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When Gu Yuena was desperately choosing only death to stop and solve the conflict between soul masters and soul beasts, she decided to end her life in the hands of her lover, Tang Wulin. A tactic was arranged so that Tang Wulin would attack her, but in the end, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena loved each other too much so they embraced, with the Golden Dragon Spear stabbed in their bodies. With his spiritual sent world message that soul masters and soul beasts must make peace, Tang Wulin wrapped himself and Gu Yuena in ice and flew towards the cold northern mainland. Such results bring a big change to the Douluo ecosystem, namely, there are strict rules that maintain a peaceful life between soul masters and soul beasts. ~Soul Land III

10,000 years have passed since the end of the battle of the Douluo plane with the Abyss. The abundant energy of the Abyss opened the door for soul masters and soul beasts in the Douluo plane to reach knowledges, power, and ranks that were once impossible to achieve. At present, the ice covering the northern land is mostly melting, and Gu Yuena's womb shines brightly in gold and silver. ~Soul Land IV Prologue

After 10,000 years they developed planets. Soul beasts inhabited two planets while humans lived in five planets.

The expedition of scientists from the federation roaming the northern ice land found Gu Yuena who was in a coma, and Tang Wulin's body was carried by the ocean currents until it was found on the coast of a land far from the north. Meanwhile, an egg with wavering light of gold and silver was found by explorers in the northern ice land, and a cute baby boy came out of the egg. His has a name : Lan Xuanyu and he awakens blue-silver grass from both hands as his martial essence. Lan Xiao, a kind man become his adoptive father.


At the same time, a newly formed and very powerful realm of gods appeared in space. Together with 11 other individuals from Tang Jia San Shao's other works (Lei Xiang, Ah Dai, Ji Dong, Lie Yan, Ye Yinzhu, Huo Yuhao, Zhou Weiqing, Rong Nianbing, Hai Long, Zhang Gongwei, Tian Hen) who had the power of the god king as the god's realm committee, Tang San drove towards the Douluo plane to bring back his son, Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were inflicted with amnesia, and thus were given the identities of Tang Le and Na Na respectively. Tang Le was going to be groomed to become an idol / singer star. Na Na is going to be a school teacher.

The common era's elite cultivator's trend is to be a Duo Mecha Master.

Total of 30 published volumes (~2021/05)

Volume 1 Spoilers[]

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Volume 9 Spoilers[]

First grade won the final fight between the 6th grade. First they fused their abilities (everyone but Qian Lei) into an ice spear that Dong Qianqiu (Bai Xiuxiu) and that prevented the 6th grader until Qian Lei used his vitality to wake up golden fatty. After that there was about 28 seconds left Gu Yuena took over Xuanyu's body and controled the elements with 100 percent control to run out the time. Altogether Xuanyu and Qian Lei have 245 purple badges because of the bets. They go to the elf star, and Hui hui goes off with his grandmother. Xuanyu stays with the students. He meets a cute tiger, they exchange fruits. The cute tiger is Di Tian's adopted daughter, she likes Xuanyu and they call each other brother and sister. The fruit improves your bloodline, and after he takes it, he can use his dragon god mode a lot longer. They go to see if any of the soul beasts would accept  the students, and when a powerful thorn dragon feels Xuanyu's aura he agrees to be Liu Feng's soul (because Liu Feng is close to Xuanyu but also has a dragon martial soul). The thorn dragon then goes and gets a lot of spirit beasts, and they all want to became spirits of Xuanyu's classmates because of Xuanyu's blood. Something like 26 or 27 of them get spirits. Xuanyu showed them his tiny spirit that was disappearing, and a giant monkey (king kong) ate his spirit to save it's life. Now he has the contract that the tiny spirit has, and Xuanyu can summon him to help him fight when he gets the space element with his sixth ring. Until then Liu Feng's spirit the thorn dragon can help Xuanyu summon him. He has 90 thousand years of strength. Di Tian fails breaking through, and makes everyone think he's dead. But he comes and grabs Xuanyu at night and asks to be his spirit. He fused with Xuanyu, and he'll sleep for a while. He can wake up when Xuanyu's life is in danger, and can wake up once in the next year. But after he fused he doubled Xuanyu's mental strength. The swan fused with Lan Mengqin and the purple demon dragon decided to fuse with Qiuqiu (who changed her name). The school decides that they're going to turn 1st grade into an expermential class where they all work on a starship together. Xuanyu says he'll make everyone's armor in the class for 3 purple badges (basically no profit, just at cost). The teacher is going to ask the academy to compensate Xuanyu for this.

