Speed Clan
Name Speed Clan
Also Known As
Head Bai He

 Description Edit

Speed Clan was one of the 4 great subsidiary Clans of the Clear Sky Clan until they removed themselves and became independent following the incident between Clear Sky Clan and Spirit Hall.

The Speed Clan are specialized in speed which is good in scouting. They cultivate speed with all their heart and soul, and they’re astonishingly quick. Members of the Speed Clan posses the Needle-Tailed Swift spirit. Those with this spirit are restricted to only absorbing speed type spirit rings. The minority that tried to forcefully absorb attack type spirit rings become stuck at rank 38. Because of this, the speed clan is infamous for having no attack power at all or be forever stuck at rank 38, which was why they are called the shitty goofball.

Later upon joining Tang Sect, Speed Clan becomes its Speed Hall, and Bai He becomes its leader.

The speed clan has a special ceremony that allows one to get rid of a spirit ring they had already absorbed at the cost of damaging their mind, suffering injuries to their body, and having a mark appear somewhere on their body.

In chapter 232 of the manga, Bai Chenxiang is the first known member of the clan that has an offensive ability.

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