden Dragon Body, with Long Yue merely releasing his aura, with a giant dragon shadow behind him. Wu Lin leaps with his body roaring, and Long Yue's dragon phantom shudders, clearly being suppressed slightly, surprising Dean En Ci and Long Yue. He believes that Wu Lin's spirit is Tyrant Dragon.

He suspects it could be Light Dragon King, but is still confused as Wu Lin's light aura is not strong though the colour is right, and it would be on the same level as Mountain Dragon King so should not be suppressing him. Only the Dragon God should be able to pressure the Dragon Kings, but it is impossible that it's power could exist in a human. Wu Lin reaches Long Yue, giant hammers swinging, but Long Yue manages to release his spirit and using an ability creates a mountain in the arena, breaking the suppression and instead overpowering Wu Lin in strength. Wu Lin collides again, clashing with Long Yue's tail, beginning the Tang Sect Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique. Each collision, Wu Lin is knocked back, but does not break his technique. Long Yue draws out a long spirit guide spear to defend against the hammer.

Long Yue is happy that someone can compete with him in strength. Wu Lin finally reaches his limit, which would be about 54 hits with his normal hamme rbut far less with the giant hammers. He hits Long Yue one last time, knocking him back 5m, before releasing the hammers and tossing them at Long Yue's chest. Long Yue uses his rivers ability to slow them down, but they still collide with him and cannon him into the arena shield about 100m away.

Wu Lin had reached 38 consecutive hits, and retrieves his hammers, but Long Yue gets up. His eyes are red, his fighting spirit awoken - there has been no threat to him until now so he has been disinterested. Wu Lin pulls out his 5 pieces of battle armour. On the stands, En Ci notes that Wu Lin cannot sustain combat with his hammers, while Long Yue creates an oppressive illusion of mountains and rivers to smother Wu Lin. Tyrant Dragon head appears, roaring and breaking the illusion. Long Yue creates a marsh-like atmosphere, and Wu Lin summons Blue Silver Vines.

Chapters 681-690

Wu Lin is being battered by Long Yue's attacks, and despairs at the strength gap. As he is falling, a mountain rushes up, propelling him back into the air, and then before landing, Long Yue's tail whips out and smashes Wu Lin into the arena shield. Long Yue's madness is overflowing, but Wu Lin refuses to give in. He retaliates by using Golden Dragon Fear Claw to send out 5 slashes, which is caught on Long Yue's leg causing great wounds. En Ci knows that Long Yue struggles to control himself, but can still show mercy, however Wu Lin's attack set him off. En Ci hesitates to end the fight, seeing that Wu Lin could be a very powerful threat, while Long Yue's right foot with the weight of mountains slams down on Wulin's body.

Screams resound through the audience, and Dai Yun Er is in a panic. Long Yue lifts his foot and slams it down again, but a golden figure with a red sword breaks through the arena shield and knocks Long Yue away. En Ci confronts it, but cannot compete. Elder Cai is in the arena as well, and recognizes Mu Ye. Shrek students have rushed the arena, but cannot enter in this atmosphere, Gu Yue shivering, feeling as if her heart has shattered. Long Yue, still in the throes of madness, attacks Mu Ye with his 4th ring, but is imprisoned by En Ci. Cai expresses her anger at this murderous fight, while En Ci mentions that Long Yue can lose control. Mu Ye picks up Wu Lin and leaves the arena. Wu Lin's battle armour has vanished back into his body, chest is caved in and golden scales are broken. Blood is everywhere. The Douluo delegation head questions Dai Tian Ling, not believing that the fight could not be stopped, with En Ci knowing about Long Yue's madness. The Shrek students are panicking, Gu Yue has tears pouring from her eyes, her heart completely in chaos. Xing Lan is the only one able to remain composed, declaring that since Wu Lin was taken away by the Chef, it means Wu Lin is not dead and they should go to the hotel. As they can see the immense bloodstains on the arena, Xiao Yan is crying as well as they all leave. Elder Cai questions her own actions, if this was too much, while Zhang Kong approaches her and warns that if Wu Lin is dead, he will kill Long Yue no matter the mission or repercussions. Dai Tian Ling questions En Ci on Long Yue's loss of control.

Dai Tianlin obviously realizes that En Ci intentionally didn't interfere but he overlooks it for the sake of his nation. Meanwhile, Mu Yue tries his best to revive Wulin. He saw a slim hope while assessing Wulin but there is still massive organ damage. He prioritizes stabilizing Wulin first, wishing that the Heavenly Douluo was here. He swears to take vengeance on the Monster Academy if Wulin wouldn't make it.

Interestingly, Mu Ye finds that Wulin is not that heavily wounded as the broken bones did not pierce through the organs. But it should only possible for a lv70. Still, it is no time for research. After a long time, Mu Ye finally finishes his work. He prepares a bathtub filled with medicine. Placing Wulin inside, Mu Ye keeps watch and asks Wulin not to die.

Gu Yue is angered that even her minions cannot find Wulin. It has been a day since Mu Ye disappeared with Wulin w/o a trace. Gu Yue assures herself Wulin is still alive as she would feel it if he dies. Silver scale covered her hands as her eyes are red with tears. Shrek team officially withdraws from the tournament.

Wulin is greeted by old Tang. The old man is angered, asking if it was worth it to risk one's life for a contest. Wulin affirms that it was for Shrek's victory, which seems to recall something in old Tang. Wulin is disappointed that he cannot repay the academy. Old Tang asks if he would have made the same choice again. Wulin says he won't lose that badly next time. Old Tang's voice softens, praising the youngster. He states that as long as he is alive, Wulin won't die. Wulin asks who he really is. Old Tang simply replies he will find out when the time comes for the old man to leave. Old Tang smiles that Wulin should not spoil himself about the detail of his life. Moreover, he is satisfied with Wulin's growth and wish to see his happy life then hides those memory deep inside. To Wulin's question, the old man's mood lowers as he shakes his head. He tells Wulin that while he is in recovery, he will teach Wulin the true form of Tang Sect's techniques, starting with Mysterious Heaven.

While Wulin has the basics down, the intricates of Mysterious Heaven is not recorded. Old Tang begins to reshape the flow inside Wulin. He begins teach Wulin how to open his 8th chakram and wants him to try it in the next unsealing.

Mu Ye curses Wulin out for using his 3rd pot of medicine. Still, Wulin's recovery is astonishing. Meanwhile, the tag team champion has been crowed, Long Yue and Yun Er. At the pub, Gu Yue proposes that they join the team contest to welcome Wulin back with a victory. She will be the captain. The team is in agreement but Wukong vetoes it. He cannot put them in more danger and they are considered to be on vacation for the rest of the time. Gu Yue fires back that if the school didn't manage the students during the single contest, they shouldn't now. Wukong apologizes but he still refuses.

Gu Yue ignores Wukong's order. She leaves but not before sending a powerful mental shockwave that leaves Wukong reeling. The others follow her in solidarity. Meanwhile, without Shrek's participation, the tournament somewhat dies down in excitement. With only 16 teams, Monster Academy is sure to win though the people still applause Shrek's decision to continue without their captain. Feng Er takes up announcing duty again but she is somewhat disappointed that Wulin died. Shrek's first opponent is Heaven Ye academy. Xinglan is the 1st fighter.

Her opponent is Heaven Ye's captain, Xu Xihang, who made it to the 16-man round of the singles tournament. He is somewhat relieved that he doesn't get Yuan En. However, against a Shrek student Xihang still immediately releases his 1-word armor and spirit, Spirit Eating Hammer. As Xihang's specialty is endurance battle, he chooses to wait for Xinglan's approach. Within 50m, she disappears. Xihang activates his first skill that absorbs spirit power within range. He manages to block the 1st strike. However, now in full armor, Xinglan's full power comes down. Feng Er is excited over the debut of the spirited 1-word armor.

Xihang gives up before Xinglan can land the final strike. The audience is completely enchanted with Xinglan's overwhelming display. Next up to bat is Zheng Yu. His opponent is a girl who is basically a scapegoat. The battle is over after 1 minute, only because of Zheng Yu's mercy. Third is Yuan En who crushes the remaining armor master on Heaven Ye's team. Xiaoyan and Xie Xie' victory makes it a complete sweep for Shrek. Once again, Shrek academy is the hottest topic of the tournament.

Yue Yan praises Xinglan's performance but Long Ye doesn't care. It seems the latter has been depressed ever since his victory over Wulin. Long Ye dismisses Yue Yan's worry. However, Long Ye still doubts himself as his lack of self-control means his strength is useless.

Long Ye's master, En Ci, has already ordered him to enter seclusion until he reaches Mental Surge level. If not, even the emperor would not dare utilize Long Ye. The tournament continues with both Shrek and Monster progressing to the final. Everyone is waiting for their eventual clash. In contrast, the dinner table, Shrek's mood hits rock bottom. There is still no sign of Wulin. Xie Xie resolves that if they win the final, Wulin would definitely return. Gu Yue takes a deep breath and settles their strategy: Xinglan, Yuan En and herself will go first. Tag will be Yuan En and Zheng Yu. If Long Ye is present then they will immediately forfeit. As for the 7-man, Gu Yue will keep Long Ye busy until the others 6 are take care of.

On the day of the final, the stadium is completely sold out. Both the emperor and En Ci are present. En Ci promises to interfere with Long Ye's battle to keep the peace with Shrek Academy.