Volume 10 Spoilers[]

They eat the emperor fruits, Tang Yue takes the chance to make Xuanyu join the life faction, Qian Lei loses his fat and becomes beefy, the final exam involves sending their group to the evil planet on a mission, they are guided by a Tang sect member who shows them how to pilot a battleship, ends up abandoning them to return to the Douluo Planet within 10 days as the test, Xuanyu tries to hitch a ride on the Spirit Pagoda battleship but the timing doesn't match, they end up robbing a weapons store(Xuanyu obtains 2 pistols that use his bloodline, while Qian Lei gets an artillery cannon), killing a rank 7 and 4 purple mechs in the process of running away, gets a warrant for arrest by the city and the tang sect guy has to save them, turns out Xuanyu was trying to bait him out, capturing the tang sect guy they force him to cooperate to return, in a series of misunderstandings the group blows up 4 pirate battleships as they flee, Xuanyu has the great idea to steal the Tang sect battleship in his 10000 cubic meter space ring that the old tree guy gave him, and now he ran away from Shrek academy to visit Nana, challenging the federation academy students while convenient.

Volume 11 Spoilers[]

-Xuanyu wants to return the Tang battleship, saying that he took it to avoid it falling into the hands of spies. Shrek and Tang Sect believe his shoddy lies because he's the Life school successor. Tang Sect gives him the battleship as a gift.

- Tang Zhenhua to build a new kind of purple grade mecha for their team. It can transform from a mecha into a space fighter.

-2 year timeskip with them focusing on studying, not doing anything noteworthy. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade don't know about their accomplishments, only that they're a somewhat special class. Xuanyu also became rich through blacksmithing.

-He breaks through to 40th rank along with Xiuxiu and Mengqin and they fuse with their spirits.

-Now that they're 4th grade, it's time for them to go out and do missions. The academy wants them to accomplish over half as much more than other 4th grade classes, which was difficult already because 20% of people usually fail. Xuanyu pledges to lead the entire class to graduate if they follow him.

-Wulin is invited to Shrek city to host a concert. Xuanyu tries to make Nana go, but she had to go help her new students. He has enough tickets to bring his entire class, though.

-At the concert, the best seats are occupied by Shrek and Tang Sect god level experts, with Ling Zichen at the lead. She has been Wulin's #1 fan for a while lol(and also the one who invited him). It's hosted in the Dragon King square. Wulin gets a headache during a song when looking at his statue. Xuanyu jumps on stage in worry, and Wulin recovers, singing the song he made when they first met. Afterwards, he sings a new song made for Shrek and Tang Sect. It's about the Sea God Fated Blind Date General Meeting. Zichen announces that they accept the gift.

-Xiuxiu recognized Wulin, but became confused after she came to learn that he lost his memory. Also, Wulin has continued to teach Xuanyu blacksmithing and forged him a new hammer as a present.

-Xuanyu and his classmates finally go on their mission. It's a 3rd ranked mission out of 9 ranks. For scale: A 6th ranked mission would be to kill a god ranked expert, with anything higher being Federation secret. Their mission this time is to hunt these strange dragon type beasts that drop a special gold when killed. It's on an alien planet so they carpool with some Pagoda and War God temple members to get there.

-Everything goes pretty smooth at first. Xuanyu uses his old trick of following behind others to gain information and pick up the leftovers. They rescue the group they were following from a 6th level mob, gaining their harvest as thanks. Xuanyu wonders why there's not that many dragons around so he scouts with his new mecha. He finds a giant group that includes 7th and 8th levels and has to escape. It turns out the Federation already knew about it and Xuanyu just provoked the group to attack. Whoops

-The base prepares for the incoming waves and they find out it's open hunting season. No one cares for them at first, but gets shocked at their strength as the fight goes on. Xiuxiu and Mengqin's orange soul rings are especially prominent. After the first wave the rest of Xuanyu's friends start to breakthrough.

-Fatty starts a rampage under the influence of the monkey and takes out most of the dragons by himself. Everyone gets worried as he begins to go crazy, but becomes normal again after Mengqin threatens him.

- Tang Yuge noticed how effective going all out is for cultivation, so she 1v1s a 7th level dragon. Suddenly, it evolves into an 8th level mid-fight and Xuanyu has to hold it back to let his teammates run. He transforms his mecha and shows off his progress in piloting over the entirety of 2 years. It turns out that he's actually surpassed Zhenhua and reached the top 900 of the entire Federation, making him a God level pilot at the age of 14.

-Everyone watches Xuanyu's skill in amazement as the battle comes to a standstill. He finally defeats the dragon after using his Dragon God transformation. However, as he goes to take its crystal, the body explodes. Xuanyu almost dies but is saved by the base commander in his God mecha.

-The volume ends with Xiuxiu hugging and then punching Xuanyu across the sky.

