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Spirit Beasts are creatures native to the Douluo Planet. They were born after god aura and divine beast aura leaked out from the Douluo Divine Realm onto the planet. They were regard as the first inhabitants of the planet before spirit masters appeared. There is a wide range of spirit beasts from different types to different species. They live in many different environments. The most common ones are the ocean and the forests. The most powerful spirit beasts are those that have cultivated to the 200,000 year old level. They are referred as Great Beasts. Spirit beasts can take on a human form when they reach 100,000 years old.

Some creatures can be found in the Douluo Divine Realm. They are called Divine Beasts, mainly because they live in the Divine Realm. Before the god war, spirit beasts were able to cultivate to the God Rank and become divine beasts. Since the defeat of the Dragon God in the god war, there was a restriction placed on the spirit beasts to make sure it was near impossible for any divine beasts to be born from the spirit beasts. Plant type spirit beasts are exempted from this restriction. Some spirit beasts like Da Ming and Er Ming were able to reach God Rank because they were friends with a God. Others became humans or attached themselves to spirit masters as spirit souls in order to reach the God Rank.

Spirit Beasts have spirit power, spiritual power, and bloodline power like spirit masters do.

In the beginning of history, spirit beasts are known to be at the top of the food chain, then spirit masters appeared. After that, the number of spirit beasts was steady at first, but started to go down a little as the human population increased and more spirit masters appeared. The Douluo Divine Realm maintained the balance between humans and spirit beasts until they were sucked away by a space-time turbulence. This caused the Douluo Planet to become unmanaged and humanity started rapidly advancing technology and over hunting spirit beasts, causing the spirit beasts to be near extinction and many existing as only spirit souls in Soul Land III. This also caused the number of Spirit Masters to decrease.[1]

After the events of Soul Land III, the federation entered an agreement with the Spirit Beast Linage. The hunting of spirit beasts was banned and when the Douluo Federation discovered the Forest Luo Planet and Elven Planet, the Linage was allowed to migrate to the two planets.


Spirit beasts are mainly the same as normal animals in the way that they reproduce or have children. It mainly depends on the type of spirit beast.

It is a mystery how some spirit beasts are able to be reborn after they became extinct. We have seen examples of reborn extinct spirit beasts when Lan Xuanyu and his classmates went to the Elven Planet.

In Soul Land III, Di Tian was able to resurrect extinct spirit beasts using the genes collected from the extinct species and using the Spirit Pagoda's soul-nurturing techniques in the Ten Thousand Beast Platform.


Spirit Beasts at a young age, are not that intelligent compared to humans. Its only when they reach 100,000 years old, they gain the same intelligent on par with a human and they are able to talk as well. Before then, they slowly mature. A 10,000 year old pink mist lady queen has the intellect of a little kid.

Some spirit beasts are able to talk and have the intelligent of a human before they cultivated to 100,000 years. These spirit beasts are nobles or royalty in the spirit beast world and have unique bloodlines.[2]

Spirit Rings and Spirit Souls[]

When a spirit beast dies, they drop something called a spirit ring. This ring contains all the cultivation, the spirit beast has accumulated throughout its life as well as the innate ability it was born with. The grade of the ring is determined by the spirit beast's age or cultivation level. Spirit Masters kill spirit beasts for their spirit rings. They need one at each 10th bottleneck. Basically at rank 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on.

After spirit souls are invented, a spirit beast can choose to transform itself into a spirit soul and attach themselves to a spirit master. Depending on the cultivation level or age of the spirit beast, it can provide the spirit master with up to five spirit rings.

Spirit Bones[]

When a spirit beast dies, there is a chance it will drop a spirit bone if it is below 100,000 years old. Above 100,000 years old, it is guaranteed. Every spirit bone comes with an ability and type depending on the spirit beast it was obtained from. For Example, a spirit bone dropped from a Blazing Lion will likely have a fire attribute.

Spirit bones come in seven kinds, one for each limb, the torso, the head, and an external one. For some unknown reason, when a 100,000 years old spirit beast produces a spirit bone, it will produce one for a spot, the spirit master does not have a spirit bone.

The Changing[]

It is also called Spirit Beast Evolution. When a spirit beast reaches the age of 100,000 years old, they face two choices. One, continue living as they have before, but only for another 1000 years, or two, change into a human and cultivate anew in order to reach rank 100 and gain eternal life.

This only refers to Soul Land. In the later series, for choice one, spirit beasts can live a lot longer, close to 900,000 years as long as they survive the tribulation every 100,000 years.


Sacrifice is an act spirit beasts can take to bestow a spirit master, someone they had acknowledge or are close to, with their spirit bone and spirit ring. If they choose to do so, all their years of cultivation will be used up, and they will revert to an infant. Only 100,000 year old spirit beasts can use sacrifice. This skill is not used that much anymore since spirit souls were invented.

Known Species and Types[]


  • Sea Spirit Beasts
  • Land Spirit Beasts
  • Flying Spirit Beasts
  • Plant Spirit Beasts


  • Ape
  • Bear
  • Bird
  • Dragon
  • Giant
  • Mermaid
  • Monkey
  • Phoenix
  • Behemoth
  • Scorpion
  • Shark
  • Whale
  • Centaur
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Worm
  • Spirit

Spirit Beast Catalog[]

Note: List of all known spirit beasts that appeared in the stories, actual or soul spirit.

Note: Look at List of Spirit Beasts for a more detailed list.







  • Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor


















  • Werewolf King




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