Chapters 691-700

Xinglan fights Su Mu, and her sword intent breaks through all his defenses. At the last second he admits defeat, with Xinglan restraining her physical sword, but her sword intent continues to follow through, injuring his meridians. The next is Yuan En vs Dai Yue Yan. Yue Yan has the slight edge in strength, being above her in soul force and having a full set of armour, but it is not significant. Yuan En releases her Fallen Angel spirit and uses the ability "Hell's Gate", which summons a demonic clone of her, applying all sorts of curses to Yue Yan and causing immense pain. Yuan En attains the winning hand, picking Yue Yan up by his legs and smashing him into the ground over her head repeatedly, before she is stopped by the referee and flings Yue Yan away, claiming she lost control. Long Yue gets on the stage for the 3rd match, and Xu Li Zhi faces him. As the match starts, he offers a stuffed meat bun, then eats it himself and withdraws. An embarassed Long Yue remains on the stage for the 2v2 bout, joined by Dai Yun Er, and Li Zhi and Xiaoyan are prepared to annoy him further and withdraw. Suddenly, Wu Lin appears and tells them not to give up, and tells Gu Yue to fight with him. He distracts Long Yue, showing he has a 3rd golden ring, and fights with his hammers again. Yun Er charges at Gu Yue and uses spiritual assault, but all her strength leaves her and she falls, with Wu Lin being teleported to Gu Yue's side and brandishing his claw ready to kill Yun Er. He threatens Long Yue, and En Ci breaks through the protection screen to save Yun Er, with Wu Lin putting away his claws and thanking him for his cooperation before apologizing to Yun Er. The team fight, Gu Yue teleports into the middle of the enemy formation and starts throwing fireballs around. She teleports Yuan En and Xinglan to her, and they pressure the opponent, while Gu Yue seemingly misfires fireballs, only for Xiaoyan to control Lin San into their path. Wu Lin faces Long Yue, defending with his Golden Dragon Spear, and putting Long Yue on the backfoot.

Chapters 701-800

Chapters 701-776

Lin San blocks the spear for Long Yue, who is controlled by Xiaoyan, but Lin San sustains a heavy injury. Wu Lin follows through, golden dragon ascends the heavens creating numerous dragons from the spear tip that smash into Long Yue and send him flying. Gu Yue levitates in the air, chanting something, while Long Yue feels immense pressure from her, and the Shrek team has the clear upper hand. Long Yue unleashes his mountains and rivers attacks, reversing the tide, but Wu Lin uses his 3rd golden ring skill, Dragon Roar, which stuns everyone, removes Long Yue's madness, clears all his abilities and weakens his soul rings. In their stupor, Hua Lantan and Su Mu were affected the most, then falling foul to their opponents attacks, while Xie Xie was also rendered unable to fight, removing all three from the battle. Gu Yue's incantation stops, and she throws a yellow ball to the stage, which bans all earth element, rendering Long Yue almost powerless. Cornered, he releases his 2-word armour, and tells his allies to leave the stage. They step down, and Wu Lin is unable to withstand the assault. Xiaoyan uses her starlight chains to link the Shrek team together, feeding their power into Wu Lin, but it's not enough. Gu Yue comes to his side, and hugs him, as their soul fusion begins. Long Yue trembles in fear, but charges with his spear to attack. Wu Lin unleashes another roar, forcing Long Yue to his knees, before piercing his shoulder with his 7-coloured spear, pinning him to the ground, resulting in Long Yue admitting defeat.

Wu Lin joins Tang Sect for the mission to Dragon Valley, and he and 29 other disciples leave. At the hotel before they begin, he is paired with White 7, who kicks him out of the room because she is a female. Instead, he meditates overnight in the forest. He then purchases a large stock of food in the town, so large in fact that no other disciple could purchase any. Dragon Valley is a spacial crack, where they fight with dragons until they cannot continue, then use a jewel to leave. Inside their soul force is suppressed, and they cannot use their spirit at all. Inside, Wu Lin and White 7 take a break, and Wu Lin brings out a pie for himself to eat. Knowing she is hungry, but wanting to tease her a bit, he finishes it, then gets out another to eat. She demands some food, and he questions her, then she hits him with a spiritual assault and knocks him out of the tree, dropping the pie. In anger, he brushes it off, and leaves, telling her she can find her own way. He encounters a group of coloured clouds, which approach him and infuse him with strength when he stimulates his bloodline. He continues walking, absorbing power from the clouds and meditating to digest it, when he hears a scream from White 7. He rushes to her, and finds her under attack from an energy dragon, which he quickly destroys with one punch, absorbing it's power. She demands he compensate her, and he turns to leave, but she exclaims shes tired and collapses on him. When he is making food, she steals some, then reveals herself as Dai Yun Er. He gives her medicine to treat a wound, and hearing he squeal she thought she was in trouble, but instead saw her buttocks as she was applying medicine to the wound which stung. 5 Other people drop from a crack in the sky in the centre of the Dragon Valley, and hold the crack for a 6th to descend, and then a 7th that they call Highlord, who wears a silver dress and has silver hair. She tells them she has 7 days to find what she needs. Wu Lin walks along with Yun Er, more and more clouds descending to give him power, shocking her, until they find some energy dragons, which he destroys but passes the energy to her as he doesn't want to absorb them. They are attacked by a Blazing Fire Dragon spirit as they get closer to the centre, with Wu Lin being forced to reveal his identity to beat it and absorb it. When they reach the centre, Wu LIn is unable to control himself, and roars in despair at seeing the skeletons throughout the graveyard. A silver figure on the other side hears it, and restrains herself from responding. They descend, and Wu Lin feels the despair emanating from the bones. He sees a mountain dragon king skeleton, cloven in half, and finds the aura summoning him in a cave. Inside, he finds a fragment of the Dragon God soul. Yun Er faints, and Wu Lin approaches the soul, with the energy making him lose consciousness. A silver figure appears, also absorbing the energy, and slaps him away in tears, exclaiming that she should kill him here and absorb his bloodline to become the Dragon God. Yun Er is teleported out, and the Dragon God soul keeps dragging Wu Lin back into it's energy, each time getting kicked away by the silver girl, always crying. His 7th and 8th seals break, while she absorbs all the energy, turning into a giant silver dragon. The Dragon God Soul vanishes, leaving two scales, one silver and one gold. She takes the gold one to Wu Lin, and the silver one herself, before leaving. As she departs, the Tang Sect members are all evacuated from the space, and they have lost contact with it. However, Wu Lin is missing and the space seems to have collapsed. (725)

Chapters 777-780

(CH777)Wulin's black level 1-word armor is made of at least 85% compatibility material. More importantly, spirited 1-word armor is exceedingly rare in the world. The 2 clerks are taken aback by the youngster but they quickly resume Wulin's registration. Wulin decides on the name "Dragon". On the way out, against her compulsion, the professional Sui Yu doesn't ask for Wulin's number. Leaving the Pagoda, Wulin thinks about Gu Yue, having decided on hers for the 2nd word for his armor's name.

Shrek Academy offically accepts Wulin as an inner school student and captain of the Shrek 7 Devils. He is to train under Luanshi on Sea God Island, despite any misgiving the Heaven Lifting (or Atlas) Douluo has against him for Na Er's disappearance. Yun Ming doesn't accept Wulin as his student like Na Er wishes after all, seeing him as a playboy. Still, Wulin needs to at least screw up very badly to erase his accomplishment. And there was also his measurement result that shocked the elders, even the the Light Dark Douluo, elder Long.

Luanshi praises Wulin with a slap on the back. He wants Wulin to complete the Red Dragon 9 Lives and catches up to his friends in term of spirit power. In just a grueling half a year, Wulin makes incredible progress, mastering 4/9 techniques. He asks Luanshi for a hiatus, who is unexpectedly relieved that the youngster finally wants a rest. To Luanshi' surprise, Wulin wants to break into lv50.

The elder adamantly agrees, having realized he has little left to teach.

In the past half a year, Wulin's forging also raises to a new level at the boundary of grade 7, forcing Wu Yu to send him to Zhenhua. Along with Xinglan, who is also grade 6, the 2 upgrade the team's armor to spirited quality. The only obstacle to 2-word armor is their low cultivation. Luanshi takes Wulin to a small valley for him to seclude, compatible with plant-type. Wulin easily enters deep meditation, his black hair turning blue. The BSE begins to celebrate as Wulin feels like he can capture the whole island in his mental world. The island's flora flourish with life force as they turn golden. Suddenly, Wulin feels a trespasser into his mental world. A powerful collision leaves Wulin reeling but he feels a strange golden ring supporting his mental.

Wulin finds himself in a golden world. An old man asks if he possesses BSE. To Wulin's confirmation, the elder is in disbelief as human cannot possess BSE though Wulin has no answer. The elder explains that BSE is at the pinnacle of flora and only a descendant of BSE can possess it. The elder doesn't care about Wulin's confusion over his parents. He mentions that the last holder settled him on the island before his awakening. As Wulin is a descendant, the old man decides to help Wulin.

Before Wulin can reply, the BSG stabs into the ground and transform the surrounding plants into golden. Wulin sees his mental world dyed in gold as he easily breaks through to lv50. Moreover, his spirit power also turns gold and gel-like. As Wulin opens his eyes, he is spooked by Yun Ming inspecting him. Other elders have also arrived, with somewhat a hostility.