Written by Ryuujian

Volume 12 Spoilers[]

Summary (I skip many details, only mention the main points, you'll have to mtl it for everything) :

They finish their first mission and the whole grade 4 gets enough points to become level 1 fighters (federation standard), thanks to sharing all the points equally to each student. They can also convert their points into ressources at Shrek. Xuanyu registers them as a fighter team to get team missions.

For the first team mission they select, they need a warship to transport the whole grade (as no resources are given for team missions). Xuanyu gets Tang Sect's head to sponsor them, in exchange for his own small team (the 7) to become part of Tang Sect. They get the warship.

(We learn that Tang Sect and Shrek are linked to the point of being one. This is a secret that only high level people of the federation and other organisations know. This is also the reason why Shrek can be the keepers of the life tree.)

The class' mission is to find rare metals on a planet. The planet is called something like 3rd Planet ? Anyway, it's basically an exchange center for pirates. Xuanyu and his classmates give themselves a pirate identity, the 33 wings crew (there are 33 students in their class). Xuanyu is Wing 1. This identity will serve them on the long term, as they intend to use it for many missions. They wear masks. 

They fight another pirate crew (small pirate fleet) with their really advanced Tang Sect warship / weapons and win. They take the pirate crew's belongings, which they exchange on Planet 3 for tons of metals (rare and common). It's a huge harvest for them. They also get an old member of the pirate crew to join them as Xuanyu's servant (kind of ?), who'll help them navigate the pirate society.

They realize that the mission they took can't be completed as they find no rare metals on the planet (which explains it being a rank 3 mission : it's not dangerous but there's not much success).

They get back to Shrek. There, Xuanyu gets called by the Dean of the outer court. She explains to him that his grade (year 4) has been given a chance : to fight with year 6 (Tang Yuge's original class) over being representatives of Shrek in a competition against Shek's branch. 

We then get introduced to the existence of the branch of Shrek.

_____ The Shrek Branch : Shrek accepts a really small number of Students every year because of limited ressources : their students who get into the inner court will stay with Shrek and Tang Sect, not joining other organisations. So Shrek's contribution to the Federation is sending their teachers (who teach the same way as Shrek does and were students of Shrek before) to teach the branch's students.

The branch is actually the First military academy of the federation (their students graduate to join the federation's military). The branch accepts 1000 students each year (in Shrek, it's about 30 students a year). These students are of course extremely talented (but not admitted in Shrek) : their rate of progression is also slightly less than Shrek's because of resources. The most talented students of the branch can sometimes join Shrek's inner court. They get quotas thanks to the competition against Shrek's outer court's class. ____ 

As the students of the branch participating in the competition are older and sometimes not too that much worse in talent than Shrek's outer court students, they have won many of those competitions in the past, getting quotas for the inner court. Shrek's representatives participating also have rewards if they win : they can get lots of bonus points for their evaluation to get into the inner court, and a ton (I think) of Sea god lake's water.

Xuanyu is worried about losing time on the fight and the competition, so the dean tells him they'll win 1 point (for every student of grade 4) for winning the fight against grade 6, and 3 points (for every student of grade 4) for winning the competition against the branch. The points are for their grade 4 evaluation (they need something like 20 per person, can't remember the exact number). So Xuanyu accepts.

Him and his small team (the 7) will participate, while the rest of the class will carry out a rank 3 mission. 

They fight against grade 6 and win in a crushing manner (they really progressed a lot). We got introduced to a guy who courted Tang Yuge for a long time, still loves her a lot, and is one of the grade 6 students who'll get into the inner court, so a potential partner for her ?

Many teachers, including Wang Tianyu and Old tree, were watching. They were suprised by the 7's incredible fighting strengh (as they had remained low-key for the last few years).

As Xuanyu and his friends are preparing to leave for the branch, situated on Sen Luoxing planet (3rd administrative star), we learn that they have been added to the list of potential Shrek seven.

The last generation of Shrek seven are really mysterious, 3 are in Tang Sect and 4 in Shrek inner court. Wang Tianyu is the weakest of the current Shrek Seven.

The new Shrek seven will be selected from the inner court in the next few years, and Xuanyu and his friends (who are still outer court students) are an exception made by Shrek's Sea God Pavillion after seeing their fight against grade 6 and because of their potential. They will be eliminated from the list if they fail to defeat the branch, though they are not informed any of this.

Written by Random Fandom User

Volume 13 Spoilers[]

-Xuanyu and his friends board the spaceship to reach Senluo Star. A cutscene shows a guy named Kailun wresting with a soul beast. After defeating it, a beautiful girl appears and talks with him about the contest quota for Shrek's Inner court. We find out that the girl already earned a quota, and the guy is determined to win the second one so he can go with his girlfriend. They also joke that Shrek isn't a big deal.

