Spirit Ascension Pill
Name Spirit Ascension Pill
Also Known As
Type Medicinal Pill

Description Edit

The Spirit Ascension Pill helps to raise spirit power. It's a pill made of heavenly treasures. Only one pill can be consumed by a spirit master in their life time. The spirit power increase is equal to what a level 30 spirit master requires to raise to level 31. If a person intakes more than 1 in there life, it can affect the body’s ability to cultivate further.

There are also similarities between the Spirit Ascension Pill and the Mystic Water Pill because they both function by nourishing the body’s own capabilities. So, their effects are gentle. Any spirit master above level 10 will be able to take them. Only an extremely small number of plant-type soul masters can refine it, and a year’s supply won’t exceed twenty as such it is values at about 10,000 gold.

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