There is a strange look on Luanshi that Wulin can't figure out. Yun Ming asks for an explanation. To Wulin's answer of just breaking into lv50, Yun Ming holds back his anger. Luanshi reveals that the whole island's plant life has turned golden. Wulin exclaims that it looks just like his dream, piquing Yun Ming's interest. After Wulin's story, elder Long Yeyue sighs. She is familiar with the old man, wondering what he was up to. She asks if Yun Ming wants to confer with him.

With a different expression, Yun Ming confirms that Wulin truly possess BSE. There are strange looks on the Douluo, like fear. Yun Ming explains that the last holder was the founder, Tang San. While it has been 20k years, Wulin may be his descendant, especially with elder Jin's confirmation, who is an expert on plant spirit. Wulin if the old man really exists but Yun Ming hmphs that because of him, Sea God Island lost 30% of its energy.

Wulin is immediately brought to Sea God Court. Yun Ming explains that before Tang San left for God's Realm, he personally planted the Golden Tree here, which is why they trust elder Jin's decision. Luanshi laughs that it is a good thing for Wulin but Yun Ming leers at him. It has taken 3k years for the tree to gather that much energy, which has many times saved the academy. Yun Ming orders Wulin to release his spirit.

The phantoms of the original BSE and the Golden Tree appear with Wulin's spirit. The Douluos can feel a powerful life force pouring into them and improve their core lifespan, even elder Long who is at the end of her life. Yun Ming exclaims that it is not just a spirit mutation but also skill. Wulin's 5th ring forms with the color of green yellow.

Elder Long exclaims that her life has been extended another 10 years. However, a stranger issue is Wulin's weird 5th ring. Yun Ming asks him to show his 5th skill. Nothing happens aside from Wulin being drained.

Chapters 781-790

Yun Ming puts his palm on Wulin's back and asks him to try again with support this time. Wulin realizes that the Douluo also trains in Mysterious Heaven. The enormous rush of spirit power barely keeps up with the 5th skill. Wulin's mental world turns golden again as a green symbol appears on his forehead. A golden aura spreads out as 12 strands of BSE stab into the ground. Powerful life force transform the surrounding plant life into gold and spread out to even outside of the academy. Wulin feels like the whole Shrek city is under his grasp at the plants move according to his will and transmits his consciousness. Moreover, as long as Wulin will it, the plants voluntarily transfer their energy to him and they can even gather elemental energy from the environment. Suddenly, he blacks out.

Awakening at night, Wulin is greeted by Yun Ming. The elder apologizes and tells Wulin he can make history with an unprecedental skill. According to his speculation, Wulin's 5th skill is formed from both the BSE and the Golden Tree. The age of the ring is indeterminable but the skill is the highest-level domain-type. The plant life under Wulin's control can consume elemental energy, effectively a wide-scale elemental stripping. As long as there is plant life, elemental spirit masters are at a disadvantage. Moreover, under this skill, Wulin's cultivation temporarily raises to lv80, nearly 10 times. Still, Wulin can't persevere for long. Even with a mental level of 7300 points, he can only last 13 seconds.

Wulin tells off his own impression, about how the plants give him energy and become his eyes and limbs. Yun Ming also guesses that Wulin can use his skills anywhere within his domain. He nods that Wulin needs to be at least lv80 and mental power at spirit domain level to utilize this skill properly. What Yun Ming did cannot be replicated by normal people as it requires nearly identical spirit power with the host, which Yun Ming only achieved with the highest level of Mysterious Heaven. Wulin is depressed as he gains a powerful yet completely impractical skill. Yun Ming advises him to focus on Purple Demon Eyes training while the Douluo finds a better suited technique for Wulin's training.

Yun Ming's expression suddenly turns strict as he hands out the punishment for weakening the Golden Tree. The 7 Devils are to go under military service for at least 1 year. Wulin wonders if this really is such a bad punishement but he notices Yun Ming's crooked smile with cruel intention. Wulin is given a couple days of rest before the trip.

The gold plants incident is covered up by the academy as an elder's experiment. 5 days later, the Devils are summoned in front of elder Cai. Wulin hasn't seen the others in a while. Everybody seems fine, aside from Zheng Yu and Xiaoyan keeping a strange distance. Zheng Yu is surprised that Yun Ming personally assigns them the mission. Elder Cai explains that their service will last at most 2 years and that they can "hopefully" complete it. The operations are classified but within the academies, about 30 people have participated and only 4 have survived 2 years, which does not include elder Cai. Most of the participants are current elders.

Their first assignment is locating the camp with a map. However, they cannot have any personal belonging. Additionally, they must follow martial order or face expulsion. The only way out early is to prove they cannot physically continue. Elder Cai points them to their first destination, the Golden (Brick) Road. As the students leave, Luanshi asks if this is too cruel. Elder Cai shrugs, claiming that this is Yun Ming's order and that some cruelty may be good. Luanshi himself only lasted 9 months, calling the better survivors weirdos. Elder Cai refuses to answer how long she lasted and threatens to inform the weirdos.

Without much trouble, the 7 pass the check and leave. They have 15 days to reach the camp or their Devils title is stripped. To Zheng Yu's question on the plan, Wulin replies they cannot reach the camp in time on-foot. However, he has a plan to make money, forging. Wulin visits the Forging Guild. Mu Chen happily welcomes him and gifts him a laptop full of forging knowledge. He agrees to help Wulin with the financial but he needs to do some actual work. Mu Chen wants to see how much Wulin has improved at forging. Suddenly, a familiar voice announces her return. Mu Xi freezes on seeing Wulin, who she hasn't seen for more than 3 years ever since he left for Star Luo. Wulin smiles and greets his school sister.

Mu Xi is 23yo, grade 6 blacksmith, lv 50s but past the limit to enter the inner school. Her thought about Wulin is complicated after the Love Festival. Mu Chen dispels the awkwardness and brings them to the workshop. Wulin picks the familiar heavy silver again. Wulin's ability has improved to the point that Mu Chen can only call pinnacle. Just within 7 minutes, Wulin has finished spirit forging. He attempts soul forging. As the dragon rings is released, the metal is dyed in gold. Wulin manages to complete the first and second step, Echo and Curing, but he fails at the last step, Calling. Still, the finished product can be regarded as a national treasure.

Mu Chen encourages him as he only failed because of insufficient spirit power and Echo is the most difficult step so it is only a matter of time before Wulin becomes a Saint Artisan. Wulin asks about the sale value to Mu Xi's teasing. Mu Chen says he will keep it to himself for bragging right and tells Wulin he has earned the right to name his product. Wulin decides to honor his teacher by letting him choose. Mu Chen decides on Dragon Ling (NKG: Lin is both for Wulin's name and the Qilin of the 4 beasts). Aside from the high quality from the dragon bloodline, Wulin's metal also mitigate the effect of his bloodline on the wearer.

Mu Chen gives Wulin 5 million. Mu Xi sees him off with a hug and advises him to be careful. Back in the car, Xie Xie teases Wulin and earns himself a knock. Mu Chen also has a car take them to the station. Despite his aversion, Wulin can't refuse that the train is the quickest way. On the train, Wulin falls a sleep immediately from exhaustion.

Zheng Yu is similar. After the rejection at the festival, he secluded himself for a month. He realized his mistake but his pride keeps him from apologizing hoping Xiaoyan will find him first. But half a year passes as the distance grows farther. On this outing, he hopes for a good opportunity for a talk. Sneaking a glance at Xiaoyan, their eyes meet but quickly turn away. On a whim, Zheng Yu switches seat with Xie Xie and Yuan En to be next to Xiaoyan. Hearing his voice, she turns to the window.

Zheng Yu apologizes for his arrogance. Not letting him finish, Xiaoyan lays into him that she doesn't need his pity and that he only sees her as a trophy. Raising her voice, she accuses him for not being truthful as he waits for half a year and that it was over. Zheng Yu tries pleading but she holds firm. Zheng Yu thinks she has self esteem issue but Xiaoyan reminds him that they are both Shrek Devils.. He angrily states that she will regret it and returns to his seat while Xiaoyan turns away. Xie Xie scolds Zheng Yu but gets told to not interfere. Yuan En drags Xie Xie back and comforts the crying Xiaoyan.

A day quickly passes. Wulin is still asleep while the quarreling couple are still steaming. La Zhi wants to wake Wulin up but Xinglan stops him as she understands the captain is exhausted mentally with the disappearance of his lover and sister. Suddenly, the train shakes intensely as it gets thrown off track. Xinglan grabs La Zhi and levitates. Zheng Yu opens his wings while Yuan En hugs Xiaoyan and Xie Xie in Titan form. Only Wulin gets slammed around in the chaos before slashing open a wall. Outside, he finds the train is in the air. One of the car is broken in pieces, sending the passengers to their doom. The Shrek 7 Devils safely land. Wulin wants to help the wounded but Xinglan warns him that this is not an accident. Just after they withdraw their spirits, purple light appears in the distance. Xie Xie scouts ahead and finds 50-60 armed masked men in black attacking the survivors. Wulin orders an attack, taking out 6 of them in no time.

Chapters 791-800

The commotion is noticed as cannons are deployed against the students. Wulin catches a shell. The explosion doesn't even phase him. Xie Xie quickly takes down the shooters along with the other attackers as Wulin guards Xiaoyan and La Zhi. Suddenly, Wulin feels a threat and grabs the two away. The ground he was standing begins to decay as a grey phantom appears: an evil spirit master. He threatens death and releases his rings: 2Y, 3P, 2B. Wulin decides to face the evil master alone.