-Senluo Star is a planet brimming with plant life just like elf star, but has more ocean. The group lands in the only city on the planet, surprised to find humans and soul beasts living together. We learn that only soul beasts with a certain level of wisdom can apply to enter the city. The building materials seem primitive on the outside, but inside the buildings are full of modern technology. The school is also one giant forest. Students there live in nature for half of their year while spending the other half in the Federation.

-They meet with the branch school's teachers. One of them is Lin Mohua, the dean and also a life school member. After they start to rest, Xuanyu is called out by him into the forest to talk. Mohua starts to discuss the meaning of having the life school ring and its responsibility. He then threatens Xuanyu into handing it over because he can't handle the huge pressure.

-Xuanyu says that he doesn't want to be the successor, but only the old tree can take the ring from him. After Lin Mohua releases his soul pressure of a god level expert, Xuanyu activates the Dragon God transformation and throws his abyss halberd into the air. Mohua fails to completely block it and some of the power leaks out. Xiao Qi senses the fluctuation and comes over to find out what's wrong.

-Old tree appears out of nowhere and we find out that everything was just a test. Lin Mohua apologizes and expresses his complete support of Xuanyu. Although Xuanyu is still wary about being the successor, he reluctantly accepts.

-Lin Mohua takes him to a special place. We discover that Shrek and Tang Sect have secretly created a man-made Ice and Fire Well with the help of 5 god experts. 70% of the ownership is Shrek, while the other 30% is owned by the soul beasts.

-While Xuanyu is practicing, Er Ming wakes up from his sleep. He's surprised at Xuanyu's aura and starts to interrogate him about his parents, getting confused after finding out they're not Wulin and Nana. Xuanyu is invited to practice for a month at the well. The old tree complies for him, but it's put off for after the contest. They also talk about the tradition of challenging soul beasts. It's a continuous 1v1 of ten thousand year souls beasts until their group is wiped out. If you beat the record you can obtain a soul bone.

-The Branch school battle finally begins. Upon reaching the venue, crowd cheers give Xuanyu and his friends some pressures. Xuanyu wants to treat this as practice, so he sets up himself, Xiuxiu, and Mengqin for the 1v1 matches.

-Lin Mohua announces the first round as a battle between Xuanyu and the other team's leader, Yan Kailun. It starts off with them charging at each other. Kailun shows his 7 rings, with Xuanyu releasing his soul rings at the last second to distract him. Even the audience is surprised at him only having 4 rings. Although Xuanyu's initial punch doesn't do that much damage, Kailun feels pressure on his bloodline and uses a soul move to raise Xuanyu into the air. Xuanyu flies using his wind, and begins to combine elements into attacks. Kailun doesn't want to give Xuanyu more time to absorb elements so he charges in, but Xuanyu was waiting for him. He releases a combo move of the 4 elements into an attack that injures Kailun into admitting defeat. Everyone is shocked that a 4th rank can defeat a 7th rank, especially the dean since he expected Xuanyu to use the halberd.

-The next match is Bai Xiuxiu vs. the girlfriend, Qing Luo. They both release rings and the crowd cheers when they see the girl is a rank 8th soul emperor. But then everyone's vision gets attracted to Bai Xiuxiu's orange soul ring. Wanting to leave her full strength for the group battle, and wary of the orange ring, Qing Luo plan is to consume Bai Xiuxiu's soul strength, leaving them just simply fighting with weapons. Bai Xiuxiu shows off her skill with spear techniques. Afterwards, Qing Luo gets baited by Bai Xiuxiu's 400 IQ trick, making her mistakenly believe that she should use her strongest move to quickly defeat Xiuxiu. Xiuxiu's orange soul link's first move creates a mirror image of the opponent's attack. Qing Luo takes heavy losses from it and is forced to admit defeat.

-After that it's just 2 more matches of Mengqin completely destroying her opponent with Emerald Swan Bi Ji's help, and Tang Yuge/Huihui overall suppressing theirs. The crowd and teachers are disappointed that their team lost every fight and couldn't even gain an opportunity of a group battle. But Lin Mohua understands that Xuanyu and the others might be the strongest batch of Shrek students in over 1000 years.

-Everyone rests up for the next day where they will meet the challenge of the soul beasts. The branch school comes to watch(and fully hoping that they don't break the record lol). Liu Feng is first up to bat. He defeats 2 soul beasts, but things become difficult as they send out opponents pointed at his weaknesses. The third opponent is an intelligent monkey with the power to create clones, the thorn dragon seemingly being friends/enemies with him. His 4th opponent is a fire type that can do wide area attacks and has strong defense. He only manages to win after sacrificing his battle armor, which earns him the respect of everyone. However, Liu Feng feels ashamed and weak since he couldn't defeat 5.

