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Spaceships are generally any kind of spacecraft that can be operated by a crew. They can come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the race or civilization that created them. The purpose of a general spaceship is to be able to transport or take a person or crew from one location to another in space. There are other purposes a spaceship can have like transporting freight, waging war, collecting resources, or etc. The most common ships seen in SL4 are warships and commercial ships.

Warships[edit | edit source]

Warships are created by the Federation to contend against factors when exploring space. One factor is encountering hostile beings like the Dragon-Horse Galaxy. Another is space pirates.

Warships are able to contend against spirit masters, battle armor masters, and mecha masters, but they also have their own flaws. For one, they are big target and they are slower than God-Rank Masters. If a battle took place between a warship and God-Rank battle armor masters, the latter will definitely win. This fact was proven when Tang Wulin used one move to destroy a Meteor-Class Assault Ship.

Aircraft Carrier/Space Carrier/Mothership[edit | edit source]

The strongest warship the Douluo Federation has ever created. There are over 100,000 soldiers onboard and that does not include their family members. The carrier most likely has everything it needs to function like a city. It has schools, bars, shops, parks, and etc. it would be a waste of time and resources to constantly deliver supplies and equipment to the Federation fleets, so the carrier probably has ways to produce water and food like building farms and orchards and raising livestock. The ship is equipped with interstellar fighters and space mechas and it is guarded by at least one True God and multiple Gods. Its main cannon can kill a Super God and destroy a planet[1].

Although it is the strongest warship, it does have a few flaws[2]:

  • Its instant acceleration is slower than God-Rank Masters
  • It's a big target
  • There are bound to be blind spots, so an enemy can sneak aboard the ship
  • The main cannon can kill super gods, but it needs to line-up the shot

This is why it is in the heart of the fleet, protected by 4 Dragon Emperor-Class Frigates, 12 Wargod-Class Battleships, Meteor-Class Assault Ships, Falling Star-Class Scout Ships, supply ships, transport ships, and etc.[3]

Dragon Emperor-Class Frigate[edit | edit source]

Wargod-Class Battleship[edit | edit source]

Meteor-Class Assault Ship[edit | edit source]

The Meteor-Class is a stealth battleship.

Falling Star-Class Scout Ship[edit | edit source]

Meteorite-Class Surveillance Ship[edit | edit source]

Commercial Ships[edit | edit source]

Commercial ships are built with the purpose of transportation, mainly of passengers and cargo. This does not mean they are unarmed. Some are equipped with space mechas and fighters. Like with warships, they have the same flaws.

Passenger Ship[edit | edit source]

A spaceship designed to house lots of passengers to transport them from one planet to another. The same as a commercial plane, but in space. There is a crew consisting of the captain, pilots, flight attendants, security guards, and other personal. There are security guards mainly in the case of pirate raids. The passenger ships also house space mechas and interstellar fighters in the event of an attack.

Passengers get to enjoy TV&Movies from all planets during the long flight. Spirit Masters can mediate during the flight as well.

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Transport Ship[edit | edit source]

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