His enemy's speed easily exceeds Xie Xie's as a claw goes for Wulin's head. Wulin crosses his arm and easily blocks the blow. He counters with Long Jin Tian along with his 3rd skill, Golden Dragon Roar. Despite bing slowed, he evil master gets knocked away but his 5th skill turns him into grey mist to lessen the blow. He shrieks in anger as his 3rd skill activates, filling the air with the smell of blood. It seems he can control blood. Wulin nullifies it by reversing his blood flow.

Wulin jumps into the air, extending his claws and turns into a pillar of light. A golden explosion knocks the evil master reeling into the ground. This is Jing Long Fei Xiang (Nkg: Golden Dragon Flies and Soars). Within a 30m range and only in a straight line, with a burst in power, Wulin can triple his damage. The evil master finally activates his 2-word winged power armor, which is in a shape of a bat. The surrounding gets darker as he roars. Wulin feels an attack mentally as he loses control of his blood flow. Worse, it begins to rushes toward the 9th seal. Wulin bites his tongue and summons his own armor and the Golden Dragon Spear.

Wulin charges at the evil master but he dodges the blows with ease and even counters with his claws. Still, Wulin's armor is too tough. The evil master decides to wear him out. Meanwhile, the other 6 are having trouble with the weaker evil spirit masters: 11 in total, 4 at lv60s. The first is an 8m tall man in a skeleton-like power armor armed with a 7m long cleaver in battle with Yuan En.

Xie Xie is busy with 7 of the weaker ones. Xiaoyan stays behind and aids him only when he is troubled. Yuan En is going blow for blow with the skeleton evil master. Xinglan easily dominates the great wolf evil master. Zheng Yu fights the knight evil master who possesses powerful dark energy that rivals Zheng Yu's light energy. Despite the former's disadvantage at night, they are evenly matched. La Zhi stands guard next to Xiaoyan in his white power armor. However, the mooks are allowed to rampage.

Confirming the situation, Wulin decides to end things quickly. He orders everyone to go all out. With a burst of power, Wulin stands like a mountain. The evil master feels his body slowed as his attacks get rebound. Long Han Dia stuns him but he manages to activate his 5th and 7th ring. His spirit is revealed to be the vampire bat in True Body form and tries to escape in mist form. Still, it is too late. Wulin activates both Golden Dragon Roar and Purple Demon Eyes. Jin Yu the snake follows up and captures the evil master. Wulin impales him on the dragon spear, breaking his 2-word armor. He bursts into a colony of bats.

Wulin then summons the 60m tall Tyrant Dragon and orders Jin Yu to save the passengers. The Tyrant Dragon's fire breath incinerates the bats but some slips away. Wulin's BSE makes sure none gets any farther, impaling them like a shish-kebab. The Tyrant Dragon heads for the other battlefield. In the Dragon Valley, it swallows the skeleton of another Tyrant Dragon and sleeps for a year. After that, Wulin is granted the ability to summon its giant form though the consumption is high, only allowing 30s. Along with the giant, Shrek team clean up the evil spirit masters. Yuan En switches into Vajra mode and dominates the fight. Xinglan unleashes a storm of swords then lands down the Sword Star Cleave. The great wolf master activates his 6th skill, Blood Wolf Moon Howl, tripling his strength. Still, he is sent flying with a huge gash through his armor to the bone. Zheng Yu activates his 5th skill and covers himself with holy power. A pillar of light heads for the knight. The knight activates his 6th skill and clashes against the pillar with his sword. Zheng Yu gets knocked back the knight weakening's skill but the knight is burning in holy light while his mount is reduced to dust.

Shrek's trump card activates. Xiaoyan activates Shining Starlight, locking down the evil masters. Her power armor Star is deep blue, decorated with stardust. Xie Xie stabs the neck of 4 of the weaker ones. Zheng Yu bites his teeth and strikes at the knight. Xinglan skewers many with her 1st skill. La Zhi hands everyone recovery dumplings as the Tyrant Dragon burns down the enemies. The Tyrant Dragon possesses the true dragon flame. He only needs to grow wings to complete his evolution to an existence close to the 9 dragon kings.

The flame leaves nothing behind. Dragonkind's flame does not come from the element but from themselves. Xiaoyan turns the battlefield around in just one second. Released from the lock, the skeleton master gets sent flying by Yuan En's hammer toward Wulin. The Tyrant Dragon jumps into the air and stomps him dead. Yuan En heads toward the knight. The clown evil master (NKG: seems some parts are missing from the previous chapters) in the back finally lands the slow curse on the Tyrant Dragon, which only angers it. Tyrant Dragon's special ability nullifies nearly any control skills. The clown runs, shooting off a signal firework. The flame stops the clown's retreat and he is impaled by Wulin's thrown spear. The Tyrant Dragon disappears as time's up. Wulin retrieves his weapon as the clown got sucked dry. However, the life energy Wulin absorbs is low because the victim is an evil spirit master. The knight is also finished off by the others. Jin Yu finally returns after dealing with the mook. He is now 7m long and has grown limbs and horns. It doesn't receive as much benefit as the Tyrant Dragon in Dragon Valley but it does also possess a chance for true dragon evolution.

Despite the firework signal, Wulin orders the team to go help people. La Zhi provides recovery dumplings while the others bring out the wounded.

1/3 of the passengers survive. A doctor thanks Wulin's effort and asks when help will arrive. Wulin shakes his head as he doesn't even have a phone. The doctor is disappointed as even with the train's GPS system, they are in the middle of 2 cities so help will be late. Meanwhile, Xiaoyan is tending to an old man. She answers him that she is from Shrek Academy. He praises her but suddenly yells out a warning. A dark purple ray speeds toward Xiaoyan's back. With the timely warning, Xiaoyan dives forward, still in her power armor. However, the ray homes on to her, tearing a hole in her armor. Zheng Yu rages and rushes toward her. A dark phantom appears and swears revenge on the students. Even without power armor, he exerts a heavy pressure. However, Zheng Yu doesn't care. Seeing Xiaoyan wounded, he feels somethin bursting out of his chest. He steps forward and attacks with Angel Descend.

The man reveals himself to be a Spirt Douluo, 3 P, 5 B. He doesn't care to avoid the sword. Zheng Yu feels like cutting into a swamp as his holy fire is consumed. The man complains about the holy attack and shoots another ray. Zheng Yu dodges with Ghost Steps and baths himself in holy light. Although he was just slightly grazed, Zheng Yu can feel his spirit power contaminated. Wulin drags Zheng Yu back. A hand pulls the man backward as two hammers fall straight on his head. The man seems uncaring, gathering purple light in his hand. His third ring shines as an explosion erupts behind him. Yuan En and Xie Xie get knocked away. Xinglan's sword is also pushed back. Their spirit power is all contaminated by the purple light. With all her effort, Yuan En can only slow the contamination.

Zheng Yu retreats with Xiaoyan. Wulin stands at the front of the formation. He enters dragon mode and charges at the purple light with his spear. The BSE tosses the others back while La Zhi gathers them together. The same contamination runs up the spear. With a burst of power, Wulin frees his spear. He shoots a Long Jin Tian at the man and uses Golden Dragon Roar.

The man is surprised. A purple turtle appears and blocks the blow. He strikes at Wulin but the latter enters Tyrant Body. The difference in power is shown. Despite not being contaminated, it costs Wulin a lot of spirit power. The man praises Wulin. He calls for the turtle, Hell Ghost, back into his palm. Hell Ghost is a rare spirit beast with slow growth. Its 1m size proves that it has live for 10s of thousands years. Its nature allows evolution through asorbing yin qi. Xiaoyan is in a tough spot as the contamination begins to spread. Xie Xie warns that they must eliminate the yin qi from her body before it enters the vein. Wulin's dragon claw emanates yang qi that disperses the yin qi. Xiaoyan awakes and complains about the cold. Zheng Yu hugs her tight. The fighters consume La Zhi's dumplings, bloodthirsty green paste and puncture BBQ from his 4th skill (NKG: no idea what it is supposed to do). Yuan En's contamination disappears after consuming 10% of her tank. The man praises their ability but affirms that they can't stop him. He suddenly raises his eyebrows, complaining that reinforcement is too fast and that he has to finish them quickly.

He equips his power armor, which has a chest cavity for the turtle. Despite the characteristic wing of 2-word armor, his armor is not just 2-word. A light illuminates a 3m radius with complicated patter. Martial spirit projection, domain halo. Domain halo only exists in 3-word armor, on the level of a normal Supreme Douluo. The difference is too much. Wulin bites his tongue and orders Yuan En to switch to fallen angel while Xiaoyan uses her star chain. Wulin has decided that their only chance is surviving until reinforcement arrives. Xiaoyan activates the chain, connecting the team together, sharing both thoughs and damage.

Despite her refusal, Zheng Yu holds on to Xiaoyan's hand tight. The man coldly claims that killing them is like killing ants. He heads for Wulin, his domain unleashed on the whole team, not holding back at all. Wulin covers the team in his own domain from the 4th gold ring.