-Qian Lei is next. His first battle ends up being against a green evil spirit bird that he manages to defeat with the newly learned Tang Sect technique, controlling crane capturing dragon. He defeats the next one, a bird beast, by summoning the green evil spirit bird. After he wins against a defensive soul beast using little fatty, the soul beasts recognize it as the ancient dragon eating soul beast that terrorized the ancient time period. His next opponent ends up being Er Ming and Da Ming's adoptive daughter Jin Ni, a special tiger soul beast. She easily defeats Qian Lei and asks him about little fatty. After explaining its situation, Qian Lei is forced to get down because her pride doesn't allow her to admit defeat, but they increase Qian Lei's wins to 7 in return. Xuanyu and the others learn that she was the one who is managing the challenge.

-Huihui and Tang Yuge obtain 6 and 8 more wins respectively, and it's finally Xiuxiu's turn. However, the soul beasts have become a lot stronger and she is forced to use most strength in the first battle, losing in the second one. This causes her to become depressed, and Xuanyu cheers her up by holding her hand.

-Mengqin wins the battle against the soul beast that Xiuxiu lost to, but then no soul beast wants to come up. The reason is because Bi Ji is very highly esteemed in the soul beast world with no one willing to risk offending her. Jin Ni proposes that they give her a free 6 wins, and that Xuanyu only has to defeat the next soul beast to break the 33 win record. Xuanyu agrees.

-Er Ming sends out an arrogant soul beast with dragon blood that tells Xuanyu to give up. Of course it immediately runs away when Xuanyu releases his Dragon God aura. Jin Ni is surprised at his bloodline, but neither Er Ming or Da Ming explain. With the challenge ending, the Branch school finally accepts their loss and laments their bad luck at bumping into such monsters. Er Ming also makes an exception for each member to obtain a soul bone, much to their pleasant surprise. Xuanyu doesn't get one though since he has a special bone waiting for him at the Shrek institute.

-The group enter an underground cave with Er Ming to accept their soul bone. They can choose any bone within the 10000 year range, and he recommends they take either a trunk or skull bone. Liu Feng takes a thorn dragon leg bone, Xiuxiu has an evil dragon trunk that will evolve into a 100000 year bone in the future, Mengqin obtains an ice dragon skull(which will let her snow woman spirit evolve with dragon blood, creating a dragon-pheonix twin martial soul set), Yuge is made an exception for the price of a favor to take 2 arm bones of dark and light element, and Huihui gains an evil eye tyrant skull(same as Huo Yuhao).

-Er Ming thinks it's strange that Yuge is Huihui's half sister, yet he doesn't feel any of his blood aura from her.

-Qian Lei is last to choose a soul bone. He finds one that has a consciousness and it claims that it's Di Tian's teacher, the Golden Saint Dragon, and that it chooses him to lead it to leave. Qian Lei doesn't doubt it for a second and fuses with it immediately. However, when the others find out, Er Ming calls him an idiot, asking him why he thought a light element dragon would be a dark element dragon's teacher.

-The bone is actually a special mythical soul beast that transformed into a bone to hide from Er Ming and Da Ming while it was stealing in the cavern. They can't kill it because that would also kill Qian Lei. Xuanyu proposes they replace Qian Lei's skull into metal with Tang Sect's technology in order to scare it into becoming Qian Lei's boost. However, when the soul beast sense Xuanyu's Dragon god aura, it starts crying and mistakes Xuanyu for the Dragon god, its old master.

-We find out that the soul beast is a parasite that obtained soul wisdom on the Dragon God's body, and that it was in charge of managing the Dragon God's gardens. It leaves Qian Lei and signs a slave/master contract with Xuanyu so they can trust it. Qian Lei obtains another skull bone instead.

-Xiao Qi breaks the news and tells them that they now have qualifications to compete for the Shrek Seven Monsters position. Excited as they are, Xuanyu has to calm everyone down by analyzing that the Federation must be under a huge threat if they need a new generation of seven. He also realizes that the test isn't initiated because of them, and that there must be some fierce competitors at the inner courtyard.

-Time has finally come for the Shrek students to leave. Before they go, Huihui confesses his(her?) worries about whether to become male or female. The others tell him to think hard about which sex he(she?) is attracted to and to pick the opposite one. Qian Lei and Xuanyu stay to cultivate their physical bodies at the Ice and Fire well. The old tree gives Xuanyu 3 drops of Eternal tree life essence.

