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When Gu Yuena was desperately find only death can stop and solve the problem between soul masters and soul beasts, she decided to end her life in the hands of her lover, Tang Wulin. A tactic was arranged so that Tang Wulin attacked her, but in the end Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena love each other too much so they embraced, with the Golden Dragon Spear was stabed in their bodies. With the message that soul masters and soul beasts must make peace, Tang Wulin wrapped himself and Gu Yuena in ice, and flew towards the cold northern mainland. Such results bring a big change to the ecosystem, namely there are strict rules that maintain a peaceful life between soul masters and soul beasts.

10,000 years have passed since the end of the battle of the Douluo plane with the Abyss. The abundant energy of the Abyss opened the door for soul masters and soul beasts in the Douluo plane to reach knowledges, power, and ranks that were once impossible to achieve. At present, the ice covering the northern land is mostly melting, and Gu Yuena's womb shines brightly in gold and silver.

After 10000 years they developed planets. Soul beast had two planets can live and human had five planets.

The expedition of scientists from the federation roaming the northern ice land found Gu Yuena who was in a coma, and Tang Wulin's body was carried by the ocean currents until it was found on the coast of a land far from the north. Meanwhile, an egg with wavering light of gold and silver was found by explorers in the northern ice land, and a cute baby boy came out of the egg. His has a name : Lan Xuanyu and he awakens blue-silver grass from both hands as his martial essence. Lan Xiao, a kind man become his adoptive father.

At the same time, a newly formed and very powerful realm of gods appeared in space. Together with 11 other individuals from Tang Jia San Shao's other works (Lei Xiang, Ah Dai, Ji Dong, Lie Yan, Ye Yinzhu, Huo Yuhao, Zhou Weiqing, Rong Nianbing, Hai Long, Zhang Gongwei, Tian Hen) who had the power of the god king as the god's realm committee, Tang San drove towards the Douluo plane to bring back his son, Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were inflicted with amnesia, and thus were given the identities of Tang Le and Na Na respectively. Tang Le was going to be groomed to become an idol / k-pop star. Na Na is going to be a school teacher.

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