Everyone feels bloodline power going into their veins. Wulin grows to 3m tall, his eyes turn red and gold. 4th skill, Golden Dragon Brutality Domain, allows Wulin to enter the berserk state, which doubles his attributes, and his allies to gain 1/3 of his boost. Wulin unleashes Golden Dragon Roar. The dragon power stops the dark domain halo for one beat as Wulin charges forward. Jin Long Fei Xiang hits full force. Wulin can feel the full power of the evil spirit master, who must be a very powerful character for such powerful yin qi. The man is surprised as he can feel threat from a Spirit King. With a cold smirk, he crushes the golden light with ease as the spear reaches his chest. His smirk cracks as Wulin's yang-natured bloodline power easily oppresses that evil spirit master's yin qi. The man is hamperered by Xiaoyan's star lock as she buys time for Wulin to pierce the turtle and drains its life power. Wulin is knocked away by the armor's forcefield, leaving behind his spear inside the turtle's body, but the evil spirit master has already taken a huge loss.

The man is angry. He activates Extreme Yin Domain. Wulin's domain is completely oppressed by the yin qi as it targets Xiaoyan and cuts off her connection to everyone. The man has singled out Xiaoyan as the biggest threat for elimination by his 6th skill. The yin qi forms a coffin to liquidfy Xiaoyan. Zheng Yu rushes toward her without any hesitation. Holy flame incinerates his own wing as he hugs her tightly. The flame blocks the yang qi's invasion. The man disgutedly realizes it is the Angel Clan's signature skill, Sacrifice. The other 5 are shocked.

There is a loud shout from afar. Looking uncomfortable, the evil spirit master casts a glance at the students before disappearing. A surprised voice exclaims upon the sacrifice. A hole is torn in the sky as a white figure appears in 3-word armor. With a dagger, he disperses the Extreme Yin Domain. The holy flame disappears with Zheng Yu still hugging Xiaoyan tightly. He mutters an apology before falling on the ground. Wulin greets their savior. The man looks in his 30s, with silver eyes. His name is Luo Shaofeng, an in-training War God of the Federal War God Palace. He praises them for surviving Zun Fang. Wulin asks for him to look at Zheng Yu. Shaofeng assures him that Zheng Yu is fine as long as his sacrifical flame still exists.

Xiaoyan looks dumbfounded. She thought she would die trapped in the coffin before Zheng Yu swoops in. With his apology, she felt a pain in her chest as she tried to shake him off to stop his sacrifice. When they feel, she saw his honest smile. She asks Shaofeng about Sacrifice. He furrows her brows as if they should have already been told. Sacrifice is the Angel Clan's ultimate skill, which lets them nullify any weakening skills, triples their holy power and double their strength but at the cost of 10 years of lifespan for each use. Everyone changes their opinion of Zheng Yu. Xiaoyan is in tear. Shaofeng praises the young lad for not shaming his family. Wulin feels responsible as captain. Yuan En hugs Xiaoyan to comfort her. Wulin takes a deep breath and continues the rescue. The reinforcement mech force arrive to aid the rescue effort, relieving the students. Wulin asks Shaofeng about Zun Fang. Shaofeng instead asks if they are from Shrek.

With Wulin's confirmation, he smiles warmly as he is a Shrek inner school alumni. "Hell Yin Brute" Zun Fang is an elite member of the Holy Spirit Sect and also Shaofeng's target. The sect has become more active lately. Shaofeng warns Wulin to keep distance from them as they are strong enough to resit the Federal War God Palace, Shrek and the Pagoda. Asked about the War God Palace, Shaofeng answers that they are the elite force of the Federation's militar, which welcomes any 2-word armor masters. Shaofeng coaxs Wulin that it is not a bad choice for a Shrek graduate. He advises Wulin to stay in the Dou Spirit Hall though and also asks if they are Shrek Devils. To Wuln's embarrassment, Shaofeng shrugs that they can't join War God Palace anyway as the 7 Devils cannot be under the Federation's control. He praises them as heroes for killing so many evil spirit masters and surviving Zun Fang though he warns that Zun Fang would have stopped at nothing to kill them if he had known they are Shrek's future. Shaofeng advises his underclassmen not to reveal their status easily as the academy has many enemies and they are still too weak.

Shaofeng asks if they need escort. Hearing about the military training, he shudders and wishes them luck instead. Wulin has a bad feeling about their assignment from Shaofeng's attitude. The rescue is quickly wrapped up. With Shaofeng's help, the team is delivered to the next city. Wulin complains he will never go on a train again. Zheng Yu is still asleep. Xiaoyan decides to tend for him. Wulin agrees and tells everyone to get some rest.

Chapters 801-900

Chapters 801-810

Next to Zheng Yu's bed, Xiaoyan confesses that he was right about her low self-esteem. Back at the festival after Zheng Yu's confession, Xiaoyan felt that she was treated like a trophy. However, she still regretted turning him down and for not having trust in him. She promises to never be capricious again. Zheng Yu smiles that he likes her more that way, having faked sleeping. Surprised, Xiaoyan draws back her hand but Zheng Yu grabs it, saying he can't bear waiting any longer. He apologizes for not considering her feelings. Zheng Yu realizes Xiaoyan's importance seeing her at death's door. To her question, he answers that the Angel clan don't disclose their Sacrfice ability easily as it is their ultimate pride: protecting their allies with their life. The 2 promise to spend eternity together.

The next day, at breakfast, the team discuss their route. Zheng Yu's suggestion to use mech is out as they don't have a license with the right clearance. Xiaoyang backs him up by using a car, surprising everyone that they have reconciled. They smile, disclosing their plan to restore Zheng Yu's lifespan by taking Tang Sect missions to find a herb. To Xinglan's nudging, Wulin does a brief review of the previous day's events. From Shaofeng, he learns about the powerful organizations of the continent. As S7D, they are tied to Shrek and can only join Tang Sect, at least until their cultivation is high enough. He hopes to reach lv60 and 2-word armor after the training to stand their own against the Federation. Wulin also apologizes for the lack of teamwork due to his 3 year hiatus and wants everyone to work on it together.

They depart. 4 days later, they finally arrive at the Federation's northermost North Sea city. After investigation, their destination is a small island 30km from shore where no fishermen dare go near. Moreover, the military sets up a huge fortified and heavily defended barrier 5km from the shore. They regroup at an inn. Wulin unfurls a map, showing that the defense extends 50km of shoreline. Beyond the barrier, skulls are marked on the map. As they cannot go straight, Wulin wants to take a roundabout route. Still, their only clue that the island is 30km in a straight line from the east wall of North Sea city.

Yuan En expresses concern about how they gonna find the island, especially with the North Sea Battalion's guard. Wulin plans to borrow one of the battalion's fighter jets. Fighter jets are cheaper than flying mechs, at a 10:1 ratio. They require 2 pilots but have very long range of engagement, extending to the other continents. Back to the matter, even if the students are forced to "borrow" the plane and the pilot, they can ditch the plane after just 30km to escape pursuit and release the pilot. The others realize Wulin want to do base jumping in the middle of the sea. While there are problems with the plan, Wulin at least has a 1st step in mind: finding a Shrek alumnus in the battalion.

1600 years ago, the North Sea Battalion distinguished itself as Sun-Moon's strongest military force, with 3 branches: navy, air and marine. The navy include 30 ships, docked in North Sea bay, is the main deterrent against the sea beasts, which are supposedly the strongest in the Northern region. The air force has 70 jets along with sizable mechanized units. The marine force is the ace against the sea beasts. In total, the North Sea battalion has 80k enlisted, more than any other battalions.

The taxi is forced to stop 1km from the base. Seeing the base, Xie Xie thinks Wulin's dream is not so bad at all. They are quickly accosted by a patrols. The leader confirms the students' status with the badges Wulin faked. They even release their spirits, impressing the soldiers. The leader radios back and gets permission to take the Shrek students in.

They are welcomed by a major. Wulin politely states their request, though he leaves out the purpose. To Wulin's surprise, the major knows about the training. The major smiles that they are not the 1st group to pull this. He applauses their bravery though because the previous teams have only tried more discrete methods. Getting a bad feeling, Wulin steps in front of his friends asks how the major is going to settle this.

The major compliments his calmness and reveals that the academy actually set them up. Their destination, Devil Archipelago, is forbidden. The major was ordered to lock them up to run out the time. Zheng Yu wants a fight but they are quickly dotted by laser sights. Wulin stops him and sighingly admits defeat. The guards put spirit-sealing handcuff and helmets on the students. As they are led away, the major taunts them that the North Sea battalion actually recruit from the Sun-Moon Royal Academy.

Still, he does not underestimate the kids. The major orders heavy security and for scouts to search if they still have any accomplices outside. The solitary confinement is only 2m(or 2ft) tall with not a ray of light. After some time, Wulin cuts open their restrainment. He has taken defensive measurement, protecting his mental sea with bloodline power when the helmet was put on. After some complaining, Wulin asks Xie Xie to scout the outside of their cell. Wulin breaks open the vent and lets Xie Xie's clones pass through.

It is currently nightime. The base is well-lit with many patrols. At lv50, Xie Xie can control his clones within 1km. He quickly finds the hangar, just 2 walls away from the cell. Waiting for the pilots to leave, Xie Xie takes a look into the plane cockpit. Wulin realizes it is too small for all of them to fit with only 4 seats. Moreover, it takes too long to take off. Wulin asks Xie Xie to learn how to fly the plane by observing the pilots regularly. They decide to execute the breakout after another 7 days in the morning.

The perspective switches to an elite pilot named Lu Fu. His plane is the Federation's latest model, Skysoaring 17, callsign Sky 9. It can accelerate to Mach 1 in 26s, is armed with 4 cannons and 8 Homing Shells (NKG: the equivalence of nuke in DD). Lu Fu remembers every single detail about his baby.