-The new parasite soul beast(nicknamed Little Bao)shows his skill in cultivating plants, finding treasures, and also explains some backstory about the Dragon god period. When Xuanyu finally starts to practice in the well, it absorbs a drop of Eternal tree essence and transforms the ice and fire energy into chaos energy, which helps Xuanyu promote to 13 dragon god scales from 9. Er Ming is worried about the planet losing 1/100000 of its energy and the Federation detecting it. However, Little Bao tells him that the leftover energy was absorbed by the plants. They then strike a deal of Little Bao teaching them how to manage the garden in exchange for 3 fruits.

-The volume ends with Er Ming teaching Xuanyu and Qian Lei the Titan God fist technique.

Written by Ryuujian

Volume 14 Spoilers (Incomplete)[]

Time skip of 2 years, they now are in 6th grade few month left to inner court test. Xuanyu break through 5 rings and they evolve into 100k years rings or red rings letting ice and fire well near empty, Da Ming an erming need to spend 1 and half year in order to restore it and protect it because they don't want federation getting news about what is happening. (also he spend 3 100k heaven and earth treasure and some others lower level plants) just to break to 5 ring... next breakthrough need Tang sect fire and ice well.)

In that beast star Da ming show him how Beasts, Shrek and Tang sect are working together to create battleships, but not normal ones. They use the corpse of Soul beast to create a ship letting the user and the corpse fuse and the user can use the beast skill, just need to feed it with spiritual metal ( huge quantity).

These ships doesn't need so metals like the others federation ships, but you need the user being stronger in order to use it.

Dragon Horse Galaxy is planning on invade Dou Luo Galaxy.

Qian lei is 6 rings can not break to 7 rings, huihui, Lan menqin, liu feng and bai xiuxiu are 7 rings. Tang yuge is 8th rings. (Ín class there is 10 ppl with 7 rings, 1 with 8, the rest 6 less Xuanyu thats 5

All classmates has already 2 WBA

Wulin and Gu yuena meet in Shrek(city), Xuanyu is trying to ship them up. Wulin show Xuanyu how to forge spirit metal and Gu yuena tell Xuanyu that he can control fire element while forging, letting him create best metal and more efficient. And if that was few he can introduce elements with the metal.

After Wulin left, but before ask to Xuanyu about phone number of Gu yuena. Once this done Yuena teach Xuanyu about light element.

The final test start, but before that teachers are thinking what kind of test they should do, and many teachers just want let 7 ppl of this class enter in inner court, Tang zenhua and Xiao qi say thats not fair cause this time there is too talent on their class. Just wait to see how many ppl can enter.

The test is develop inside cabins, where they are gonna join to Star wars.

Written by an anon user

Volume 15 Spoilers[]

Tang Yue(Wulin) sang 2 songs for Nana on the stage, which was touching, Nana's heart became excited, all people cried whether single or already has a lover or already parents of children. However, when Tang Yue(Wulin) and Nana began to recall the past and wanted to remember each other, they almost fainted due to headaches. Tang Yue(Wulin) had to leave the stage to rest. Nana also returned to her dormitory. She began to feel  Xuanyu is her child.

Xuanyu entered the Advanced Spirit Rising Platform with a false identity. Tang Sect hacked the computers of the Spirit Transferring Pagoda order to keep secret of Xuanyu, and started a competition with the three powerful god rank powerhouses of the Spirit Transferring Pagoda.  Xuanyu and Xiao Bao discovered the secrets of the Spirit Rising Platforms, they are all fragments of the former god realm, and the Spirit Transferring Pagoda may want to build a own god realm, as long as the fragments of the god realm are not destroyed, the Spirit Rising Platforms can be repaired infinitely.  Xuanyu defeated Lin Tiandai at the Advanced Spirit Rising Platform, and learned from the Xiao Bao that the legend of Blue Devil Birds and the Phoenix used to be a god king. However, the elements storm created by Xuanyu lost control and blasted more than 30% of the Spirit Rising Platforms. Xuanyu escaped successfully, and the Spirit Transferring Pagoda was angry at it, but they had no evidence that it was made by Xuanyu and Tang Sect's people.

The graduation exam for Stellar Battle Experimental Class came out. First assessment was stellar battle assessment, entered the virtual reality world Chaotic Star Territory, join an actual combat in the Simulation Cabin, and fight over ten battleships, in there they also met an ally , which called Star God Association, a Association created by young boys and girls who come from richest family. With the assist of Star God Association, they passed the first assessment easily.

Second assessment was moral assessment, Xuanyu, Xiuxiu, Qian Lei, Liu Feng, Lan Mengqin, Tang Yuge and Yuanen Huihui should enter Seven Saints' Abyss, other students should take exams in another place.Tang Zhenhua wanted to take exam in Seven Saints' Abyss too, but Ying Luohong hug him and asked him shouldn't go there, then Ying Luohong told Tang Zhenhua her secret:one of Xuanyu's classmate, Ding Zhuohan is their son. When new Shrek Seven Devils were at the Lust Exam, they all had trouble, but they all passed the exam. Tang Yuge wanted to ask her mother about her life experience after she passed the exam, her mother told her truth: the love triangle bewteen Tong Yue, Yuanen Fengyu and Tang Ximeng in the past years, Tong Yue is real father of Tang Yuge

Last assessment is the Doutian Master duty, needs they collectively complete 5th Rank Doutian Master duty.But if they complete 6th Rank, there are more five students can enter Inner Court. If even can finish 7th Rank, probably the whole class can enter Inner Court. Wang Tianyu went with Stellar Battle Experimental Class for protecting them. As they explored Longyuan Star, they accidentally discovered a huge conspiracy.  To prevent the leak, a powerful enemy, Tian Long, his projection appeared and he was going to kill all students

All students in crisis. At this time, Nana felt that they were in danger, so she appeared in time. Tian Long's projection easily beat Wang Tianyu, Nana used Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd and Silver Dragon Spear fought Tian Long's projection, Tian Long surprised Nana is such strong and beautiful, he asked Nana if she wanted to be his wife, Nana coldly rejected him. At last, Tian Long wanted to use self-exploded of projection for killing all people, Nana summoned Dragon God Core, she thinks she must protect them, and recall her husband , Wulin's figure, Nana pushed their battleships into the distance, all people was safe, but Nana was in crisis, she was very seriously injured in the explosion, and she was about to be sucked away by the fixed star’s gravity, and it was likely to be burn to death by the heat of the fixed star(With the spoiler of volume 16, Nana didn't die)

Volume 16 Spoilers[]

Xuanyu returned to Douluo Planet, he and his teacher, classmates were asking for all the organizations, Xuanyu told Wulin on the phone, Wulin also said he would help Xuanyu, the first War God Yu Muchen said 33 sky wings should be monitored and observed, Wulin timely came then went dormitory with Xuanyu, Yi Zichen sticks to take away all members in 33 Sky Wings

Xuanyu persuaded Yu Muchen with his own status and ability, and got assistance of federation, Wulin, Xuanyu, Xiuxiu, Yi Zichen, Wang Tianyu, Tang Miao, Meng Fei and Yu Muchen, federation seventh fleet and Bai Ling General, but also on the road, they found that Yi Zichen was very respectful to Wulin, which makes them very curious true identity of Wulin

Faced with Sun, they did not find a sign of life, think Nana was dead, Wulin remembered the past bewteen he and Nana, in order to save the Na, he successfully unlocked the 17th seal, become a first class god, into the star inside the search for Nana, and Nana because of energy consumption not enough, in order to self-protection has to seal herself in a 150 cm high silver dragon egg, because of the 17th seal unlocked Wulin almost into mad and lost control, but the silver dragon egg immediately used her aura covered Wulin's body, Wulin because of the silver dragon and did not lose the rational

Yi Zichen told Xuanyu, Xiuxiu, and god rank powerhouses Wulin and Nana's true identity on the fleet, he also told them he is from ten thousands years ago. So they know Wulin and Nana actually are the famous and respectable heroes in history, and in history Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena this couple be recorded as "First Couple". Nana needs enough life energy to break the seal and restore the original, so Wulin asked Yi Zichen to help him and silver dragon egg find a place on Eternity Tree and live , Yi Zichen promised.

Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng told the federal authorities about Xuanyu, and Xuanyu comforted them over the phone, both biological parents, Wulin and Nana, and adoptive parents, Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng, were important to him. All members at 33 Sky Wings successfully joined the Inner Court. Tang Miao and Meng Fei took Xuanyu to visit the Tang Sect's forbidden Arsenal. Xuanyu took away three forbidden weapons, dragon's wrath.

Tang San and Xiao Wu sensed the change of Wulin and Xuanyu, so they were excited to go back to Douluo to see them, but Xiao Wu hid the fact that her illness was very serious. Wulin gave the Golden Dragon Spear to Xuanyu, but because of Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd and Sea God Trident are conflicting, he did not give Sea God Trident to him. Xuanyu joined the army, got the grade: major general, to his surprise, he met Ye Lingtong again.

Volume 17 Spoilers[]

Xuanyu and his team are tested by the military, and ace it. They are judged powerful enough, and released from training (almost immediately).

Soon after their arrival, they learn that the 7th fleet (with 2 other fleets as backup) is launching an assault (a war, but not an all out war) to get back at the Ryoma galaxy for their longyuanxing (was that the name ?) metal plot. They use it to their advantage to scheme against the enemy and get the chance to loot them.