Just after Lu Fu and his crewsmen board the jet, Xie Xie ambushes and knocks them all out. The others break out of their cell and joins him. Xinglan, Xiaoyan and La Zhi sits inside the cockpit while the others 3 hold on to the wings. Xie Xie deftly starts the jet engine. However, air controller asks him if he has a malfunction because they are going early. The hanger opens but the controller begins to catch on. Xie Xie fakes that they are having a major malfunction.

The controller asks him to wait for support but he takes off anyway. Finally realizing that they are hijackers, the controller threatens the students with treason. It seems that there is a hidden cockpit camera. With Xinglan's rushing, Xie Xie decides to take off immediately, easily breaking the sound barrier. The controller demands the jet to turn back or they will employ deadly resort. Despite that, colonel Liu Ming still asks the general for how to deal with the Shrek students. Lieutenant general Shenyue, a ~30yo woman who was once Sun-Moon Royal Academy's idol, orders that the Shrek 7 Devils must be escorted safely. She also asks for major Bingfeng.

Shenyue is the commander of the North Sea Battalion and also the vice-commander of Northeast sector. Knowing about the S7D's arrival, she had planned to have men scouting out the islands but got vetoed by the higher-up. Shrek's fury is not something even a general can contend with, not to mention that S7D is an extremely important existence that the academy would rather let the positions unfilled then having unqualified members.

Once, 2 members of S7D died because of the Federation's action. Despite the outward calmness, Shrek's revenge was brutal as recorded in the classified archive, costing 16 councilors their seats. Meanwhile, Xie Xie is having a blast. Searching for the island, he finds 2 hundreds of them scattering the sea. To Xie Xie's question, Xinglan shakes her head as they can't communicate with Wulin. Xiaoyan has an idea to have Xinglan searches for an island with a similar outline like on a map. With Purple Demon Eyes, she quickly locates it.

Outside of the cockpit, the other 3 are hanging on for dear life. Wulin see 2 jets pursuing them and easily match their speed. The pilots order them to turn back but Xie Xie calls their bluff and speeds up even more. At the command center, Shenyue asks for a report. Liu Ming replies that the students are going too fast even with the airflow cut off. With the possibility of them crashing. Fortunately, the mech squad should catch up in a minute. Shenyue reaffirms that she want the kids captured alive.

Meanwhile, Xie Xie is frustrated that they are slowing down. Xiaoyan asks Wulin with hand signals. Suddenly, Xie Xie yells that mechs are approaching. 6 black mechs fly under their vessel along with 6 other jets above. The jets release a net, cooperating with the mechs to capture the runaway plane. Quickly, Wulin summons the Tyrant Dragon.

Chapters 811-820

The giant dragon rips through the net, dragging every jet down and dispersing the mechs below. Wulin smashes the cockpit's window of one of the jets above him, forcing it into freefall. The enemy jets have to abandon the net while the mechs help them. With an opening, Wulin recalls his dragon as Xie Xie breaks through. They quickly reach the islands though they are also losing altitude. Wulin orders to abandon ship. The 7 get into a formation as they hover down. Weirdly, the abandoned jet disappears in a glow while crashlanding onto one of the islands though the students don't notice it.

Back in the command center, the leaders are disappointed but they now believe that these are the current generation of S7D. Shenyue orders to monitor the islands carefully, raising to DEFCON 3. She then chews out Liu Ming.

From the air, Wulin notice that there is a black layer covering the islands, including the surrounding water within a hundred meters.

As they land, the students feel a strange force pulling them as space seems to warp. On the military radar, they have all disappeared. Xiaoyan releases her chain, tying everyone together. Wulin releases his BSE for a tumbling landing. After checking everyone is fine, Wulin checks the surrounding. Despite everything taking on a pitch black color, there doesn't seem to be any dark element. Still, he is cautious. They decide to rest first, letting Yuan En and Zheng Yu recover. They discover the 1st peculiarity: no once can recover spirit power as no natural element exist.

Zheng Yu realizes this is the fabled "Forbidden Land". Angel Clan's archive records that in myth, several locations were cursed by the gods, taking away all life. Still, he can't explain why the plants can survive.

Wulin confirms his conjecture as he can't feel any life from the plants themselves. Xiaoyan is worried as this would also affect their life force, drying them to death. While everyone panics, Wulin figures out a solution: getting outside of the forbidden land to recover as the water 300m out is not affected. At the coast, he tries releasing a BSE strand out but the black water quickly consumes his spirit power. With Wulin's plan failed, Yuan En decides to try the air route. She disappears 300m out but quickly returns. It seems there are powerful sea beasts beyond the boundary though they don't come in. Moreover, when she escaped the boundary, a phantom head appears and orders her back.

Zheng Yu suggests they should go deeper into the island but Wulin wants to see if Yuan En can fly straight above instead. She reports back that there is a force field. The academy has sent the students into a prison.

Making their way in-land, the S7D are careful to conserve their power. The sun is now fully out. Without spirit power aiding, the group has to rest under a tree. Wulin discovers a dark purple light in the distance. Just a glance at it makes him feels his body being ripped apart with an enormous amount of energy. With a goal in mind, they travel for 2 more hours but as they get out of the forest, they feel an intense pressure from the light. Wulin orders a retreat. No one knows what type of energy it is. Wulin vetoes Xie Xie's volunteer to scout as the former is the only one who can withstand the pressure.

In full armament, Wulin enters the light. 1000m in, the intense pressure is off as he seems to enter another world. In this valley, there is element power as well as normal plants. Wulin can see a pillar of purple light, the source of pressure. Suddenly, he is surprised by an elderly voice complimenting him on making it there alone. An 1m8 white-haired old man with a staff greets him. To Wulin's introduction, it seems the elder knows about Shrek Academy. He introduces the place as where the devils live, Devil Islands. Wulin cannot sense any threat from the man. The elder beckons him to follow, saying that it has been sometime since the academy last sent new people.

Still, there is the problem of the other 6. Doubting the kid's ability to carry his team, he man laughs that Wulin'd better follow as there is no way out. Wulin offers to piggyback the elder. The latter gladly accepts but he warns that kindness is bothersome on this island. The 2 enter an area full of life force, perfect for cultivation. However, in the distance is a huge glowing boulder, the base of the light pillar. Wulin feels an immense pain to his soul, dropping the old man. Dismissing it as normal, the elder compliments Wulin's durability as most people would faint. Wulin wonders why the elder didn't caution him but he is suddenly knocked out cold.

The elder retrieves something into his hand, complaining that Wulin is too trusting without any caution. He mentions something about if it had been him and his fellows back then, they wouldn't have survived. The elder, named Disappearance, called on another elder, Nightmare, who is slightly younger has a stockier build. Disappearance wants Nightmare to throw Wulin back out as the former wants to see how he is gonna bring his team in. Nightmare complains why he has to do it but Disappearance asserts that it is because the latter is stronger. Nightmare grudgingly accepts and grabs Wulin, saying that at least new toys have come. Disappearance agrees with him, scheming how to play with them without breaking them.

When Wulin reawakes, he is surrounded by his teammates. It seems he flies out like a cannon shell back into the forest. As he reports back, Xinglan wonders if it is an illusion but Wulin is convinced otherwise. Moreover, it is their only hope. He wants La Zhi to begin making dumplings. La Zhi's 5th skill, Durable Glass Dumpling, doubles defensive power though it has a long preparation time.

Finishing the preparation, they begin their journey. With every supporting skills active and Wulin's powerful defense at the front, the team make it through the pressure. They find Disappearance and Nightmare waiting. The old men lead the group back into the area with powerful life force. The students' assignment is simple: enduring without getting "broken".

Both sides introduce themselves. Nightmare explains that they are at the center of the Devil Archipelago, Devil Valley. He calls himself a devil to the students' confusion. Nightmare tells them to rest for now but make sure that they don't touch the pillar of light, which is aptly called Destruction light. Nightmare tells them to find their own food and disappears.

Everyone sits down in meditation. Suddenly, Wulin feels a phantom heading straight toward him. Everyone gets sent flying. They regroup together but all feel an intense pain. It seems they are all struck by needles, drawing blood. Wulin stops Xie Xie from pulling them out. Xinglan realizes it is poison. Nightmare's voice echoes in the chamber, mocking them for letting their guard down. He says that the Pain and Pleasure neurotoxin would last for 2 hours regardless of what they do. Nightmare taunts S7D to show him their pain.

Everyone suffers as the poison cycles between pain and pleasure. After 1 hour, only Wulin, Yuan En and Xinglan have the strength to stand. Xie Xie asks to be knocked out but Yuan En warns that they must remain awake to keep the poison at bay. She pulls him next to her. Nightmare appears again and commends them for staying conscious for 1 hour, passing the 1st test. He hands Wulin a pot of antitoxin. To Wulin's complaint, Nightmare states that this is for their future and disappears again.

Wulin hands the pot to Xinglan while he keeps watch. Nearby, Nightmare watches them through a crystal ball. Disappearance exclaims that Nightmare is too cruel too soon. Nightmare retorts that the students showed great potential entering the valley but mocks their naivety. Disappearance laughs that the poison only lasts for 1 hour and asks what medicine Nightmare gave them. Nightmare smirks and says to wait and see.