The commander of the 3rd frigate lets Xuanyu observe his battle command and plotting. He's part of Yu Muchen's faction, and more importantly he's actually the older brother of Tang Zhenhua, so he favor's Xuanyu.

They annihilate the opposing fleet and get past the border, into enemy territory.

- Tian Long asked Tian Ma could ask help of deep red mother, Tian Ma thought she is crazy and should not allow her to in-depth Dragon-Horse Galaxy. Xuanyu and other Shrek Seven Monters sneaked into Dragon-Horse Galaxy, first of all they gone to a Resources Planet of Imperial Space Clan, the place produced Space Source Crystal, it's also precious in universe. On the planet, Little Bao recognized the lazy space worm, they hug each other tightly and cried, the lazy space worm also extreme excited when she saw Xuanyu, actually before God Realm War she is a pet of Dragon God, her younger brother is Space God, Space Source Crystal are tears and saliva of the lazy space worm. After knew these, Xuanyu took her away.

- Xuanyu and his teammates knew there are 18 powerful dragon knights in Dragon-Horse Galaxy. for getting more resources and secrets, they first pretended as people in Blue Sea Clan, then Xuanyu asked Xiuxiu to pretend as Higher Position Dragon Clan, Abyss Ice Demon Dragon form of Xiuxiu looks too beautiful so made others misunderstood she is real Higher Position Dragon Clan. Xiuxiu joined the auction, then got many kinds of precious metals, the most precious two are Dragon Source Crystal and Seven-color Stone.

- After first sneak into successed, Xuanyu and his teammates returned to Dou Luo Planet and first joined the Sea God Pavilion resolution, the Shrek Seven Monsters captain of Meng Fei, Wang Tianyu and Tang Miao, also Sect Master of Tang Sect returned back too. Xuanyu reported their experience, and gave most resources to Shrek and Tang Sect, but he needs to keep the seven-color stones for himself. Yi Zichen told Xuanyu, 4 Super God Rank powerhouses(First Class Gods) of Dragon-Horse Galaxy came to negotiation few days ago, Ling Zichen and Wang Tianyu told Xuanyu that Xuanyu should visit his father, Wulin before Xuanyu and his teammates back to army . After the Sea God Pavilion resolution, Xuanyu went to visit Wulin.

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Volume 21 Spoilers - Titled Douluo[]

Book 21 Cover

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Volume 27 Spoilers - 4WBA, Gods[]

Several new God ranks are born. The 33 Sky Wings obtain their 4-word battle armor embyros Heavenly-refined by Tang Wulin. All that is left was to merge them with their 2-word battle armors.

Volume 28 Spoilers (Couple Cover: Tang Yuge, Yuanen Huihui)[]

The Crimson Mother will strike again,

Volume 29 Spoilers (Couple Cover: Qian Lei, Lan Mengqin) - God Kings[]

Book 29 Cover

Unsealed at: Soul land IV Ultimate Fighting- Chapter 1738 How the seal is released: The 18th seal was released when Tang Wulin had to stop the Crimson Mother. Just before the Seal is released. A giant silhouette of the golden dragon king can be seen behind Tang Wulin, the GDK seems to be restricted by a 'blue halo' and does not seem to be one with Tang Wulin, as the golden body appears to be constantly struggling. Once the seal broke, the visible halo on the GDK's neck seems to crack and break in front of everyone. As the seal breaks, Tang Wulins azure blue eyes that originally excluded a golden light, suddenly becomes deep. When the seal breaks, the GDK solidifies and a *sigh* is heard, Tang Wulins eyes instantly turn blood red and his breath rises rapidly. Tang Wulin suddenly releases a crazy dragon roar, which rang through across the world, the Crimson Mother feels that she is in danger. Everyone present can feel Tang Wulins breath nearing to that of a God King, even before Wulin absorbed all the remaining essence. Due to the influence of the Golden Dragon Kings Divine Conscience, Wulin would become crazy, to prevent that, Gu Yuena Performs The Dragon God Fusion, as the SDK works as the master to control the DG transformation. This Forms a 9 coloured dragon much more powerful than the previous DK fusion was.

Volume 30 Spoilers (Couple Cover: Tang Xuanyu, Bai Xiuxiu) - Reunion Finale[]

The Great Circle of Gods returns while Xuanyu continues his process to complete the God King Trial of the Dragon God. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena peel off their Dragon King lineages to give to the Dragon God to allow them to become the next God Kings of Destruction and Life, in order to help Xuanyu in his Trial. Xuanyu officially attains the name "Tang Xuanyu" at the Sea God's declaration. Tang San burns ups his divine power and body to send himself into his next reincarnation to find his wife.