While the students no longer feel pain, their bodies are now extremely ticklish and itchy. La Zhi and Xie Xie even begin to scratch off their own skin. Wulin sits down and traps everyone within the BSE. Screams of agony fill the cavern again, forcing Wulin to gag them lest they bite off their tongue. He exclaims that this training is inhuman. The itch lasts for half an hour. Most of the S7D are barely conscious. They have learnt their first lesson about trust.

Nightmare appears again and compliments them. He puts down a basket of food then disappears. While tempted, Wulin is wary. He takes a deep breath and announces that Nightmare is not to be trusted. They should only eat their ration or La Zhi's dumplings. Xinglan nods and destroys the basket. Nightmare's voice mocks them for wasting food. Wulin retorts that they have realized Nightmare's real face and that they won't have anything to do with him for the rest of the training. Nightmare is surprised by their quick resolve though he shrugs that this is only the appetizer. The students take turn to rest and guard.

After a day passes, everyone has recovered. They split into of groups of two to cultivate. Xie Xie spots yellow mist moving toward them. Wulin orders everyone to hold their breath. Yuan En turns into Titan mode and blasts air cannon at the mist but it quickly envelops everyone. They all faint. Disappeance and Nightmare arrive and carry them away. Nightmare mocks the youngsters while Disappearance wants to see their inner thoughts.

Wulin reawakes. He wonders if this is really part of the training, which looks more like torture. Suddenly, he hears a familiar voice but not from another S7D. Wulin cautiously approaches in full armament. The voice turns out to be Na Er. Wulin quickly hands her his jacket. However, Na Er is in tear, asking why he doesn't want her. She hugs him tightly. Wulin asks why she is here. She answers that the Courtmaster doesn't want her to be near Wulin so he places her on the islands. She asks Wulin to never leave again. Wulin pats her head but she suddenly asks who he would choose between her an Gu Yue.

Before Wulin can answer properly, Na Er's eyes turn ice cold. Wulin finds himself on the other end of her silver spear. She asks why he keeps choosing Gu Yue and states that he should die. Wulin realizes this is not Na Er and disperses the illusion with a single strike. A voice praises his mental strength and says to up the difficulty. Wulin finds himself returning to reality. The pain in his nightmare feels real. Nightmare appears in front of him. Dropping all politeness, Wulin asks where his friends are. Nightmare says he can see him soon but first the elder needs a favor. If Wulin fails, the repercussion is huge. Nightmare summons a TV screen.

Nightmare claims that Wulin is the fastest in 200 years to escape the illusion. However, they still have another torturing method. On the screen, the other six are separated into 3 cells: La Zhi and Xiaoyan, Xie Xie and Xingland, Yuan En and Zheng Yu. Nightmare points as the pink light balls hanging in each cell and explains that they contain powerful aphrodisiac. Wulin gets really angry and attacks but Nightmare teleports away. He threatens to release the drug, forcing Wulin to comply.

Nightmare explains that this is more than just a training camp. He claims that he is actually 1764 yo to Wulin's disbelief. Nightmare continues that he cannot die easily as he is no longer human, more like an evil spirit. The dark puple light boulder from earlier is called Devil Shard, or Destruction Shard. A long time ago, these shards fell onto these islands. At that time, Nightmare and his friends were there. The impact destroyed their bodies but keep them alive in this half-living state, confined to the islands. Outsiders can only survive at similar places to the Devil Valley. One day, a Shrek student arrived and engaged in battle with Nightmare's gangs. With their defeat, she wanted future Shrek students to be allowed here for training. The devils accepted out of boredom. For them, students like Wulin are no more than toys. Moreover, recently, the devils have gained mastery over the shards' power so Wulin should accept his fate.

Everything is even worse than Wulin's imagination. He grudgingly accepts to take on the assignment. Nightmare laughs that he wants to play military. He warns that Wulin is under his curse so he can die anytime. And even if he doesn't fear death, his friends are still hostages. Nightmare threatens to videotape everything and sends it back to Shrek. Wulin resigns, agreeing to Nightmare's demands but he vows to become a devil if Nightmare goes back on his words.

Chapters 821-830

Snorting at Wulin's threat, Nightmare demands Wulin to steal another jet from the military. Wulin is relieved that the task is at least doable but he doesn't know to fly a plane. Nightmare says he can teach Wulin. He brings Wulin to the Heaven Soaring 17 that disappeared previously.

To Wulin's question, Nightmare says he will drop Wulin at the base and let him find his own way back. The two enter the cockpit. Nightmare teaches Wulin the basic operation then take him on a test run. Nightmare skillfully maneuvers the jet. The acrobactics sickens Wulin.

Meanwhile, Xie Xie sees Wulin and Yuan En in the same cell. Nightmare pulls the same routine again. For Xinglan, she sees Wulin and La Zhi. She blushes, asking how it can be possible between 2 men. Nightmare laughs heartily, forcing her to comply.

On landing, Wulin wants to puke his gut out. Just an hour flying is worse than all his previous unsealing combined. Nightmare mocks Wulin and says that they are going up again. After 3 more rides, Wulin is completely drained. Nightmare smiles and exclaims this is the most fun he has had in a while. He asks Wulin if there is something wrong with him enjoying people' suffering.

Wulin quietly curses Nightmare with every single profanity then faints. Disappearance appears and praises Wulin as the others can only withstand 2 rides. The routine repeats for the next few days. Thankfully, Wulin quickly adapts and even enjoys the thrill of the sky. He mocks Nightmare if this is all the old man can do. He wants Wulin to pilot instead. Wulin easily replicate Nightmare's piloting, if not better. When they land, Nightmare immediately disappears.

Disappearance finds Nightmare puking and cursing Wulin. His body grows even more translucent. Nightmare questions why even a soul-like being can be affected. Disappearance is somewhat worried but Nightmare dismisses it, saying they don't have anything left to lose being stuck for so many years. Disappearance agrees as their situation is better than the "others". He prays for the youngsters as it seems "they" will wake up soon.

After another month, Nightmare deems Wulin ready. After knocking Wulin out to let him rest, Nightmare airdrops Wulin into the base. Wulin knits the BSE into a parachute and slowly hovers down.

Quickly, 2 jets intercept Wulin with a net. Wulin willingly lets himself get captured. The electric shock, which is even effective against 2-word armor, only mildly bothers him. Wulin grapples on to one of the jet's tail. He tosses the pilot out and hijacks the jet. Another jet joins the remaining one and unfurls another net. Wulin easily evades and uses the opportunity to escape back to the island.

Nightmare greets the celebrating Wulin with a weird look on his face as the old man has just barely arrived himself. He smirks, showing Wulin his friends' current situation. The pink mist has been released. Wulin is furious and attacks. Nightmare easily evades. With a flick of his hand, the pink mist returns to its container.

To Wulin's question, Nightmare simply replies that a devil only like seeing suffering, not happiness. He taunts Wulin, forcing him to smile. Wulin's next task is still stealing jet but this time, he has to swim to shore, including the spirit-consuming water. Nightmare hands him a crystal, calling it Nightmare crystal. If Wulin finds himself unable to continue, he can use it to teleport back. Nightmare threatens to release the mist if Wulin takes too long.

Meanwhile, La Zhi is gasping for air. Nightmare calls him useless and taunts him that he has to hide behind others. He cannot even make it past 300m of the Destruction sea and it took him 3 months to get use to the plane. Moreover, he doesn't even get slimmer. Nightmare says that he will go find another toy and shows La Zhi the screen, which focuses on Xie Xie and Xinglan. With the mist released, Xie Xie begins to stir. La Zhi profusely begs Nightmare to stop. The old man stops Xie Xie's advance then tosses La Zhi back into the sea. With pure willpower, La Zhi begins to swim. When a sea beast attacks, he easily tears it apart with Mysterious Jade Hands.

Wulin lies exhausted. He has made it pass the Destruction sea but the beasts outside were too powerful, easily penetrate through his scale. Still, he must continue for his teammates. To Wulin's surprise, Disappearance appears. The old man fakes pain and condemns Nightmare's underhandedness.

With hope, Wulin asks for help. Disappearance sighs as he is no match for Nightmare. After hearing Wulin's complain, Disapperance states that his mission is even difficult for a 3-word armor master as the sea contains 100k yo beasts. While he can't help directly, Disappearance has a method to let Wulin pass safely but he warns that it is dangerous. To Wulin's begging, Disapperance points him to the Destruction shard. The shard contains both Destruction and Life energy, keeping each other in control. The beasts are attracted by the Life energy but repulsed by the Destruction energy. What Wulin has to do is absorbing the latter. However, he warns that the process will be damaging to Wulin's soul, requiring great resolve. He hands Wulin a purple crystal, saying it will lessen the effect.

Wulin accepts and begins the process. He feels his body continuously being torn apart yet rebuilt anew. Meanwhile, Nightmare complains to Disappearance that his torture is obviously worse. Disapperance smiles that Nightmare may be a devil but he is a saint. Nightmare snorts that the purple crystal actually increases one's sensitivity, magnifying the pain by 10 times. Disapperances claims that he wants them to find their limit but Nightmare retorts that the process only takes a month but with the crystal, even 3 months may be not enough. Disapperance fires back that they should watch with relish.

Wulin now finds it easier to enter the water as weaker beasts have stopped attacking. He can make it pass 1000m. Wulin continues the absorbing process, which seems to agitate his dragon blood.

Zheng Yu takes a kneel. His angelic power conflicts with the Destruction energy. Still, for Xiaoyan, he bites his teeth and endures. For Wulin, his draconic power silently accepts the Destruction energy. However, the energy is biting into his 9th seal. Meanwhile, La Zhi takes steady steps toward the shard without letting out a single sound. He took Nightmare's words to hear and wants to become strong so he can protect Xinglan. He realizes that Destruction energy can be used as a weapon. La Zhi completely drops any resistance and willingly accepts the energy at the risk of his soul's disintegration. He eats a glass dumpling, trapping a fragment of energy with him. then retreats to a safe distance to meditate. La Zhi has discovered that at a certain range, most of the energy would disperse from the body, dropping the efficiency. With this method, the energy is retained though the suffering is greater.

Nightmare is impressed. Of the 7, La Zhi is the one who has absorbed the most Destruction energy. Disapperance smiles, enjoying the suffering. A voice calls out to them, complaining that they didn't wake him up. This blond-haired old man is called Consumption. Nightmare and Disapperance agree that Consumption will have his turn after this.

Meanwhile, Wulin has reached the other shore. On the way, he got swallowed by a sea beast but got vomitted out.

Gasping for air, he now understand elder Cai's reaction. He thinks that it has probably been 3 months since the training began. He has thought about calling for help but he cannot gamble his friends on it. After resting, Wulin evaluates the base's defense. He decides that a direct assault would not be possible. So instead, he goes under. With the Mountain Dragon King spirit bone, Wulin easily makes his way 100m underground after an hour, outside the range of any detection systems. He then begins to dig toward the base. Wulin's claws finally stops when he hits a hard surface. Fortunately, it only seems to be the wall of an underground bunker.

Wulin cuts a hole in the wall and looks through. To his surprise, the wall is 2m thick. With his powerful mental strength, Wulin can see that the bunker is an armory for homing artilery shells, which should be an important location in the base. Wulin decides to enter anyway. He can see that most of the shells are lv4-lv6. The armory is 3000m^2 wide, with 50% of the items being the homing shells along with several yellow mechs. Still, there is no lv7 shell so this armory is not that well guarded. There are only a few cameras at strategic locations. He can't see anything outside as the wall is too thick.

Wulin first covers his entry point for a safe retreat. Still, there is easy way into the base as he doesn't have an ID to get through security. Just then, the door opens. A group of soldiers led by a female major enter. She asks another major, a man, why there are two lv5 homing shells missing. It seems she is the aide-de-camp, surname Shen. The other major, surname Chen, smiles weakly that they are still investigating. To Shen's threat, Chen sweats and says that he will quickly have an answer and begs Shen to put in a good word for him with the general. Shen agrees to give him 3 days then command the soldiers to inspect the armory.

Wulin realizes this is an opportunity. He quickly takes down the 4 soldiers and attacks the 2 majors with BSE. Chen gets captured before he can draw his pistol while Shen backsteps and releases her spirit, 2Y 2P. The temperature drops as snow begins to fall. Wulin realizes he cannot waste more time. Golden Dragon Roar shakes the armory, knocking out major Shen. Wulin quickly takes her hostage and seals her spirit power. To Wulin's threat, she cannot make any resistance. Shenxing blushes as she has never been so close to a man and says he cannot get away to Wulin's dismissal.

The emergency alert sounds. It seems Shenxing is a very valuable asset. Wulin asks for the way up. Shenxing refuses and dares him to kill her. Wulin smirks that he doesn't have to and says that death is not the worst thing to a woman. He simply tears her right sleeve off and gets her to scream. Wulin pervertedly smiles that there are cameras all around so she'd better complied unless she wants to give a show to the soldiers. Wulin finds that his heart has hardened and more capable of spotting weaknesses thanks to the training though he still wouldn't really act out his threat. Cursing him, Shenxing complies to his threat of ripping off more of her outfit. She can accept death but not shame to her family.

They make their way up the elvator to the ground floor. However, they are greeted by a squad led by a lieutenant colonel who recognizes Wulin. He does not believe a Shrek student can kill the innocent and demands that Wulin surrenders.

A powerful breath almost forces Wulin to comply to general Shenyue's order (NKG: either an author's error or we are missing part of 719's chapter). Right before Shenyue reaches him, Wulin tears off another of Shenxing's sleeve. Shenyue halts. Wulin shouts that they can die together. Shenyue tightens her fists and asks to be Shenxing's replacement. Wulin smirks if the general thinks he is a 3yo child. He is not suicidal enough to accept a hostage stronger than him. Shenyue realizes that it is a stalemate as even her mental surge level attack cannot affect Wulin.

Wulin gives an ultimatum: they have 3 minutes to deliver his jet. For each minute over that, he will tear more of Shenxing's clothes. He taunts Shenyue to attack, faking removing one of Shenxing's shirt buttons. Shenxing finally breaks and yells for her sister to save her. Shenyue realizes that she just loses control of the situation. Wulin smirks, understanding that Shenxing is Shenyue's sister. With two minutes left, Shenyue roars for the soldiers to bring the jet. While this will no doubt be a huge blow to her reputation, she cannot let her younger sister be publicly shamed.

Shenyue thinks Wulin has gone mad. In hindsight, the base's record did mention that most Shrek students develop mental problems after their training so Shenyue doesn't dare to gamble her sister. A Heaven Soaring 17 arrives. Wulin pulls Shenxing with him. Shenyue asks him to release her sister and guarantees his safety with her pride. Wulin asks if she thinks he is stupid as pride means nothing now. He wants Shenxing to accompany him for part of the way and he will let her eject when they are near the island. Else, they can both die right here.

Chapters 831-840

Shenxing is barely standing straight. Shenyue clenches her fists and orders the jet to be handed over. Not in a hurry, Wulin asks them to destroy any remote control installed. Realizing she is dealing with a fox, Shenyue admits that there is only a GPS unit on board. Leaving the general with a threat, Wulin takes off with his hostage.

On board, Shenxing cries as her fate is in a terrorist's hand. Still, when she takes a closer look, Wulin is very handsome, which makes her doesn't hate him that much. To her question, Wulin answers that he doesn't want to kill her as long as her sister lets him get away. Near to the island, Wulin turns the jet around, explaining that it is a diversion for Shenyue. He releases Shenxing's seal and tosses her off. Ignoring her cursing, he flies back to the island.

Nightmare praises Wulin's effort and states that he has released his friends, but to another devil, Consumption. Nightmare introduces Consumption, who says that his assignment is a simple one. Wulin is momentarily furious but he calms down because they are the strong. Consumption continues that Wulin just has to eat everything he gives. Wulin thinks this would play into his forte. Consumption teleports them away.

Meanwhile, Disappearance is talking to Nightmare. They are impressed that the youngster finshed the task within 3 months and 6 days, the best in 1500 years. La Zhi also succeeded crossing the sea though he failed immediately after that, but that is normal. Disappearance is amused with the litte monster as they can push him even more. Nightmare wonders how fast Wulin can pass Consumption's test. Even Disapperance shudders about that task.

Wulin reappears at an unfamiliar location. He is worried about the others but Consumption advises that he should worry about himself first as the other devils can't touch Wulin's friend without Consumption's permission. Wulin doesn't believe a single word and has also developed a distrust toward Disappearance. Consumption goes on a tangent about how he likes to eat and says that enjoying this pleasure makes him more sane than his fellows. Wulin begins to drool as he hasn't eaten anything in the past 3 months, subsisting on natural energy. Finding a fellow gourmet, Consumption gives Wulin a thumb-up and details his task: he simply must eat the same thing as Consumption to pass.

To Wulin's horror, Consumption digs up some worms and devours them. Wulin runs away but no matter what, Consumption easily catches up. The devil grabs Wulin by the nose and forcefeeds him. Wulin is immediately paralyzed and drops on the spot. Consumption whispers that he hates food waster and the paralyzing effect lasts for one day.

This is the worst torture for Wulin, making him wishes for death. Everytime Wulin is about to faint, he is forced to wake up and endures the gross taste. After 24 hours, Consumption finally lets him faint. The other 2 devils appear. Consumption asks if he is too cruel as this is the first time he uses this method. Disappearance is jealous as Consumption managed to put Wulin through the worst pain. Consumption laughs as he also have other test subjects. Even if they break, another devil named Abomination can heal them.

Unlike Wulin, La Zhi nonchalantly tosses the worm in his mouth, even exclaiming that it is delicious. Consumption is shocked but he chalks it down to personal quirk while the La Zhi is digging for more worms. A competitive person, Consumption introduces all manners of disgusting food but La Zhi happily laps them up and even begins to dig around for more by himself. Consumption gives up and moves on to the others.

2 months later, Wulin finally adapts to the inhuman torture. Moreover, he discovers that the vermins he ate are actually nutritionally rich. Meanwhile, Xiaoyan asks for more worms for Zheng Yu to recover as she also finds that they contain powerful life force. Shocked, Consumption wonders how much the world has changed. Xiaoyan went through the same agony during her first time like Wulin but adapts immediately before the second try. Consumption commends her but he'd prefer a more normal reaction such as: "Kill me now"- Xie Xie, "I'll kill you. Don't give me a chance. I will definitely kill you." - Xinglan, or "I'll risk my life with you." - Yuan En, who all suffer to various degree.

Unlike the aforementioned three, Zheng Yu asks Consumption if he can take the worms with him and how to raise them. He even promises the Angel Clan's sponsorship for a colonization attempt as these worms would let them use Sacrifice more liberally. While Zheng Yu finds that the w